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Cuisinart was incorporated by Carl Sontheimer in 1971. This company was started with a purpose to introduce an electric food processor to the US market. Cuisinart was purchased by Conair Corporation in 1989. Cuisinart introduced its brand in 1973. With the help of the celebrity chefs such as James Beard, the sales of this company mushroomed up throughout the mid-1970s.

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand. It is owned and operated by Conair Corporation. Its line of products included Espresso Maker, Hand Mixers, Food Processors, Juice Extractor, Grills, Griddles, Ice cream and sorbet makers, Microwave Ovens, Kitchen tools and gadgets, Raclettes, Speciality Appliances, Rice Cookers, Scales, Toasters, Stand Mixers, Waffle Makers, Toaster oven broilers, and Slow Cookers. They associated the company’s products with universal design.

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  • Deborah Serina says:

    Is Cuisinart going out of business like the other retail stores?
    KEY POINT: I ordered directly from cuisinart.com with the order number and all of the product information and gave the cuisinart customer service representative the information to get a refund for a defective coffee glass carafe.
    HER RESPONSE: She told me to go back to the retail store that I bought the glass carafe from and have them issue me a refund.
    Am I on the same planet?
    It seems nobody cares and there is no quality control anymore.
    AND of course the defective glass carafe for my cuisinart coffee pot is made in China. Very sad.

  • B Pace says:

    Very annoyed… online order confused me… and ended up accidentally ordering 2 coffee pots. Cuisinart is not being helpful. The UPS cost is over $20. The UPS man said it would be less if the company provided me with a shipping label which I would pay for.(not asking for free shipping, tho that would be a nice gesture). Apparently you won’t even do that.

  • KC says:

    Cuisinart needs to wake up and read these issues people are having! Person I spoke with today blamed things on Covid…REALLY? I am now no longer a customer of ANY Cuisinart brand. I’m sure many will follow!

  • Alex says:

    I had a great Coffee machine from Cuisinart for 8 years, it gave out and I bought the same newer version. The timer feature did not work because the clock was fast, after the third replacement I got tired of their cord cutting policy which meant I have to be 2-3 weeks without a coffee machine at each replacement. Despite this issue customer service would not work with me to make an exception to this policy. Well I am applying my policy no more purchases at Cuisinart. They would not refund the three times defective product.

    • KC says:

      TOTALLY AGREE! Going through same issue. No coffee until you get a replacement? Bullshit!! NEVER will purchase ANY Cuisinart product again!

  • Lisa says:

    The customer service here absolutely stinks. You wait on hold about a half hour when you call. I purchased a 14 cup coffee maker and the buttons didnt work. Returned it to Target and had the same issue with the second one. Now I have to cut the cord on a brand new machine where only the on/0ff button worked and wait until they decide to ship another one from Arizona. I am so done with this company. Sadly, I thought they had decent products. Never again….

  • marcy uzick says:

    I got a new replacement grind and brew coffeemaker DGB-850 and within 3 weeks it stopped working. I was finally able to reach a customer service rep who instructed me to de calcify the new machine and to call them back if it didn’t work. It didn’t and frankly I’m disappointed in the quality of a $229 coffee maker furthermore I spent over an HOUR waiting for help . This is unacceptable. once again I am back on hold and will never purchase another cuisinart product again ( my old grind and brew coffee maker lasted 11 years)

  • Richard bennett says:

    Bought your coffee maker on demand 12 cup
    Dcc-3000p1 started to leak call you said you were replacing it that was a month ago still haven’t received it. Poor customer service will never buy another of your products.

  • Vickie Bennett says:

    Used Cuisinart coffee makers throughout the years. Good coffee is my only vice. About 2 years we replaced the coffee maker with same brand. I called Cuisinart to decrease the light. The kitchen & living area is L -shaped. Upon the purchase I called to decrease the light. She said to unplug it. I hope she was fired. I called today. “I have to have the model number. We have 32 models. She said the model is on the bottom of the product. Since manufacturing produces “lots” involving a number of the product so many coffee makers have the same issue. Then she said to look on the bottom. I did. This design thwarts any contact with this product. I even used a magnifier. Black background with embossed letters in black. Using a pencil I tried to get imprint the info. On a
    paper. No luck. Plus made in China! I know the Chinese made it this way to aggravate Americans. I get it. Shame on Cuisinart. Very disappointed. Reference complaints.

  • Lori w. Michigan says:

    Why would a major corporation refuse customer support especially to new customers. Having issues with your registry for new purchases. Even tried texting and received a notification to use another path to get service. This is ridiculous. Get you heads out of smoking dope and do business. I’m going to ask Jesus to show you to either do fair by your customers or shut down your business. And then we will see who has the last laugh. Ignore me and see what happens in 12 month. A previous business owner fired me because I spoke about Jesus at work and a year later her business closed. Lol taking advantage of customers will bite you in your pocket… I’ve read several of the customers complaints and mine is sill compared to fires and wire shortage in your products, so Mrs Mary Roger’s get someone in your business to reach out as if you love your job.

  • Anne Renn says:

    I would like to talk directly to the Founder of Cuisinart. I do not have anything good to say about your Consumer Customer Relations Dept. My problem is a no can do and hasn’t been resolved in several months!

  • Ms.Anne Renn - Customer😟 says:

    My comment has been made here

  • Ms.Anne Renn - Customer😟 says:

    I purchased a 12- cup Cuisinart coffeemaker and it was so complicated to program so I asked them to replace it with their latest upgraded one (which is NOT-complicated) and they used UPS who delivered it to an address that I lived at 12 yrs ago: this was done to me twice and it still remains unresolved. The correct address Cuisinart has when they initially sent out the order. They have sent it out twice. You are fired UPS! We will use Fed Express. A Federal Class Action would be most appropriate in this instance. This is very poor and disappointing service for what I consider 2 be a first class company. It must be bad management! I still never received my replacement!

  • Beth says:

    I purchased a Cuisinart Burr coffee grinder LESS THAN 2 years ago. In November it started to grind coffee on its own. I have had problems with it ever since. I contacted Cuisinart customer support. I was asked for the model number and serial number which I provided. The next email stated that I needed to provide proof of purchase, which I did provide after digging through statements. The NEXT email said my unit needed to be less than 3 years old, which it is. After several back and forth emails suddenly the representative stated that the warranty on my coffee grinder is 18 months. So why did he tell me TWICE that it is 3 years? I was offered 20% off a new one. Really? When they only last just over a year why would I want another one?? No Cuisinart for me. Terrible customer service from this company! I am done with this brand. They do not care.

  • Carol Coon says:

    I am done with Cuisinart. I purchased a toaster oven which was faulty and would turn on automatically. I wouldn’t discover until I smelled the burning. They replaced it and now the same thing happened again. It turned on by itself. I discovered it about 2 hours after the fact and it melted the chord keeper. I truly could have had my house burn down. Upon calling the customer service line, they would give me 20% off a new unit. This was not acceptable, so I asked for my situation to be elevated to corporate. She said she didn’t have a way of contacting them. What? Is this customer service? After pushing, she said she could email them. I asked who I would be hearing from and she said no one. Excuse me? How am I supposed to know the solution they came up with? Then she proceeded to tell me again about the 20% off a new unit. Are you kidding me? My house could have burned down if I wasn’t home. This makes me so angry. There is such a lack of Information and help with their customer service. I will never buy another Cuisinart product.

  • Leonard Skierka says:

    I was a loyal Cuisinart customer until I purchased a Thermal Coffeemaker, DCC-1850. It has a serious design problem that causes the overflow of water from the filter basket. Your Operating Notice on Page 3 of the Instruction Booklet does not relieve you of your responsibility of producing safe usable products.

  • Rori says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I had the unfortunate experience today of contacting the Cuisinart Customer Service Department. I spent the majority of the day on hold, or being shuffled around to receive no resolutions on the cookware that after over 6 years of use, has become inutile. I purchased the set under the agreement that if said cookware, were ever to become unusable I was entitled to a hassle-free lifetime warranty. In trying to implement said warranty I was disconnected twice, rudely dismisssed, and forced to adhere to standards that were not written in the purchasing agreement (warranty). I recieved poor customer service from the following representatives: Jennie, Sharita and Anyika. All three reprensentives were unhelpful and left me on hold for an obscene amount of time. I eventually had to contact customer service management myself. I implore that my complaint be escalated to the highest of management.


  • Lynn Chamberlain says:

    I bought two Cuisinart products after seeing them used on a TWITCH cooking show https://www.twitch.tv/aliyabakesstuff. I am so happy with my food processor and ice cream maker! I don’t know if you sponsor individuals, but you should contact her on her stream or FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100019021322358

  • Donald Carr says:

    I purchased an SS-10 coffee maker for my wife. 2 months in and it stopped working showing an error code. So according to the manual I contacted customer service. After a 45 minute wait time I got a rep who walked me thru a series of tests and checks. The last test was to leave it unplugged for 30 minutes and retry. To no avail. I recall customer service, another 35 minute wait, only to have to re-explain the situation. That rep told me they would replace the unit and took my information. She told me to expect the replacement in THREE WEEKS (3) . So five weeks (5) later, no coffee maker, I recall the dead zone of customer service. They told me the replacement was on backorder from CHINA without and expected ETA for replacement. A fact I wouldn’t have know if I didn’t call. I asked about a voucher to replace the one I have or possible substitution of another coffeemaker. They expected me to pay a $60 difference to replace it. I explained that their product failure and the lack of stock wasn’t my problem to have to pay extra for. They told me that someone from corporate would contact me. That was a week ago. NO CONTACT! I just called the dead zone again…..30 minute wait….I hear a ringing sound like I was being connected…..line went dead! UN ACCEPTABLE!

  • Hildegard Benedick says:

    I have a Cuisinart 8-inch stainless steel fry pan. To my dismay. whatever I fry in it gets stuck on the bottom. Is this normal?

  • Robert Cox says:

    On May 30, I became the proud owner of a 14 piece cookware set, Model 44-14-ST. After much research, we determined that the Cuisinart cookware would be a perfect complement to our new induction cook top. We noticed the 1.5 quart pan started showing signs of flaking inside on the bottom. We use Bar Keepers Friend with the cookware which did not fix the problem. I contact customer service twice, 07/08 & 07/09, 2019, and requested how to proceed. I was contacted on 07/10, and was told that unfortunately since I purchased this as part of a set that Cuisinart would not be able to replace the unit. Of course I purchased this as a set, as would most customers, so I really do not understand the response. I was also told that if I had further issues to contact corporate. This is just not right. The warranty papers made no distinction between sets or individual pieces. I am asking that Cuisinart stand behind it claim to limited life time warranty and replace the defective piece. The model number is 41915-16. The purchase was registered and I have previously submitted photos. Please help. Thank you.

  • Richard Trent says:

    I ordered a replacement 14 cup white carafe for my new cuisinart doc 3200 coffee maker serial number 5017. I was told to return it to an address in Highstown N.J. 08520 I found the same carafe for half the cost that I paid so I called and was told to send it back. I returned it and the tracking number says it was received on 04/05/19 at 9:13 am. I have not been credited for this returned carafe. The tracking number is 9505511774519092091459. I called this morning and was told the address I sent it was wrong even though I used the address I was given. I have a cuisinart k-cup machine in addition. I love cuisinart products, but I should not have to jump through hoops to get my refund. The gentleman I spoke to said he can’t refund me but would refer my report to corporate. The number I originally called to order the replacement carafe is the same number I called and told me to ship to the Hightstown, N.J. 08520 Thank You Richard Trent home phone (810)359-8810 7228 Hubbard st Lexington MI. 48450

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