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  • Address: 12447 SW 69th Ave, Portland, OR 97223, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 503-675-8988
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  1500
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: John Marick & Greg Pryor
  • Key People: Greg Pryor

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John Marick


Greg Pryor


About Consumer Cellular, History and Headquarters Information

Consumer Cellular was incorporated by John Marick and Greg Pryor in 1995. This company has its corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The company was also featured on the Inc 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing companies every year since 2009. In 2019, the company had nearly 3.5 million subscribers.

Consumer Cellular is an American postpaid mobile virtual network operator. The company provides a range of services such as no-contract cellphone plans, cellphones, and accessories for customers above 50. Along with these services, it also provides wireless service using network capacity from AT&T and T-Mobile. Plus, it also resells AT&T wholesale wireless services to other operators. It employs more than 2,400 people who operated three additional locations in Phoenix, Arizona, and a support center in Redmond, Oregon.

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  • Jean Wheeler says:

    I am a very disappointed 4-year customer!!! I have always touted how satisfied I am with my phone and service from Consumer Cellular. I love my phone, I use it everyday and rely on it daily. Here’s my story…After alerts about not having enough storage, decided to get a new phone, am 78 years old and this decision took a few months to make. Received new phone, called for appointment with technician as I am not that savvy with computers and needed someone to assure my activation would work without any major trauma. Wrong! I charged the phone. Went to appointment 45 minutes away with hurricane warnings and rain here in Florida – No technician on the premises. Returned home and called next day to make another appointment, again needed reassurance that there really would be someone there to help me and was instructed to call Target before leaving to check that a person was indeed at the store. I did, then left for second appointment, four days after first one and was enthused and looking forward to my new phone. Upon arriving at the electronics dept., low and behold NO technician, Target employees tried to call person, went to look for person and did all they could to help me. After 45-50 minutes waiting another customer arrived and told me he had an appointment also. When the Target fellow came be AGAIN, I asked for a piece of paper and wrote a note requesting the phone be returned and refund my account. I was totally upset, and extremely agitated. I think he tried talking to me and I just replied that I did not want it an walked away, stopped at the customer service counter and asked to speak to a store manager, she came and I explained how I had called and was told to expect a technician to be there – all she could muster was “interesting.” During my drive back home, my phone rang in my car, I guess I am to assume it was the tech spouting something about policy…I cannot talk and drive in traffic, especially when extremely upset so I hung up. After about 3 hours I called the support number and reiterated this story and was told I would have to drive back and retrieve the phone – that is not going to happen – I only go to that town about once a year! NO Not happy with CC at this point so I shall keep my old phone and pray that it doesn’t die before I do. Thanks for listening…Jean

  • Joel Kuhlberg says:

    Dear Sirs, I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for several years. Recently I recommended you to a friend. She got the phone and asked me to set it up for her. I quickly determined that she could not get cell service at her house. After 4 days and as many call to tech service I found out that CC does not provide any equipment that would make the phone work at her house. We finally have given up and she is cancelling her account. PS the last “tech”‘ I talked to was just plain rude. I am now considering cancelling my account as well. I have gone from being a CC advocate to telling people not to consider CC.

  • Lawrence Jones says:

    I upgraded my CONSUMER CELLULAR LINK flip phone to a MOTOROLA E6 smartphone on 5/02/2020. I ordered this model because it was an inexpensive smart phone with a much better camera then the flip phone. I just want a phone with a great camera and the ability to download the photos to my laptop but not connect to the internet. The problem I ran into was this – the camera will not downloading photos to the memory card I purchased due to a problem with the fingers that connect with the memory card. This phone was a RFG CERTIFIED RETURN which to me means a factory rebuild. I called the customer service department for a working replacement only to be turned down with the reason that I caused the damage. I don’t think I did since the phone was a RFG CERTIFIED RETURN and wasn’t re-certified correctly before sending it to me. I did exam the slot where the memory card slides in and I could see a couple of the fingers were bent and out of alignment. I was not satisfied with their decision so I sent off two letters to their President and CEO – John Marick. The first one was not sent certified/return receipt so I don’t know if he received it. I then sent a second letter. This time it was sent certified/return receipt. It was signed by the front desk/reception/mail room on May 28, 2020 (not by John Marick) and I haven’t received a response from him yet and today is June 10, 2020. Since Consumer Cellular pushes the idea of great customer service in ALL their advertising, I for one would have to say this is a farse. So much for customer relations and the customer always being correct. The replacement of this defective unit with a working unit will decide if I buy the same unit for my sister who also who like to replace her flip phone like I did. This will NOT happen until I get satisfaction with a working replacement.

  • Phillip E and Carol S. Wester says:

    I guess this should be directed to John Drarick, We have been customers of CC since Sept 2017 and were pretty much satisfied with your service. Whenever we had a problem and called in it was always answered with good service and friendly people. You have done a good job with that part of CC–but afew months ago Phil phone–a doro would not keep a charge so I went to Target(40 miles 1 way) and they told me it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one, Which i did, But the new dodo has been nothing but headaches. It will not continue to work. We have called many times and again the people we dealt with were very helpful and pleasant. They did what they could and then sent us a new doro. Same story again. We have went thru 4 doros. They are lemons. The last time i talked to a superindent. His answer was to send us another doro! We dont want another doro. We want our money back so we can buy the $30 unnamed model like Carol has. Hers seems to work much better, not great at keeping charged but works! She can make calls and everything on hers. Again we feel your employees are well trained to deal with our problems but are unable to really help in a situation like ours where we no longer want a lemon like doro. They should be able to say enough is enough and refund our money or send us a different phone. WE now have a 5th doro and will be trying it out soon with no hopes for big hopes for success. First I think you should enable your employees to do more than keep replacing what currently is not working and admit the doro is a lemon and should be replaced by something better! They have a lemon law concerning cars and probably have or should have one concerning phones!! I await to hear from you. Phil and Carol Wester

    • Mark Miller says:

      The Doro 7050 is such a rotten piece of hardware and the cause of many headaches and heartaches I ended up throwing it out because CC will only replace a phone with the same model phone! I tossed it and paid for a LINK since I love flip phones over smart phones. The Link is much much better. Not perfect, but so much better than that Doro piece of junk. Surprised CC still offering.

  • Daniel E Leasure says:

    I have made 4 calls concerning the phone number that they gave us to their support specialists. I have only had the phone for a week and I just found out that the number that they gave me had not been cleared from the previous owner. That means is if you call a landline that has caller ID the name of the other owner will show up. Everyone of the specialist I have talked to has given me a different answer as when this would be corrected from several minutes to 24 hours and today I was told 90 days from the time they put in the request to have it corrected. Unless I’m the only person that doesn’t answer the phone if a name pops up that I don’t recognize and I fail to believe I am. I would seriously think about checking out other cell phone carriers unless your willing to wait for 90 days for them to correct a problem that should have never happened to start with.

  • Dick Deranian says:

    I used the Doro 7050 for 5 days. Each day I was presented with new problems. Today I initiated a return and replacement with The Link. What as happened with Consumer Cellular? This phone with its many problems is a deviation for a company that emphasizes crisp, customer service. Come about sharp!

  • Aaron K. Bilyeu says:

    Being a DISABLED United State Veteran, long time Consumer Cell Customer, UNPROUD owner of a DORO 7050 that DOES NOT work. After MANY factory resets , it still does NOT WORK. Having to remove the phone back, wipe off the Battery Terminals, replace the battery & back, MAY work, MAY NOT WORK. The PHONE is 3 WEEKS OLD, Warranty replacement, NO! IS THAT FAIR?

  • Genevriere says:

    Consumer Cellular is a screw-You company all they care about is over charging you and saying I am sorry but you have to pay for our mistakes on your bill. I tried calling ( CORP OFFICE ) but they will not give you the phone number. If you don’t want to be screwed ( DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ) they will tell you one fee and charge you a MUCH HIGHER FEE. This co will treat you like their Personal ATM.

  • robert jarvi says:

    Just completed a very frustrating 10+ days trying to get my wife’s phones hot spot to work, (unsuccessfully) then trying to get her phone # transferred back to previous provider, finally accomplished after 7 days, and then presented a bill for services,(not rendered). If I access my account on line there are 2 different versions of bill, by mail another. High point of the 6th consumer reps (consulted with 10 counting chats) tech ability was her admission to best buy tech rep she could never figure out hot spots (after 40 back and forth minutes) there are no tech reps at consumer c only reps. Sensing the degree of frustration here? just explained this to billing and they refused to work with me on a solution. just pay it!! Did I create this situation? I guess I did by transferring my business to them.
    Sorry, it wont happen again. EX account #104267632

  • Doyle Stearman says:

    Dear Sirs.

    I have been a customer of Consumer Cellular since about 2012. I have always considered Consumer Cellular a very good company and have recommended it to many of my customers.
    I have five phones on my account. All work good with not problems. In the past every time I have contacted Consumer Cellular I have had the problem fixed rapidly.

    Recently I purchased an ALLY device for my elderly neighbors, the man has had a stroke, and
    cannot talk well. He has also lost most of the use of his right arm and leg.

    His wife trusted me to buy this ALLY device for him. I purchased the first device in 2016 and I purchased this device in November 2018 to replace the first device.
    The device is supposed to alert the monitoring company when he either falls or pushes the button.

    MY neighbor fell on March 20th 2019, the device did not work. I called the monitoring company and they told me the device had never been activated. I gave them all of the information including the IME no and they had no record of the device. I finally got the device activated but it only worked one day before it quit.

    I have called Consumer Cellular several times and have been given all kinds of excuses as to why I cannot get my device replaced or my money refunded. I even bought the warranty on the device, But since it is still under warranty from Consumer Cellular it is not their responsibility yet.

    This morning a man Named Chester called me and left a no. to call him back on voice mail
    I called twice, first time it hung up on me after 8 minutes, and second time I hung up on CC after 23 minutes of waiting on hold.

    I talked to a representative this morning named Lindsey who promised to call me back in 24 hours to see if I can get any portion of the money I have paid since November for absolutely no service whatsoever.

    I would like to know who I can talk to that can solve this situation for me.

    Doyle K. Stearman
    17507 Drummond road
    Shawnee, Ok. 74801

    account no. 101206864

    • Guest says:

      If their product is defective, that is a huge problem. Maybe someone needs to slap them with a lawsuit in order for them to actually respond.

      • ned says:

        Consumer Cellular’s legal agreement documentation makes it clear that they only use arbitration. It literally says No class action lawsuits allowed.

  • Barbara Reumont says:

    I am having a terrible time with my consumer cellular service. I have had it about 18 days and have to call about everyday or every other day. Nothing works! What can you do for me. Barbara Reumont

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