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  • Address: 6701 Hiatus Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States

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  • Fax Number: 954-718-3360

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,000

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: Keith Koenig

  • Key People: Keith Koenig (CEO, President & VP of Operations)

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Keith Koenig

CEO, President & VP of Operations

Janet Wincko

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

James Conway

Vice President Of Merchandising

About City Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

City Furniture was incorporated by Kevin Koenig in North Miami in 1994. It has its headquarters in Tamarac, Florida. They launched free shipping in 2015.

City Furniture is a retailer that sells home furnishings, mattresses, and home accents. It is known as one of the largest home retailers in Florida. This company has nearly 18 showrooms located from Miami to Orlando. Along with this, it operates as an e-commerce retailer through CityFurniture.com.

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  • John Burdi says:

    We bought a Tempurpedic mattress and frame at the Boca Raton store 11. It turns out we had to return that mattress. The salesman never told us the complete return policy. He was more interested in making the sale than giving us the whole story. Had he told us we might have changed some things. We also bought a couch. It was supposed to be delivered on 3/14. On 3/5 our salesman called and said it could be delivered on 3/8. We said fine and he set it up. On the evening of 3/7 we get a text and email that the delivery was canceled since we didn’t confirm it. We were never told to confirm it by the salesman and we never got a text or email to confirm it. Very bad way to do business all around. Needless to say we will not shop at City Furniture in the future. They are not reliable. They send a survey to fill out. We did it but when you hit submit it goes back to the first page and doesn’t go through so we can let them know about this. Not happy.

  • Claudia Ferreira says:

    Apparently is only name for what I can see I even wrote to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and they answer me daying they didn’t even bother to answer them. II bought a 6 dinning set 4 of the chairs have been giving me problems they send a person to fix them the last one he wasn’t able to fix it neither CITY FURNITURE has replace it now they’re offering compensation for ONE chair meaning that if they don’t have the chair I guess I have to buy any.
    What type of business is this? You’re not spending $50 dollars at this point they should replace all of them and forgot to say I bought them in September on 2023

  • Brian Tait says:

    Extremely poor customer experience. Dalesman justin from cutler bay store lied to our face. Manager unwilling incapable to.provide a satisfactory resolution. Sent us half a table after garunteeing full delivery. Then cannot tell us when they will pick up the top and state were liable for damages during this an unknown time frame. Cancelled order and cancelling my account. Never again city furniture. Lighting up social media.

    • James Donald says:

      Unfortunately, I had the same problem except a lot worse with so many items. They are the worst of the worst the only talk big.

  • Boris says:

    My name is Boris Feigin.
    I have been your loyal customer starting 1997 when I’ve bought my first apartment in Florida.
    In August this year I bought few pieces of furniture in my lovely store.
    Three of them were delivered in time.
    But another three pieces I’m still awaiting.
    These 3 pieces are:
    Madden Dark Tone 3-drawer Nightstand, Vancouver Dark Gray 86″ Tv Stand and Vancouver Dark Gray Tv Stand Extension.
    Many times I contacted with the staff of the store where I purchased these pieces.
    I spoke with the sales manager, manager of duty.
    They promised to do their best, scheduled delivery and then rejected this delivery without explanation.
    Many times I asked them to provide me with the store samples which they have in the store without any result.
    The last info which I have is that the goods will be delivered in December 2023-February 2024.
    I’m 71 yo and considering my age this offer looks more like a mockery because my death can become earlier than the new furniture.
    I kindly ask you to push your employees to complete my order and I believe that I’ll continue to be the City Furniture loyal customer.

  • Katherine Grayson says:

    I purchased a $3,000 power reclining sofa 10 months ago (also purchased the extended warranty and stain treatment). It began pilling terribly within 6 months. (I live alone and do not have children at home.) I visited the store in Bonita Springs and spoke to the manager and two sales associates who agree it should not have pilled at all and stated it would be addressed. I filed a claim and it was denied within 24 hours. I then went back to the store and spoke to the General Manager who completely dismissed me and said he could not help. I have spent over $10,000 in this store and stated he would be losing a good customer if he was unwilling to back the quality of the products they sell. He shrugged his shoulders and said “okay”. Unbelievable. I will be sending a letter to Mr. Keith Koenig, CEO.

  • Wayne paomono says:

    Placed an order and they were supposed to
    Deliver the queen mattress and box spring and the rest when the bed frame for Florida king came in. Well that got messed up and got box spring for queen and they tried to make us take the mattress for Florida king and we said no absolutely not. Well now over a week and are being told our queen mattress can only be delivered with rest of our order. Our my wife called Sara person and pretty much got blown off because she has not followed thru- call customer service to be told can’t split order – I need a manager to call me asap.
    I’ll cancel this order and take my business elsewhere.

  • Eric J Boudreaux says:

    I purchased a Nectar Mattress from City on July 7th that was 2 Twin XL’s and a adjustable base.
    The base arrived and was too small for the bed. Each bed was 39″ long and they delivered a base that was only 36. Therefore would not fit I complained at delivery and the man said he could not take it back. I talked to a guy on the phone from customer service and he said he would make a not and I can setup an exchange. I have been going back and forth with these people for over 10 days now and still nothing. They keep trying to deliver the same base and expecting me to accept.
    The main issue is CITY FURNITURE, INC does NOT refund your money of anything that was delivered. Even if they delivered the wrong item NO REFUND on ANY DELIVERY that is there policy.
    For sure not one sales person will tell you that only we have Free Delivery. No kidding because if we deliver the wrong item tuff crap for you. NEVER PRUCHASE ANYTHING FROM CITY FURNITURE!!!!!!

  • Alma Martinez says:

    Absolutely unbelievable what I have gone through with City Furniture. I purchased both a dining room and living set from them. The love seat arrived damaged. The agreed to bring a second one which the drivers dropped and broke the armrest. Well…when they bring the replacement, it was the original loveseat which was damaged. Thank god I had saved the pictures. It is so unfair that I need to be going through this inconvenience. I don’t even have the sofa. That’s scheduled for delivery in September maybe October. Lets hope its before Christmas. I had intentions of going back to purchase a console table and rugs. Absolutely not. Never again

  • Lorna says:

    This company and their staff are the worst. The company does not offer assembly that’s #1. They stress insurance but not the assembly and cost, for that you should read the fine print.You purchase their items and again have to look into the contract to figure out that all they do is drop off the item to your residence and nothing else. They will not unpack or assembly unless you pay. In my case I purchased a sofa it lasted for 3 months and went to have it returned because they advised the product is defective under a year they will replace it. I did just that and it’s such a hassle and at this point I need the company to come get the furniture out my house. I paid for assembly like they mentioned the 1st time the drivers said no but I had a newborn and they were considerate and I paid them 150. Now it took a week to get this new sofa and not to mention the return process was a complete disaster and the delivery drivers could care less what’s wrong with the order. They pick up the old sofa and left the new one sitting in my garage again with a baby… For assembly they sent 1 guy and he mentioned he is by himself for install. I waited another week for install so it cannot happen. When 2 guys came they looked at the sofa and said it’s not their responsibility to assemble because it will not fit through the door. Now remember this a return so they got it in the first time. This smart guy just looked and left the sofa same place they left it in my garage. If he had any sense he would have look to see the pillows in the wrapping made the item bulky. They came 5 pm for assembly looked and made a decision to leave without touching anything. I have a newborn they took the old sofa and I been without a sofa for 1 week and they new one is in my garage sitting. I call the company and all they do is transfer you and hang up each time. I say this always these companies will not treat customers in Boca Raton as such I work in that area and it would have been handled very differently. The customer service is terrible from the sales associate to the floor associate manager to the delivery personnel they all need Human Resources to come in and train them on customer service. I would not recommend this company even if they were giving away items for free. After they take payment they don’t care and just tell you to review their contract. I waited 1 week for the sofa…no call back from customer care they hung up. I call them 12.31.22 and they take my money for assembly and advise I have to wait again till Wednesday of next week for assembly. Why not send the 2 dummies back that didn’t take the time to open the package to see it could fit instead of being lazy. I am told to wait another 3 days. I will just write to Florida consumer department. This company is ridiculous. I hope they would fire every last one if you that handled this situation, people like ya’ll make companies go under take a look at the reviews this is terrible.

    • Ms Bess says:

      I TOTALLY agree with you. I paid $6600 for a couch and a desk. Every piece came damaged and they’ve been giving me the runaround since March 2021, been getting pieces delivered since April, still waiting on another arm recliner because they sent 2 right ones.

  • Ashonti Smith says:

    I’ve never been unsatisfied as a customer service while dealing with a company, this company took my money out my acct then proceeded to contact about my order to confirm. After receiving my order for my sectional I only received the love seat and not the left chaise. I have been advised by multiple customer care representatives that they are putting in a request to see what’s going on with my order, no call backs or email correspondence, nothing!!! Now it’s been a week since I order, they are just telling my left chaise is on back order wow!! I never been so disappointed of a company in this manner. I have requested to have store credit issue to me for the inconvenience with the return of the merchandise received since the holiday is coming up.

  • Sean says:

    This has been the most unpleasant and frustrating furniture purchasing experience. I ordered a white sectional (that I knew what I was getting myself into in my own personal care of the piece) but was delivered to me with mold spores, stains and malfunctioning twice direct from the warehouse. I work in a demanding line of employment which limits my ability to take time off and have spent two days off entirely at the mercy of their faulty delivery and lack of customer service. There seems to be zero training provided to these individuals, highlighting Chantelle and Kathleen as being most under-qualified. Seth at least was going to get me a manager to speak with but then our call disconnected and trying to get back in touch was an utter joke. They seem to struggle with QA management. Customer service was of no assistance even though I waited on hold for 85 minutes to be hung up on. Called back and waited on hold for another cumulative 90 minutes while I got bounced from agent to “supervisor” to “escalations”, all of which gave me no assistance, they just offered to have it cleaned (offered to clean a brand new piece delivered from the warehouse). I was so frustrated I had to drive to the physical location I bought the furniture from and my original sales rep called to work on accommodating my request of a new piece provided the lackluster quality I was getting from the original choice I made. I am still waiting to speak to a manager because they were all in a meeting, then all busy with other calls-guessing mine just was not that important to them. I need to speak to a corporate director about what can be done for me regarding my experience as I sincerely hope this is not aligning with their standard of business operations. I look forward to being contacted by the email I provided.

  • Abby says:

    City furniture is the WORST business I have ever encountered with. We had a couch we ordered & waited 3 months to get item. One of the couches had structural damage to it & claim was submitted. Three times we have reached out the status of new delivery for an exchange due to the refund was even less than the couch we originally bought it from! Customer service was even horrible every time stating it was out of stock and pushed dates back for months. To this day we haven’t even received any refund or exchange we ordered for our couches. I wouldn’t recommended anyone to buy furniture from these places EVER. Worst mistake you can ever do and they don’t even care.

  • Veronica Acurana says:

    I would like to talk to or email someone about a really bad experience I had at the Ocoee location with Michael Santagata I guess he is a manager. Since I have tried to talk to the GM Felix Hermida but he never reached out or call me back. My name is Veronica Acurana 407-451-1087

  • Ruby says:

    I wish I had taken the time to read the other disgruntled customers reviews prior to making my purchase, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

    It appears City Furniture has a lot of issues with their “customer care” and delivery services. Issues that needs to be address as soon as possible.

    Case and point: My new sofa, was out of stock. I had to wait over a month to receive it. Unfortunately, it was delivered with structural damage to the right arm, underneath the upholstery and could not be seen with a visual inspection. There was an attempt to conceal the damage with cardboard and covered with plastic. City was notified of the damage, via email and text message, on the same day of delivery.

    Subsequently, I requested a new replacement of the sofa or a credit of a full refund with applicable taxes. To date, I have received neither the replacement nor the refund.

    • Claudia says:

      Apparently this company is gabarage when owners are not on top employees do what ever. Apparently after almost one year they exchange my chairs but guess what? They are dirty scratch they arrive built and I was not charge for assembly of course!! I’m sure they sent the floor samples.
      I’m on my way with 4 of the chairs to head quarters today

  • Francia Tarpley says:

    City Furniture is the worst. Spent so much money buying coaches and 11 months after the cushions had no cushions whatsoever. They replaced the love seat but it arrives with a totally different color and I was told that since it’s the color grey we are stuck with different color loveseat and a coach. Customer services is no help at all. DO NOT BUY FURNITURE from City

  • Anna Richardson says:

    Purchase date: September 10th, 2022
    Time: 15:56:00
    Sales Representative(SR):
    Number of items: Five (5) Pieces
    Total in paid FULL
    Store Location: Millenia Showroom, Florida
    Delivery destination:Georgia

    At the time of purchase, the Sales Representative advised that it would take six (6) weeks for delivery. He assured delivery would be out and on its way within one week of purchase.

    At the beginning of October, City Furniture was called to confirm the shipment was en route. This was confirmed and the advisory was given that the delivery shall take place on October 15th, 2022.

    Between September 12th and October 12th, 2022 there is email correspondence asking for the address and furniture purchased to be confirmed. Confirmation was given on October 14th, 2022.

    October 18th, City Furniture is again contacted to inquire the status of the delivery. It is then advised that the furniture has not yet left the store. Further to, the shipment date in the system says October 29th, 2022 and the delivery will take six to eight weeks.

    A call was placed to City Furniture on October 19th and the request was to speak to a Manger. The representative (name can’t be recalled) asked for the background information so he could identify the right manager. The Invoice number was given. The unpleasant experience was shared. The call was placed on hold for approximately five (5) minutes. When he returned, the representative stated that the Manager he spoke to said the furniture was not in stock at the time and this was the reason that the furniture had not yet left for Georgia.

    The request was once again given, to please turn the call over to a Manager. The Representative then turned the phone over to the Sales Representative from the initial sale.

    He was not helpful. He denied the statement that the furniture was not in stock. He was very nonchalant to the predicament. He was very dismissive. When asked to please transfer the call to a manger, he said a manager will call you. It was requested again to please provide a manager, MH said okay, placed the call on hold where there was a wait for more than fifteen minutes until the call was ended as it was obvious no one was returning to attend to the matter.

    October 19th, a second call is made to CF and a request given to have the purchase cancelled. It was advised a call would be given in 24 hours to begin the process. By the end of the day on October 20th, no one from CF had called to follow on the request for cancellation. As such, yet another call was placed to CF and the request to cancel was stated again. The SR then advised it take 48 hours to receive a response.

    October 22nd, CF is contacted again this time to the Customer Care department. It is then stated that Customer Care cannot assist, cancellations are only possible in the store.

    It is clear that the sales team at the above mentioned location are strategically misinforming clients in a bid to get the furniture shipped to avoid refunding. The refund policy clearly states that a refund is no longer possible if/when the furniture is shipped.

    There has zero compassion or consideration for the inconvenience caused for the clients. The level of unprofessional is loud and we are simply asking for the above to resolve this matter. We are greatly disappointed and request to be refunded so this matter can be closed and we can move on.

  • Anna Richardson says:

    Purchase date: September 10th, 2022
    Time: 15:56:00
    Number of items: Five (5) Pieces
    Total paid in FULL
    Store Location: Millenia Showroom, Florida
    Delivery destination: Georgia

    At the time of purchase the Sales Representative advised that it would take six (6) weeks for delivery. He assured delivery would be out and on its way within one week of purchase.

    At the beginning of October, City Furniture was called to confirm the shipment was en route. This was confirmed and the advisory was given that the delivery shall take place on October 15th, 2022.

    Between September 12th and October 12th, 2022 there is email correspondence asking for the address and furniture purchased to be confirmed. Confirmation was given on October 14th, 2022.

    October 18th, City Furniture is again contacted to inquire the status of the delivery. It is then advised that the furniture has not yet left the store. Further to, the shipment date in the system says October 29th, 2022 and the delivery will take six to eight weeks.

    A call was placed to City Furniture on October 19th and the request was to speak to a Manger. The representative (name can’t be recalled) asked for the background information so he could identify the right manager. The Invoice number was given. The unpleasant experience was shared. The call was placed on hold for approximately five (5) minutes. When he returned, the representative stated that the Manager he spoke to said the furniture was not in stock at the time and this was the reason that the furniture had not yet left for Georgia.

    The request was once again given, to please turn the call over to a Manager. The Representative then turned the phone over to the Sales Representative from the initial sale.

    Said Sales Representative was not very helpful. He denied the statement that the furniture was not in stock. He was very nonchalant to the predicament. He was very dismissive. When asked to please transfer the call to a manger, he said “a manager will call you”. It was requested again to please provide a manager,….. he said “okay,” He then placed the call on hold where there was a wait for more than fifteen minutes until the call was ended as it was obvious no one was returning to attend to the matter.

    October 19th, a second call is made to CF and a request given to have the purchase cancelled. It was advised a call would be given in 24 hours to begin the process. By the end of the day on October 20th, no one from CF had called to follow on the request for cancellation. As such, yet another call was placed to CF and the request to cancel was stated again. The SR then advised it takes 48 hours to receive a response.

    October 22nd, CF is contacted again this time to the Customer Care department. It is then stated that Customer Care cannot assist, cancellations are only possible in the store.

    It is clear that the sales team at the above mentioned location are strategically misinforming clients in a bid to get the furniture shipped to avoid refunding. The refund policy clearly states that a refund is no longer possible if/when the furniture is shipped.

    There is zero compassion or consideration for the inconvenience caused for the clients. The level of unprofessional is loud and we are simply asking for the above to resolve this matter. We are greatly disappointed and request to be refunded so this matter can be closed and we can move on.


  • Bjm says:

    Calculations were incorrect. Cancelled the whole order to start again and same thing happened with second. Received refund but short a thousand dollars.

  • Steven Hendrix says:

    May 21st 2022, I spent over $35k with City Furniture! This company treated me like crap! I need to have my head examined for tolerating the bs that customer service gave me!

    I knew I was heading for a bad experience when the salesman JP lied to us about the availability of the furniture that we ordered.

    Back in April of 2022, I put down $10k for a down payment for our furniture order. We came back the following month to finish paying off the order. While we were there we decided to get a queen size bedroom set for our quest bedroom, and we got a leather recliner, so that put the total order over $35k.

    Our order includes

    Miami White King Bedroom set

    Miami White full entertainment unit.

    Miami White 78 inch dinette set, 3 Miami White bar chairs,

    Miami White Bar

    Miami White Office Dest

    Elba 4 pcs Leather Sectional, Chase, Armless recliner,Wedge and right Loveseat.

    Santonio Queen bedroom set and Queen mattress.

    Finally White Leather reclining chair with the acrylic sides.

    We furnished our entire house with Miami white collection and the Elba Sectional.

    The Elba Sectional was the biggest priced item. Our salesman told us that most of our order would be available in May around the end of the month. That was great news to hear because we were closing on our newly built home on May 17th. We get back to City Furniture May 21st to finish paying for everything and the salesman JP tells us that everything is on back order, so now I have a decision to make. I chose to keep the order, because we were definitely in love with the furniture. With our purchase we have premium delivery, and in home protection plan.

    We were to take our first delivery in June, the pieces that we were supposed to get didn’t come so I called customer service and explained to them what happened, the The representative told me that the pieces that we did not receive were on back order and I said that’s impossible because our salesman told us that they will be delivered with the first delivery order.

    The representative said that’s impossible because when your salesman went into the computer system and show him the items that will be available, so I said to the representative are you sure and he said yes 100%. Basically the salesman J P lied to us to get us locked in for the order.

    After we started receiving the rest of our furniture I started getting emails saying that our order is ready for pick up. We have premium delivery so why should we have to pick up anything. I would call customer service to have the pick up change to premium delivery. Every time this would happen. My salesman never kept in touch with us like he said he would if any changes or delay would happen with the furniture. The biggest problem was the Elba Sectional, we’ve had several problems with this sectional, we ordered the 4 pcs sectional in dark grey. We had 3 different shades of grey with this sectional . Also the wedge was shorter than the whole sectional. After seeing that City Furniture just couldn’t get this corrected we decided to switch out the grey sectional for the White Elba sectional. We took delivery of the white Elba sectional on September 15, 2022. One of the delivery guys and myself noticed that the Left loveseat recliner was shorter than the rest of the sectional by an inch or more. This was very noticeable! The delivery driver called customer service and explained to them about the defect. I spoke to a customer service rep the next day, she gave me a very hard time on getting this loveseat replaced. After 30 minutes of debating with her she finally put in a request for a exchange. The next morning I get a call from a customer service rep from the escalations department saying that they won’t exchange the loveseat because it’s not a manufacturer defect and it comes from the manufacturer like that, basically she’s telling me that my sectional that I spent $6300 suppose to look uneven because one chair is shorter than the whole sectional.

    I sent pictures to her and you can clearly see the defect! City Furniture lacks integrity, honor, accountability, and most of all respect for their customers.

    These are the customer service people and managers that gave me a hard time and even blew me off! Customer service rep, Amanda, Janelle, Felicia.

    Managers that blew me off or didn’t respond back to my complaints. Amid a long with 2 other showroom managers. I don’t have their names. I’m highly disappointed in Brandon Sheets, he was the manager at the time that we placed the order. I will say that he did take care of an issue that we had because of JP the sales guy he screwed up the order. One Brandon Sheets because the GM he stopped responding to my emails and didn’t return my phone calls. I reached out to 2 days ago concerning the delivery of our last piece of furniture and I haven’t heard anything from this guy.

    At the end of the day no matter how much money you spend with a company you shouldn’t have to tolerate this bs from them!

    Loyalty and dedication is definitely missing from this company! The customer service sucks so bad!! I’ve had a terrible experience with this company and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. They have great furniture but the service sucks!

    If I had to do it all over again I would of spent my $35k somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forgot one more thing, we have a Miami white desk base that supposed to be delivered but they have it scheduled for me to pick it up on October 17th of this month. That’s this coming Monday. I’ve been going back and forth with the managers at the Orlando location and I’ve been going back and forth with customer service about this. They are trying to make me pay for a third party delivery for this last piece of furniture. Like I mentioned in the very beginning we have premium delivery for our entire order. JP he’s the salesman and wrote so many invoices for this order instead of just 1 invoice. Some how he put the order for premium delivery but didn’t put the Miami White desk base for premium delivery. Now how does this happen?!?!?!

    Anyway for anyone this about dealing with this company please hold them accountable for any mistakes or misrepresentation!

    My next move to get my issues resolved is to reach out to news media about this!

  • Melissa Nadeau says:

    Buyer beware! City furniture is a scam company!!! I’ve had nothing but a HORRIBLE experience with city furniture. After receiving part of my order and 3 out of 4 items in my 1st delivery arrived damaged I filed claims. I spoke with customer service and said after seeing the terrible quality of the mirror (it not only arrived shattered, but it was broken apart, not stapled correctly and just of poor quality) I asked for a store credit instead of a replacement on that piece. I was told yes, and given a credit for $100 which didn’t include my $7 in tax. At that point i didn’t even care, I just wanted to order something else and move on. HOWEVER when I went to use it a week later (cannot be used online) the salesman said it was I not valid. After numerous attempts at text chat and phone calls with customer service I was told it was voided because it’s a liability. I was told in writing I would be given a credit, which was issued and voided WITHOUT TELLING ME. No courtesy email, text, nothing. Nevermind that I tried to give the thing back to the drivers when they came to collect my other damaged pieces, they wouldn’t take it because it wasn’t on the ticket. I messaged CS again and was told to dispose of it, which I did. So then when I’m asking about my voided credit the rep tells me the will exchange it for me out of courtesy (what? It arrived damaged how is that a courtesy?!?) I informed her I disposed of it like I was told to do and after more back and forth she says they will replace it but not give me my credit I was told I was getting. So I said can I return the new one when I get it? She said no because it’s a courtesy. Finally I get her to issue a store credit for it after asking to speak with management and saying they can pick up the entire set (2 dressers, 2 night stands, king bed frame). I had insisted this time that the credit needs to be the full purchase price of what I paid inclusive of tax, she says it will be but it wasnt so they literally stole $7 and change from me. Meanwhile, I continue to receive more pieces damaged. Come to 2 nights ago, in the middle of the night while sleeping the metal feet that hold the bed up broke and the bed fell 3-4 inches scaring the crap out of me. I then chatted customer service about a warranty procedure being that I’ve had the bed set up for just barely 1 month. They said it’s covered at no cost but that the delivery is $79.99 “from the manufacturer”, yet told I can pick it up from their warehouse at no cost when I complained that they shoudl stand by their product. I’m over the poor quality and every poorer customer service this company has. Buyer beware- they literally STEAL money from customers, have low quality items and no one from management will call you. The only way I can get in touch with someone is by using text chat or live chat as no one ever answers the phone.

  • nlc says:

    I am blocking your company email as spam and reporting you on all the social media as an abuser. Stop sending me email!!!

  • Rafael Piel says:

    I went to City Furniture, Cutler Ridge store, on August 10 this year to buy a bedroom set for my son. I used to be a Salesperson here when they were Water bed City in Hialeah.
    The sales person in Cutler Bay wrote me an order for $6,190.40.
    When we got home we realized we wrote a check for practically all the money we have. I’m 80 years old.
    So I called the store to cancel the order and the sales person told me, no problem you will get your refund by mail in 5 to 6 days. The same thing told me a lady at that place.
    28 days have gone and I’m still waiting for my check. Now after 47 minutes in hold they told me it will take 7 bussines days. Those are gone. After another hold on the phone of almost 1 hour they say it takes 14 bussines days.
    What happen? This is not the company that I worked for. This is not the same Keith and Kevin, rest in Place was not like this. Please we are old and retired and this is all the money we have. Thank you.
    Rafael Piel

  • Yilian says:

    This is the worst company I ever deal with. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  • Mayra says:

    Seguimos esperando nadie de City a furniture nos da respuesta ni solución
    Es una falta de respectó total los mueble no se ni tan siquiera de tercera calidad con sus altos precios.. desastres total !!

  • Mayra says:

    Súper mal ..
    Compramos un juego de comedor septiembre del 2021 y hoy prácticamente agosto 2022 y sin solución .. han traído y llevado y cada vez lo traen en más mal estado.. nos han dado reselecion uno y llegamos a la tienda y es mentiras .. un desatres y un robo la verdad !! Un robo y una estafa

  • Angel says:

    Horrible experience with the delivery and customer service. Half of the bed was missing at delivery and their only option was to leave the bed half way put together and wait 5 days for the missing pieces. Not other options offered.

  • Sarah bookataub says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. I purchased a kitchen table back in November 2021 I was told it would be delivered in February It did not get delivered until April and when it came it was broken so they told me they would ship out a new one and it would come on June 6 of 2022. I waited around all day for the delivery company and when they didn’t come I called and they told me that they didn’t have anything to deliver to me and when I called the salesman to find out why he told me that the next shipment of tables was in November. I said that’s completely unacceptable and I want a full refund and you can come pick up this broken table he said no problem and that my full refund would go in the next day however that has not happened and from that day on everyone is giving me the runaround no one will answer my calls and get back to me and conveniently every time I call and try to get some sort of answer and the manager is in a meeting, or on the phone, or the systems are down. I just built a home and bought all new furniture and while I was doing that I purchased furniture from all different furniture places I didn’t have any kind of problems like I am having with city furniture they are a scam save your money and stay away. They stole $2300 off my credit card and they will not tell me when I will get a refund and they will pick up this broken piece of crap laying in my garage. I know see I am not the only person who has had to deal with this as you read these comments it’s just remarkable to me that the owner could care less. STAY AWAY FROM CUTY FURNITURE.

  • Sharon Znidarsic says:

    We fell in love with great table and salesperson said it was in stock and could be delivered quickly. I ordered #485698 and received a partial delivery 5/16/2022. Due to drop ship – there’s no opportunity to check order. It was noted and immediately reported that the table top did NOT come in original packing. It was loosely wrapped with cardboard and taped.


    ( NOTE the store attempted to deliver Order 483085 and fortunately included a photo. Wrong table – not what we purchased. Manager said sales person entry error)

    The sales person, the manager of the Lady Lake store and Customer Service Case #01998489 did not know how to resolve the no leg issue. Customer service did attempt to take a 50/50 guess and ordered an exchange base with hopes the carton would contain legs. No luck.

    Then they ordered a new table top – scheduled delivery appointment for 6/2 between 2:30 and 5:30. We made sure we were hope. No show so I called City Furniture about 6:30 to report the no show. Apparently there was nothing to deliver so truck didn’t come and no one called to let us know.

    Anticipated arrival of the back ordered furniture is now September 14th.

    I spoke with Cammy Brotherton, Manager exactly one week ago. I proposed the store deliver the floor sample so I could use the table and then exchange it in September when knew piece comes in. She said she wasn’t permitted to authorize. I understood BUT asked her to take it to her supervisor. She said she would and said it may be. Day or two before she got back to me.

    Sent her a reminder email June 7th reminding her I was expecting call from her or her supervisor. No response at all.

    We had our eye on a reclining sofa but surely cannot trust City Furniture with another purchase.

    Who can offer a fair and reasonable solution

  • susana says:

    they are horrible they do not want to approve a reselection they want me to accept the furniture as is with a gift certificate discount and force to accept the damaged furniture do not buy mifrofiber is bad material and it will rip in one week

  • Carl G says:

    City furniture count your days, had the worst experience with my sectional sofa, Delivery from the first day was terrible, I’m on my 3rd sofa as we speak, then they decide to send me one side of the sofa that doesn’t match…. This will be my last purchase from you guys, customer service sucks……..

  • Claudia Reynoso says:

    I am disgusted by the customer service. I am literally on hold as we speak for over 1 hour 20 minutes!! The agent would not release a supervisors name because of privacy reasons?? Really?? Are you federal agents? You have no problem selling your warranty to a customer but when we have an issue, we suffer! Supposedly got credit went to store over the weekend to use the pathetic refund and they said my credit wasn’t in the system! What kind of fraudulent business are you running???

  • Dr Caron Helfner says:

    To Mr Keith Koenig CEO of City Furniture. Are you aware of the poor customer service and furniture that comes damaged or screws missing! To then be told you need to wait 12 weeks for screws . I just spent 13,000 dollars on two bedroom, living room , dining room and mattresses . I waited hours for delivery, my product came not to 100% satisfaction. My mattress is leaning against a wall because there missing bunky boards. There is a warehouse and for what reason would it take 12 weeks for screws that were missing? I am outraged, and disappointed and so should you be as a CEO!! This should be dealt with Asap Mr Koenig. Waiting for your response and corporate solution??

  • Jackie R says:

    That ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, DELIVERY, COMMUNICATION. They are fighting with me about a refund and swear they refunded my credit card, NO YOU DIDN’T, here are my statements. They destroyed my brand new home and paid for a contractor to fix it, ripped the couch, refused to pick it up and refused to delivery a new one. LEGAL ACTION COMING SOON

  • frank says:

    the worst furniture store-please do yourself a favor and shop somewhere else. A horrible experience trying to get a part for a power recliner that the motor died after 5 mos. It has been 4 months, and I still cant use the chair. I am 80 yrs. old and had knee surgery so my leg has to be uplifted. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Their customer service and their products suck!!!


  • Dwayne H says:

    On 16 March 2022 I made an on line order for 3 pieces of office furniture of 5242.95, and never received confirmation of the order, rather a splash page for a survey when I called them and asked for my confirmation and delivery, the sales person told me she had to ” rewrite ” the order , so she could send it to me, when she sent it to me it was an entirely different desk from what I ordered, I tried to explain this to her several Times over a period of ( 20 minutes ) and several more emails, I just decided to cancel the order! She then argued with me and refused to cancel and insisted I order what she recommend. Finally, she agreed to cancel the order and refund my order. Still, several days later my credit card has a charge of $5242.95 and every time I call I get a different story of how and when my credit card will be refunded, she told me on the phone it would be 24-72 hours refund, today they told me 14 days, and when my wife called they said they would mail a check , they seem to be refusing to refund my money and I had to pay my credit card and will not respond to be, City Furniture is taking advantage of people online, management is hard to reach and avoids taking complaints

    • Mike says:

      Had exactly the same issue/experience on the same day! $4100 in outdoor furniture – lost in the interweb.

      They had to rewrite the whole order – incorrectly- 5 days later mine you, and then delivered 7 days later than the original order delivery date. Parts came damaged, understandable – it happen, but now they want 5 more days to replace causing everyone a 3rd day off work waiting on a replacement.
      Throughout this process, we Have been repeatedly lied to and passed off to an endless line of “supervisors” and “managers” of which no one has any ability to be accountable for anything. No ability to speak to anyone that can do anything to override the “system”. Which is a crock of crapola. And makes zero logical sense. Everyone in this company has a different story.

      I once preferred the quality city offered compared to RTG or the like, but no longer with the headaches. This place isn’t the same as it was 5 years ago. Quite obvious the boy fell far from the old man’s tree. Maybe time for new leadership from the top down.

  • Doris says:

    I want to express my dissatisfaction with the quality of the product that your company offer. I would like to be able to upload all the photos of the Poor quality of product you sent, scratches, stains, broken parts and the delivery time is horrible, your company is lying to the consumer by offering a low quality product and charging a lot of money.

  • TJ says:

    I am extremely upset and feel disrespected and undervalued as a customer with this company. I purchased a canopy bed with 3 nightstands from your company on 2/19/2022. The issues I have range from lack of property communication between staff members and customer service with my requests, receiving damaged/unsatisfactory items multiple times as well as in home damage to my carpet, walls, mattress, foundation, disrespectful employees who attempted to instruct t the delivery team on how to proceed in my home which led to the police being called. After everything that transpired I have yet to receive a call or some sort of concern or accommodation for my troubles. The in home damage department has yet to contact me regarding the damages. Terrible company, have no idea how they have been in business so long.

  • Nydia Valentín says:

    CUSTOMER SERVICE needs a lot to be desired. I purchased a sofa set in Sept of 2021 that comes with two recliners and the right hand recliner is damaged.first technician came he apparently took a crowbar and try to fix the mechanism on the recliner and made it worse. replacement came in and it was the wrong side. because Lord and behold city furniture seems to be cutting back on salaries so they hire people with no experience. he ordered the wrong recliner .I had to wait till November .followed up with a phone call in November and the order was never placed so now I have to wait until January .call January oh it’s at the port you won’t see it until February finally got it on February 13 and GuessWhat it’s not working they send a tech a lady comes she’s on a personal phone call she’s not listening to a word I’m saying I press the button I showed her what was wrong is she left oh they’ll call you 24 hours pass I finally get my phone call and I’m told that I have to wait 12 weeks for the part to come in ,12 weeks maybe I’ll get a set workable by the end of this year but yeah I’m paying for this .this is unbelievable unacceptable then you call and you’re on the line for hours before somebody will pick up the phone. hire people that know what they’re doing higher people that speak English hire people that have knowledge of how to handle customer service
    Going on six months on the purchase and now I have to wait three months for it to be fully workable. What if I was to hold my payment and I’m paying for furniture I can’t use . then you tried calling them and there’s nothing nobody can do .what’s the warranty for then why can’t they come pick up the set and send me a new set I don’t understand why I have to be inconvenienced time and time and time again.
    Inv # 414979.Nydia Valentín

  • JOHN A BRYANT says:

    Trying to get help with my order conflict.

  • Yasbeth Washington says:

    Total disappointment to say the least. Placed an order on Sunday, scheduled to be delivered on Monday and every single day has been a different story. I finally received my order yesterday (Friday) missing components, my son (15yrs old)had to help guy lifting because he was alone. It’s Saturday and no one is returning my call anymore. I need to reach out to the general manager, corporate manager and higher management to ge this resolved. I’m frustrated, disappointed and the representatives at City Furniture do not care.

  • Linda marchia says:

    Have not received my coupons relative to unused service contracts. Been given the runaround claiming they were sent certified mail.

  • Stephen says:

    We had the worst experience there. Bought a recliner that tips and they won’t give us credit to get another one. We asked for a Big and Tall recliner and the one the salesman told us was big and tall tips. Over one thousand dollars and we are afraid to recline in it if no one is home to push it back when it tips. The technician came and said it’s a gravity issue. All we want is a credit and to pick something else out before we get injured. I don’t know where else to turn to to.

  • Lissette says:

    I wish I had seen the comments below I would have NEVER purchased 10K in furniture!!!!! 80% of the furniture delivered was DAMAGED, making a claim is NEVER ENDING!!!! Call after calls, texting with everyone and NOTHING BEING RESOLVED!!!!!!! Can SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME ABOUT MY ORDER. SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! and to think that I wanted to finish furnishing the house at City Furniture, you think it’s a good idea????

    • Michelle Guthrie says:

      We are having the same exact problem sectional couch, delivered damage pieces upon delivery sat here for a few days with those while they sent new ones out that were also damaged the refusing us a refund or even an exchange. My husband is on oxygen we have to move our schedule around so that these delivery guys can keep delivering these replacement pieces that are damaged. They are absolutely refusing and exchange. This place is awful. We own a big successful business. I would never treat our customers like there’s customer service does. We are researching laws in our area and looking further into the situation, especially after reading the countless endless reviews on here that are the same as ours…

  • Carmen says:

    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with your service. I ordered a vanity 7 months ago. I waited over 1 month and it was delivered damaged. I was told that the replacement would be an easy process, however, this has not been my experience. After waiting another 3 months for the replacement to be in stock, I received an email saying the item was out of stock again. I don’t understand why my delivery was not prioritized as the order was placed months prior and the item was delivered damaged. Another two months later, I did not hear back and called to check the status. The delivery was not scheduled and would not have been placed if I had not called. The replacement item was finally scheduled, however the item was delivered damaged again. The delivery driver said I would receive a call regarding another replacement. It has been over a week, and no call. I followed up again, and was told that the delivery driver did not report any damage so I would have to take pictures of the damaged item again. I have found that the company has poor communication and follow up. When I ordered the furniture and reported the damage, I led to believe that I would be satisfied but I am highly disappointed due to their lack of customer service and lack of concern.

  • Carlos Sanchez says:

    What a terrible service you have on the new store on Hollywood I’ve to wait more than 20 minutes for some one help me and no prices on the furniture and the person who try to help me he laughed on my face and tell ironic probably it’s because that’s furniture it’s not for you my recommend it’s you look everywhere even on the bottom the sofa it’s unbelievable wow what a terrible service you have it’s reason for never come back

  • Ricardo Garcia Nieves says:

    I’m extremely dissatisfied and at a loss of words for the lack of caring, poor service and how impossible is to try to call this service/warranty department. Not only they don’t answer but they ask you to “press 1” so that they call you back and then they don’t call. It has certainly been a horrible experience.

  • LB says:

    Wow, after holding endlessly and leaving my call back number several times I found this site looking for a way to get someone in corporate that could help resolve a problem. I don’t know how this place is still in business after all these bad reviews!!!

    Everyone should report them to the better business bureau.

    I spent over $3,000 in the past month, and I can’t get a call back or contact a person to answer questions I have.

  • Lorraine says:

    I purchased a pillow top mattress from city furniture from the store off pines blvd after a few weeks it started to sink I called they sent some one out to examine it. It was deemed defective then a few weeks later they replaced it with a mattress not the pillow top I paid for. Until today it’s not been rectified after numerous calls and visit to the store. Worst customer service ever. I felt cheated. They took your money and than it. No one called u back or anything. Worst experience dealing with that store. I wouldn’t shop there again

  • Salma Qureshi says:

    This has been the worst experience in my life dealing with the repair under the warranty of one year of the furniture bought.I had to pay for the technician to come in to assess the situation of faulty piece of furniture which was still under one year old. I have been waiting for hours and hours for a phone call. This has been going on since July 2021. I have spoken to supervisor after supervisor without resolutions. You can look into my ticket I am really frustrated with how you are handling the customers.

  • Guest says:

    So very true every one is saying. Awful customer service, sales persons don’t respond to phone calls nor emails; not very truthful either. I had to go in person to complain and still same awful service. Several people there for same reason-no delivery for months. Keep saying it will be there in a week, no truth in status of delivery. This company has no emails for corporate. It is a shame that is part of Ashley because that is a great customer service company.

  • Charles R Halverson says:

    Shitty service can’t get thru to customer service, store can’t get thru to their management to make a decision.
    Customer service on warranty claims a joke at best, tech came with wrong part said what we needed in stock took broken spring with him and never heard from him again was on phone hold for 1 hour 40 minutes with cust service, they never answered.
    Overall couldn’t create a more disrespectful group of management and service individuals.

  • Ileana says:

    Horrible customer service. This is my story. I placed an order on September 6, 2021, for a sleeper sofa and mattress. I stated that the delivery must be on a weekend because there is no one to receive it. On 9/11/21, I received an email to confirm delivery in the middle of the week. I called the salesperson that sold me the sofa and left her a message. She never returned my call. So, I called again, spoke to one of your salespeople, and set a delivery appointment for Saturday, September 25. On September 22, I received a courtesy call from the salesperson to deliver the sofa; Thursday, right in the middle of the week, I called some family members to accept the delivery but with no luck. I called back to cancel that delivery because there will not be anyone to receive it.
    I had a call later that night to deliver the merchandise on Saturday. And today, I had another call while I was at work to inform me that the delivery was not going to be today,” Thursday,” because you did not have the items to deliver. So mind you, I canceled the delivery for today, and they had the items available.
    I had a confirmation for the 9/25 I cannot be playing games and have a delivery at their convenience. So, I called to cancel the order. I spent over an hour on the phone to cancel and spoke to customer service and to Danny at the store that transfer me to a manager that never answer the call. So I guess I am going in person to the store.

    • Debra Garcia says:

      Sounds like my delimma..Mr Koenigs reputation is going down the drain. I’ve on hold for weeks already and my salesman just trying to get credit for a quick sale and not being honest as to the true status of the order. I too will be joining you this weekend in getting a live person to address my concerns I’m fed up with this company.

      • Aldene Tully says:

        I placed an order September of 2020 for a sofa and after 6 months, because the salesman lied about availability, it came with a defective light. Placed a claim for a replacement because we purchased the warranty, still have not received the replacement. Every time I called they give me an ETA but when it doesn’t show up and I called , they can’t find any tracking information.
        They only thing left is to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau. The salesman lied about availability which went from 3 weeks to 4 months, all because he was leaving the company and wanted the commission. I even left messages for the store manager and he never returned a phone call. what’s the purpose of purchasing warranty if when you make a claim nothing happens. Better Business Bureau, Consumer Assistance via the news media or other social media site might not even help. I have had enough with this company. The bad thing is every so often I get an Sales email telling me what is on sale. I would never buy a candy from this organization again or even recommend someone. No one can convince me that the CEO, VP, Customer Relations Manager has no idea this is going on.

      • Marie-France says:

        I hope you and Debra are going directly to the store or the cooperate office to find someone to address your frustration. Because if it is on the phone, “good luck”. I needed to reach customer service for days, but kept putting it off because of a recent past experience of being putting on hold for more 45 minutes and no one picked up. So today I realized that I had to make the dreaded call again because my warranty was coming to an end soon. It took me one hour and 25 minutes to finally talked to someone. She took note of my problem then transferred me to the warranty department. I waited another hour and 21 minutes before someone at the warranty department answered my call.

        I believe for most customers, including me, great customer service is one of the most important elements of a great business. Having to wait for more than an hour on hold to talk to someone is the beginning of bad service, no matter how helpful the customer rep is on the other line when the call is finally answered.

        Mr. Koenigs, changes need to be made before the words get out on social media. I have been a customer of City Furniture for more than 15 years. Please fix things up.

  • Ellen says:

    I need help with an order and a claim made. No one is calling me! Please call me 954-646-7688

  • Shari Bloch vitale says:

    Order 695011
    This table was dropped off without any consideration of protection it is a disgrace that city furniture has less than zero quality control on a simple coffee table!
    I don’t know what is going on with the white on this if it’s mold or what ( sent pic in email) there are several scratches it was unprotected not a piece of plastic on it as you can see- I am furious I think that a very decent store credit at the store …is the only remedy here!
    If i ever walk in again ~
    I have been a customer since probably 1995 (and from NMB and know the founder!!)from the inception of the company!…
    Such a disgrace

    *** otherwise I’m just bringing the table back.Just had a $3000 couch delivered as well on a separate truck on the same day which is ridiculous too !!!

    The couch best be pristine.have not looked yet… as the house is under construction
    I am beyond furious with the lack of consideration and care of someone’s property, and money as well….

    Yes ,this is going to corporate too.


    Sent from my iPhone 7+

  • Shari Bloch vitale says:

    Need email for corporate

  • MIKE says:

    The worst service I have ever had to deal with. I purchased furniture Saturday 9/4/21 and was suppose to get delivery 9/7/21 never showed they called and changed date 7/9/21 when they arrived the drivers/helper were very rude to my wife. They begin to unload the furniture when placing it in our house we old them it was wrong that was not what we purchased they began to ague with us and tell us it was we showed them picture and they said they did not care they were leaving it anyway they had already got there pictures for there record iI told them take it out my house NOW. They began to curse at us and said they did not care and told us if we paid for delivery the correct stuff would have been on the truck we asked them to leave and they started using vulgar language .After all this NOT one manager would return our call and the salesman had no clue how to fix the problem . we still do not have our table and don not have a delivery date from NO one! over $3000 in purchase and we were going to buy a lot more from them .Now we will take our business and make sure everyone we know never shops at this store every again! They are unprofessional and have no clue how to take care of customer service . I run a business and i would make sure my customer had there merchandise next day if it was my company fault PLEASE NEVER USE THIS STORE OR COMPANY !!! THEY WORST SERVICE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY HAVE THERE DOORS OPEN!!!

  • Donna Cruz says:

    Terrible experience at your West Palm store!!! Female manager working 9/9/2021 evening was completely useless. Salesman misled us with delivery dates, delivery people were disrespectful and had to be asked to leave. I will leave negative reviews for everyone to know not to buy from City Furniture.

  • Carol says:

    OMG the worst customer service ever…Jessica wow hope you are not the best they have to offer ….sorry i did not read the comments below before I ordered from your store. Now i can see they are all correct your service stinks.

  • lee says:

    WARNING!!!!!!!!Never buy anything from this company they do faulty advertisements and they cant deliver any furniture till 2023… This the second time i have purchased from them and they messed up for the last time for me..

    • Chloe Karen Ponte says:

      I cannot believe what I’m reading! I feel exactly the same…how can in stock furniture end up being back ordered?? Also 3 attempts at delivery and they aren’t even close to the time frame promised. They keep showing up after 4:30 & are very aware of the bldg policy that they must be done by 4:30! Let’s see what surprises they have for tmrw’s delivery of back orders.

  • David H. says:

    Tried to communicate with the Boca Raton store by phone and email (to my salesperson, Tyler) for TWO DAYS with no response. I then attemped to communicate with customer service and was on hold for 45 minutes, at which time I was forced to drive to the store. The only good thing about this is that I decided to cancel my order on a $4000 sectional before it was delivered. Who wants to do business with a company that has ZERO interest in the customer AFTER the sale?

  • George Collins says:

    Worst customer service I have had in memory. No one answers the phone in customer service. Been trying to resolve a problem for a week, been on hold for 45 minutes twice , different days different times. Call back to sales people at the store (including speaking to management) all say, “there is nothing we can do for you here”. I would like someone from corporate to contact me immediately.

  • Sherrill Miller says:

    Hi, I have been waiting on barstools and a table set for 8 months. No call to advise me of the changes or anything. I will appreciate if you can do something about this matter

  • Francois LaFate says:

    Please note this is not my 1st problem with City Furniture but my 3rd and now I want others to know of the poor service from top management on down to the sales staff. I purchased a White dresser from the discounted area. The sales person said the price was a great deal and I should get it ASAP which I did. I then when to shipping to pickup my order only to find out they were trying to give me a night stand. I had to go back in the door seek a manager only to find out the sales rep inputted the wrong information. I told them they should honor the price given to me and the refused. Prior to this it took 2-3 months to get my white leather chairs only to find out they got the wrong order which took me another 2 month. Their Customer service is the worst. They only care about taking your money. I need Mr James Conaway VP to call me ASAP

  • Francois LaFate says:

    I am so disappointed and frustrated with your company that I need this message to be sent to Mr James Conaway VP so he and Keith CEO will know some of the things happening in his store. My number is r

  • kathleen says:

    Constant lies. They will not even honor their warranty they sell you. And you have to wait 2 hours on hold for someone to answer your call to then let you know you have been scammed.

  • Barbara says:

    They are horrible, horrible customer service no one calls or assists you, and all they do is delay everything.

  • Pat DiGenni says:

    After reading some of these comments, I see a clear pattern. It is clear that city furniture doesn’t care about its customer once a sale is made. They will say anything they need to to make a sale and then when they do – ur on ur own!! I tried to get someone’s help in the store FOR 6 HOURS!! and got nowhere only to be told “there’s nothing we can do for you”. The sales rep actually said that to me – after they knowingly sold us equipment they knew wasn’t going to work. The money we wasted on city furniture – ugh! I could kick myself!! CITY FURNITURE IS THE WORST!!

  • BSH says:

    Dear City Furniture Investment Team,
    I am writing this letter to let you know that your are invested in a scam. This company totes commitment to the community, sadly that is far from the truth. We purchase furniture in 2018 for 4 rooms in our new home(please note that we purchased warranties for each piece of furniture). We had sold all of our previous furniture and other items prior to moving into our new home because I suffered a stroke and my wife and I felt that it would be easier on our family to start fresh, especially while I was rehabbing. We purchased the Chandler 3 piece leather living room set and this set was good only issue we have a pea size peel that occured on the sofa part of the set. We contacted the Ocoee store right away and were told by a sales associate to contact customer care because they told us that it would be covered under our warranty. They sent Edmondo to our home on Friday, June 4th, 2021. He came in looked at our sofa and told my wife and I that it was a small peel and it would be covered. He was there less then 5 minutes!! I asked him numerous times how it would be covered and he told us that they would replace the seating that was damaged not the entire sofa. I was ok with that because our sofa was in excellent condition except for the pea sized peel. I asked him what do we need to do because we have never sent in a claim. He said they would contact me and continue with the claim. He assured my wife and I it was covered, he stated he could not fix it because it was in the middle of the seat. He left. Customer care contacted us hours later and told my wife the claim was filed and they would replace the seat. They said it would take 30days or more. We understood that and we made sure that no one would sit there. Well, here is the scam, my wife called today to get an update on the situation. She was told that the customer service rep who put the claim in filed it wrong. Then she also the Tech Edmondo that came out stated it was CUSTOMER ABUSE. Because he stated that, customer care rescinded the claim and told us it wasn’t covered. My wife was on the phone for 1hr and 30mins, she asked for a manager, she got a team leader named Lettie who told my wife that not only was it not cover because of customer abuse but we could not get any money back for the warranty. WE DID NOT AND HAVE NOT EVER DAMAGED FURNITURE JUST TO PUT IN A CLAIM. EDMONDO LIED TO THEM AND TO US. THE WARRANTY IS A SCAM. YOU DO NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK. A PEA SIZED PEEL IS CONSIDERED ABUSE, THE WARRANTY BECOMES VOID AND THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY WHILE YOU GET STUCK WITH DAMAGED FURNITURE. By the way the tag on the set says “Lifetime Warranty”. The “Manager” Lettie said that it was not covered only the frame was covered with the lifetime warranty. Another lie. The lies kept coming. The set is still being sold. We bought warranties because we assumed the reps in the store were not car sales men trying to rip us off. We did not damage the furniture, it was not abuse. The Tech lied to our faces and said it was covered. We want our money back from the warranty to cover the repair THAT WE HAVE TO DO from a non-scamming company. If you are a customer BUYER BEWARE!!! The Warranty is just an upsale. It does not cover like you need it to. No you can not get your money back from the Warranty. Please do not fall for this scam. We are filing other formal complaints. All the money we spent was for nothing. I should’ve bought a unneeded used car instead. They treated my wife like an idiot. They took away a claim they had processed and told us would be done, they said we did not get anything back from the warranty. We called the store for help and left a message no one has contacted us. Fernando at the Ocoee store you told us customer care would cover it. SO MANY LIES. THANKS FOR TAKING MY HARD EARNED MONEY. THANKS FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE. BUYER & INVESTOR BEWARE AND READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY OR BEFORE YOU INVEST.

  • Sal C. says:

    The order was 3 months ago we were assured that it will arrive on time . To our surprise it will be on August at least 2021 . how are we going to accommodate our families visiting the purpose of purchasing sets of beds was for them what’s going to happen now is we’re going to pay the hotel they can’t stay with us unless they’re going to sleep like animals on the floor. How inconvenient is this, by the way that delivery of yours is something 3 items only were to be delivered on June 5th according to there text we waited all day nothing happened they said it was a mistake , wow seriously I wasted my time from work your people are so inconsiderate to their customers. Do take action quickly (order number 486072)

  • John Wilson says:

    Good Mr Koenig, Corporate President,
    For the past several months, we have been plagued by your company’s warehouse delivery debacles with being unable to provide a complete bed that’s been paid for in full. Numerous attempts to resolve the matter with your employees have failed because they continue to deliver the wrong items to assemble the 6 drawer bedroom and by their lack of paying attention to detail which inheritedly will continue to result in lower profit margins and poor customer satisfaction ratings. I understand a lot is being blamed on COVID for shortages, yet your company continues to market merchandise with knowledge that you are unable to deliver as promised in a timely manner. We paid in full, however we have not received the service your company markets itself, is a breach of contract. Had we financed the purchase and missed payments then you would charge the customer late fees, higher interest and reporting them to collections, resulting in a bad credit rating. As Corporate President, I’m respectfully asking for your assistance to resolve the problem. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

  • miltka scarano hernandez says:

    have waited for a 1 month for a credit that should have been to my credit card and now is lost in the mail. Worst customer service and sales person. Call center returns call after 8 hours, have not been able to get a resolution to the issue and still waiting.

  • Bradford E Shipley says:

    Can’t ever get someone on the phone waiting 4 hours on hold

  • Norman Marcus says:

    I bought a swivel recliner that toppled over backwards. They chair is unstable and poorly designed.
    City Furniture will not replace the recliner with one without a swivel base or allow me to return the recliner for a refund. Does anyone know the email address for Keith Koening?

    • Lisa says:

      I also have a defective furniture purchase from Furniture City. After spending thousands of dollars on a “dining room” table the did not hold up. the surface was never treated or meant to be used as a table. anything we place on the table leaves marks that cannot be cleaned. I cannot get anyone on the customer care phone line to help us. they Claim we are within the warranty time period but will not honor it even with a exchange. I have tried calling 5 times and get put one hold 1 to 2 hours and then transferred/disconnected. Which I now have learned is the company strategy. I would also like Keith Koening contact information.. This company is unbelievable the worst place to buy from!!!!!!

  • Mildred Martinez-Villamar says:

    We, the consumer must hire an attorney and put together a class action law suit. City furniture needs to be held accountable for the misleading and false advertising. As you stated they absolutely steal from consumers. I purchase The Maxwell sectional after returning a previous sofa that the frame caved in and received a ridiculous credit of $600 which I applied to the Maxwell Sectional. After 9 months the sectional continuously stained from just sitting on it. Now, City furniture wants to give me a credit of $1500!! I paid $600 plus $295 for the alleged stain removal service which is a joke and approximately $1900 for the sectional. DO NOT BUY from CITY FURNITURE

  • Frances says:



    • Mildred Martinez-Villamar says:

      We should look for an attorney to file a class action law suite. There are more than 750 BBB Consumer Complaints.

      • Chloe Karen Ponte says:

        If they do the same at tmrw’s delivery what has been done since my June order. Im in on civil suit!

  • lee ann says:

    Horrible experience! to rectify any issues is literally impossible! Customer service is obviously an huge issue with staffing and not given the resources to properly facilitate any resolutions!!!
    The wait time for a call is well over 45 mins and all answers seem to be NO. I purchased a stupid 500.00 couch 1 of several purchases that either had delivery issues, quality issues or issues trying to contact anyone to correct what should have happened smoothly from the start.at this point i want the couch picked up and returned ….IM DONE with the frustration! I would gladly pay double and do business with a company who backs their product. However I was abruptly told ….”no refunds after delivery”. well that certainly eased my frustration!!!!! The hell with you city furniture, I will dispute the charges and an exceptional company like american express will handle my issue with you! I will however march my but from highland beach to the corporate office and give you all a piece of my mind!! I will post my aggravation to every public arena i can find!!!

  • Simone Cruz says:

    Its seems sad after reading ALL of the other complaints that I now too am adding to the list of extremely disatisfried customers.
    How in the world does City Furniture stay in business and not make any attempts to imporove their customer service?
    I ordered 3 pieces of a sectional couch and was told it would take a month for delivery. After receiving several emails close to the delivery date letting me know it was due to come as scheduled, I discovered just 12 hrs before delivery, and after I had gotten rid of my old sofa that one arm chair recliner was not on the delivery list. After waiting over 25 minutes on the phone I was told that the piece was out of stock at the warehouse and wouldn’t be delivered until 2 weeks later.
    Delivery day came and they brought the two pieces, but one piece was not a recliner even though we had ordered and paid for one. After a phone call I was told that this piece was also out of stock and would not in or delivered for ANOTHER MONTH HALF!!!
    We are a family of 4 and they left me with one seat of a couch and nothing more than a “sorry,” which does not help stop us from sitting on the floor for the next 6 weeks.
    It took me months of searching to find the right couch and I was offered to come back in a pick another one even after I told them I didn’t want another one.
    How does such a big company have such a shitty communication??
    All they had to do was communicate the situation ahead of time & we would have kept our old couch until the WHOLE couch was ready for delivery. How is it possible that someone at the warehouse read the order and decided to just throw in an armless couch that doesn’t recline because the one we ordered was out of stock, did they think we wouldn’t notice??
    I will never shop at city Furniture again and will be sure to let EVERYONE know how they choose to treat their clients.
    Come on City Furniture, get your act toether and deliver the kind of customer service that one would expect from such a large chain. If the communication that you have set in place doesn’t work, which ALL of these complaints clearly show, then its time to learn from your mistakes and make some changes.
    Accomodate your customers and deliver some cutomer service. Absolutely disgusting!!!

  • Leana says:

    I will continue to post about furniture city’s worst customer service, DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  • Elena says:

    Worst place to buy furniture. Horrible customer service… you guys mess up the order and yet I’ve been on the phone with about 10 different people over the course of a month to fix this situation and still can’t fix it. Now i just want to return what you guys messed up and I can’t even return it, only exchange. For me to wait months for this to be resolved is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t want to wait any longer, take your stuff back!

    • Leana says:

      I agree with you 100%, worst customer service there is, I wouldn’t even call it “customer service “, it’s more like “NO SERVICE “ !!!!

  • Elvira says:

    I ordered dining Room table April 7th or approximately around then. 3 months later I still have not gotten all of the pieces to my table. They apparently mis labeled the last delivery and so they brought out the same piece again to day and now I have to wait another month and a 1/2 to get the correct piece. I am so not happy and this is absolutely ridiculous and the worst customer service I have ever seen in my entire life. Had I known that it was going to take almost 5 months for me to get a table I would have not ordered it. And all I get is I’m sorry I understand nobody is doing anything about it nobody cares this is what it is and oh well.

  • Rick says:

    customer service NEVER answers and call backs are nonexistent. defective furniture delivered as new and delivery guys leave your house without doing anything about it, then customer service tells you that replacement parts are 12 weeks out……what a joke of a company, Keith Koenig you should be ASHAMED

  • Alex and Lesa says:

    Good Evening,
    We recently purchased the Delila sofa set and decided to add an additional piece to the set. We spoke with Randa Yambo and she placed the order for us over the phone. Today we picked up the furniture/ottoman and when we opened the box, we didn’t see the legs. Ms. Yambo assisted us and we were able to locate the legs. However the piece is shorter than the rest of the furniture. When I asked about the procedures to return furniture, I was asked to hold on when Ms. Rambo returned she stated that I would have to contact Customer Care. Ms. Rambo nor her supervisor were knowledgeable of your company return policy is for your furniture company. I had just picked up the furniture today. We haven’t even had it for 24hours! We would most definitely have returned the furniture and chosen something else. However due to the lack of customer service City Furniture is no longer our first choice for furniture.
    Thank you for taking the time for reading our concerns.

  • Look Up My Order Number says:


  • Candice Ramcharan says:

    City Furniture sells defective furniture and for the price they charge is not worth it. Go buy some where else.

  • Tasha Stanford says:

    I am beyond disappointed in the customer service and products received from the Jensen Beach/ Stuart location. I paid 7k cash for a living set, I was mislead with the warranties I was lied to about the return policy and the material. I had to place a claim within 20 minutes of delivery, my wedge was torn, improperly assembled and missing pieces. I further noticed defects on my love seat. After spending 6 hours on the phone I was told that although I have had the furniture less than 10 hours I could not return for refund the set. Mind you, I want to keep the coffee table, entertainment center and pay for those as well as the $99.99 restocking fee , delivery and pick up but still no help. I was told that the fabric was leather and the backs were vinyl but this is a lie, the entire set is vinyl and will not withstand to three kinds and two dogs as promised. It barely survived delivery. I have a business and deal with customer service and corporate matters daily. I have never treated my client with such disrespect and lack of care. I have asked the the couch set is picked up and I am refunded. I have been forced to filed a complaint with the BBB and will be speaking with my buisness counsel on other methods for resolution. I will never shop at City/ Ashleys again and will advise anyone who asks of how horrible they treat they customers!

  • Merjeme says:

    Good morning May 3,2020
    Keith Koening
    I just want to say that BeBe went above and beyond. She is a blessing to City Furniture.She worked very very hard on my items since a month.

  • Merjeme says:

    Keith Keoning
    I want to inform you that BeBe in last last month she has been trying to help me out regarding my furniture. I would appreciate it if you or someone can help and resolve this. This is what I sent this morning to her.

    Good morning
    BeBe May 2,2020

    The manager did not call me back yesterday not sure if you have any information for me yet. I appreciate everything you are doing. You are a blessing to City Furniture. I hope we can get 60 months no interest that would be a blessing and have them assemble my furniture for me.
    Have a wonderful day

    Thank you again


    This is very very stressful your store manager in west palm Brian wants to cancel my order to set me up with the premier delivery but then my order wouldn’t be coming on May 8,2020, it will be coming mid May or end of May. This order is from February and I’m paying for something I don’t have. This is a furniture that costs over 4,000. I am very very disappointed with your services with your managers.
    I would like a phone call back.
    I’m about to cancel my order. This is very stressful to continue dealing with. I have a mother that has Alzheimer’s that I’m a Cargiver to and on top of this . I am very disappointed with City Furniture. I bought my furniture from the Wellington one which is closed but it shouldn’t matter.

    I would like an response back

  • Tonya Worrell says:

    Dear Mr Koenig,

    Some season attention needs to be addressed at your Orlando Millenia Mall location, The company needs some serious customer service training. Or could just be there hands are tied by corporate?? I should really hope not. That a company a huge as yourself and the story behind is’t founding and start?? Shame in you if not correcting the issues. After my 2nd purchase at this location I purchased a bed, not just a $ 500.00 bed a $ 3,000 bed that is still in pieces in my room not assembled, for over a month. I purchased on Feb 19th. Today March 25th still not together. But oh they will be here March 31st now. They have come 5 times not with wrong equipment to assemble and one just no show no call. No follow up after each visit to see if job was complete. Oh I have to take my time on that to. Being home inconvenienced/my time, 6 times now and still going. Paid extra $ 135.00 for this VIP installation. Finally ask to speak to customer service agent because showroom manger is unable to give any credits to compensation for my inconvenience, so lets transfer you again please hold. Another hour later yes we would like to offer you $ 66.00! That is a serious joke. If your company is that desperate for every little nickel and dime that yo are willing to ruin this companies reputation, Because if you don’t make this right that is exactly what it will do. People have strong voice now a days with social media. I would hate for a company with sure moral as yourself to simply not show compassion to it hard working customers who want to shop and get what they pay for. And fell they are valued. Customers are the oxygen to your Company. That is all please fell free to email me your plane to make this right Thank you for now your time.

  • Mercedes says:

    Worst customer service experience ever!!!! Very disappointed with this company. I had a problem with my initial purchase of a mattress that cost 3k’s and they were saying about the 300 gift card and that was a lied they were assisting the clients over the internet terrible service they do not care about shopping experience a recommendations . The managers and staff are rude and do not want to help. I will not be buying from this company again And obviously not recommending to anyone else.

  • Scott Taylor says:

    Still have not received a response!

    Mr. Koenig,

    This is my first ever letter to a company on their total lack of customer service. We ordered living furniture. The shipment came in two deliveries. The first delivery your techs were very good. We pointed out a few items that needed to be fixed. They took photos and sent them in while at our condo. We got a call within an hour to setup service.

    The second delivery, which was our couch,is a totally different story. The worst experience I have ever had dealing with a company. Your techs damaged our entry door frame, drywall up the steps and drywall corner bead coming into our living room. This also caused damage to the couch. We pointed the damage out to your techs. They took a photo of the couch, looked and the damage to the condo and then took off. I immediately went to your website to file the claim of all damage. I had to follow-up with multiple calls to get an update on having the damage fixed. This first 2 calls the agent could see the photos and said they would schedule repair of the couch but the condo damage had to go to another department. Multiple calls later I started get conflicting (lies) on what could be found on your website. I was also told I waited to long to call and report the damage. After sending the before delivery and after delivery photos your claims depart said they would not fix the damage because they are not sure your techs caused the damage. City furniture did refund the $200 I paid for the “premium delivery”. So I spent the money and took the time to fix the damage.

    Now your contracted repair person said a new back panel is need for the couch. He didn’t want to fix the marks on the other areas of the couch at this time. I received a call from your “customer service “ group tonight to tell me your vender will not supply the part. They gave me 3 options, store credit for $190, check for $190, exchange the couch.

    Store credit “no thank you”

    Exchange couch – your, service agent could not confirm the color would match the other furniture. He could not guarantee the couch and condo would not get damaged during delivery and if it was damage, if City Furniture would own up to the damage and have it fixed. He then repeated the reason ‘condo damage’ was declined the first time. I didn’t call for 7 days. I explained all the documentation sent within 1 hour of the delivery on your website. He confirmed he could see I entered the claim on the 24th, day of delivery. Which story is correct, either your see the document or you don’t. Seems like the answer given to the customer is to benefit City Furniture.

    I offered a different solution:

    Cash for $190 and have your repair person fix the other spots
    Cash for $500 and I’ll get someone to fix the couch.

    I was told these are not options and there is no manager for your customer service to push or ask if either is viable or for me to talk. The standard answers, System says we cannot offer that. Why hire anyone if they can not use their brain. You’ll save a lot of money, just have the customer enter the information and the system can respond with the option. Your screwed.

    I fully feel both my offers are legitimate proposals. Maybe you are in a position to make a decision.


    November 11/2019

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  • Yanet Sepulveda says:

    Very dissatisfied with this company. I had a problem with my 3 year warranty program and the managers and staff are rude and do not want to help. I will not be buying from this company again!

  • TRYON says:


    • Mildred Martinez-Villamar says:

      Same, I continue to post about the false advertising on instagram. They blocked me on facebook. We should get an attorney and file a class action lawsuit. BTW, I did file a complaint with the state attorney office

  • Peter Bunzl says:

    If you live out of state beware. Do not deal with this company. We purchased 2 pieces of accent furniture from them and paid the $199.00 to have them shipped to Connecticut. Last week after hearing nothing about my order I called the salesperson at The Village store in Sumtner Landing. She had no record of my purchase. I was originally told the merchandise was in stock at their warehouse. This was not true.
    The salesperson asked me to fax her a copy of my order and the paid receipt so she could process the order. How can there not be a record of my purchase? They took complete payment for my order. Now when I go online to check one of the items is still not in. This company has no idea what they are doing. My merchandise is dependent on a third party shipping company to pick it up. Is there anyone at City Furniture that knows enough to call the shipper when and if this merchandise ever arrives. No customer should have to have these concerns. They are poorly run. Who knows what Florida residents have to deal with when they order from this store. Good luck to them. If you live out of state look somewhere else!

  • Scott & Wendi says:

    Original Post:
    Consumers, I urge you to read the reviews before purchasing furniture from City Furniture. Six weeks ago, we purchased furniture from the Ocoee location, BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!
    *Customer service is the WORST….they will promise deliveries that never happen. I sat on hold for more than 5 hours total (3 phone calls) when I was finally told by the rep they could not help me and there was no manager to talk to me.
    *When they finally deliver, look for the UPC sticker on the bottom (that indicates you are receiving returned/damaged furniture that they “repaired”. YES, this actually happened to us! As if it would be ok that we paid $3000+ for NEW furniture but were given returned, damaged then “fixed” furniture.
    *We still do not have a complete order of the bedroom set or the dining set that we ordered SIX WEEKS AGO.
    *Customer service is RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, have NO customer service skills nor do they care about you or the hell they are putting you through. The managers are no different. They will tell you that you will receive a call back in 24 hours (LIE), they don’t call. I had a “Manager” tell me that there was nothing she could do and now it was my problem then hung up!
    I have literally BEGGED for them to cancel my order and pick up the incomplete and damaged furniture that they have delivered. I was told they would not, “too bad, so sad”. Next, I will dispute the charge and take the legal route! I will go to every news channel that will listen and social media site that I can post on… DO NOT BUY FROM CITY FURNITURE, YOU WILL REGRET IT… LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE.

    As expected, my order is still NOT complete and messed up AGAIN.

    The master bedroom was picked up, thank you. The exchange of the chair as PROMISED by Kate was of course not done.. they have taken the damaged/poorly repaired chair only to tell me that the new chair was left behind (what a surprise)!!! I then received a phone call from “Vanessa” in customer service to let me know that I could receive the new chair by Dec 15th.
    For the love of GOD, pick up your INCOMPLETE dining room and chairs so that I may move on from this in peace. This is the most STRESSFULL experience and it is making me sick. I placed my order on October 14th, enough is enough.
    I do not want anymore phone calls with empty promises and bold lies.


  • Susan Welsh says:

    City Furniture does not honor the guarantee I bought when purchasing my couch. The front of the couch sewn in cushion is sliding to the floor. I have sent pictures of this problem 6 times because they say they haven’t received them, even though I receive a confirmation. I have been trying since October 2018 to get this problem solved. My advice is do not buy from City Furniture. They treat you nice when you visit their showroom and ignore you if you end up with a problem. This couch has a lot of problems that they claim the insurance does not cover. I was told it covered everything. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOKED COMPANY. THEIR FURNITURE IS JUNK.

  • Marianella Halleran says:

    Extremely dissatisfied. I have now called 2 times for the cleaning kit that we ordered. The furniture was delivered in December. It is now almost March. Got a stain on the couch and took over 3 weeks to get someone out to my house. The initial company was a nice guy but works down south and doesn’t make it up to Loxahatchee but once a week and doesn’t know the schedule until the week of and if you happen to miss his call, he fills up and can’t come. The hold time on the phone is ridiculous. Today the cleaning company that came was unable to remove the stain from the couch and will have to order two cushions.

  • >