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Masahiro Kemmotsu


Lynette McCullough

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Tony Barr

Senior Vice President of Operations

Heather Gardea

Vice President of Marketing, Food and Beverage

Rebecca Walsh

Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

About Cocos Bakery, History and Headquarters Information

Coco’s Bakery was incorporated back in 1948 in Corona del Mar, California. It started as The Snack Shop.

Coco’s Bakery is a chain of casual dining restaurants. Its branches are spread all over the western United States and currently, there are more than 40 restaurants out of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

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  • Martha lopez says:

    Here at Montebello location asking for them to rectify a bill…asked to have check split in half they charged one car entire bill then charged itagain two times after thatcharged the second card once asking g manager to rectify will not comply after showing bank statements will not provide corporate number

  • Connie says:

    Just had your famous asian chicken salad. It was terrible, and a big disappointment. So sad to see a favorite gone!!!!
    $15 head of lettuce, and not much more. Very little chopped up chicken, very little crunchys, 99.9 percent lettuce. Had no color, and a really bad presentation!! No bread with the salad, no sesame seeds. Now lets talk about the dressing. It was horrible. Taste like wolfgang pucks ginger dressing. Completely different!!!
    To bad!!!!!!!

  • James Grace says:

    I just watched undercover boss I can’t believe that theses people work so hard, the CEO left his mansion with his rich family. He give theses poor people barley nothing. A man that works at the company for 35 years. Better bakery supplies, 15 thousand for a retirement fund. And a head baker pay, he has been there 35 years. How many more years does he supposed to work rich boy. You had no emotions toward all the hard people that you worked for. I watch this show always and you should be ashamed of yourself. Without theses hard workers you would be lost in life.

  • Margaret Bolling says:

    My husband and I visited the CoCos restaurant in Mission Viejo, Ca this morning. Upon entering we could smell human waste coming from the restrooms. In the past we frequented this restaurant often and often the smell of waste was very strong in both the mens and womens bathrooms. Today the smell permeated the entrance. Isn’t that a health hazard? We will not be going back.

  • Tina Brown says:

    I want to knowhow you can raise prices yet lower your quality of food? When we spend $50.00 the food should be edible but yours is lacking flavor and it doesnt even look appetizing. The prime rib had to be the absolute worst i have ever eaten, it was very dry and had no flavor at all.

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