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Where is Cost Plus World Market Corporate office Headquarters

Cost Plus World Market Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 101 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94607, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 510-834-4440
  • Fax Number: 510-893-6418
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  6127
  • Established: 1958
  • Founder: William Amthor
  • Key People: Barry J. Feld

Cost Plus World Market Headquarters Location & Directions

Cost Plus World Market Headquarters Executive Team



Barry J. Feld

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Jane L. Baughman

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Jeffrey A. Turner

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations

Carrie F. Crooker

Senior Vice President of Store Operations

Laura M. Sites-Reynolds

Senior Vice President of Inventory Management

About Cost Plus World Market, History and Headquarters Information

Cost Plus World Market was incorporated by Founder William Amthor at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California, in 1958. It has its headquarters in Alameda, California. This company was acquired in 2012. In 2014, this company launched an online website called Craft by World Market where they post items for one month at a time. Along with it, they sell some items with pre-orders to ensure that enough customers will buy them.

Cost Plus World Market is a chain of retail stores. These stores sell several international food products, decor, gifts, curtains, craft beer, rugs, wine, and apparel, coffee as well as home furniture. The company is a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond. It is the best destination for the ones who need original and handmade items from around the world.

Cost Plus World Market Headquarters Photos

Cost Plus World Market Resources

  • No Name says:

    Dozens of emails on one matter, and all say something different…item out of stock; can cancel other items in order; can’t cancel other items; can refund shipping; can’t refund shipping; item in stock…don’t miss out! Like Keystone Cops…can’t believe this store is still in business. This was my first online experience with WM, and it will be my last.

  • Courtney says:

    I would highly recommend not shopping with this company. They take absolutely no care with any order that you place with them online, and they certainly don’t care if you ever receive it. After talking to numerous people about your missing order, they’ll refuse to refund or replace the order that their employees mishandled in the first place due to shady business practices. Do yourself a favor and shop with literally any other company.

  • Karen Long says:

    Please call me ASAP about an important matter at your store please. 775-354-4154

  • Pamela Miller says:

    I’m requesting to have a conversation with the buyers that purchase Home Decor, Faux Florals/Greens, and Fashion to include Ponchos, Capes & Jewelry. Inviting you to our Summer Market: Showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta and/or Las Vegas.
    I look forward to hearing back!

  • Mati Barak says:

    To whom it may concern
    I would like to talk to a specialty food buyer. Our company represent Factories from Italy.
    Thanks, Mati

  • Luis Heredia says:

    Do not buy furniture from World Market. It is very bad quality especially for the price. I received a torn modular sectional sofa, a few months in of barely any use, all the fabric is overly worn. The pillows are lumpy. The frame of the couch sounds like it’s made out of cardboard as it keeps cracking whenever you set your hand on it. I have been asking for this couch to be returned and then I was run in circles on the phone between customer service and pilot to schedule a pickup. I took a day off work to be home for pickup and the driver refused to pick up the couch alone without a second man. Back to being run in circles on the phone trying to schedule a two man pickup. Now time has passed, we’ve had medical emergencies to tend to in the time and now that I call back to schedule a pickup, World Market absolutely refuses to return the sofa or refund my money. I am very upset, this is very poor service and the quality of furniture is awful. DO NOT EVER BUY FURNITURE FROM WORLD MARKET!!

  • Bearsmaggie says:


    I received an invitation to participate in World Market Insiders membership. I was excited since I love your store. However when I went to the survey(?) it asked three questions: How old(the NUMBER ONE QUESTION), my gender and my language. I almost lied about my age since I had a feeling. But decided that World Market is a great a store, surely they will not age discriminate.

    I was disappointed when I was told I didn’t fit to become a member. It can’t be because of my gender or language so the only thing that is left is AGE! How horrible to be discriminated against because of age. I would bring more to the insiders group since I have raised a family, have life experiences, have aged smartly, but no, I am told I am too old in a backhanded way. Shame on you, the creators of the survey and shame on World Market.

    Older voices in America are getting a little tired of being discriminated against! I think it will be a good subject to send to AARP.

    “Gray Lives Matter, too”

  • Debra Ingram says:

    Am trying to reach Loss Prevention.

  • K says:

    I have called a number of times about SKU 544550 however every time I call or check online I’m unable to make a purchase of this item since march of 2020 this item has been out of stock, yet has been on sale for at least 2 or 3 times. I have sent a number of emails but no response along with phone calls to agents with no help but responses of “check back in a few months” or “it will be on sale soon.” Yet today I modify my zip code and found a location of 5954 Kingstowne Town Center in Alexandria VA, 22315 spoke an associate Josh that informed me that a total of 3 are available, but currently cant’t ship to my state of DE due to Covid-19 it was something they use to do but aren’t able to. Then I contact the number of the website of WorldMarket and spoke to a agent named Teresa today and told me that two supervisors and can’t authorize the store to ship and item they have to me when its clearly available what kind of business is that.

  • Barbara Leon says:

    Looking for Managment at west Hartford

  • Nan says:

    I sent two inquiry emails via World Market website, One was a quick question on whether or not the company planned to restock a certain item.

    After several days wait (Covid-19, I get it, no problem) I received one lengthy reply – without my original question shown. Your reply was a boilerplate. It spewed back info already easily found on your website.
    None of the reply email had any bearing whatsoever to my question.
    And…funny/insulting… your reply email then encouraged me to re-contact the company if my question was not answered. Really.

    My inquiry was one simple sentence. You apparently don’t even bother to read an inquiry?!
    Your product quality isn’t that great, especially for the pricing.
    Your customer service… you clearly don’t feel like bothering with it.

    You are going to corporate-ize this company into oblivion. But, I guess the top dogs in the company will be satisfied to walk away with their millions. The company exists for their profit.

    Oh – the comment below? About the free shipping that isn’t really? I’ve had that happen to me. I had to call in the order, and the service rep told me the reps have to do this manual override to have the “coupon” actually work. You know this is an ongoing problem. Yet you don’t fix it? Another ‘profit center’ for you?
    It’s a really bad business model, guys.

  • Patricia Bessler says:

    World Market…sorry I ever shopped there. Purchased five pillows online and applied a “promo” code for free shipping on $49+. Turned out the small print excluded most items. I was charged $15.90 shipping for five small pillows (regular shipping, continental US). When I tried to cancel the order, they said it couldn’t be cancelled, even though it still hasn’t shipped FIVE days after the order was made. Even worse, this was during the COVID store closure, so shipping was the only option. Guess World Market is banking off other people’s misery. Shameful.

  • Toni L Gaiser says:

    I received a “large” basket full of foods and treats, and a $25.00 gift card, from Mr. Jack Schwefel, CEO and the entire Cost Plus World Market family, just before the Thanksgiving holiday!! What a wonderful surprise!! I have never received anything like this from any other Retail Store! I would like to “thank” Mr. Schwefel and the entire Cost Plus World Market family for being so thoughtful! My family is greatly enjoying the delicious treats!! I have visited my local Cost Plus World Market store, in Flower Mound, Texas, and personally thanked the employees for the incredible gift from Mr. Schwefel and the entire Cost Plus World Market family, which included each of them!! I would like to wish each of you a Blessed and Happy New Year 2020!!
    p.s. I have already spent my gift card, purchasing more delicious Nyaker’s Gingersnaps!! Our family and our neighbors love Nyaker’s Gingersnaps with Pumpkin Dip and Cheesecake Dip!!!

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