Where Is Crocs Corporate Office Headquarters

Crocs Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7477 E Dry Creek Pkwy, Longmont, CO 80503, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 303-848-7000

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 4900

  • Established: 2002

  • Founder: Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans, George Boedecker, Jr.

  • Key People: Andrew Rees, Dan Hart

Crocs Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Crocs Corporate Office

Crocs is an American Company located in Niwot, Colorado. It is responsible for manufacturing the best shoes for men. In case you are looking for additional product support or reporting an issue, it’s important to know their contact information.

Here are some of the ways listed down for you to easily get in touch with the Crocs Corporate office. Each one of these ways is effective, regardless of the nature of the issue you face.

Address: You can directly visit Crocs’ corporate office or send them a post at this address.

7477 E Dry Creek Pkwy, Longmont, CO 80503, United States.

Phone Number: If you are looking for instant advice, dial the number +1-303-848-7000. You can also dial the number +1-866-306-3179.

Email: For any general concern, you can email your query or issue at this email address.

Social Media: Crocs is widely active on social media. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Number of Employees: Crocs has around 5000 employees.

Website: The website for Crocs is https://www.crocs.com

Crocs Headquarters Info & Photos

Officially launched in the ear 2002, Crocs is one of the world’s finest emerging merchandise and footwear companies. With the increase in sales, the company is known to provide the best footwear collection for all. The Crocs headquarters is designed lavishly. With a motivation to keep the spirits high, the employees receive the best working environment, surrounded by effective collaborations and events. To know more about the lives of employees at Crocs, you must visit the website’s careers section.

The two-storied Crocs building is aesthetically pleasing as well. Every corner of the building is in theme with the Crocs Logo. In addition to that, it marks the presence of a stylish yet well-defined approach to work. The corporate office has gone through some serious renovation in the early months of 2017. Now, you will find the building more attractive, standing tall to produce the best comfortable shoes in the world!

Crocs Headquarters Photo

Crocs Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

7477 E Dry Creek Pkwy Niwot (HQ), CO


United States

Boston, MA, United States Boston, MA


United States

13699 Via Varra Broomfield, CO

Crocs Headquarters Executive Team

Andrew Rees

President, CEO and Director

Andrew Rees is considered the President, Director, and Chief Executive Officer of Crocs. His motivation, patience, and hard work have significantly contributed to Crocs’ sales in all of the seven continents.

Andrew Rees has previous work experience in the field of sales. His impressive bio has earned him the position of the President and CEO of the company. 

Dan Hart

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Risk Officer

Dan Hart is the CIO of Chief Information Officer of Crocs. He is also the Chief Legal and Risk Officer. He is an experienced and professional individual with a keen eye for detail. He is known to become the CIO of Crocs for almost five years now. The CIO’s role enables Dan to collaborate with his team and efficiently set a budget for the current term.

Dan has also worked in the field of merchandise planning before. Because of his previous experience, his competence as the CIO is greatly appreciated. Follow all the Crocs pages for more information and other updates. 

Anne Mehlman

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Annie Mehlman is the Executive Vice President and CFO of Crocs. Annie has demonstrated all the qualities required to become the CFO. She is a strategic and excellent motivator and promotes a good working environment. Her love for data collection makes her an ideal individual for the post of CFO.

She works to keep the stock market stable and promote better ways to promote better merchandise sales.



Michelle Poole

SVP and Chief Product & Merchandising Officer

Terence Reilly

SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Adam Michaels

SVP and Chief Digital Officer

Ann Chan

SVP and General Manager of Americas

Neil Parker

SVP & General Manager of Asia

Adrian Holloway


William (Bill) Bine

SVP of Global Supply Chain

Shannon Sisler

SVP and Chief People Officer

Michael Feliton

SVP and Chief Information Officer

About Crocs


With huge success in the larger shoe market, it can produce products for all age groups. The shoes are comfortable to wear all day long. As this is a shoe company or mainly a consumer goods industry, you may want to get in touch with the corporate office regarding different concerns.

Crocs were established in the year 2002. The CEO of Crocs, Andrew Rees, is in charge of Crocs’ main sales department and takes good care of the commercial side. The most impressive aspect of his personality is his love for his work. He knows what he is doing and he tries his best. His efforts are constantly seen in planning, executing, and developing new ideas for the team.

Andrew is a team player and he is also a part of the Crocs Board of Directors.


Crocs offer a wide range of footwear and merchandising services. Apart from selling shoes for men, it sells T-shirts and other items as well.

In the year 2020, the overall Crocs sale crossed 20 million dollars. Beware of false Crocs pages that promise fake information. The Crocs page on social media will have a blue mark, meaning that it is the original and certified account.

You will receive a prompt response from the Crocs customer service team all the time. During peak hours, you may have to wait for a little to get in touch.

Hence, you are requested to be a little patient in getting your issue solved. In case you are looking forward to joining Crocs, feel free to write down or send in your resume at the corporate office. 


The Crocs shoe had no intention of being a fashion statement. It was initially made as a “boating shoe”.

  • The Crocs shoes have special holes on the upper side to allow the circulation of air.
  • Did you know that the CFO of Crocs had a great role in listing the company?
  • Crocs hired celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Zooey Deschanel, and Yang Mi as its global ambassadors.
  • In recent years, the rising demand for Crocs shoes due to their extra comfort is all due to the efficiency of a team lead by the President.
  • Today, the current value of the company stands at 1.2billion dollars. All of the Crocs products have heavily made an impact and influenced modern fashion.

Crocs are responsible for careful financial execution to budgeting. Everything is done right to keep the company in high spirits.

  • Disappointed in VA says:

    I really wanted to like your product, but within the last months I have attempted 3 times to buy two pair of crocs. All three times the shoes were missing my apartment number on the shipping label. All three pairs never made it to me and were shipped back. I have spent a lot of time with customer service trying to correct the error, but they all say my address is correct in their database. They also tell me, that despite them being able to see that the package has been automatically returned via the tracking, and that I never received them, I still have to wait for them to be recieved before my refund can be issued, which then takes 14 days.
    When my second order didn’t arrive I called customer service and was given a coupon to use to buy another pair and match the price I paid. They gave me the same coupon as the one I used to buy the second pair… so it was expired. Yet the customer service rep assured me the coupon code was correct, arguing with me over it. They then told me to order the shoes and call back once they ship to get a price match refund.

    So I ordered them for the 3rd time, after verifying that my address was correct via customer services and what I input. I didn’t have time to call back, but once again they were returned to sender.

    Customer service is useless because they say they cannot do anything and it’s all automatic. I had to sign up for a UPS account to see what was going on with the label, since apparently everything checked out through customer services data. Then I discovered the shipping label missing my apartment number. No one is getting to the bottom of the issue. Even if I wanted another pair, I literally cannot get them delivered to me. Currently I’m out $90, waiting on my refunds (two orders now, got the first one refunded) because of the 14 day policy.

    This is deplorable. I just want some shoes, I don’t even care about the coupons at this point. Now I know I’ll never be able to get a pair online because someone down the line has dropped the ball and the shipping label being created for mt orders will always be missing my apartment number.

    Something really needs to be done about your customer service. It’s terrible. As polite as the agents are, they seem to have their hands tied and are of no use when issues arise. Their supervisors rush them to get off the phone, therefore they try to rush us over our issue.

    I went from being excited to get into the croc craze, to being thoroughly disappointed. I bought two pairs in the outlets initially, and loved them. The store did not offer the variety of the website, and it’s out of my way, so I was turning to online purchase to start my collection.

    I can provide all three order numbers via email, not through this comment section.

  • maria querales says:

    customer service phone line does not work

  • Kim Belanger says:

    I want to return an item and get a refund and no one in customer service is helping me. I am a senior citizen and have called multiple times. They keep telling me a supervisor will call me back and no one ever calls. I have been trying for over a month to get someone to help me and no one does. Your customer service line is of no use! I am still on hold with them and have been for over half an hour. Your customer service agent is not helping me!

  • Mr. Hemkaran Chaudhry says:

    Hello Sir & Mam, I’m Hemkaran from agape India & co.
    We are Display racks Manufacturers of all types of Racks ( Metal & Wooden).
    Our Manufacturing unit is in Delhi India.
    We want to work with you.
    Please Reply As soon as possible.

    Name- Mr. Hem karan
    Mobile – 9810042180
    Mail- Info.agapeindia@gmail.com

  • DANIEL S BAKER says:

    The store in Nashville, TN at Opry Mills Mall closed around 7:30pm on April 28, 2022. Advertised hours show that the store closes at 8:00pm. My wife and I knew exactly what we wanted and would be in the store only long enough to pick up the Crocs we needed. We expressed this to the worker blocking the entrance to the store. This did not matter. Looking at my cell phone, the time was 7:34pm. If the store closes at 7:30, that is ok. However the advertised hours need to be changed so the public knows.

  • Donna P says:

    My Mom is disabled and can only wear crocs. She’s tried purchasing them online but can never find the right size. I visited the Thornton location to return and purchased several different styles. Some fit, most did not. When I returned feeling frustrated and defeated…Carrington was SO compassionate and understanding. She looked up my returns, recommended styles that might work and was an extreme pleasure to work with. She is very kind, patient and definitely restored my faith in customer service. With service like this they will continue to have my business. THANKS CARRINGTON!!!

  • Robert Slater says:

    You don’t have safety crocs with Composit toes. Love to send a picture for an idea I’m a Heavy equipment mechanic.

  • Kissie Morales says:

    Hello I placed an order and paid for overnight shipping and did not receive my package. UPS states there was a service disruption that occurred. I called customer service spoke to IVAN and stated I needed to place another order and he will expediate my order and would be given a coupon. This is by far the worst experience I have ever encountered with a company. This was not my fault and your company should be able to reship me the same product without me placing another order. I will never order from this company ever again and will go to Zappos instead where their customer service is wonderful.

  • >