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Cub Cadet was incorporated back in 1961. This company has its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. From 1947 to 1964, they made the smallest Farmall tractor called the Farmall Cub.

Cub Cadet is an America based company that makes and distributes a full line of outdoor power equipment and services globally. Its product line includes snow throwers, utility vehicles, lawn and garden tractors, lap bar zero-turn riders, gasoline-powered handheld and chore products, lithium ion- and four-wheel steer zero-turn riders. This company distributes its products through a network of independent retail dealers.

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  • Bernard says:

    I wish I would have read some of the comments here before I purchased a new ZT1 42″ Deck Zero Turn Mower. I first purchased a ZT1 42″ deck Zero turn in 2019 and it was a great mower for about 5 years and just recently I started having problems with the deck being uneven and cutting uneven. Called Cub Cadet to order one after trying online on their website, which it did not show any. Tried the chat, that was not helpful at all. So I called customer service and that took about 45 minutes before and I finally got a customer service representative, that told me that the decks are 6 months on back order. I thought of putting my order in, but instead I tried using my mower for a little bit longer and then I made a worse mistake. I thought, I would by a new ZT1 42″ deck Mower straight from the company. I had it less than two weeks and it threw the drive belt. Then not even a month old, I took it to a “warranty repair” dealer after calling Cub Cadet customer Service to try and get some help. Told me to take it there and they will diagnose the problem. Well, when I dropped it off , I was told it would be 4 to 6 weeks before they can even get to it, and they have 4 Cub Cadets ahead of mine and most have severe engine issues, so “supposedly” Cub Cadet has already given the customers full refunds. I would like to know what I am supposed to do for 4 to 6 weeks with out a mower? I have already rented one (Not a zero turn) and it cost me $89 for the day. I guess buying American is not what I remembered and the quality from 5 years ago is definitely not there. What a shame. I really was happy with my first Cub Cadet, I was hoping to have the same type of performance from my second one.

  • Roger Brown says:

    Still trying to reach Cub Cadet representatives to talk about the rude Kawasaki warranty representative. Even though this is a Kawasaki engine it’s on your Cub Cadet product. So by Lemon law definition for cars Cub Cadet is as responsible for their products as GM,FORD DODGE ect.

  • Roger Brown says:

    I bought a cub cadet 0 turn 50 inch cut with a FR691 23 horsepower Kawasaki engine in 2020. I have had no problems with it till 9-2-2023. I live in south central florida and I cut 3.5 acres every weekend during most months & twice a month in the winter months. On 9-2-2023 my mower would not start . Gas flooded the engine so bad that it got into the crank case Contaminating the oil. So I called HOME DEPOT where I bought it the store Representative told me the lawnmower was still under warranty and to call Kawasaki. Kawasaki told me to call my local authorized dealer . The authorized dealer picked it up and a day later called me and said Kawasaki “will not” warranty you’re engine. So I called Kawasaki and spoke to the same rep.my Local authorized dealer spoke to and ask what was the problem with the warranty? He told me that the local dealer work shop told him I had bad gas in my mower SOOO that must mean I did not store my mower correctly!!. Well after I stop LMAO I told him I live in south central Florida & we use our mowers year round we do not winterize them there is no need to do so. He said Kawasaki will not Honor there warranty. So I’ve been trying to call Cub Cadet for about 3 days now and still have not talked to any representative about this problem. So I will not buy any more Cub Cadet products by choice if this is the way they treat their customers. 🤬🤬🤬

  • Jill says:

    This is the 2nd riding mower from cub cadet. The first one engine locked up. It took 2 months of calling them finally after the 2 months and a letter from a repair company they refunded me for the mower. We were told it was just a fluke that happened so we stupidly bought another one 31 days ago and the battery won’t hold a charge we think it’s the alternator. I have called 2 different numbers. Both numbers I was hold for 59.41 minutes for the 1st number and 45.00 for the second. Don’t buy a cub cadet. What a lemon selling company.

  • Ricky Dodd says:

    Need a part for my Cub Cadet riding mower. Ordered it online and paid online. Website says shipping up to 5 business days. Did not get email confirmation of order so called customer service today. On hold for 45 minutes. Agent said order was open but shipping is 10-14 days. She said website is being updated with new shipping times. Well, grass continues to grow for 2 weeks while I’m waiting for Cub Cadet to ship a part that is in stock inventory now. Strongly advise to avoid this company for future purchases!

  • Todd McClure says:

    Do you make a stronger blade for my ZT1ST54? I love my cub cadet, but I have put 2 sets of blades on my mower already this year, and st $86.00 per set, it’s getting pricey replacing the blades. I clean the deck after every use, and sharpen the blades every other use.

    • KIMBERLY s ZECHLIN says:

      Hi Todd, Im having the same problem, by any chance do they have the “s” pattern so you HAFTO buy them from Cub Cadet, thanks Kim in Michigan

  • Sally says:

    Do Not Buy Anything Online!!! You will be expected to pay return shipping, in my case that’s half the cost of original order! I never would’ve have purchased item if I had known. And customer service treated me like a. I should have known, and b. My mistake, I pay. It took many hours to talk to rep then I was passed around. Returns are not “hassle free” as advertised. ☹️ Not recommending Cub Cadet anymore.

  • Sandra Mickle says:

    Bought a Cub Cadet Ultima 42” zero turn from Home Depot. Delivered June 14, 2023. There was no Manuel. Back left tire had a hole in it. Home Depot won’t do anything. Still haven’t cut any grass. O hours on it. No one answers at Customer Service. Very dissatisfied.

  • craig cox says:

    I bought a new 2016 cub cadet XT3, i had nothing but issues with it back firing do to the koller motor, I recieved a new replacement in 2017, and still have all kinds of issues and most recently the frame has craked in 4 places and i have been told by local sales nothing can be doen about it, but buy a new tractor and we will give you some discounts. Never agin,

  • Greg Blank says:

    I can see I have alot in common with other customers of flub de-cadet-ent, yes – rudeness,incompetence, no service after the sale,over priced junk! They’ll be gone soon enuf,probably a combination of factors,woke B.S.,
    not a family run biz anymore,Chinese influence, who knows,no doubt we r witness 2 another failure in the process.

  • Ray eagles says:

    Why won’t cub cadet support it’s products and parts for garden tractors .hood replacement for junk design of plastic garbage

  • Patricia Gonzalez-Clark says:

    Customer service does not exist! My snowblower stopped working all of the sudden and no one answer the phone listed in their website. The machine still under warranty and no one tells me where I can take it. This is really horrible such an expensive machine and doesn’t even last two years.

  • D Bias says:

    I want to talk to someone at corporate to tell them they have a problem with on line chat that wants you to sign up for “Just answer” even though my mower is under warranty. It is impossible to talk with corporate. They immediately want my visa number. You have a design problem on my LX46 21.5 hp Kawasaki. Your operators are rude at corporate. Your chat line is not helpful.

  • Eric says:


  • Anthony Queen ( Retired Veteran) says:

    In July 2022 I bought a Brand Nem?w ZT1 50″ Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower.
    1. PTO problems before I even left the building. Blades would not engage. Mechanics worked on it…got it working.
    *UT continued to have issues of not engage the blades many times. They came and picked it up took it back to the dealers shop and worked on it for like 4 days.
    They called me and said that it is ready now if I wanted to come get it….which I did. Had the mower about a week and it happened again twice. Now I guess frustrated.
    So, Moving On… there was “never” an engine Decal put on my mower. Tried getting dealer to order me one on July 11 2022…said it would be here Aug 26 22. Well, it’s still not here. I’m paying for this mower that has on and off issues and missing and engine Decal that is still not here. My patients are running thin. Heck, my first payment I paid $2000.00.
    How hard is it to get a darn engine label?
    Sorry. Just tried of the run around. Cub Cadet is not impressing me very much with their customer service
    Upset customer

  • laurie timmerman says:

    customer service?? What a joke! They don’t answer the phones, on hold for more than 30 minutes and then when I finally get someone, he mutters something and transfers me somewhere where I’m on hold again until I hang up. I have a brand new $3,800 ZT Cub Cadet mower, had for ONE day, something wrong with it, to a shop, where they are now waiting for warranty approval. Going to contact TSC and get my money back.



  • Mark Tyrrell says:

    How do I talk to someone about a warranty issue that was solved at one time and then taken back away from myself. I tried on the phone but was disconnected when I asked to talk to a supervisor.

  • eric says:

    Cub Cadet customer service is a disaster. I’ve called 3 times for missing lug nuts and get a run around after waiting on hold for an hour. I’m close to returning the damn tractor and buy the Toro that comes with white glove service. Thinking they will bring ALL of the parts for the equipment I buy.

  • goran konjovic says:

    I bought a cubcadet zt1 50 rider for that price I paid for it it should have arm rest that is a safety hazard not to hold you in not even a seat belt very disappointed in that mower then I found out I can buy a set for 120 dollars that ridiculous it should come standard with a rider bit all the tractors has them

  • David Sowell says:

    I was at the Tractor Supply in Woodville, Tx

  • David Sowell says:

    My name is David Sowell I was in your store to buy a cub cadet riding lawn mower. The gentleman told he had one but it was broke, I ask why was it returned he said a sensor under the seat. But a man from their company was c o ming in the morning to fix it. I ask how much he looked it up on his phone and quoted me the price of $2199.00 the next day I called back (the 27th) and spoke with Scott. He told me know it was $2499.00 I went to the store and ask the same guy. Did you quote me the price of $2199.00 yesterday for that lawnmower? He said yes. They would not honor the deal. So, is your word not any good or is your product that sorry? I can’t wait to hear your answer?

  • Ronnie Porter says:

    I have bought 3 brand new zero turn mowers in last 2 years they are the best but I am getting crippled in my arm and can’t use it with a regular zero turn if u happen to have one with a steering wheel so I can mow with one arm and u want a good review I could test it out for ya with one arm and give good review thanks

  • Jim M. says:

    I purchased my Cub Cadet XT-1 Enduro LT 46 in. on May 13, 2021. After owning it for EXACTLY one year, on May 10, 2022, the carburetor has developed a very sever leak that is pumping gas into the crank case. I have attempted to contact the local service repair shops for Cub cadet, but they are full of repairs and couldn’t fit me in for 4-6 weeks they are completely useless. The second repair shop NEVER calls me back, I leave multiple messages but still no contact at all from them. I have been forced to send my mower to a non Cub cadet service shop and they tell me it will cost me $400 for a new carb and labor. These folks I believe are at least honest in their opinion that Cub Cadet is a giant piece of crap. This mower has been nothing but a cash hog, with less than 15 service hours on it by needing a new carburetor and God only knows what else in the near future. Because of the repair service alone, I suggest you AVOID this brand of mower.

  • Paul Basel says:

    I have a Z Force L 54
    The mower has been solid for me. Runs well and no problems until I bought a bagger system. The tube that attaches to mower deck and makes the turn to carry clipping away wore out in one summer. Called to order regular mower parts for new season and ask about this issue. The 2 women who helped with parts were FANTASTIC!! If they were not sure, they found someone who did ( thus, why 2 helped me) the part I needed for the bagger I had to talk to a guy named Zack told me he was the manager and that I needed to take the part to one of the service centers so they could review the damage. I said great where is it and he gave me the info. Then I said that will be easy I already unhooked the tube section ( simple tarp strap that holds tube tightly in place during operation.) he told me I had two options
    1. take the Entire bagging system in! I told him it takes a couple hours to remove everything and Why?? Nothing else is damaged?
    2. Leave it on the zero turn and take entire mower in with system attached!
    Neither of these options make any sense, other then to deter you from actually trying to get this rectified and replaced through a warranty.
    He was rude on the phone interrupting and telling me there was no one else to talk to.
    I told him that it could cost me 200.00 just to get the mower trailered somewhere back and forth and the tube cost 207.00 replace.
    He made no sense with the 2 options. Why would I not be able to take a tube to the dealer do they could see the wear / damage.
    Paid many thousand for the mower and then added a bagger system that clogged quit a bit and from what I saw a horrible design where the tube extends off the deck. This is obviously an area where it is only a inch or so off the ground so if you have any bumps or roots at all in a yard there is going to be contact. Someone call / contact me please.

  • alan says:

    I recently bought a Cub Cadet “SC 100 HW” push mower from “St John’s Karts and Kawasaki” in Aulander NC. The floor model was their last one, and the salesman said he did not know if when their current order would arrive. He knocked the handle down so it would fit in the back of my SUV, and I took it home. I could not hand sufficiently tighten the large yellow “handle nuts” to get the handle to stay rigid, so I tried to call the salesman. After being kept on hold for about ten minutes, my frustration took over, and I opted to drive the 20+ miles to St John’s to take the mower back. I had not used it, and it was in the same condition as I received it. Well, the owner was not available, and the same salesman that sold the mower to me stated the owner was the only one who could do refunds. He called him on the phone, and the owner said no refunds on equipment. What???? I saw no signs posted stating this policy, nor did the salesman mention it to me. I expressed my displeasure about making the mistake of dealing with St John’s to the salesman, and asked him to look at the handle. The best he could come up with was to use the two lock bolts to secure the handle in place. This defeats the quick release “handle nuts” which made no sense to me. I have a Cub Cadet Z-turn mower, and was excited to match it with a push mower. But now, thanks to St John’s cavalier attitude, the thrill is gone! In the meantime, I will get the handle squared away even if I have to weld it! When things slow down a bit, I plan to drop CEO Rob Moll a personal letter.

  • Larryhillman says:

    I will never buy another cub all I need is the small metal braket that holds the plastic wheel on the deck you can buy the braket you have. To buy whole deck what a crock I guess my next will be kobta thanks for nothing I will make sure it get posted on social media

  • William Light says:

    Nwiever buy cub cadet they will find a reason not to honor their warranty.I wish I had known then what I know now.

  • Bill Sanders says:

    I purchase the Cub Cadet ZRT 50” in 2011 and replaced the drive belt 3 times, the last time I took it to a mower Mechanic and he called me and said the pulling was upside down, they forced it on and he couldn’t get it off without pulling the Engine, $385.00 later I think it’s repaired, I purchase it at Faxons outdoor power, I will give them a call

  • Dorothy claeys says:

    Dorothy claeys

  • Mike Perkins says:

    Phone number is disconnected??? Looks like your IT people need to get off their asses and update the website. What a concept…..

  • Keith Griffin says:

    I am a very frustrated Cub Cadet owner. My family and I have only purchased this brand for the last 15 years. We were previous Toro owners. 2 of the three lawn mowers have been great the last one has 158 hours on it and has been nothing but a lemon. At this point it is sitting in the yard not working. At this point I would never purchase another one.

    • Tammy Croft says:

      My son’s has 12 hours on it and its definitely a lemon. Mower is at Cub Cadet as I type and he won’t get it back for at least 6 weeks (fall season). This is the 2nd time needing work and the warranty is almost done. $2k for a remanufactured engine is a joke!

  • Ralph Hatcher says:

    Attention Rob Moll

    In early June my lawn tractors’ PTO stopped working. There are only 2 authorized Cub Cadet repair locations near Abilene TX, and neither shop was taking more work unless I had purchased my tractor from them, I got mine at Home Depot. With my warranty ending at the end of June, I began calling you. I called you multiple times never spoke to a human, however I did leave a call back number as the automated system offered and never once got a return call. My tractors warranty expired at the end of June, now I’m just SOL and looking to buy a replacement lawn tractor. Will I recommend Cub Cadet probably not would I purchase another Cub Cadet probably not. I can’t imagine getting worse customer service from an American company. I hope someone calls me and makes this right if not, well I hope!

  • Chris says:

    This company has terrible product and customer service

  • JASON S GROVE SR says:


  • richard says:

    been waiting on the phone 45 min. decided to chat instead and the agent never responded back. horrible experience. I plan on doing a youtube video and posting it on facebook and tweeter.

  • Gale says:

    My experience with buying a cub cadet brand new, because I prefer to buy American has been nothing than a nightmare, the customer service attendants humiliates you, keeps you waiting for more than an hour, then hangs up on you. It paid $2000. Bought the extended warranty just in case something goes wrong. The place where I bought my lawnmower assured me that they have “Cadillac” service there will never be a problem with cub cadet and their machinery and if I did have problems, with my warranty everything will be taken care of. Well that is not the case, the protection plus company came got the lawnmower and is now telling me I put bad gas in the lawnmower and will charge over $250:00. Now I am no idiot, will I look at my brand new lawnmower and put bad gas in it. I am too educated for that. I am still in a bind and no one can give me an answer, this is so frustrating and disgusting how these people treat you. In the meantime the place where My warranty told me to take the lawnmower still has my $2000.00 lawnmower. I am now about to call consumer affairs.

    • Terry says:

      I’m in the same boat with you, I gotten only 21 hour out of my cub cadet bought new $1800, it went into shop from it kept shutting off, after 3 months in shop, the shop calls me says they ordered a new engine from warranty, shop calls me to bgg pickup so I did brought it home it smoked like freight train shop says it will do that, I’m not stupid my father was aircraft mechanic my grandfather small engine mechanic and I used to be auto mechanic, still in shop now with same problems of just shutting off will not stay running and several calls to warranty they blow me off with someone else and cant talk to a person in charge I’ve already filed claim with consumer affairs and the BBB, so hood luck I’m with you

  • Joseph Passariello says:

    can I buy direct

  • Robert wilcox says:

    Have been waiting for a cub cadet cc 30 h for 3 weeks ?
    There is not one to be had from Springfield to Branson Missouri? When asked when are they arriving the answer is I don’t know ? Any one with cub cadet stock take notice , the mowing season is only 6 months long!!!

  • Chris says:

    I purchased a cub cadet tractor from a local Home Depot. They delivered the wrong bagger for the mower. They corrected their mistake and delivered the right bagger. However, the wrong bagger that they originally delivered, is still sitting in my driveway. They refused to come get it!! I want it off of my property.

  • Constrantine P. Kiamos, Jr. says:

    Gentlemen: I have my father-in-laws Cub Cadet Tractor, purchased at Mountain Farm International in TN. around 1994. I continue to use the mower to date in New Jersey. Outstanding quality machine you built and designed. Continues to operate flawlessly. Only repairs have replacement of rollers on mower deck and regular maintenance.

    Thanks for an outstanding product. Forget Cub Cadet, this machine is a Cub Bear!!

  • Lawrence Frederick says:

    I just bought a lawn tractor xlt250 cut.i having probblems all ready with it and has about 30 hours on it .
    I have had to put the belt on few times all ready. I went to store were I bought it ,they said bring it in and they take of it under warranty ok I did .it going on 3 weeks now and I have contacted them and all I get it’s in shop being repaired as we talked. .now I find out it’s going to cost me 155.00 dollars to get it back. Look I just paid 3,200.00 dollars for it and the belt should gone bad that quick. I am not happy with your product. Looks like going to have to go back with a nother brand.

  • Crystal says:

    I would like to get in touch with someone about this new Cub Cadet ZT1 42 inch zero turn mower that I just purchased on 4-16-2020 from Mount Airy Saw and Mower in Mount Airy NC. The mower was delivered the next day on Friday and the problems began. I mowed my yard and before I even mowed the deck was vibrating so bad that I thought the mower was going to come apart, I called the dealer I got the mower from and they came and got the mower on Wednesday 4-22-2020 and called me today and said there is nothing wrong with the mower at all, that they can not find anything wrong with it. They are about stupid if they can not find the issue with this mower. The service Steve tells me there is nothing wrong with it and that the vibration is normal, uhhh no it isnt. My old cub riding mower did not vibrate like that. Then he calls me a liar basically, I told him the guy that picked the mower up even said yes there is a problem that it should not bibrate like that. I have learned from looking at reviews that I am not the only one having this issue with this exact mower. I have ask the dealer to switch the mower out for another one that is just like this one and they will not do it. I want answers and I want someone to contact me. I did not just spend $3,000 dollars on a mower that is already having issues, I want this issue resolved.

  • Richard barger says:

    Can I buy a Ultima zt1 42 in factory direct or do I have to go thru dealers

  • Arthur Boyko says:


    Need to replace the left rear drive tire since it sepated from the wheel. Need to replace the rear tire assembly. How do I get the tire off the tractor? There were no instrctions other than a few pages in English and the other pages are in a ton of foreign language mumble jumble?

    How do I get the tire off please?

  • Arthur Boyko says:

    Need to replace the left rear drive tire since it sepated from the wheel. Need to replace the rear tire assembly. How do I get the tire off the tractor? There were no instrctions other than a few pages in English and the other pages are in a ton of foreign language mumble jumble?

    How do I get the tire off please?

  • Arthur Boyko says:

    Need to replace the left rear drive tire since it sepated from the wheel. Need to replace the rear tire assembly. How do I get the tire off the tractor? There were no instrctions other than a few pages in English and the other pages are in a ton of foreign langua ge mumble jumble?

    How do I get the tire off please?

  • Joe S. says:

    Fw: Case# 04776266, 03557657, 03882831, et al
    Joseph Stauffer
    Sun 7/28/2019 6:53 PM
    CSC Support Cub

    V&C receipt 7.16.19.pdf
    707 KB
    Lawn invoice.pdf
    172 KB
    2 attachments (879 KB)

    I’m re-sending this because I’ve received no response. Please advise me of the status of these issues. Thank you. / J. Stauffer

    From: Joseph Stauffer
    Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 7:50 PM
    To: CSC Support Cub
    Subject: Case# 04776266, 03557657, 03882831, et al

    Please see the attached invoice regarding repairs made to my Cub Cadet CC760 ES mower (serial# 1C227K60104) purchased on 4/17/17 at the Tractor Supply Store in Quakertown, PA. This mower is within the 3 year warranty period but is outside the warranty with 155 hours of operation. I spoke to “Brandi” and “Zack” on 7/10/19 and was told that the warranty may be honored because of the excessive problems I’ve experienced since purchasing the mower, i.e., having to exchange the original mower at the place of purchase due to drive belts slipping and then 8 return trips to service centers for various problems, all of which are documented with Cub Cadet. As a result I am requesting that I be reimbursed for this latest repair done by V&C Accessories in the amount of $79.45.
    Also, I’ve attached an invoice dated 5/14/18 from a mowing service that I had to use last year due to having to continuously return the mower for service. Cub Cadet approved the fee and indicated that the bill was received and that I would be reimbursed $100. I never received any compensation regarding this and would like to know what the status of that request is.
    If you need any further information from me in order to facilitate my requests please let me know.
    Thank you.

    Joseph Stauffer
    Emmaus, PA
    Email: jstauf@outlook.com

  • jeffrey blanchard says:

    453 hours on a 1050 cub cadet lawn tractor and the trany goes out. the place I bought it at said they can not touch the trany or they would loose their dealer ship. they told me I couldn by a new trany for 1750.00. I only paid 1995.00 brand new,that means the rest of the mower is only worth 200.00. I would like someone from the company to contact me to talk about this. I have a craftsmen lawn tractor that is 35 years old, same motor ,same trany, same deck. I do the same maintance on both machines

  • Richard Gunther says:

    recently bought a cub cadet riding lawn mower. I was very upset with the mower after a week the engine quit and then I found out that I was using the wrong gas. no one at Wohlfeils in Saginaw, mich. told me I had to use recreational gas. they repaired it, but I don’t know if it is right. steering has a lot of play in it. I have bought other products from cub cadet and I am happy with them. They did the same thing to a Friend of mine. No where is there a notice of what type of gas to use on tractors. I will others of this problem.

  • WES BOYD says:


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