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  • Address: 1 Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 404-676-2121
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 61800
  • Established: May 8, 1886
  • Founder: John Pemberton
  • Key People: James Quincey, Brian Smith

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Coca-Cola was firstly introduced and manufactured 125 years ago as a medicinal tonic. It was an unexpected and accidental discovery by a pharmacist. Today, Coca-Cola is recognized as one of the world’s most valuable soft drink brand. The drink is always associated with happiness and reference for the brand name Coca-Cola which is also known as “delicious happiness”. Their journey started with serving drinks on sale for five cents a glass from the soda fountain. Now, the globally estimated service is 1.9 billion drinks per day.

After surviving from the years of fierce competition with its rivals like Pepsi, today, Coca-Cola has become the third-largest brand in the world. Their large customer base can reach the corporate headquarters via mail and phone.

Coca-Cola Headquarters Address - You can use the below- address for sending a courier.

1 Coca-Cola Plaza,

Atlanta, GA 30313,


Phone Number - +1 404-676-2121

Email - not mentioned

Website - You can visit their official website for any more information related to Coca-Cola. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.coca-cola.com/

Coca Cola Headquarters Info & Photos

The Coca-Cola headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its campus is more than 2 million square feet. The HQ of Coca-Cola is the most visible building in downtown of Atlanta. It is a 29-storey building with a height of 403 feet and known as One Coca-Cola Plaza.

The Headquarters in Atlanta has been designed to provide a modern, connected and sustainable environment for its 4700 employees positioned there.

The amenities provided at the headquarters include three state-of-art-conference rooms, dining facilities, 2 acres of outdoor green space, a fitness studio, a physician’s office and locker rooms.

There are overall 61,800 employees of Coca-Cola who are spread to 160 office locations across 65 countries.

Coca Cola Headquarters Photo
Coca Cola Corporate Office Photo

Coca Cola Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Coca Cola Pl SE Atlanta (HQ), GA



Stralauer Allee 4 Berlin



Level 9, 40 Mount Street North Sydney



Enkay Towers, Udyog Vihar - V Gurgaon



Turmstrasse 26 Zug

Coca Cola Headquarters Executive Team

James Quincey

Chairman and CEO

Quincey joined the team of Coca-Cola in 1996 with the role of learning strategies director for the Latin America Group. He became the CEO of the company in 2017 and was elected as the chairman of the board in 2019. Under the broad experience and great leadership of Quincey, Coca-Cola expanded its market shares.

Lisa Chang

Chief People Officer

Lisa Chang joined Coca-Cola in 2019 and she oversees the company’s Human Resource department. Before joining Coca-Cola, she was part of the AMB group where she served as a senior vice president and chief human resources officer.

Francisco Crespo Benítez

SVP, Chief Growth Officer

Francisco Crespo Benitez is the senior vice president and chief growth officer of the Coca-Cola company. He is responsible for leading the departments of global marketing, corporate strategy, and commercial leadership.



Bernhard Goepelt

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Legal Counsel

Gilles Leclerc

President, The McDonald’s Division

Robert Long

Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Jennifer Mann

Senior Vice President and President, Global Ventures

About Coca Cola


The unexpected discovery of Coca-Cola took place on May 8, 1886, in Atlanta by a pharmacist named Dr John S. Pemberton.

He created a recipe for a syrup, which was sold as a medicine in the stores with Soda Fountain. It was produced in the hope of curing problems like nausea, heartburn and headaches.

The logo of Coca-Cola was named and trademarked by Frank M. Robinson.

Before the demise of Pemberton, majority of the portions of the Coca-Cola business was sold to Asa G. Candler. He acquired the rights to the brand business and formula by 1889. This led to the incorporation of the Coca-Cola company in 1892.

In 1894, Joseph Beidenharn bought bottling equipment and started to brand Coca-Cola in bottles. By 1895, Coca-Cola plants were ready in various counties including Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles. Bottling rights of Coca-Cola were sold to Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead in 1899. In 1916, Coca-Cola started manufacturing in contour-shaped bottles. The Olympic Games in 1928 provided a real international exposure to Coca-Cola and the same tradition is followed till today.


Coca-Cola produces and serves carbonated soft drinks as well as other beverages like Sprite, Lift, Fanta, Powerade and Deep Spring.

Coca-Cola is also responsible for manufacturing and distributing water, juice and low-calorie drinks like Pump, Neverfail, Nestea, Fruit box.

Coca-Cola manufactures and distributes alcoholic beverages like Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Makers Mark.

The Food & Services division of Coca-Cola manufactures and distributes jams & sauces as well as the packaged fruits & vegetables globally. The coffee brand Grinders is also distributed by Coca-Cola.


  • The term “Cola” is originated from kola nuts in “Africa”. It is also loaded with caffeine.
  • Because of the presence of cocaine and caffeine in Coca-Cola, it was marketed as a medicinal nerve tonic.
  • Coca-Cola was the first-ever brand which was sponsored in the Olympic Games.
  • Every second of a day, 10,450 Coca-Cola soft drinks are consumed, including Diet Coke, Fanta & Sprite.
  • In 1991, Coca-Cola was the first brand which launched drinks bottle with recyclable material.
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  • Himanshu says:

    Dear Team,


    I have bought a bottle of cocacola last week in which there was a snake like creature was been found i have not opend the bottel and have raised the complaint for the same but till now not receive any resolution for the same received one call from the Gzb branch they have taken the complaint but no resolution and even on Twitter i have raised but now i am going to raise this on social media as well as on print and local media as well if not get the resolution for this in next 3 days. Also sending you the click which I have taken of the bottel. Don’t play with people life like this and even if you have done something wrong do accept it and apologies for the same.

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      You should also get off your wok B/S on voting rights. Showing ID to vote is the correct thing to do. If anyone is so stupid they can’t get an I.D Black/white or any color they are to uninformed to vote

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    • Hi says:

      Tab has Saccharin in it and it is poison. Aspartame “Nutrasweet” is poison too and so many people get addicted to drinking diet coke because they thing the zero sugar will keep them from gaining weight but then they end up getting a Aspartame induced condition similar to MS. But the U.S. Airforce found that if they stopped ingesting the aspartame the condition would go away. And don’t be fooled by Sucralose. It is the next thing they use to fool you since most people now know aspartame is bad for you.

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