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  • Address: 767 5th Ave, New York, NY 10153, United States
  • Phone Number: 866-707-2100
  • Fax Number: 212-893-7782
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1968
  • Founder: Evelyn Lauder
  • Key People: Jane Lauder (CEO)

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Clinique Headquarters Executive Team



Jean-Christophe Jourde

Senior Vice President and General Manager for North America

Jim Nevins

Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director

Ricardo Quintero

Senior Vice President and Global General Manager of Market Development

About Clinique, History and Headquarters Information

Clinique was incorporated in 1968 by Evelyn Lauder. It was premiered as the world’s first allergy tested cosmetic brand. In 2008, they joined hands with Allergan.

Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American company that manufactures skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances. Its products are generally sold in high-end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies. The staff members and all Clinique Consultants wear white coats worldwide.

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  • Johnett says:

    I went in on Wednesday of this week to Ultra looking for a good face wash. Talked to a lady who worked there and told her I don’t wear makeup and I just need a good face wash. I told her I have normal to dry skin. Hardly ever have pimples etc. she suggested I use the Clinique all about clean mild liquid face soap. I bought it as I always buy Clinique for my daughter so I trusted it. Today is Saturday I started on Thursday (thanksgiving) used nothing else on my face and neck I am now face and neck has rash and itching my eyes are so red swollen the outside corner of my eyes feels so dry and peeling. My lips are peeling I have a rash on face and neck that is itching. So much for mild face wash

  • Janet Miller says:

    Good morning,
    Since they changed the formula of Clinque Elixir I don’t like it. I did buy two bottles not knowing they had changed. Is there anywhere that sells the old formula? I had worn this for 40 years an loved it.
    My grandson told my daughter when she is a grandma he wants her to smell like his grandma.. Everyone loves the old formula.
    Don’t know why they had to change it.
    Thank you,
    Janet Miller

  • Catherine says:

    When is a replacement for CityBlock going become available down here in Australia. We are heading into Spring and are becoming concerned.

  • Pam Krusz says:

    I’m trying to find out if Clinique mascaras are all hyper allergenic ?? My mom is 99 but still wants to wear mascara.

  • Marilyn Ward says:

    I went to Belks in Maryville Tenn and the drove to Knoxville Belks. Everytime I try to make a purchase…. you absolutely …never have any stock in!!! And I mean everytime!!!! I went to receive the free … number two solution with a purchase. Please tell me ….how do we take advantage of your gift when you never had any products in stock. ??? I use many of your products…..but I think I’m going to have to find another brand.

    Not a happy customer
    Marilyn Ward

  • Beverly says:

    If you cared about customers, you would NOT have discontinued the Super City Block Broad Spectrum SPF 40. Even though you kept raising the price, I kept buying it. The “replacement” product is an SPF 50 that doesn’t easily spread on my face. Whoever decided to discontinue the SPF 40 should be fired! Remember when your mother was mad at you? That is how mad I am. I will be purchasing a different brand. Watch my money run, not walk, away. So sad to see that a once reliable company is falling apart.

  • TWest says:

    Clinique’s customer care is in need of immediate attention. I ordered something on April 22, 2020, status still shows in “warehouse”. I have tried to contact them many times for an update and I’ve been on “chat” for hours with no assistance, today its been over 4 hours. Right now I’m on phone and I’ve been on hold quite a while. Ugh, never again will I order from Clinique. Service is terrible.

  • Magda Diaz says:

    I bought a makeup foundation from Macy’s when I put it on it feels so caking harsh on my face my face is not dry it has a little oil what do you suggest me to put on before the foundation

  • Heidi says:

    I would rather by Revlon than deal with Clinique and their terrible Customer Service

  • Heidi says:

    Clinique customer service is very rude and not helpful at all. They also don’t have much knowledge and change the rules as they go. You get a different story about their cancellation and return policy from different representatives. Furthermore, ordering online is a nightmare.

  • Dietra Reid says:

    My mother bought my first foundation from your company over 30 years ago.
    I am recovering from surgery
    Could you send me a few
    samples especially happy
    perfume? Love your products. Ms. Dietra Reid
    2731 Norland Rd, Baltimore
    MD 21230

  • Carol says:

    I recently bought moisture surge eye but the pump stopped working and i still have more than half of the product left. Ulta would not exchange it because it is past the return date. I do not want a refund but I would like another one.

  • Marilyn Ward says:

    I am a long time customer of Clinique. I live in Maryville, Tennessee and Belks Dept Store in Foothills Mall. Everytime I go to make a purchase … they never have your products! And I mean EVERYTIME!!!! I know when I go to make a purchase what they are going to say!! What is the problem???? The girls there say they don’t do the reordering. They don’t EVER have any stock!! Please fix this problem…. make it happen!!!! Thank you for your time! Marilyn Ward

  • A says:

    What did you do to your superpowder double face makeup? I bought it from two different places and both had to be returned because they stink with a smell like rancid oil!!! I buy Clinique because I want pure products and they should not have any smell. What has happened to your company? This product used to be good.

  • R Catharine Snead-Richert says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! bring back Continuous Coverage w/SPF..there is nothing like it at all in the Clinique collection.Yes I have tried to find something in the Clinique collection but nothing is the same! Which gives me no choice but to go to another cosmetic company. And I have been a client with Clinique for 30years! Everyone always wants to know what I use because I do not look my age and I tell them I owe it all to Clinique and Continuous Coverage. They always then go and purchase what I use at the Clinique counter. Now since you stopped making Continuous Coverage I have MANY numerous ladies coming to me wanting to know what cosmetic company I have turned to! So PLEASE bring back Continuous Coverage!!!

  • Lorna l maitland says:

    Why did you stop making city base/even better color 07 ivory bisque. It’s the best thing out there. Ever. Seriously, have you read all the reviews. There are hundreds of them. Please, bring it back and make us happy again.

  • Lisa Wagoner says:

    I have been a Clinique customer from the beginning when there was only the three step. Over the past few years I’ve ordered more and more from the website since our only local store that carried it was always out of stock. That being said, the changes to the website are horrible. I am no IT expert, but I know an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate website when I see one. As far as shopping – good luck. I went to Skin Care, then to Serums. No Smart Serum there. Had to go to the search screen and type it in and voila, there it was (not under serums of course). Then there is the disappearing product. I go to order something and it is gone, nowhere to be found. A “chat” indicates it is out of stock. How about leaving the product in place and just labeling it out of stock as is done on the Lauder site? And those are just a couple of examples. The site is “jumpy,” slow loading in some cases, constant graphics flashing – awful, awful, awful. One day I was so frustrated with it I ended up ordering from Nordstroms.

  • Janet says:

    Hi, clinique used to have fabulous moisturizer in a tube that also doubled as a face makeup, primarily used as face makeup. Been discontinued. I have been a clinique person for decades. My skin can’t tolerate anything else. Question; can’t use anything with SPF, skin reacts to it. What do you have as a tinted moisturizer with no SPF? Wonder if there is a website that sells discontinued products? Want tinted moisturizer with no SPF. Am 63 yrs old.
    Thank you. Happy holidays

  • Bobbie Davis says:

    I placed an order on line for facewash over 2 weeks ago. I have used online ordering mainly because I’m 68 and don’t want to go to the stores to purchase. I have never had any problems until this time. They sent me the freebies(which I care nothing about) but didn’t included my facewash. I have called 4 times and was told that my order would be corrected and expedited and that I would receive an email when it shipped. NOTHING has been done to correct their mistake. I have sent 2 emails asking them to correct their mistake as they have charged my credit card. THEY WILL NOT REPLY. Really Clinique this is how you treat a long standing customer!

  • Kris Niznik says:

    I’ve been a loyal Clinique customer for 20+ years, but because of your decision to begin animal testing, and sell in China I have stopped. Please think about your ethical obligations and reconsider. I’m sure there are others like me who don’t want to contribute to animal cruelty. Thank you.

  • melissa lamb says:

    last week I sent a note about an experience I had at the Clinique counter in goody’s, hermitage, tn. I tried to buy some smart serum. clerk asked if I wanted the free promo items. I said yes. I asked for my products and clerk said, no I could not get my items. I would have to pick them up on 6/11. I said I want my serum now. no. I said I don’t want the promo items, just my serum. no. I said I wanted to void the cell and get a credit. no. she said that she could have them mailed to me, but not before 6/15. so, she still holds my product and my money. this is preposterous, and I don’t even think it’s legal.

    when I sent this advice last week, I was told that I would receive a free gift package. still nothing.

    really, Clinique??? are times so good for you that you don’t care about your customers?

  • R. L. says:

    I have purchased Clinique products for decades however I’m so tired of all the plastic. Please consider repackaging some of your products. For the first time I purchase a product from a competitor because it was in glass instead of plastic.

  • Yvonne LaRocca says:

    My mother in law worked for Clinique many years ago, I always loved your products. However; it has been many years since I have used your facial creams. I do like the facial serums more than facial creams.

    I have not tried your product as of recent and don’t know what you have that would be good for my 57 years old skin. I would like to request some samples to try prior to purchasing if possible. I do look forward to your response.

    Yvonne LaRocca

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