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  • Address: 701 Carlson Pkwy #300, Minnetonka, MN 55305, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 13,475

  • Established: 1987

  • Founder: Curt Carlson


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  • Gary Wu says:

    The best hotel so far on my 2 weeks cross country trip , also the best breakfast too….
    However , there is one minor thing that can be improved .
    Put an outlet or USB charger outlet in the night stand area .
    There is No place to charge up my cell phone at night .
    The only one hotel didn’t have such a simple so far ….
    Sad …….
    Thanks !

  • Toni Chardo says:

    We recently had the opportunity to stay at the Country Inn and Suites in Port Canaveral from 2/29 thru 3/3 and could not have been happier. From the check in to the assistance with the port shuttle, everyine was most professional, courteous and helpful.
    A HUGE shout out to Genesis Almonte, assistant general manager.
    He is a true asset and most cordial pleasant person.
    Toni Chardo

  • Florence siregar says:

    Never will I stay here in Country inn and suite in Vallejo California!! Very bad service, ask for room cleaning, never came and lied that the cleaning crew will come! will not recommend this place to anyone!!! Horrible, liar, staff smell horrible and rude!

  • Jimmy and Kimberly Thompson says:

    At 5:45 Jan 5th I call to book a room in portage indiana for the family to let my grandkids swim for a day or so in the indoor pool the lady that answered the phone was a very rude person all I wanted to know is if the pool water was warm or was it still cold like the last time we did this a couple months ago after the conversation I had with her I will never recomend this particular hotel to anyone and will let them know in a new York min my opinion of it as I will probably post it on my various websites as well
    she was a very unpleasant and unprofessional person

  • Charles Pulliam says:

    I checked in at your Burlington NC property and for 2 days total strangers have used a key to open my door while me and my wife are in the room. The question is can we we leave is our room secure and why are they trying to check people into my room that’s occupied?

  • Lori Turner says:

    My experience at Atlanta was horrible. They broke the law by not giving a room to my friend who had a reservation for a ADA (disability) room. We have reported them to the ADA. They not only refused the ADA room we reserved but refused to give her a regular room. After reading these comments about ants, roaches, mold, and filth, I’m glad we were not out in a room.

  • Natasha says:

    Went to Country Inn and Suites in Chattanooga TN last month for our sons Birthday. We arrived at 3am went to our room and it was infested with roaches we could not stay there. We had to tell 2 children they could not go to bed and we had to leave to find somewhere else to stay since it was so nasty at 3 30am.
    We found another available room after driving for another hour at Marriott and had to spend over $800.00 for that room for 2 nights on top of the $600.00 for country.inn! I still haven’t got my refund but, I will say this never again will I stay anywhere aside from a Marriott I’ve never had any issues with them and definitely no issues with cleanliness after they heard what happened at this hotel they were so generous in making sure we were very comfortable and even upgraded our room and saved our sons 9th birthday trip! MARRIOTT ALL THE WAY!

  • Pastor Rodney McDonald & Min Carolyn McDonald says:

    Me and my wife made reservations for the country inn and suit in Florence drove 500 miles to be put in a cubby hole that smell like some one was smoking in it for a week and go down to the front desk to be treated like we was homeless people on the street ,that young lady don’t need to be working with people are animals are nothing with life that’s how nasty she was to us

  • chris carter says:

    Roanoke Virginia we checked in about 630pm. went down to the pool got back in the room then at 820 another guest entered the room We went down to the front desk and the general manager said she couldn’t do anything about the bll because it was a mistake . That type of mistake is repulsive. I asked her what she could do with Bill….she said ….
    GIVING SOMEONE else acess to OUR ROOM?
    I have always stayed at country inn and suites NEVER AGAIN

  • S Wing says:


  • Wendy Rollins says:

    I can not believe that I woke up to a bed and nightstand full of ants!!! I was bitten so many times until I woke up super early to check out! I should be made whole for this! At least a partial refund!

  • Williams says:

    Well I guess I am going to post it here since I can’t find any other way to get in contact with anyone. So, my visit this month are hotel room was infested with roaches. And when we bought it to the attention of the staff, we were told that we can “write a review” online. Now being a service member, I have been all over the world and I can stay this is first time ever experiencing this problem. Definitely won’t be returning to any of the country hotels.

    • Natasha says:

      We had this same issue in Chattanooga TN at 3 am with 2 kids…had a 10 hr drive to. Get there then when we did it was roach infested! We had to leave and find somewhere else to stay at 3 30 am. This was a month ago and I’m still fighting to get.ny refund! Disgusting.

  • Kimberly bunton says:

    I stayed in one of your hotels in North Carolina and we were unable to take a shower because he turn the knob one way it’s extremely burning hot and the other way was extremely cold and we also did not have any shampoo. We got a big room with one small bottle of conditioner and one small bottle of lotion that was it. We were promised that we would get a discount and receive an email and I never did, now I’m being told that their manager is out of town and they don’t know when she will be back in was told the room was 126 total and my card was charged 146

  • Walter and Frankie Glenn says:

    I made reservations at the your hotel in Orangeburg, SC,for June 30th and July 1st. I arrived at the hotel today, ( my son and I traveled from Florida) ,only to be told that someone canceled our reservations. I spoke with the front desk clerk (who was very rude and hostile). Someone called and confirmed on Wednesday the 28. The said the reason for the call was because I needed a handicapped unit.The clerk stated that a lady called to cancel our reservation, when there isn’t a lady even in our party.They offered nothing else to rectify the situation and we had to find lodgings elsewhere.

  • Scott d says:

    Hi my name is Scott d I was trying to get in contact with the supervisors or managers that are over or managing area in North America. I was offered a job or contract so I could do upgrades and maintenance feed or certain hotels around the North America region. The hotel in question is in South Carolina located in North America. Does your company still hold that name of country inn and suites or is it now changed because upgrades were not done on time. I recently had a walk through of the hotel but no one gave me any info on the name or the status of the hotel. I was supposed to work for country inn and suites not the new Belmont.

  • Scott Davis says:

    Are you guys still interested with remodeling with your company. I met two persons at the country inn and suites in Sumter SC. They needed help with remodeling and repairs . I don’t have the name of the persons but they have my info. They people who were mangers for the corporate office came to the Sumter SC office to get a assetment of the hotel and they said they would contact me later. I have experience in construction work and enginneering. I think I am a good candidate. I’m just giving you this info so it won’t be so much of a breach of information when my name comes or the guys I was going to work with to get the job done. Thanks for your help earlier with job.

  • Dana Altizer says:

    And will not be back

  • Dana Altizer says:

    Had to use laundry room and was treated and disrespected by staff wouldn’t gv me a key to get laundry so I waited on front desk to cm unlock door and waited for about 15 mins After I got ask whr I was going when I walked in and ask if he’d come unlock the door so I could please get my stuff and get out of here
    I hv never been so disrespected and talked to like I was a child and I don’t appreciate it And yes I had to knock on a guest door to let me in the laundry room because he was too busy on the phone to gv me a key And I will not apologize for that
    I will never be bk to this hotel for anything I let go of getting ripped off 125 dollars for nights I was charged and didn’t even stay but tonight done it Nobody points there figure in my face and tells me that I need to stop roaming the halls I wasn’t roaming I was trying to find the stairs If he wouldn’t been on his cellphone and handled everything differently maybe this wouldn’t be happening But sometimes I guess u have people that think that they treat u anyway Well im.not one of those types of people

  • Marcy says:

    I have stayed at your hotel in bricktown oklahoma for over 2 years when i got behind your staff decided to cut my hot water off over 2 weeks ago and now has turned our electric off they have never given us a 5 day written ni
    notice or filed for a legal eviction with the court system so what they are doing is a ilegal eviction

  • Kendall Brooks says:

    Was refused service after I paid. No refund. No explanation

    • Dana Altizer says:

      Don’t worry they ripped me off too and blamed it on Booking and it was there fault I wish u luck on getting a refund

  • Camille says:

    I booked this room for my daughter for her birthday she is sick and now we have to cancel. Was going to reschedule for another weekend but the manager Justin who answered was so rude . At this point I just want my money and I will never stay at this hotel. I would rather drive hours away then to deal with someone that rude . Where’s the compassion?

  • Pamela Formholtz says:

    Me and my husband went to spend our wedding night at the Davenport Country Inn and Suites when the guy at the desk told me he doesn’t rent to locals. I showed him my email confirming my reservation and he said we don’t rent to locals. He finally found my reservation and we got our room. My husband said he turned away 5 people because they were local. And the pop machine was out of order and they didn’t have a way for anyone to get soda or anything. The room was nice ,the service was bad. Especially at night when you check in.

  • Christy DiGiambattista says:

    Do not go there under any circumstances. This is the worst hotel chain ever.

  • Jamie Anderson says:

    Country Inn and Suites Smithfield, NC has bed bugs, carpet is filthy, spiders in every corner, dirty sheets in drawer, fixtures, appliances, and overall room falling apart and in need of repair and upgrade

  • Joan says:

    Country inn,6200 S 13th street,Milwaukee Wisconsin

    Mold in bathroom on shower curtain,coffee maker,hair dryer bathroom door broken. If you any respiratory illness do not stay. Awful. Dirty place.

  • Sabrina Moore says:

    I arrived on 8-13-22. My total stay was $1212.00. I gave them 2 cards for split payments, a Mastercard and visa
    I verified the charge was put through and everything appeared to be good. In addition I charged another night on my credit card for a friend , that should have been $154.00. I checked my credit card and saw a debit on my credit card in the amount of $324.00. Needless to say I am Levied.
    On 8-15-22 I started receiving text from my bank of daily debits from visa.
    My sister friend and my self went to the hotel desk to discuss , spoke with an assistant manager and she assured us everything would be taken care of.
    Things got worst,
    On 8-22-22 the hotel debited my account in the amount of $1212.00 putting me in an over draft situation, and to add salt to the wound the additional night for my sister friend is now $294.00 and not 154.00 as it should be.
    I called today 8-24-22 at approximately 11:30 am CST-and spoke with the manager Jaisyin. she assured me everything will be taken care of in the next few hours and she will call and inform me of all the corrections. She apologized over and over and says it’s the system fault. Well its 6:00 pm CST and I have not heard from anyone, so is this the systems fault too? It’s a shame that people can mess up your bank account and do nothing about it and continue to lie and think it’s ok. They even promise to add reward points to my account for all the trouble. I brought other people with me that required an additional 7 rooms. I didn’t get a complimentary room, or discounts! Wow what do you think about that????
    Wait There’s more
    I was trying to use my Radison Reward Points. When I first called the system reflected 15,000 points per night, Each time I was cut off and called back the requirements of points per night went up. It went from 15,000 to 25,000 to 30,000 all in the same night. People, the Country Inn suites alone with the Radisson so call Reward program is all
    One Big Scam.

    BeWare- people
    I think it’s time to move on to other hotels where we will be appreciated, provided better service and not cheated!!!

    I am just appalled of the scandal policy this company practices

  • Dan says:

    Beauty is skin deep / Beaufort SC looked nice, I’d say it had a recent Renovation. Looking a little deeper…paint splattered on door handles ..etc a very rushed job and But Wait there is so much more disappointment yet to come… Won’t continue on the list of Flaws of the building. ( Bed Bugs & Roaches )
    It is the Poor attitude and performance of the staff. The Manager, District Manger and the Regional Manager need a 50% pay reduction until they get their people trained.

  • April Ross says:

    I need my money back I was in a dirty room full of bugs

  • Cassie says:

    I booked my inlaws in the Piney Grove location in Columbia SC this weekend. When you walk into the lobby, it reeks of marijuana. Then when they got to the room it was noticed a hole was cut into the screen at the windows. Upon inspection outside this was done to several windows. This is a disgrace.

  • Lance Griffin says:

    I am a customer sitting in your Pineville Louisiana location. I arrived on Sunday July 31st, and today is Thursday Aug 4. There has not been one housekeeper in my room. I’ve had to ask for towels, empty my own trash, the floor needs vacuumed. Some of the most disgraceful service I’ve ever received. Needless to say I won’t be returning. I’m told policy is that they upkeep rooms every three days here….. absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Mitchell says:

    This past weekend, which was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend traveling with family and enjoying family events, was tarnished by a rude and disrespectful front desk hotel agent. About 50 members of my family chartered a bus and took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to attend a big family event that was being held there. Our trip was scheduled for 7/22/22- 7/25/22. The planner of the trip made arrangements for the group to stay at
    The Country Inn and Suites by Radisson,
    Buford at Mall of Georgia, GA
    1395 Mall of GA Blvd
    Please keep in mind that I have never stayed at a Country Inn and Suites before and this was definitely not my first choice, but I chose to stay there to be there with the group.
    I attended a family function on Saturday, 7/23/22 and arrived back at the hotel about 12am. A couple of cousins came to my room to munch on some snacks and we were talking and laughing (at what I would consider to be a normal noise level). I was in the room (age 50), my mother (age 72) and two of my cousins, both over 50. I also had two grand babies in the sleeping. There was no music, no loud television, just us chatting about the events that took place earlier.
    About 12:30am, the phone rings in the room and the guy identified himself as Richard from the front desk. Richard then tells me that he has received several complaints about the noise coming from my room. He said this will not be tolerated and to take this as my ONLY warning and if he receives another complaint I will be out of there. He said this was not one of those resort hotels and if I want to party I can go to a couple of clubs that are nearby or go and hang out in the Quick Trip parking lot. He said that if I could not go in my room and go to bed then I would be put out. I asked if he had walked by the room to observe/confirm the noise level and he responded stating, “Now you don’t want me to do that because if I do, I’m bringing the police with me.” He was UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. His manner of approach was very AGGRESSIVE. He (not us) brought up race several times and even stated that he was not racist because he is married to a black woman (which is really none of my business). He also stated that he has had many complaints on him and the owner has not taken any action on them because the owner likes him and puts him on the all night shift because of his ability to handle situations like this. He goes on to say that he has received a raise and we can feel free to file a complaint because the owner will believe him over us. He called my family members a gang and he’s used to dealing with people like us. We walked down to talk to Richard in person and again he was very aggressive, pointing fingers, rude and disrespectful. Everything you would think someone in the hospitality field would be TRAINED NOT TO DO.
    My only regret is that we didn’t start recording earlier so that everyone can see what all was said. I have posted a video on of Richard on Trip Advisor, FB and Instagram. Radisson Corporate was no help. I have copies of correspondence between them. If there is no resolution, I plan on sending the video of Richard to the local news.

  • Stephanie Cooper says:

    Country Inn and Suites Jonesborough-Johnson City West, TN E Jackson Blvd, Jonesborough, TN – This hotel is horrible. I’m filing an official complaint with corporate, it really makes Country Inn & Suites look terrible as a whole. When I arrived, the front desk lady who checked me in was VERY unprofessional. First of all, I booked a room here only because the hotel I normally stay was booked up. Upon arrival the front desk lady gave me a handicap room, that would be okay if I had requested a handicap room, or if this was the only room they had left, the hotel was empty so I know there were other rooms available. I went ahead an accepted that no with no issue, well, when I entered the room, the bed appeared as if someone had been laying in it right before I got there, there was hair on the the blanket and there were small black particles (appear to be bed bugs) on the blanket as well. I went back up to the desk to ask for another room and the lady told me she would need to go look at the room herself to see it, as if I was being untruthful. The front desk lady comes back out and says there is nothing wrong with the room from what she can see, and that’s how all of their beds look. I told her to give me another room as I did not feel comfortable staying in that room. She got really angry and said she was not giving me another room, and I could take that room or nothing. Needless to say, after several back and forth with this very hateful and unprofessional front desk lady, I handed her the room key back and left, I did not stay there, and they have charged my credit card, which I understand, that’s $200, and I’d rather give them $200 than walk away with bed bugs in my suitcase or laying in a bed that has soiled linens. And, it 48 hours later and they still have not released my $100 deposit.

  • Doug Baker says:

    To who it my concern,
    I very upset at the customer service I received at my recent stay at the Country inn and Suites. I let the front desk know that we had a small issue with the toilet just wasn’t flushing. The front desk handed me a dirty toilet plunger and said to use this. I was completely taken back!! I paid good money to stay at your hotel and I can tell you I will not be back. If I wanted to work and stay I would have just stayed home. Thank you for your time.

  • Carole A says:

    When visiting Rock Hill SC I always stay at Country Inn. I think it’s time to bring back your full breakfast. This nonsense has been going on over two years. Time to open up. My husband and I have stayed at Country Inn in Georgetown Ky two times in a year and they are serving a full breakfast, plus the pool is open the exercise room is open but the one in Rock Hill SC is still being ridiculous over this virus. Time to move on or we’ll take our business elsewhere.

  • Regina giacoponello says:

    My husband and I stayed on 4/26/2022 at the Country Inn and Suites in Emphoria,Va. when traveling we always try to stay at a Country Inn and Suite. We enjoy these and trust the quality. But this hotel was not even close to expectations. It was such a low quality scabby hotel. I don’t think it should have have the Country Inn and Suites name. I could go on with what’s wrong there but it would be easier with what’s nice. One word nothing

  • Donald Kinsey says:

    We stayed at 8200 Palm Parkway in Orlando, Florida in April 2022. They put us in a room with duct tape on windows, the skirt on the bed was filthy(had hairs, crumbs and I don’t know what else). Our shoes were sticking to the floor. The walls and doors were dirty. We asked to change rooms and the next room was just as bad. The only positive was the windows were not duct taped. This country inn and suites need a major remodel if not completely torn down.

  • Susan Corthell says:

    On February 13, 2022 we called the Country Inn & Suites, Wichita East, KS. We had seen a king bed room for $93 on Booking.com. The man we spoke to said that he had the room available and would match the price when we arrived. When we arrived to check in he first tried to charge us more before agreeing to the lower price. When we went to our room, it had two queen beds. We returned to the lobby and asked for a king room. He said he didn’t have any king rooms. We asked for a refund. He said we would have had to cancel 24 hours prior to get a refund. We said he didn’t hold up his end of the agreement. It wasn’t the same type of room that we requested. He continued saying we could not get a refund. My husband and the man went back and forth verbally for awhile, my husband arguing that we didn’t reserve that type of room and him insisting that we could not get a refund because of the 24 hour prior cancellation policy. My husband finally got frustrated and through out the “f” word. The man said he was being belligerent and we would either have to go to our room or leave the property. After a couple more back and forth minutes and him repeating that request we went to our room. When we got in the room we discovered that the dead bolt did not work. We did not dare complain as we didn’t want to have any more interaction with the man at the desk. We only left the room once, to go down the hallway for ice. We had no further contact with the man at the desk. It was Super Bowl Sunday. We got in the room at 8:00 p.m., watched the end of the game, and got ready for bed. We’d been on the road all day, so at 9:45 p.m. we were in our pajamas, just about to turn out the lights when there was a knock at the door. My husband went to the door to find 4 Wichita police officers in the hallway. They told us we had to leave the property immediately! We had been in our room for almost 2 hours at that point. I really believe the man at the desk did this to be vindictive. Why would he wait for two hours and then call the police? He didn’t tell us he was going to call the police. If he had told us that we would have never checked into the room in the first place. He told us to go to the room, which was exactly what we did. We are in our mid 50’s and professionals. My husband travels for work about half the month and has never been removed from a hotel. We packed up, got in our vehicle and drove around to the front as we were told. There were several police and private security company cars in front of the hotel, all to kick us out! One of the policemen actually told us he thought the man at the desk must be on a major power trip. They also told us we probably didn’t really want to be in that area of town anyway. There is a lot of crime there. They recommended another area with hotels to us. We called the manager, Mohommad Khan, the next day to request a refund, since we didn’t stay there overnight. It was very difficult to get ahold of him. When we did he said he would talk to his employee and review the video footage and get back to us. When we didn’t hear back from him, we called back and again it was difficult to reach him, but we finally did. He did agree to refund our money and told us we were banned from that hotel. Obviously, we would never consider going back there again anyway. As you can imagine, this was the worst hotel experience we have ever had!

  • Deb says:

    Stayed in london, ky. Nasty linens. Very discolored looked dirty. Apples on bfast bar showed signs of rotten. Sunken black rotten spots all over each apple.this chain is off my list of properties. Gross.

  • Deniria Cowart says:

    I have been at the Country Inn and Suites on Sherwood Dr in Augusta Ga. I’ve paid approx $2000 for 16 days here. I regret it. We’re on the 2nd floor and all I hear is jumping, stomping and constant running it’s ridiculous. I’ve called the front desk twice walked down twice and still nothing. It’s currently 11:33 pm and it sounds like a herd of horses about me. My head is throbbing. The employees could care less. I would not recommend this hotel. I’m a huge fan of Radisson, but this experience has left an extremely bas taste in my mouth. If I could afford to lose the money I’ve already paid, I’d rather sleep in my car. I’m extremely disappointed. I want my money back. I would have come out better going to Motel 6. It’s utterly ridiculous.

  • Dolly Wood says:

    I already have.

  • Dolly Wood says:

    Very disappointed in the local Country Inn here in Two Harbors, MN. For years they have offered a swimming program for the community which mainly included the elderly and disabled but also the entire population took advantage of this service! When Covid came they discontinued this program! They have chosen to not reinstate it! This is not ok!! Those of us who were part of this program have definitely noticed the lack of this exercise and how it has impacted our health!! It might seem minuscule to you but it was very important to those of us who used and needed it!! When inquiring about this, I was treated very rudely by the manager! One of her comments was “We have bigger fish to fry!” I was totally taken aback!! This is very important for our continued good health!! Seems I remember this community treating Country Inn quite well when they first came to town! Please return this program!! Thank you!

    • Dolly Wood says:

      As I figured I have had no response! Do you not realize how important this swimming program is to those of us who depend on it for continuing good health? Please if nothing else, since so many people rely on this program, give us your reasoning for not continuing it? Maybe there is a need to go more public….I have voiced these concerns on Facebook!!

  • Cheryl Goodman says:

    I have been a guest at the Country Inn and Suites in Waterloo, Iowa at 4025 Hammond Ave for a total of 14 days while caring for my sister who was battling cancer in the Ravenwood Care Center in Waterloo. On Tuesday, February 15th, I discovered a pair of taupe colored knee high leather boots were missing from my room. The general manager, “Regina” contacted corporate to review the security cameras. They saw the female come out of my room with the boots. The girl was hired from a local Half-Way House and was not to enter any guests room. The head of housekeeping at that time gave this girl the keys to all the rooms.
    I did not file a police report because of the nature of my visit. My sister passed away on Saturday, Feb 19th and I am still here wrapping up details. Yesterday, my room was given to another guest which tried to enter while I was here. Consequently, they cancelled the new guests room card which cancelled my card as well.
    While that was an easy fix, it was another inconvenience. Twice I asked that my room get refreshed and at the end of a long day with my dying sister, I came back to no clean towels, no in room coffee with accompaniments and overflowing waste baskets. While the hotel has given me an extended stay rate and comped me for 2 nights, I am still out an expensive pair of boots. I wish to be reimbursed $250.00 for these boots. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from Corporate soon. Cheryl Goodman

    • Ashley Davidson says:

      Did you ever hear from corporate? I had to call them today over some stuff at a Country Inn and Suites in Perioa Illinois. I will never use Radison again if they do get back to me. I absolutely do not want a membership for compensation. That is a joke. This is also a paid business training trip 13 hours from home. Refunds don’t do any good for me personally as the guest… So I’m wondering if they got back to you in a timely manner. Hope your having a better day than me lol! You know what I’m dealing with for sure!

  • Elizabeth Knotts says:

    Why can’t I reserve a double room a week in advance? And be told that they can NOT promise I’ll get a double room!!!! And I was going to pay inadvertent!!!!

  • Fannie Williams says:

    My name is Fannie Williams, I stayed in Atlanta Ga. On 5100 west Fayetteville road 30349. we loved the room but staff everyone seemed they wasn’t focused not the morning crew. the crew checks you in after 3 pm.The young lady at the desk the manager said she was the best employee. I am a business owner and I beg the different. Very rude person. I called down stairs for the frig. It wasn’t working at all. She said she would send him up to the room and I needed to be there before he could come in. I waited two hours. he never came. I remind you it’s my husband birthday weekend not only that it’s valentines day weekend also. I go down after taking time out of our getaway. Hours later she seen Mr. Larry up. He changed our the frig. He talks the whole time letting us know that the 3rd floor was reserved for people with covid -19. Not only that he dropped a small bag on the floor that was wrapped like a small envelope on the floor. I told my husband that looks like drugs he said flush it down the toilet. I did. this has been the worst getaway I have ever had. I demand my money back with interested. I would have never put myself in harms way or my husband. If people are being stored there with covid -19 on the 3rd. floor consumers need to know so they have a choice to stay there or not. I am very upset and my husband and I will be getting tested.

  • Chris. Colley says:

    There were black bugs all over our room especially in the bathroom…this made me very uncomfortable to stay here….I can honestly I was looking forward to spend the Night in the very nice looking hotel but will not be back due to the bugs

  • Steven says:

    Worst hotel experience I’ve had. Country inn and suite prices. Less the motel 6 experience. Garbage. Clogged tubs cigarette smelling rooms. A breakfast consisting of a bagel and a frozen jimmy deans saugsage. Broken pool jacuzzi in room toilet broken. Griffin ga country inn trash. And bad area.

  • cheryl surfus says:

    I would like to recommend the Country Inn and Suites to everyone who may need lodging in Ames, Iowa.
    The staff went above and beyond to make our family Christmas one to remember. We had family members travel from Springhill, Kansas-Eau Claire, WI-and Wausau Wi to spend a night together. The rooms were clean, the staff was exceptional, a very enjoyable experience in this time of uncertainty. Thank you so much.

  • lisa says:

    Contacted customer service due to rate listed on reservation not as quoted at time reservation made.
    Spoke with customer service rep which was not able to assist just repeated same information on amount to be charged. Unprofessional, as there were screaming children in the back ground.
    Was transferred to supervisor after 12 minute hold. No resolution. Will look into and call back. Asked for time frame and was told might be within 24 hours!
    We haven’t even made it to hotel……with this poor of customer service rethinking hotel options.

  • Robert ortiz says:

    I was arbitrarily charged $250.00 for urine stains in a room with stayed in on November 4th in Wichita Kansas . Our dogs were never left alone in the room and our dogs alert us to go outside to do their thing.

    When we checked in we did notice some stains on carpet in room 101 and outside the door leading into the room.

    We never noticed any fresh urine on the carpet while we were in the room. We believe we were charged for old stains. We were not made aware of the charges to our credit card and found it when reviewing my card account online. We stayed at hotels before and after this stay and had no issues regarding our dogs.

    I have attempted to discuss this with Mohammed Khan the manager but I am told he is not in when I ask to speak to him.

    I would like contact from corporate to resolve this issue.

  • Kimberly S. says:

    My 82-yr-old grandmother, who’s on oxygen and in wheelchair, my 22-yr-old cousin (also in a wheelchair), my aunt, and I came to Somerset to visit my mother who is deathly sick. I was willing to overlook a few “cosmetic” issues and the fact that the light into the driveway of the hotel was not lit and we missed it several times simply because Amanda, the front desk clerk was AMAZING and the girl who helped me book the rooms the week earlier did everything she could to accommodate our changing party size.
    However, there was no shower curtain when we arrived. When I inquired about from one of the housekeepers, her response was, “I don’t know where to find one.” There were also burned out lights, a dirty light cover, no light cover on the bedroom light, stained furniture/carpet, there was mold and hair on the bathroom floor, the thermostat was held on by duct tape, and the sink in the bar backed up. Again, we were willing to overlook these things because we really just needed a place to sleep.
    The first night I didn’t sleep very well but assumed it was due to a new environment. When I woke up, I had welts all over my wrists and arms. Again, I assumed I was bitten by a mosquito or something.
    Last night, I was laying bed and a bedbug was crawling on me. I freaked. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t even know what a bedbug looked like until I Googled it. I took it down to Amanda at the front desk. She was more than apologetic and appalled. She immediately said she would get our rooms comped and would try to put us into a different room. We went to a different room, the only room available, to look at it and the white bedspread had black dirt all over it. She was so embarrassed.
    I asked to speak with a manager (Gary). She had to “wake him up” as he was sleeping in one of the rooms. When he came down, he refused at first to talk to me and my aunt because his “hair was a mess.” I told him I didn’t care and that I would like to talk to him.
    He told us, they would give our money back and put us in a different room. When I tried to explain that Amanda tried to do that, but it was dirty, his response was, “you can take it or you can leave.” Seriously?! It was 9 PM and I had two people in wheelchairs with me.
    We ended up having to pack up and leave. Makesha, another front desk clerk and bookkeeper, and Amanda were great and felt so bad for us. Gary, the manager, was a jerk. We were told that by the time we got home we’d have an email confirming that the charges on our credit card were reversed. It’s now 17 hours from when we left and still no email.
    Furthermore, on the elevator door, there is a sign that says, “Fresh New Look, Same Brand You Love.” Really? Nothing fresh about this place! To drive 12 hours home through the night substantially added to our physical and emotional exhaustion after visiting my mother for the last time. The overall experience was nothing short of catastrophe since we were already dealing with the impeding death of my mother. This was the very last thing my grandmother needed after seeing her daughter.
    I have plenty of pictures and photos to support my claims.

  • Guest says:

    I haven’t seen my refund/deposit yet I’m n 30 days. Still getting run around

  • Debbie Helmbrecht says:

    We stayed at country inn and suites in Saginaw Michigan it was absolutely terrible service.
    We arrived at 1:15 the front desk
    said we were to early. So we came back 3:00 check in time. At 3:10 we were there and was told she did not have one room cleaned so we would have to go find something else to do and she will call my phone. I was told there was a breakfast every morning there and was none. My dad took a turn for the worst with his bone cancel we needed leave right away we did not stay the last night. There was pizza behind the lamp table and I would say it was there for quit sometime and we were supposed to stay 3 nights, but had to leave they did not come clean and straighten our room any day would give us extra towels when I asked.
    It was the worst place we ever said.

  • McRoberts says:

    We just stayed at the CI&S on Hey 52 in Rochester, MN. It is in horrible condition in our opinion. It’s dirty, run down, the breakfast is all pre-processed junk food except for the eggs which were over salted and cold scrambled eggs. The muffins are all prepackaged, cereal is junk variety and even the oatmeal is in packets.

    We won’t ever be back. I posted several pix on the FB page of Ciuntry Inn & Suites, Rochester, MN.

  • Marie says:

    I stayed at country Inn In Vero Beach Florida had a very bad experience. When I walked in the room the rug was Filthy the walls were outdated there was a horrible smell .I payed for pool view there was no pool view the bed had bed bugs and I was all poked . There washers were not working the elevator certificate was expired and it didn’t work I got stuck in it . Very bad Hotel don’t recommend it I talked to front desk about concerns and they don’t do nothing about it . This was a horrible vacation for me . I contacted customer care and they don’t care either . Please don’t stay in this Hotel it’s very bad .

  • ROSE M SCHULER says:

    I am contacting you as a concerned guest. In my travels when booking accommodations I mostly choose Country Inn and Suites because I always have positive results. However, my opinion has changed considerably. I am presently an evacuees from hurricane Ida. I am staying at the Country Inn & Suites in Houston near the airport at 15555B JFK Blvd. I am here with my disabled daughter and 2 grandchildren.
    On Wednesday Sept 2 my 13 year old granddaughter had some friends from another hotel visiting. They were misbehaving causing some disruption. When I was notified I immediately went downstairs and retrieved them. The friends were brought back to their parents and my granddaughter was reprimanded. We spoke at length with the managers on duty. Apologies were exchanged and the matter was settled. So I thought.
    On Thursday we decided to go out for a meal to break up the monotony of being in a hotel for several days.. Upon return to the hotel a woman, who would not identify herself pointed to my granddaughter stating “I know you very well.” and proceeded to chastise her in the lobby in front of several guests. I tried to explain to her that the matter was handled last night and that should be the end. Then she questioned me about my service dog. Saying I had to show documentation for my pet, which I did immediately upon request. As a service pet owner I always have his papers available. However, according to the American Disabilities Act, I am not required to do so.Still she insisted pets were not allowed and guests were complaining. My pet has gone through extensive training and does not bark or misbehave. Most of the time you would hardly know he was present. She still would not let it go. She was rude and obnoxious. Not one employee had a name tag and no one identify themselves. I insisted on the woman’s name which she still refused to give it to me. One of the other workers wrote down the customer service number and the woman’s name. The woman, that I learned was named Reena, snatched the paper away from the girl wrote down the number to the local hotel and the name Jack Kaphle, after I continuely insisted on her name she said Reena. When I asked for her last name she pointed to the information she gave me. So I am guessing Jack Kophle is the franchise owner and she was his wife. There was a man present that attempted to question me that night, when I asked him to identify himself he said he was the driver. I suspect he was actually Jack Kophle. If that is even the correct name. Like I mentioned earlier, not one employee wore a name tag.

    Now about the condition of the property that bears your brand…..
    My room smelled of urine I had to purchase a candle to burn to rid the smell. There were people smoking weed everywhere, even directly at the entrance. We have a motel in my town where that kind of behavior goes on…. we call it Motel 6. The breakfast was cold nasty microwavable things that were displayed in worn disposable aluminum pans. it appeared to me that they simple bring the pans in and out the fridge over and over A prime breeding ground for botulism.. My tub did not have a drain cover or plug. The sides of the tub had something that looked like tar all over the sides. I also suspect atleast one of the girls behind the desk was an illegal because she would never identify herself and refused to speak to the police. But that is just an assumption.
    Never in my 62 years have I been treated in such a discriminatory manner. I believe the owners of this franchise are racists and I will be reporting them to the American Disabilities Act.

    I could go on and on. I believe the only proper recourse is to revoke the owners franchise. I would not want this type if person representing my brand. As for me. I think nothing less than a full refund of our entire stay be refunded. In order for me to halt on any further action I expect to be contacted by the CEO directly. Not your PR person. I will be looking forward to speaking with you Mr. Gonz’alez.

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