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  • Address: 1123 Randolph St, Thomasville, NC 27360, USA
  • Phone Number: 336-431-1094
  • Fax Number: 336-544-45085
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: Morris Reaves
  • Key People: Morris Reaves (CEO)

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Morris Reaves


About Cook Out, History and Headquarters Information


Cookout was founded in the year 1989. The company has been operational for almost 30 years now. The founder of the company was Morris Reaves. The restaurant fast food chain started its operations from the city of Greensboro, located in North Carolina, USA. Over the years, the restaurant chain has expanded in a big way, and also established drive-thru restaurants as well, in well over 100 cities all over the USA. The company has also grown and spread across the state of Virginia, along with other USA states too.

Since most of the operations of the company were concentrated inside the state of North Carolina, the first out of state restaurant established by the company was in South Carolina, in the year 2010. Then the following year and by the year 2012, the company also opened its stores in Columbia, Blacksburg, Virginia and Radford. The first store of the company was opened in Lynchburg, Virginia, which was then followed by another store located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, as well. Later in the years 2013 and 2014, the company also opened new stores in various locations inside the state of Georgia, USA. By the year 2016, the company had already expanded to the state of Mississippi. As of the year 2019, the company has opened itself another store in the state of Montgomery, USA, and is also planning to open stores in Birmingham as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 15 Laura Lane, Suite 300. The name of the place is Thomasville, while the name of the state is North Carolina, USA. The pin code of the area is 27360.


Cookout is an American restaurant company that focuses on providing various types of fast food products, recipes and dishes to its customers. The current CEO of the company is Jeremy Reeves, who is the son of the founder of the company. As of the year 2018, the total number of locations that the company has its presence in - is more than 244, across ten states in the USA. The company serves in numerous states across the USA, namely - Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Mississippi and also Tennessee as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase fast food products and dishes, directly produced by the company's restaurants. The company provides fast food product like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, barbeque and also milkshakes too.

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  • Mit says:

    I just wanted to know who I get in touch with I got fired to day and I was in the training program because I told on a gm sleep on just wtf I have the pictures and I gave my FM the pick lena and the gm is Jason and this is in Washington nc and I’m going to get a lawyer for unlawful termination someone please help me get them exposure send me a number that I can call at 2522959209 and HR shan help them fire me

  • Wayne says:

    Someone better look into the DIRTY Store you have in Lenior , NC and the yelling and screaming from the employees with the drive through window open — They have Mold in the Ice from the lobby ice machine– I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO THAT PLACE FOR FOOD AGAIN and I am telling my friends also

  • Brandi Stanley says:

    I fell in the Statesville cook out June 30th because they had just mopped the floor and didn’t have a wet floor sign out! Not one employee came to see if I was alright! A man went and told them that I fell and they put out a wet floor sign after the fact! Going today to see if my wrist is broken or not! Very poor hospitality if you ask me!

  • William Brunson says:

    Why build a Cookout that you can sit down and enjoy your meal in Troy Alabama and then BUILD ONE IN MONTGOMERY Alabama that you CANNOT go inside and sit DOWN and ENJOY YOUR MEAL STUPID stupid STUPID stupid

  • Laura Overton says:

    Once again, an order has been screwed up. I’m contacting on behalf of my daughter as she is the one that picked up food tonight. She ordered no fries and double hush puppies. She received double fries. The receipt stated the order correctly by the way. I complained once last year when my order was wrong, as well. These are not the only 2 times unfortunately. It’s been our experience that unless we check everytime that it is more often than not, screwed up. Just know that it’s not just Cookout. The only fast food chain we’re confident in is Chic-fil-a as the orders are rarely ever wrong. If you would like to contact my daughter, her name is Lacey and you can reach her at 470-695-2995.

  • Steve says:

    Just left the CookOut in Boiling Springs, SC. We were overwhelmed with flies. Around our heads, landing on our food, EVERYWHERE! It was impossible to attempt to enjoy our meal. Also… either the air was set to 90 or it was broken. There were only 8 patrons inside and we were all sweating…. Up your game CookOut. We will stick to Cooking In! Very disappointing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was recently at the Cookout in Greer on Father’s Day around 4:45 -5 o’clock. I saw an employee getting agitated by one of the managers. The young women handled her self well she did what she was asked to do. She did not get an attitude, nor did she yell. As a customer watching this I was appalled by what I saw. I think that the manager need to take a class on how to conduct herself and treat their employees with the same amount of respect that they are asking for. I hope this young lady didn’t and won’t lose her job. This isn’t the first time I have saw this with this manager and employee.

  • Jazz says:

    Went to the cookout in Mebane , and the people working the second window was telling people to hold on when there was nobody in the line. After waiting 5 minutes and no response, when we passed the window, two people was just looking out the window doing nothing. This was May 13th, 2019 at 9:00pm

  • Phillip says:

    I placed An order at 3:16 pm at the cookout on Main Street in Suffolk Va. it’s now 3:30 and I’m just now getting my 2- big double trays and bbq plate.

  • Ray says:

    I visited cook out on north main st in high point last night. They messed up just about all of my plates.then I tried to call them, they wouldn’t even answer the phone so I tried to call the corporate office this morning and didn’t get no answer there either. Something has to give!

  • Lory says:

    Just got my order through drive thru ordered bacon ranch wraps and a Diet Coke well I get to my mothers hospital room. Open my bag and their are chicken wraps in the bag I called the fort Oglethorpe location and let them know the order was incorrect she told me to hold on I heard her relaying the situation to her manager I heard someone say”her say sure she did people are stupid”they told me to come back if I needed to and they would fix it I am not able to get back until after location closes so I am without my meal today
    I want you to know this is not the first time this has happened this was my first trip back to cook out after the order was incorrect and I was treated like a thief 8 months ago I am writing to let you know that you have lost my business I. Know that may not mean anything to you. But I feel that your drive thru clerks should slow down and listen to customer when they ordei was charged on ticket for what I ordered but given the wrong food again thank you for your time

    • Autumn says:

      Lory, I had a similar issue at the Fort-Oglethorpe establishment. I ordered two beef quesadillas, got home and they were chicken. I am allergic to poultry products so this was a huge mess up. I called and explained the situation and the gentleman I spoke to told me I could come back and they would compensate for it and remake the entire thing. I stressed that I lived a bit of ways away and wouldn’t have the ability to come by again that night. He told me that was fine, took my name and number and to just come by when available. I came back a week later and was told they couldn’t do anything without the receipt. I drove all the way for nothing and believe that if that’s a policy than apparently all employees should know it. Terrible customer service and relay of food. Maybe they should take notes from Chick-Fil-A.

  • Kc says:

    I went to cookout I was missing food didn’t notice until I got home then said maybe it wasn’t rung up checked my receipt definitely was

  • Shawn says:

    I absolutely love cookout.. however tonight I had enough of the poor customer service at the location in kernersville, NC. I’ve been to this location several times and every time I go the same young lady has the worst attitude.. So at this point I ask for the manager and told her how I continue to have a bad experience every time I encounter this employee mind you she comes to the window after the incident already happened. Then proceeds to tell me the employee isn’t displaying poor customer service. The manager wasn’t present while she was displaying such poor character. At first I had no intentions on reporting this incident descriptively to BBB… However the fact that the manager dealt with the situation so poorly this shouldn’t be something that continues to happen to paying customers.. I live in kernersville I shouldn’t have to drive to high point or Greensboro to receive proper service.

  • Patti says:

    I went to the CookOut in Roxboro tonight and the service and food was horrible!!! I waited in line to place my order just to be told to hold on. I waited for over 10 minutes and no one ever came to take my order. I blew my horn several times and even blew it while the person was passing out food at the other window. Still no one came. I pulled around to the window to find our cashier leaning against the counter talking with the other employees. After a couple of minutes he turns and opens the window. I told him I had been waiting to take my order. He said that he didn’t know I was waiting. I told him I was asked to wait and he responded that he didn’t know who told me that. I told him it was him whom told me. I know this because he has a one of a kind of voice. It took another 10 minutes to get my order. I received everything but it was burnt and not fixed the way I had ordered it. $20 wasted!! I have a very large family and we eat out often. I don’t think I’ll be going back to CookOut in Roxboro ever again.

  • Asia Moore says:

    So tonight I go to the establishment on Austell road in austell, Georgia. and recived terrible customer service. I ordered a regular Cajun cheese fry and a honey mustard chicken wrap. I received COLD fries and the cheese was scarce. The chicken wrap was the size of my pinky finger. I then went inside the restaurant to get better fries and they told me they had to drop fresh ones and I didn’t mind waiting, however I waited too long, and this is always the case when I visit this location.
    After waiting an large amount of time I told the general manager the problem with my food. She was very rude and didn’t fix my concern at all. I asked her for a refund and she refused to do so. I visit this location often and don’t appreciate the treatment from this manager. I felt she was did not care at all. Can someone please contact this store.
    A concerned guest

  • D. N. says:

    We were insulted by the letter we received from the Office Manager at Cook out. Our son almost died because the Cookout on Western blvd cross contaminated his drink. The letter said sorry for the inconvenience, really!!

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