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Culver Franchising System was incorporated by George, Ruth, Craig and his wife Lea in 1984. They opened the first Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers in Sauk City, Wisconsin. As of 2019, the chain has expanded to more than 710 restaurants in 25 different states, mostly in the Midwest. It has widened its focus and is ready to expand with 18 more branches which are under construction. It is currently headquartered in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

Culver Franchising System, Inc is a casual fast food restaurant chain. This chain operates in the Midwestern United States. It is popular for its “butterburgers” and frozen custard. The Company provides a variety of food items such as custard, soups, cones and dishes, fries, sides, sundaes, burgers, hand crafted beverages, daily features, salads, and other related products. Culver Franchising System provides its products and services to all its customers all over the United States.

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  • Susan Boxrud says:

    The crew at the Culver’s in Woodbury Minnesota are truly a wonderful group of individuals. Each week I would take my sister, who suffered from dementia, to the grocery store and then lunch “at the place she loves”, Culver’s. Aaron, Dynnis, Pepper, Ana and the whole gang were always so patient and loving towards her and treating her like family. Sadly, she passed away right before Thanksgiving. Dynnis and Pepper came to her memorial in December with beautiful flowers and stuffies from everyone there at her favorite place, Woodbury Culver’s. When I stop in, everyone is so concerned with how I’m doing. They all deserve some special recognition for making an older lady feel so special in her final years. I praise them to anyone and everyone, every chance I get.

  • Jerryt nelson says:

    We were so impressed when we first tried Culver’s in St. George, Utah two years ago. Since then we moved to Clearfield, Utah and were excited to find a Culver,s close by at West Point, Utah. However the experience was not the same. They don’t get the orders right and the quality is not the same. One time the fish was so under cooked it was almost sushi and the next time the gave me mustard instead of tarter sauce for my fish. When I ordered a Ruben the bread was burnt. We have quit going there and we miss the good food we know you can produce. I advise you to better train the teenagers to listen better when taking orders, to pay attention to details and fire the cook.

  • Josephine Kay mcguire says:

    One of favorite places to go has been Culvers until today, it only takes one bad apple and the manager at the location at 70th and pioneers in Lincoln Ne is a bad apple. His demeanor both physical and verbal was disgusting. I couldn’t eat my food when I got home it looked like he stepped on my hamburger and the bowl my soup was in had dirty crusty with the napkins stuck unto it. I threw my food in the trash.

  • Virginia Enriquez-Herrera says:

    I would like to file a complaint on Charlie Lee, Annette Lee and Allison Lee in the Culvers in the location 230 Peachtree industrial blvd sugar hill, GA 30518

  • Sabrina says:

    Went to the Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC location. They basically stole my money. Did not receive complete order in drive thru so went in the get it. No one apologized and when I asked for the manager and contact info. no one would provide it. The so called assistant manager made a smart remark and walked off. She wouldn’t provide her name and at this point food is cold. I asked for a refund but they refused!! $40 is not pocket change for some people!! She called police because she couldn’t handle a complaint from a customer & claiming I was irrate because I keep asking for manager name & corporate info. & demanding my money back. At no point did I use profanity, threaten, touch anyone or anything in the store.
    NEVER go to Culver’s in Greenville. As I stood there patiently waiting on the police, I noticed I wasn’t the only one that had an issue with their order in drive thru.
    All I wanted was a refund and everything would have been resolved.
    Management needs proper training to resolve issues and provide good customer service. I am very pissed off and want my money back!!!

  • Manett Jones says:

    My daughter was a employee there they hired her but only put her on the schedule to work one day,and she was hard worker she was not treated fair.

  • Dustin Mathis Jones says:

    Messaged corporate, now my family is homeless because they didnt pay my fiansse her check and decided to mail it from wisconsin to north chas sc. Lets see if corporate cares

  • Dustin Mathis Jones says:

    The north charleston south carolina store owned by mariah stafford and jim horn dont make sure their employees get paid on time,, dont work for them

  • Linda says:

    I like Culver’s for the most part. I get that workers are hard to find but a little training goes a long way. When I order a burger with bacon, I actually expect the burger to have bacon. When I order the cheese sauce, I actually expect it to be in the bag. Please give employees more training.

  • Jo says:

    I had no idea the food could be so bad…
    Burger- bun is stale and burger was burnt and salty.
    Fries- cold
    Peach/mango smoothie had chunks of ice. Name is smoothie.
    Hoffman Estates- avoid

  • Culver’s Sucks says:

    86th st location is Des is a joke after 3pm. Food incorrect and cold even after waiting 15 min. Tired of it. Never again. So bad I decided to spend more time getting on this to warn others.

  • Guest says:

    I am beyond pissed off. I always go to the Culver’s in Laporte Indiana and tonight they denied me to fix my food that I paid for because I didn’t call the previous night which I did and they had to record there because so many young people work there and act like their the manager. We’ll all I wanted was my sandwich fixed with extra onions and they denied it. They were rude and irritated. I had the receipt also and they were acting as if I was lying.

  • Susan Moe says:

    I go to the Culver’s on Commerce Drive Champlin MN. The service is alway great. The drive though is alway busy. The food is fresh. I am willing to wait for the food. I also notice they hire people with disabilities. This is important to have opening for disabled in the community..

  • Disappointed in MN says:

    We have had 2 horrible experiences. The first one we ordered concrete mixers and they were so runny, we had to drink them, and they are not cheap! That was a Mankato, MN location. We then were in Monticello, MN and we waited over 20 minutes for our food. The concrete mixer wasn’t full, the shake had no straw, they originally forgot to bring the carmel cashew sundae and when we got it, it was runny. We will not be visiting a Culvers for a very long time. It isn’t cheap to eat out, and when you get 2 bad services in 2 totally different locations, says something about this company.

  • SG says:

    Their franchise management sucks! The owner of the one I worked at for three weeks violated the FLSA and ADA, don’t buy from this chain.

  • Carolina Clark says:

    I should have read all the reviews before going to the Culvers in kingwood texas. It’s gone down the hill from all these reviews.. I thought I give it another try.. I just ordered the single deluxe cheese burger… after waiting in the drive through for about 15 minutes and after paying I pulled up and waited another 15 minutes.. and once the employee gave me my burger… I left and went home to eat this burger. This patty was very thin, salty, cold, very dry and looked like this patty was recooked and a mistake on someone else’s order and sitting off to the side until another customer would order the same thing … and that would be me….. I first had a taste of Culvers burger when they first open up.. and it was fresh and hot and the patty was thick… best burger ever and now I return again and this Culvers has gone down the drain .. I have pics of this burger ..awful just awful

  • Paula B says:

    I am a Culver’s fan. I frequent Culver’s restaurant at lease once a week for either your flavor of the day or a strawberry concrete mixer with granola. My experience on 1/10/2023 at the 124th off of Capital drive has been the worst.
    On 1/10/23 I went to the drive through of the 124th street location and ordered my usually strawberry concrete mixer and a chocolate concrete mixer w/ health bar. Got to the window paid for my order and received my mixers. The chocolate was fine but the strawberry on was more like a shake then a concrete mixer. I informed the young man in the window that I ordered a concrete mixer this look like a shake. He said it is. I asked why is it like a shake he stated it is because the strawberry sauce makes it not ask thick ask the mixer. Instead of going back and forth with the kid in the window I took the shake/mixer and pulled off. I then decided to go in to get what I paid for a concrete mixer. I get into the store and ask for the manager. She comes over I said this is not concrete mixer. She said “what do you want me to do make it over”. I said please. I could tell that she was not happy about remaking the shake opps mixer. She brought it back over and it still was not a mixer. It was soft and like shake. She said that it was because the custard was soft. I said the chocolate was sold and it still is (10 min has past). I turned he mixer upside down and nothing came out. I turned strawberry mixer upside down and the mix was coming out. I told the “manager” that I would like my money back. She said “no”. “I remade the shake and because of that I will not give you your money back”. She and I went back for forth about that. I continued to ask her for my money back. She refused. I ask for the her name she said “that is confidential information” she refused to give her name. I snapped a picture of her so that I can forward to the owner or corporate office since she refused to give her name. I asked for the owner and district manager, I was told no again “that is confidential information” I asked for a corporate number, I was told “we don’t have it here, google it”. I asked again for my money she would not give it to me. I said okay and walked out of the door. She followed me out the door all the way to the parking lot scream “I am going to call the police”. I said call them. You refused to give me my money back, your name, your owner’s name, corporate number and all I want is my money back. I did not yell at her or disrespect her in any way I am to old for that. All I asked her for is for my money.
    I called the corporate office who gave me the name of the owner Steve. I called the store and was told he is not there and will be in the next day. I called the next day and was told he is not there and will be in the next day. I will try tomorrow. It has been 48 hours and I am still waiting on my call from him.

    If you are not happy with a product and ask for your money back. You should be able to get it back with no conflict with staff. Customer service training is a must for this location.

    • Sabrina says:

      My scenario sounds exactly the same. What state are you in? I guess this is the “norm” for Culver’s. Just ridiculous

  • Steven Stan says:

    I am extremely disappointed with Culver’s on voyager drive in Green Bay. Approximately 3 weeks ago I sent an email complaint about poor service and extremely long wait for food while employees were standing behind the counter chatting and ignoring customers. Only one check line open. And poor service. After my email the manager reached out to me via email offering me two meals and asked for my mail address. I supplied it and have not received or heard from since. Poor poor management at that location. Headquarters needs to address this location. Terrible service. This was the third time that this happened to me. Not pleased at all. Please respond that this issue has been resolved. Steven Stan 3444 Yorkshire road Green Bay Wisconsin 54311.

  • Kim Buxton says:

    Was advised to comment on this about experience at Mineral point location Culver’s. Like many other reviews toppings are lacking. If you don’t ask for extra will will not get much. Once I ordered an oreo concrete mixer and literally just added more when I got home. We now go to other places for ice cream.

  • Eric Fuehrer says:

    I am giving Culver’s in Fort Mill, SC a 1 star rating because that is the lowest rating possible. We used to go there on a regular basis but every time we did our burgers would be raw so we stopped going there.

    Well tonight I we gave them another try and they messed up our order to start with added a second root beer float and burger which I did not order. They refunded the float. When I got home I found that they did not give me a cheese sauce that I paid for and all of our burgers were raw, after I asked that they be well done. When I returned to the store they said that they would give me a refund. Well they only gave me a partial refund, when I asked for a full refund they said they would only refund the meals and not the custard I had bought for dessert. I highly doubt that I will be returning to culver’s any time in the future since the service was horrible, they cannot get an order right, they cannot cook food properly so you don’t get e-coli, and their attitude when they screw up is really poor. I asked for the owners phone number and called it several times without getting any response. Hummm! no wonder the service and food sucks if the owner doesn’t care enough to call me back when I have a complaint.


    It seems by reading the other complaints here it really doesn’t go anywhere !
    I have been going to Clermont Florida Culver’s every week since they opened. I stopped going to them about 3 months now because of my last visit there. My wife and went for double butter burgers and I could not believe my eyes when the patties of meat were as flat as a pancake! I called the manager over showed her and said I was right it was dried out and very flat and she would take care of it. Too my surprise it came out exactly the same . Culver is where I was willing to go to pay more to have a better burger, but if they think they can call this a burger they are kidding Them self’s ! They would have been better off raising the price to keep it real, instead they choose to screw their CUSTOMER! A chain that seems to be going in the wrong direction ! LOST MY BUSINESS AND EVERYONE I TALK TO !

  • pissed guest says:

    my daughter works at the cedar falls, Iowa store and they allowed an ex employee to come back that harassed her before the got fired, and they are not doing anything about it, and told my daughter to got o the back room and take a chill. I will not be going back if you allow employees to harass other employees.

  • Priscilla says:

    We are elderly customers of the Venice, Florida store #619, at the Jacaranda roundabout. Every Friday night since it opened in 2017, we order 2 plain fish sandwich baskets with coleslaw. On 10/14/22 my husband picked up our order through drive thru. I am severally handicapped, with end stage neuromuscular disease and a very high choking risk. I cut my fish in small pieces and was stunned to see about 2 inches of a steel needle in it! I took pictures and my husband took it back. The manager took it back, took 1 fish sandwich off the bill, gave us 2 new sandwiches ( hello! Would I want to eat one now?), and a coupon for another fish sandwich and 1 scoop of ice cream! There are potential long term legal and ethical ramifications. Did it happen on-site or off-site? This could have been fatal for anyone, especially since I am medically unable to cough it up. What about internal damage? We are still waiting to hear from any management at Culver’s.

  • Michelle Rigney says:

    Ate at Culver’s in Anderson, Indiana for the first time and I’ll never go back. Horrible service, my order was wrong, and had extra money taken from my bank account! Called and filed a complaint and was promised an $11 gift card that I’ve NEVER received! I’d very much like to speak to someone about this please.

  • Bob Block says:

    I attended the ground breaking for the new Culver’s in Oregon, WI. In Craig Culver’s presentation he stated that Culver’s like to have a tie-in with the community. I didn’t think of this as I saw it on facebook comment following the ground breaking ceremony. Someone suggested that this new Culver’s should have a waterfalls as the property for the new Culvers was once the home of the Waterfall Hotel and Waterfall Restaurant. The Waterfall Restaurant was well known throughout the area and would draw people from Madison, Stoughton, Evansville, etc. For many years the Waterfall Hotel was the only lodging place in Oregon for travelers. I understand that this Culver’s would have a small pond possibly with a bridge over the pond. If that is so, perhaps a waterfall could be added as a historical tie-in to the original Waterfall Hotel and Restaurant once located on this property. I’ve attached a photo of the hotel and restaurant below from the Wi historical society collect. I am a board member of the Oregon Historical Society and I have lived in the Oregon area for 40+ years and drove past the hotel and restaurant on a daily basis going to work in Madison. Would you please pass this information on to those involved in the construction of the new Culver’s in Oregon and the franchise owner, Craig Culver.


    Sincerely – Bob Block – (608-835-7343) Oregon, WI

    • Kmoobley says:

      Bob, I appreciate your proper demeanor in addressing culvers’, but did you honestly think that they would give a damn? Culvers’ doesn’t give a damn about people nor the communities that they invade! They are just another group of capitalist pigs who exploit the poor for cheap labor and serve mediocre food in order to claim that they are somehow “better” than Mc Shit and Burger “Queen!”

  • Holly Siemionko says:

    I live in FL, where it is warm all year. It would be great if you offered the lemon coolers all year long.

  • Mary Weaver says:

    Once again, another nightmare experience at your Glenwood Springs, CO. restaurant. History of shorting people in the meals in the drive through shorting people of shrimp numerous times. Then the cashier child has a horrible temper and takes it out on customers if we ask a question or ask him to repeat himself because he thinks speed talking is somehow an efficient way to take an order but in actuality asking him to repeat himself over and over takes more time. Today, he told me the total on my order and asked why it was so much (more then I normally had paid) for the 2 piece cod dinner with onion rings and coleslaw and angrily yelled out the totals at me. I could not believe this child still has a job there because he makes so many people angry. (So today, he angrily told the cook to not have my order taken out. My number was 56 and ordered around 5:15pm). I was first in row with only two people waiting. 20 vehicles came and went and still no diner so when I saw an employee come out with an order for folks sitting outside asked him why everyone but me has got their food, so he rushed in to see and still 10 min more, no one. I’m now a half hour waiting for my meal. I honked my horn a long time and still no one came out. I pulled around the building and pulled up to the window and honked my horn and again ignored. Finally manager opened the door and told her what he was doing by holding my order and they had the nerve to try and hand me food that sat there for now a 25 min to a half hour. So I demanded fresh order of all food and my custard had melted all over. Of course, I did not receive a receipt to file a complaint, so I dropped my car tag #56 on the ground so the manager would have to come out to pick it up seeing the inconvenience they caused me at the age of 70 on oxygen, and walk with a walker felt the need to hurt a returning customer. You must begin to fire this so called crew and get adults to run your restaurant. This cashier looks like he is only 12 years old and carries a child temper, so today, I gave them my child temper back and they didn’t care much for it back. FIRE THAT KID AND MANAGER BECAUSE SHE LAUGHS IN YOUR FACE IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT.
    M. Weaver Glenwood Springs, CO. 81601

  • Sharon Wells says:

    Hello Mr. Bonner,I am emailing to inquire if Culvers would consider making Lemon Ice a year round product? I buy two each day, either a cooler and a dish with strawberries. I live in Lansing, Illinois, often during the spring / summer I have to go to Hammond, Griffith, or Schereville lndiana,if that store is out. Sometimes depending on my travels I will go to Crestwood, Il.
    Considering that you sell yogurt year round, I’m sure many would enjoy the treat all year. Possibly, consider packing with varying toppings. I hope your brand considers this request.

    Sharon Wells

  • Carolyn waller says:

    Was accused and treated like a thief for letting them know they not only messed up my order but shorted us on food. A very obvious young lady pearing over a wall to make sure we didn’t have the food or drinks we were shorted. In Mesa az. We are so done with culvers.

  • Joe Mammy says:

    What the hell happened.. Time for undercover boss

  • Tired of inconsistency says:

    Horrible service in Avondale AZ location, lower your prices if your quality is low! Also from the comments here this is multiple location issue!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am employed at the Culver’s in West Allis, and have been dealing with coworkers that are consistently and blatantly breaking policies stated clearly in the employee handbook. Including harassment and general unprofessionalism. One underage worker in particular has threatened physical violence against other employees while audible in the dining area, and also has repeatedly driven recklessly at close, speeding out the entrance and almost crashing into other employees rides, my own included. This is only one example of multiple that I have witnessed in the workplace. When I asked for information regarding contacting HR, I am either left hanging or ignored. The GM is unavailable as he is out on a personal camping vacation, and I do not fault him, but I have witnessed too many issues from select employees under him to allow this to go ignored. I wish to remain anonymous until emailed directly by an official member of Culver’s Corporation.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more I work at the one on rusty road in St. Louis and I am persecuted by 2 managers. Always have to clean the men and women’s restroom. Other people stand around and don’t do anything but I have to clean the men’s and women’s restaurant. This is also known as discrimination. And they discriminate against me because of my age

  • Marilyn says:

    Lombard Illinois location has horrible service not to mention when your order a salad you get wilted brown lettuce unless you ask for fresh lettuce. I shouldn’t have to ask for fresh it should be a given. Also it doesn’t matter what you order at the drive thru you will wait long periods of time.


    Wet pickles on a bun, means you have a wet bun that detracts from your purpose. We use to eat the burgers, however, the wet bun lacks. Many fast food places do the same thing. Ruby Tuesdays does it too.

  • Barbara Kucka says:

    Your store in Canton Michigan needs to understand laws. The posted price of 4 pints of ice cream is what a customer is to pay 10.99. Your cash register can not charge more and expect a customer to pay more. Also your manager would not change the price the register was charging. I refused to purchase at a higher price and pushed the bag of ice cream towards them and it fell behind the counter. I left the store and did not purchase. Your employees did not need to follow us into the parking lot. They went to the back of the building and gave us a finger. VERY POOR IMPROPERLY TRAIN STAFF AND MANAGEMENT

  • Mark says:

    Need to add more dinners

  • Lisa Doll says:

    Dined in at #727 in Niles, Mi
    Reg #2, 7/9/2022 @ 1:45:56 pm

    Not a good experience, to say the least.

    The cashier was more concerned with socialing than taking our order.

    In addition, when she hadded our drink cups to us, she put her fingers inside the cups.

    Then upon giving her a $50 for a $19.37 bill, she only gave us back .63 cents.

    She rang up the pymt as $20.

    Then she attempted to give us $40 back.

    It is obvious she is not literate and should not be on the register.

    Lastly, she missed one item we clearly told her we wanted.

    It was a frustrating visit. One that has a wondering if we should even return in the future.

    This location is lackingvin management. The tables weren’t clean, floor weren’t swept. It wasn’t as clean as it should have been.

    I hope this information helps create a better doning experience in the future.

  • John Smith says:

    All complaints should be directed to the owner/franchisee of each restaurant in question. All messages are looped right back to that person anyways. So might as well start there. Just call the restaurant and ask to speak to the owner or general manager, as sometimes, they are both. I know, I know, it won’t get fixed in the moment in todays instant world, but 99% of the time that person will take care of your problem and actually call you back and invite you back to correct the problem. And remember, the staff are human too and make mistakes. Many could be on their first shift of their employment career. Give them a chance to correct it, before verbally berating them in the drive thru and throwing your trash out your car window at them. I’m sure they all could have plenty of complaints about you too, but instead offer you a thank you and goodbye with a my pleasure thrown in most of the time. There aren’t too many Culver’s owned by the same person, so it can be hard to give you something to use at another restaurant, so if you are traveling, try to come to some sort of common ground. They will do their best to help you out. Also, franchisee will not lose their franchise because you didn’t get your burger, contrary to how you might feel. Everything is made fresh to order, so plan on a minimum of 3-4 mins from start to finish for the quickest item on the menu. If you order a chicken sandwich, it has a min cook time of 5 mins or so, so find a good radio station and pull ahead please and wait for at least 6-10 mins if there is a decent line, 12-20 min if packed on Friday night because they are also selling about 5 cod dinners, 24 orders of tenders, 16 burgers, 2 salads, 12 orders of fries, 3 onion rings and 8 cheese curd orders at that same moment. So relax, enjoy the environment, and have a nice day.

  • Tom Gaffney says:

    It is obvious that Culvers founders and current management take great pride in their business. Understanding that many (most?) Culvers are owned and operated by franchisees, maintaining the same quality and service at all locations must be a monumental task. I’m sure that your franchisees are obligated to maintain certain standards or they could lose their franchise. I have always liked Culvers. My family and I have been going there often for many years, first in Sheboygan, WI and for the last 6 years at the Culvers on Voyager in Green Bay.

    You should know that the owners of the location on Voyager in Green Bay are ruining your reputation. Two out of every three visits to the drive through results in wrong orders or missing items. Calling to complain does no good. They politely take your information, say they will send a coupon but nothing ever happens. And the next time you go, the order is messed up again. Several people I know, including members of my own family will never go to Culvers again because the frequent mistakes. The franchisees for the Voyager location simply don’t care about customer satisfaction or repeat sales. Sooner or later such poor service will impact your bottom line but by then it will be too late to save your business. Personally, I now take my business elsewhere where I get better, faster and more accurate service.

  • Denny Hodge says:

    I went through the Marion, Iowa (store #320) drive up today at approximately 6:45. It took about 15 minutes to get to the ordering kiosk (although this is excessive in my opinion, it is normal, so we live with it). I pulled up to the payment window, paid and received my receipt (time stamp of 7:01 PM). On the receipt were the correct 5 items I ordered . . . all ice cream . . . four concrete mixers and a single scoop of today’s flavor of the day.

    At 7:15 I flagged down one of the delivery folks outside and asked her to check on my order, as I had seen several cars that arrived after me, had already gotten their orders, many of the with ice cream items. The response I received from the employee was that they were sorry but the kitchen was really backed up (remember I have seen cars behind me getting the same thing I ordered . . . kitchen backed up? Not buying it).

    At 7:20 the young lady I had flagged down previously stopped at my car and said she would check with the kitchen again because no one should be waiting this long (really?).

    AT 7:25 the young lady stopped again to tell me that somehow they had passed by my order and were working on it now. She apologized for the delay.

    At 7:31 – That’s right . . . a full 30 minutes after the time stamp on my receipt, I received my order and departed from the restaurant.

    There are sooooooooo many issues with this episode, it is hard to put them all into perspective, but let me try.

    1) This is the third time in 6 months I’ve had to wait 20 minutes or more for an order. 2 of those were ice cream only.
    2) Once someone realized they had screwed up and they needed to fix the order, a manager should have been handling the problem, not a highschool part-timer who probably has not worked there more than a month.
    3) The food should have been brought to my car by said manager, along with a sincere apology and some kind of compensation for the 1/2 hour I will never get back.

    I would appreciate an email, at the very least, from the manager on duty at this restaurant at the time of my visit. I’d be happy to take a phone call, if that is better, but I expect at least an email.

  • Robin Mays says:

    I should have just gave my whole meal back and got a credit on my card. Never have I been treated this way by any fast food restaraunt. I would like you your corporation to know of the bad experience I had at one of your locations in Davenport IA. I went thru the drive thru at the Culvers #295, placed my order of a spicy chicken sandwich fries and a shake. Pulled up paid and need to pull up for the order in a different lane as the drive thru was getting very busy with pull up and wait orders. While sitting there a women who was 2 cars in front of me came out with her order and got in her car and left. Then the car in front of me pulled up as I did also, car in front received her meal about 5 min later the she left which I then pulled up to give room for others. Then the girl comes out carrying my meal and another person. She looked like she could careless about her job dragging her feet and going very slow. She gave the first order to the car in front of me in another lane then brought me mine. I asked if she was going to get my drink she said no and i as excuse are you going to get me drink and she said no and walked away around the building. I got out of my car which now I’m blocking traffic go in and tell
    some lady that I didn’t receive my drink and the lady that gave me my order wasn’t going to bring it to me.
    I was furious about now that I’,m out of my car getting my food when I choose the drive up and I was blocking traffic. The lady said she should of not said that and I agreed. She really shouldn’t be working there if we are such a burden for her. As she took another order out she looked at me with a smug laugh and it took everything I had to remain calm. I didn’t even want to stoop to her level. The lady I complained to took her in the back, however she should of fired her on the spot. I’m sorry but times are hard for everyone and customer service is what keeps people coming back. I hope that if the girl is still working she changes her attitude and treats people the way she would want to be treated otherwise she will not go far in life.

  • Lilah says:

    Went to CULVER’s at the following address: 3135 Peachtree Pkwy
    Suwanee, GA 30024. Spoke with the manager ALI. The manager hung up on me because I bought a salad and they never asked nor put the dressing in my bag for the Strawberry Salad. He told me I should have told the employee what dressing I wanted. ALI was rude and hung up on me. ALI told me his was the manager. I am from Milwaukee and we do not treat people like that…… 🙁

  • Gladys Cook says:

    I need to speak to someone in charge to personally explain all the things that were wrong with our visit today. We have been longtime faithful customers but now have the desire to go elsewhere if I can’t get this changed. My phone # is 630-474-4523.
    I have not reported these problems to the store who has these problems because I

  • Gloria Patterson says:

    Ate at Culver’s Raymore, MO today. Asked for senior discount and was told by manager it was 4%. Very disappointed. It has gone down and prices have gone up again. Tired of getting wrong order and super sloppy food put together as if thrown together.

  • Christine Zuleger says:

    I want to know Why Culver’s a family owned and claims to support Midwest family values is sponsoring Drag Queen Story Hour at its Culver’s restaurant in Warrensburg , MO . I’m livid and this is EVIL . I live in Wisconsin and support our area Culver’s ( their Awesome) But this has to STOP 🛑 RIGHT Now !!!!

    • John says:

      sounds like you are a bit ignorant. Perhaps get yourself a library card and use it.. education is key to a good life… oh wait your in MO. Do they even have libraries there?

  • Mark Parker says:

    GREAT NEWS!! My son and I went to your 1820 22nd St West Des Moines, Iowa location. We were greeted exceptionally by Hailey your Assistant Manager. She was fantastic through the entire process. It costs no money to be nice and give dignity and respect. She and her crew were exceptional. Hailey Exemplifies Exceptional Service. She is a keeper!!

  • Guest says:

    Dear Corporate of Culvers,

    I am writing this email because I know of big issues going on at the Culvers in Princeton Illinois, and I was wondering if this would create a change or maybe your company looks into this type of issue. “With social media being prohibited in the policy, I don’t understand how you can have a group chat on snapchat for work? I would get it, but the content in it most of the time does not relate to work because they are kids. I looked at this group chat and the first couple things I see is a threat to another employee about beating them up and telling the person they know they could, because he was bringing a splat gun and was gunna shoot the employees after work! Right above that was someone asking if a person could close for them because they may have made bad decisions and were impaired, but if no one would work they would still work! This group chat creates a hostile work environment and I don’t understand how it is okay. The owner is not a part of this group chat, and that is a big issue because if people say things not related to work and that can cause an issue at work there is no consequences of their actions. Yes manager’s are in it, but they are not trusted at all and do not bring up issues when they arise! I don’t know what you can do about it or look into it but I see a major issue with this, and if it continues to occur i may have to bring it to the health department or police because work is supposed to be a safe environment and I don’t want someone hurt because of this..”

  • Min Mel L. Thomas Sr. says:

    I’m Glad to see you followed the Direction of the FATHER and his Son JESUS, and included all of His Children in your Television Commercials, that is what HE Desires WE Show The WORLD His LOVE Toward Every Single Man,Woman, and Child, that HE Created on this PLANET.

  • Julie Balamut, St. Paul, MN says:

    I want to give a shout-out to the Culver’s on Highway 5 in Waconia, MN. I do not eat fast food as I’m a vegetarian so fast food places are a rare experience for me. My elderly Mother with mobility issues wanted a burger so I stopped into this location right at the peak of the lunch rush. I was not in the best mood as there was a long line. The cashier couldn’t have been more pleasant when I told her this was the first time in a Culver’s for me. She patiently told me how take out worked and even offered to get me a glass of water while I waited for my Mother’s order. It was delivered to me within about 2 minutes and every single employee was pleasant, kind, and really seemed happy to see all their customers. I especially liked that this Culver’s had many employees with disabilities and they were especially friendly and professional. As I was leaving, I noticed that you have a veggie burger. I know that nonmeat items are not moneymakers at fast food restaurants and few have anything for those who don’t eat meat. I will be telling all my friends and family about the great service I received at the Waconia, MN location. I am a customer service manager and I would be proud to have any of those employees on my teams.

  • Norm says:

    First let me start of by saying that my family and I love Culver’s and have been going for years. Went today for lunch and I was very excited to eat my sandwich and fries as they have always been amazing…. til today 🙁 Today I order a meal for me double deluxe and an original for my wife. Thankfully my wife’s food was great but my sandwich came as a single, almost all my fries were small and burnt and my sandwich was soggy. Thankfully this has never happened before and I’m sure is a fluke thing but at almost $16 it was rather disappointing.

  • L kyger says:

    The worst service at this location
    I went to the drivetheu to get quick service
    3 cars ahead of mine
    It took 15 minutes to take my order and then additional 15 to get my food
    Total time wasted 30 minutes for a drivethru burger
    Won’t do this again

  • Sandra Sherman says:

    Does the corporate office’s visit the franchises to see how they are run and managed

  • Gloria Parsons says:

    We dined at Fort Myers Fl. location around 5pm today. Our sandwiches were cold & dried out… most have been sitting around. Dined here often & never had any problems. Husband doesn’t want to go back for a long time.

  • Tom Anderson says:

    Hey, Craig Culver…….
    Your TV commercials are marvelous. You do such a great job to promote your restaurants!
    Stopped at your Navarre, MN store today for a Walleye sandwitch and my wife had a chicken sandwich. She liked her food, but I’ve got to tell you that the Walleye tasted awfully ”bland” and the tarter sauce didn’t add to it. I’m disappointed to say the least.

  • Brittany says:

    I worked for Culvers Collinsville, Il. I was assaulted verbally by a female employee the owners are afraid to put in her place. She’s been there 14 years and everyone simply tolerates her rude, brash, confrontational, and aggressive behavior. She also needed to take a sexual harassment course to learn the about appropriate work place conversations. No one wore a face mask properly or wore gloves at all times while handing food. The owners target certain employees, holding them to a different standard, while others blatantly disregard the rules. I have found a managers gray hair in the custard and drive food window. New employees work in the kitchen with hair down their back and no hair net. If the owners want a better standard, they need to address everyone as a group instead of singling out individuals. Employees sample custard barehanded throughout the day. They hired a trainer with an anger problem, who also doesn’t train new people properly when other team members have to step away to provide other services. The new trainer also needs to keep his hands off of people and keep a respectful distance. He is being inappropriate. I quit because I have been bullied, poorly treated, devalued, and disgusted by the mismanagement of Culvers Collinsville. I would never recommend friends, family, or enemies to work at Culvers ever.

    This store needs corporate intervention before they catch a LAWSUIT!

  • Angelo Scaccio says:

    Had dinner at the Deer Valley location in AZ. The fried Cod was the best I ever had. But was extremely greasy.

  • Mark says:

    I love Culver’s!!!

  • Liz Orlock says:

    Wish you would have a grilled fish option like your grilled chicken.

  • Jim Wilke says:

    Hi, I noticed in your latest commercial regarding the fish sandwich that there is a hair showing in the commercial after the first women in the commercial takes a bite of her sandwich. Please take a closer look. Just thought you should know.

  • G. Harris says:

    We need you to open one in Spartanburg, S.C. Had lunch in Greer for first time it was awesome.

  • Katie says:

    Can you please carry dairy-free ice cream?

  • Katie Cubberley says:

    Hi Guys! Can you guys please make gluten free chicken nuggets?

  • Katie Cubberley says:

    Can you guys please make dairy-free ice cream?

  • Claudia says:

    I love Culver’s and hate to complain but Iv gone several times to the Brooksville Fl location in the evening for ice cream and I realize they want to clean up and get out of there but have the decency to tell the customer that’s ordering ice cream that you shut the machine off probably an hour prior because the ice cream is literally liquid and especially if it’s serve to you in a cone with no warning I now have gotten so that I ask and they still say yes it’s on but the ice cream is liquid therefore it can’t possibly be on nor is it shut off recently I sometimes go an hour to an hour and a half prior to closing and it is still liquid. They are very polite when I have told them that it clearly is off they apologize and say we forgot to mention that but when I ask in advance and still get the wrong answer and liquid icecream I figured it’s time to tell someone

  • Linda manor says:

    I have frequented your restaurant since opening here in Wentzville Mo. must be 8 or 9 years ago. When you first opened I though you had the best cod sandwiches I had ever had in my life. I have gone back multiple times trying to relive that experience only to be massively disappointed. Dried out, overcooked,, basically uneatable. So disappointed when you had such a fine product. Tonight was my last effort.

  • Albert Spiegelhalter says:

    On 1/12/2022, I took my grand daughter to lunch and a movie, I would like to complaint about the food that is served at 15911 W 87th St Parkway in Lenexa, Kansas. I would like to have a name and email address of someone that will handle this complaint.

  • Dan says:

    Why doesn’t Culver’s off a Bar style Steak Sandwich 1/2″ to 5/8″.
    On a bar style bun…?
    Thanks, Dan

  • Cindy says:

    We are residents of Northfield,IL & Culver’s opened just blocks from us several years ago…enough time to get your act together…. This Culver’s is located on Waukegan Road in Glenview IL…we’ve ordered several times & ok! But tonight at 7pm my husband tried to order soups, salads, burgers, fries, etc. And all of went downhill from there…out of all soups except green pepper???? Really in garbage after 1taste…no SW salad, no avocado dressing, settled for another salad, awful awful!!! My husbands butter burger was bland cold & awful! 2 large fries cold & cheese sauce like glue…disgusting! Tried to call store, some girl put me on dead end hold…to find “ top person in charge” I asked for..waited 10 minutes & hung up! Called back & spoke to Summett??? Couldn’t hear with blasting music & asked for manager, said she would be in 2moro..named Ann???? All We can say is you are falsely advertising & your commercial should be taken off air! Nothing like what is on commercial & Glenview should be closed!!! Do you think that people who live in nice place should be screwed???

  • WHDelsil says:

    What is going on with your Culver’s store in FL Ft myers Six mile cypress? I’ve had 3 problems in the same store in a matter of 7 days, a) rude employee and manager b) order chicken and I get home to burger after patiently waiting over 30 min c) once again order wrong
    I am patient and don’t complain as I’m in the restaurant industry and know the current struggle BUT this location is at its WORSE!

  • Cindy says:

    When we found your restaurant for the first time, we were VERY impressed. You were different from all the rest, no matter what time of day we would get a fresh hot burger, fries, onion rings etc. Lately we have stopped at the Culvers on Kings Highway in Port Charlotte 3 different times and have been VERY disappointed. Your food is coming out just like all the fast food restaurants. I believe the burgers were pulled from a drawer to where the cheese won’t even melt, and the onion rings were cold and greasy. I’m sorry to say …. they are on my do not visit anymore list.

  • Kim says:

    I like your restaurant. Just want to know if the fish is cooked in its own oil. If not I suggest it be done. My chicken sandwich was fishy and I don’t like chicken to taste like fish, or my onion rings. Thanks

  • Joann Washington says:

    Store #245 I give cashier money for my order in her hand, she returned my chain in the pop tray. When she opened the window and the money flew on the ground. My car was to close to building to get out and pick the money up. My granddaughter was in the car with a injured feet. And the cashier told me to move up and I said sure as soon as I get my chain. She told me that my chain was on the ground and I can get out the car and pick it up myself, I ask to speak to manger he came to the window and told me all he cares about was his line and he was not going to send anyone to pickup my chain. I said I will be here until I get my chain. They called police on me. And this is a first fir me I have never been treated like this. Also before the police came a young man that worked at the restaurant came to the window and called me a bitch. I was telling the police that when she came and he came to the window again and told me If I got something to say about him, I should come and tell him what I had to say. I’m a customer and shouldn’t have been treated that way. Very disrespectful and the manager was not trying to control the employees. I know Culver’s is not training there employees to be rude and disrespectful to customers. I don’t know the name of the young man who call me a bitch,but I can describe him. The manager said his name was John and the cashier name was Diamond. Who could have had the person that was to bring the order to pick the money up and give it to me. She refused and so did the manager.

  • Bob says:

    Dec, 4, 2012 Culver’s Middleton, Wi. 6:05 PM It was cold inside the building like about 66 degrees not very comfortable for dining.
    I watched the employees carry take out orders to the cars, they were dressed in short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. It was 32 degrees outside. They did not have winter jackets, or gloves. Culver’s should provide winter jackets, winter pants, winter boots, gloves and hats for employees that have to carry out meals to cars waiting outside. It’s going to be snowing out very soon and the temps are to dip into the single digits in the next day or so.
    I tried to enter their survey tellculvers.com but there was no TRN number on the receipt so I couldn’t enter.

  • Jack Noteboom says:

    Your store location “Culver’s 507” in Sioux City, IA was not very welcoming to enjoy some dinner. As we arrived at 6:40 for a sit down meal the first thing they told us that the dining area was closing at 7:00 and that we would have to have take out. I refused that we would not have take out and said we were ordering for here and not to go. By this time I had the whole galley of your team looking at my wife and I as if we were from another planet. We felt there was plenty of time to eat as their were several patrons eating yet in the dining area. The team member who was taking my order repeated again that we couldn’t eat in the dining area and I reiterated we will be eating in the dining area… this was the start of the harassment. They immediately brought out our ice cream first, kind of odd and not with the meal, and then waited another 10 minutes for our food to arrive. When he did bring it to the table your team had put it in a to tale out bag which was much to my surprise as he reiterated “like a parrot” and repeated that the dining area room was closed…more harassment. I told him that we weren’t leaving and we were going to eat at the table and he walked away. Less than a minute goes by “and what you call a manager, Jacob” then stepped in and stated that the dining area was closed and I told him we are going to eat our meal first…more harassment. Let’s just say we frequent your establishment many times over the years but if this is how your training team members to address customers your failing and I can spend my money elsewhere. This was not a good customer experience and being treated as though we were violating some commandment within Culver’s Bible is totally unacceptable. You need to know this , learn from this, teach from this otherwise the type of talent and training you do in your resturants will suffer. Since we live in the age of social media, this experience now will make it to all those who care of enough to read it and even one bad review does’nt help your Company’s purpose in providing an enjoyable experience without harassment. It will be sometime before we frequent Culvers. One more thing, before we left I asked told the manager Jacob, wouldn’t give me his last name, and told him that this kind of treatment to customers was unacceptable. As we exited at 7:03 there were people still in the dining area…so much for the 7:00 witching hour.

  • Cheryl Zinn says:

    Went to Culver’s Port Orange Florida location 11/23/21- My Pot Roast Sandwich was NON EXSISTENT- When I first opened it to add s&p… I was so FRUSTRATED at the way it looked (it looked like 2 buns thrown together) I understand portion control but this is ridiculous. We asked for a LG Chicken noodle soup, we got a small- we told the (young girl it was to go…. she typed it in for inhouse, then yelled back it was to go.. still came up as a to go order. We got all the way home which is at the other end of Dunlawton Rd and realized she gave us a small.. IF YOUNG PEOPLE ARE HIRED- they HAVE TO AT LEAST WANT TO BE THERE. I went back into the store BECAUSE PO LOCATION NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONE – I HAD TO CALL DAYTONA TO SEE IF THEY HAD A WAY TO REACH THE STORE SO I DIDN’T HAVE TO DRIVE BACK- they did not. I Went in at this point Pissed Off (I have MS and it’s not always easy for me to get out) SARAH stated she was the MANAGER **PLEASE RETHINK THAT!!!! When I explained my situation and my frustration.. SHE SMIRKED AT ME!!!!! AT THIS POINT I WAS HOT!!!! she did refund my $$ but I AM A BLOGGER, I HAVE MANY FRIENDS WHO GO TO THIS LOCATION.. MY FIANCE ALSO HAS A FOLLOWING FOR REVIEWS ON RESTAURANTS (GOOD OR BAD!!) THIS ONE WILL BE ONE HE REVIEWS! SARAH KEPT TURNING AROUND TO SEE IF ANYONE WAS WATCHING HER TO SHOW SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS A SMART BUTT- PLEASE RETHINK WHO YOU HAVE REPRESENTING THE STORE. I am not saying AFTER THE SMIRK, AND THE SNIDE ATTITUDE I WAS BEING SHOWN- I BECAME IRRATATED and Probably said a few things I shouldn’t… but.. I DID OFFER TO CALL THE POLICE as I pulled out my phone.. because she kept telling me to Calm Down- THIS STORE HAS GONE DOWN HILL FOR ABOUT A YR!! We take care of our elderly mom who often only wants Soup for Dinner (we get her chicken noodle as often as you have it- but had to take it back a few times because all we had was broth NO NOODLES!! I have worked many different jobs that deals with CUSTOMER SERVICE- THERE WERE CONSEQUENCES IF WE HAD COMPLAINTS AGAINST US, I WAS MGMT & HAD TO LET PEOPLE GO FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR- There are too many places around to choose from to eat *We Chose Culvers- Not so much anymore! It’s Really Not a Good thing when Customers become unhappy- WORD OF MOUTH CAN BE AS BAD AS ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE COMPANY – WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE??

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cheryl Zinn

  • Billie D says:

    Went to the Culver’s in Port Orange Florida today and I will never go back! Went threw the drive thru on our way home.
    First the fish sandwich had no tartar sauce on it, my daughter’s hamburger was missing. Luckily we caught that mistake before getting home. Was eating a pot roast sandwich and I bite down into marinated cardboard!!!!!! Drove back to the restaurant and the manager insinuated we put the cardboard into the sandwich! He said there is no cardboard in the restaurant and therefore it was impossible for it to be in there. They had taken the returned sandwich and refused a full refund. When asked for the returned sandwich they refused to give it back to us stating it was their property now. So now we had no proof of the problem. The rudeness and insulting insinuation and total disrespect we will never eat there again! Also when asked for the corporate office phone number they said they were a franchise and didn’t go by corporate rules! What a joke and complete disregard to customers.

    • Cheryl Zinn says:

      This location is the worst EVER!!!!! The management is so disrespectful… it’s not like the food is cheap SO THEY SHOULD GET IT RIGHT!!! IF WE ALL START A BLOG RE: THIS PLACE WOULD SEE HOW FRUSTRATED THE LOCALS ARE GETTING… ** STAY BLESSED-

  • Vickimattson@hotmail.com says:

    Your server at window in Escanaba was rude and ill manners. If she is like that you won’t have customers… thank you!!!!!!

  • Larry L. says:

    I will never be visiting this establishment again

  • Larry L. says:

    Went for lunch, the cashier never rang in my order , I waited 25 minutes and when I went up to complain I was told I was trespassing on the property, then the so called manager gave me the finger and put it right in my face…… I started to raise my voice and was asked to leave… I walked out side and called the police…… the restaurant is run by teenagers all inappropriate using foul language and the manager assaulted me…. I will never return to this establishment again, I am also a local social influencer with over 50,000 followers, I sure will be advising of this incident and forewarn any visitors here in the Orlando area on vacation not to patronize this restaurant, very poor service, poor guest relations, inexcusable behavior, in addition I will be contacting corporate , to say these people running this store name into the ground should be ashamed of how there treating customers, and the so called manager should be fired for assaulting me.

  • NAOMI says:

    We visit Culvers in Surprise, AZ.
    We waited 29 min for two burgers through the drive through. We watched three people behind us, get their food first.
    I went in, they said they were cooking it now…
    We spent $29.00 to leave unhappy.
    Please refund my money or compensate my order.
    Thank you

  • Larry V Hoch says:

    Grimes Iowa location is terrible. More than half the time the order is wrong.
    On Oct. 21,2021 I ordered 4 pc chicken tender basket with honey mustard and a tenderloin sandwich. Got home and there were no honey mustard and no fries.
    I got the tenderloin out and took a bite and low and behold it was a chicken sandwich.
    The chicken was tough.I talked to he manager on duty and explained what was wrong
    and he said he would send out coupons for the mix-up and that was over a week ago
    so they must not know how to fill orders and they teach their managers to LIE……..

  • Bill sony says:


  • Robert Bobo says:

    1st visit to your new Aurora CO location was a total failure, Ordered shrimp, recieved fish, order taker couldn’t figure out how to put lettuce, mustard and mayo only on cheeseburger, incompetent or not properly trained. Layout of drive through is a disaster, people eating inside were blocked in by drive through lane and menu is to far away from intercom inaddition menu is partially blocked by intercom

  • Mike says:

    So today is National cheese curd day, and Culver used channel 15 to advertise the cheese curd burger (but for today only)… Everybody and his brother showed up at every single Culver’s, to find, if you were not in line by 10:00 this morning you were completely out of luck!!! The working class showed up at all the Culver’s with a timeline to return to work, to find, Sorry we are sold out!!! at that point you are stuck having to order something else off the menu that you didn’t come there for and you do not have time to go somewhere else!!! Either Culver’s was either unprepared for the high volume of sales or, it was nothing more then a money grab knowing EVERYBODY would show!!!! “This is a cheese state”. I think, Culver’s should offer the cheese curd burger for the next week (or longer) so everyone can have their chance at trying one. Take notice at how long the lines were outside and inside of ALL your locations today, and how many times people stopped JUST to try this burger for their lunch hour that you had the channel 15 morning news personnel come special just to try the cheese curd burger!!! Talk about GOOD publicity!!! Our adult children and their coworkers all headed to Culver’s at their lunch hour, not to purchase anything else from the menu NO!!!!! but to purchase the cheese curd burger. This is a VERY large black eye for Culver’s, and Culver’s needs to find a way to fix the wrong they did today. I am quite disappointed in Culver’s, a place I stop at twice to three times per week. I honestly can not believe how unprepared Culver’s was today, and I would bet your complaint department will hear all about this debacle. Just think, you leave your office sit in a VERY VERY long line for the drive up window, and hear over the intercom system, I’m terribly SORRY we are sold out, that just doesn’t make sense for such a large organization that FEEDS the public. I can not believe this happened!! but it did, and Culver’s should spend money in advertising at how sorry they are for being sold out and totally unprepared you were LONG before the actual lunch crowd arrived, and how your organization will fix the wrong that happened today. Next time don’t advertise that burger, just let it show up on the menu as something new to choose from. And what about your supper crowd??!! That was bad business.

    • John Smith says:

      You do realize they only sold them as a gimmick to begin with right? Maybe check the numbers and see that they sold nearly 500,000 of them that day in a span of 2 hours nationwide. There is no way they planned on that happening. They do plan to release it again with a 2-3 month time frame as a limited time offer, but who knows how many people will show to get it again. So supplies may not make it again for the planned time frame.

  • Denise Eder says:

    Yesterday, I visited your store at sanders & Dundee rds in Northbrook, IL. I ordered an avocado salad & was food poisoned. I haven’t been able to eat anything last night & cannot keep anything down today. I am concerned & wanted you to check on this store. Thank you.

  • Jane L Ashmead says:

    Grimes, IA location terrible service. In three visit haven’t got a correct order yet. Sent my comments after my last visit. But no response. Food is good, just wish I had gotten what I ordered. Won’t be back for a long while.

  • Rose Krizan says:

    On the new game, (Where you catch food in a basket) there are no directions. It took me 5 days before I figured it out!

  • Desiree says:

    We went to the Navarre Florida Location and our order was incorrect. I went to the counter to explain our order was incorrect. I had ordered fish and was rung up as chicken fingers and received a burger. The Manager came to the counter and refunded the chicken fingers and then charged me over $14 dollars for the fish. I told the manager that I would like it all made over due to it being cold. She refused and said my husband could still it his. I told her no that we would like fresh so we could eat together. She then told me to leave. So my husband went to the counter and asked for a complete refund. She refused and told us we needed to leave. So we left. In the mean time she followed us out and took our license plate number. I have been in the customer service industry for over 40 years and I am appalled by this managers customer service skills!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Your store in Margate Fl, opened about 18 months ago.I was not impressed thinking that it was just another Burger joint… but when I was told that you served “Sweet Potato” fries, that all changed. That meant that you had some concern about your customers health. Sometimes I would just get the fries, other times I would make it a meal. Last night I was very rudely told by the person at the window “we don’t have sweet potato fries!
    Well you have just lost a customer, because I don’t need to eat ice cream or the other items on your menu… The fries drew me to become a customer … disappointed I thought you guys were different

  • Ann says:

    I’m so sick and tired of my order being wrong. I always have to go back for them to do it over. Hire more competent people

  • Curt Archer says:

    Second time no napkins in my bag from drive thru. If there is a transportation problem, go to US Foods and get some napkins for your customers! Absolutely unacceptable and shows the capacity of the owner of this store in Atascocita, Texas. A complete insult to the customers. Now serving Kens Salad Dressing. Wrong!

  • Teri says:

    How does corporate deal with managers who make fun of teen workers just because they are short and also don’t abide by a doctors note to not have that kid run food when they have a knee injury? 😡😡😡

  • Michael stratman says:

    How about a sampler plate for your sides.

  • John says:

    Repeatedly upon purchasing a Culvers Salad and hot food they pack the bag with the hot food on top of the cold without chicken salad. If I don’t catch the mistake by the time I get home the chicken less cold salad has wilted from the heat. I’ve taken pictures but it all depends who is as a employee said who packing your order. This should be a training issue-KEEP the hot and cold food separate! The delivery at the curb employee can’t be held accountable but the employee who packed it should unless trained that way. This is common sense!

  • Tina says:

    The Flint store took the phone off the hook. Omg how unprofessional!

  • Tina says:

    Awful restaurant. Only rude incompetent teenagers work there because they want to pay them like crap. Every time there is a very very long line and it takes forever to get your order. Food is bland anyway. Definitely not good enough to put up with the b.s. it takes to get it.

  • Gabriela says:

    Not one of the four people that I was in contact with in ordering my food at the drive up window said thank you. I even heard one on the mic taking an order from a customer behind me and saying the word fuck. I was at the Culver’s on the corner of Ridge Road and Cline Avenue in Highland Indiana

  • Marilyn says:

    I’m writing to inquire if there are any plans to build a Culver’s in the Elkhorn, NE area or nearby in West Omaha. There are currently only 2 Culver’s in Omaha and they are a far drive from the Elkhorn area and I sure miss having one close by.

  • Rita G Doll says:

    I visited your facility on Harrison Ave, Rockford Il around 7 PM. Ordered a small root beer float, just a 10 PC shrimp and side of .coleslaw. Proceeding to the window I was informed my bill was 11.23. I paid and waited for my drink and they said I had never ordered one. While their error they said I had to pay for the float. I did not very happy and the operative said I needed to pull around and wait for my drink as well. I did not. I probably will not return to this establishment again

  • Peg says:

    Please bring a Culvers to Springfield tn

  • Barbara says:

    Could you PLEASE replace your drink cups and LIDS with something sturdy!? What your using is absolutely the worse!!! The lids are not secure, EVER!!!!

  • Rose Maske says:

    On Aug 6th, at 5:01pm ordered a cod filet sandwich through the drive in-I went home and opened sandwich and the cod was only covering a fourth of the sandwich- all bread- called (Culver’s #205- Guest #51) and the response was that our cod comes in different sizes. Very disappointed- we have always enjoyed Culver’s food-no so sure now!!

  • Patty Sampson says:

    Culvers is one of the few places that offers a gluten free bun option for your burgers. It’s awesome! However, I have celiacs. So please tell me why you are still cooking your fries in the same oil as other things. It makes it impossible to order a full meal from Culvers. I have to get the burger from you and fries from McDonalds. I’d rather get it all from you guys. Can something be done about this?

    • John Smith says:

      fyi, Mcdonalds cooks more than just fries in their fryers too. Cinnibites, hashbrowns, sometimes chicken when fryer goes down.

  • Tim sloan says:

    While my family and i were dining in on Friday around noon. We witnessed alot of inappropriate activity between a employee and what seemed to be a manager. Very unprofessional conduct. We asked to speak to a Manager and never got a response from one. As we were leaving same 2 employees were in parking lot using foul language and talking about drugs. We will not attend Jeffersonville Indiana restaurant again.

  • Genny Franks says:

    The General Manager Shannon Timberlake at the Jeffersonville Indiana on Veterns Parkway was very unprofessional. I witnessed her exit restroom without washing hands and entering kitchen area touching customers orders without gloves.

  • Jorga Ellen Moore says:


  • Tony Robinson says:

    Never ever will i go back, rude manager, had 2 go back twice and both times i was treated like i screwed up the order unprofessional and clueless the woman should not be in charge of anything period

  • ANISSA says:

    My first question is….WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE??? By far this was the worst that I have ever experienced in my 51 years!!! I visited my neighborhood Culver’s to be treated with disrespect!!!! After waiting in line for approx 7-8 mins to place my order for 2 Strawberry Mango Coolers they wanted me to pull up and wait on them. Due to numerous occasions of being asked to pull up and being forgot about, I refused to pull up to wait 15-20 on 2 drinks. I was treated very rudely! Then one lady who I believe to be the manager opens the window to say well if you don’t pull up we are not making them. So I said well all of these customers behind me will be waiting until I get my order. She went into register and wanted to refund me and I refused refund…I just wanted the drinks…how hard is it to make 2 drinks. So then I look up and this same lady is outside on the sidewalk waving trying to get my attention, I notice she was holding 2 drinks, telling me to come on. I did not move. She was being funny standing out in the ‘hot sun with my drinks instead of passing them to me through the window. Then she passed the drinks to an African American female who took the drinks and started pacing back and forth with them. After sitting in line for approx 20 mins the female was still standing outside with what was at one point frozen drinks. At that point I asked to be refunded! The same lady came to the window…snatching the money (dollars) out of the drawer, opens the window and shoves money into my hand while stating, “please don’t come back”! And closed window in my face!

    • jay says:

      why does the race matter? and if you’re refusing to pull up, other customers can’t pay. you can’t refuse to follow store policy and get mad when people call you out.

  • J Elkins says:

    I go to Saginaw mi location and they refuse senior discount if you have a survey for a free ice cream they say they cannot offer both. They are 2 different issues. This has happened several times.

  • Kathleen Bartolf says:

    Dear Sir or Madam: I am not one to complain but I want to make you aware that your restaurant on Little Mac and 13 mile Road in Roseville Michigan needs major managerial help. The last three times I have been there they have either messed up the orders (The one visit THREE times in a row ) or you wait in line for an hour to get food and when you pull up to order they let you know then that they’re out of ice cream etc… instead of putting out a sign letting customers know ahead of time. I think it needs to have a manager on watch of what’s going on there. And better staff training. Im sorry to have to let you know about this because the food is delicious but I will not be visiting this restaurant anymore because of this!
    Thank you

  • Gordon and Elaine Davis says:

    Culver’s Lake Delton Wi. Last night I decided to use the online curbside pickup service. I ordered a 2 pc cod dinner and a 3 pc cod dinner both with mashed potatoes/gravy and coleslaw. Both came with mashed potatoes/gravy and FRENCH FRIES. No tarter sauce. They got the Fresco salad and the Strawberry Fields salads right. We ordered the salads with Raspberry dressing. We got 2 Raspberry dressings, 2 French dressings and 2 Ranch dressings. Also, the website said “your order will be ready in 9 minutes”. My husband waited in the Curbside Pickup slot for 50 minutes. After I called the restaurant 3 times we finally got our order but not correct. Do you not have someone who checks the orders are complete and correct? Quality of service was not up to standard.

  • Terri says:

    Can you all get an App that gives points like other fast food places?

  • Frank Dahl says:

    why does staff were gay pride colors and masks to celebrate homosexual month ???
    as some find it offensive……..at your Broadway Rd, Tucson, AZ location

  • Paul willich says:

    Very disappointed in the concrete mixers. Should have came with a straw instead of a spoon as the custard was melted and flavors blended. It was a waste of calories and money. We were at an extremely busy drive through because dining not open. I wager they had them made way before we reached the window to pay.

  • Todd Hanna says:

    Antioch IL. could not get the order right the first time went back and peter hand wrote my order and they still screwed it up. had to go back the following morning to get a refund only to have the owner short changed me 2 dollars on the refund. have his receipt, and I have a bank statement. I hope to here back because I am truly dissatisfied with the service, and the way the owner treated me. I had to drive to your store 3 times just so you could stick it to me some more time! I feel I should have gotten a full refund.

  • Charlyne Roark says:

    This wasn’t on just one sandwich it was on four pork tenderloin sandwiches

  • Charlyne Roark says:

    I just visited your restaurant in Monroe Ohio. I asked for onions and pickles on a pork tenderloin sandwich. There was two pickles and one ring of onion not one slice just one ring this is absolutely ridiculous. I guess if I ever go back I’ll have to ask for extra something because you sure don’t get enough condiments to taste. I hope this problem is addressed.

  • Donald D says:

    My daughter was employed at the 385 Kings Hwy, Port Charlotte, FL 33983 location. Under the ownership of Steve Buchmeier and general manager Shane. She’s a highschool student and is in JROTC. This was known prior to hiring her. She was let go for not showing up for a shift due to JROTC obligations and missing a day due to illness. Shane’s reasoning was that it was her responsibility to find someone to cover her shift. She was unable to. That put her in the position to choose to expose people to her illness and with covid and her job, doesn’t seem appropriate. Also to have to choose between JROTC and her job. She did not have a habit of missing work and these incidents are the only days she missed. It’s very disappointing that she was put into this position by your company. Given that she’s a lesbian and a minority she has many obstacles to handle and this was unduly added adversity. I spoke with Shane who had a different story but untrue. He must not have known that I have access to her phone and can verify both of their sides of the story. This is not an attempt to get her employment reinstated. This concerns management practices within your organization that should be reviewed. As it stands, it appears that she was expendable now that the location has more staff. From an objective point of of view, they took the first opportunity to expel a lesbian minority.

    • John Smith says:

      Advanced notice and reliability are gold. You should always give your employer advanced notice prior to the schedule being posted. Once posted, that shift is the employee responsibility. Calling off last min or after schedule is posted isn’t professional or responsible.

  • Debra Higens says:

    My young Daughter who is 20 was working at the Culver’s in Champaign, Illinois where the managers constantly yelled at her, made her a wreck and they also threatened her with “You do not want to lose your job do you?” This is how employees, especially young women, minority young women are treated in your work place. She finally quit and took a job with less house just to keep the stress down. Of course, I am sure that she made mistakes or got things wrong, but Culver’s advertises as a “Family Friendly” place and if an employee makes a mistake they should be mentored not threatened. I will not set food in another Culver’s. She was so excited to get that job and had such high hopes.

  • Bryant says:

    Culver’s Tallahassee drive thru had two customers arguing about the drive thru setup. I am one the customers that argued with another customer. Because the marking in the road states you can get to the drive thru another way. This man stood in front of my car and would not let me through because they were in the outter lane and I came thru the inner lane. We argued and the Manager (Kevin) took their side even after seeing the marking showing that you can come through the drive thru this way. He let 3 cars pass me after I called him 4 times as he ignored me. Another customer stated that they need to fix this if this if this is not the way to get to the drive thru. The manager stated that to his workers that we need to get this fixed after I’ve shown him that I was not wrong and that customer was waiting in the outer lane. Kevin story got twisted because apparently he wasn’t aware of owning the place or being the manager there, after I’ve mentioned to him about getting the cooperate’s number then said he that its only going to come to him. I was angry and mad and was just trying to get ice cream for my daughter and my sick mom, but I will not be going back there because this male customer saw this female in the car by herself made him feel bold enough to jump out of his car and in front of mine.

  • Shimsham says:

    Culver’s Sarasota ( South Tamiami Trail) is a joke. Just a bunch of young kids who don’t care. The past 3 times I’ve went here my order is wrong or missing items. For the price and time it takes to actually get your food this is unacceptable. The girl that took my order in the drive through was making fun of my coughing by pretending to cough too and laughing into the speaker so much she couldn’t even take my order. Just a stupid way to act and treat people.

  • Debbie says:

    Went to Culver’s in Somerset, Ky on Saturday 4/10/21 @ 12:05 pm and apparently the employee at the drive-thru was not trained properly to work there, as well as no supervision. Called several times and don’t answer the phone! I only ordered a mini mint concrete mixer and a pint of frozen custard. Was only half full and no chocolate pieces in it, as well as very soupy! I will not return to this location.

  • Sharee says:

    I sincerely wish that all Culver’s would stop serving weeds and passing them off as a salad.
    I like my salads to be etable with Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and a little cheese. Now that’s a good salad

  • JoAnn Eddington says:

    Your Culvers on Tamiami trail in Sarasota Fl. is a health hazard. You are operating with too few people. Also, people who are not properly trained. They are doing the best they can with absolutely no supervision.
    I got sick in there last week. I ate a fish sandwich. Vomit and stomach problems. Definitely from the sandwich. Today I found dirt particles in the bottom of my water cup. I did not put ice in the cup. Dirt was
    either in the cup or the water container. Last week I noticed the tartar sauce was warm. I ate it without thinking. Later I checked and found it was supposed to be refrigerated. Perhaps this is something the young inexperienced does not know. This is where SUPERVISION comes in!
    Today I did not get the type sandwich I ordered. Friend did not get the sandwich she ordered. Both were hamburgers but, our request for mayo, etc were not followed. We did not say anything. I noticed the counter girl was not only trying to wait on us but, also had ear phone trying to
    take outside curb order at same time. Not a good thing. Not fair to the young people trying to make an honest dollar.
    I would appreciate a response to this email. I understand others have contacted you with no response.
    Let us see what type Corporation you really have.

    • John Smith says:

      Culver’s is privately owned and operated, ask for the owner/gm next visit or call and ask for them to return your call, calling corporate just gets looped back to the restaurant. I’m sure they are short staffed just like any other business right now. Especially with Covid still lingering around.

  • David C. Perez says:

    The Culver in Kissimmee FL on Orange Blossom Trail has the rudest Crew Leader known to mankind. Her name Reanna she has no people skills. She should be fired asap! She doesn’t represent your brand in a good way at all. She’s a liability!

  • Noah says:

    We LOVE Culver’s, the one here in Chandler, Arizona and in Dubuque, Iowa both have delicious food EVERY time we go there! The burgers are great (especially with a toasted sourdough bun), fries are always crispy and never soggy, onion rings are flavorful and I love that you take expired coupons and give my wife an educator discount. The location in West Chandler on Ray Road near the 101 is REALLY good about getting our burgers right, we’ve ordered there probably 50+ times and our order is almost always correct and the food is always hot & fresh. Employees there are always friendly. We miss eating there in person and now have to get it to go (thanks to China), hopefully things will be back to normal in 3-6 months!

  • Candace Becker says:

    I went to the Culver’s in Topeka, ks. Around 4:38….and the hamburger was awful. It was like they made it earlier and heated it up in the microwave. The hamburger was luke warm and the meat was burnt. The bun didn’t even taste like the butter bun. I was very very disappointed, I had one in Lawrence, Ks about a year ago and it was so good. Never will go back to Culvers again.

  • Linda Bryie says:

    I know it is only September but is Culver’s having any Pumpkin custard this year? I live in Fort Wayne, IN and have not noticed it listed in September for any of Culver’s Fort Wayne locations.

  • Joan Beck says:

    Dissatisfied with the quality of food being served in Colorado Springs. On South side of C.S. I am a Senior. I went through the drive thru. 3:30. Bought a meal. Hamburger, fries coke or pepsi. The hamburger was stone cold. I took it back to register a complaint. She replaced it and it was the same thing. Stone cold. Not fresh and dry. It was like it was fried and put on hold. Until someone ordered. This has happened before and I returned the food. When I got home I called and reported it to the manager. She said she would go to where they prepare food and talk with them. I have lived in Colo. Springs all my life and have been to Culvers since it opened. I trust their meat.But it will be a while until I return. My email does not take emails it doesn’t know. I am at 719 630 1908.
    I am 82.

  • Lamont Branch says:

    Dear Corporate Leadership

    First I would Like to say that for the past 2 years or so I have enjoyed Culver’s delicious, tasty, hot and fresh menu items. I regularly visit the location in my city Chicago, the 35th and MLK Drive because of all of the great qualities I listed above. But at the current moment and for the foreseeable future I will never revisit another location. On June 29 2020 I visited my nearby location as I have done several times and expected a good experience. It was definitely the worst  experience ever, due to coronavirus the operation was drive-thru and curbside ordering, I ordered a double butter burger with fries and a bottle of water. As I have done several times and patiently waited for my food to be prepared, my food was ready and Sabrina brought out my order whose name I got later from the manager Zack he told me.  As I receive my order I notice she didn’t have my bottle of water. I remind her and she proceeds to get the missing item. As I waited for her to return, I decided to check the rest of my order to make sure it was accurate. The Double butter burger was missing a patty, as Sabrina returned with my water I informed her of the missing patty. She took the burger and returned to the restaurant. Five minutes later the Manager  Zack approached my vehicle and explained to me that he personally made my burger and he put two patties on the bun. In disbelief I was confused on the severity of the situation. I am not sure why he felt the need to approach my vehicle and explain how he made my burger and he was sure he put both patties on the bun . After I explained my point of view he left and returned 20 min later, to tell me that he checked the camera and he was sure that he made it correctly. And I had two options: either he would make the burger over with a single patty or I could complain to the General Manager Ernesto His number is 312-808-1100. I was so confused, angry and really upset, he accused me of taking the patty off the burger  and complaining that it wasn’t there. After all of the back and forward dialogue about a patty that was not on the bun, I refused any food at all. I didn’t trust the establishment to make any food for me without tempering with it going forward. After leaving the location and sitting here in my home writing this response I am in disbelief about what actually occurred. From my experience in Hospitality and working in several kitchens that I have managed and worked in, I would have never approached the customer or guest with an issue that I could completely solve in my kitchen.

  • Andy says:

    Culvers store 749 Byron Center Michigan phone number 6165838262 register five employee number 71390 date 6 -24 – 2020 time 9:44:16 PM
    Ordered one Bacon double ketchup mustard large curd with a Pepsi.
    One tender four piece sweet-and-sour with a fry and Pepsi.
    One three-piece cod dinner ,slaw , curds tartar sauce on the side one side of ranch one side of marinara with extra curds
    Total 3 6.17 Tax $2.17 total 38.34
    Guest number 95

    Deluxe meal was right.

    Four piece tender sweet and sour no fry

    Three piece cod dinner slaw three tartar sauce , slaw, fries, no curds.

    First time at Brand new culver next to Tanger outlets Byron Center 84th St. Called to let them know sides were missing. Managed argued with me said she put the curds in the bag I will continue to eat at 54th St. Location because I love the food and service there!
    This was mine blowing to me the manager argued maybe because it was so close to closing. I’m not sure.

  • Diane says:

    Our visit tonight was the worst yet. They handed my husband a cone that was all runny. I ask if that’s the way it always is and was told that yes it was cause it was so hot in the store. When they brought the cups for the kids out to the car they had ice cream running down the sides of the cups. I ask her for a napkin which she had to go back and get. We got our order my ice was in a bag which we didn’t open until we got home. We live 3 minutes from the store I got home and mine was in a banana split boat and was runnier than a milk shake that had sat for awhile. I literally got 4 bites of actual ice cream. I would be ashamed to serve that to customers. Between that and the broken cups we get half the time, we are finished with Culver’s. I would rather drive 5 miles up the road to Dairy Queen. Your Middleburg Florida store sucks.

  • dineout says:

    To all upper management at Culver’s (re:) new policy at drive up window. I have been a loyal customer of your restaurant since you opened in Rockford, Il. You were the only fast food restaurant I would go to. I have had numerous issues at various times but, overlooked many of them. However, yesterday 4/20/20 I pulled into the drive thru window and was confronted by this sign. I paraphrase, We prefer you use a card, but we will take cash! What the *#@* (sorry, but I was beyond livid). Are you kidding me? Is this predictive programming or what? I told the woman behind the window that this is complete crap. I do not use credit or debit cards and I will never use them again! I got home and called your management team at this location and she told me this policy came from corporate. Of course it did! I told her that if they thought my money was dirtier than a credit card she was mistaken. I also told her they would start out letting cash sales continue for a time, then faze it out all together. This is to create the impression that money is dirty and not to be used! This is all about agenda 21/30, and the Chinese social scoring digital only tracking and tracing of all you do by not allowing the use of cash. Which as you know, would allow the populace to move anonymously in and through the world. Shame on you all! I will cease from this moment on to be a customer of yours ever again!!! I know I am only one person, but you would do well to remember that little book “The power of one”. I will henceforth be spreading the word about this odious policy and the long term ramifications of it. You and all your team will no longer have to worry about my dirty money for it will remain firmly ensconced in my wallet! To leave even a remote impression that you do not wish to accept cash is not a very bright business plan, but lets face it this is an agenda is it not?

  • Lois Polacek says:

    During the pandemic when there is no inside ordering there should be a designated place where foot traffic can place an order. When I take my walks I like to get a treat from Culvers or McDonalds but I m not allowed to go thru the drive thru without a vehicle. I don t have a smart phone to place orders and how would I get it if I m not able to walk thru . I should think all costumers are important to you not just the ones who drive!

  • timothy nation says:

    To Lea and Craig Culver. Check you video if you don’t trust me!
    I hope this never happens to anyone else.
    Well, it’s 3:35 PM on Monday 3-23-20. I had a incident last Friday. My wife and I have for at the least pass 3 years been going to Culvers, on Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL. We have been going so much we now call it our, French Fry Fridays. I sent Corporate Culvers an email asking them to call me today, no response. I guess they don’t care or maybe did not open today. I’m writing this to give you warning what could happen to you at this location.

    This is how it went down. We always order 99.99% of the time the same thing. My wife orders, Double cheese burger basket plan with a Pepsi, I order, double Mushroom and Swiss basket with a Pepsi. these are regular size, not medium or large. And we get a order of cheese curds with marinara sauce. At the end of ordering in the drive-up, I always tell the person I have, a military discount retired. There’s two discounts for military, retired and active duty. The person on the other end says your order is $19.47, 15% discount for retired. Sometimes they will say, we’ll get the discount at the window. Now just a side note, the person taking your order is NEVER the person at the window taking your money.

    Okay, I have ordered our usual and the person said, we’ll get the discount at the window. I proceeded to the window when it was my turn. The girl at the window said, that will be $22.90. And before I could say wait a minute, she had already ran my debit card thru the register. She handed my card back and I told her that is not correct, that’s when I got the Deer in the headlights look. She turned away and consulted her manager. She returned to the window and said, can we give you a, I think she said, frozen custard. I said no I want the correct amount of my order, once again I got the deer in the headlights look. She again turned to talk to the manager. She again turned back and proceeded to hand me 2 dollars. I said this is not correct. At this point I am getting a little pissed. I told the young lady my issue, we come Fridays, order same thing and it’s $19.47. At this point the young manager step up to the window. I explained to her what the issue was. This is when she went off on me, wrong thing to do. So, I returned the favor and went off on her. She told the young lady at the window to give me $.20 more cents, which she did, and I said no this is still not correct. Starting to bowl now. The manager came to the window and said, military discount is 10% and proceeded to tell me, DON’T COME BACK, wow. If I had talked to a customer like that I would have been fired. Evidently she is not good at her job. As I said before, there are 2 military discounts not one at 10%.

    In the past we have had orders from, incorrect items to missing food items. Three times my wife has talked me into going back because I was done dealing with incompetence. This last time, a couple months ago, I got home and when I picked up my burger order it felt different. When I opened it, the HAMBURGER WAS MISSING, yes that’s right, NO MEAT. How in the hell do you not get the main course of a meal. I went back to Culvers, went inside and embarrassed the manger buy showing him in front of everyone in line that I didn’t get any meat. He just shuck his head and made my order right.

    Well, when I got home from this last visit I told my wife an ear full, sorry dear, she’s great! So I am (DONE) with Culvers. I hope this never happens to you. If I have any advise for those who do go to Culvers, check you order before you leave and the correct price.

    Last note, if the owner of this location or corporate sees this, check your video out, it doesn’t lie.

    • John Smith says:

      Verbally assaulting a young girl isn’t always in the best interests of an older man. No matter what she said. Just saying.

  • H. A. Milton says:

    Culver’s, Middleton, WI – Few days age, a young male employee at Culver’s Middleton, Wi., location, inquired of manager about doing drive-up pick-up service only. Manager said no. Next day corporate announced company-wide policy of doing drive-up pick-up service only. Not that that young male was responsible for a corporate decision, but kudos to him!!!

  • Michael Maeder says:

    My wife ordered the chicken tenders and 1 corndog. She got home and they forgot the corndog! She called the West Bend Wi. culvers and they said she could come back and pick it up. She told them it was too far to drive for a corndog. They took her name and address to send her a free sandwich of her choice next time we went there. We took the note for a free sandwich back to get a burger. When I order 2 burgers at the drive-through said she would have to check with the manager? When we got to the window I had my note for a free burger and my credit card ready. The man at the window said he would take care of both burgers. Great I thought. I got them home to find out they were burnt beyond being edible.
    I hope this not how they handle their mistakes. We will no longer be customers of culver!

  • Lawrence Fleischman says:

    We ordered your chicken tenders platter and ice creams swirl with M&M’s and chocolate candy in them. Your tenders were cold and tasteless. Fries were cold, when I received the ice cream swirl I ordered, your delivery person brought nothing that I ordered, I brought this up with your manager and she pulled my order. I ordered one chocolate cone, and one med. size swirl as mentioned above, they brought me 3 ice creams and none of them was what I ordered, thank God for your manager and she straighten this out and gave me back money for the order I didn’t receive. The wait time is rediculas, this took place in the Villages Fl.

  • RON VALE says:


  • Dona says:

    I was always going to culver’s for their fish sandwiches, even though I drove 5 miles today10/12/2019 I order fish sandwich, fish dinner and chocolate shake cost $22.97. Well I didn’t get the fish sandwich and the shake was soupie like water, call the store twice and they said manager was busy will call back, meanwhile after calling them again 5 hours later no call back from manger. I am a dissatisfy customer and will never go back again.

  • Chuck Johnson says:

    For the Sahuarita, AZ store. Food is good. The Fry’s could be cooked until brown instead of golden like your competition. Your Fry’s do not have a potato taste. If cooked until brown, they would taste like potatoes. Like Fry’s used to taste.

  • Cindy says:

    please delete my phone number, didn’t realize it was going to be posted

  • Cindy says:

    Love your product but the continued decrease in your frozen custard options is significantly reducing my visits. What is up with the latest change in the Butter Pecan flavored custard? The flavor isn’t at all butter pecan… tastes more like marshmallow and is not good. I have for far too long used butter pecan in my coffee daily. I had to throw out my last order of 2 party packs because your new flavor is terrible…

    Why can’t you continue with the original flavor and not this Morin Brand (I think is what is currently being used)?

    My wallet will be better off not purchasing your product but it’s things like this that you should be aware of, especially since your local owners do not do anything except say sorry, it is no longer available.

  • >