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  • Address: 720 Station St, Waynesboro, MS 39367, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 500

  • Established: 1975

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Blair Clark – Owner

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You deserve the best quality in home heating fuels. The fear of adulterated fuel is the beginning of wisdom for several people out there. If you desire a clean supply of fuel for your domestic or industrial use, then you need a competent supplier. The credible record created by Clark Gas & Oil makes it one of the most reliable suppliers of fuel for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Take a look at the company profile. If they are a major distributor, which oil company are they affiliated with? Do they have cutting-edge trucks that ensure timely delivery?It is important to get quality answers to questions that matter if the best aggregate of fuel will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Clark Gas & Oil is a regional value-added distributor of Exxon-branded home heating fuels. They deliver oil heat, propane gas, and appliances and were established in 1975. The Corporate Office is at Mississippi 39367, United States.

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  • Caroline says:

    Not sure what this site wants a comment on but if it’s about Clark oil company’s employees at one of their facilities in Wapakoneta Ohio then this is what I have to say….. The staff especially the female manager is very rude to customers and they lie on the customers. She just trespassed me because I was standing up for myself after one of the other female workers lied to her about me making a comment that I was going to call corporate headquarters about merchandise they are selling. But I did not make that comment and when I told her that I didnt it made her mad and she told me to get out and never come back to her store again and that she is trespassing me and she was going to call the police. I would appreciate if someone would contact me regarding this situation. If you read the ratings and comments about these people from this particular facility located on Willipie Street in Wapakoneta Ohio 45895 you will see that I’m not the only one that has problems with the staff. Thank you.

    • brent jackson says:

      I’m in elkton Michigan and I’m handicapped and I come here every morning to have coffe and I go out to sit in my car and drink my coffee and rub of my lottery ticket that I buy here and I park in the handicap spot because I’m disabled and and one of the staff here tell me to move and I told her that I have a lincence plat that saying I am and all she said is oh she said I can’t park here because I’m blocking the drive for people and she said to move and another time I parked Down further and she came out again and told me that I can’t park here eather cus I’m blocking other costumers and this is a big parking lot and I know a lot of people that come here and drink coffee and there here for a while drinking coffee but they don’t block the driveway yea right and I park right next to there car but yet I’m blocking the drive But I used to be quite about this but I can’t no more I want my voice to be heard and they are in the store for hours drinking coffee and there cars in the driveway but nothing gets said to them but I went in another time and a girl was working and she said to me if you want to sit in you car for EVER and I only sit in my car for a hour from 5 am to 600 she said to go to the side of the building and sit but the other 2 people can park here and nothing gets said to them and I see them park here every day but small town like this it’s who you no I guess and I know they said something also there old cranks the ones the dad to the person that said some I know cus when he sees me oh my if looks could kill so I’m getting sick of being quite about this matter thank you for listening but I don’t no of noting get done about this useally the corp pushes this under the rug cus they don’t want there buninss ruind

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