Where is Coldwell Banker Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 1 Campus Dr, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 973-407-5413
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 27850
  • Established: August 27, 1906
  • Founder: Colbert Coldwell & Arthur Banker
  • Key People: Charlie Young

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Coldwell Banker Headquarters Executive Team



Charlie Young


Michael Fischer


David Marine


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  • Angelo Rodriguez says:

    Help us your office in Titusville Florida is not
    9433 whispering meadow lane Orlando

  • Tonniann Grossman says:

    Your office in Titusville Florida is the worst

  • Tonniann Grossman says:

    I need help with your office in Titusville Florida

  • Rupert says:

    I have an issue with the Agent for 1144 Virginia Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23324. We provided your agent and the seller a copy of a list of questionable damages we had before our home inspection. The evening before the inspection the owner had new wall boards over inactive major termite damage to over three walls. Over $64,000.00 in major damages found not to include the heavily damaged driveway and its apron.

    Do your Agents have any code of ethics? Or, are they just looking for another buyer to spin into a web for the seller?

  • Trudy says:

    I had Theresa Dillion as a realtor on sale of my home 26 silver spring court east Hanover back in 4 of 22. I need you to know I’m not stopping here. I will blow up the internet about how INCREDIBLY AWFUL she was. The stick in her ass is long and shes a liar. Awful people skills and terrible professionalism. She told me she would not answer any of my questions. She represented the buyer better than she did me the seller. There was a 20 minute showing scheduled. I did not get back into my house for an hour and 15 minutes. When asked her about it she said ” I have a life too”. Shes evil and so worried about a dollar she cant see how awful a person she is. I’m starting her. I have plenty more stories I will plaster all over internet.

  • Stacy Thalassites says:

    I would like to speak to someone as soon as I can regarding an issue I have with an agent please. 9542351125

  • normajm says:

    Do you have a corporate policy on employees posting on Facebook?
    You should. Just saw local agent commenting on Roe decision. Thus, I will NEVER list a property with C-B.

  • Sandra Moore King says:

    I have a business opportunity that I will like to discuss with you and about the business that I’m doing here in Nevada, what this will include the market for education programs for the under privilege resident and can these the resident grow in the marketing field. I have a business name Illustration Social Cultural Business Industries and I’m a 501C-3 and I like to submit a request for support from your company. I have all of the information to began the process if expectable please email or call me at 702 587-5092
    Thank You and have a great weekend and I will be contacting you soon about this business opportunity.

  • Noelle Cirello says:

    I had an Agent David Adlai-Gai from Coldwell come to my house for sale, claiming to be a contractor and lawyer. He had a cash deal, so i took it. I never knew he was aa agent for you, how did he get past my realtor?? He told me i didn’t need a lawyer, he was one. He told me he wanted a very fast closing so i moved. Now im in SC, and he walks away from the closing table for false information. that was his 4th time failing to close. We have a binded contract and told me “I’M SCREWED”!! WOW….that,s what agents you have working for you? Pretending to be people their not, and not once told me he was a realtor at all or for you! I reported this to the realtor commision. I also contacted my lawyer to handle this further. I will write my story on every website, just to save someone else like me get scammed. I pray something happens from this because i will be posting it on all the websites. If i can help one person i feel my passs it on is complete for today.

  • Jacquelyn Barrows says:

    Currently, there is an investigation pertaining to insurance fraud /bank fraud/forgery it is believe Gladys Greer Smith is suspect in allegedly signing her late husbands daughter’s signature in order to have life insurance funds. When the signatures are verified with the original paperwork the insurance company and bank has on file will show the difference in the documents and Coldwell corporate will be copied. I reached out with concerns of this sometime back this is not a family matter it is a matter pertaining to insurance fraud/bank fraud/forgery. I have had these concerns for some time recently I have been made aware Gladys Greer smith had knowledge of an infant being taken from a hospital nursery and failed to inform the authorities yet she blackmailed my family. Should the results from the investigation become conclusive criminal/civil charges will be filed against Gladys Greer Smith, her son and daughter should it be discovered they are party to insurance/bank fraud.

  • Tom C says:

    A complaint to be filed with regulatory agencies in CA and others for being mistreated by an office manager.

    Dear listing agent:

    Please tell your branch manager not to bother us anymore because she has absolutely no credibility. She is condescending and threatening when talking to my wife, perhaps twice her age, as if this is our first FHA-subsidized house purchase. We do not need her to lecture us as her claim 1) about pitfalls of not using an agent as we have been in this business for forty years from Colorado, DC, Tennessee, to CA. Our property purchased in Santa Monica was actually through a CB agent, but we have never had a worse experience than dealing with Pamela who shows no professionalism.
    I suggest that she carefully reads my last email that we just made an offer without a buyer’s agent with the help of a listing agent from a Beverly Hills realtor. Her claim 2) falls flat on her face.
    And if she claims that XXX is insulted because we thought he wants to be our buyer’s agent (that’s exactly what he did in the black and white contract HE prepared), then why he prepared the contract for us (for free?) So, her claim about we cannot use a Coldwell Banker agent to prepare a contract is totally false and lack credibility. Her claims 3) has to be false. By the way, our attorney son in the Bay area told us we could write a purchase offer on a piece of napkin.

    We were going to let it go and move on, but with her “absolute mis-representation” accusations, we decide to file our complaints with all the documentations to all relevant regulatory agencies, the corporate office in NJ, and social media to let the public decide who mis-represented whom. Her only obvious interest stems from greed without putting her client’s interest first is a violation of the ethical codes of this business. Thank you.


    email from office manager PU in Los Angeles who refused to let us work with a CB agent to write an offer of $1.5 M. This triggered my response above.

    Dear Tom & xx,

    You email is an absolute misrepresentation of our conversation today. In our conversation, I clearly explained to you that you may choose to represent yourself. I further explained (1) the pitfalls of representing yourself because the listing agent would not be able to advise you during the transaction (2) that you could not use the contract our agent prepared for you if they would not be representing you and (3) that you are not authorized to use CAR Contracts. These are proprietary document for use by Realtors.

    You are free to submit an offer on your own if you like or you can find an agent to represent you in the purchase.

    Please include me in all further communications regarding this matter.



  • A. Iyampillai says:

    I had the worst experience with Coldwell banker realtor Anthony Lombardo in Flagler County, Florida. He falsified the house he is selling that it had a generator and then when I gave the full price offer he came back and demanded that I lease back the house to the seller for 6 months. This was not disclosed on the listing.
    I do not recommend Coldwell Banker and or Anthony Lombardo (the “F”team).

  • Barry COPANS says:

    I have had the total displeasure of dealing with your agent. She is a liar, a fool, and a totally obnoxious moron.
    I wish I had never had to deal with your disgusting company!!!

  • Lori Desirey says:

    Here in Tahoe, your company is offering a refreash and renew loan for owners wanting a quick spruce up for a prelisting. There is NOTHING that says, “O.A.C.” ! I find this action underhanded and deceiving. This is why we chose to go with a different company. You should be more honest about your practice.

  • Christine Augustyniak says:

    I had the worst experience with Coldwell Banker. Or should I say a nightmare when I was purchasing a property through them. My advice is to “STAY AWAY’ from them.

  • Barbara Patterson says:

    Seems you associate with corrupt Real Estate vendors as part of your company. They rent below standard properties and go after Senior Citizens in their under handed ways. Keep rent checks so they can collect late fees. Refuse to repair homes they have made deals righteousness to rent. They allow slum lords to rent to low income people then lie about the things they do. They also are underhanded in dealing with buyers of property and hide the problems houses have. They especially this one Coldwell Banker Nelson Suddeth is a abusive and arrogant man and so are the people in his office. Seems your company associated with abusers of the elderly for their profit lines. This man has allowed a senior lady to be attacked in the home she has rented for seven years and never did any rehab or repairs because of the agreement he had with the owner. Trouble started when a intruder interest the rental house and beat her. Now the attack includes me, her caretaker. He refuses to adhere to the rental agreement and is trying to put me on the lease. And not follow his on applications that only require my name and driver’s license. You really have a very bad bunch of people working under your banner and as I started to buy a house from these in Alamogordo,NM it will be a cold day in help before I use your Associated or recommendthem.

  • craig says:

    I need contact information on where to lodge a complaint with Coldwell Banker. Concerning Ocean City MD Regional VP Mitchell and his refusal to answer questions regarding/concerning fiduciary responsibilities and then terminating my contract with CB Vacations because I was forceful in demanding answers.

  • Beyonce says:

    Joey, I mean YOU”RE not Your! Have you read these comments, you have some folks pretty upset! Do they not know that there’s a REAL ESTATE ethics and compliance state regulated office. AGAIN, STOP SPAMMING me trying to contact some woman named Eric

  • Nunya says:

    Cc: Michael.Fischer@coldwellbanker.com
    Cc: David.Marine@coldwellbanker.com
    Cc: Charlie.Young@coldwellbanker.com

    Hello Joey,


    I was going to call you but when I went on your headquarters website there were so many horrible complaints, I had second thoughts. Please remove this email address from your database. Also, I’m not sure why your addressing this email to a woman named Eric. Have a great day! Thank you very much!

  • Philip says:

    I had the “WORST” experience ever with Coldwell Banker realtors. My opinion “STAY AWAY”

  • Colette Martin says:

    In June, 2019 I sent you a complaint letter on a Caldwell Banker office in Herrin, IL and Carbondale, IL. I had my home listed with them. I live in Goreville, IL. As of this date I have no response as to the outcome of my complaint. It is now 4 mos. That is a long investigation. I definitely would not recommend your offices to any of my friends or family.

  • deborah petrshin says:


  • becky says:

    I have a question. how can a agent list and put a sign up for commercial property and the property is not zoned commercial and commissioners voted against it. However there is still a very large sign on the property still as “commercial” this is a deceitful practice by the agent and an agent of CB is part owner of the property and knows darn well they are fooling the public. It is located in Milton FL

  • Marc Tredanari says:

    Words can’t express the experience we had with Patti Massengale… her dedication, her can do attitude is infectious. Patty has sold two homes for my family this year….one of those homes was with another realtor and sat on the market for a year.. We searched out…did our homework and found Patty…We looked for someone with a strong background with a can do attitude ‘ and a gentle touch…this encompasses Patty’s leadership…My family was delighted on her professionalism during this journey of selling two homes at once…When your looking for the “BEST In Class” and someone who has your best interests in mind and will get you the highest price possible… call Patty Massengale at Coldwell Banker Preferred Real estate agency…
    Haddonfield, NJ

  • Jeffrey R Borgeson says:

    I have a serious complaint against one of your brokers and sales manager in charge of Coldwell Banker Residential Clearwater, FL. Call me ASAP. Ms. Sue Gagne and Mr Ron Jackson are forcing me out, telling me that”you cant be a caregiver and work at Coldwell Banker. Julia Strander was the previous Broker and she was working with me while my husband was going through Chemo and Radiation. Even with his Cancer he does behind the scenes work, printing flyers, searching for expired listings Etc. Please contact me ASAP!!! How do i contact HR?

    Jeffrey R. Borgeson

  • Gary Koenig says:

    I have a serious complaint against one of your brokers in charge. Call me ASAP.

    864-316-7440 CELL

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