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  • Address: 14185 Dallas Pkwy #300, Dallas, TX 75254, USA
  • Phone Number: 972-391-5000
  • Fax Number: 972 386-6736
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 6,000
  • Established: 1982
  • Founder: Willis J. Johnson
  • Key People: Jayson Adair (CEO)

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Jayson Adair


Jeffrey Liaw


William E. Franklin


About Copart, History and Headquarters Information


Copart was founded in the year 1982. The company has been active for almost 37 years now. The founder of the company was Willis J Johnson. In the early 1990s, the company started to expand slowly via private loans and also equity as well. During that time, the company had already grown to almost four locations in northern California. In the year 1994, the company had added eight new facilities as well and therefore had acquired the largest seller of salvage in terms of sheer volume in the USA, known as North Texas Salvage Pool of Dallas, located in Texas, USA. The founder of the company had planned to transform the salvage industry into a more modern, sophisticated and also a better service providing business as well. Thus, during the 1990s, the company’s information technology started to develop as well.

In the year 1997, the Copart Auction System was developed, which was made to support and unify the growing business, as well as help the facilities of the company along with the sellers to generate reports, access information quickly and also increased the efficiency of operations as well. Then in the year 1998, the company introduced the concept of internet bidding, which was a massive departure from local physical auctions. Therefore, as the internet started to grow in popularity, the company had developed its own online auction platform as well, which was known as VB2, and it was implemented in the year 2003. The VB2 technology transformed the salvage company into a technology-related company. This helped in opening the sales process to registered buyers and also the seller, all around the world, who all have their own internet connection. In the year 2004 and also in the year 2008, the company had discontinued all physical auctions and started to implement online live auctions and started remarketing vehicles via the VB2 platform. The company currently sells more than one million vehicles every year via the VB2 technology. In the year 1994, the company had filed its first IPO or Initial Public Offering and was transformed into a limited public entity. The headquarters of the company is based in 14185 Dallas Parkway #300. The name of the place is Dallas, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 75254.


Copart is an American company that focuses on the auctioning of various types of vehicles online with the help of its own VB2 technology along with its own yards and also maintenance personnel. The current CEO of the company is A Jayson Adair. As of the year 2017, the total revenue sales of the company is more than $1.4 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 5,300. The company has its operations in the USA, the UK, Canada, the UAE, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Ireland and Finland. The company currently has its presence in over 190 locations across the globe.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have an online presence in order to bid or auction various types of vehicles - with the services developed and maintained by the company itself. The main buyers of the company are vehicle dealers, rebuilders, exporters, etcetera, while the seller of the company includes charities, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, rental car companies, government agencies, etcetera.

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  • Henry Kerr says:

    Kerrs towing service

  • Henry Kerr says:

    Good evening, I’m Towing provider at copart, and I was treated very unfair with your company

  • Anasonit says:

    I REALLY hope Copart drags their heads outta where the sun does not shine, treating others the way they would want to be treated would be so very refreshing. LEADERSHIP; be ethical leaders and can the crap that is going to take down your business… THAT simple, IF NOT: I hope that your company and employees get everything they deserve, in this or the next round…

  • Anasonit says:

    If you are considering COPART I recommend changing your mind as fast as possible from the idea! These folks remind me of Wal-Mart or any other titan company; they Could care less about customer service or decency, it’s all about the money honey! My first recommendation to a private buyer (regular member, not car lot buyer) would be to read ALL the fee schedules and disclosures. If you don’t want surprises this is key to the buying experience, buy a car and you may end up paying as much in fees as the darn car cost! Second, in my experience Copart has a MAJOR customer service problem at the local and corporate levels; I was hung up on by an employee because she decided that treating a customer with respect is just too much trouble. Contact corporate, the local manager, and even their virtual customer assistance; might as well try to get a psychopath to feel empathy before trying to get anywhere with these tyrants. I REALLY did not appreciate the way I have been blatantly disrespected and ignored. Third and final recommendation is to look at the location of the vehicle; if it is an “Off Lot” buy it can and in my case will take a cool minute before it is transferred (LOCALLY, not from another city mind you) to the COPART lot for buyer to pick up; and I hope to God it is not some further scam and the car actually is all that the report said it is, I’m Not holding my breath! Might as well deal with a used car salesman, at least you get some feigned decency from them!!! Other than those issues everything was gravy.

  • Reno says:

    Hello my name is Reno Ah Toon,

    I am writing this in hopes of getting a response, I had been in an accident and my insurance company (Root Insurance) had partnered with copart to receive an estimate. Copart Portland south had texted my phone and asked to finish a survey to verify my lot number for the claim. I wasn’t able to produce the information needed for the survey online and it had said to contact co part. I was met with a “customer” representative @ the copart Portland south location with an attitude the size of a semi and when I had explained to her that I don’t have a lot number because of the survey and that I needed direction or help to obtain it for their convenience she hung up on me. So today March, 23rd. 2022 I had gone in to retrieve my personals and to speak with the GM Rebbeca Aguilar she was also rude and unprofessional when I approached her about the subject and the utter distaste that spewed from her mouth was almost warranted. Now I get it, it’s busy you deal with a lot of other bullshit besides work but if you don’t feel like helping me just let me know and be honest. I don’t take lightly to disrespect or attitude I’m sure you all understand coming from a customer service profession. I would just like a message to be relayed to your copart Portland south office employees to have more professionalism and to take your customers more seriously because in this day in age people are too comfortable with disrespect.

    Reno Ah Toon

    • Anasonit says:

      WOW! So as I suspected this is a corporate culture that has bred disrespectful, money hungry, and just plain RUDE employees! These folks (and some other very global and large companies) need to be put in their place. Customers in the younger generation do not understand that respect should be directed to them! The customer should not be groveling at the “almighty” capitalist feet, the other way is how good products and services are won. If this culture is allowed to continue then I honestly do not want to hear whaaa-whaaa later…. If consumers CUT OFF the financial support (STOP BUYING THEIR GOODS) then change CAN happen, as is customers are paying for sub-par service and unacceptable attitudes. WE PAY THEIR Salaries- not the other way around! END of rant, and I am so sorry you have been victimized Reno, I really hope all works out for you.

  • David Eisman says:

    Visionary leadership, integrity, and sincere with a family culture.

  • Jill fletcher says:

    I bought 2 cars and a truck. The truck said “runs and drives”. I started the engine and it sounded loud and not right. I had my friend (mechanic) look at it. He said the engine is no good. I paid $4000 now I have nothing to show for it!

    • Anasonit says:

      Well hun, for $25 dollars admission price you could have previewed the truck.
      Wait a minute; so the customer pays to look over something they may or may not want to buy???
      Yep, everyday folks do it and these people get ruder and richer!!

  • Jay M. says:

    I am a broker in the Auto Transport Industry. My customer bought a vehicle at the Rankin Road Copart in Houston. I’m reaching out to all the carriers that run TX to NC and non of them will pick up from Copart for the following reason. No truck driver will go pick up this vehicle duo to their past experience waiting all day for a vehicle. Slow service means – no driver will go there any more. That will affect sales at this location.
    When I called the Rankin Road office the phone was forward to the New Orleans branch. I can’t even call these people at Rankin Road. Houston Copart probably took the phone off the hook while they were taking a snooze. These truckers work hard for their money. Don’t hold them up and make them wait for whole day in line to pick up an order.
    When I asked to speak to a manager they told me Timothy.smith@copart.com is the regional manager over both the New Orleans and the Houston Copart locations. Let’s write to Timothy and blow up his email address over this truck driver delay abuse at the Copart locations.

    • Anasonit says:

      I LOVE your spirit! I really hope folks will realize it is the customers and “Little people” that essentially make the businesses successful! Without us there are no them!

  • Pedro linares says:

    I sold my vehicle to Copart, they came and took the vehicle and the title and gave me a check. I went to my bank and deposited the check. 3 days later the bank took the money out of my account and and told me to call Copart, which I have been trying to for the past 3 days and nobody is a answering. I have left over 6 messages and still no response. Copart was recommended by a good friend and I am starting to believe that they just took or stole my vehicle. I m still waiting for a response from Copart.

  • Transporter says:

    16 Nettles rd Hampton VA needs to be audited asap! I left this review on their page

    This copart has proven to be very unprofessional. The loading crew loading program is the slowest I have seen in my 9 years. Copart has a appointment system now for Transporter and iam 2 hrs past my appointment time just been sitting here waiting to get loaded. ITS NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!!! the loaders don’t care about our time because they get paid by the hour!

  • Angry Towguy says:

    Your Portland locations are ran by control freaks that climb over each other to get to the top. Treating drivers like dog escarpment and every mistake made in management is the drivers fault. Can’t ask any questions because that is seen as disrespectful and then they cut you off from all communication and don’t finish paying you for all the jobs you’ve completed. If you own a tow truck company don’t bother with coparts you won’t get paid.

  • Luis Alvarado says:

    Fork lift operator at the Copart in Geryville PA destroyed a brand new vehicle I already had on board. He failed to stop when I instructed him to instead he accelerated. Now no one wants to except any responsibility. This fork lift operator was clearly inexperienced. I have been picking up at this location and never seen him before. Management did absolutely nothing to assist or prevent this from happening again. Have not been able to get in contact with no one regarding this matter. This fork lift operator clearly has no regard for safety and his facility has demonstrated the same this is an ongoing culture that needs to end.

  • Locked in says:

    These people are racist as shit, specifically in New Orleans. I witnessed it first hand!

    • Luis Alvarado says:

      I too experienced the same treatment.

    • Anasonit says:

      I don’t know about that aspect, but it seems from coast to coast Copart is a culture of disrespectful idiots; towards customers and drivers from all creeds, races, and colors.

  • ML says:

    My credit card was charged 59 Dollars for an account that is not active, emailed customer service but never got respond. I don’t even have access to the account.
    I chatted with customer service with no result.
    It’s not fair to be charged for a service I am not using.

  • Anonymous says:

    So I came to pick up cars in your hillsborought office and one of your yard employees came out with some attitude problem I’ve been coming here from day one that this office open dropping of and picking up cars for all the insurance companies. I think your guys should be properly trained to speak to the customer that come here and also they should put signs up too stating the rules and policies of the yard and office

  • Mubashar khan says:

    This company is the worst I’ve dealt with, I don’t understand how they are still in business. The employees are extremely rude and unprofessional. The fees are ridiculous. They charged me late fees for multiple days but would not allow me to pick up the vehicle bc they didn’t have an appointment available. How is this even legal!? Customer pays late fees but you’re not releasing the vehicle!? That makes zero sense. Won’t be long before they get taken to court for fraud.

    • Anasonit says:

      You are spot on! Hopefully enough folks get fed up with this circus and they will have to pay for their greed and rudeness.

  • Unknown sorry. says:

    I have nothing to complain about the company, prices and cars, but some employees and the manager Karl Serwold is rude, rude, and unprofessional with his customers and I even threaten to say he would put a cartoon on my account, this is an attitude Inadmissible within a serious and professional company. I don’t understand how a company of this size can keep people like that working and undermining the company’s image. I do not intend to buy any more cars with them and if someone asks for a review it will be negative.

    • Anasonit says:

      Maybe the company is ran by a bunch of greedy rude people? Seems to be the culture of the business.

  • quest says:

    I worked for them for 3 months and had a doctors appointment once a month that was approved by my supervisor and they fired me because of my attendance, I could not believe them, they still owe me money and have never sent me a label for their equipment to be returned, its been 3 months now and I have contacted my supervisor several times and HR and still nothing, You would think a big company that supposedly cares about their employees would treat you better than this, I believe it’s against the law what they did to me but I am not a lawyer. what a terrible company to work for I would not recommend them to anyone..

  • David says:

    A regret i never see coming NJ TRENTON YARD !!! Sold vehicle with NO TITLE ….its going to a year still on hold and nothing to do with the vehicle (storage is $2875)…international buyer . The worst end is nobody is responding to email and phone.

    • Anasonit says:

      Yeah, seems Copart plays the Ostrich head in the sand trick; sue them, you are innocent of wrong doing and they are guilty of it!

  • Laura Labastida says:

    The hiring process is very unprofessional. I went through the hiring process for 2 months then I got a start date finally. Days before, I was suppose to start I never received any email for training, a phone call, or anything than received an email saying I did not show up for training? The HR department needs to check into to recruiting company handling the hiring. I have called….called… and they keep giving me different answers, but no help.

    • quest says:

      I totally agree with you!

    • Anasonit says:

      Some major issues are going on with the HR departments, hiring managers, and leadership at Copart in my opinion. A company reflects those that lead it and so that should speak volumes about those running the show and their level of decency!

  • Saheed says:

    Yard 136 in Birmingham is the worst to deal with. Won a vehicle in the Birmingham yard. Vehicle had additional damages that was not reported on the listing. Vehicle had roof damages and appeared to be tampered with. Yard manager would not return my call.

  • Mark harriman says:

    Can not believe how dedicated employees are treated by payroll. I resigned recently and was supposed to receive a paper check last week. Gave my manager address and check was still sent to wrong address. Payroll supervisor tells me it’s my fault and it will be another week. Unbelievable

  • JOSEPH says:


    • Mubashar khan says:

      I’m dealing with the same issue, they are charging me storage fees but will not allow me to pick up the vehicle. I’m just confused, how is this even legal!

      • Anasonit says:

        It’s not, but they have the money to hire the best slime lawyers in the world to cover their bum…

    • Anasonit says:

      YEP! Isn’t it great?! Capitalism has “consumer slaves” feeding them until they are fat full and treating those feeding them the money like a babies diaper. makes no sense does it?

  • K. Riolo says:

    Poor poor service from the Martinez, Ca dispatch. Will not advise anyone use this service. Poor service. Hayward vallejo sacremento probably a bit more helpful. Martinez is terrible.

  • Enrique Ramirez says:

    It’s the worst service do I ever had.. the manager needs to quite, if he can’t handle the yard and the employees job .some people they are real rude…they are real means, again the general Manager needs to quite, I’m feel frustrated, angry, disappointed..

  • Alex lopez says:

    So i went to Copart Van Nuys i told the fat big in the front desk that the add put the truck for drop off instead of pick up and the fat bitch all she can tell me is my manager is in the meeting and she couldn’t help me while there just sitting on there fat ass not doing shit fuck copart never again will i buy anything from them motherfucker again

    • Anasonit says:

      I like your Sailor speech! And I LOVE the fact that you are refusing to continue to feed the evil bastards your time or money! YOU GO!!!

  • Joan M Havens says:

    I bought a 2002 Ford Taurus from the Billings, Montana yard during the June 29th Auction. The car is located at the yard in Rapid City, SD. Because of President Trumps rally I was only able to get transportation to Rapid City by bus for Friday. I asked when I paid at the Helena MT Office if I could pick up on Friday. “Yes you can”. I called the Billings office to make sure since I saw a note that Copart might be closed on July 3rd. They also said I could pick up on Friday. Then I called the lot in Rapid City. They also said I could pick up on July 3rd. So I arrived in Rapid City and was told I could NOT pick up because Copart was closed. I was stuck in a town where the flea bag hotels are $200 a night. No one answered at Copart, probably because they were at home laughing because they told me I could pick up on Friday. Now they are trying to charge me storage fees even though I was here Friday to pick up. They are in breach of contract and they want more money from me. Lets see what the judge says when I sue them for my cost of staying in this god forsaken city for the weekend.

    • Anasonit says:

      So How did this turn out? I hope you got them to pay, that was very mean and crappy of them to do to you.

  • AA motors inc says:

    I bought a 2009 Nissan gtr from Houston tx yard sent driver to pickup when he got there the car was strippred of transmission and complete trans axle inner ,cooler, ecu and many other things to numerous to mention.i contacted manager of yard he said to leave car so stopped my wire transfer so they suspended my account then emailed me to bring car back when car never left the yard after about 10 day they email me back telling me they found car in yard then they accused me of having title.sent title back with car to forklift driver.then they tell me they talked to adjuster said the sent car to a shop to pull transmission because of leak and tow truck driver didn’t want to full with transmission and left at shop.this car had 13,000 miles and built by switzer performance copart stock number 26545000, 97,749.00 payout sound likes inside job, tried to contact corprate and just got the run a round from yard to yard I have been in business for 42 years and get treated like this is terrible

    • Brandon says:

      I too just had a horrible experience with the Houston yard. They totally misrepresented the vehicle I bid on and won. Two totally different vehicles were represented. Different wheels, interior, damage, etc. we’re you able to get some resolution from Corporate?


    Need some assistance had a car at my shop and it was a total copart pickedit up gaveacheck for storage and than they put a stop payment on that check is this the way you conduct buissnes

  • burt says:

    My experience with this company has been a complete s#*t show. The level of incompetence is unrivaled. Makes me wonder if these representatives get any training at all before being released to misinform and waste customers time.

  • Cindee Graham says:

    Received Fed- Ex envelope on 8/1/19 full of someone’s personal information including license plates. I contacted CoPart in New Braunfels, spoke with Vicky, gave all information, she advised GM-George Bailey would contact me. Haven’t heard.

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