Where is Core Mark Corporate office Headquarters

Core Mark Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 395 Oyster Point Blvd # 415, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 650-589-9445

  • Fax Number: 650-872-3658

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  8413

  • Established: 1888

  • Founder: Glaser Brothers

  • Key People: Thomas B. Perkins

Core Mark Headquarters Location & Directions

Core Mark Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas B. Perkins

CEO & Director

Scott E. McPherson

President & COO

Christopher M. Miller

CFO & Senior VP

Eric J. Rolheiser

Senior VP of Northern Divisions & President of Canada

William G. Stein

Senior Vice President of U.S. Distribution East

Christopher L. Walsh

Senior Vice President of U S Distribution for West

About Core Mark, History and Headquarters Information

Core-Mark was incorporated in San Francisco in 1888 by the Glaser brothers. The company was sold to David Gillespie in 1974, which was later launched as a public corporation by listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1984. By 1989, the company went private and it was purchased by Fleming Companies, Inc.  The company was launched as a public company again in 2005 and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Core-Mark Holding Company distributes fresh, chilled and frozen merchandise mainly to convenience stores in the United States. Along with it, it also offers associated business services such as category management and management of promotions. It provides its line of products and services to more than 44,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada. It has more than 8000 staff members who operate more than 32 distribution centers.

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  • Jj says:

    Alexander Cano employee of Core Mark International in San Antonio has been reported to

    To: TWC Civil Rights Division
    To: employment-discrimination-complaint
    To: complaint with OFCCP for racism …

    This was reported many time by myself and coworker and nothing was done .
    It has gotten to this point due to HR Pedro and Management have done nothing to rectify the situation!

    I have spoken to HR on phone regarding this issue and nothing has been done! I also work in same department as A Cano . And know what is being said by this man.
    Last week A Cano was racist against one of my coworkers and verbally abusive to him ! Apparently he has done this before with another worker and now myself ! I will not stand for this if HR has done nothing!!
    We have a recording of him saying these awful things that we will turn over to proper authority if necessary.
    We were also told by a different department that this man is a high school drop out from 10 grade are you kidding me? Core -Mark allows a uneducated person to hold this position? I have been at my position 3 years and am educated ! Against company policy ! This needs to be resolved before it gets out of hand and this makes Core -Mark International look so unprofessional especially HR not doing their job to control RACIST SITUATION!!



    My name is Lionel Williams,
    I worked for core mark for 3 months, and loved it. One of the managers (Chuck) start picking with me, because my cousin is the supervisor, and he want her gone. He start making up stuff on me, saying I was coming up short with pieces and stuff like that, when everyone saw me do my job correct every night.. My job was full case, so I pull orders for to be deliver by truck driver. This place known for stuff getting lost by truck drivers or dock workers, but this manager(Chuck) was so anxious to fire me, he blame everything on me, and this is all because, my cousin is the supervisor, and he don’t like her having that position. He made her fire me, because he know we are real close family. And he knew she would quit, before firing me for nothing. But I told her, to do what he says, she been there over 20 years. I’m just heart broking and feel played, because I was dedicated to the job. First he(Chuck) said my numbers was to low, knowing I haven’t been there long, and there’s no training, I had to figure out everything by myself. But I figure it out, and got my numbers high, he had to bring up something else. I think it’s sad, how some managers can get away with anything because they’re the manager. Can someone please give me a call, because this is horrible.
    Lionel Williams
    Supervisor (cousin) Chasity Williams
    Manager Chuck
    Forrest City Ar

  • Doug Galderisi says:

    Will someone tell your drivers parking in handicap , spots blocking handicap ramps and in fire lane is not allowed. As a disabled man I need to use these not wait my turn

  • Shieta Gatewood says:

    I got terminated and haven’t been able to get in touch with no one..
    It’s still showing I’m active and it’s causing me not to be eligible for unemployment and other assistance

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