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  • Address: 5000 Clayton Rd, Maryville, TN 37804, USA
  • Phone Number: 865-380-3000
  • Fax Number: 865-380-3750
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 7,500
  • Established: 1934
  • Founder: Jim Clayton
  • Key People: Kevin T. Clayton (President & CEO)

Clayton Homes Headquarters Location & Directions

Clayton Homes Headquarters Executive Team



Kevin T. Clayton

President & CEO

Richard D. Strachan

President - Manufacturing and Executive Vice President

About Clayton Homes, History and Headquarters Information

Clayton Homes was established back in 1956 by Jim Clayton. It has its corporate headquarters in Maryville, Tennessee. In 1974, this company started its own mortgage company, and by 1975, it added a manufacturing division too. The company was launched as a public corporation in 1983 via IPO and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. From 1989 through 1992, Forbes named this company on the list of the best small companies in America. This firm was obtained by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in 2003.

Clayton Homes is one of the largest builders who manufacture housing and modular homes in the US. It is owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. Clayton Homes makes homes under a variety of brand names such as Southern Energy Homes, Cavalier Homes, Schult Homes, Crest Homes, Giles Industries, Golden West Homes, Marlette Homes, Norris Homes, Clayton Homes, Karsten Company, and Buccaneer Homes.

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  • Margaret Seamon says:

    Do not purchase a 30-year mortgage on their manufactured homes. Ours is 12 years old and is almost unlivable! Crest state’s that the “house is over 10 years old”. So, we have 18 years left on a $200,000 mortgage for this experience. We are senior’s, too. Do you realize how easy it would be for them to replace the house? A lot less than we were charged. Our $25,000.00 upgraded, raised oak panel cabinets? I think they are cardboard with poly over them. There are tiny, plastic pegs to hold the shelves. Our door key in the cold winter weather? A flathead screwdriver. They do not care about bad reviews. They just keep spitting out “special houses”, like ours was. At the end of our lives, we really needed this.

  • Barbara Boyd says:

    I have a problem with Clayton Homes in Cleveland . They charged me for double septic tanks but only put in one. When I ask for the money that was left over they denied keeping it then said they used it to off set the cost of home. Nate will not give me any answer except they used it. I will get a lawyer if I have to to get my money.

  • Candy Gray says:

    I bought a lot model this year (2019). While the delivery went smoothly, I am now seeing that Clayton is VERY SLOW on addressing my issues. As others above, everyone is no longer working there or not available. This is the same for the local dealer as well as corporate. My biggest concern is the electrical installations (plugs in the wall). When I pull the plug out for an appliance or vaccuum cleaner, the entire plug falls out of the wall. They are NOT SECURED into the wall. My electrician states this is a safety issue and could result in shorting/electrical fire. I have called and asked for CLAYTON to come and check all my receptacles…..but the best I could do is leave a message. Three of the plugs in my living room are hanging out of the wall.

  • Joseph Vojick says:

    Was treated so badly at your Bloomsburg Pa location you should strip them of there dealership from Magen and Joshua that also includes the manager Lauren she herself argued with myself If the conversation was recorded you can hear it all yourself this was a purchase regarding the Country Cottage Model close to a 100,000 purchase that also reflects your integrity Clayton Homes Thank you for your time. Joseph Vojick

  • Linda Barnes says:

    Clayton Homes of Pueblo told us they could seal off the air ducts on my side of the home because my daughter who will be living in the mother in law apartment side of the home has a chemical reaction to the items in my current apartment. This type of mother in law apartment is allowed in El Paso County CO. We are set to move on September 7th and the quote sheet that was filled out prior to the sale of the home showed they would be sealing off any air ducts from my side of the home. Now almost a year and a half later they are saying they can’t seal it off completely due to code. I want to know why they didn’t tell us this from the beginning. We wouldn’t have had Clayton do the home from their subsidiary Karsten Homes in New Mexico to begin with had we known this. This bunch in Pueblo is very incompetent. I am emailing because right now I can’t call..I have a condition known as Fibromyalgia and I am just getting over one of my severe attacks. Calling Clayton right now would make my condition get into a bad spot. I am emailing you to find out what are you going to do to help us. We both have medical conditions and this is not helping either one of us right now. Why didn’t the Pueblo office know this ahead of time before charging us $2500 to seal off these air ducts? My daughter is telling me they can only partially seal this off now. If this is true I want at least 3/4 of my money back as they advised me incorrectly. These people there do not check what they can and can’t do. I am owed an honest response and they certainly did not give me that. My daughter is going to seal off her vents now because Clayton won’t but I want most of my money back as we were misinformed. Please email me right now because my health cannot take a phone call right now. My name is Linda Barnes.

  • LORI SHEHAN says:

    I owned a 2006 clayton home that burnt (no fault of clayton) I enjoyed very much. so much that I recommended to my mother in law she purchase one to spend her final years comfortably in. it was a complete zoo ! ill take half of the blame for the initial issues (just to be fair ), as I had a family member in the past who sold these homes it was NEVER this difficult for customers who were willing to pay close $100,000 for a mobile home ! 10 years ago clayton was the #1 company to go to they had the best product, they stood behind their homes and the sales and service were always all a person could ask for.
    I now feel so terrible I suggested to my family member to buy this expensive piece of crap ! it is a beautiful home on the lot is the only good thing I can say so far ! Travis, (the salesman who sold this to her) at Oakwood Homes in Barboursville, WV has made me feel like clayton surely must give a class on how to give people the run around esp the elderly after making a purchase and handing over the cash !
    after the home was set (backwards) we eventually got the home turned around correctly. now cant seem to get ac delivered and installed. this is July 31, and even in WV it gets VERY hot for a 76 year old woman to live in a tin can ! she called Travis and was told everyone wants to be 1st on the list ! and asked You are not living in it anyway are you? well yes after spending every penny she had were else would she go? She is currently on the phone with Billy the service person is calling her a liar ! her and her son were told last Friday he would get back with her on Monday there has been no calls no visits NOTHING ! now is saying he couldn’t possibly have said that she was lying ! when she mentioned she was not alone and was not the only one that herd him say this he said Well I might have misspoke
    Has clayton Homes got to the point they treat customers so badly and when they are elderly make every attempt to accuse them of being a liar until they find other people were involved and also herd what was said ? this is a sad way of doing business ! not all elderly are forgetful confused or ignorant and even if they were take complete advantage of them ! this woman is a very competent, alert and oriented woman with a bachelors degree in nursing and is still currently employed at one of WV largest level 5 trauma hospitals but because her elderly appearance and kind personality I have no other option to think this appearance is why this clayton salesperson and service has decided to abuse the situation and make this sale nothing but a nightmare !

  • Michael and Mary Meek says:

    My husband and I purchased our “dream” home which has been more like a “nightmare” home. We have had multiple issues with the home, the worst one being the floor joists. Multiple floor joists have been cut and metal installed to “pull” and “push” the floor joists so they will level out. Problem is that didn’t fix the issue and every time I contact Clayton Homes I get the run around or they will send someone out. The last one was 7 to 8 months after the initial home visit for the floor falling in my front room. We paid for a brand new home but got one with nothing but issues and any cash settlement for flooring and lost wages has NEVER been paid to us and when asked about, answer given was “paperwork out of date so we need new paperwork”. The shower in the master bath was installed with a nick in it and someone was to come and fix that. We were later advised we could contact them ourselves and set that up. Really, I could do that but I didn’t install it. This is ridiculous and it seems the only way I can get anywhere is to have a lawyer get involved. I don’t wish to do this but it looks like everyone thinks this is some kind of a joke. You all got your money so that is really all you care about. My in-laws are looking to purchase a home and I advised them that the one they were looking at was manufactured by Clayton and they sure do not want the headaches that we have had. I hate to be that way but when I have asked about how I get some money back everyone passes the buck. You wouldn’t want to purchase a new car and instead of round tires they all be square just to be told that yhey we will shave off the corners and hope for the best. NO you would want what you paid for and that is all we have been asking for but NO ONE wants to help. This is absolutely ridiculous. IF we would have wanted a metal frame, we would have saved ourselves ALOT of money by purchasing a double wide. Thanks to your customer service, we have not been able to complete the finishing of our basement because your contractors needed access to the floor joists and we are forced to live with a home that your company built that has had and still has issues. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe you are unaware of the issues that some of your homes have and if that is the case, you now know we are very unhappy and maybe you need to look in to this. If you are aware, then shame on you for taken advantage of hard working individuals just to make a buck.

  • Curtis/Brenda Whte says:

    To, Whom This May Concern:
    I am writing this letter, We brought a home I love my home but i do have an Issue. They didn’t finish the stripes on the wall nor the scream door. Every time we call He is on the phone or he is with a customer. I no that they have a job, but so do we. I really hate to say this I will not recommend no one to that company. Because i am speaking for the ones who did buy a home, unfinished business.
    Bossiers City.

  • Darrell Buchanan says:

    Having a lot of problems with the retailer and the factory. Everyone wants to pass the buck to somebody else. Any chance someone can look into my situation. Thank you.

    • Darrell Buchanan says:

      I think my problems are being resolved. I will keep in contact if I continue to have problems. Thank you.
      Darrell Buchanan

  • Cindy says:

    We have had so many issues with our home center in Boise Id we are about ready to go get a lawyer involved. This is the worst experience in purchasing a home that we have ever had. We would never recommend Clayton Homes to anyone.

  • VJames says:

    Horrible, I wouldnt hire them to buold a home for my dog

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