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  • Address: One Citizens Plaza, 1 Citizens Plaza, Providence, RI 02903, United States
  • Phone Number: 401-456-7000
  • Fax Number: 401-456-7819
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 22,000
  • Established: 1828
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Bruce W. Van Saun (Chairman, President & CEO)

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Citizens Bank Headquarters Executive Team



John F. Woods

Executive VP & CFO

John Bahnken

President of Citizens Bank Wealth Management

Malcolm D. Griggs

Chief Risk Officer

About Citizens Bank, History and Headquarters Information


Citizens Bank was founded in the year 1828. The organisation has been active for almost 191 years now. The former name of the organisation was High Street Bank in Providence. Then in the year 1871, Citizens Savings Bank was established, which later formed the Citizens Trust Company. Then in the year 1954, the company had taken over The Greenville Trust Company and therefore created the Citizens Financial Group. By the year 1985, the status of the company had changed from a mutual savings bank to the federal stock savings bank. The company also started to expand into other states as well, including Massachusetts, beginning in the year 1986.

In the year 1988, the Royal Bank of Scotland had acquired the company. Then in the year 1999, the State Street Corporation was taken over by Citizens Bank. By the year 2004, the company had also taken over the credit card division of People’s Bank, which was based in Connecticut, United States. Then in the year 2004, the company also had acquired Charter One Financial as well. During the 2008 financial crisis, the company had lost almost $929 million in losses and anticipated $2 billion in losses too. By the year 2015, the organisation became a limited public entity and The Royal Bank of Scotland also had divested all of its stake in the company as well. As of the year 2016, the organisation has joined the Fortune 500 companies for the first time. Finally, in the year 2018, the organisation had taken over Franklin American Mortgage in a $511 million deal. The headquarters of the company is based in One Citizens Plaza. The name of the place is Providence, while the name of the state is Rhode Island, United States. The pin code of the area is 02903.


Citizens Bank is an American organisation that focuses on providing various kinds of banking and financial services to its customers and clients and is also a retail bank holding company as well. The organisation has over 1,200 branches and even 3,200 ATMs across 11 different states in the USA. It is also the 23rd largest bank in the USA as well. As of the current date, the CEO and president of the organisation are Bruce Van Saun. The total revenue generated by the organisation, as of the year 2016, is more than $5.2 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working in the organisation is more than 17,500.


The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of financial services offered by the organisation. The services provided by the organisation include in both retail and commercial banking products. The organisation was the first to start using RFID or Radio-frequency identification tags in its ATM cards, with the help of Mastercard PayPass.

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  • Maximilian says:

    I need an address to mail a payment to

  • Sandra Johnson says:

    I do not know why this bank cannot get my refund with cash app. $497.00 cash app say it did not go through. I have to wait till January to see if it go through. Very bad customer service.

  • Nathaniel Jackson says:





    Email: toby.knoxx@gmail.com

  • John Bredenko says:

    Want my overdraft fees refunded or going to talk to a lawyer

  • Paul says:

    Terrible! Applied for a home loan and they checked my credit every two weeks. Hard inquiry. Caused my 820 score to go down under 800 and was refused a personal loan due to so many hard inquirys.

  • Jkw says:

    Citizens headquarters doesn’t seem to accept phone calls. Number listed goes to fast busy. I guess they’re NOT really interested in being helpful to customers. Local branches are unhelpful as well. I would never choose citizens bank .

  • Lucius Sturrup says:

    Poor service

  • Heywood Jablowme says:

    This bank is a piece of shit, they lie and allocate your funds in a manner which will make them the most off of overdraft fees. Their “peace of mind” is just word play for standard $35 overdraft fees because even though you get the fee back for that item once you go positive, if you accidently go negative again that same day YOU GET HIT WITH BOTH BEING OVERDRAFT FEES. They are liars and thieves and suck you in with a “one deposit” free checking account that ends up costing you hundreds in fees if you are stupid enough to pay them (if you dont and you just let the fees add up, they do close your account, write it off and just hit you in the chexsystem, nothing goes on your credit and they dont send you to collections) It’s better to go all online banking now with a bank with 0 fees, no minimum balance, FREE overdraft buffer (with direct deposit some online FDIC insured banks let you OD up to 200 until you get paid for FREE) and most offer at LEAST 1.5% interest now on checking accounts. The online banks make their money the old fashioned way, by holding yours and using it to make interest rather than sucking you dry with fees. This bank should be ashamed of themselves, at least I filed complaints with their two regulators and the BBB over what they’re doing to me and I refuse to pay them ONE CENT of what they say I owe until someone with authority fixes this.

  • Richard Moore says:

    Dear sir. My name is Richard Moore and I reside at 13 Concorde drive. Milford. Delaware 19963. My question is: I went to deposit a check for $900 around September 25th at the Milford branch of Citizens bank and the female teller demanded my ID. I complied but found that this request was rather strange since I live in the neighborhood and always does business at Citizens bank. Please enlighten me as to what caused such request.
    Respectfully. Richard Moore

  • Mathews T Mathews says:

    Is there an ombudsman for Citizens Bank? If so, can I get his name and contact information?

  • Lynn says:

    Hi, I stopped by a branch today and noticed you were closed Monday for “Columbus Day.” I thought that day had been changed to Indigenous People Day. Christopher Columbus was an asshole and a terrible human. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Cindy says:

    Unprofessional, Ill informed, do not care about problems customers are having. Not just one employee, every employee I spoke to, probably six… What a disappointment and disgrace. I wish I could change my mortgage company

  • FRAUDLINE says:

    why is your corporate office not picking up the phone?
    why is your fraud line located in a cumberland farms in Simsbury, CT???

    • Paul M Denno says:

      At 7:21am on Monday aug 8 got a Gmail from your bank about an account that I don’t have phone number listed is 18122253648 I will follow up with us justice dept as well

  • Alexander Schechter says:

    There is no longer a way to contact the Customer Service Department. After an hour of fighting the automated service I was finally connected to someone who claimed to be a CS Rep. Could not answer any questions, put me on hold and disconnected the call.
    Absolutely terrible…

    • Mark says:

      They are totally useless Alexander. I have been watching my checking account and I seems I have funds missing.They will show items pending,that have already been subtracted from my total account balance.

  • Jeff says:

    Citizens bank is one of the worst banks I’ve ever dealt with in my life they cancel your account don’t give you a reason and then they give you the runaround when you ask why And then they making possible for you to get an account and another bank

  • Concerned Applicant says:

    Customer service at Citizens is really, really poor. Very sad, especially for someone who has done GENERATIONS of banking with you. No answers to calls OR e-mails regarding a loan application. Very vexing.

  • BS says:

    I will never bank with you again nor would I ever recommend anyone to bank with this company either. I have been seeking assistance with my account since July 5th, even after going to the bank I was told the funds will be back into my account by today 7/11/2022, information provided from your representative Kyle in your Middletown,NY 10940 location. I have called in various times to get an update and everyone is stating that there is nothing they can do!! THIS IS UNFAIR AND UNPROFESSIONAL!! If I was white this matter would have been resolved quick!! I sent this money on July 1st and the person has not received the money and I have been constantly told this money will be returned back to me so I can pay the people I sent the money to and nothing has been done. On friday, 7/8 I was in the fucking branch for 2 hours with no resolution. Something needs to be done about this as the people in the Middletown Location, Kyle, stated there was nothing she could do and told me to call Zelle and after calling them they said no claim was ever placed, this is unfair to think you can play with people’s money.

  • Mabelle says:

    very poor customer service Roslindale Stop and Shop supermarket, Mgr says her name is joanna very patronizing and dismissive refused to honor a CITIZENS BANK instrument stating it is her discretion. I went to a different bank and the same check was cashed. So hmmm patron not being rude or disruptive WHY and can this behavior be addressed to ensure the rights and treatment of your customers and their payees.

  • TROUB1237 says:

    Does anyone have executive email addresses, including the CEO? Thank You.



  • Frank C says:

    ok on phone…. transferred money to close account. have to have zero balance.. made a mistake, cx;d transaction and redid the transfer..now im over drawn…pay the fee sir to cancel the account…WTF..it will take up to 5 days for money to be back in account… but you will be charged a service fee. OMG IM LOSING MY MIND

  • Frank C says:

    Bank is a mistake to join…..In January i moved to Virginia… no banks in area. called to close account… then i find out im overdrawn… pay us the money we will close account…this was in FEB 2022…..its now May and i got a overdrawn notice… and they have been charging me 9.99/month on a account that should be closed.>>??? is this extorsion? sure seems like it.
    i want everything in writing..cant have to call!!!!!!! love to get a lawyer right now, at least im filing with RI Attorney General this is ridiculous…..Stay away!

  • Ivette Gonzalez says:

    Horrible just horrible I had a death in my family and my bills were on automatic deduction which overdrawn my account significantly like 700 bucks I cried and sobbed and nothing being a customer of close to 20 years!! After a rep told me they would they don’t even want to pull that call spoke to 3 reps more like robots heartless cold non caring I’m definitely closing this account I mean ASAP just monsters heartless monsters

  • lucius sturrup says:

    Do you have a Lenard Westwood at your bank

  • Diane says:

    Poor customer service over the phone. Unable to resolve basic issues. Branch services no longer available due to saftey precautions (COVID) removed for customers and staff. Per employee….Citizens doesn’t care about the employees and their safety. Why should they care.

  • Stormy says:

    Said account overdrawn, just found out but they knew for weeks…don’t know how to fix it and no one is anywhere in banking land…account just looses money because they won’t correct or afdresse fixing it…I do not like being so oit of control but I guess I will fight this shame and complete disregard for your customers during bad financial etc times

  • Emily Howard says:

    Citizens Bank bought my HSBC checking and credit card accounts. Now I am having the most miserable customer service experience of my life trying to access both accounts. I have never received my new cards for either and have had to ask for them to be sent multiple times now. I am overseas at the moment and have spent 100s of dollars trying to contact Citizens by phone. Finally managed to get into my online account today with the help of a rep, via chat. However, I was dismayed to find that my credit card is not linked to to my online account. Customer rep told me to contact a “credit specialist” and gave me an 800 number. No chat available. I cannot spend any more money being put on hold while trying to access an account at Citizens I NEVER asked to have in the first place. Now Citizens is contacting me by email saying that I am overdue a payment on my credit card. I would happily pay it if I actually had a card or an account number online. This is getting ridiculous. I will not be staying with this bank once this is all resolved. Please email me and tell me how I may get in touch with a “credit card specialist” in some way other than an expensive phone call. (BTW, I did talk to a to credit call sales rep on chat who told me she couldn’t help me. To my surprise, she told me I could contact the 1 800 number via WhatsApp. I tried. The number is not on WhatsApp) Why can’t you provide a chat line for existing credit card inquiries?

    • William Holloway says:

      Hi Emily my name is Bill and I have almost the same problem as you. I had HSBC checking and debt card and I live in the Philippines as an American citizen an HSBC sold my account to Citizen back in Feb and until now I am still having trouble. After two and a half months now its April I just received my new Debt card thru FEDEX which sounds great but now a week later I never received the PIN so here I am waiting still and I called the Citizens Bank customer Service now twice a week for over two months and each time get a different answer. I tried calling their Home Office in Providence Rhode Island but that number also just gives you customer SVC I need to talk with someone in upper management. I do not have access to my own money in my account and I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran living in the Philippines and I am 71 and suffering and cant get any help

  • Robert J Sahl says:

    Very poor customer service. I have received inconsistent answers after waiting more than an hour to talk to a Representative. How about installing a customer call back system instead of having your customers wait for an hour or more to talk to a person, as opposed to the automated system which seems to apply to only the most direct issues and is frequently a waste of time and difficult to get through. By the way, I have been on hold now for an hour and 27 minutes with no idea of how much longer I will have to just sit here and listen to the canned music and recording that keeps playing the same messages over and over!

  • Randolph Brooks says:

    Citizens Bank should not be in the banking business. Banking is about providing a service and assuring rapid answers to questions(viz. good communications). It is almost impossible to email Citizens(they must not want a written record of their blunders) and they offer no chat service(which would leave a written record). Their call center is the worst and slowest I have ever delt with. Why the hell did Citizens purchase the US portfolio of HSBC, including international accounts, if it is unable to service them. If I were a Citizens shareholder, I would sue them. Citizens shouldn´t even consider itself a regional bank, it acts more like a local corn belt bank with limited knowledge about everything. Randolph W. Brooks, former HSBC international account holder sold out by HSBC and lied to by both HSBC and Citizens

    • Eileen Allan says:

      I have the exact same feelings. Sold out by HSBC, now I have no access to my account 9 months on. In desperation contacted HSBC and their response was, we have no obligation to you now. Citizens Bank tells me that unless I have a US cell phone number I can’t access my account. Two hour wait times to speak to a representative at Citizens are the norm and often cut off. This is the worst banking experience of my life.

  • Susan Lederman says:

    Citizens just took over my acct. from HDBC. I have been on hold in the past 3 days for over 4 hours and have yet to get a response. Please help. Susan Lederman. Sled0624@aol.cim

  • Sheila Drinkwater says:

    I called the Citizen’s Bank Headquarters to speak to someone in regards to poor customer service from a branch. I tried calling customer service first, but it was all automated. To my amazement, you can’t speak to anyone in corporate either! You received a message that you can not speak to anyone and will have to try again or visit the website.

    Citizen’s Bank, I think it might be time for you to close the doors. Your customer service is very poor. I went to my local branch (N. Conway NH) to close my checking and savings account. I took all my money and off I went. Weeks later, I call to see if they had one of my direct deposits that went through before my employer processed the change. Come to find out, your account doesn’t officially close, automatic payments still go through and direct deposits continue. All of this was happening without my knowledge. I was not told at the time that I closed my account, they leave your account in limbo (so to speak) for like 6 months!! I have never heard of this before and never ever have I had a bank keep your account opened. I never received a letter stating this was going on! I am so appalled and deeply regret doing any business with this bank.

    • Jeff says:

      They close my account so never gave me a reason why they sent me a letter stolen give me a reason why they told me to contact the Ed office or whatever but you can’t get through

  • Meghan says:

    This is by far the worst bank I’ve ever had an account with as far as online banking and customer service goes. I’m not speaking on behalf of the local banks and their employees. People use a mobile app to check their balances to avoid overspending a fees. The point of the app is convenience, so that you don’t have to track your own transactions. I can not tell you how many times my balance has been in accurate. How many times I’ve had a positive balance and then had transactions magically hit my bank account right before midnight and received overdraft fees the next day. So I’ve learned that I can’t trust the online tools. Yesterday I had to direct payments one after the other ( 1 day apart ). I was not expecting the second payment. Although my account was showing the available amount of the two payments, I called customer service to confirm before paying my bills. I was told by the representative that he sees the two payments and since they were made through the DOR they are valid. I paid my bills, the next day my account is negative and there’s no record of the second deposit that was showing the day before. I call customer service and explain what happened. They tell me that they have no record of the extra payment and that I will get overdraft fees until I bring my account positive. I told him there had to be a recorded record of my conversation with the customer service rep the day before. I was told that no one has access to that. This bank is awful and crooked.

  • Donna DAlessandro says:

    Horrible customer technical support wait time on the phone of an hour. I will be taking my business to another bank.

  • Evelyn Birdsong says:

    I have been calling citizen bank all morning. Vabout a transaction on my account. I had a rude representative that hung up on me after I asked for a supervisor. Also said that the s. Visor could not help.me

  • Tanya Ward says:

    Citizen One has updated online access for all users to one site. However this online I’m not able to use the site and I went to help and my information was not recognized. I’ve been paying my mortgage through online for a few years. I’be also called customer service and recording indicated it will take an hour to reach a representative and while on hold I was disconnected. I’m very frustrated I had to pay my mortgage over the phone with automated machine.
    This is very unprofessional and need to be fixed immediately.

  • Sarah Ruppert says:

    Citizens Bank, It seems the update you made to your website has blocked all your members from accessing their loan and bank information. Would you kindly resolve this and provide your members some sort of explanation. I have been trying to get through to a customer service representative for 12 days now. The website does not recognize my information and instructs me to contact customer service. The chat option on your website is not activated, there is no email option, your hold times are downright insulting. We have jobs. We cannot be expected to wait over an hour every time we call. And the hold call-back function does not work. What the hell is going on? I am at a loss as to how this lack of service and oversite can continue. I even tried the corporate office phone number posted above ( 401-456-7000) but it just disconnects mid-ring. This is all downright baffling. How can you run a business like this? Is this company a sham?

    • Donna DAlessandro says:

      Going through the same thing. I’m blocked because of mobile banking notice that I’m not interested in. Unacceptable customer service. Sure, I’ll be banking elsewhere.

    • Nori says:

      You are not alone this. I intend to go into my branch and open another account elsewhere. Good luck. I hope your situation gets resolved.

  • LAUREN SAGE says:

    very poor customer service!!! I have a new mortgage and cannot get enrolled online as they cannot find my account info nor my ssn. The password I created says they do not have it!!! The wait time on-line is absurb 20 to 60 minutes. Do not have a branch office in my area. Citizens have already mailed me my account info so why does not on line have this info. I have never had such difficulty registering on line. No help is available poor management for a bank.

    • Nicholas Violante says:

      Did you ever fix the issue. We are going thru the same thing and waited 3.5 hours today and got disconnected. They are compete idiots and all we keep getting is there is a clitch and others are having the same issue.

  • Courtney says:

    Wait times longer than usual. I had my checking and savings hacked…advances made on my account…$6500 later I filed a claim and no one has answers. Or even a follow up. Had to open new accounts but that doesn’t help me when my money is missing. Some thanks for being a loyal customer right? Funny that someone could get into my online banking and change my email, phone number, add 2 ‘payee’ accounts and make 3 LARGE transactions in 48 hours without me being notified but I have to wait 2 weeks without MY money? (My other funds are frozen). So how do I live? No one can answer me. Run. Go to a bank that protects your stuff. Bc this is not it.

  • Bob says:

    This bank consistantly provides the most mislerable I have ever received anywhere!

  • Stanley Braverman says:

    Description of Complaint:
    This is a formal business and personal against Citizens Bank. I have a personal checking and a business (Braverman Associates, LLC) checking account. My personal account is quite active, my business account has very low volume. My complaint is that Citizens Bank has merged the appearance of the business and personal checking accounts. Online banking checks written on my personal account, come out of my personal account, but appear to be written on my business account. This means my charitable donations, wedding gifts, electric bills, etc appear to be from my business account, not my personal account. The potential tax consequences are obvious. ALL online checks written for personal use have had a business caption. Their solution was to have the business checks appear to be personal. I cannot be the only person with both business and personal checking at Citizens. I only stumble across this problem recently, but it has been going on for a long time. I have been a customer of Citizens or its predecessors for over 40 years. The customer care and problem solving by the corporation is profoundly disappointing. Their solution makes it appear that I have comingles my personal and business finances. The redacted check uploaded is for a personal gift to a relative. It appears to be written from my business account, but was written from my personal account. The relative thought I was paying from my business, as a business expense.
    Desired Settlement:
    Contact by the business; Allow accurate captions for my online banking, that is keeping personal and business checking accounts separate in reality and appearance.

  • Carole Rush says:

    I have been a citizens bank customer for 35 years and until now have bragged about the customer service and quick solutions to any issues. However, these past 2 weeks have been a pure nightmare . A true banking crisis for me and my entire family. Our accounts were all hacked and put in the negative balance. When I discovered this I immediately called customer service and waited for 45 minutes because it does not matter what time of the day or night you call, you get the same message “ wait time is longer than normal”. When isn’t it longer than normal? Once someone finally answered they took my claims and assured me that my accounts were “ for deposit “ only mode. However, the hackers continued , leaving all 3 accounts in the negative. It says on the automated service “ the most secure online banking”. How secure is online and citizens bank when they allowed someone to drain not only my 3 accounts but then start taking money from YOU!
    Once this is finally resolved I am leaving Citizens and if you are reading this comment I advise you to leave too !

  • Doris Davies says:

    I am the Financial Secretary for our church. Our account is with Citizens in Nanticoke, PA. This is the worst bank that I have ever dealt with. Today I waited 10 minutes and I was the first in line at 9:30 AM. there were four people behind me. The one teller said that they were having staffing issues. The teller who told us this was counting money and putting it in wrappers. Is this more important then taking care of your customers???? There was another teller that was back and forth between a side room. What was she doing that was more important then taking care of customers??? We wanted to update our signature cards and they gave me a hard time. Ended up with out Pastor going to the Mountain Top branch to get this completed. If it was my account I would have closed it out. The council members of my church have been discussing going to a different bank.

  • Marie M Ferraro says:

    I have posted this email to the citizens Bank website

  • Marie M Ferraro says:

    I have been a customer of what was Rochester Community Savings Bank currently known as Citizen’s Bank since 1991.
    Talking to an automated system explaining the reason why I am calling, can take 5 – 10 minutes only to be put on hold for 15 – 45 minutes before speaking with a person.
    “Many” times my call has been transferred from one department to next. For example, my call was transferred 5 times, yes, 5 times only to be transfered back to Customer Service from Tech Support because the technician said he was not trained in the area I needed assistance in saying C.S. would be able to transfer my call to a department who would be able to help me.
    Emailing and Chatting back and forth are ABSOLUTELY INSULTING! Response time isn’t bad, but the process of resolving an issue is arduous to say the least.
    I look forward to a reply.

    I am not in the practice of discussing my psychological disorders, but it appears to be necessary here.

    I have attempted to find a department in Citizens Bank that assists individuals with disabilities. I live with PTSD and Bipolar Depression everyday. I was thoroughly appalled that a company whose CEO took home $9,300,000 last year does not concern itself with how to assist people like myself.

    A telephone call (H) 716-834-4326 providing solutions, “besides” leaving a message on CBs website or to call customer service do not meet my expectations.


  • Alan Ellman says:

    I may have discovered a security leak. Please call me at 617-237-9090. Thanks!

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