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  • Address: 698 E Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 972-721-4300

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 245

  • Established: 1990

  • Founder: Clay Cooley

  • Key People: George Suggs, Wes Williams

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Clay Cooley


George Suggs

IT Clay Cooley Auto Group

Wes Williams

Inventory Manager

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  • Otis Jones says:

    I need to talk to someone in corporate in about a gap refund

  • Joyce Horton says:

    Clay Cooley should do something about the service at Young Chevrolet, Cody Pasztor, who asked me “why do you keep coming back, if the service is so bad” my response was Because I Purchased My Car Here. They have no respect for Black Female they tell you anything to not service your car. Cody told me he couldn’t sell me one key. I have purchased one key before for a Malibu and was never told he has to call the manufacturer. I’m not a fool

  • Selina says:

    If I could give a 0 rating I would. This place is completely unprofessional and I wouldn’t recommend anyone going there to buy a car or get a vehicle serviced. I brought my Kia Sorento to get a new battery cable and my vehicle sat there for 2 months because they said I also needed a new starter..I called numerous times only for Jessica to answer the phone, place me on a 40+ minute hold and then disconnect the line, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I spoke with Christian in the service department, who was in charge of taking care of my service order. He only responded to me twice times in the 2 month time frame that my car was there and never gave me an update on my vehicle until I spoke with his manager, Lonnie, who then had him contact me. I was told the starter for my vehicle had a national back order, but they performed all my service recalls for the vehicle and replaced the battery cable. Finally, I went to their service department in person to check on the status of my vehicle, and found out NOTHING was done on my vehicle except for the initial diagnostic. While I was there, every person in that service department office was using profanity, saying “mother fucker” and “bitch” more times than I could count, not towards me but just speaking casually, as if they weren’t in a professional place of business. I called Classic Kia in Carrollton who told me they had all the parts my vehicle required, which means Clay Cooley never even checked around for the part that was on a so called “national back order”. I had my vehicle towed out of that place immediately and taken to Classic Kia. Mind you, no one in that service department even knew where they put my vehicle on the lot when it was time for it to be towed out, so I had to spend time searching for it without any help from anyone there. The amount of unprofessionalism, constant LIES, and lack of accountability from the people is the reason I will never be going back to Clay Cooley for anything

  • MC says:

    Do NOT buy from Clay Cooley of Hyndai of Mesquite they are so bad they can’t even get your license plate right. They tell ya they have your vehicle there then you get there and it’s not there and you wait all day and never comes. Then you have to leave and comeback another day and happened 2 times. They won’t deal with you straight. Makes the sells person keep running back and forth to manger in stead of just dealing with you. Really sucks wouldn’t work with me on a use car keep going around on everything. They suck Azz

  • RN says:


  • Cruz says:

    If you think that buying from Clay Cooley is a good idea, good luck, they have no loaner vehicles if you need your vehicle check, bought the car from them, in a month I was having problems with it, contacted 3 different Clay Cooley since the one I bought the vehicle from told me to do that for faster service and so far no luck. They asked me to drop off my car and no loaner was going to be provided and they did not know how long it would take for service and repair. Check other dealerships before buying from these people.

  • Azeneth Mendoza says:

    i bought a 2013 Hyundai accent on April 29, 2022 will the first week it broke down 3 times now my seat be ok t is broken they told me to take it to the dealership i told them i don’t have gas to go to Irving they told me I’m not towing the car just for that even though I do have road side assistance also told them about the ho ok w under the car the front driver side under the tire in front they said they don’t fix that but yet i suppose to have 1 yr warranty but never got a copy of it i called l last week it had been over a month already trying to get me car fixed spoke to Rick Matta i think that’s good last name he told me to take a picture and email it to him i said fine and again i asked for a copy of my warranty could be play email it to me when I send him the picture he said sure still haven’t received a copy of my warranty i bought my car at clay Cooley Chevrolet in Irving. this car has been nothing but problems for me since day 1. still can’t put my seat belt on and I’m the driver how am I suppose to get that fixed omg but they want 430 a month seriously

  • Marilyn Flores says:

    I need to speak with the owners asap today I’ve left SEVERAL messages and no response. Its been over 2 years and I have not received my 2nd key fob or 500.00 check. Are you scamming us to sale cars? I hope not so why doesnt anyone return my email/chat and calls? Do the right thing

  • Gazetta Henderson says:

    I’m trying to reach Clay or upper management! My motor locked up on my 2016 Kia! Had vehicle towed to one of your dealerships where purchase was made! Of course no loaner because of back log! Now I’m told it’s going to Kia of Irving for repair, so I go up there and my vehicle is no where to be found! No loaner there either! So a month to 2 month to repair and you expect me to pay $400 a week for a rental!Unexceptable! There has to be better treatment for your customers!!

  • Torrey Johnson says:

    I recently bought a car from a je of your dealership and you sold mr a lemon

  • Kayla says:

    YALL ARE A HORRIBLE DEALERSHIP. And I will never ever let someone persuade me into buying another vehicle at the Arlington location. The service is HORRIBLE , the cars are HORRIBLE . Do not purchase another vehicle.

  • alejandro cardenas says:

    buena noches mi nombre es alejandro cardenas mi esposa Beatriz molina y yo compramos hace un mes un suv atlas R line en clay cooley de Richardson…
    el problema esta en que nos prometieron entregarnos la OTRA llave una semana despues de la compra por que no la encontraban ya a pasado un mes y fui con el vendedor de nombre Cristian que el fue el que se encargo de hacer la venta del atlas y me dijo que ahora tenemos que esperar 3 meses!!! a que llegara la llave pude ver en el vendedor que nos mentia… eso de esperar por una llave se me hace RIDICULO… nosotros de verdad nesesitamos la otra llave
    al vendedor le explique los motivos
    desafortunadamente pasamos una mala experiencia en clay cooley que esta en la avenida lemon hace 2 años y desidimos ir a la otra sucursal de Richardson y al parecer sera lo mismo vendedodes mentirosos que despues de hacer su lavor de venta despues ya no quieren contestar los mensajes ni llamada
    espero que de verdad alguien aqui en el corporativo nos puedan ayudar se los agradeseria muchisimo

  • Manoj K. Tarachand says:

    I will be filing a complaint to the TX state attorney general, The better business bureau and your corporate leadership about unfair practice an in necessary forced add one, mid advertised sales and promotion by you a sales agent from Clay cooley Volkswagen. You are going over MSRP, forcing consumers to accept voluntary add on’s. I have everything in writing that I am being forced to purchase add on that are voluntary and additional charge beyond federal and state laws charges

  • Damon Ivy says:

    Customer service in Arlington sucks! Guy came and took the offer off the table a once another customer came in to test drive after me sitting there over a hour!!

  • Ms. Moore says:

    Mr. Cooley, will you please contact me. I need to know if you are aware of the problems that you have at the Irving Service Dept. They are robbing me blind! I just don’t believe that you know what’s going on at that dealership. Please get my information from Tony, the mechanic and his supervisor, Jenna Thull. It’s disgusting and I think that the media should know so that there will be an investigation. Those employees are going to get you sued. Jenna and Tony know who I am. I own the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I’ll be waiting for your call.

  • Mark Roselius says:

    I drive past the Nissan Dealership everyday, and I wanted to thank you for flying the Ukrainian Flag! I understand that you do at all your Dealerships! What a wonderful thing for you to do!!! Thank you again.

  • Sr says:

    Is it normal now to be charging 8800 over msrp?

  • CP says:

    I received via my email a promotion for Father’s Day 6 month no payment for 6 months between 6/17/2021 to 6/21/2021 which we went on 6/18/2021. After viewing the car with the sales person Daniel Kanu which was a very professional person. We picked a Nissan Rogue sport. I was referred to Demetruis Haywood Sales Manager that’s where the problems started. After back and forth on the price he agreed to sell at 25K. Wanted to husband to come to the dealer to view the vehicle and my son and I went to have lunch to give time for his arrival. Wanted to start the process of financing the vehicle Demetruis Haywood, change his mine and offer the vehicle at $28.875 which I was surprise to hear such price after he offer $25K. He wasn’t able to provide a reasonable explanation at the time. I proceed to walk out the dealer and was stop by the floor manager. I explain to his why he has a person that entice the customers with false statements if he was unable to fulfill. Seems like the floor manager was unable to advise on Demetruis Haywood actions, just by staying I want this deal to work out. I proceed to enter back the dealer to find out Demetruis Haywood continue with more of is lies offer and purse they he offers a referral bonus since my husband also purchase a Maxima, lies after more lies seems Clay Cooley trains their staff to lie to their customers. I just wanted to have my son view a way on how to purchase a vehicle positive experience and instead was provided with tons of unprofessionalism from Clay Cooley’s staff. Walk out from the dealer a 2nd time time and once again the floor manager came outside and stopped us from leaving and promise that Demetruis Haywood was not going to attend us, which at that point I had enough of the lies coming from Demetuis Haywood. After leaning from most of Clay Cooley’s staff that is the way Demetruis Haywwod deals with people why would that have un undesirable person at the dealer. Finally went to the finance department to learn they were not aware of the special they were running after showing the email ad. Wow, now that I’m thinking about if don’t know why I went through with the purchase of 2 cars leaving the dealer after 11pm from 4pm.This is false advertainment by Clay Cooley the training Clay Cooley provides to their staff needs to be revalue to avoid customers taken for a foul.

    Such practice is unacceptable and complaint will be file to the General Attorney’s Office and Media will be contacted to prevent others customers to taken for a foul. This Sales Manager Demetruis Haywood should be remove from the premises to avoid other and a good look of sales techniques that Clay Cooley Provide to avoid law sues.

  • Perry Sakkas says:

    Hello. I wanted to let you know how much of a bad experience my wife and I had at our most current visit at the Volkswagen of Richardson. We bought a Jetta from your Volkswagen dealership in Richardson about 4 months ago. My wife got into a wreck on December 13th and the vehicle was determined to be a total loss. So we decided to go back to the dealership to purchase a new car. Keep in mind my family has purchased 4 Volkswagens from your dealership in the past. We arrived to the dealership on Wednesday December 18th and our sales agent was Zarina. She was pleasant when we first walked in for our initial visit. We discussed a few options. She was trying to sell us an orange VW Passat. The reason this was the vehicle she chose is because we had an upside down balance of about 2400 that the insurance didn’t cover. So the plan forward the balance to the new car. This was a service loaner car that was discounted. At first we didn’t like the vehicle just because of the color. We then proceed to try a 2013 VW Passat. The manager tried everything he could to get us into that vehicle. But because the situation of the upside down balance, we were not able to get that vehicle. Which is very understandable. Due to the time, the bank just closed so we came in the following day to discuss the purchase. I want to bring you up to speed on what was promised and our personal situation. My wife’s sister passed earlier that week. She was ran over by driver while she was crossing the street. I just want to let you know the state of mind my wife and I were in prior to coming in for our appointment. This being said, we proceeded to see what vehicle we were able to purchase with NO down payment. The reason we didn’t have the money for the down payment is because of our expenses for the family and traveling to Houston the following week (Dec. 26 and Dec. 27) for the Wake and the Funeral. We never explained what the family emergency was at the beginning. We only said that we had a family emergency we had to attend to in Houston. We didn’t want to give details. Again, I say this for you to understand the state of mind we were in. I am trying to build up to the last day we were at the dealership. Back to the sale. Zarina, Brian and ourselves came to an agreement to go ahead and purchase the 2019 Orange Passat with NO down payment and they were going to extend the loan for 72 months to make up for the forwarded upside down balance. Keep in mind, we never tried to go down on the price. The only thing we said is that we didn’t have the money for the down payment and that our monthly cap was 375. We agreed to 387 with no down payment. So on Saturday December 21st I called Bryan Bower and Zarina and let them know that we decided on the Orange Passat. I asked them if everything was in place for us to come down and sign the paperwork. Brian said everything is good, the car is in detail and all we had to do is sign the final paperwork. When we arrived, we were greeted and after the agreement, another sales manager (didn’t catch his name) came up to us and asked if there was anyway that we could put down a down payment. We then finally said, “NO, we discussed all of this the prior 2 days we spent here and all the paperwork we signed stated we were not going to put down a down payment because we couldn’t afford it due to my sister just passed because she was brutally ran over while crossing the street by a driver” We had to finally break down and explain what the family emergency was and why we were not able to put down a down payment. So after all that, the sales agent said, “how has your day been going?” My wife said, “not that good” She then said, well hopefully we can make it better. My wife then said “no you cant (referring to her sister)” She then said, “Oh, its been a shovel in the dirt kind of day” You can just imagine how that statement hurt my wife. She then proceeded to the sales desk, where we can hear everything they were saying. One sales manager said “we are giving here a discount already, does she also need the Hallmark Special” That was the most hurt-full statement anyone can say. Not only was the ‘shovel in the dirt’ statement not hurtful enough, he basically said “does she want a sympathy discount for her sister passing” WE NEVER ONCE ASKED FOR A DISCOUNT, WE JUST AGREED TO NO DOWN PAYMENT AND THAT THE LOAN WOULD BE EXTENDED TO 72 MONTHS TO MAKE UP FOR THE LOAN AMOUNT. Which was approved by the bank. On a different note, the sales manager asked if the insurance can release the totaled vehicle to me and leave it at the dealership. Not sure if your employees know how that works. My insurance paid off the car to GM Financial so now the totaled vehicle is now the insurances and not mine. Even though all this was cleared the very first day. This was the most horrible experience we have ever had. To make it worse, it wasn’t just one sales manager with all the comments, every one in that sales office was making inappropriate remarks. We were the most easiest people to work with. We never once tried to negotiate with the price. We then just broke down leaving the dealership with tears because of the hateful remarks make.

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