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CNAC Financing Corporate office Headquarters

CNAC Financing Headquarters Address and Contact

CNAC Financing

  • Address: 12802 Hamilton Crossing Blvd, Carmel, IN 46032, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 888 240 3595

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 500

  • Established: 1999

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Jamil Nunn – Finance Manager

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Jamil Nunn

Finance Manager

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  • Mchael R Schoen says:

    I got a cancelation of debit from the IRS, and CNAC is not sending my titles to my cars to me. I don’t owe nothing no more.

  • Theresa Miller says:

    I think this company is a joke they do what they please and don’t care about these customers. My mother past away 2 months ago and I notified them to tell them I will be late with my payment and I been paying my payments early every month and now that I’m 37 days late they refuse any payments from me and said they don’t want to hear my excuses. I will never go through this company again and will keep giving them a bad review. Very very unrespecable company.

  • Amanda says:

    I bought a car in 2000. I loved the car. I had a year left on it and was in an accident. The finance people at the Anderson store were sure understanding. So understanding they called me three to five times a day. Not to mention text me. Threatening me and so much more. So as I’m healing from being hit by a semi and grieving the loss of my car and not being able to work. There fake ass insurence didn’t even pay off the car. I still owe 700. Why? Because the idiot put it in the system as a payment and not a payoff. So I get screwed and it’s killing my credit every day.

  • gues says:

    I filed bk and affirmed my note. Paid it on time 2 a month every month, payments are all on time, yet they cannot seem to report it correctly to any of the credit agencies. So now my score has dropped drastically, and it is rediculous.

  • Kathleen Cruz says:

    I’m so disappointed there is a very rude employee at the Joliet ill location who calls me about 5 times a day to tell me I’m late but won’t take a payment and just wants to repo my car after me paying on time for a year and this is are second vehicle tru your company it’s upsetting


    This company is a joke, we will never ever ever finance thru them ever again. Telling us to go to the blood bank to get the money to pay…. and the payment was only due that same morning, are you kidding me. Bye bye! CNAC I WILL BE TELLING LOTS OF PEOPLE THIS INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND YOUR NONPROFESSIONAL STAFF YOU HIRED. YOUR ANIMALS YOU HIRED ARE MAKING YOU LOOSE BUSINESS

  • Mindy Stearns says:

    I have called twice been given and fake fax number to be told they don’t have a fax!! This depends on me keeping my car. Florida dmv needs to fax them to get info and they refuse to give a freakin fax number

  • Britnei White says:

    Hi I’m a customer from Bradenton fl and I feel that one of your employees Nick Kodrea has been very rude to me multiple times now I’m really to the point where I want to walk away and return the car

  • Shanalo says:

    I have only had the car for two months. So my car note was due on 7/15/22 and Im a working nurse but anywho they were calling me twice a day until Tuesday 7/19/22 they called my bf and told him that they were wanting the location of the car. I called them back to pay my payment when I was told no. They refused to take my payment all because the agent got emotional she told me because I had a attitude with her she will refuse my payment and decided to repo my car and back out of my car loan. Her name is Samantha at the CNAC office in Jacksonville fl and I think she has too power that she get emotional and repo my car. I feel she needs to lose her position as a portfolio manager. Today i had to pay $100.00 to get my items and my tag. she stated that i wouldn’t have a repo in my name and that she would be backing out of my loan and I have never heard this in my life. I would think they want my money instead of refusing it .

    • John Brooks says:

      I’m having a similar issue with Samantha in the CNAC office of Jacksonville. I asked to have my payment date changed due to me changing jobs and my pay frequency changed from every other week to bi-monthly. She sent me a document and wanted me to sign in basically saying I was having financial problems and I was being put on a forbearance agreement. Against my better judgement I just signed the document but then when I emailed it back to her I expressed my concern about having incorrect information in a legal binding document. She responds to my email and says “fine then it won’t be changed” even though I provided the signed document. Since that time now I have gotten behind and they have chosen to draft money out of my checking account on three occasions without my permission so I have retained an attorney and will be filing a law suit against them. And you are correct, Samantha does need to lose her job. There is no reason for her to be in a the position that she is in. I’ve worked in the financial industry for 23 years and you do not treat customers like that!

  • Syncoya Whitaker says:

    I don’t believe this is a bad company but their representatives at the Waukesha location are VERY rude! I get hung up on, they tell me to have fun walking, and they don’t abide by my payday schedule so it’s making credit go way down because their doing what they want to do. I’m frustrated and wish that if I wasn’t struggling at the time I definitely would not have picked to finance through CNAC.

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