Where is Consumer Cellular Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 12447 SW 69th Ave, Portland, OR 97223, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 503-675-8988
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  1500
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: John Marick & Greg Pryor
  • Key People: Greg Pryor

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John Marick


Greg Pryor


About Consumer Cellular, History and Headquarters Information

Consumer Cellular was incorporated by John Marick and Greg Pryor in 1995. This company has its corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The company was also featured on the Inc 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing companies every year since 2009. In 2019, the company had nearly 3.5 million subscribers.

Consumer Cellular is an American postpaid mobile virtual network operator. The company provides a range of services such as no-contract cellphone plans, cellphones, and accessories for customers above 50. Along with these services, it also provides wireless service using network capacity from AT&T and T-Mobile. Plus, it also resells AT&T wholesale wireless services to other operators. It employs more than 2,400 people who operated three additional locations in Phoenix, Arizona, and a support center in Redmond, Oregon.

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  • Richard Petersen says:

    Friday, at 10am Ive got my Landline ported and working. Just as good as with ATT landline. C.C. tech’s were very helpful and did all they could to get my service working. It just took a couple days longer than I would have liked.

  • Richard Petersen says:

    Update on my earlier comment. This morning we have no dial tone on our ATT landline. Being a retiree and living in a small town, I went to the ATT central office and talked to a central office technician. My phone is already ported over to Consumers Cellular. That is good, but my phone call to Consumers Cellular indicated that it would be Friday midmorning michigan time before they would attempt to activate the home phone base with my old home phone number. So I will wait, and try to be patient.

  • Richard Petersen says:

    I began my quest to port over my ATT Landline by calling Consumers Cellular to inquire about their Home Cellular base unit. My good luck, free unit and just pay for shipping. I did ask if I could “try a new (temporary) number for a few days” to make sure the service would work in my area. The Base came preprogrammed with a new number and it worked great.
    I called back within a couple days to begin “Porting my ATT landline” to the base unit. Its been several days and so far it hasnt happened. We are still trying, and if it werent for other friends who have ported a home base unit exactly like I am asking, I would be annoyed.
    I am a ATT retiree, and have had my landline phone number for around 40 years, and am not looking to have this screwed up.
    Lets get this ported and I will be happy.

  • Elizabeth Accordino says:

    In late September I ordered a home phone base in response to a promotional insert included with my monthly cell phone bill. I paid a $12.96 shipping charge and it was shipped on September 25, arriving a few days later.

    I followed all the instructions and successfully set up the system. I contacted Verizon and obtained the porting pin which allowed me to keep my landline phone number. After contacting Consumer Cellular and finalizing the transfer, I terminated my Verizon service. The new system worked perfectly for THREE DAYS.

    On the fourth day, I could use the phone but could not receive incoming calls. The phone no longer rang. I called Consumer Cellular and they were able to call me but calls from anyone else didn’t ring. On the sixth day the phone became inoperable. There is no dial tone – just a clicking sound. Can’t make or receive calls.

    It has now been approximately three weeks. I have lost count of the number of calls to Consumer Cellular or the number of representatives I have spoken to. I have also lost count of the number of times I have plugged and unplugged the phone, pushed the reset button, even changed phones. I have spoken to “managers” who tell me they have started a “ticket” and someone will call me within 24 to 72 hours, or by the end of the day. Those assurances began about two weeks ago. I have yet to receive a call back or any information about what the problem is, how it might be resolved or, in fact, whether it can be resolved at all.

    As of now, I have no home phone service and no answers. I am writing this in one last effort to get some answers before I cancel my service altogether and find another provider.

  • Theresa says:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SHOP HERE FOR CELL SERVICE!!! Believe it when people tell you, you get what you pay for. The customer service is awful! The sales people will tell you, there isn’t a corporate office. Researching isn’t helpful either, you’ll just be redirected to the main page. When a business doesn’t allow access to there CEO or, someone closely associated, run! I returned a phone that I paid $1000.000 for a new Samsung. After having the phone only 43 days I decided it wasn’t for me and did the trade in for an Apple 14. I finally received the new phone. I immediately returned the Samsung as a “Trade-In”. I was sent a return label from consumer cellular to return the phone but, they have yet to receive this phone although I have a receipt stating it was reopened to Mississippi. I continuously call to check the status and verify if the return address is located in Mississippi because my tracking number states it was delivered to this location. I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY TRADE IN VALUE because they won’t tell me who has the phone. This week, I’ll be contacting our local News station in an effort to get assistance from CC. I’m also considering obtaining an Attorney, phone cost and the principal of it all sucks! Please go to a legitimate phone service if you want half way decent service.

  • Dixie Long says:

    I’ve been with consumer cellular all most 16yr, and had the same number All this time, I’m almost blind, and my helper help me set up my phone New the Moto g pure because it’s Big so I can see it, but about a week ago I had a Dr appointment and the bus forgot me so I called one of my helper and she won’t answer it because it came up some one else name , I had to call another person and it to came up a nether person name, so I called consumer cellular the person I talked to she had no clue what happened so she said call back in 24hr so I did that person said to call back, 24,her, I called Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and that person said that they were going to try something, well I called them back and told them that now it says wireless call, My helper thanks it’s a Spam call and they won’t answer it, so i call on Sunday and on Monday, they said that they were still working on it and I couldn’t call all my contacts and have them take my name and number out and then put it back in, I said no I can’t do that, they said to call them back in 25hr, well I did I’d call them back on Tuesday and they said that they could give me another number, why would I have to get another number, I said why should I have to get a new number when you change my caller I d, there telling me that might take 2-3, week’s so everytime I call someone it’ comes up someone else name but my number, why can’t they fix it, how did another person name get on my phone and keep my number, very bad service, I through that they were too help us senior,

  • Mary Heffelfinger says:

    Surprised with all the negative comments. This is request for an explanation of recent International charges on my account. Although the charge was small I inquired about it since we do not have any international connections. When I asked for both the dates and the international phone number that was involved I was told that they could not release this information to me. This is unacceptable. I was being charged for a call that I neither knew the date or number involved. If this happens again I will have to consider cancelling my service.

  • James Grupe says:

    I’ve been a customer of Consumer Cellular for many years. Recently, due to hurricane Ian, I lost power and broadband internet and tired to use my “hotspot”. But it kept turrning off after a short time After FOUR calls to Consumer Cellular’s “customer service”, they told me that the reason is that they have changed carriers from T-Mobile to AT&T and my SIM card was for the older carrier. Therefore, I had to change SIM cards for my hotspot to work properly.

    So I got the new SIM card. But when I tried to activate it, it failed. More calls to “customer service”, and the end result is that they said I couldn’t use the new SIM card unless I buy a new phone, and had to put my old SIM card back in my phone. **BUT** it would take them 24 hours to re-enable the old SIM card.

    24 hours later, and still its not working. Again, a call to “customer service”. This time they told me that they won’t re-activate the old SIM card because it uses the network they are trying to abandon (T-Mobile), Therefore, I have to buy a new phone if I want service restored!

    It is compltely outrageous that Consumar Cellular disables my phone then tells me I have to buy a new phone because they changed their network contracts!!!

  • T. Peter Marshall says:

    Simply just poor service from the Call Center.

  • betrece says:

    I am not sure what is going on with Consumer Cellular. I have been a customer for a long time. I was really disappointed to experience horrible customer service from Matthew, supposed senior supervisor. He was rude, chewing during the call, and dismissive of my need to know. I will truly look for a different carrier if Matthew represents senior customer service.

  • Debra Brown-Erb says:

    I was having issues with my CC service. The first representative was adamant that I needed to call back from a different phone so she could help me. This was not feasible for me at the time. I called right back and spoke with a different representative who was willing to help me with my phone. She talked me through the steps to try to resolve the issue. Will have to wait and see if the “fix” worked but was very pleased with #2’s willingness to give it a try.

    Consumer Cellular please direct ALL of you representatives to actually try to help the consumer and not say “I can’t do that”.

  • Elizabeth A Hebblethwaite says:

    My 81 year old mom had been a customer for some time now. Unfortunately I had no idea what a lousy company they are! Their customer service has to be the worst I’ve ever seen! I bought a Samsung LG from them for mom when her I phone stopped working after 2 weeks and she paid for it out right! Screen goes black and totally malfunctioned! We wrote letters, called, tried the chat line, & on my 6th attempt finally got someone! Not only did they sell her a crap phone but the online purchase insisted she had to have a new # because she didn’t know her PIN! Which for some reason created a new acct# so now she’s receiving 2 bills! Due to being so difficult to get a hold of her “first acct” bill was up to $169! Nowhere did it state that a new acct would be created because your being forced to get a new phone #, nowhere did it state that the consumer is responsible for closing out their own acct! Customer rep admits this but said she’d still have to pay it! Like hell! You idiots did it so now eat it! Then without helping at all she says I have to go under her warranty to replace the crappy Samsung they sold her! Again, I don’t think so! She did nothing but use the damn thing! After all that all this annoying, rude person kept saying was “why did u wait so long to get a hold of us”? What?! Are u kidding me! I explain 4 times that wasn’t the case and she keeps saying it! Can they not comprehend what customers are saying or are they just plain stupid?! Actually their rude, unprofessional, not equipped to handle anything,& quite frankly I think it’s time mom gets a new service! Their rates are ridiculous! $50/ month and the phone is paid for?! Talk about taking advantage of older people. They stink all around!

  • Patricia says:

    I received an email from Consumer Cellular saying my bill was passed due. I paid this finalized bill. When I paid it, it wasn’t due until the 18th of August.
    Please get the final bill date correct!
    Nothing but problems with Consumer Cellular. Horrible customer service. No one knew anything about offers no one could help with anything that I needed. Consumer Cellular gets people in with the low talk text but the data is what kills you. Very expensive and when you do pay for unlimited data you get a text saying that you have used too much, and your data will slow down!! It did! Ridiculous!
    I have never had that problem with any other service!
    Talked with a supervisor nothing but rude! She said all my ranting at my age would get me nowhere!!! WHAT! Thanks Consumer Cellular for hiring incompetent people! I called corporate told them the name of the so called supervisor.

    I will never recommend Consumer Cellular to anyone.

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  • Phillip Coley says:

    When I bought the phone with consumer cellular from target the phone was great. About eight months
    The phone started blacking out. I had to press the button to unlock the phone I had problems. When I contacted consumer cellular told me to contact my insurance Co. Allstate told me that the phone was still
    under factory warranty. So I contacted consumer cellular. So they confirm it was still under factory warranty.
    They sent me the Phone A12 Galaxy. Consumer cellular called me back on the phone I sent back. They
    said the phone was damaged so I disputed the claim. I don’t feel that I should have to pay because I did not
    damage the phone.

    • Elizabeth A Hebblethwaite says:

      Same thing is being done to my mom! Bought a Samsung LG on line, 2 weeks later the screen goes black and doesn’t work! Same BS! Refer us to the insurance! I will not because, like you, she didn’t break it! Please don’t fall for their gimmick! Call the BBB in your area and report them! What their doing is elder abuse as far as I’m concerned. Their rates are outrageous, their phones are shit and they know it, & notice no one ever gets satisfaction from them! I feel a lot of what they do is deliberate. My mom is 81 and she wouldn’t understand any of this so she’d pay and get screwed! Lucky I handle all this for her. Do not give them a dime & if need be take them to court! Good luck

  • Mable Woomer says:

    Don’t ever believe or trust cc they are liers and thief’s I bought a iPhone 11 paid it in full was told it was a unlocked phone never had any reception with them could not receive text messages or calls half of the time basically there service was the worst I have ever seen then when you go to switch to another person if your not there 180 days even though I bought my phone straight out in full they tell me they would never unlock my phone that was supposed to be unlocked in the first place so they don’t work with seniors or anyone they try to rip people off with there crappy service and lies and the aarp backs them shame on them for telling seniors to go with cc there’s enough scams out there and now cc is another and it looks like aarp is backing there scam and so is the BBB

  • Lynelle P Reed says:

    I have been a customer of CC for some years now and I have never had a problem until now. I purchased a new phone and I am on a payment plan because as you well know your cell phone cost is outrageous. Needless to say I purchased one mainly because you have been my provider. I know we have been in a Pandemic and costs have soared and so have scams and that is to say it comes in many forms.
    Let’s begin with the purchase of my phone . I chose my phone all I had to do was put down a down payment that day and choose a plan which I did and payed for it that’s all it said and that was all it needed. Now, I don’t know if the wording has changed because I did call about it. I kept noticing a charge on my bill for a monthly payment which I thought I payed when I purchased my phone and plan. I finally I call and find out that it was worded that way! How are you for SENIORS! I don’t get it. I’m sure my phone call was noted on my account in March.
    Now you want to charge me money If I don’t let you can take your payment directly out of my account! WHAT! When did you make such an controlling company that you think that’s appropriate. Are you kidding! How dare a Company CEO, Executive direction, Assistant director or whomever make such a decision for your company and it affects the Senior Consumer’s pockets! and if you don’t go along with it your company is going to charge people to not go into their account! That’s just awful!
    I am also emailing a copy to AARP who endorses your company for it’s rates. I feel that these to incidents were a disservice to me an any other senior on a fixed income and “Shame On You”!

  • s d says:

    They don’t tell the whole truth

  • Sherri Soignet says:

    I got a phone from y’all and activated it and I was getting a cold and poor signal so a manager said I should try a different phone so I sent that one back got another phone and it was still doing the same thing and I was trying to talk to a manager named Ryan and he said that I had till the 5th but he disconnected me on the 23rd and I am disabled and I am with my mother trying to take care of her and he disconnected my phone right then and there and I don’t feel that I was treated fairly when I called in the next day they want to charge me a fee to turn it on what do you think I should do I’m very unhappy. Thank you, Sherri Soignet

    • Kimberly McAfee says:

      You won’t believe what they did to me I called to order phone new phone called 5 different times because of payment issue, so waited on email for delivery of new phone. Well CC took my money and paid the bill, with my money when hubby always pays that that support or so called supervisor got on phone and told me to get the money back from my husband..Beening a big asshole.


    I had a complaint, but first I scrolled down the comments to see what my fellow C C phone user had to say. WOW was I surprised! Every comment was a negative about the service they received from C C.
    Well, I am adding my negative comment.
    I fell behind on a credit statement and Consumer Celluar could not receive payment. I settled up with the card company and the card was ready to go. I wanted to find out if C C had rebilled on my account. I got a chat room and “Chris”. I texted Chris and explained what I wanted. Chris texted that he would transfer me to an “Expert” who could address my issue. Next thing I know, I am faced with some kind of program, “6ya” or “Just Answer” for $199.00 per year. Just fill in the credit card info. What kind of B.S. is this? I reconnected again to the chat room and “Chris” pops up again. I explained that mine was not a technical issue, but a billing issue. Chris again transferred me to this “6ya” or “Just Answer”. I guess I must pay a $199.00 initiation to go any further. I got to the Chat room and there is old Chris. I asked if Chris was a human or a computer program, and I was switched to the same B.S. as before.
    After reading all those negative comments I have decided to drop Consumer Cellular and sign up with another service. Now the question is: Does C C have a no B. S. way to let me go? If I go to Target will there be someone there to help me?
    Consumer Cellular sounds like the “Don’t give a damn” attitude that has become prevalent in America.

    • Sandy says:

      There is no contract so all you have any do is release (unlock) your phone, once it is paid off. But like I said you’ll have to pay it off if you intend to keep that phone. I have a whole other issue, and I’m not a happy camper.

    • Elizabeth A Hebblethwaite says:

      Hi Mike. They give u a option to cancel by hitting one of the options when u call them. Doesn’t mean they won’t continue to send a bill! Contact your local BBB. They are taking advantage of the elderly and it’s abuse! I think everyone on here should start a class action suit! So many complaints and their still in business ripping everyone off! How does this happen? Seriously a class action suit is exactly what needs to happen and make them answer for all their underhand crap!

  • Betty Whitfield says:

    Need to speak to upper managent CEO about my acct. Phone/Grandpa’s purchase upgrade r replacement inoperable and OVERCHARGED not following guideline before complaint/against

  • Paul Hansen says:

    $5.00 rip off for opting out of auto pay Do you pay carpet baggers for advice on how to rape your customers financially?

  • Denise says:

    I’ve been with Consumer Cellular since 2016 and for the most part, I’ve been satisfied. My daughter contacted CC prior to vacationing outside of the country. She was told the account would be place on international service. Unfortunately, once she arrived to her destination, she had no service. I called CC and was told the account was not on international service. Again, the service was not great and she had to use the hotel staff phone to contact me. It wasn’t until the third day she had service but had to use data. WE WERE INFORMED OF THE OUTRAGEOUS COST OF USING CC. The bill is over $500 and I spoke with a representative and was told we are still responsible for the charges. She stated we could pay the bill by doing a payment arrangement. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, which was unless as Chris, #20549 informed me there was nothing he can do. I find unacceptable as this company services the senior population. I was told we had to pay it soon or our service will subject to suspension. I’ve never not paid my bill and to be blind sided by this bill and lack of service. This is NOT JD BYDER AWARD WINNING SERVICE! I paid the regular charges. When asked if there was a complaint department, Chris answered he was it. I also asked for the corporate office and was told that he could not give me that information. I did file a complaint with the FCC because I had no alternative.

    • Regina says:

      1-503-675-8988 is corp # John Marick ceo address is 12447 sw 69th ave portland Oregon 97223 and yes they only know poor service for any one in general going into target, once in awhile you get a nice person when calling in

    • Elizabeth A Hebblethwaite says:

      Hi Denise. I believe you can find the corporate office on line. Google how to contact CC and it will get u there. Their address is 12447 SW 69th ave
      Portland, OR
      Hopefully this address isn’t a lie as well! Good luck!

  • Lori says:

    I had purchased my 95 year old mother the Link II phone and received it in December of 2021. By February 14th of 2022 the hinges just fell apart and the upper and lower half of the phone was no longer together. It is unusable. After countless phone calls I was told because I did not purchase a insurance plan I could not get her a replacement phone. I had to buy one. This company should not even be referred to by AARP. They sell cheap phones and don’t even have a manufacturers warranty. They make the phone. I immediately purchased the jitterbug bug phone from Lively…which has a 1 year manufactures warranty and it is a much easier phone for her to use. Customer service at Lively was wonderful and set up her speed dial etc the same day the phone was received. So long Consumer Cellular. And shame on you for robbing senior citizens! I will never give you any of my business again.

  • Rashid Hameed says:

    Really hate your black commercials!!!!!


    SENIORS Stay away from this company. Horrible customer service and can’t seem to get billing right.

  • Ex employee says:

    This is the worst business ive evwr dealt with , supervisors hang up on you and rhe wait time is unbelievable .i used to be an employee and simply need info for about my 401k .ive been calling for 2 days just to be told they dont have the corporate number, i cant help u , no u cant talk to a supervisor and to google tje corporate # , then get hung up on ……DO NOT WORK HERE OR GET BUY THEYRE SERVICES . HANDS DOWN THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER DEALT WITH ,THEY USE COVID PANDEMIC AS AN EXCUSE FOR THE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY HAVE ,STAY FAR AWAY !!!!

  • John Connaughton says:

    First month on Auto-Pay, they want to charge me $5 a month if I don’t use it. Two Weeks now since my billing cycle closed and they haven’t processed payment. BETTER NOT TRY TO CHARGE ME A LATE FEE. VERY UNHAPPY with Consumer Cellular right now!!!

  • GUEST says:

    jitterbug is advertising on your website–what a great way to lose customers.

  • GUEST says:


  • John Quigley says:

    This company is not worth the paper it is written on and has always maintained a Negative rating with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, it has been their common practice to rip customers off by charging customers exhorbitant fees for Auto Pay, not to mention incorrect taxes/fees!!! My advice is to avoid them like the plague!!!

  • Diane Haimeck says:

    I mourn the Consumer Cellular that once was. I was your biggest fan and would tell anyone that would listen that your service was the absolute best. Those days are gone. I am very sorry for all concerned; in addition to ME.

  • Bob Yohe, Jr. says:

    It appears that the Customer Service function still remains “iffy,” in that it sometimes comes through and other times, not. I’ve been trying to get a questions answered through the “Contact Us” mechanism, with no success. We shall see if a letter to Mr. John Marick, CEO will product results. [If past comments are any indication, the answer will probably be “no.” However, we shall see.]

    The question: Why are batteries for the Link II flip phone not available anywhere?

    For many of us the Link II is more than adequate–those users who just want a phone to make and receive phone calls, and maybe take some pictures. None of the other folderol is wanted, needed, or used. Presently, when the battery dies, one has to buy a new phone–not a good operating decision.

  • C.S. says:

    Been trying to Email someone in charge! Since the Second week after paying over $700+ for a phone that’s been no good!! been trying to get a replacement with nothing but the runaround sure you can see my account, sorry to say after all these years Probably going elsewhere. I know that you do not care. Not the first time I have heard that! Done trying to fix it. Every time I call C.S. I go through the same questions 2 factory reset lost my pictures. That’s it in your hand.
    William Behr
    326 Riverside Street
    SS 0224

  • Lillian Black says:

    I wonder if the “top brass” ever read these comments!!!! I doubt it because nothing is being done about the way the agency is handling problems.

    Here’s mine! You have a 90 year old who has been with Consumer Cell for too many years to count. When my bank was sold, I was sent a new card. When my son tried to call CC to let them know the change (because my charges are deducted automatically) he could not get through. He had to go to work and he then forgot to try again. I assumed it was all taken care of….Not! When CC tried to do a charge against my account, it was denied.
    What happened next is what I am writing about. They proceeded to send me “nasty Text’s” – not 1 but at least 4. I do not text – do not know how! However, I would have greatly appreciated a phone call and I could have given them the correct info that was needed. I have bought several phones over the years so it should have been obvious that CC was going to get paid.
    Anyway, my son finally got hold of someone from his work and paid the bill and gave them the proper info they needed.
    All in all …. it was NOT a very nice experience (in fact I will be checking with T-Mobile because of the text’s

  • Pami Toll says:

    june 15 2021. My very elderly mother got a flip phone for her birthday that came in the mail we were unable to activate it at home. we were told to go to a target store and they would have a special employee meet us from your company to activate it in Tinley park il. we went it took three hours and 7 employees finally to activate this flip phone. Mom set it up and many of the features disppeared or were hijacked its on the KAIOS network. we tried to call your customer service number never can reach anyone to fix it. if your network is called KAIOS it barely meets the hassles we have had we cant text or receive call backs and the number board goes nuts the characters dont correct. Pam in park forest il pamstouchjewelry@gmail.com please see who those jerks at target were that leave n elderly person vulnerable w no proper phone or communciation sevices yet stilll tak our money

  • Jean Wheeler says:

    I am a very disappointed 4-year customer!!! I have always touted how satisfied I am with my phone and service from Consumer Cellular. I love my phone, I use it everyday and rely on it daily. Here’s my story…After alerts about not having enough storage, decided to get a new phone, am 78 years old and this decision took a few months to make. Received new phone, called for appointment with technician as I am not that savvy with computers and needed someone to assure my activation would work without any major trauma. Wrong! I charged the phone. Went to appointment 45 minutes away with hurricane warnings and rain here in Florida – No technician on the premises. Returned home and called next day to make another appointment, again needed reassurance that there really would be someone there to help me and was instructed to call Target before leaving to check that a person was indeed at the store. I did, then left for second appointment, four days after first one and was enthused and looking forward to my new phone. Upon arriving at the electronics dept., low and behold NO technician, Target employees tried to call person, went to look for person and did all they could to help me. After 45-50 minutes waiting another customer arrived and told me he had an appointment also. When the Target fellow came be AGAIN, I asked for a piece of paper and wrote a note requesting the phone be returned and refund my account. I was totally upset, and extremely agitated. I think he tried talking to me and I just replied that I did not want it an walked away, stopped at the customer service counter and asked to speak to a store manager, she came and I explained how I had called and was told to expect a technician to be there – all she could muster was “interesting.” During my drive back home, my phone rang in my car, I guess I am to assume it was the tech spouting something about policy…I cannot talk and drive in traffic, especially when extremely upset so I hung up. After about 3 hours I called the support number and reiterated this story and was told I would have to drive back and retrieve the phone – that is not going to happen – I only go to that town about once a year! NO Not happy with CC at this point so I shall keep my old phone and pray that it doesn’t die before I do. Thanks for listening…Jean

  • Joel Kuhlberg says:

    Dear Sirs, I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for several years. Recently I recommended you to a friend. She got the phone and asked me to set it up for her. I quickly determined that she could not get cell service at her house. After 4 days and as many call to tech service I found out that CC does not provide any equipment that would make the phone work at her house. We finally have given up and she is cancelling her account. PS the last “tech”‘ I talked to was just plain rude. I am now considering cancelling my account as well. I have gone from being a CC advocate to telling people not to consider CC.

  • Lawrence Jones says:

    I upgraded my CONSUMER CELLULAR LINK flip phone to a MOTOROLA E6 smartphone on 5/02/2020. I ordered this model because it was an inexpensive smart phone with a much better camera then the flip phone. I just want a phone with a great camera and the ability to download the photos to my laptop but not connect to the internet. The problem I ran into was this – the camera will not downloading photos to the memory card I purchased due to a problem with the fingers that connect with the memory card. This phone was a RFG CERTIFIED RETURN which to me means a factory rebuild. I called the customer service department for a working replacement only to be turned down with the reason that I caused the damage. I don’t think I did since the phone was a RFG CERTIFIED RETURN and wasn’t re-certified correctly before sending it to me. I did exam the slot where the memory card slides in and I could see a couple of the fingers were bent and out of alignment. I was not satisfied with their decision so I sent off two letters to their President and CEO – John Marick. The first one was not sent certified/return receipt so I don’t know if he received it. I then sent a second letter. This time it was sent certified/return receipt. It was signed by the front desk/reception/mail room on May 28, 2020 (not by John Marick) and I haven’t received a response from him yet and today is June 10, 2020. Since Consumer Cellular pushes the idea of great customer service in ALL their advertising, I for one would have to say this is a farse. So much for customer relations and the customer always being correct. The replacement of this defective unit with a working unit will decide if I buy the same unit for my sister who also who like to replace her flip phone like I did. This will NOT happen until I get satisfaction with a working replacement.

  • Phillip E and Carol S. Wester says:

    I guess this should be directed to John Drarick, We have been customers of CC since Sept 2017 and were pretty much satisfied with your service. Whenever we had a problem and called in it was always answered with good service and friendly people. You have done a good job with that part of CC–but afew months ago Phil phone–a doro would not keep a charge so I went to Target(40 miles 1 way) and they told me it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one, Which i did, But the new dodo has been nothing but headaches. It will not continue to work. We have called many times and again the people we dealt with were very helpful and pleasant. They did what they could and then sent us a new doro. Same story again. We have went thru 4 doros. They are lemons. The last time i talked to a superindent. His answer was to send us another doro! We dont want another doro. We want our money back so we can buy the $30 unnamed model like Carol has. Hers seems to work much better, not great at keeping charged but works! She can make calls and everything on hers. Again we feel your employees are well trained to deal with our problems but are unable to really help in a situation like ours where we no longer want a lemon like doro. They should be able to say enough is enough and refund our money or send us a different phone. WE now have a 5th doro and will be trying it out soon with no hopes for big hopes for success. First I think you should enable your employees to do more than keep replacing what currently is not working and admit the doro is a lemon and should be replaced by something better! They have a lemon law concerning cars and probably have or should have one concerning phones!! I await to hear from you. Phil and Carol Wester

    • Mark Miller says:

      The Doro 7050 is such a rotten piece of hardware and the cause of many headaches and heartaches I ended up throwing it out because CC will only replace a phone with the same model phone! I tossed it and paid for a LINK since I love flip phones over smart phones. The Link is much much better. Not perfect, but so much better than that Doro piece of junk. Surprised CC still offering.

  • Daniel E Leasure says:

    I have made 4 calls concerning the phone number that they gave us to their support specialists. I have only had the phone for a week and I just found out that the number that they gave me had not been cleared from the previous owner. That means is if you call a landline that has caller ID the name of the other owner will show up. Everyone of the specialist I have talked to has given me a different answer as when this would be corrected from several minutes to 24 hours and today I was told 90 days from the time they put in the request to have it corrected. Unless I’m the only person that doesn’t answer the phone if a name pops up that I don’t recognize and I fail to believe I am. I would seriously think about checking out other cell phone carriers unless your willing to wait for 90 days for them to correct a problem that should have never happened to start with.

  • Dick Deranian says:

    I used the Doro 7050 for 5 days. Each day I was presented with new problems. Today I initiated a return and replacement with The Link. What as happened with Consumer Cellular? This phone with its many problems is a deviation for a company that emphasizes crisp, customer service. Come about sharp!

  • Aaron K. Bilyeu says:

    Being a DISABLED United State Veteran, long time Consumer Cell Customer, UNPROUD owner of a DORO 7050 that DOES NOT work. After MANY factory resets , it still does NOT WORK. Having to remove the phone back, wipe off the Battery Terminals, replace the battery & back, MAY work, MAY NOT WORK. The PHONE is 3 WEEKS OLD, Warranty replacement, NO! IS THAT FAIR?

  • Genevriere says:

    Consumer Cellular is a screw-You company all they care about is over charging you and saying I am sorry but you have to pay for our mistakes on your bill. I tried calling ( CORP OFFICE ) but they will not give you the phone number. If you don’t want to be screwed ( DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ) they will tell you one fee and charge you a MUCH HIGHER FEE. This co will treat you like their Personal ATM.

  • robert jarvi says:

    Just completed a very frustrating 10+ days trying to get my wife’s phones hot spot to work, (unsuccessfully) then trying to get her phone # transferred back to previous provider, finally accomplished after 7 days, and then presented a bill for services,(not rendered). If I access my account on line there are 2 different versions of bill, by mail another. High point of the 6th consumer reps (consulted with 10 counting chats) tech ability was her admission to best buy tech rep she could never figure out hot spots (after 40 back and forth minutes) there are no tech reps at consumer c only reps. Sensing the degree of frustration here? just explained this to billing and they refused to work with me on a solution. just pay it!! Did I create this situation? I guess I did by transferring my business to them.
    Sorry, it wont happen again. EX account #104267632

  • Doyle Stearman says:

    Dear Sirs.

    I have been a customer of Consumer Cellular since about 2012. I have always considered Consumer Cellular a very good company and have recommended it to many of my customers.
    I have five phones on my account. All work good with not problems. In the past every time I have contacted Consumer Cellular I have had the problem fixed rapidly.

    Recently I purchased an ALLY device for my elderly neighbors, the man has had a stroke, and
    cannot talk well. He has also lost most of the use of his right arm and leg.

    His wife trusted me to buy this ALLY device for him. I purchased the first device in 2016 and I purchased this device in November 2018 to replace the first device.
    The device is supposed to alert the monitoring company when he either falls or pushes the button.

    MY neighbor fell on March 20th 2019, the device did not work. I called the monitoring company and they told me the device had never been activated. I gave them all of the information including the IME no and they had no record of the device. I finally got the device activated but it only worked one day before it quit.

    I have called Consumer Cellular several times and have been given all kinds of excuses as to why I cannot get my device replaced or my money refunded. I even bought the warranty on the device, But since it is still under warranty from Consumer Cellular it is not their responsibility yet.

    This morning a man Named Chester called me and left a no. to call him back on voice mail
    I called twice, first time it hung up on me after 8 minutes, and second time I hung up on CC after 23 minutes of waiting on hold.

    I talked to a representative this morning named Lindsey who promised to call me back in 24 hours to see if I can get any portion of the money I have paid since November for absolutely no service whatsoever.

    I would like to know who I can talk to that can solve this situation for me.

    Doyle K. Stearman
    17507 Drummond road
    Shawnee, Ok. 74801

    account no. 101206864

    • Guest says:

      If their product is defective, that is a huge problem. Maybe someone needs to slap them with a lawsuit in order for them to actually respond.

      • ned says:

        Consumer Cellular’s legal agreement documentation makes it clear that they only use arbitration. It literally says No class action lawsuits allowed.

  • Barbara Reumont says:

    I am having a terrible time with my consumer cellular service. I have had it about 18 days and have to call about everyday or every other day. Nothing works! What can you do for me. Barbara Reumont

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