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  • Address: 6701 Hiatus Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, USA
  • Phone Number: 954-597-2200
  • Fax Number: 954-718-3360
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,000
  • Established: 1994
  • Founder: Keith Koenig
  • Key People: Keith Koenig (CEO, President & VP of Operations)

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Keith Koenig

CEO, President & VP of Operations

Janet Wincko

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

James Conway

Vice President Of Merchandising

About City Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

City Furniture was incorporated by Kevin Koenig in North Miami in 1994. It has its headquarters in Tamarac, Florida. They launched free shipping in 2015.

City Furniture is a retailer that sells home furnishings, mattresses, and home accents. It is known as one of the largest home retailers in Florida. This company has nearly 18 showrooms located from Miami to Orlando. Along with this, it operates as an e-commerce retailer through CityFurniture.com.

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  • lee ann says:

    Horrible experience! to rectify any issues is literally impossible! Customer service is obviously an huge issue with staffing and not given the resources to properly facilitate any resolutions!!!
    The wait time for a call is well over 45 mins and all answers seem to be NO. I purchased a stupid 500.00 couch 1 of several purchases that either had delivery issues, quality issues or issues trying to contact anyone to correct what should have happened smoothly from the start.at this point i want the couch picked up and returned ….IM DONE with the frustration! I would gladly pay double and do business with a company who backs their product. However I was abruptly told ….”no refunds after delivery”. well that certainly eased my frustration!!!!! The hell with you city furniture, I will dispute the charges and an exceptional company like american express will handle my issue with you! I will however march my but from highland beach to the corporate office and give you all a piece of my mind!! I will post my aggravation to every public arena i can find!!!

  • Simone Cruz says:

    Its seems sad after reading ALL of the other complaints that I now too am adding to the list of extremely disatisfried customers.
    How in the world does City Furniture stay in business and not make any attempts to imporove their customer service?
    I ordered 3 pieces of a sectional couch and was told it would take a month for delivery. After receiving several emails close to the delivery date letting me know it was due to come as scheduled, I discovered just 12 hrs before delivery, and after I had gotten rid of my old sofa that one arm chair recliner was not on the delivery list. After waiting over 25 minutes on the phone I was told that the piece was out of stock at the warehouse and wouldn’t be delivered until 2 weeks later.
    Delivery day came and they brought the two pieces, but one piece was not a recliner even though we had ordered and paid for one. After a phone call I was told that this piece was also out of stock and would not in or delivered for ANOTHER MONTH HALF!!!
    We are a family of 4 and they left me with one seat of a couch and nothing more than a “sorry,” which does not help stop us from sitting on the floor for the next 6 weeks.
    It took me months of searching to find the right couch and I was offered to come back in a pick another one even after I told them I didn’t want another one.
    How does such a big company have such a shitty communication??
    All they had to do was communicate the situation ahead of time & we would have kept our old couch until the WHOLE couch was ready for delivery. How is it possible that someone at the warehouse read the order and decided to just throw in an armless couch that doesn’t recline because the one we ordered was out of stock, did they think we wouldn’t notice??
    I will never shop at city Furniture again and will be sure to let EVERYONE know how they choose to treat their clients.
    Come on City Furniture, get your act toether and deliver the kind of customer service that one would expect from such a large chain. If the communication that you have set in place doesn’t work, which ALL of these complaints clearly show, then its time to learn from your mistakes and make some changes.
    Accomodate your customers and deliver some cutomer service. Absolutely disgusting!!!

  • Leana says:

    I will continue to post about furniture city’s worst customer service, DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  • Elena says:

    Worst place to buy furniture. Horrible customer service… you guys mess up the order and yet I’ve been on the phone with about 10 different people over the course of a month to fix this situation and still can’t fix it. Now i just want to return what you guys messed up and I can’t even return it, only exchange. For me to wait months for this to be resolved is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t want to wait any longer, take your stuff back!

    • Leana says:

      I agree with you 100%, worst customer service there is, I wouldn’t even call it “customer service “, it’s more like “NO SERVICE “ !!!!

  • Elvira says:

    I ordered dining Room table April 7th or approximately around then. 3 months later I still have not gotten all of the pieces to my table. They apparently mis labeled the last delivery and so they brought out the same piece again to day and now I have to wait another month and a 1/2 to get the correct piece. I am so not happy and this is absolutely ridiculous and the worst customer service I have ever seen in my entire life. Had I known that it was going to take almost 5 months for me to get a table I would have not ordered it. And all I get is I’m sorry I understand nobody is doing anything about it nobody cares this is what it is and oh well.

  • Rick says:

    customer service NEVER answers and call backs are nonexistent. defective furniture delivered as new and delivery guys leave your house without doing anything about it, then customer service tells you that replacement parts are 12 weeks out……what a joke of a company, Keith Koenig you should be ASHAMED

  • Alex and Lesa says:

    Good Evening,
    We recently purchased the Delila sofa set and decided to add an additional piece to the set. We spoke with Randa Yambo and she placed the order for us over the phone. Today we picked up the furniture/ottoman and when we opened the box, we didn’t see the legs. Ms. Yambo assisted us and we were able to locate the legs. However the piece is shorter than the rest of the furniture. When I asked about the procedures to return furniture, I was asked to hold on when Ms. Rambo returned she stated that I would have to contact Customer Care. Ms. Rambo nor her supervisor were knowledgeable of your company return policy is for your furniture company. I had just picked up the furniture today. We haven’t even had it for 24hours! We would most definitely have returned the furniture and chosen something else. However due to the lack of customer service City Furniture is no longer our first choice for furniture.
    Thank you for taking the time for reading our concerns.

  • Look Up My Order Number says:


  • Candice Ramcharan says:

    City Furniture sells defective furniture and for the price they charge is not worth it. Go buy some where else.

  • Tasha Stanford says:

    I am beyond disappointed in the customer service and products received from the Jensen Beach/ Stuart location. I paid 7k cash for a living set, I was mislead with the warranties I was lied to about the return policy and the material. I had to place a claim within 20 minutes of delivery, my wedge was torn, improperly assembled and missing pieces. I further noticed defects on my love seat. After spending 6 hours on the phone I was told that although I have had the furniture less than 10 hours I could not return for refund the set. Mind you, I want to keep the coffee table, entertainment center and pay for those as well as the $99.99 restocking fee , delivery and pick up but still no help. I was told that the fabric was leather and the backs were vinyl but this is a lie, the entire set is vinyl and will not withstand to three kinds and two dogs as promised. It barely survived delivery. I have a business and deal with customer service and corporate matters daily. I have never treated my client with such disrespect and lack of care. I have asked the the couch set is picked up and I am refunded. I have been forced to filed a complaint with the BBB and will be speaking with my buisness counsel on other methods for resolution. I will never shop at City/ Ashleys again and will advise anyone who asks of how horrible they treat they customers!

  • Merjeme says:

    Good morning May 3,2020
    Keith Koening
    I just want to say that BeBe went above and beyond. She is a blessing to City Furniture.She worked very very hard on my items since a month.

  • Merjeme says:

    Keith Keoning
    I want to inform you that BeBe in last last month she has been trying to help me out regarding my furniture. I would appreciate it if you or someone can help and resolve this. This is what I sent this morning to her.

    Good morning
    BeBe May 2,2020

    The manager did not call me back yesterday not sure if you have any information for me yet. I appreciate everything you are doing. You are a blessing to City Furniture. I hope we can get 60 months no interest that would be a blessing and have them assemble my furniture for me.
    Have a wonderful day

    Thank you again


    This is very very stressful your store manager in west palm Brian wants to cancel my order to set me up with the premier delivery but then my order wouldn’t be coming on May 8,2020, it will be coming mid May or end of May. This order is from February and I’m paying for something I don’t have. This is a furniture that costs over 4,000. I am very very disappointed with your services with your managers.
    I would like a phone call back.
    I’m about to cancel my order. This is very stressful to continue dealing with. I have a mother that has Alzheimer’s that I’m a Cargiver to and on top of this . I am very disappointed with City Furniture. I bought my furniture from the Wellington one which is closed but it shouldn’t matter.

    I would like an response back

  • Tonya Worrell says:

    Dear Mr Koenig,

    Some season attention needs to be addressed at your Orlando Millenia Mall location, The company needs some serious customer service training. Or could just be there hands are tied by corporate?? I should really hope not. That a company a huge as yourself and the story behind is’t founding and start?? Shame in you if not correcting the issues. After my 2nd purchase at this location I purchased a bed, not just a $ 500.00 bed a $ 3,000 bed that is still in pieces in my room not assembled, for over a month. I purchased on Feb 19th. Today March 25th still not together. But oh they will be here March 31st now. They have come 5 times not with wrong equipment to assemble and one just no show no call. No follow up after each visit to see if job was complete. Oh I have to take my time on that to. Being home inconvenienced/my time, 6 times now and still going. Paid extra $ 135.00 for this VIP installation. Finally ask to speak to customer service agent because showroom manger is unable to give any credits to compensation for my inconvenience, so lets transfer you again please hold. Another hour later yes we would like to offer you $ 66.00! That is a serious joke. If your company is that desperate for every little nickel and dime that yo are willing to ruin this companies reputation, Because if you don’t make this right that is exactly what it will do. People have strong voice now a days with social media. I would hate for a company with sure moral as yourself to simply not show compassion to it hard working customers who want to shop and get what they pay for. And fell they are valued. Customers are the oxygen to your Company. That is all please fell free to email me your plane to make this right Thank you for now your time.

  • Mercedes says:

    Worst customer service experience ever!!!! Very disappointed with this company. I had a problem with my initial purchase of a mattress that cost 3k’s and they were saying about the 300 gift card and that was a lied they were assisting the clients over the internet terrible service they do not care about shopping experience a recommendations . The managers and staff are rude and do not want to help. I will not be buying from this company again And obviously not recommending to anyone else.

  • Scott Taylor says:

    Still have not received a response!

    Mr. Koenig,

    This is my first ever letter to a company on their total lack of customer service. We ordered living furniture. The shipment came in two deliveries. The first delivery your techs were very good. We pointed out a few items that needed to be fixed. They took photos and sent them in while at our condo. We got a call within an hour to setup service.

    The second delivery, which was our couch,is a totally different story. The worst experience I have ever had dealing with a company. Your techs damaged our entry door frame, drywall up the steps and drywall corner bead coming into our living room. This also caused damage to the couch. We pointed the damage out to your techs. They took a photo of the couch, looked and the damage to the condo and then took off. I immediately went to your website to file the claim of all damage. I had to follow-up with multiple calls to get an update on having the damage fixed. This first 2 calls the agent could see the photos and said they would schedule repair of the couch but the condo damage had to go to another department. Multiple calls later I started get conflicting (lies) on what could be found on your website. I was also told I waited to long to call and report the damage. After sending the before delivery and after delivery photos your claims depart said they would not fix the damage because they are not sure your techs caused the damage. City furniture did refund the $200 I paid for the “premium delivery”. So I spent the money and took the time to fix the damage.

    Now your contracted repair person said a new back panel is need for the couch. He didn’t want to fix the marks on the other areas of the couch at this time. I received a call from your “customer service “ group tonight to tell me your vender will not supply the part. They gave me 3 options, store credit for $190, check for $190, exchange the couch.

    Store credit “no thank you”

    Exchange couch – your, service agent could not confirm the color would match the other furniture. He could not guarantee the couch and condo would not get damaged during delivery and if it was damage, if City Furniture would own up to the damage and have it fixed. He then repeated the reason ‘condo damage’ was declined the first time. I didn’t call for 7 days. I explained all the documentation sent within 1 hour of the delivery on your website. He confirmed he could see I entered the claim on the 24th, day of delivery. Which story is correct, either your see the document or you don’t. Seems like the answer given to the customer is to benefit City Furniture.

    I offered a different solution:

    Cash for $190 and have your repair person fix the other spots
    Cash for $500 and I’ll get someone to fix the couch.

    I was told these are not options and there is no manager for your customer service to push or ask if either is viable or for me to talk. The standard answers, System says we cannot offer that. Why hire anyone if they can not use their brain. You’ll save a lot of money, just have the customer enter the information and the system can respond with the option. Your screwed.

    I fully feel both my offers are legitimate proposals. Maybe you are in a position to make a decision.


    November 11/2019

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  • Yanet Sepulveda says:

    Very dissatisfied with this company. I had a problem with my 3 year warranty program and the managers and staff are rude and do not want to help. I will not be buying from this company again!

  • TRYON says:


  • Peter Bunzl says:

    If you live out of state beware. Do not deal with this company. We purchased 2 pieces of accent furniture from them and paid the $199.00 to have them shipped to Connecticut. Last week after hearing nothing about my order I called the salesperson at The Village store in Sumtner Landing. She had no record of my purchase. I was originally told the merchandise was in stock at their warehouse. This was not true.
    The salesperson asked me to fax her a copy of my order and the paid receipt so she could process the order. How can there not be a record of my purchase? They took complete payment for my order. Now when I go online to check one of the items is still not in. This company has no idea what they are doing. My merchandise is dependent on a third party shipping company to pick it up. Is there anyone at City Furniture that knows enough to call the shipper when and if this merchandise ever arrives. No customer should have to have these concerns. They are poorly run. Who knows what Florida residents have to deal with when they order from this store. Good luck to them. If you live out of state look somewhere else!

  • Scott & Wendi says:

    Original Post:
    Consumers, I urge you to read the reviews before purchasing furniture from City Furniture. Six weeks ago, we purchased furniture from the Ocoee location, BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!
    *Customer service is the WORST….they will promise deliveries that never happen. I sat on hold for more than 5 hours total (3 phone calls) when I was finally told by the rep they could not help me and there was no manager to talk to me.
    *When they finally deliver, look for the UPC sticker on the bottom (that indicates you are receiving returned/damaged furniture that they “repaired”. YES, this actually happened to us! As if it would be ok that we paid $3000+ for NEW furniture but were given returned, damaged then “fixed” furniture.
    *We still do not have a complete order of the bedroom set or the dining set that we ordered SIX WEEKS AGO.
    *Customer service is RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, have NO customer service skills nor do they care about you or the hell they are putting you through. The managers are no different. They will tell you that you will receive a call back in 24 hours (LIE), they don’t call. I had a “Manager” tell me that there was nothing she could do and now it was my problem then hung up!
    I have literally BEGGED for them to cancel my order and pick up the incomplete and damaged furniture that they have delivered. I was told they would not, “too bad, so sad”. Next, I will dispute the charge and take the legal route! I will go to every news channel that will listen and social media site that I can post on… DO NOT BUY FROM CITY FURNITURE, YOU WILL REGRET IT… LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE.

    As expected, my order is still NOT complete and messed up AGAIN.

    The master bedroom was picked up, thank you. The exchange of the chair as PROMISED by Kate was of course not done.. they have taken the damaged/poorly repaired chair only to tell me that the new chair was left behind (what a surprise)!!! I then received a phone call from “Vanessa” in customer service to let me know that I could receive the new chair by Dec 15th.
    For the love of GOD, pick up your INCOMPLETE dining room and chairs so that I may move on from this in peace. This is the most STRESSFULL experience and it is making me sick. I placed my order on October 14th, enough is enough.
    I do not want anymore phone calls with empty promises and bold lies.


  • Susan Welsh says:

    City Furniture does not honor the guarantee I bought when purchasing my couch. The front of the couch sewn in cushion is sliding to the floor. I have sent pictures of this problem 6 times because they say they haven’t received them, even though I receive a confirmation. I have been trying since October 2018 to get this problem solved. My advice is do not buy from City Furniture. They treat you nice when you visit their showroom and ignore you if you end up with a problem. This couch has a lot of problems that they claim the insurance does not cover. I was told it covered everything. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOKED COMPANY. THEIR FURNITURE IS JUNK.

  • Marianella Halleran says:

    Extremely dissatisfied. I have now called 2 times for the cleaning kit that we ordered. The furniture was delivered in December. It is now almost March. Got a stain on the couch and took over 3 weeks to get someone out to my house. The initial company was a nice guy but works down south and doesn’t make it up to Loxahatchee but once a week and doesn’t know the schedule until the week of and if you happen to miss his call, he fills up and can’t come. The hold time on the phone is ridiculous. Today the cleaning company that came was unable to remove the stain from the couch and will have to order two cushions.

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