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  • Address: 600 E Dallas Rd suite 300, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States
  • Phone Number: 817-865-6500
  • Fax Number: 817-865-6396
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Kathy Nelson (CEO)

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About Cotton Patch Cafe, History and Headquarters Information

Cotton Patch Cafe was incorporated back in Nacogdoches, TX in 1989. The purpose behind starting this was to make classic Texas recipes from scratch and serve them with the hospitality.

Cotton Patch Café is an American restaurant chain. The chain has more than 56 casual dining restaurants all over the states of Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Its specialty is Cadillac Queso.

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  • Na says:

    I have a husband that works and the cotton patch cafe and is dating a co worker named Jessica and she knew that I was his wife and the job allowed them to get together and break up are home for no reason and I have kids to take care of and they allowed my husband to do this at work with another coworker my husband Angel Rodriguez

  • Gerald Hare says:

    I was a employee for cotton patch cafe in hobbs new mexico for 6 months and and all they did to me by management and most all employees was harassment in the most evil way through witchining act against me now I’m started an new job and they are still comming with ever force evil I do not no if I will ever get rid of it 2 months before I quit I pressed charges through the state of New Mexico and yall the corporate office and head quaters and report was filed through this company with the representative of the complaints department Bobby O’Reilly I do need this to come to and end ASAP and I do need to speak with him again to tell all of rest because of all the threats and full my side of the story now that I am away from it but it’s witchting art form is ruining every aspect of my life and it is scaring me Because of my Religion.

  • Kelly Little says:

    The waiter changed my tip last night from $5 to $15 on a $26 order. If I don’t hear anything even though it’s a small amount I’m going to file a police report for a theft

  • Jeff says:

    Worst customer service as emailed twice and no response. Won’t be eating here as they don’t care about their customers

  • Sharon Brooks says:

    We go to cotton patch in Frisco Tx. We have been pleased going there until today. The waiter was awesome but the food was not. We had the catfish which was basically was good, not fantastic it was to thin for the price my vegetables was Luke warm, and the French fries tasted like leftover from day before. Cutting corner will destroy the restaurant. I’m not sure if we will go back😔

  • D. Hummer says:

    l went to eat at Waxahachie restaurant and the host told me that she would have to ask the waitress if she would take us. l couldn’t believe that the waitress decides who eats at yor restaurant and who doesn’t. We ended up going to Apple Bees. You have forever lost 3 families

  • Cindy Phillips says:

    I ordered on the app for curbside. Got to the restaurant and checked in. The message said thank you for checking in we will have your order right out. 20 minutes later I called the restaurant and asked if there was a problem with my order and they said oh we don’t do curbside anymore. I didn’t give them attitude because I know it’s not their fault. But corporate needs to fix the app to say no curbside services.

  • S.Gaines says:

    5/6/2022 was my son’s 14th Birthday. He wanted to do his family dinner at the Cotton Patch Arlington. We went in about a week prior to have dinner and spoke with a manger (Jared) about making a reservations for a large party. I was told that my info would be pass on the GM and he’d give me a call. After not receiving a call after a few days, I called in.
    I spoke with the GM (Corey) and inquired about reserving the patio for 30 people. After some conversation and him speaking of past experiences with large parties, I was told I wouldn’t be able to make a reservation. (not pleasant experience at all)
    I COULD NOT GET MY SON TO CHANGE IN MIND!! He was ADAMENT about going to Cotton Patch!!
    Then 5/6 comes!! I called in about 2pm in the afternoon. I was told that they would do the best they could to accommodate us and I would need to be there about an hour before the time. My Family started to arrive about 6:45pm. I called back in to let them know that someone from our party was there (to secure the hr. in advance) and I was in route. The manger got on the line..and it was COREY!!!
    He got the details about our party size….how many kids menus and all. He said that they’d get it setup for us!
    Upon arrival, about 10 minutes after speaking with Corey, the Patio (which is what I was trying to reserve) was all setup and ready for US!!
    Our waitresses Alice and Armani were ABOSOLUTY AMAZING!!!
    The Kitchen staff was ON POINT!! All of the food came out correct the first time!! NO ISSUSES and the food was DELIOIOUS!!!
    A BIG THANK YOU TO the ENTIRE STAFF at Cotton Patch Arlington, Texas.

  • Irene Salgado says:

    05/1122 Today I went to eat at Cotton patch in Hobbs, NM. I ordered 1 cup of soup, 1/2 a sandwich.A young boy brought my tea & bread. I waited 25 minutes and asked the boy working there if he could ask the waitress if she could at least bring me the cup of soup. He said to wait. Ten minutes nothing. I had been to the doctor and had not eaten. I am 84 years old and needed to eat. I gave the boy $3.00 to pay for my tea and left. Got in my car and called the manager from my car. she said she would look into it. Once a month I bring a group of friends for lunch, but will not return to Cottkn Patch again

  • Brittany Jean Scroggins says:

    This is the chickasha store

  • Brittany Jean Scroggins says:

    There is black mold all over the store. Don’t know how this place hasn’t been shut down but it is very very dirty. Management needs to be replaced. I have pictures of just how bad it is. Serves stole my money. Workers are doing drugs in restroom workers are doing drugs outside. Food trays are filthy. I said something and was told customers don’t see them so it’s not a big deal. Ugh black mold kills people? Reach ins havs mold and out dated items very gross in both the server side and kitchen side. The bar also mold everywhere. Where the ice cream is being kept on the serve line also has mold. Where the ice cream scoop is also mold. Dish pit mold on the walls. Mold and build up on the floors. Mold in walk in and freezer. Managers sitting in the office not doing anything. It’s really bad and it’s tanking pretty quickly. This situation needs to be fixed. Tge legacy that Bobby left is disrespected and this place need to be shut down before it gets raided or someone gets killed from the hazard that is going on there. I worked there for 5 years from when it opened amd decoded ro quit last year for a new opportunity and two saya ago I decided ro try it out again. It took me two days to see the problem and the picture of why this place is doing so poorly. Money was stolen from two of my tables both days that I was there. 80 bucks I am now short. Serves eat 24/7 and don’t pay attention, or they don’t care when someone is at the door. The place is trashed. Ashley and sky literally sit in the office the entire time. Cooks are outside smoking weed instead of being in rhe kitchen with 10 orders going red on the screen. Bar machines that have the tequila and hurricane mix look like they haven’t been cleaned in months. Black mold was also in that machine and is being served to guest. The dining room tables are nasty, the floors look like they haven’t been clean in a year. I don’t know what is going on up there. I love working for this place but I quit today because of the state that place is in. If the managers don’t care why would anyone else? Service is more than being friendly to your guest. Having a safe and clean environment should be 1st priority. Gracie was smoking pills in the bathroom. And they was talking about it in server ally. Ashley said they talked to her. Why is she not fired if they know it’s going on up there? Very disappointed and it’s sad to see this place going down.

  • Dianne Smith says:

    Will you be bringing back blackberry cobbler? We miss it!

  • Kevin says:

    Terrible customer service. Waitress rude. Couldn’t get refills. never came to table.

  • Kimi Potter says:

    Yesterday I fell at Cotton Patch #31 in Waxahachie as an employee around 2:30 pm. I reported I fell in the dish area and hurt my knee and back from the fall to MIT Jacob. Jacob stated he has not been trained to take reports and I had to report the fall to the GM, Lori. Lori was in the freezer unloading the truck. Approximately 4:00 pm, I informed Lori I fell and we need to do an accident report. No report was filed. When I returned for my night shift Lori did not follow up on the report and neither did the other MOD, Victoria. I could not carry large trays, along with this morning not being able to move. The fall is on camera and can be viewed. I need medical attention for my injury. Please contact me regarding this issue.

    Also, when I returned to work, I ran a credit card on the wrong seat for a guest. I asked Victoria to rerun the credit card for the correct amount. She closed the credit card out still knowing it was $3 less and I did not get a credit card receipt for my table to sign. I informed Victoria I needed a credit card slip for my table to sign, along with me not being able to get a tip if they could not receive a credit card slip. Victoria stated, “oh well, you have to lose out, they’re not getting a credit card receipt.

    When I went to call Lori to let her know what was happening at her store, I asked another server to watch my tables, I gave him my number and told him I was walking outside to call Lori. He agreed, and I went outside. I could not ask Victoria because she told me I could not question her as a manager and I should just trust her and her decision. The fact that I lost my tip ability due to the credit card slip not being given, all because she didn’t know how to correct the issue, she was highly upset, raised her voice and told me she would not discuss anything any further. I told her I was calling Lori and she said to call Lori. So, that’s when I told another server I was going outside to call Lori.

    While I was outside speaking to Lori on the phone, Victoria was angry, I watched her from the to go door transfer my tables as I was going into the restroom. When I came out of the restroom, all of my credit card receipts were closed to ZERO, and all my open tables, 3 who were ready for their checks were transferred to another server.

    I asked the server to let me give my tables their check and she said I walked out and she would be getting the tips from my tables. I went to Victoria and she said run your check out, you have to leave. I said no problem, table 52 needs to be transferred. She then argued and said that 52 that was currently there was not the table on my screen. I said yes it is, transfer that to another server and I will do my checkout. I was unaware at that time all my credit card slips that I had and work done for my tables were closed to zero and Victoria refused to change them back. Jacob then checked on the table and verified the order on the ticket in the kitchen was the correct and same table sitting in the restaurant. Victoria comped the entire table instead of transferring the table because she refused to believe it was my table to my understanding.

    When I went to turn in my original checkout, I had $28 on 3 credit card slips and my checkout had owing me only $10. Victoria said I had to pay her $65 due and she was not giving me the money on my cc slips because she closed them out to ZERO and “I walked out due to going to my car to get my phone, then returning inside to use the restroom while on the phone with Lori. All on camera where I was the entire time. Victoria then called Lori and threatened to call the police. I said call them, you are breaking several laws and I need to have this on report as well, the conversation is being recorded. Lori instructed Victoria to correct my credit card tips, I then said to both Lori and Victoria and give me my tables back I completed, I had 4 tables, 3 with credit card that had a total of $25 in tips, then another that had a cash payment.

    Victoria did not transfer the 4 tables back to me that I waited on nor did the server give me my tip from the table. She lied and said they didn’t tip, however I saw it on the table, all is on camera.

    When I returned to the office, Victoria then said, here is the $23 for your tips. I said no, it is $28 with the credit card receipts I have and another $25 with the credit card receipts/tables you transferred out that you would not let me give my check to in order to receive my tips and get paid for the service I provided from beginning to end.

    While Victoria and Lori were on the phone declining to do what is their legal obligation, I then said I am calling the police department, this is a lawsuit if not handled correctly. I am not getting paid for service provided, I am being held hostage in essence against my will due to the check out not being done correctly for Cotton Patch’s close out the day process and for me getting paid what I worked all night to receive.

    As I was calling PD, Victoria then called. Two officers showed up, one spoke with Victoria and one spoke with me. My credit card tips did not ever get put in correctly to the system. My checkout is still wrong, I have a copy of my original checkout and pictures of my credit card receipts being closed to zero, along with a police report of the incident and the video of me speaking to the officer of an injustice being done.

    I feel corporate should know what is occurring in their store, this is not alright in any manner, then servers were told about the issues, that is slander and defamation of character, all on video.

    Jacob handled the situation the best he could as a MIT, however, due to the incompetence of Victoria not know how to transfer or willing to reruns credit card slip and her getting angry for me questioning why we did not get a slip we need legally for every credit card ran, along with the guest not being able to tip on the credit card caused her to retaliate and take away all the tips I received on my credit cards and transfer $25 tips/tables that left cash to another server so they could receive the tip for service I provided the table.

    Also, I did not receive any tips I received for approximately 10 days. I had a lil over $200 in tips from all the shifts completed. The app was not letting me select a position, therefore I could not get into the Cotton Patch system. I contacted the Instant help desk for help. We tried putting in the store number with the wrong address and approval was all instant was waiting for according the the message and picture I took of the message. I was still not in the system, so we tried putting in the correct address Cotton Patch again for the 5th time and I was still not in the system. I had to wait another 5 days until Sammy was at our store and I returned from being out 3 days from being sick, I was exposed to Covid, but only had a virus is what I believe since my symptoms were not Covid related. Sammy then tried and emailed payroll. She then gave me all the tips that were help for those 10 days and instructed Lori to give me cash for my tips at the end of each shift.
    However I was unable to clock in during my training, I wrote down my times, but have not received a paycheck. My information for my W2 was not put in the system. I indigenes Sammy and she said she always keeps up with it, but double checked and found my information was not in the system, even though I had been working 2 full weeks. Sammy was upset it was not entered, but quickly entered my information and said I would be/should be receiving a paycheck on the 6th of January. I told her, it’s not her fault with Covid and all the changes, she has a lot on her as the area director. She handled the situation promptly and to the best of her abilities the first day we were able to meet and get my money owed to me.

    These are only a few of the issues with the store. I previously worked at Bennigan’s for over 15 years. I know, understand and am adamant about laws being followed as an employer and following corporate’s instructions for their stores to run properly. Laws have been broken, I suffered the consequences and was treated so poorly as if I was doing something wrong by trying to have the managers at store #31 follow. Last night I was told by Victoria I could not be in the dining room and asked Jacob to hold me in the office, that is not legal, I cannot be held anywhere while trying to wait for my money. Also, during my shift, Victoria would not give me my closed credit card slip she closed and comp’d. I did not have the ability to know my money was not affected by her actions. She let her inability to complete a transaction get her angry at me and take out her frustrations on my pocket book.

    Please contact me regarding my back being hurt, I am unable to sit/stand without pain. Also please contact me regarding the checkout process last night and the police having to get involved just for me to receive the money I was owed so I could pay what I owed. I was asked to pay the full amount owed before the police showed up, and denied being given the money I was owed. I don’t even know if the checks were closed out properly. Victoria ended up comping checks for the check out process, causing the company to lose even more money and still did not fix my credit card tips for Cotton Patch’s record. I have pictures as well if needed.

    I really need to see a doctor due to falling at work, while clocked in at the dish area due to not mats not rugs being at the kitchen entry or at the dish area. Ice was on the floor and had melted, also water was in front of the dish area from the sprayer. The sink, so I could catch my balance, even with non slip shoes on.

    In addition to the chaos of me not getting my money, Victoria was looking at me and smirking, she also lied to Lori when on the phone with her when Lori asked her to change my credit card receipts. She stated I was blocking the door as if I was intentionally not letting her out of the office. Since I was recording the entire situation, I then got my phone and showed how the chairs in the office did not allow room to get to the door. I was sitting there trying to figure the situation correct, I would ever block a door to allow someone to open it to fix my credit cards, she provided a hostile work environment due to her being upset I wanted my tips owed before leaving. Lori and Victoria were talking to each other on speaker phone regarding inspection in the morning and how I was holding them up, Victoria then stated always in my shift this happens. I did not want to be there, I wanted what was owed and to pay the correct amount owed to the store. Victoria telling Lori I was the cause she couldn’t get started on what she needed to for the inspection and laughing it was my fault is highly unprofessional and unethical. No employee should ever be treated the way I was treated.

    In addition, the reason I wanted everything corrected before I left is because once the end of the day is ran, it is more tedious and impossible to run a new checkout in the system, it is easier and protocol for all credit cards to be entered and matched up prior to the end of the day being ran to avoid and credit card issues later and to insure the information entered in the system is correct. Victoria and Lori failed their responsibilities as a manager. Again, Jacob handled the situation the best he could. He has not even been trained properly as a MIT, this is frustrating for him because he knows what he is doing and makes the best choices for the company. He could be an asset, but desires for training instead of just being put on the floor with no guidance.

    I texted Lori after the situation to ask about if she ever completed the report and let her know I did not give a statement nor sign and forms regarding my injury. Lori did not text back, understandable, however, she did not call and follow up this morning regarding my injury. Please follow up regarding my injury and for the report.

    I can answer any questions you may have regarding my situation or about the store.

    You can contact me at inspireyou365@outlook.con

  • Shaw says:

    Edit: my son’s meal was not delivered and no effort was made to make it right.

  • Shaw says:

    Ordered dinner for delivery on New Years Day from the McKinney, Texas location. 3 entrees and 2 appetizers ordered… 2 entrees and two appetizers received. Wife called and was hung up on. Wife called back and after asking for the manager, was told there was nothing that could be done and that she should call back on Monday.
    I called back and asked to speak to a manager and was immediately hung up on.
    My son’s meal was delivered and no effort was made to fix the issue.
    I like the food at Cotton Patch, but will be finding other places to get my chicken fried steak fix in the future.

  • Mike Renfro says:

    on 11/28/21 I wrote a scathing comment about the restaurant in Tyler, TX about the service and the management of that restaurant. I was contacted by the asst. manager and he was horrified. He apologized profusly and said he would check into what hagive ppened. he sent us some gift cards , as he said to give them (Cotten Patch) ae nother chance. He went above and beyond what he needed to do. And everything he said would do he got the othermanagement to do.
    I didn’t write the comment get reimbursement or anything else just wanted them to know what was going on at that restaurant. We will try them again to see how the have or have not improved. But I am complimenting that manager that called me , I believe if you had more employees that were concerned with where they worked and took pride in the product they put out you would achieve a reputation of “the place to go”.
    My cudos to the tmanager who contacted me as very excellent manager for being concerned. To make a bad evening a tolerable one. And we will give you another try.

  • Charlotte Johnson says:

    I visited your Spring, Texas location on Sunday 11/28/2021 for dinner it was not a pleasant experience. I order a Southern Sweet Texas Tea to go with my dinner it had a sour taste it was more sour then sweet. The Manger Catherine L came brought our cheese fries i asked if the drink could be remade . She stated no it couldn’t be remade because it was premix with sweet and sour mix so she took the drink to added coke-cola to it which made it taste worse. Once, i told her that it was still not good she explain to me it was “Against the Law” to void drinks from your tab. I have never been told such a thing in my whole life at any establishment. I need to know why i was flat out lied to directly to my face was it because she was short on sales that night,didn’t know how to properly make the drink or race issue. I need a answer because that made my dinner experience very uncomfortable and unpleasant. table 15 Server:William F time:6:52pm Cotton Patch cafe #47

  • Mike Renfro says:

    Dear sir : Family went to Cotton Patch in tyler, Tx as party of 6. We arrived at approx. 6 p.m. it was not real busy and they seated us almost immediately. The waiter, Alexander, was complaining about having been at work since 11AM ; he seated us got our drink order. We ordered a texas size order of fried pickles. The restaurant was not that busy in the section where we were there was not but 4 tables occupied. Several had not been bused of dirty dishes. We got our pickles they were hot and very good. We ordered our entries and the waiter took the order and it was imputed in the system at 1822 hrs. The waiter came back and checked on us and brought more drinks then as needed. We continued to wait and 2 other large parties came in about and hour after we had placed our order. And we made a comment that we were glad that we got our order placed before the other parties came in. We continued to fellowship for awhile. Then when the food arrived for the party that came in after us that was at 745. I could not get the attention of our server so I got up and went to server prep area and asked to speak to the manager. Our waiter came over and tried to intercede for him. I told him that I needed to see the manager, who asked the waiter what I wanted. I told him that we had been waiting for our food, he asked what table and out pointed to our table. He said he would check on it, then in about 10 minutes our food came out. The orders were all wrong I ordered a ceasear salad with my meal I got mashed potatoes (totally uneatable ). My daughter didn’t get her food at all, My wife’s BLT and lack was so greasy she could not eat it. The mashed potatoes where so hard and completely dried out.
    The manager never introduced himself or came to out table to see if the orders came out ok never check or offered to make things right. I still don’t know his name. We finally got my daughters food after we had finished. I am so disappointed in the service and food and lack of management concern. Wait staff hid out and would not help each other. I will not be going back to that restaurant and I will tell everyone I come in contact with of my experience.
    I wish someone who cares about cotton Patch would call me so we can discuss this incident. My family spent over $100, for food I could have gotten for less money. I am sorry we picked that restaurant.

  • Dan says:

    My family had dinner at the Tyler location last night. We arrived at 8:00PM. We have dined at this location over the years and always enjoyed it. Service has always been good and the meals served in a timely manner. Our waitress did her best but it was 9:15 PM by the time we got our food. The food was good and prepared as we had ordered other than being out of pork chops.
    There were only 2 or 3 other tables occupied. Many of the tables needed to be cleaned but no one was giving attention to that. There appeared to be 1 cook on duty but there were several employees huddled up at a corner table. One, I believe was the Manager. It seems that the service has really gone down at this particular Cotton Patch. Attention to appearance and customer perception seems a low priority. I told my wife that I was sorry I picked Cotton Patch. She said things have really gone “downhill” at this location.
    I hope you can get this location turned around and headed back toward a customer friendly place.
    Dan Vaughan

  • Kathy Lee says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am requesting someone from your accounting office to give me a call. I work for Tarrant County College and we frequently place orders at Cotton Patch at the Lake Worth, Texas location. We are a tax-exempt organization and I am needing taxes removed from a recent purchase. I have sent an email to Jose Hurtado, General Manager at that location. He initially responded; however, he has not reissued me a new receipt without tax. The receipt with tax has to be voided. Unfortunately, our organization will not accept any purchases on our credit card with taxes and I must reconcile our procurement card at the end of the month. I would appreciate assistance in getting this matter resolved.

    Thank you,
    Kathy Lee Office: 817-515-7426
    Tarrant County College Northwest Campus
    Office of the Divisional Dean of Public Services and Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Linda says:

    So August 16,2020 order my meals online show up at the restaurant park at their curbside called to let them know I was outside to pickup my order. I wanted in hour no one ever came came out so I called and told them I had been waiting in hour the girl I talk to said they ran out of food but would let me speak to a manager. So I finally talk to the manager and he says oh yea we have your food ready well take out to you will I wait other 20 minutes I guy comes out with my food and hands it to me I look inside they only have steak in one and chicken in the other with no sides and I ask him about it and he said they ran out. I gave him back my food and said I wanted my money back. Well let just say I have been giving the run around and still have not seen my money put back in my account. So I will be going up there tomorrow and asking for my money back but in cash………This place is so unorganized and I don’t know how they haven’t closed it down

  • Stu Rowland says:

    We went for the birthday celebration and $5 chicken fried steak. It was one of the most disorganized things I have ever been in too and my life. The customers were waiting 2 to 3 hours for their food. I finally got fed up and have them cancel my order and I will not be back. This makes 3 times we have tried the Cotton Patch in Arlington and 2 of those times have been bad.

    • Dwayne Gilley says:

      I experienced the same problem at the Lake Worth , Tx location. I placed my order online at 4:30 pm and finally received my order at
      8:12 pm after having to place my food twice. There were probably 30 other people waiting.on their orders at the same time. And on top of that, the food was terrible and had throw away. I won’t be returning to Cotton Patch.


  • Trina huntley says:

    Dining at your Round Rock location there were 3 different employees not wearing masks, including our server and people working in the kitchen. I have photos if needed.

  • Naomi Williams says:

    I received a notice on my phone today that I can get 30% off. Order on line which I did. I placed my order for 2 lunches and entered the True30 which it took. I gave my credit card and everything went through. When I picked up my order the person who brought out my food had a bill for full amt. said I couldn’t get discount or use my credit card because I ordered on line. I am confused so please clarify this for me.

  • Terri says:

    I did a curbside PU on Friday, May 1 for dinner. I’m 3 weeks out after recovery from COVID. I had on my masks and gloves – I always wear just in case. Your service people came right up to my window – no masks, no gloves. Brought my dinner, took and returned my CC, and handed me a tray to sign my receipt – all without gloves or masks. This was in Flower Mound on 2499. My concern is for your workers and your customers. Isn’t their guidelines for this?

  • Tiwana Luckie says:

    I am a walker and everytime I try to pass your reaturnt in round rock the side walk is blocked. I have reached out to the manager but the problem still exist. I understand safety of workers but what about people who are walking and have every right to have access to the sidewalk. Is it that your company dont care about people who walk and why does the entire sidewalk have to be taken up. I hope a resolution can be found so people who have a right to the sidewalk can use it and also so requirements that you set forth can continue.
    I do have a picture which I’d be glad to forward

  • Bob says:

    Went to store # 47 for Fridays “unlimited catfish, fries soda and tea. Took 41-minutes to get our food. My bill came and was charged for both the tea and soda. I called corporate 817 865-6500 and was told to enter first 3-letters of person. I entered CEO, then CFO, then COO and was told no such person. It’s not the $5.18 overcharge or waitress (who was very attentive-but couldn’t control the kitchen) but the principal of false advertising. Invoice 1137 on 03/06/20 at 20:07 PM. We won’t return. Too many fine restaurants in our area.

  • karon anderson says:

    on my birthday some family and friends went to the cotton patch in north richland hills not only was it awful for me it was embarrassing when my daughter arrived she ordered drinks waited over an hour with multiple requests for them then we saw them sitting on the bar we noticed the employees all standing in the kitchen some peoples food was cold one lady sent hers back noticing it was nuked these are just a few incidents but when we got the bills the pens were not forgotten i like cotton patch but will never return to that one

  • Michelle Hilborn says:

    I ordered a Bacon burger and BLT today. Both were soggy and cold. I reached out to the restaurant and she didn’t care. I have always loved the food, but from now on I will order elsewhere.

  • Bryan says:

    My fiancee and I went to Cottonpatch in Siloam Springs AR on July 31 2019.She ordered chicken & dumplings with extra dumplings I ordered fish dinner.We tried to use Cottonpatch coupons for free appetizers 1 coupon per person but was told can only use 1(ripoff).She received only 4 small dumplings my dinner came with 2 fish ,10 pieces of fries and 2 nickel sized hushpuppies.Corporate wont answer my complaint so I’m telling everyone DO NOT USE COTTPNPATCH in Siloam Springs AR.We will never eat at a Cottonpatch again

  • Anita Ramirez says:

    Good evening my name is Anita Ramirez.

    I tried to order online this evening 2/2/2019 at the Cracker Barrel in Bryan Tx (940 N Earl Rudder Fwy 77802).
    I had a hard time so decided to call in our order. I dialed 979-774-0346 and a person answered right away and I placed my the order. As soon as we hung up I called right back to make a slight change to my order. No one would answer the phone. I placed my order at 6:00 PM and called back to the restaurant until 6:36 without an answer. I called back more than 15 times. My daughter who picked up the food (her Dad and I are both sick with the flu) got to our house with the order while I was still trying to get someone to answer. She told me she saw them answering the phone while she was there. On my last call someone finally answered. I asked to speak with the Manager and briefly went over my issue.
    David the Manger came on the phone and right away said they are having problems with their phones going on two days now. However he did not apologize or show empathy towards me the customer. My order was for over $50.
    If the phones aren’t working maybe they should warn the Customer of that in case they need to call back instead of having someone like me on the other end go crazy and very frustrated because they will not answer.
    Very bad experience with Cotton Patch….and we picked you over Cracker Barrel.
    Big mistake.

    Thank you for the opportunity to place my complaint!

  • Larry W Cassady says:

    Poor experience the waitress Chelsea was very helpful but all personal that bring high chairs to a table need to make sure that they are safe for the toddler’s we have twins and out of the 3 high chairs they brought to our table not 1 had safety straps that would latch to keep the toddler’s from crawling out of them the store I am referring to is Ardmore ok. Food was ok service was okay but not safe for your toddler’s

  • Penny King says:

    My Son got hired at your new location in Spring Texas. He went through limited training BUT because he sometimes sweats a little too much, he was taken off of training for this reason and asked to buy a sweat band which we did along with a Cooling TShirt. When he went back to train today he was FIRED I guess after still having this issue even though he was told this wouldn’t happen and that now told he shouldn’t work in a Restaurant position. He was so disappointed, your loss cause he’s a great young man.
    THIS IS WRONG, and not an appropriate/fair reason to be fired.
    Is this part of your Company Policy?
    Thank You

    • Frank says:

      When my waiter brings my plate, and sweat drips on the table !! Makes me want to come back to the restaurant?? Carpenter, plumber, give them a shot.. not ever job is for everyone…

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