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  • Address: 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328United States

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  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: cox.help@cox.com

  • Number of Employees: 25,000

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Patrick J. Esser (President)

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Cox Broadcasting Corporation was incorporated as Cox Cable Communications, Inc. in 1984. It was later renamed to Cox Communications, Inc. in 1995. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013, Cox introduced a new television platform known as Contour.

Cox Communications Inc of Arizona owns and runs a cable television company. The Company offers telecommunications, digital cable television, and home automation services. Anyone can get its access on the basis of subscription and fee. Cox Communications provides its products and services to its clients all over the United States. It offers its services to both residential and commercial customers. These services primarily include local and long-distance telephone, high-speed Internet access, and analog and digital video. Cox Communications, Inc. is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc. It is well-known as the third-largest cable television provider in the United States. It serves more than 6.2 million customers, which includes almost 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers, 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and 2.9 million digital cable subscribers. Along with many services, it also provides business level video, voice, and Internet services and handles a variety of other businesses such as Advertising Sales, Travel Media, Inc. (Sold): Travel Channel and TravelChannel.com.

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  • Kathy says:

    after having our mobile phone numbers for over twenty years a Cox customer service representative dropped our numbers by mistake and we have been trying to get them back for seven days. Every time we call the customer service rep we are told they are working on it and will get back to us. NO ONE EVER gets back and now banks and credit card companies want to know what is going on. I WILL CALL THE FCC AND FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT IF THIS IS NOT FIXED TODAY!!!! This is ridiculous

  • Roxanne Jaffe says:

    The FCC needs to take a deep dive into Cox Communications and their deliberate and intentional actions of not servicing their customers with regards to technical issues. Their customer service is so disgraceful this should be monitored and investigated. The team motto is to stall, delay and obfuscate instead of servicing their customers and when hard issues arise Cox should make solving it a top priority. When you have a monopoly in regard to internet and phone service they should be held to a very high standard. I have filed a complaint with the FCC in hopes of getting the attention that should be given in the first place. We have a handicapped person in this household and not even making this a priority only shows how absolutely despicable this company has become.

  • Robert Tuckwell says:

    When is Cox going to get into the 20th Century. I receive my bill electronically (email), yet I pay my bill online through my bank, who has to mail a check to a P.O. box. Let’s save a few trees and update your electronic bill payment system Mr. Esser, as most of the Fortune 500 companies are doing.

    • Roxanne Jaffe says:

      I have found this very difficult to understand also. Cox allows you to automatically pay because they can hide and manipulate costs. And if you want to pay a bill that gets transmitted electronically, sorry. WHAT ?? One of my banks payments was lost since they have to submit a check and I get my service shut off and then a fee. This is what monopolies will do.

  • Maria Chacon says:

    I have been miss informed by Cox communications over and over for the last 16 months. My monthly bill from June 2022 trough July 2023 was for $ 30 dollars. Im on the ACP government program since then. Now: before July 1th my ACP PROGRAM was recertify and approved by the government. Cox comunnications refuse to applied in to mc cox account; all I’m getting it’s transfer From one representatives to an other , and looks like they all just working from home. But no one has resolved my issues whit my Bill. Now July 13 I’m getting a new bill for $ 89.99!?? So from 39.00 went up 60.00 in a month.??? And. I’m still waiting for some one to helping me.

  • Mark Haycox says:

    Hello. I am having a problem that your tech dept. can’t seem to help me with. Cox has added a two step verification to my webmail. I have called tech support 7 times, spoken to tier 2, supervisors, and visited the store. They all seem to agree that I didn’t add this feature but Cox added it because my account was vulnerable. Because of my work, and just can’t be waiting around for a code to be sent, and then adding it.
    Each time I call I am given a different way to turn it off (delete cookies, cache, history, change security question, username and password, go to two step verification under profile and click disable, etc) This does nothing. The remember this device button doesn’t work either.
    I have been told to go to the store and change accounts to fix this problem, but the store says that that won’t work. I don’t want to change my email to another provider, but nobody can seem to help me. If Cox put this on, then Cox should be able to take it off. Help!!

  • Pamela A. Curtis says:

    We have been out of cable since midnight last night. They have repeated changed the time it will be restored. We need to know what is going on with the cable. My husband has medical issues and we need to have access to our cable. I will report this to the BBB.

  • David Crabtree says:

    I just got off the phone attempting to cancel the home phone service I added to my account less than 2 weeks ago. Talked to a kid named Rob…no last name or employee number of course… who wanted me to pay about $80 MORE per month than I was paying previously prior to adding the home phone, which did not work as the “tech moron” told me it would. Prior to adding the home phone (which I could not use) I paid approx. $190 / mon. and with the phone the new bill would be approx. $220 / mon. BUT to remove the phone service from my account my new bill will be approx. $269 / mon . ?? according to a young crook named Rob. I am 73 years old and have seen many cons and scams in my years but this Cox company makes the others seem like kids who steal penny candy !!! Have not been this upset in years. Will be contacting the Virginia State Attorneys Office in the morning. Take note and beware of this company.

    • Maria Chacon says:

      Hei my dearest, my name is MARIA CHACON and I’m in Just about the same situation as you. By a year ago, I’d start with the ACP GOVERNMENT PROGRAM , supposed it will reduce my monthly bill. It works for almost a year. Now I started to getting a bills From 60.48 in June 2023 we in July 2023 and my Bill it’s keeps going up to 89.99 for the same I; home internet!! 🙏 This whole scan looks like it’s going out if hand whit Cox communications. Something it’s has to be done ASAP.! I’m 69 years old and disabled I can’t afford to pay Cox communications all this money!

    • Roxanne Jaffe says:

      Good for you David. I have just filed a complaint with the FCC and suggest you try this also. FCC complaint phone # 1-888-225-5322

  • Judy Shillingburg says:

    I’ve been trying to reach you for two days. Somethings wrong with my phone. I can’t call anybody and they can’t call me and I looked over every piece of paper that has cox phone number Please call me back. My number is 850-517-8253 so we can correct this problem thank you.

  • Kimberly Cover says:

    I spent 45 minutes on Monday January 9th on the phone with Ryan(1-888-271-7373) trying to set up service at my new home in Surprise. Ryan couldn’t get it set up(Ryan was the third operator I had talked to and been disconnected from)so he took all my information and said he would call me Tuesday, I never heard from him. On Wednesday morning we found out that a new high speed fiber optic network was available at our new address and I called Cox cable at 9:12 in the morning to cancel the order, the lady I spoke with was very nice but at 10:09 Ryan called to find out why I canceled the service. He was extremely rude accusing me of the problems on Monday which were actually your problems not mine, he couldn’t get my credit rating for some reason ( it’s 840 by the way)and said he would have to charge me for installing and deposit if he couldn’t get the credit rating. Then he continued to say that Cox cable was the only fiber optic network available in Arizona, he said he’s lived there in AZ for many years and there were no other cable companies which is not true because I got my internet set up today with an extremely nice gentleman at Wyyerd. He said he had done a lot of work for me and didn’t think it was right for me to cancel. I’m 60 years old and don’t need Ryan telling me lies about the service available in my area he was extremely disrespectful to me, I hope he’s not like that with other older customers!!! He then continued to tell me about how much speed Cox cable had and that I needed to keep the appointment, I told him at least 3 times he would have to talk to my husband about it and then he hung up. After I canceled the Cox cable this morning Ryan should have never even called me back to “convince”me to stay with Cox cable. After reading all these bad comments about Cox cable I’m very thankful my father in-law got us the information about Wyyerd, and hopefully I will never have to deal with Cox cable again!

    • Maria Chacon says:

      Hi dear, you are not alone, I’m 69 years old and I’m been getting screwed by Cox communications as well. My monthly bill went from 30.00 to 89.99 monthly and no one since to give a damn about why. I have been trying to reach some one from cox but all I’m getting it’s just transferred from representatives to an other, looks like they all working from home so no buddy has a Clue about real customer service. Cox comunnications it’s going to be in The Court of Law pretty soon.

  • Susan says:

    I have had an audio problem since my install 06/23/2022. I know all the techs by name and have their phone numbers. I was first told it was my problem. Okay how can you have a problem on 3 – $2500 tvs that was just taken out box. I was told to contact Geek Squad who all they did was complete a wallfish and hang my televisions. Well a month later it was determined that it was their problem and they were waiting for an equipment from Comcast. They have ran new cable, replaced boxes. Is the problem still fixed. The equipment has and was received but I am still having issues. The “Master” tech Matt just has a real I don’t give a “dam” attitude. I have all my texts to all the techs. Everything. Has anything been done yet. No and it wont. Now how do you think I felt when I had 25 people over to my house on Christmas day and the audio keeps leaving. I have only received about $75. or less in credit. See, I dont want the credit I want my service fixed. I stay in a newly built house and if would have know Cox was the provider, I would have moved to another area of town. Horrible service. Great techs. Sorry customer service reps. Just a company that don’t give a darn about their customers. I go by actions not talk. I will be disconnecting in 12 days. What these idiots don’t realize is people have options. So I’m leaving!

  • Karen Hurd says:

    I recently left Cox Communications due to rising cost. I have been a loyal customer for 25 years. I called Coxs Loyalty dept and was lied to -to obtain my business back, is this your normal customer service?

    • Maria Chacon says:

      That’s the best Cox communications it’s doing to their customers, liying over over. Getting as much money fpom us as they can. It needs to stopped.

  • jaqueline velarde says:

    fraud and dishonest business practices they do fruad they had me offer 49.95 unlimited internet service 20 phone service and now they say i have 144 dollars and today they want 180 dollars and 2 years by force contact i never signed or agreed these are croks fraud and dishonest company

  • Angela says:

    I have been without cable and internet service for a month, no one seems to know what the problem is. I had 3 technicians who claim to be the best and neither of them figured out what the problem was. Can’t get not one supervisor to speak with, they keep blaming the problem on the winter storm, we didn’t have a storm. Can’t believe they had the nerve to send me a bill today for service for the month of December, but, I didn’t have service for the month of December. Cox is a horrible company.

  • Carole Johnson says:

    Service out the one weekend my family is able to relax and watch some TV together, on a Holiday. All they could offer was a technician 3 days from now and a $6 credit. Then gone say I could be charged $75 for someone coming out like I did something to mess up their terrible service. So not only is the internet out my kids can’t even play with any of their new electronics that require wifi nor on their tablets or laptops to occupy them the Holiday weekend. Then I have to stay home all day on my day off and wait for them to show the hell up. It’s terrible service. I can’t wait to cancel it. The 1st rep said someone would be out

  • Yadira B. says:

    I am requesting a call back from a supervisor who can give me resolution to the issue I have been calling since September. I have been dealing with the most incompetent people in this company.

  • Laurie A Findlay says:

    I am very disappointed with Cox and its the only provider in my area. I recently moved and called cox to set up install they set up the appt then canceled because I owed on an old account. I cleared what I owed and spoke with someone who fixed my account so I could get install. When looking at my account they have merged my old with new and customer service is no help at all. I finally got a date and no one showed when I called to find out when they would arrive I was told my appt was rescheduled to an all day appt for the following Monday I was not notified at all that this was being done. During this experience to get service installed I have spoken with at least 15 customer service reps in various depts. because they keep transferring me to someone else. Once I finally got help and someone that could understand the issue they again just modified it without contacting the customer. Now I’m in my new home with no service after being online chat for over an hour again no one could help me and just tell me cox don’t allow it and you need to download the ap or come get your equipment and do it yourself. If I ran my business like this I wouldn’t have any customers its been 3 weeks since this started I still have no wi-fi or cable installed. My complex work with a cox rep and they even put in a wi-fi box prior to move in and yet no one can connect it on cox end so I can have something for work and entertainment while I wait for an appointment not knowing when they will arrive or if they will arrive. I am taking this to corporate level cause someone needs to address customer service within your company. I have never had this bad of an experience ever I recently switched from spectrum to cox because of the hold they have on certain areas and I really wish I could go with someone else this has been a traumatizing experience cost me time from work and mental stress. I hope you high paid corporate executives will promptly contact me about this issue. I even told customer service that since they screwed up my scheduled appt. they should make me a priority for next available or fit me into the next day appt. I couldn’t even get that from the company. When you mess up you should be doing everything you can to make it right.

  • Geneva Lopez says:

    This email comes as an urgent request for help! I am a newly established business and elected COX as the service for both phone and internet. Since installation, I have not been able to access my business account. Through investigation it was discovered that my business account has been merged with my former employer’s account. How this happened is beyond me. Install occurred on October 4th and today is November 19 and I have not been able to conduct any business through my Cox account. I have spoken with Business Team, the unmerge team, technical support, live agents and many others; numerous times! and this unmerge has not occurred so I’m reaching out to the exective branch for assistance. I am losing business and cannot event promote, develop marketing material, email blasts….NONE OF THIS CAN OCCUR BECAUSE COX HAS MY BUSINESS ALL TIED UP WITH THEIR ERROR!!! I am asking for assistance at this level before escalating to involve Legal Counsel. Your attention is appreciated.

  • Cajundadgaming says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a loyal Cox customer have been for years. I am a full time streamer. I require upload at all times. I had residential and always had a upload issues I pay for 20 up and barely get .8. I switched to business because I needed fast tech service when things go wrong. Over the past 2 years my upload has been hit and miss. I call to report it, tech comes out verifies it’s on your end and sends a esr out. The ticket gets fixed but my issue still persist so I have to call again. Currently I am on day 4 of waiting to get my internet fixed and lose money everyday I can not work. This is not acceptable for any business to have to deal with. I rely on your team to do their job to keep me going. This needs to be looked into and figure out what is going on. Extremely disappointed that you are the only internet company out where I am otherwise I would seriously think about switching companies after all these years. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  • Virginia says:

    OMG! I have been reading the cox forum and now this and it is no surprise I’m not the only one that has been having constant intermittent service issues with our internet. Spoken with a dozen or more reps, have had three techs out to the house and all three said different things and said they’ve fixed the issue but have not. We have changed modems twice, upgraded speeds, added complete care all at a cost. They credited us once, then charged us $100 in error when told I wouldn’t be charged. Removed it only after I called to complained. This is so ridiculous! We’re at our wits end! Checking other providers now but unfortunately, Fiber not yet offered in our area. Really need Cox to step up to the plate and offer real solution versus additional equip that I have to pay for. I’m going to writing a formal letter to corporate and send a copy of BBB then hit social media. If we all do then maybe it will stir the pot that will initiate action from the top down. Still waiting on someone to call us as we’ve tried everything.

  • James E Brown says:

    Re: Acct. # 007715908
    This Cox Communication account was setup for phone and TV service in an assisted living facility. This account had been active for over 3 years. She passed on September 4th. September 8th I returned the equipment to the Cox store in Crestview, Florida. At that time I requested that the final bill be mailed to me. I received and email on the afternoon of the September 8th of my un-enrollment in the Cox EasyPay program. I received an email of my final bill, $44.54 on September 11th, I never received a final bill mailed to me as I requested. September 14th I paid the final bill online. Today, September 23rd, I received a notice that I owe Cox $74.54, the final bill plus $30.00. (Please note your company could send the info when you didn’t receive the money.) The additional charge was because they were unable to collect the final bill from the account setup under the EasyPay method. (Please note easy pay was closed on September 8.) They tried to collect this bill after the un-enrollment. I went back over to the store in Crestview today, 30 minute drive one way, to show them the bill and that I had already paid the final bill. I was told I still owe the $30.00 where they tried to collect from an account that had been un-enrolled. There is no doubt that Cox is trying to collect on an account that had already been closed. There is also no doubt they will hit my credit because of their desire to collect over and above what their bill is. The Crestview office is in need of training to review the data within the Cox system and realize when an account has been closed.
    James Brown

  • paul solby says:

    I feel for all the customers who have negative posts here. I am currently on call # 4 to try and find out how they made unauthorized changes to my account. i think I have just been disconnected while trying to get to a Supervisor. I keep the internet service to maintain my email address which would be to difficult to manage if it changed. I left Cox after 20 years of loyalty and after a horrendous experience with Direct TV (if you can imagine service worse than Cox) and went back to Cox for my wife. 2 words for all of you people YOUTUBE TV. Cox cable will be a distant memory and a savings of $100/month.

  • Melissa Rosenblum says:

    You motherfuckers don’t care about anything but the equipment and money. My family has been a member of Cox since I was 9 years old. You don’t even call or text your customers to inform them of outages or maintenance work until the customer finds out that the internet has an exclamation point on it requiring them to call for an answer as to why I don’t have service. I am mentally and physically disabled with Depression and anxiety disorders and I still was given a plan with an outrageously high internet cost no matter how many discounts were submitted. You jackass bastards are heartless people. I have no job and I am on Social Security disability. You have met your match in thinking that you will get away with this. I will NEVER, EVER have anything else to do with your god damn fucking company. I refuse to be treated like someone who doesn’t have the guts to give you a piece of my mind. This bullshit stops now. I have been with your company for 30 plus years and I get told ” with your account being disconnected, you can get a free equipment pickup or pay the bill.” You have no morals or care for your customers. FUCK YOU PEOPLE, GO TO HELL.

  • Rachel says:

    Terrible Company. I WAS a loyal 8 year customer BIT they decided to start Screwing around and refusing to fix issues with THIER services. Telling me I need to sign up for some Complete Care crap and of I didn’t I would be charged for a tech to come out and tell me that IT WAS THEIR problem and I am not the only one who has experiencing cable outages channel outages and more… Customer service is a complete joke and all they care about is trying to sell you more crap I finally just told them to turn it off today after four and a half hours of going back and forth with him trying to get them to understand that I’m sick and tired of going through this and I’m tired of paying for services that I’m not receiving I’ve already contacted the better Business bureau and large the complaint and I have all the paperwork and proof of it because I have contacted them by a text each time. So now, I wait and maybe contact a Corporate lawyer to see about what if My legal racecourse I may have.

  • Mark Kojac says:

    I would say worst service however I can’t get any service. I had an install yesterday and I told the installer where to run the cable. I came home to find my brand new home riddled with nail holes in my smooth stucco finish. They ran the cable in front of a water pipe instead behind it creating a tripping place for anyone walking around my home. The walls which were freshly painted are all marked up with dirty hand prints and ladder marks on the walls. The cable they used look old as it was discolored. I call and spoke with 5 different people from COX about my problem and no one had any power to resolve my issues. Today I once again tried to get a supervisor on the line and over to my home and …you guessed it no one from Cox has reached out to me. As I write this I’m on hold trying to get them out to remove all their equipment and cabling. Cox is the wrong company for service. I’m going to Direct TV. Unbelievable this company can stay in business.

  • Katelynne Mcclure says:

    Cox communications came onto private property an done damage after being told where the utility easement was AND having it marked for them! Now they refuse to return phone calls! They done about 2000.00 dollars worth of damage an refuse to do anything about it! It has been over 3 weeks an now one will return phone calls!!!!!!! This company is a complete joke!

  • Tyson says:

    I am so upset and displeased with Cox Cable, we have issues with the services for the last 2yrs, recently we had no services for 2weeks, the account was credited ” great” but the customer services help is horrible.

    On Friday August the 5th I spent over 4 1/2 hrs. on the phone with your company, i called to add the NFL services to my account, and I also requested any other services that would lower my bill, I was transferred to a 1st Lady she was very understanding of my request, she states I will lower your bill and not make any changes to your account.

    if you pull the call I repeated was any changes made to my account , she stated that no changes was made and I will add a 53.00 credit that will remain on your account for one year and your monthly services would be 180.58.

    Less than 2mins ending the call, My NFL channel went off , I didn’t think anything was wrong- until it never came back on , I contacted cox again (2nd) person for text support and they said the account had an recent change and I would need to speak with someone else.

    (3rd) Person in Sports Department – They advised me the package was downgraded to a starter package and the NFL package couldn’t be added to this package, I explain to the agent she told me no changes had been made, and the call was transferred to customer retention again.

    ( 4th) Person – I had to explain to the agent what had just happen and they advised me that she did make changes to the account and the pervious package couldn’t be added back, I advised agent that the agent failed to be honest and didn’t advised me.

    she lowered the package and I have 3emails that confirm the order and the amount that was told to me was 180.58 and she assured me no changes was made to my services and all he could say was I can write a survey report and someone would contact you in 24-48 hrs.

    I advised the agent it was the weekend, and at that point I requested to speak with a supervisor ,. he place me on hold for about 5mins and then the call ended.

    (5th) Person was contacted again and I explained the whole situation again and the young lady advised me that she could redo the package and place me back in the same package and that package rise the bill higher than it was prior to making any calls to your company.

    I was so drained from the countless hours spent on the phone, I just told her I would contact cox on Monday.

    On Monday August the 15th, I became sick due to the stress of dealing with your company, my blood pressure spike and my heartbeats increase.

    On August 16th I contacted your office again( 6th)Person states I can help you out , ok – when asking was the package would be any type of contract , he states the package she put you in is a contract – I advised agent she never told me the package was a contract, and the one he was trying to place me in is a contract.
    I never agreed to any contract and the agents failed to advise me, not giving no choice to say no, this is a mess with your company and it all started with the first lady lowering my bill to 180.00/ with the 53.00 credit that would remain on the account for one year, she lied and I want my account back to what was told to me,- 180.00 with taxes and had my NFL services .

    I feel Defeated and Drain , and no one should feel this way from interaction with the cable company, We sat 2weeks with a major outage in the area, That’s what Cox Cable told Us for 2weeks , no internet no home security , we had to take off our job to come home to check the house each day.

    All am seeking what was provided to me from the first call I made on Friday getting my bill lowered and no changes made to my account.

  • Richard Doell says:

    When is cox gonna change their Crappy programming. Rerun after rerun after rerun. It Sucks

  • Matt says:

    We’ve had a service outage for 5 days. Cox is giving everyone in the neighborhood the run around. I’ve asked for solutions either with the service or my bill and cox employees stand strong, and even say they can access my account. Then end the chat. I’ve filed an fcc compliant, and I’ve filed with the AZ attorney general.

  • E Kaye Meadows says:

    After 32years I will be leaving COX because I can’t get anyone to help me. Scheduled an installation in my new house a week in advance. Service came but never completed install. Left and now I am told that someone will come two days from now because tomorrow’s schedule is full

  • Deborah Shariff says:

    Dear Corporate Partner,

    I wanted to start by calling your company, my business partner. I am a small business owner living in Henderson, Nevada, and work remotely using your services. And to pay my bills, I require high-speed internet access which I am currently paying for. My services include: Ultimate Internet, Download speeds up to 500 Mbps, 1.25 TB (1,280 GB) Monthly Data Plan, Over 3 million WiFi hotspots, and Cox Security Suite Plus.

    Unfortunately, I am not receiving the maximum of my service. And if you can bear with me, here is my brief story.

    While producing my video podcast on restream.oi, I started noticing a huge glitch in the recording. I was totally embarrassed because it was a live stream on Facebook and Linkend. I immediately contacted the Restream tech staff. And after a thorough assessment, it was discovered by one of the restream technical crew that I was losing packets and that the problem wasn’t them but my cable provider (Cox). One of your staff (Cox tech) verified the Restream staff’s assessments and immediately conducted an assessment at my home, finding the corroded cable. The next step was to let his supervisor know what the problem was and let her know that the cable needed to be replaced. Which also meant that a new cable had to be laid down from the outside and into my home. During that time, my housing management office had a contract that stated NO CONSTRUCTION! But after hearing from me (threatening to move) if the issue wasn’t resolved, they decided to approve your Cox crew to resolve the issue by laying down the cable, which requires construction outside and inside my apartment. Now here’s where it gets crazy. Someone from your office kept sending out Technicians who didn’t have a clue as to what the problem was. And after I let them know that the assessment was complete and construction of laying new cable was the solution. Well, guess what they continued sending out various techs again and again without any clue as to what has to be done!

    This has been ongoing since March, and you can imagine how frustrating this has been for me. And not to mention that I have lost some customers and students that I teach as well. I am asking that you partner with me, so I can receive the service I am paying for and coordinate my Henderson, Nevada branch to do their job and coordinate this urgent matter by sending out the technical crew to get the job done.

    I am exhausted!

    I would appreciate you looking into this matter immediately!

  • Pam says:

    Stop funding Fox News!!!!

  • Scott says:

    I tried to order Cable for my 91 year old mother and 66 year old disabled sister, Cox refused so now to the FCC, US Civil Rights and Federal Action. It is not only illegal but very discriminatory to do what Cox is doing to the Poor, Elderly, Disabled and Veterans

  • Robert Young says:

    I am having trouble getting someone out to my house to bury the line they had to replace. I have been waiting over a month. I called and called all morning trying to get someone on the phone that could help me but the automated system hung up on me unless I hit the option for wanting new service. Finally Kyrie(very nice gentlemen) Soft transferred me and was able to get someone on the line for me in cancellation department. I was already very upset and all she did was set up a disconnection order after I explained what had been going on. I asked her to transfer me to the tech support people like I had been transferred to her because the prompts where not working and she said she would and then hung up on me. I am very upset and would like to speak to someone who can help me. I don’t really want to have to hassle with cancelling my service and going to ATT but will if that is my only option. I just want the line buried before I add more services but your reps are not trained in customer service here in oklahoma.

  • Francisco Martinez says:

    Yes was lied to by retention sales staff

  • Shannon Muse says:

    I’m so livid over simply getting a discount that I’ve been approved through the government on and for several months now still don’t have it on my account and cox telling me I’m going to get disconnect service unless I pay something I shouldn’t have on my bill. That’s all in going to say about this company because they’ve wasted way too much of my time already. Nothing good at all to say about this company!

  • mandy says:

    Do you know why COX Communication does not post their executive office phone number and or their email address ? Beacuse Mr. Patric Esser (President0 and Mak Bowser (CFO) will soon find out how many UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS they have. Write a letter to them in GA. If they care, they will contact you. Let’s put them up to the test.

    • Judy Bristow says:

      I will be writing a letter. I am sitting here without any of my services. This is a planned outage to upgrade and improve service. It should be on by 6am. Cox did the same thing last week, Monday and Tuesday. Monday service was not restored until 10 am. There is never any prior notice given. So far, I have not seen any improvement.

      I live in Henderson, Nevada

  • Kathryn collims says:

    This is Kathryn Collins I live at 4289 West b a r h e m Drive Fayetteville Arkansas my phone number is 479 466 4366 these are pictures of my daughter that got injured in my backyard due to Cox Cable even expose line in my backyard I need somebody to contact me as soon as possible thank you

  • James R Granados says:

    To whom it may concern today i did not have a great day to make it relly bad was the customer service agent that acted like she knows all i asked to speak to her manager that was worse i hve paid my bills for cox and he acted like i did not for the month of feb 2022 on 1-14-2022 122.92 on 1-26- 2022 100.00 on 2-08-2022 22.92 i went to change the payment so they can take it out on 3-14-2022 and it generated a email saying it did these two Agents we not customer service orinated i ask for first and last name he gave me his first name only Darin 7256 he does not give out last name i ask why he said he was told not to is this cox policy i no it not a law in california all this caused me to be overdrawn not professional at all

  • Richard says:

    I’m trying to find out how to contact a knowledgeable service Tech in my area and got on the chat line. There was not chat, they just tried to sell me an on-line support service. They take my money every month and make it hard to impossible to get service when it’s needed.

  • Larry childers says:

    I call your Cox communication number showing above and I get the same answer as if I dial the 8504-7802 hundred for 21 minutes for 21 minutes I listen to stupid elevator music is that really clear do you at this point then I looked up the local store and I call one of the local stores and I get another stupid computer answering system where is says if you want to talk to somebody in the store press too well guess what the phone rang about 10 times without nobody answering except a computer and start again oh you leave your name and phone number and will get back to you Cox is one of the worst customer service providers in the world one day I call about a situation and I was wind up in what somewhere in the middle of India 15 20,000 miles away from the United States and I couldn’t even understand that woman because she just kept yapping and yapping and yapping with that shit in her mouth so I could talk I hope your CEO and your higher-ups in the Edgelawn see this message because I guarantee you if I have to have time to go there I would get right in front of your face and let you know how rude Cox is at this point in customer contact Not the computer Nit 20000 miles away in India where you CANOT understand the woman addlibing more crap than the actual reason I called
    The ceos are under the impression that all is good
    Further if you wantonTALK to me about your problems call me 8504974706 tell me who you are from cox headquaters and l give you an ear full
    Not wait 21 minutes to get a person on the phone BS

    • Roxanne Jaffe says:

      WOW I totally get the thing about India.. I had to give a gate code to one of their employees and it started with the # sign and she first started spelling pound, and I said no, the # sign like on your phone, you know the symbol to the right of the 0…my god.

  • Michelle M. says:

    Here’s the latest Cox insult to it’s customers. Now, in an effort to force you to do online transactions only and not send paper statements, they are lying and saying “the post office announced in Jan that mail delivery will not be on time.” That’s a total lie! Any announcement in Jan was in reference to priority mail, international mail because of severe weather only! Here’s the link to the post office: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/

  • Ralph says:

    As always Cox continues to raise prices that are out of lockstep with the industry. When I called to ask about the increase they stated that it showed it on your bill last month that the price was going to go and then they said it stated that the bill had changed this current month.

    When Cox sends the bill it does NOT show statements like that. You have to click on the PDF file to see comments such as that. It appears that they don’t want to put it on the bill they send to you via email so that if you don’t click on the PDF you don’t realize what’s going on. Pretty frustrating for a company that continues to just increase cost and tries to in my eyes dupe people by not putting the information out front and keep them informed. You have to go to your PDF file bill to read the fine print.

  • Kimberly Lozier says:

    In addition, when I asked the store manager if there was someone above him where I could go and actually speak to a human over billing and account resolution – he told me I had to go to Atlanta. So very unprofessional for a manager.

  • Kimberly Lozier says:

    I am putting this on here because I tried calling corporate directly to file a grievance seeking resolution on my account and got disconnected.

    On 01/03/22 I went to go online and start working (I work from home) and noticed my internet was not working. I thought it was the modem. I had to wait for the local store to open and go switch out the modem. Get home, connect it and nothing.

    I decided to knock on my neighbors doors (I live in a fourplex apartment building) to ask them if their service was working. One of my neighbors said she had a technician come out and connect her service. The technician lazily disconnected the input on my line to connect to hers instead of running a new line to the junction box causing me a service outage and loss of work for the day. I called cox communications to schedule a technician they said they would have someone come out on 01/04/22 between 10 and 12.

    On 01/04/22 12:00 comes and no technician ever showed up. I called cox communications to find out what happened, the work order had been cancelled in the system because it was showing up as a duplicate since someone was at the complex on 01/03/22. They said the soonest someone could come out now would be on 01/06/22. Beyond frustrated at this point as this is the second day of loss work and wages due to a lazy technician I go to the local Cox Store again and speak with the manager. I explained the situation stating that 01/06/22 is not acceptable. He looks the account over and cancels the service order for 01/06/22 and schedules me a technician to come out on 01/05/22 between 8:00 and 10:00. This will now mean I will be out of work for 3 days due to a lazy technician. I asked the manager how cox communications will be compensating me for the loss of service and loss of wages for three days. He said the most he could credit my account is $75 and he could not credit me my loss of wages no matter what the reason for the loss of service was. So, I lose out $600, get a $75 credit and still have to pay my bill to avoid disconnection. (Well, I wasn’t able to work how can I pay you).

    On 01/05/22 – 08:45 – new technician finally comes out and works on my line. He was probably the most pleasant and professional person I have spoken to at Cox Communications with this entire situation. He took his time to assess the situation and he fixed the internet, ran me an entirely new line to the junction box. However, at this point I still lose a day of work because a late show is like a no show – so I had to take this day off. I expressed my appreciation for his professionalism and said I will still be contacting corporate due to the situation in itself not because of his.

    I checked my account online and yes my account was credited the $75 however I feel that Cox Communications owes me more credit like at least $600 or 3 months free service due to the loss of wages. So if someone can contact me at kglozier2@gmail.com to further discuss this incident and situation that would be amazing if not I will seek compensation for loss of wages as well as the stress and anxiety that has caused me.

  • Tiffany Brown says:

    Am so pissed of Cox made me lose my time in half for the holiday but my cable and internet keep going in and out same as cable way to start of my new year I would like for someone to contact me about this issue cause am very pissed off I would like someone from corp also because another thing as I was speaking with your associate he ask was this shooting where I live like what does that then have to due with it is this how you train your employees to ask your customer are there GUNSHOTS am so pissed off so I would like corp to call me my phone number is on my account if more information is needed call I don’t not want and email I would like to speak with someone

  • Jack Fourcade says:

    I need your help. Cox is NOT doing their job !

    I called Cox on NOV. 29, 2021 regarding a pixilation issue.

    A contractor for Cox came out on Dec. 1. He made some adjustments with the connectors and checked the lines. He had a new line dropped and it was connected. Upon completion he discovered there was still an issue with the pixilation. Ingress was there on most of my low number channels. He filed a work order to have a field tech come out and make the adjustments. ORDERS #ESR000003719827 and #CUI00012144911.

    I called Again on Dec. 6 and spoke with a Myra and then a supv Kevin. He said it is a 72 hours turnaround.

    I called Again on Dec.9 and spoke with Dai and she spoke to the supv Glenn. Now I am told that it would be corrected by Dec. 13. Ten (10) days from Dec. 3.

    I called Again on Dec. 15 and spoke with John, then Daniel another supv. Daniel sent a cox tech out that same day. The cox tech named Sporilion said it was indeed ingress and that the field crew needed to take care of this issue.

    I called Again on Dec. 20 and spoke with Mike, then Milo, then Virginia with the Customer Advocacy Group. She listened to me and took down all of the info that she said that she was emailing to the supv of the field crew. She even gave me a credit from Dec 1-Dec 20. I told her that I would call back when the problem was corrected. I thought by now as I am typing this DEC. 30 it would have been resolved !

    I am tired of calling, having to be on the phone at least 30 minutes to an hour, and having to give my name, address, and pin every time I call.

    I hope you can help me. Cox is a monopoly and shouldn’t be treating its customers this way.

    I’ve contacted the LPSC and my councilman regarding this issue

    I thank you in advance, if you need to contact me please do.


    Jack Fourcade

  • Alina b Bourque says:

    Help I am on my seventh tech and my problem still not solved. I tried to tell them what is wrong and they don’t believe me. My friend that had the same problem he took her seven tech. She told me to take a picture of my screen which did because they don’t believe you. Someone please help me. I am in Kenner La
    Alina B Bourque

  • Erika Randolph says:

    I was so excited to get paramount + and now I was watching StarTrek and keep getting buffering and error messages. I called the help line and of course they did not help at all. This is a new App and I understand there may be problems but it is clear it in on your side. Behind the error message the show is playing I just can not get rid of the error message so I can watch. It is a hit or miss kind of thing.I really think that the company does not pass on information to anyone who can fix a problem. I was told that once there was enough complaints they would look into it. This is a bad business decision, and bad management. The people in Las Vegas are not helpful as it is but I can not believe that Corporate has not intervened.
    Please help with this.

  • Karen says:

    Sign you up then forget about you!
    Reference you to dispatch & you can’t even understand them your talking to a call centre in a third world country …. Go down to there store & no help at all… they will put in a request but won’t hear back for 3 or 4 days.

  • Robert D Knapp says:

    I work for an underground utility installation company in Omaha NE. Yesterday we damaged unmarked cox facilities at approximately 8:30 a.m. The locating company said they could not locate the facility because it had no locate wire. This is holding up our project and I need an outside supervisor OR engineer to call me ASAP this morning. If I do not get a call ASAP – I will contact the fire marshal to make a complaint.
    My number is 402-618-0502, thank you.

  • Michelle Carlton says:

    I have been charged for tv service for 18 months. Told I couldn’t have internet unless I signed up with their tv service. Just found out it was UNNECESSARY and that was an absolute lie, according to their “customer service” persons (I have spoken to EIGHT today)!!! Luckily, I am an attorney, and this WILL be fixed one way or another!!!!!!!!!

  • L. Somers says:

    I have made over 70 calls in 5 weeks. 12 requests for managers to call back because of course they are never available when I call and not ONE return call. I have been lied to and have paid $180 a month since November of 2020 for what I told is the second best high speed internet available and come to find out it runs at the same speed as dial up internet. Not one person in 70 calls has cared. No one person has helped. The only suggestion I get is to keep paying my bill and they will send a tech out. 2 techs have been out for a total of 13 min with no change. If I refuse to pay they disconnect me. If I make an arrangement they disconnect me. Then charge me to reconnect. It’s a disgrace what is happening and the employees could care less. The employees in the store fronts are even worse. $1800 I have now paid for what is basically dial up service and COC is perfectly okay with that and are happy to continue to take my money for service not provided. I guess the days or having a company that cares or having a company with some sense of we hat is right and wrong is long gone. But I am expected to take my time away from my family and job to continue to call about the disaster this account has become. Do the little people even matter? 12 requests for call later I can say that I am 100% certain we DO NOT matter and my $1800 is long gone and will have to be a lesson learned I guess. It’s disgraceful.

  • MSterling says:

    I have a business account on a new condo development and I needed wifi to demonstrate a security system. My construction project manager signed a 3 year agreement, unbeknownst to me. I am trying to get out of the agreement without Cox losing any money – EVERY single owner (5 units) went with Cox. They are still getting the same service revenue AND continuing to bill me. I’ve have pleaded with them but they refuse to make the change. Isn’t this double dipping?

  • Margaret Foust says:

    Failed cable box – Cox and they suggested changing out box – directed me to a Cox store – have no idea where there is one in this area – Cox will send a replacement box by mail – Cox said they will not pay for installation – I pay a charge each month for service to cover a tech being sent out – I’m a senor – I have no idea how to change out this box – why is Cox allowed to get away with this practice especially when I pay a monthly cost for tech support – last year Cox increase monthly charges four (4) times – unacceptably – is anyone in Tallahassee looking out for retires?

  • Art says:

    …………………I have had an issue with my 2 business lines for over 14 days. Cox has come out and each time they come out to solve the issue, the next day the issue is back if not worse. I have had 6 techs out here in the 14 days. Each one said they solved the issue. The last tech was here today. Still no resolution. 3 of the least 6 techs STATED IT WAS A POLE ISSUE, the next one said it was an access issue, the next one after that says it is issue other than what the prior tech stated. You cannot talk to a supervisor. IT is assumed they are doing their job. it has been 14 plus days and a number of supervisors correcting my problem….still my lines are not right. CC’S Lingerie

  • Belinda says:

    Bad internet service repair is consistently an issue in Lafayette, Louisiana- Can you please fix this? It’s been three weeks of this! I Pay my bill on time every month, and the internet is horrible! Can someone please help people who work at home in the 70506 During this pandemic? Our office is on Eraste Landry Street!!!

  • Jay says:

    Hello Cox cable, As we go through these tough and unknown times,I feel that your company should give at least a month of free cable to everyone. I think this would keep the kids entertained and help the parents keep down their level of stress. Thanks

  • Philip Fidel says:

    I have been having problems with my e-mail account. Unable to send or receive since early today. Cox complete attached to my computer and were unable to fix the problem stating it was at “your” end of the business. As of this time all I have is a work order W940807488 and have spoken to several folks who can’t
    seem to solve my problem and have elevated it to your tier 2 level and they informed me they couldn’t do anything about it but the issue had been referred to your “engineers”. I am unable to do my normal business transactions and I have clients that are being affected across the nation. I would like to speak to someone in your corporate office to see what can be done to avoid this clambake in the future. This happens at least once a month but most times the Cox Complete Team have been able to resolve it. This is obviously more serious and no one has called me from your engineers to discuss the situation. This does not speak well to your Customer Care policy.

    Thank you

  • Teresa K Southern says:

    I have had Cox for approximately 26 years and have not been happy with their recent services. Currently my internet goes out and have to reset along with cable goes out randomly and everything has to be reset. I am now ready to close out my account for cable and use other sources, as to the internet will have to re-evaluate if they are worth keeping.

  • jazz says:

    rips people off in the phoenix metro valley with all sorts of con games then wants to your you and your credit over it w FAKE NOTES and logs–the real ones are hidden in the SNMP equipment within the valley- probing ARP if your line is active or not. They do log somewhere upstream. The company cheats and lies like a rug- cant keep accounts straight or line working–but claims they are then wants to bill you when theyve already cut you off. CenturyLink plays the same illegal game.

  • Mr. Chambers says:

    Cox have been my preferred internet, phone, and cable connections, but since I seem to been offered a “Bait and Switch” account of raising prices from a agreed 2 year locked price to a 1year price hike, (even after I dropped some services that I original signed up with). I feel that Cox should further investigate this issue in Bellevue, Nebraska due to customers complaints.

  • >