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  • Address: 12700 Park Central Dr #1300, Dallas, TX 75251, United States
  • Phone Number: 972 619-4100
  • Fax Number: 972 788-5038
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 9,500
  • Established: 1991
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Frank G. Paci (CEO)

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Frank G. Paci


Belinda Hebbler


John A. LaBarge


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Corner Bakery Cafe was incorporated back in 1991. In 2005, Corner Bakery Cafe was purchased by Il Fornaio (America) Corporation by Brinker.

Corner Bakery Cafe is an American chain of cafes. This chain specializes in pasta, bread, gourmet sandwiches, salads, homemade soups, pastries, and breakfast dishes. The branches of this cafe is spread over more than 192 locations nationwide, such as in Philadelphia, Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Tucson, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Denver, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., El Paso, and Buffalo metropolitan areas, as well as in Northern California, Mississippi, New Jersey, Virginia, Savannah, East Texas, the Rio Grande Valley areas, and a location in Carmel. Wisconsin.

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  • Scott Guitan says:

    Hi my name is Scott Guitan and I love to eat at Corner Bakery. We lived in San Antonio for 8 yrs. We would go to the restaurant any chance we get. We’ll We moved back to Odessa Texas. It would be some wonderful if your company would consider opening a restaurant here in Odessa. I really think it would get a great turn out. They are really trying to put restaurants downtown here and it would make great fit to our downtown.

    Thank You

  • Gloria Gladman says:

    I was on hold for an HOUR waiting for someone in catering to take my call. I was simply going to ask for the box of coffee that wasn’t delivered with our catering order to be sent but as the length of time being on hold got longer and longer I had made up my mind to ask for a refund. Granted it was only $10 but after being on hold for so long I was furious. I only waited to see how long I would actually be on hold. Once the one hour mark passed I hung up and called again. When someone finally picked up I was placed on hold a couple of more times until someone came back on the line, asked me what I wanted to take place, all the while having a conversation with someone else and laughing. Thanks for the cold burritos delivered this morning and no coffee… especially the one HOUR hold time only to get no one to pick up and had to call back. Feel free to reply to me and I’ll provide a screen shot of the call if anyone at Corner Bakery cares. Sorry but not sorry for the poor comment having to be left. Guess it’s time to move to another bakery for breakfast catering orders.

  • Lorenzo Archuleta says:

    El Paso location not serving breakfast all day like your website says and they don’t call to inform. Customer service wasn’t the greatest either.

  • Rebecca says:

    Your service at the corner bakery was horrible. The manager was rude

  • marc says:

    at the corner bakery-burbank, the manager named raffi began throwing pots and pans and screaming like a crazy man because my eggs were cold and i asked for it to be redone or heated. i then informed the general director named chuck bizjack. so far, nothing was done. raffi should be fired. raffi gossips about other customers and touches 19 year old female employees.

  • David bailey says:

    Why no coffee in santa ana ca. Off main st. For the last month. Do you want me to buy you a mr. Coffee

  • CJ says:

    What up with Corner Bakery?! The one in Chino Hills, CA is really getting bad, food is cold, no baked goods, ice machine out of order, no espresso machine for over a month, is it closing? I think I will rethink going there. I have given it 3 chances over a month. 3 strikes and your out!

  • sharmin says:

    your area manager disreapect me and talked down in front of everyone . i try to complain . who can help?

  • Judy bogue says:

    No contact phone for their. Corporate headquarters. I signed up for their reward program and am unable to use it does not register at store. I was told to call their corporate office and they would add it to my account. Neither the phone number on my receipt, the number the manager gave me, or the corporate number on the internet works. Total fraud. My order was totally mixed up. Nice people but this business must be ready to fold.

  • Britnee M says:

    I have been going to this location (17th & JFK) for weeks after starting my new job in the city and I have never had a problem. I decided to go for lunch this previous Friday (9/9/22) to get the chicken pesto sandwich and as I’m more half way through my first half of the sandwich (almost done) I noticed an insect as I was about to go for another bite. I immediately went back to the location and took it back. The manager refunded me, offered me anything that I wanted and apologized as well as giving me two $5 coupons for any visit. I declined anything else from there and while an apology is nice it’s not enough. I’d like to speak someone as soon as possible as this is very unsanitary it’s disgusting and the fact that I’d been eating there makes me feel like the entire location has bigger issues on top of the fact that the insect was embedded in the sandwich as if while it was being made someone saw it there and kept layering.

  • CinCin says:

    Corner Bakery, locations need to close their employees, managers and corporate executives are incompetent and do not care about their customers.

    • sharmin says:

      i agree. area manager instead of helping me said i call police and leave my shop. this is a joke company. frisco location.

      • marc says:

        the manager at the burbank location did the same thing. my eggs were left on the counter for half an hour. it was cold. and when i asked for them to be redone because they were COLD, the manager began throwing pots and pans and screaming. having a tantrum. crazy. a lack of profession. he also touches young 19 year old employees. his name is raffi. he should be fired, but the district manager named < Chuck Bizjack does nothing about his employees that are unprofessional. i even qualified for a free sweet, my app, clearly stated "FREE SWEET" and the employee named Samantha Uribe did not want to give me a free sweet, until said i was going to notified corporate. This chain is in need of extreme help. Total lack of common descency.

  • CinCin says:

    1701 JFK called me a RACIST because I made a complaint about how I was treated by their employee that blocked my path as I removed a plate from a table I was eating at. Tom and Jeff both manager and general manager ignored my complaint and said I was banned from the store base on a complaint. Totally ignorant!!

  • Ursula Dees says:

    Horrible service and delivery was awful. My group was late for the bus trip. I placed my order online. I called the location in Arlington, VA for days and no one answered the phone. I called another local store and they assisted me and had someone to call me. Spoke with Supervisor several times about my order and she confirmed all was in stock. To my surprise I get a call at 7:45 am the day of delivery to inform me that I would not get my order as planned. No orange juice and no fruit parfait. She cases of water bottles and a fruit cup to feed a toddler. Service and the quality of food was horrible. I ordered for (55) people. After speaking with Supervisor about my displeasure of this entire experience she had no explanation. I asked what can Corner Bakery do for this inconvenience and was told the GM said he will give us 15% off next order. Well, Corner Bakery just missed a good customer for many events, we will not secure the services of Corner Bakery again. The delivery driver as 45 minutes late that cause major delays for my group. Very disappointed. Someone also needs to nail the hammer as to why the phones are not answered. Poor business practice there.

  • Leah says:

    Was charged $50 for a $25 gift card and I can’t get anyone to return my emails and phone calls

  • Isabel says:

    Very bad experience as the door-dasher touched and ate some of our food and I had to throw it away! The crisp bag was taped with scotch tape and my sandwich was eaten: unless the damn people
    Forgot our sandwich but the crisp definitely were eaten and touched. (Nasty) I will never ever go to this place ever again as they do not secure our food to where the door dashers are not able to touch or take out food when delivered: you guys need to change the delivery method to have our food securely especially with this Covid. Very unhappy

  • Paul Taylor says:




  • Eileen says:

    Worst experience today at the La Habra location. The manager is your problem. Until you hire someone who can manage and not scream at her workers nothing will change. I will not be returning and will write of my experience on Yelp.

  • Joyce white says:

    Ate there yesterday in Anaheim Hills…the worst food and service

  • CM says:

    I just sent an email out to 65 people telling how the Corner Bakery is requiring proof of vaccination in order for people to eat inside in an area where it is not mandated by local authorities. YOU JUST LOST A LOT OF CUSTOMERS BECAUSE I WILL SPREAD THIS INFO EVERY WHERE. What amazes me is the adherence to communist style propaganda when the science shows that vaccinated people spread Covid very easily, that areas with the highest vaccinations have the highest cases. etc etc. Stop destroying our freedoms and wake up!!

  • Patti Nelson says:

    The manager not a professional, employee is employee is role. Ca, Valencia, 91355

  • David Bolton says:

    Hello Corner Bakery,
    Today at 12 noon Chicago time I was insulted at the Corner Bakery located in Skokie Illinois. Your manager Jessica Valencia accused me of mocking her one day. I told her that she was mistaken but she insisted that I mocked the way she walks. She went on to say that she has notified her corporate office and that I’m no longer welcome in the restaurant.
    I’ve been a faithful company for many years. I always pay on my American Express credit card, you can review my payment history. I’ve always gotten along well with the staff at the Skokie location as well as many other locations.
    I demand an apology and would not refuse a meeting with a representative to discuss this issue.
    Sincerely, David Bolton

  • Marlene Curwen says:

    My husband and I, as well as another couple, have been going to Corner Bakery in Valencia CA once a week since it opened. Now that they took off the menu the tuna sandwich, we no longer go. Very disappointing. Why is it off the menu? Please reinstate it if you want our business back (as well as others we know)
    Thank you

  • Ellen Sandler says:

    I’m the happiest person today because: the General Manager, Johnny Basurto, had my 2 credit cards, etc. that I accidentally dropped at Corner Bakery, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa. 😃 👍 I can’t thank him enough for saving them for me!!!!!!!! 🥰 😊

  • Dean Brentnall says:

    how do I find out about my retirement Income?

  • antoinettede wolf says:

    I have left two phone messages at corporate office no one answers the phone no one returns the call I would like some customer service and someone should call me at 818-318-2200 regarding a complaint of a product I purchased at the Burbank store.

  • John Davis says:

    I was setting at a table in your Corner Bakery at the South Coast Plaza Mall, Orange County California.
    My wife was in line ordering for us.
    The manager asked for me to give up my table.
    The manager was told by me that my wife was ordering your food.
    The manager kicked me out of the booth I was holding for my wife and I.
    He had someone else that wanted my table.
    I was there first and these people showed up after I did.
    Very RUDE.
    Is this your policy to kick someone out of there table while waiting for there food.

    I demand an apology and the manager and the manager be disciplined.

    I have pictures of the table I had sat at for more then 5 minutes playing card games on my phone.

    Pictures of the people that took my table.
    See the attachments. If you don’t get the attachments contact me by email with a different address to send them to.

    I was there first and was totally disrespected and treated rudely.
    You need to take care of this problem.
    I want to know how Corner Bakery is going to take care of this.
    I demand a response…

    May 9 2021

  • tracy watkins says:

    I have always enjoyed Corner Bakery’s food and have used their catering services on multiple occasions. However, i was extremely disappointed to see that they have implemented a $25 delivery charge on all orders. It was unfortunate to find that out as i was ordering food for a family that lost a child through tragedy. I spoke with the catering manager and all he could say was that his hands are tied because it was a directive from corporate. It was implemented in January 2020. We are living in rough financial times and to hold this up during Covid when everyone is struggling is plain greed. I will NEVER order from them again nor frequent their establishment.

  • Kourtney Calvin says:

    They have an employee name Shanna Nabors that does cocaine on the job and they haven’t fired her. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go to the one in North Park Mall. Because you will see Shanna Nabors snoring cocaine and that’s a disaster for the company

  • Kimberlie Reed says:

    2/19 Ogilvie Center in Chicago 8am. RUDE employee. This is my first time at this location as I love Corner Bakery and use them for clients catering all the time. Normally I have it delivered but this time I picked it up. The first girl was very nice and had my bag waiting. She removed the receipt and said she would be right back. Then Ciera or Cieva? came and asked what I wanted and I told her I was already being helped, she then told me to move as the other girl was coming back for me to sign the receipt. I told her I needed to sign my receipt and she said you can do that over there. I told her I already had my packages at my feet, she gave me attitude and rolled her eyes with attitude. I asked for her name and she said whatever and laughed. The other girl gave me her. Not Good customer service. When I got back to the office I told my coworker and she knew exactly who I was speaking about and said she is always like that. She needs to have her butt fired!!! I will never give that location my catering business again.

  • Michael Smallwood says:

    Shanna Nabors she works at the Northpark Mall corner bakery and she be snoring cocaine and smoking marijuana and stealing money from the company. This company should be a shame to this person as an employee

  • Tina Vasquez says:

    Let me start of by just saying how much I love CB and often ( 2 or 3 times a week) I eat there. As we know it is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! And everywhere you go it’s festive and beautiful. Well I live in California and the CB in Valencia (by Six Flags Magic MTN) was recently decorated SO beautifully and very festive for the season. It had a beautiful Christmas tree and festive garland. And I was so pleased and it felt very warm and cheerful. I especially enjoyed eating by the Christmas tree, such a serene atmosphere. I was telling everyone how beautiful it looked and to visit . Well to my horror today I go in especially excited to have breakfast on this rainy nice day and sit by the cozy tree, BUT it was gone!! All the decorations were gone??? As I asked the Mgr all he said was they were told to tone down the decor. Tone down? They sure did by removing everything! Why in the world would they take the time and effort to decorate (very beautiful might I add) just to tear it all down? My guess is that “some offended overly sensitive” crybaby complained. And poof it’s all gone. If they don’t like it go somewhere else for month, could you imagine the kids that were in awe of the decor and now to see nothing!? Well if CB Corp cares ANYTHING about the rest of us that love traditional Christmas put back the decorations. Or I will go to a place that ia NOT ashamed to put up a Christmas Tree!!

  • Sylvia R. says:

    Nov. 26, 5:30 pm, Ogilvie Center in Chicago: it took 25 mins. to get food, I was aked if I’d eat anything, and got some food, not what I ordered but I had a deadline. Totally disorganized kitchen, ½ the people waiting got up and complained. Get competent people in there. Service is always slow here, but this was awful.

  • Rosi says:

    Thus Far, I LOVE CORNER BAKERY! I Love the food, the ambiance, and most of the time, the staff!
    But If I don’t hear from the Corporate Office soon, I may stop visiting the Corner Bakery and signing
    its praises to friends and family. Someone needs to reply to my recent email about a problem at the
    Stone Oak Location in far north San Antonio, TEXAS Zip 78258.
    Here, in a nutshell, is my problem. I receive Offers because I signed up to get the CB newsletter. I
    get offers regularly. The one I take advantage of frequently is the $5.99 offer for breakfast, lunch or
    dinner. It is usually called the TWO FOR ONE. The issue is that I often meet a girl friend at CB for lunch
    or breakfast. When it comes time to pay, the Staff says “OH NO” You can’t have the $5.99 Offer a.e. Deal
    IF YOU AND YOUR FRIEND PAY SEPARATELY!!! They say it has to be paid all on the same Credit Card or
    Debit Card. Yet Your Frequent Offer Doesn’t Say How WE must Pay! I want to keep meeting my friends at
    the Corner Bakery, But we should be able to pay using our own Personal Debit or Credit Card.
    YES, we are friends, but I don’t want to use my Debit or Credit Card to Pay for Two Meals just because we
    met and took advantage of the Two for One Offer You Send me Regularly!
    Please get back to me on this issue asap, because I like 5 minutes from Corner Bakery in Stone Oak and
    dine at the CB regularly with friends or hubby.
    Sincerely, your constant customer
    Rosi C in San Antonio

  • Lee Rosser says:

    Your location at Akers Mill Square in Cumberland area of Atlanta Georgia is just wonderful . The people who work there are especially nice.

  • Sima Talaiefar says:

    I have lost 31 pounds eating your tomato mozzarella sandwich. I love this sandwich. I actually change it a little bit. I make it like the old ways. Just tomato, Mozzarella, basil and the souse with the yummy french bread and I also throw a few chips on top of the sandwich for a little crunch and I’m very satisfied. I eat half of the sandwich for lunch and the other half for dinner. I eat it at least 3 time a week. The funny thing is the sandwich is so good I don’t get sick of it.

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