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  • Address: 3333 Bristol St #2078, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 949-756-8733

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Craig Nickoloff

  • Key People: Robert Ott (Chief Executive Officer and President)

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Bill G. Taves

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Augarten

Chief Operating Officer

About Claim Jumper, History and Headquarters Information

Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon was incorporated by Restaurateur Craig Nickoloff in Los Alamitos, California, in 1977. Its menu was quite large. In 2010, Landry’s, Inc. acquired Claim Jumper for $76.6 million.

Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon is an American restaurant chain. This chain is spread over more than 30 locations. The company has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

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  • Frances Bruno says:

    I recently visited one of your restaurants, the food was good. The service was good also but the fact that you guys charge your customers a “surcharge” will cause me never to go back to your restaurant again! This charge is illegal and not necessary!

  • Linda Sampson says:

    MyFamily and I ate at the Claim Jumper in Rancho Cucamonga on Sunday 8/27/23 for lunch. Our server was Ryan. The food was delicious, and the service was great! Ryan is truly an asset to this restaurant! We will be coming back, and will ask for Ryan to be our server! Well Done!!

  • Leon Stephens says:

    Do not order on -line using the ” Delivery ” option. This site stole $150 from my gift card. I called the manager , he said that Claim Jumper did not operate the website.They are in business with theives and it doesn’t bother them.

  • RBamba says:

    Please teach your Palmdale staff to serve fresh food. My wife ordered the chicken tenders and it tasted freezer burnt. I’d rather each out to you all than to talk to a manager who probably won’t do anything.

  • Beverly cipolla says:

    Me an my family went to your Resturant last Friday an all of r food was cold an we even send are dinners back we was so upset with it an the manager was very rude an we live in south east Portland org

  • Susan Jerak says:

    My friend purchased a $150 gift card at the Claim Jumper in Lombard, Il and gave it to me the same night. I went online to make a reservation for 10/15/2022 only to find out that location (and others in Illinois) are now permanently closed!! How could you in good conscious sell a $150 gift card knowing that you are closing this location. I am demanding that you send me a new comparable gift card since this one is no longer good. If and when you contact me, I will give you all the information on the back of the card as proof of purchase.

  • Joseph Herbert says:

    The Clackamas Oregon location needs a surprise visit from Corporate! They had a hand written sign at the reception desk as you walked in. I looked for someone to seat us walked around to the seating area and no one came. Then I finally found the note at their reception area. It read only seating in the bar at this time. We were forced to go into the bar and order and eat. This was 5pm Oct 11th
    Not everyone likes to eat in a Bar!! It was the third time we were unhappy with this location. A note for customers to find at the reception desk!!! The desert we received was the raspberry cheese cake . . It came topped with FROZEN berries! I also took out of my club sandwich a piece of lettuce with the stalk all brown and beat up. No quality control.Did not appear to be a Mgr on duty.
    If so they were probably the one who placed the sign up front. The main dining area had employees talking to each other and no welcome or direction . . Just the sign
    Hand written by a third grader!

  • Susan Veak says:

    I went to Claim Jumper Steakhouse & Bar on 1355 North Harbor Drive in San Diego and the service and food were absolutely horrendous. They refuse to comp anything and just allowed us to sit there and wait with no service. My waiter only showed up to take the order and to take the bill. I ordered the lobster mac and there was no Mac it was dried noodles and dried up pieces of lobster. It really pissed me off because my bill was $139 and I walked out hungry, embarrassed because I brought guests and Mad. I live in AZ & never had this kind of experience in the past…. but the restaurant is seriously going downhill for the cost, I’m cutting corners on the food in California is ridiculous. I’m seriously not sure if I’ll ever patronize the claim jumper again!

  • Cristina Ballejo says:

    We walked out of claim jumpers. 😡😡They couldn’t accommodate us party of 11. So we asked to be split in 3 tables which where next to each other the lady said they can only service 2 the third table would not have a server so the kids went to another table. Well as soon as the kids sat at another table they sit another party (white)of 2 at the table next to us that didn’t have a server 😡 I got really upset the host was unapologetic at all. We have never been profiled it was the worst experience ever. First and last stay at the golden nugget in Laughlin. We ended up at Bubba Gump which was the best experience ever and the food was delicious!

  • Debra Simmons says:

    Good Morning I have a complaint about my food. Yesterday 4/22/22 me and my granddaughter went to your Claim Jumper restaurant in Roseville Ca. The waitress was a little slow helping us at our table. I ordered the classic cheeseburger well done, it can back burnt. My granddaughter ordered the fish tacos no good. We just paid and left. I didn’t eat my food there, it looked dry, I didn’t notice it until I got home. This is terrible. My email address is debrasimmons715@gmail.com and phone number is 916-272-3106, my name is Debra Simmons. Can I get some kinda responses please.

  • Misty Galofteanu says:

    Can you please send me my check

  • Michele McLean says:

    We went 2 the claim jumpers on foothill 12499 foothill blv. Rancho Cucamonga. We get there seat down an the FREAKIN table is sticky so sticky the menu is stuck 2 the table. We ask the waitress csn she wipe the table, an she says no that is how the tables r in the restaurant. Then she not wearing a mask taken our order. I dont care if u was vaccinate u can still catch covid or give it 2 some one while u r taken our order an spill is coming out of ur mouth when u talk SMH , u wear a mask 2 protect others… an people r wondering why these restaurant r closing down….especially now. AN thats not half of it. And dont get me wrong myself an my family love claim jumpers an i have a big family.. well we used 2 anyways. Then we order the calm chowder soup the chicken tortilla soup an it looked like dry mash up bean it was no liquid in that supposed 2 be soup SMH. The the chicken salad had dry up chicken on top of the salad. An the cearse salad was good hello it was only lettuce an little bit of cheese SMH. AND NOW I AM PESST OFF OPEN NAPKIN AN 2 LONG PEACES OF BLONDE HAIR IS ON THE FREAKIN NAPKIN. I HAVE SHORT RED HAIR. FOR REAL UR DNA ON UR CUSTOMER NAPKINS GROSS.. AN THEN THE FREAKIN FOOD COMES OUT COLD THE GRILL SHRIMP IS RAW THE FREAKIN RIBS TASTE OLD AN DRY AN FREAKING COLD . NO SAUCE ON TOP OF RIBS AN THE DAMN MASH POTATOES LOOK LIKE THEY JUST THROW IT ON THE PLATE COLD NO GRAVY .ALL OF THIS MESS WAS HORRIBLE THIS IS SO UNEXCEPTABLE 2 THE HIGHEST POWER. I AM SO ANGRY AN SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS FREAKING RESTAURANT I FELT LIKE SUITING U GUYS OR PROTESTING THIS RESTAURANT. WE WAS STRAVING LAST NITE…..

  • Carol LaMontagne says:

    My daughter and I dined at the Costa Mesa location on 12/26/21. Our server Michelle provided beyond exceptional service, was attentive and friendly and the manager Alex was kind as well. The food was excellent. We both had the salmon Oscar with asparagus and the wonderful brussel sprouts. Compliments to the chefs! My only disappointment is the the former Brea location is no longer. Please consider bringing a location back to North Orange County.

  • Fannie Stanley says:

    I had dinner at your restaurant on Dec 18 ,2021 for my 55 wedding anniversary . I was not please at all. My husband ordered the prime porterhouse steak and I ordered the prime ribeye steak. It was very chewy my husband is also a chef and he said chewed like it was choice meat and not prime. Even with the mac n cheese was not good. However I did tell the waitress. I usually don’t complain but this i want to let you know i wasn’t happy and my total bill was$206.40. I left a tp for our waitress because it was not her fault. If you to reach me my email is myhonbun99@aol.com. I have a copy of my rcpt. I went to the one in Palmdale Mall arera

  • Lisa says:

    CJ aqua fria restaurant in Phoenix. Incomplete order at pickup. Plastic wrap for cheese c
    cooked in sandwich.

  • Gregory says:

    Good afternoon I ordered food from the Claim Jumpers at 12499 Foothill in Rancho Cucamonga and I ordered a share size of mozzarella sticks and only got 6. When I called and spoke with an associate she stated that a regular order is 4 for 9.99 and the share size is 6 for 13.00 now when I asked her why she said that DoorDash places an upcharge on online orders but I PICKED UP MY ORDER AND DIDN’T USE DOORDASH!! So I paid an additional 6.35 for 2 additional sticks plus a delivery charge for my order where DoorDash didn’t deliver to my home!!! Not happy with that!!

  • Rosa Molina says:

    I went to the la Mesa location in San Diego California for my brothers birthday and the service was terrible.However the manager at this location was amazing!!!!!! His name was gene and he sprung into action and made us feel like valued customers. I will definitely be going back.SOMEONE give this man a raise for his hardwork

  • Donna Wilkins says:

    My coworkers & I go out to dinner once a week. Last nite we went to one of your restaurants. 2 of us received our meals. 2 got wrong meals and then after 2 hours of waiting never received meals at all. The manager wouldnt even talk to us!

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