Where is Cricket Wireless Corporate office Headquarters

Cricket Wireless Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 21 Peachtree St SW
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 404-565-0050
  • Fax Number: 770-360-4979
  • Email: militaryunlock@cricketwireless.com
  • Number of Employees: 5674
  • Established: March 17, 1999
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: John Dwyer

Cricket Wireless Headquarters Location & Directions

Cricket Wireless Headquarters Executive Team



John Dwyer


Tiffany Baehman

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

George Cleveland

Vice President - Channel Operations

Nataraj Rao

Vice President - Business Operations and Strategy

Darin Morrow

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dave Fine

Vice President - Sales

Justin McNamara


About Cricket Wireless, History and Headquarters Information

Cricket Wireless was incorporated by Leap Wireless International, Inc. in 1999. AT&T acquired Leap Wireless International in 2014; as a result of which Cricket Wireless joined hands with Aio Wireless. In the beginning years, they focused on small and rural markets. This company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Cricket Wireless is an American company that provides two-way radiotelephone communication services such as data, text, and prepaid wireless voice. It is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. It serves around 10 million subscribers all over the United States. They have more than 5000 offices all over the country.

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  • Bob Dowling says:

    I’ve spent over $300 for 2 free phones and service since 11/17 and still have no service . I feel I’ve been assumed a liar. I have all my paperwork I’ve spent over 30 hrs with support always doing what I’ve been instructed to do . We opened a second account in good faith as instructed still no service. We are 58 years old my wife a pancreatic cancer survivor. I work with the largest tax software company in the country. I work on a campus ofwe have over 70,000 clients . I am in customer support. Our security does not allow media devices in our building. My company does a ten year background check before consideration. I work for Drake Tax Software we are considered the best customer support in any business setting anywhere. Our closest competitor has less than half our client base. We answer all call within two rings at a 6.2 second avg
    We do not transfer call we are all thoroughly trained to solve Any issue. I need help I have opened two accounts because I was told to. The first you ported one number and never canceled that port. That number can it be ported because you completed it and that was verified on 11/18 when you attempt to port it now that number is inactive with mufoe.er carrier who can it activate it because cricket ported it for me. You keep telling me I am trying to port an inactive number and my first account was closed but I never offered a refund or explanation. The way I’ve been treated is almost unbelievable I can be lay out a complete cc time line that’s verifiable including the verification that phone number 828 371 7361 was ported completed and verified on my initial account and that is why it cannot be completed now I hope someone will contact me to straighten this out via email.

    Robert Dowling

  • Felipe Rodriguez says:

    Yes I’m writing to you to inform you that here in Levelland tx zip code 79336.that I Felipe Rodriguez has this problem with this company that when I got my phone back on.that a couple more phone or your computers or co workers are letting others put there card that active in our accounts.this is the second time it’s done.and the first time I found it it was in my 806 448 1870.thats the number from last.i still. Have my card if u need the numbers to that number.This is my 806-442-1236 number and if u need the card numbers.i can get out from fills.these phones or computers that are running are being tampered or hacked and I do have a lot of important information that go to them. And would appreciate if someone would come and look into them.there hidding there phone in our window.i know because last time I looked at the window and seen there number there.thats how I knew.please take seriously we pay good money your service and would appreciate the correct service.or whome can I talk to.
    Thank you.
    Felipe Rodriguez.
    1716 8th

  • Leslie King says:

    This place is the Worst! I’ve been trying for Months to get my phone off the blocked list and they will not do it! Keep getting told they are creating the case and I should be able to use it in two days. Then get told they’ll calling me back and never do. This place should really be closed down! That’s not even All I could list or say about this company either! Terrible all around!

  • Sherri says:

    We purchased a mobi hotspot device October 31st. That device turned out to be defective. After about 7 days of phone calls and trouble shooting it was decided the product was indeed defective. We returned the device and was sent a refurbished mobi. That one continued to buffer throughout watching programs while trying to stream programs….very frustrating. I have tried to get a customer service representative to help us with the problem. Finally we had that service cancelled. I have gotten nothing but the runaround from multiple customer service representatives. I was told to go ahead and return it for a credit, but no info for where to send the device. My husband called customer service AGAIN last night. That call escalated poorly to the supervisor. We were treated very rudely. We were told we were past the 7 days. So basically we were told we’re stuck with it and there is nothing we can do about it. This is so wrong!!! The mobi is now just an 80.00 piece of trash. We’ve been with Cricket wireless for almost 4 years, but will be finding a new wireless provider unless someone can help us to make this right.

  • Chelsea Perry says:

    Cricket does not help their loyal customers

  • Amy Steedman says:

    Call me please. The treatment from employee named Mika, #: I4HAWRI on 09.24.2021 at 650pm EST is awful. Been passed to 3 people withni check ins, just long wait times.No music etc. Been on hold over an hour. You may read this while I’m still waiting. The customer service is disrespectful and apathetic. 443.240.8571

  • Not a fan says:

    Since your at home employees cannot process credit card payments, why did Juan (if that’s really his name) take down my full credit card info and then NOT process the payment? My cell service was “suspended” for non payment because of “Juan” and in order to have my service reactivated I had to pay an additional $15.00 “reactivation fee.” Why is my credit card information in the hands of an at home employee? No record of my call that I called to make the payment- how are you keeping track of your employees? What are they doing with credit card numbers?

  • John Soffer says:

    Trying to pay my acct The payment amount had been jacked up for no explanation or reasonable cause

  • Damion says:

    So i bought the Samsung AE32 5G phone dished out around 400$ after all said and done! Then come to find out things is basically a paperweight! Poor connectivity keep having to constantly troubleshoot the device to get a internet connection! For two months i thought i was losing my mind because i use the phone for work doing app gigs like doordash and uber ect. And right after purchasing the phone my pay basically was cut in half the apps wouldn’t run correctly because they are live time apps that needs a signal to be active on there system! Loss of signal basically means phone doesn’t work! Cricket warranty the first phone out though Samsung! Then they sent me another paperweight because it basically operates the same way as the 1st phone! Now cricket wireless.com resolution to this would be again warranty the phone to send me a 3rd phone! I declined that offer because during this now almost 3 month process of losing over 6000$ income and my patience! Im no longer willing to be your test dummy for a crap product and asked for a refund for the phone and unfortunately they are unable to do that! So now im going to do as much research as possible and will be seeking an attorney to recover my financial losses! This company even went to the lengths of blocking me from doing an internet speed test to check my internet! And also blocked me from writing a Google review! Seems like a bit of overreaching of power and concerning! I called them on this matter of blocking me from things and they said someone from higher would be calling me back and never did! Shitty companies like this that have no accountability for there services or actions is definitely gross negligence! selling a product that doesn’t work hopefully no emergency arises and someone is dependent on this service and in time of need it doesn’t work and someone should lose a life over it! Shame on you Cricket!

  • carrie says:

    “rate this. 11 votes” i wanted to rate this. with one star and they dont even deserve that. but clicking ‘rate this” takes you nowhere. so i click “contact you” i didnt want to contact you. I wanted to leave a rating. But that takes me nowhere as well. Im so glad basically everthing on the internet is useless these days. I give every thing 1 star. and not because i think they deserve it. You all are worthless

  • Carolyn Randall says:

    They cheated me out of over 100 dollies for the case and service. After I was told I could get my money back. Also refused to let me clear my phone of personal stuff.whit falls off8ce

  • Teese says:

    Hello, I have been a customer with cricket wireless for a good amount of time. When I recent Calle din regarding my account; I was not handled with care. You advertise using the app like it would make things easier and it made it harder. A supervisor I did get to speak with was rude and I professional. The I called back after I asked his to be passed along to another manager and he told me no. So I called back, spoke with a rep and was reassured a manager would call me back in 10-15 minutes. As i understood it would be awhile before I spoke with one i still waited over 30 minutes. Called a 3 time, spoke with another rep and he understood what I was saying. He placed m on hold to speak with “ higher managers “ to come back and tell me there is nothing they can do. Not even an apology.

    My issue is : my bill was due July 25. I waited until the 26 to make the bridge pay as you can’t make it before the past due date. When making the payment never received a text message saying it went through. I went the APP & the app shows me nothing due until AUG 25. Doesn’t show my bridge payment at all. Still didn’t received a text message. I assumed I over paid and my bill is due Aug 25. Now during that week i broke my phone couldn’t receiver it acess my phone at all. So if anything was to happen to come through i wouldn’t have know . Come the Aug 1st when my bridge pay should have ended. It does but to my knowledge my bill isn’t due till the AUG 25. I don’t notice until pass the bridge pay date and now I have to pay the whole bill over when I didn’t understand what was goihBonn if my bill isn’t due until Aug 25. I was trying to ask if I can get another bridge pay. That was all .
    For being a “ Valued customer “ this isn’t the way to be treated!

    Thank you.

  • Ann Markley says:

    Greatest customer service ive ever had. Maya was an angel.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cricket customer service in cullman alabama is terrible they dont have a clue what they are doing and they are extremely rude and when you ask for a manager they refuse to connect you with one

  • Bonnie says:

    I could not believe what horrible customer service that you people have. I was just trying to order a new phone and had the worst experience. When I went via phone they could not help me. When I went via internet they could not help me. The phone people told me to contact the chat people on-site. The chat people tell me to call the phone people. The site would not allow me to get into my cart. None of the customer service people could help me. Took me over a day to order a phone. Again, worst customer service ever. Then when I finally got into my cart and paid it would not do a different shipping address and billing address. Now I get to attempt to correct this because once again customer service could not help. Why are they there, to get paid and tell you, I can’t help you.

  • O Alcaraz says:

    I was hacked on 07/24/19.My phone line was transferred to a new sim card and no one is able to tell me where my phone line went or who had it. I have been trying to get a letter from cricket that states that my phone line was sent to another phone without my authorization. I need this letter because they accessed my bank and they made 2 transactions. The bank sent a 6 digit when these people were in possession of my phone line, they returned the pin and authorized these transactions. Has anyone had an answer from cricket? Does anyone know what needs to be done to get this letter?

  • Ann says:


  • David Hill says:

    Was hacked and identity stolen through Cricket Wireless. The hacker shut off services to our phones–cannot call or receive calls. We went to the store in Shreveport, LA in person with our IDs (only my wife and me–no one else has access). The hacker changed our pin and security question. Even though the customer service representative(s!) could see that this change had just been made AND EVEN THOUGH THE STORE MANAGER WAS CONFIRMING THAT WE WERE THERE WITH POSITIVE ID’s, they kept insisting that they were powerless to close that account and give us a new one. We are also in the process of closing on a house. This jeopardizes our loan, as the hacker has access to all the personal information on our phones. We are unable to make or receive calls. Our family is worried, we will probably not be able to purchase our first home. All because of the incompetence and criminal negligence of this company. I make no idle threats. I’ve filed a police report and will alert the press as to the negligence of Cricket. As it happens, the “Fraud Department” is just the customer service representatives. The customer representatives did not even offer to help us get set up with a temporary account while the fraud was being sorted out. UNACCEPTABLE. This post is going on Twitter, Facebook, and any public forum I can find. Cricket, if you want to rectify your image, address your security issues!

    • ELAINE says:

      Hello David, The same thing just happened to me on July 25, 2019 and I am in Atlanta Georgia, they allowed my number to be ported out without providing the proper security questions, and now my personal information has been compromised due to the negligence of Cricket Wireless, and they do not help even though they know they are responsible for this FRADULENT ACTIVITY WHICH HAS CREATED HAVOC ON MY LIFE!!!

    • O Alcaraz says:

      Did someone get back to you? I was also hacked on 7/24/19. All I need is a letter from cricket that states that my phone was hacked so my bank can return the money that was taken from my bank account while my phone line was with the hackers.

  • Terrie Moore Cusick says:

    I have been trying to reach someone for over a week to receive billing history that is not available online. I am purchasing a home and need this so bad. Every time I call someone it is a store that says they are unable to help me and send me to customer service that says the computer app or website can’t help me either. PLEASE someone contact me.

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