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  • Established: 1889

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  • Lindsey says:

    I am currently using a store credit card housed under Comenity. I was doing well with payments until I experienced a rough financial period for the last 4 months. Comenity has been non stop with harassing phone calls. When I would answer the calls would be immediately dropped so I assumed I was being robocalled. I stopped answering. I finally answered today and I experienced the most rude and condescending Rep. I shared sensitive and traumatic information and the Rep mocked me and told me I should learn to pay my bills on time. I told him his personality was abrasive and that he needed more customer service training and that he shouldn’t treat people that way. He said I was refusing to pay and hung up. I will be settling my account and closing the account. There are other financial companies who at least treat their customers like human beings. This isn’t one of them.

  • Disappointed says:

    Why am I being robbed by comenity. They taking my money and I am a loyal customer. I always pay my bill on time, not missing my payments. I am a Sr. on a fixed income, why are you charging me more. When I do pay this off, I will no longer buy anything from Ashley Stewart ever. A big RIP-off and I will post it.

  • Patricia Silva-Poplin says:

    If you receive or apply for a credit card with Comenity/ Bread Bank. Cut up your card and close your account! F- customer service!

  • Diane cortese says:

    Horrible service from this bank! Very rude and unhelpful agents!
    Awful to deal with!

    • Patricia Silva-Poplin says:

      Diane Cortese, I agree!! I requested Comenity to send me couple of months previous statements. I got a few statement from 2019 and 2020, but not what I requested. I was also told that they mailed the statements and if I didn’t receive them, it’s the USPS that is to blame. I received the wrong statements in the mail but not the ones I requested.
      But I guess it’s the fault of the USPS. It’s the USPS fault that Comenity Customer service is incompetent. NOT!!!

  • Scott says:

    This financial institution is by far the most corrupt, scammers, fraudsters, and liars i have ever investigated and deal with in over 45 + Years lie after lie . Since AAA Visa Traveler Card they too have had hundred of complaints and are seeking a better Bank. WARNING divest from them and the Parent company BFG

  • Jonathan DeLeon says:

    They literally don’t care to help you at all we have been battling to get our account corrected for months biggest headache ever then everyone has a complete attitude like I stole Christmas from them will literally never do business with them again

  • Linda Williams says:

    Dear Sir(Ma’am), My name is Linda Williams..I have had a Comenity Account with Justice for Girls prior to their stores closing due to Covid…In March of 2022, I paid my account balance in full, $87.00 check #2640…From that date forward, there have been no purchases as their stores closed ..I continued to receive $41 monthly late charges…I tied in vain to address this, by writing to your office. I am deaf and unable to communicate by phone ..I wanted to resolve this ..I sent 4 additional payments since the March pymt thinking it might have been late. In total I have paid $400 in late fees…My husband tried helping by calling but was met with no assistance at all…He had my account closed on 11/28/22…Since then I continue to receive late charges for the months of Dec ’22 and Jan ’23…I explained back in my letter in March that my elderly mother had had COVID for the month of Jan 2022 and my siblings and I were having to help pay her bills…In the past , when the Justice stores were still open, I had had great success with correspondence and always received a reimbursement of late fees…In the last year , though my concerns have fallen on deaf ears ..I wish I had known at that time, about this corporate office E-mail…I covet your help ..We are financially in difficult times, as we are on a fixed Soc Security and a small monthly retirement income…Please advise, Thank you, Linda Williams

  • Carrie Edington says:

    Nothing but a sham!! impossible to get a hold of a human other than the initial “customer service” which is no service at all. ive reported to the better business bureau and suggest everyone else does the same.

  • JAS says:

    I have two store cards from comenity, in one day in december 2022, my credit report was besieged by 5 reports of late payments pertaining to two of their store cards. They were willing to remove one late payment report, because their system threw my auto-pay set up away, but the other store card, they refused to remove, they said they already helped me as much as they will. They told me their “system crashed” and so they never reported the first “late payment” but when their system was working months later they filed all 5 lates, it dropped my credit report by 200 points, and is getting me declined for my mortgage application in process! I never even knew I had a balance on the account we have everything we do in my company on auto pay! Their mistakes have big time repercussions for people like me! When my auto pay settings were dumped in error by their company, if they had reported one late payment I would have been notified of a problem and could have fixed it! As it is now, they are responsible for me being homeless in a month, turned down for my new mortgage after selling my home, due to their company technology that always seems to go down, in their favor! Why do we never have a voice to these credit bureaus when things are reported that are so wrong and so unfair!! Comenity Bank sucks!

  • Nellie Pomales says:

    On December 15, 2022 I had tried to purchase a perfume on line, used my rewards of $15.00 dollars each. I decide to make a change on the perfume and choose another one. my rewards were gone and unable to add to my purchase. Before finalizing my purchase contacted both Sephora and Comenity Bank neither wanted to take responsibility. Contacted customer service and was told the rewards would be added to my account. Here we are 1/2/23 still waiting for the $30.00 rewards to be place back to my account. It stills says I used them when in reality I have not used them you can see clearly on my account I made the purchase without using my rewards.

  • Richard Yarbrough says:

    I can not reach anyone via telephone or email. I had a fraudulent activity on my account which was removed months ago but a $9.00 interchange charge associated with the fraud was not. You have been charging me late charges which I have tried to get removed but can not reach a live agent to discuss. You have now reported this as late payment to credit bureau and I want it removed and clear the negative report.
    Please have someone respond to me at 706-892-4374.

  • Phyllis Brooks says:

    On Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM I call Comenity in regards to my request in my redeemed rewards of $27.93 that was requested in August 11, 2022. I’ve called several times and was informed that there was a problem with your system and this happened on 2 more occasions. But today I spoke with a representative who spoke with another representative that didn’t feel like looking up the information and told the representative that the money had been applied in July to my account which is impossible because the request was in August. The customer service representative then stated that he was submitting a dispute so that the money could be applied to my account. This has taken over 4 months and I have stayed in contact with your company. I do not appreciate how unconcerning your company is. The unprofessional behavior is unacceptable. Therefore I would appreciate if you would follow through to make sure that the redeemed payment is applied to my account as soon as possible. I would also like a response to this message.

  • Chris Ryder says:

    I am having a problem over a $158.04 bill. I paid the bill on September 4, 2021. Comenity Bank at first said they never received the payment. After probably 50 phone calls to customer service and supervisors and several disputes they told me the money was put in the wrong account. But still I am being billed with the current amount at over $450 due to late charges and fees!!! This is a terrible company with horrible customer service. No one seems to know what is going on. Very frustrating and annoying.

  • Suse says:

    I don’t blame anyone for cancelling.
    I cancelled my CC last night, they said they never got my payment, assessed late fees and interest, had both boa and comenity AAA on the line suggested since check wasn’t receding to put a stop payment, I did and resent payment, come to find out, someone had the original checked my account reflects it posted 11/07/22, last time I spoke to A rep at comenity before yesterday 11/27/22 was on 11/17/22nd was told it still wasn’t received and that check was sent 10/24/22, so now they are charging me a stop payment fee 25.00. The girl said there’s nothing they could do, okay yougotta do what you gotta do and so do I “cancel my account!”

  • Deb B says:

    I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding improper charging of finance charges on deferred interest promotional plans. I was incorrectly charged $391 of interest charges even though I paid the exact amount required to avoid paying accrued interest charges by the due date. Customer service was completely unhelpful and rude. I spoke with a Senior Account Specialist, who claimed he was the equivalent of a manager, who was extremely rude talking over me and providing incorrect information. The practice being followed is unlawful and every employee spoken to is unwilling to offer any assistance and refuse to provide a proper escalation path for the customer.

  • Laura Martin says:

    I had my j crew card closed “in error”. After 3 months no one can tell me what happened and no one seems to be investigating.

  • Philip Guzman says:

    I called to get information about my new visa account that was switched from BofA. On hold for 25 min. Rep answered only to tell me that her computer was down, and she could not access my account. She put me back on hold on a new phone tree. I am cancelling this account. I won’t do business with this ridiculous company.

  • James S. George says:

    My Visa account was closed. No notice, altho bank claims they sent letter. Automated response system has no help. Customer service rep can’t reopen account — offered to get me new account. When account was closed, I had over $300 rewards points — they’re completely gone, of course.

  • Kathy says:

    I need to speak with someone in corporate headquarters. A customer service representative shut my credit card off because I said with all these issues I should cancel my card. I keep getting hung up on or the run around. Not two people said the same thing. I’ve never ever had worse customer service. I’m 50 now but I was in customer service my whole life and I’m Appalled at what people call customer service these days. I’m told I can’t do a thing about them misunderstanding me and canceling my card. I was told by a supervisor I can’t have this card anymore. I’ve been on phone so many hours and trying so hard to keep my cool. Please I have approximately 5 credit cards with you and Hot Topic is only credit card I continuously have issue with. Not to mention Assure. Who can I write that cares at all. Please help me I was told to write to a P.O. Box but I truly feel that won’t get me to the person I need to talk with

  • Maytrude Ratliff says:

    Have been trying to get my refund of $900.00 since June as of this date no luck seems everyone I talk to gives me a different answer wondering where do I go to get help

  • Melanie Nelson says:

    I have tried excessively (too many dates to put here) to get in touch with a “customer care” rep. who can help with a billing error on a credit card…I have been given bogus phone numbers, including someone’s cell number, a TDD/TYY number, etc. I am beginning to think this is a fraudulent set up. Please advise who I can actually speak with to solve a problem.

    • JJ says:

      I would suggest either contacting a regulator that oversees banking industry. Possibly Consumer Banking or Attorney General. Good luck I myself will be writing to their headquarters first and giving them the opportunity to fix the problem. After that I will be escalating to The Regulators.

  • Joseph Perrone says:

    need executive assistance regarding an $82 dispute. It was a phone scam where I thought i was making a purchase with Home Depot instead it was a scam from India with a bogus phone #..I tried to contact them, no luck. I then called Comenity to report and was told it would be resolved when posted. It has not and no one can help

  • Joseph Perrone says:

    I am having major service issues with a $82 dispute. I’ve called 3 times and keep getting rejected. It was a scam on the phone. I haves no documentation other than the charge on the statement etc and the history of phone calls starting from the moment the charge occurred.

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