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  • Address: Plaza 2000, PH Plaza 2000, local 3, C. 50, Panamá, Panama
  • Phone Number: +5072172672
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 1947
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Pedro Heilbron (CEO)

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  • Camil hayek says:

    PNR:BRCXCO. Dec1/2022. Flight 456. Very very bad service . Shockingly bad .

  • Willard E Pugh says:

    On March 20th I traveled on Copa airlines. I had the most racist treatment I’ve ever experienced as a black man since leaving the South. I was the person who called for the flight attendant and asked it for assistance, yet she spoke to the other person who was Latino also in Spanish and did not attempt to speak in English to me 1st and I was the person who called for the flight attendant. An oversized patron was leaning on me pressing and pushing against me in my seat and I was asking for assistance. She threatened to turn the plane around she threatened to throw me off the plane for taking photographs and video taping this incident that was atrocious. Once we landed in Los Angeles I was greeted and detained by 4 police officers. The plane landed at 11:40 I did not get home to my home and pass a dinner until 2 AM they detain me into the airport was closed. Neither the 2 flight attendants who were horrible and offensive they were not detained they would not dare to speak about what happened the large man who caused all the havoc he was not detained and not held that to speak on what happened only I was detained. They had absolutely no ground to detain me no reason for the treatment I received I should have never been stopped identified to them that I am a retired probation officer that should not have mattered in the treatment. Which is why I never told anybody until the end now you want to apologize and make excuses for your poor treatment I recommend no one ever fly that airline again the worst racist treatment I have received in my life. Hazul C. Supervisor and Paola G. The worst 2 humans on the planet with these 2 flight attendants.

  • EDM says:

    I was in an Accident, & Missed my flight. Tried Calling SF Copa counter. & Number with no Answer no emergency after Hour call. Sent in Police report & Medical Because i have a Brain Tumor & Dr wanted to make sure i was clear to travel. After sending all info in the wanted me to Pay almost $350 more to Change my fight. This Company has a Shitty way of treated their Customer.

  • Rome says:

    Hello! I need to report this, At last, America’s airport is for Haitian passport Holders to travel with Copa Airlines From Santo Domingo to Belize. Even though you have all of the required Documentation. Because Copa has Travel Requirements on its airlines to know All of the requirements. When about to fly when you show up to have the boarding pass. They ask for something called Travel authorization for Belize you need to go to the Belize Embassy. Copa said. The embassy says you don’t need any travel document is not even exist for Belize you have a free visa, call Belize immigration the same. Now, what they do is they are the one who issues the travel Authorization. They charge you 1000 dollars after your onward ticket, Panama transit visa, yellow fever card, malaria vaccine, hotel reservation confirmed, the covid card with 2 doses, and Belize Travel issuance on the Belize site it’s crime. If this can’t be fixed I will publish that so that one can see it

  • Jessie says:

    Copa Airlines are a horrible Airline. I booked my flight two months ahead of time. Checked in for my flight 24 hours before my flight on the application. Got to the airport two hours early. When they started boarding I approached the counter and they told me to go to another counter to get a paper ticket. It made no sense to me why, but here’s why. They kicked me off the flight because it was overbooked, but instead of them telling me that they sent me somewhere else to supplosly get a paper ticket, but what they were really doing was sending me away so they could board the flight and than was I got back tell me that I was kicked off the flight because it was overbooked. Talk about some sneaky gate agents and Airline company that can do that to people. Wrote them on the complaint email and there response was by law they can do that. Been flying all my life as I served my county for 24 years in the military. And that’s the response I get for sneaky agents kicking me off of my flight instead of asking for volunteers.

  • Asha Patel says:

    I have been trying to reach group desk from more then a month. No response or incomplete informations. Now half group decided to go somewhere else& now I have to pay more fare. Please help

  • Arther Janssen says:

    Not unless your actions are favorable.

  • Arther Janssen says:

    In Novermber , 2021, my wife and I purchased a ticket from Travel Support Desk, 6815 W. 63rd St. Chicago, Ill.via phone(888-606-6297) with the confirmation 3wlydk for $1025.76. We requested cancellation due to a death in the family and we cancelled the flight and received a letter stating that the unused tickets 230-770573902/230-7705322903 could be rescheduled until 11/25.2022. The eCedit Number was BF1GHY. In August we contacted Copa and gave the reservation number to the reservation person and booked the flight for August 15, 2022. We were informed that the charge for the flight was $1,268.40 plus we paid another $150.00 for the flight change.

    We are eighty+ years old and not too electronically alert. We said that is a lot for a flight and no where does the $1025.76 credit show up s a credit. My wife, is from Peru and we have traveled no less than 10 times and we feel something is wrong. We feel we are owed a refund of $1025.76.

    Thank you for resolving the overcharge.

    Art and Teresa Janssen

  • Kayann says:

    This is the worst airlines ever. This airlines is responsible for me missing my flight and they expect me and my children including a baby to be stranded in miami

  • Selvamani muthukannu says:

    I was travel copa airline last month July 6th but i missed my baggaage, then i filed case in airport, after one month they said me file case again, so I am feel very poor customers service copa airlines

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