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Compass Self Storage Corporate office Headquarters

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Compass Self Storage

  • Address: 20445 Emerald Pkwy # 220, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States
  • Phone Number: +12164580670
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 500+
  • Established: 2009
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Todd Amsdell - President

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Todd Amsdell


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  • S Burns says:

    Trying to reach corporate office to receive information regarding contact info for District and prior district managers in Hilton Head Markets.
    S. burns

  • Jamie b says:

    I rented a unit in may 2023 and only needed until June 2023. I missed the cancel deadline by 1 day and was charged an entire extra month. Ok fine, we paid it. I personally cancelled online my lease on July 4, 2023, so I would not miss august deadline. The unit has been empty since June. I just received a letter in the mail stating I owe august rent as well as a late fee. I personally cancelled the lease online and I have screen shots of it. I need someone to get in touch with me so we can settle this. I will not be paying AGAIN for a unit that has sat empty for 2 months.

    Jamie buckler

  • gloria says:

    I rent a storage unit 919 at the Senoia Rd, Fairburn GA facility.  I am at a point of no return with this company.  
    I have cALLED EVERYDAY TO REQUEST A CALL FROM DISTRICT MANAGER.     I have been lied too and hung up on trying to pay my bill.
    I am a month behind on my bill.  I was trying to pay July and August bill on the 8th but the lady that answered my call would not take my payment.

    This is the story:
    I spoke with Charles on August 7th and I asked him if he could waive a late fee to be able to pay my unit fee.  I was told that it would be $154 if I could pay it by the 8th or on Friday the 11th would be $199.00 So I told him I had $135 in my account and I would get the rest.  I was told on the 8th of August after speaking with Charles tha the $154 need to be paid by end of business on the 8th.  I called 9 times on the 8th  and left numerous of messages to have my call return so I could make my payment, no one ever answers the phone there.  so finally around 5:45 pm a rude young girl answered the phone with an attitude as if I was bothering her.  I explain  to her what Charles told me and I need to pay my bill.  She indicated that she could not take my money that I would have to speak with Charles and I asked for his number she said he gone for the day.  I continued to explain to her what I needed to.  This unprofessional attitude agent was extremely rude and hung up on me.  I called the next day numerous times again and a guy name Anthony answered and I explain to him what happen and the girl would not take my payment.  He stated that well aint nothing I can do at this time you need to pay $345 to cause I have added late fees and lien fee on your bill, and I should have paid it before the yesterday.  I explained to him I did but the girl was rude and would not take my payment, Then he stated that “if I wanted my storage back I would have to pay $345 and aint nothing I can do, so what you wanna do.  At this point I am livid and above frustrated because no ones wants to listen and dont really care.  I asked to speak to the manager and he said I am the manager.  I asked to speak to Charles and he said Charles was not available.  I asked If I could come get my grandsons Urn and a few important papers and boxes and he said no at  first then called back and said I could.  But I need all my stuff.  I sked him if I could still pay the $154 and retrieve all my stuff form the unit and he stated no.

    I feel that I was scammed and done wrong by raising the price each time.  I k ow I was late.  I have been out of work for the pass 7 months  and taking treatment and yes I was late quite a few times but I always paid and inform them when I could make the payment.  I know you have business’ to run but the way you treat people is unacceptable.  I fee they continue to lie to get more money out of me.  I have called  and spoke with someone in corporate everyday since the 8th to have a DM call me and to no avail I have yet to receive a call.  SO at this time I trying email to see if I can get some help,  Can someone please help me.  I really need my thing in the unit.  I need your help.  Please please help me, again I did what was asked but no one would take  my payment.  I jut want to get my stuff out of there, Please help me.

  • A Jay says:

    I have reached out to you several about the Smyrna, Ga store. I am trying to remove my belongings but your workers choose to lock me out once again. These workers are doing this on a personal level and not professional. .
    I have asked for someone to get back to me and no answer or response just the same voicemail.

  • Sonya says:

    I would like for someone to call me back.@919.633.5806 Regarding my units please.Thank you

  • Thomas DeBartolo says:

    I recently rented a storage unit from you in West Palm Beach Florida. I’ve had problems both last month and this month being able to login onto your site and pay my bill. Last month, because I was unable to pay online and could not go out to the location physically and make a payment until the following Saturday I ended up paying late fees. This month, when I tried to go online and pay my bill I had the same problem. When I called the office and spoke to the manager, he informed me he would resolve the matter. Tried to login earlier today and still could not get in. Then I contacted the office again, and spoke to the staff, who was rude to me and hung up the first time I called, and threatened to hang up when I got upset over the bill being twenty dollars more than the price I was quoted. I want someone to contact me ASAP to discuss and hopefully resolve these matters.
    Thomas DeBartolo
    (561) 641- 0888

  • Kelly Hales says:

    I need someone to call me immediately concerning a very important matter.

  • Chad Kleis says:

    I have been requesting a phone call back about my storage unit for nearly a week, and was guaranteed a return call within 48hrs! I am about ready to dispute my CC on file with your company

  • Ronica Green says:

    Hi I’m Ronica , I have a balance with you. Want to resolve. Please contact me at ronica_green@yahoo.com

  • ???? says:

    Do not rent on military west palm beach Fl . You’ll regret it. Trust me. I’m very very disappointed with the way they did to me. I had one thing left in their storage why couldn’t they let me take it. I was only few days after the due date. I was a client with them for a year. The manager threat me to send me to collection. So embarrassed for this place

  • ???? says:

    Some of the storage management are not polite not educated so illiterate.

  • John says:

    After moving in for only 3 days I am told to move out by the 2nd of August but I will be owed about another months rent that I overpaid, since I’m on autopay will it go back on my card and my autopay automatically shut off for me?

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