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  • Address: 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 215-583-8078
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 184,000
  • Established: June 28, 1963
  • Founder: Ralph J. Roberts
  • Key People: Brian L. Roberts, Steve Burke

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Cable services are becoming a thing of the past since you can surf anything and everything on the Internet these days. But have you given a thought about what would have happened if there were no cable services? The business leader of phone, cable and internet services is Comcast Corporation. Comcast was earlier known as American Cable Systems. They started their journey with a small cable company with 1200 subscribers. Comcast has worked hard to promote the innovation of magnificent products. They also wanted to understand and cater to every need of their customers. For brilliant customer service, Comcast took steps to make every employee believe that they have to deliver great customer service to all of their customers.

Comcast Headquarters Address - You can use the below-mentioned address for sending packages to them.

1701 John F Kennedy Blvd,

Philadelphia, PA 19103

United States

Phone Number - +1 215-583-8078

Email - not available

Website - You can visit their official website for more information related to Comcast. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://corporate.comcast.com/

Comcast Headquarters Info & Photos

Comcast’s headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Apart from the headquarters in Philadelphia, they have their offices in six other locations.

The original headquarters of Comcast is the second tallest skyscraper in Pennsylvania at a height of 975 ft. The Comcast center added a new building to its campus, which is Pennsylvania’s tallest building at the height of 1,121 ft.

The Comcast campus space consists of a Comcast technology center, Comcast center, the global headquarters, 2 Logan, 3 Logan and Center Square.

The Comcast headquarters includes the development of energy-efficient lighting design planning for all open offices and private office areas, amenity spaces for staff, corporate training rooms and cafeteria space.

The building was given the LEED Gold certification in the year 2010.

Comcast Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Comcast Center, 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA, US (HQ)

Comcast Headquarters Executive Team

Brian L. Roberts

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Brian L. Roberts is the chairman and chief executive officer of Comcast Corporation. After finishing his graduation, Brian joined Comcast Corporation. He became the president of the company in the year 1990. Under his leadership, the revenue of the company grew from $657 million to $80.4 billion.

Steve Burke

Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal & Senior Executive Vice President

Steve Burke is the chief executive officer of NBC Universal. He was the driving force behind the growth of Comcast as the cable industry leader. Comcast also achieved the milestone of becoming the largest residential data service company and the largest phone company in the U.S. They are the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communication products & services. He joined as the president of the company of Comcast in the year 1998.

Michael J. Cavanagh

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Michael J. Cavanagh is the senior vice president and chief financial officer at Comcast Operations. He has a wide range of responsibilities which include looking after financial functions, corporate development, strategic planning and Comcast ventures. He joined the team of Comcast in 2015.



David L. Cohen

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

David N. Watson

President & Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable & Senior Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation

Jeremy Darroch

Group Chief Executive, Sky

Thomas J. Reid

Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

About Comcast


The journey of Comcast began in 1963. A cable service was bought by co-founders Ralph J. Roberts, David Aaron and Julian A. Brodsky, for $500,000 in Tupelo Mississippi. It started with 1200 subscribers. The name of the company at that time was American Cable Systems.

In 1969, it was renamed as Comcast Corporation. They got their first public exposure in 1972.

In the year 1988, Comcast reached 2 million customers. This made them the 5th largest cable company in the US.

In 2002, AT&T was bought by Comcast, which made it the largest cable company in the US. 


Comcast digital cable TV subscription offers hundreds of channels, on-demand options, high-definition programming and DVD service.

Comcast digital voice, which was launched in the year 2005, provides its customers with telephone service as well as the feature to hear your voice mail online. You can also forward your voicemails to email.

Comcast also provides Internet and home automation services under the brand name Xfinity.

Comcast Spectator is a live sports and entertainment company which provides services across the U.S.

Comcast technology solutions invents and innovates technology, which solves challenges given by different industries.


  • In the year 2007, the waiting room of a Comcast service center was smashed with a hammer by a 75-year-old woman as she was upset with their services.
  • Comcast provides their cable services to more than 21 million homes, which makes them the largest cable television network in the U.S.
  • Comcast has a larger market value than the three networks combined: Charter, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision.
  • Comcast also follows the tradition of hiring and helping military communities. The founder, Ralph Roberts, was a World War II U.S. Navy veteran.
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  • Shirley Grice says:

    All of my comments may not fit but here it is: I have been a customer since 2017 and from the beginning nothing but cable issues. My first “Red Flag” was the salesman that sold me the service saying that I would receive $200 for signing up ( I spoke with him a number of times and he always had an excuse) I eventually gave up.
    I started having issues with the service, a tech person was coming 2-3 times a month fir the same problem. Till this day it still has not been resolved. They have changed equipment around, replaced eqiupment, it works for a few days then it’s the same over again. You can check my record to see the issues of what I’m ‘m speaking of
    Shirley Grice 1459 Wellesley St Inkster, Michigan 48141. 734 727 1727
    The latest is we had a power outage Aug 10th thru Aug 15th Aug 16th-17th for Comcast then a tech still had to come out issues continued. Still today.
    My problem I paid the last phone bill the usual amount, They are only giving me a credit if $63.00 for all the time I didn’t have service and then service was not up 100%. The phones were not working, the internet was not working and still there are problems with these things.
    I think I deserve better than what I’m getting. I am FED up with xfinity and want to have things change fir the better.
    I am a senior citizen 78 yrs old and don’t think I need to continue to get sub-standard service and pay for it too.
    Please give me an answer to my problem.
    Please don’t just throw this away with no solution. I look forward to an answer or a phone call soon in regards to this.
    My email is. Mssagrice@comcast.net
    Shirley Grice

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    Questions about your business

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    your company made promise they did not keep

  • Joseph Burt Pavia says:

    Hello.. Im 66 years old.. Have Comcast for 11 years.. I am disabled..

    Ive paid over the years, thousands of dollars to Comcast.. Now I need help, NO ONE WILL HELP ME..

    I only have phone service because Comcast kept raising my prices…over and over..

    I need the phone to be able to call 911…emergency

    I can now, only afford…

    $60.00 a month. Basic cable and phone.. Taxes and fees included.. TOTAL… $60.00/mo




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