Where is Crunch Gym Corporate office Headquarters

Crunch Gym Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 215 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-370-0977

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 2968

  • Established: 1989

  • Founder: Doug Levine

  • Key People: Keith Worts

Crunch Gym Headquarters Location & Directions

Crunch Gym Headquarters Executive Team



Keith Worts

Chief Executive Officer and President

Michael R. Jacobs

Chief Financial Officer

Dayna Crawford

Director of Public Relations

Donna Cyrus

National Group Fitness Director

About Crunch Gym, History and Headquarters Information

Crunch was incorporated by Doug Levine in New York City’s East Village in 1989. In the beginning, they had classes such as pole dancing, bicycle-based yoga, coed wrestling, and an “Abs, Thighs and Gossip” class. Crunch was sold to Bally Total Fitness in 2001. In 2005, Bally’s sold Crunch to Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Currently, this fitness club has more than 500,000 gym members all over the US. They have extended internationally to Australia. This club has two different categories of gyms: Signature and Franchise. Crunch Fitness is a chain of over 300 franchised fitness clubs located in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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  • Jennifer says:

    The local Crunch Fitness, Evansville In is an absolute joke . The manager is a liar . Said she would fix a problem, did NOT fix any problem

  • julio roldan jr says:

    Do i have to give my palm print to enter the gym This will cost me to discontinuing my membership because of the biometric crap, and that I will do my best to dissuade anyone who wants to join their gym not to do so. I a member for a long time

    Crunch Gym 3170 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY 10467

  • Susan Murphy says:

    Another company hiding behind the internet (and uninformed receptionists) – no email address to forward a copy of correspondence in effort to resolve a membership issue and nobody responding to message on your FB page. Your McKnight Road, Pittsburgh facility is most unhelpful with 3 different stories as to why they have no record of my membership that was transferred to them in full from Fitness 19, my recently closed gym just around the corner. Fitness 19 transferred ALL current memberships to Crunch with full credit for whatever paid membership each account had remaining. I purchased a full year on 2/15/23 which is supposed to be honored by Crunch. A few weeks ago, receptionist on my first trip to Crunch scanned my card & told me my account would be in the system the following day – she did NOT say my account did not exist. Today, Elaine, at registration desk after showing me a whole fish bowl full of retired Fitness 19 membership cards, is telling me my account wasn’t provided to them and giving me the run-around. After asking for a manager, she tried to miseducate me on Silver Sneakers, how I have to get my money back from Fitness 19 to pay Crunch, and finally I had to provide Crunch with copy of email from Fitness 19 to resolve problem. Of course, she did not disclose fact that if there is an email for Crunch, it is well buried. She also said she had same problem with 7 other transplanted memberships today. Has Crunch suddenly chosen to not honor the agreement with Fitness 19 or does this only apply to those of us with considerable time remaining on their account? If someone would kindly reach out to me, I’d be happy to share the information I have by providing a copy of what was agreed to by Crunch.

  • Willis says:

    Crunch Fitness is a SCAM! Buyer Beware.

    They charged my credit card a total of $1,900 before i even realized it because i don’t use that card and wasn’t looking. I called and they refused to refund the money claiming they had a signed contract.

    I signed up for a few training classes and was told not to worry and that i was only signing up for a low cost membership and a few classes and that i had the ability to add more classes if i wanted but i had no obligation.

    Claiming that you have a signed contract is no justification for misleading someone to sign it and then stealing from them. Apparently i have a balance of 40 UNUSED training sessions as

    Do yourself a favor and find another gym so you dont get scammed.

  • Antonio Ocasio says:

    CRUNCH spammed me an all access promo and rescinded when I advised that I was already a member. I was thrilled at the opportunity to have an all access, since 66th Street does not have a wide bar lat pull-down with a seat. Oh well. No judgements.

  • Antonio Ocasio says:


    This is truly a generous offer. It’s also non-revocable under NYS Consumer Protection Laws, as I have relied on it.

    Please note that if you look me up, I’m a current member at a much higher rate and have access to 66th Street only. Kindly change my membership to a 69-dollar all-access pass.

    I will not mention this to any other members, in case they haven’t received such a heartfelt and generous offer. So no worries on that front. Scout’s honor. Or whatever- they closed.

    Again, thank you so much! Your SPAM is always welcome.

    My very best,
    Antonio M. Ocasio

    A R A G O N

    Aragon Partners LLP
    1270 Sixth Avenue, 8th Fl
    New York, NY 10020-2014

    Direct: 1-212-209-7118
    Mobile: 1- 479-366-8799

    On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 3:08 PM Carter, Ro wrote:

    As a former member of Crunch, we would like to invite you back as a member with a special Alumni rate.
    Join today and get October Free!!!!
    Month to Month
    $0 Enrollment fee
    $20 Processing Fee
    $65/mo -One club or $69/mo All Crunch Access
    *Annual fee of $79 due December 15th. **All fees subject to 4.5% tax

    Looking for more savings? Be sure to ask about our discounted ONE & TWO YEAR Paid In Full options.

    Need help getting your fitness program back on track? Purchase a Personal Training package with your reactivated membership and receive up to 40% off!

    If you are interested, simply respond to this email. If you have additional questions I am here and happy to help.

    Due to the unique savings of this offer, please note it is available for a limited time and will expire today 9/21.

    Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.

    *Pls reply with “opt-out” in the subject line if you wish to be removed from future emails.


    Rouget (Ro) Carter
    General Manager

    Crunch 66th st.
    1131 3rd ave
    New York, NY 10065
    T: 646.747.1810

    Follow us on Instagram @crunch66th
    Crunch.com • No Judgments • No Limits

  • Phil greene says:

    I live in Portland me a walgreen in my area north Deering just closed it would make a great crunch gym we have none I’m positive it would do great here it’s on auburn st advertise hope someone would open one up if I had the money I’d do it in a minute thankyou

  • Nicole says:

    I am staring a class action lawsuit against this gym if you are interested in joining please contact me beautifully.flawed.creature@gmail.com this has to STOP I WORK TO HARD TO HAVE MY MONEY JUST TAKING AWAY FROM ME

  • Dave West says:


    Crunch Fitness in Tamarac, Fl. has had the steam room out of service for over a month. This is one of the amenities I joined for and I can’t use it, and I’ve asked the general manager himself about it and all he says it’s that they ordered the part but it’s been over a month and still the same excuse. If I can’t use the full gym as we all should I either need a discount or have this fixed asap because there’s plenty of other gyms to join here in Florida. This will be the first of many public complaints.

  • Vivian says:

    To who it may concern:
    Crunch de Caguas has a problem with all the managers that apply for such a key position. Since I have been a member at least I have met 10 managers in two years. Today I made the decision to cancel my membership 8/25/22. At first I made a call to see if I could do it by phone so they said no. So I went there by person and this lady called The Manager was very passive aggressive and sarcastic. She didn’t even offer other plans or alternative to engage a customer that has been a member almost 3 years since it open doors.She also had the nerve to tell me that my number was not registered insinuating It was my fault. Really lady who fills out the information. Anyways the main idea in all this situation you must hire people that love to be pro customer service and help with an environment of fitness where you suppose to go and kill the stress of our lives that today is such a big need.

  • Sam says:

    Absolutely horrible company. I was promissed a refund upon cancelling a membership and I have called over a dozen times and was told the supervisor was in back to back meetings. Never any return phone calls. I will try to get credit card company to help next. If you notice the corporate office phone number doesn’t work, it disconnects you and there is no fax and they ignore emails. Stay away!!!!!

  • Ruby says:

    I will be e-mailing any and all Crunch Fitness e-mails I find on the internet and posting on my social media about how Crunch Fitness takes your money once you tell/e-mail them that you would like to cancel. I’ve been paying my bill for 2 years and haven’t gone to this gym in the same amount of time and they continued to take money out after I cancelled. I will be heard since the Santa Clarita, CA Crunch Fitness wont hear me!

    • James Hollman says:

      I just discovered the same has been happening to me. I was a member of the Fountain Valley location. I cancelled in August 2019 and I have the email to prove it. They called me requesting payment today for an amount outstanding since the card on-file they have was no longer valid. I’m sure the decision to not cancel memberships is driven by greed, some goal the local manager needs to meet for their performance review/bonus.

    • Pam says:

      Crunch Fitness in Pembroke Pines, Florida has dirty business practices as well. The whole pre-selling membership deals are all false advertising and bad business. I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau. They pre-sell memberships for and offer if you sign up the FIRST day on line then it will only be $1 then supposed to be $19.99 a month, you “can cancel after 3 months”.

      Due to the fact that Crunch here didn’t open in July as promised, in fact it kept being pushed and didn’t open until Sept 2nd. I went in to Pines Crunch (in person) to tell them that I was going to be charged at my old gym until December so to NOT start my membership until then. The young kid working said “No Problem”.
      I look on my bank account and they not only charged me but also a YEARLY FEE of $76.88, which I was aware that I would EVER be charged, or I would have NEVER signed up. the “Deal” on their premiere cyber deal was that you had “No contract, no yearly fee”.
      When I went in the Manager, who was very haughty stated, “That is what we do, when you signed up on line at the very bottom if you didn’t check the box, you have to pay a yearly fee, no matter what the deal said.” He also stated that, even though I came in and the kid that told me they would be ok with waiting on my membership, told me wrong and that I had to pay it even though I had never walked in the door or used my membership.” He said if I tried to cancelled now that they would have a collection agency contacting me.
      I am appalled at these business practices.
      This gym has oversold their memberships and care nothing about working out in a warm and inviting environment, just SELL, Sell, Sell$$$$$$$$. It is full of high-school kids running around and acting crazy, only here to socialize.
      I wouldn’t attend this gym if it was the only gym in a 50 mile radius.

    • Zak says:

      I’m having the same problem with Crunch in Raleigh, NC! I called, emailed, and went in person to cancel and they’re still billing me! My credit card company had to shut off the account. I don’t know what to do.

  • Leelee says:

    I got a membership for my nephew in May 2021 to keep him off the streets. It didn’t so in February 2022 I went to cancel the membership. They sent me an email, a confirmation for the request to cancel membership. It said someone was going to contact me to go through the cancellation process. No one ever contacted me. I knew there was a $173 cancellation fee if you canceled before the year was up so I waited til May 2022 to go back. I went & the kid at the front didn’t cancel it either, he didn’t even note I was there which is very unprofessional. I went back a 3rd time cause now they charged me $59.99 & 2 monthly fees I shouldn’t of had to pay for. To top it off I got charged a $30 overdraft bank fee cause I didn’t have the funds I didn’t even know where coming out of my account. The manager said she could only refund the $59.99 which 2 weeks later I’m still waiting for! You can’t get through to anybody in this company & nobody working for them can even resolve any issues correctly. What do you do? What can I do! I learned my lesson but this gym is horrible. They say no contract but if you cancel before the year you gota pay a $173 or $172 fee. And it’s a dirty gym! Awful! They awful. Your better of at planet fitness.

    • Ruby says:

      I’m having the same kind of issue with the Santa Clarita, CA location. I’m definitely going to be sending e-mails to every single Crunch e-mail that I can find on the internet! This is ridiculous!

  • Jackie says:

    Hello good evening. Ineed your help and badly. Short story told. I have been loyal and respectful to your sercives since day one. With no missing payment and always on time!. Im having trouble in canceling my personal training due to i can not afford because im obligated as a single mom to pay for my kids school uniforms,school uniform, and & childcare. I AM GIVEN A HARD TIME AND ITS VERY OVERWHELMING. Im giving a hardtime and im not being hear or understood. Please help me ! 🙏

    • lateisha says:

      I’m going through this now. I’ve spoken to everyone and I’m still getting charged 200 plus overdraft fees from my bank. and no one seems to care. my cc was just charge 600, that I’m currently disputing with my credit card company.

  • Jason Tosh says:

    Beware. I have been trying to cancel my membership for almost two months. I have moved out of Florida on a nursing travel contract. I have spoken to this location multiple times. The last time I was told to send a letter to there office in Brandon and I did that on June 7th. I still never heard anything from that letter and was billed once again. I then sent a corporate email inquiry explaining everything and got a response back today now telling me that I have to send a certified letter to their corporate office requesting a cancel and give my 30 day notice. I have turned to making sure the public knows what a run around you will get when you try to cancel. I would recommend staying away from this gym. I will also report them to BBB and take it to the next level. This has turned completely ridiculous that they are that desperate to keep peoples money when they request to cancel. So I have given a 2 month notice and its still not cancelled. Started requesting to cancel on May 13th, 2022. I need help getting this cancelled.

  • Raymond Evans says:

    The worst gym ever. I will never ever ever recommend this jam to anyone. I signed up for the membership months ago and has yet to use the facilities as of date and they continue to charge my card even though the money wasn’t there they would overdraft my account. I called to cancel it and the lady told me that she couldn’t cancel it until I came in and paid the balance on what was owed to the gym. I told her it’s unfair but she said that’s just the way it is I cannot cancel it unless I pay the remaining balance. So now I have to change my whole account just so they don’t overdraw my account. I told the lady on the phone that hey I am not mobile and then I am not working and I am not able to pay the balance owed to the gym. But she said the only way I could cancel the membership is that if I had paid the balance to the gym I told her that it wasn’t fair but she said again that’s just how it is. I am not paying this gym anything. I never use the facilities I am not working and I am not mobile these. These companies are nothing more than vultures taking money that is not owed to them just because you sign a stupid jam contract. You would think that there would be some stipulation in place for people who could not afford to pay the bill especially if they have never used the facilities this is not the only review that I am leaving I am also going to do a Google review and a Google and a negative Yelp review. This is truly the worst gym in the world!

  • Logan R says:

    Worst costumer service ever they have overdrawn my account when I’ve canceled it twice now and they keep taking money from me!!!

  • John says:

    I’m am so very disappointed with this gym. I only went there 3 times one for the sign up and twice to workout and I was charged all that money. I tried to freeze my account but they didn’t let me online. I ask can they wave the last payment of $29.99 due to lost of job i feel i was terribly discriminated against because of my ethnicity which is black. I never seen a gym or business that was so unprofessional like Crunch I will never ever recommend any to join crunch gym at all, especially the one on Creedmoor in north carolina so very racist

  • Lianne says:

    I have had a very difficult time canceling my membership. I have been into the gym in person and it is finally canceled but not without months of fees being withdrawn. I have attempted to contact management but no one will get back in touch with me. What kind of shady business is going on here. Reading through complaints I see that this is a common problem. I would like some to please get back in touch with me to remedy this issue. Thank you.

  • Carmela says:

    Absolutely awful gym. They scam you, overcharge your account, and lie about your ability to close accounts. El Cajon CA Location pool was closed by health inspectors and they did nothing to reopen and wouldn’t allow me to end my membership.

  • Linda says:

    I was charged a fee on my credit card after I had cancelled 2 months before. This should never occurred and no one has bothered to assist me to refund this money. Why would a corporation use my credit card after I had cancelled.

  • Michal DuBois says:

    Horrible Franchise ! Run Run Run
    These people are running a big scam . Very Sad to see them misleading there members and trapping them into long term contracts . Beware of fast talkers and make sure you read the fine print . They are not nice people!

  • Jimmy Augustini says:

    You guys seem to be in a downward spiral. The gym here is weirdly lit, feels dirty, and seems to be run by a bunch of clueless, confused and impatient kids. It’s in a partly occupied older shopping center in a low traffic location.

    Your corporate department phones lines can’t receive messages because the voice mailboxes “have reached their quotas”. Really? I know you’ve existed since 1989 but, I’ve run businesses before and it’s easy to see you’re in trouble.

    I was going to try and sell you advertising on my radio stations, but I’ll go to your competitors.

    My best,

    Jimmy Augustin
    (504)460-7045 cell

  • Candelia salazar says:

    Hello I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could give me a call back at 719233-3695My name is Candelia Salazar

  • Raul Calderon says:

    I’m about to boycott this Crunch gym

  • Raul Calderon says:

    I’ve tried to call and no one answers I’ve emailed and no one returns the message, I’ve went in personally and can’t no one help, this ridiculous

    • Cristina says:

      Hi i need to to a manager!!! I have a horrible experience,with one of the managers norwalk very rude and un hel full.

  • Jeff says:

    A group of people came into the TRX/Class area. They hooked up the audio equipment like it was a class. They proceeded to play music very loud. The music echos off the walls and makes it very very loud. I went to the front desk. I talked to a Natalie (who works there but wasn’t on shift). I was advise no class was scheduled and that I had to ask the people to lower the music since that group were members. I did but the group of people kept the music very loud. I went back to the front desk and was advised there was nothing they could or would do. The group of people made it so that no one could go in the area because of the loudness of the music. I wanted to exercise but couldn’t. I know we (I) have to be mindful of others but I believe this was WAY OVER THE LINE for any employee to be disrespect to me as there was a paid class going on. I know nothing will be done with the employees (I believe Natalie should be suspended due to respect and lack of inclusiveness), My question is this, how come a group of people have the right to have an unofficial class there? I’m sure their group leader charges. I have cancelled my membership.

  • Phil greene says:

    I like to know if crunch would Open a gym in Portland me you have them in every New England state except for Maine

  • Kirsten says:

    I would like someone to contact me in regards to problems I have had with
    Fountain Valley, CA Crunch Fitness. Getting someone with skills to contact you back is absolutely ridiculous, I’ve emailed, called, gone in, and am told something different every time. I’m owed money. You cant even get a solid email for corporate. Ill have to go back to the 80s and write a pen and paper letter because I cant hold for an hour plus on the phone.

    • Jose says:

      Im having the same problem, they are not allowing me to cancel or refund me even tho i cancelled within 24 hours and my contract clearly states i am entitled to a full refund within 3 business days after enrolling. Ive reported the location to the Better Business Bureau and have called the headquarters several times I keep getting hung up on. Very shady business owners.

    • Raul says:

      I am having the same issue, absolutely ridiculous

  • Nancy K. Vandiver says:

    I hope this message gets to Crunch Headquarters. I am a new member of the San Angelo gym and later heard that even though it says no contract, it really is a contract. So with that I decided to see what would be the charges if I should cancel in a year. The incompetent person who assisted me was associate manager by the name “Allstair”. So he was really never able to answer my question and so I asked again. His reply “I always “dumb-down” my answers so that even a 6-year old could understand”. What an insolent, insulting, rude, condescending person. I’m sure he checked my age and thought he was smarter than I. He went on to say he is replacing the Manager of the San Angelo gym. You would be a fool to promote him. He doesn’t have the customer service skills or maturity to handle the Manager’s job because he a terrible Assistant Manager. Please share my comments with him. Maybe he can become a better person.

    • Michal DuBois says:

      Nancy , I had the same issue , they force you to deal with there uneducated managers when it comes to corporate issues . Bad bad bad Humans. Beware !

  • Kim says:

    I want to start out by saying that I love the gym.  Everything but the RACIST MUSIC. Why should I pay money the hear NIGGER NIGGER FUCK FUCK coming over the loudspeakers when I workout? Song after song, Nigger this nigger that! That’s 100% Racist. My guess is that they do it all the time. This was at the C.F. at 722 W Euclid Ave, Palatine, IL 60067 on 3-13-2022 at 6:15 pm. When I got there I saw a guy and a girl on Youtube looking up music to play. I don’t know if this is Crunch Fitness’s standard type of music, if so, I’m done. Better yet, what fair is fair. Can I request some super RACIST music towards Jewish people, Middleastern people, Asian people, and Mexican?  Just to single out African Americans playing songs that repeat the word NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER all the time is not fair. Let’s just insult everyone! Other than that, it’s a nice place to work out.

  • Cesar says:

    Was sitting at my car for an hour and half waiting for the crunch fitness in Waterbury, CT to open. I know they open at 6 am on saturdays, I left around 7:30 and the place was still close. Is not the first time, it always happens in saturdays. There were around 30 other people waiting. 10 of us decided to go to a private gym in town

  • Sandy M says:

    Horrible experience with trying to cancel my membership. Do not join

  • Phillip D says:

    Phone number is incorrect, should not be used to call the location!

  • Joshua Garcia says:

    I have tried to cancel my membership three times at the Waco, Tx location. Each time no one knew how to do it. I just want to get done with this membership and cancel it finally

  • Rick Schmidt says:

    Worse experience of my life.
    Management in Huntington Valley DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE on running a fitness center. They blame one another I stead of fixing problems

  • L Walker says:

    The gym n Amarillo is a joke
    I never say anything in the cycling class and they ban me from the gym
    I have a right to know who supposedly complained about me … this is ridiculous and so false
    You need management that will at least sit down and talk to you not just go by what members “ SAY. YOUR AMARILLO LOCATION IS A JOKE AND UR MANAGEMENT SUX
    Ur desk people are nice ; instructors-1 are nice
    The rest are liars and fake

    • Michal DuBois says:

      Manager are Mafia style .
      You get misled into a membership and then treated horrible once you join

  • SWIRLSSS says:

    This place is horribly ran. The bathrooms all have mold and the staff doesn’t care to do anything about it.
    They lied to make about training prices and when I was told I could pay in full for less they have been continuously charging my card for weekly payments.
    The staff lied about training prices and said they were giving me a deal and I ended up paying double what I was originally going to pay.
    Everything about this establishment is really disappointing.
    They refuse to give me refunds. And they refuse to do anything about the mold and bugs in the bathrooms.
    Over charging. Lies and manipulative staff.

  • Martinique Huff says:

    I signed up for Crunch in Land O Lakes FL. 1 week ago after speaking to a rep over the phone who told me child care was included in there Peak membership. They also informed me that they were still getting the childcare part together so childcare will be available last weekend or this coming weekend. I called today (1 week after I signed up) and asked if childcare was available and was told yes. They helped me sign into the app so I could book a class for today and I did.

    Once I got to the gym I was asked 4 times for my bank account information to pay my monthly fee. I explained that on my application there was a choice bank or CC and I choose credit card. She proceeded to tell me I would have to pay a $2 processing fee if I continued to use my card and I said that was ok. She then told me childcare would be $10 extra per child per month. I explained that when I called last week before I signed up I was told it was included but not available. I asked to cancel my membership and she said she couldn’t for 90 days!!! I am a single mom, that needs childcare in order to attend the gym! I signed up 1 week ago not weeks or months ago and I think it’s extremely unfair for this to be happening!! Shame on you!

  • Marty says:

    Your Nampa Idaho facility is dirty and machines are in need of maintenance. I joined a few months ago and I am surprised at the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms and the gym. Also many machines are in need of repair before someone gets hurt.

  • R. Tim Rapp says:

    Below is a copy of the email message I sent to cancle my membership. I do not know about other franchises, but the gym in N. Las Vegas is very poorly run and giving the corporation a bad reputation.

    I want to cancle my membership immediately for two reasons:

    False Propositions:

    When I joined, your staff told me that I could join as the primary member and my wife or another person could be my guest and that the guest could use all the services to include the massage bed, sauna, pool, spray tan booth, classes, etc as well as the gym floor equipment. We both used the massage bed separately and jointly until today when we were told the new manager/owner will not allow that anymore. We were told that my guest was only allowed to use the gym floor equipment.

    Continuous Lies:

    When I joined, we were told the dry sauna would be open in about 15 days. The staff said they had to bring in a contractor to start up the systems. It has been over six months and we are still being told it will be open soon. We have been told every possible reason for why it is still not open; however, as a construction and maintenance project manager, none of the reasons have rang true. I do not appreciate being lied to on a constant basis.

    Based on these lies, we want our membership cancled. We also feel as though we deserve a full refund.


    R. Tim Rapp

  • Marcus Archuleta says:

    Ive been trying to get my refund n im nit getting it

  • mchamp says:

    I have a medigap plan that includes free gym membership. My local Crunch Fitness is shown as a participatory. However, I have no idea how to use it. It is simply a code that I am supposed to take to the gym with me. But no one at the gym knew what to do with it. I would like to use it for my membership but it appears to me that it is simply acting as a guest pass, which is not the same. I only use the gym once or twice on the weekends and have a basic membership, so using it as a guest pass is not that big of a deal, but I need to know if it is always going to allow me access without filling out a guess pass form everytime, so that if I cancel my membership I will still have access.

  • Kirsten Perez says:

    My name is Lirsten and I was very excited to start with crunch I have only been going for a month I just did my kick off and My trainer was great, u fortunately I overcommitted and rushed into a training plan and was told the money for the first 2 weeks wouldn’t be taken out till Friday I called today to cancel and their training manager simply told me I can cancel but I still have to pay for the first 2 weeks since it’s already pending. I am very upset and will not be able to pay for it and will ultimately be canceling my membership all together which is really sad because I love the classes and I really wanted to come to the gym. I will have to find a different gym because of the pressure to start a plan and the uncooperative action of the manager to work with me.

  • Barbara Hursh says:

    I received an email from Crunch Fitness encouraging me to cancel the hold I had put on my membership for medical reason, including somewhat ambiguous directions on how to accomplish that online. I followed the directions and subsequently found that Crunch had established another identical account in my name. I discovered the issue when I noticed that I had been charged for two accounts for myself each month. When I called the gym, I spoke to a staff member and then with the manager and was told by both that nothing could be done since I had opened a second account for myself, which would be pointless and absurd. When I asked for a name and contact information to make a complaint, the manager, Mitchell, stated that even he does not have such contact information. He then reiterated that nothing could be done concerning the double charges. I am beyond frustrated and would recommend against joining Crunch Fitness. My membership was with Anderson Twp, Ohio. The lack of customer service is shameful. I asked to cancel my membership as of now.

  • Venisha V Beckford says:

    attn Name


    Keith Worts

    Chief Executive Officer and President

    Michael R. Jacobs

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dayna Crawford

    Director of Public Relations

    Donna Cyrus

    National Group Fitness Director

    I joined crunch on 6/28/2021 I’ve only been with them for 2 months and have never been back to the gym once. The promotion I signed up for was for 0.01 and then 24.99 a month. someone from the gym went in on my account and updated it to show 1 visit which was false and they have deducted it from my account multiple times in 1 day. I keep getting notices saying that I’m past due $110 the $80.23 can someone explain how. After sending my bank statement to the locate Lakeland fl branch the Manager looked over my statement and still stated that I owe money..How? Someone from this location has my information linked to someone else and is not trying to do any research but they are grabbing every dime that comes into my bank account… I feel violated and taken advantage of. I’m contacting corporate and filing a lawsuit.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi, I do not understand why crunch fitness feels they can just take a payment without asking you. Yes, my account was one month past due and I was going to make the payment when I had the money. Tamarac Crunch Fitness decided to do it themselves using my debit card. I do not have automatic payments set up for this and they need to refund me my money back. I called and of course the person who answered the phone did not care.

  • Mark Saul says:

    Does anyone read these comments? We will see.

    I am a member on west 83 Street in Manhattan. It’s a well-run gym, clean and friendly. I enjoy being a member.



    Three points:

    1) I wrote to management. I complained to management. They said, “Sorry. We have no control over this. Headquarters sets the volume and the music.” So I’m writing to you.

    (I got one smarmy message, about how it’s tough and I should find some other place to work out. This was probably a young and foolish employee who didn’t last. That’s not typical of the management.)

    2) The reply in (1) CANNOT be true. I’ve had occasion to work out in several Crunch gyms, in Manhattan and other cities. The music is NEVER as loud as on 83rd Street. You can hear it on 103rd Street.

    3) ***Worst of all: the music is piped into the locker room. Who needs this? I want to relax in the sauna after a workout, without a thumping bass.

    ***There is NO music in locker rooms in ANY other Crunch gym I’ve visited.

    PLEASE do something about this local aberration to your well-run chain of gyms.

  • Greyson Cummings says:

    I was told I could try a personal trainer for 7 days and cancel if I was unhappy. After just 6 days, I was billed and told there was nothing I could do about it. Why lie if you are offering a good service at a good price?

  • Briana says:

    I was charged the annual fee while my membership was frozen by the manager (because of COVID-19). The grounds on which I am disputing is the fact that the annual fee was still charged
    while my membership was frozen (fees are
    frozen and usage of gym services unavailable). I went in and inquired
    about this charge but the manager just said, “the annual fee can still
    be charged” and replied “it’s in the agreement” when asked about where
    this is stated. When going over the agreement, nowhere does it state
    that the fee would still go through for a frozen membership. The
    agreement just includes:

    “An annual Club Enhancement fee of $49.00 will be billed on 03/20/2020

    ___________________ and on the same date each year thereafter.
    Member’s Initials__________

    Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Agreement, you understand
    and agree that the amount of your monthly membership dues is based on
    current sales tax rates and to the extent such rates should increase
    during your club has the right to increase your monthly membership
    dues by the amount of such increase. If you have requested the
    privilege of paying your monthly dues by pre-authorized electronic
    funds transfer, the monthly amount so transferred will be adjusted to
    reflect any increase in the sales tax rate.”

    as well as

    “(1.14) Change of Membership Type. Any membership can be changed by
    buying a new membership at the standard price and canceling the
    previous membership. (1.15) Freeze Policy. (a) Medical. If Member is
    medically unable to use the Crunch University facilities, Member may
    request a freeze of his or her membership in monthly increments for a
    minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months per year. Members must
    provide a doctor’s note at the time of requesting a freeze. Crunch
    University reserves the right to verify the note with the doctor and
    Member agrees to waive any Doctor/Patient privilege and execute any
    release required by such doctor solely with regards to the medical
    reasons stated in the doctor’s note for the medical freeze. (b)
    Non-medical, if a Member desires to freeze his or her account for a
    non-medical reason, Member should consult with Member’s Crunch
    University facility. Crunch University reserves the right to adjust
    this freeze policy from time to time at is sole discretion. All
    requests must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to
    Member’s next billing date period. Retroactive freezes will not be
    accepted. Certain fees may apply to any freeze of a Member’s

    Though it says “certain fees may apply to any freeze of a member’s
    membership,” it does NOT specify the ANNUAL fee. In addition, though
    the agreement states that the annual fee is to be charged on the same
    day each year, it does not take into account a frozen membership and
    does not list in wording whether the charge would still go through or
    not or any other potential adjustments FOR a frozen membership. It
    should have stated that “the annual fee would still be charged under
    all circumstances, including on a frozen membership”. In the email
    that the manager sent me to confirm my membership being frozen, he
    failed to inform me that the annual fee would still apply for the
    frozen membership. Included is a copy of the message I sent this
    Crunch facility through their online website message center and the
    email that the manager sent to me in response.

    “Hi Briana,

    I’ve placed your account on a 6 month freeze. You can always reactivate sooner or extend your freeze if need be.

    Crunch Fitness”

    ^ manager@crunchuniversitysquare.com

    As shown, I was not notified of this and therefore did not know that
    the annual fee would be charged on a frozen membership. The merchant
    cannot expect their customers to assume CORRECTLY which fees would
    still be charged and not charged on a frozen membership as well as
    inquire about it. This is extremely important and imperative
    information to be aware of, especially during stressful Covid-19 times
    such as currently where MANY are expected to be cautious and have
    thoughts/debates on canceling their memberships. If I had known about
    this earlier, I would have made an earlier final decision to cancel my
    membership before the charge. The proof that the merchant provided of
    me appearing in the gym during dates 11/10/2020 at 10:48AM and
    11/05/2020 at 5:12PM does NOT invalidate my concern for Covid-19
    exposure. It is possible and completely acceptable to be “on the
    fence” about something but still participate in what was paid for
    prior to the final decision. Such infrequency of attendance also
    further defends my being apprehensive of contracting Covid-19 in this
    setting. This problem proves to be detrimental to myself and can
    continue to for many others who might find themselves in the same
    situation as myself.

    I don’t see how these would be grounds on where I would not be able to
    receive a refund. It was not explicitly stated that a frozen
    membership (& no activity/usage of services) would still be charged
    the annual fee.

  • CHARLES WEST says:

    I have been a long time Crunch member in NYC and have had a rental locker with workout clothes still in the locker at the gym on 54th St during the pandemic. I’d appreciate support in knowing when I can retrieve my belongings? Thank you.

  • Jane Smith says:

    I recently just visited a Crunch to check it out and maybe join. I know masks are a inconvenience but they are required to be wore in PA and the crunch I was at no one was wearing masks and it did not seem like a good environment to be in when a pandemic is going on. No social distancing was going it, it was shocking to see that no employee cared what was going on. This was taking place at the Crunch in East York, PA

  • Rian Moreno says:

    Never received my W2 from Crunch. Can someone provide me an email or contact to get that information?

  • jose hernandez says:


    Ive been trying to contact crunch about a scam happening under my name ill copy and paste the message ive been waiting days for a response
    MESSAGE: I have recently got a debt collectors letter in the mail but i haven’t been to crunch gym in let alone 4 years. There has to be a mistake the debt owed is at least 7 months back. if the payments are ~ 20-25 so its about a recent bill but I haven’t been to the gym in YEARS!! i even made a call to cancel my membership years ago that phone call should be there since “calls are recorded for quality assurance” i cancelled my account it either someone is using my info or an employee has been making an account with my info. reason being I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANY EMAILS OR CALLS FROM CRUNCH EXCEPT this letter attempting to collect my “debt” thats not right and very fraudulent. i went to my emails and I have absolutely not one single email about a membership or about payments. This crunch gym has had previous employees make fraudulent accounts so plead to you to investigate this thoroughly because 1 i have not been to the gym in years and nor do i plan to and 2 I haven’t gotten any attempts to reach out to me except for this outlandish letter saying i owe $173.75 and 3 this is a fairly new debt not created by me you can go back to phone calls and camera footage to see if i stepped in and out and not just that but you log when someone comes in and scans they keycard so you have to have logs of my last visit and look at the footage to see if it was me you can thoroughly investigate this so please do.”

  • Christopher Terzakos says:

    Dear Sir,

    I hope you and your family are safe and doing well through this horrible time.

    I attached my company information to inform you that we are currently sanitizing hospitals in the metro area. We can do the same for your company!

    Making your work space a healthier and safe place is what we intend to do for you and each one of your employees knowing all germs have been cleaned from Covid 19 or any other germ.

    I look forward to help you and your staff.

    Feel free to contact me anytime to assist you with your needs.

    Thank you


    Chris Terzakos
    2010 Scott Avenue, Calverton, NY 11933
    (347) 926-2431

  • Angel A. says:

    I’m getting charged outrages prices , 70 to 100 dollars and I have only been there 2twice and it’s been closed for 2 months here. Awful staff awful locker rooms . Dont waste your money planet fitness is better. Should have stayed there

  • Joan Tatkow says:

    My husband is 88 years old and has Alzheimer’s disease. We joined Crunch on Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida less than 3 months ago. On our doctors’ orders we were told NOT TO USE A WORKOUT FACILITY. We know your rules. However, will you make exceptions by letting us put our membership on hold due to the Coronavirus? I brought in a note from our primary doctor stating that we should not use your facility but were told it wasn’t good enough. I am getting another note from my husband’s Alzheimer’s doctor today. Will you cooperate and accept these two orders?
    Joan Tatkow
    6847 Sagebrush Circle, Sarasota, Florida 34243

  • Walter says:

    This is not the Corporate number for Crunch Contact the Website For Further assistance

  • Michele says:

    Need a Crunch gym in Bethpage, NY

  • Karim Opeyany says:

    Please train your manager @folsom ca. Racist and unprofessional. Email me for details.

  • Carol Lynn says:

    I signed up for the Lake Grove gym in June. It was suppose to open in August then October then December now it’s February. I tried to cancel online but they want a $37 fee. Why? The gym is still in construction and I have never used it. I tried to contact their HQ but cant get a person. How do i cancel without paying them a fee for nothing???

  • Mike Wolf says:

    As a member of Crunch Fitness in Hattiesburg, Ms., I travel to and from Hattiesburg to west Texas to work in the oil fields. Your website has changed . I can’t find locations on the website anymore. Why ? The new website is terrible. It will not let viewers go to find locations in every state. Crunch fitness is by far the best gyms I’ve ever been a member of, and it would be a benefit if I knew why locations were when I travel. If possible, please make all locations in the U.S. available on your website.
    Thank you, Mike Wolf

  • Kris Griffith says:

    trying to send the CEO: Keith Worts a email.
    Zephyrhills FL, NEEDS A CRUNCH FITNESS here.
    There are no real gyms here. I used to lived in Sarasota, FL., loved being part of the crunch team, but I have moved. The closest Crunch Fitness is 30 minutes away and I don’t want to drive that far to a gym. We have a few gyms here but nothing like your place. No: Planet Fitness, you fit, e.t.c
    This city needs a gym that all can afford.


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