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Where is Cold Stone Creamery Inc Corporate office Headquarters

Cold Stone Creamery Inc Headquarters Address and Contact

Cold Stone Creamery Inc logo
  • Address: 9311 East Vía de Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 480-362-4812

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,500

  • Established: 1988

  • Founder: Donald Sutherland & Susan Sutherland

  • Key People: Doug Ducey (CEO)

Cold Stone Creamery Inc Headquarters Location & Directions

Cold Stone Creamery Inc Headquarters Executive Team



Donald Sutherland


Doug Ducey


Susan Sutherland


About Cold Stone Creamery Inc, History and Headquarters Information

Cold Stone Creamery was incorporated in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland. It has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2007, it co-branded with Soup Kitchen International and in 2008 with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. In 2009, it joined hands with the coffee shop chain Tim Hortons to open up 100 co-branded stores.

Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream parlor chain. This company is owned and handled by Kahala Brands. Its main and most popular product is premium ice cream made using approximately 12–14% butterfat. This chain widened its focus and made expansion in its menu with other products, such as iced or blended coffee drinks, shakes, smoothies, pies, cookie sandwiches, and ice cream cakes.

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  • Ava Martinez says:

    I was actually a worker at coldstone creamery. I came to this website in hopes of reporting my ex manager and her boss as well. While working there I experienced an legal issue and i thought it should be brought up. During my time working there I had put in my two weeks cause I figured out my manager was paying new employees more than me who had been there for about 5 months. Maya ended up offering me a higher pay to stay and I agreed. People then were asking why I was still working and all I had told my coworkers was she had offered me more pay to stay. Later i then got called into her office and she wrote me up and threatened to fire me for talking about my pay. Come to find out this is completely illegal and every employee has their right to discuss their pay. Employers may try and prevent this talk at work but I had talked about my pay on my own free time and not in the work space. There’s another issue i recently was informed about, Maya had lied on the paper work about the reason i quit. She put down the reasoning was failure to call in or report to work. I never did this. The times I had to call in were always sorted out with someone taking my shift. The only times I can think of were when I had medical issues and I wasn’t able to finish my shift. That night I ended up in the ER with blood pressure issues and actually even had a doctor’s note for missing work that day and the next day. Then when I had quit I told her i would work my last shift still, but she told me she had it covered and wanted her key back instead.(I have proof of this in our text!) I loved working at coldstone, it was an amazing job and I loved my coworkers, but I refused to work at a place i was being mistreated. Maya was very rude to not only me but a few other of my coworkers and that’s why so many people have quit recently. Not only did she threaten to fire me for talking about my pay, which means taking my rights away, she also forged documents about me and completely lied about the reason I quit. I had tried to text her boss to inform her of all this, but I was left with no response. I have a picture of the document that Maya forged and I will be willing to share anymore information if need be. This was the coldstone in Cedar Falls Iowa.

  • Tamara wood says:

    Somebody needs to do something about the cold stone in Stockton, CA. In the Lincoln Center the employee’s are so rude everytime I go in there, tonight is the last night I will ever go back there. I can’t believe how I was treated, I went in and ask for a shake the girl told me we are not making shakes tonite, I said why not and she replied rudely cuz we don’t have any blenders. Her hole demeanor was rude.. no customer service read the reviews I am not the only one who has complained, and why is the owner not doing anything about it …

  • Danielle says:

    So I never have gotten a write up or nothing and I get fired cuz I was sick and running a fever… I was in the process of being a store manager. And I lose my job that fast.. when I said I was done with all the crap that is going on.. I will be waiting for a paycheck to be ready by the end of the day.. And I will be taking legal action on this

    • Jamie says:

      That is horrible I’m sorry I know this is an older comment but I’ve also been dealing with issues with one of their stores I haven’t worked there in over a month and I’m still waiting for my paycheck for 2 days the general manager at the store where I worked ignored before weeks to do paperwork to even get my check they had me working without even having my W-2 and all that information. I’ve been trying to get it to her for weeks and also to get a termination form to get my food stamps and now my case was closed I’m a single mom of six so it’s really crappy that this lady is doing this because of the fact that I left there I was promised a lead position job then she was just trying to give me 18 hours a week which was ridiculous that wouldn’t even pay a quarter of my rent then when I started I wasn’t even on there as any kind of lead in training or anything and very minimal hours so I had to find a different job and I guess she’s just mad about it and now refusing to do paperwork I need making it hard to get food stamps and everything for my kids it’s crazy I’ve been trying to contact owners corporate and everything and still have heard back from nobody

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