Where Is Citibank Corporate Office Headquarters

Citibank Headquarters Address and Contact

citigroup logo
  • Address: 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Email: citisalutes@citi.com

  • Number of Employees: 204,000

  • Established: 16 June 1812

  • Founder: Samuel Osgood

  • Key People: Peter Babej, Kristine Braden

Citibank Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Citibank Corporate Office

Citibank’s parent organization is the Citi group. Citibank is the main division of financial services multinational Citigroup, which deals with consumers. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York. It later became First National City Bank of New York. It provides the largest financial services firms and has over 200 million customer accounts.

One can contact Citibank’s corporate office for many reasons. It might include customer issues, bank issues, trying to open or close an account, enquiry regarding any service, and so much more. One can contact them by email, online text them, or fax them. They can even call them if the problem is quite severe. The organization provides all their contact numbers.

Illustrated below is some information about how to contact Citibank’s corporate office.

  • Address: The address for the Citibank Corporate Office is 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States. One can visit the office for any bank-related issues or even if they want to look at the bank. One can even like to send packages if they wish to.
  • Fax: The fax number of Citibank Corporate Office is 1-866-533-0503. One can fax the company according to their needs.
  • Phone Number: The official phone number for the Citibank Corporate office is 212-793-0710. One must not confuse this with the customer care numbers. The Corporate office generally does not entertain mere petty customer care issues, and they might transfer the call to their customer care department.
  • Email: The official mail ID for Citibank is citisalutes@citi.com. Generally, for bank-related issues or urgent issues, it is not very advisable to mail. Because it is not sure when the bank would respond, and it might take days for them to get to that particular problem. Hence, one should only mail them if it is not a very serious matter required to look at the concise notice.
  • Website: The leading website for Citibank is citigroup.com, online.citi.com. One can know everything about the company there. From their history to their services, one can do thorough research about the bank before investing in it.
  • Social Media: Citibank has created its official pages on three social media handles. One is Facebook with the name Citi, the other is LinkedIn with the name Citi, and another is Twitter, also with the name Citibank. One can get all their updates from their social media handles and know about the bank from their various services.
  • Number of Employees: The number of employees working in their organization currently is 204,000. If one is interested in Citibank’s work, one can check out their official page for their jobs available and career option.

Citibank Headquarters Info & Photos

Citibank is being headquartered in New York, NY, and has 98 office locations across 88 countries. It flourished in so many places and continues to open its franchises in many more. The bank started in New York and then expanded its business to other countries to gain business and popularity. It has a high turnover at the end of every year. One necessarily does not have to visit the main headquarters of Citibank for their bank-related issues. They can see their nearest branch for such problems.

The Corporate building of Citibank is present in the central city of the US. It is a massive building with people working continuously and efficiently for the growth of the enterprise.

Citibank Headquarters Photo

Citibank Headquarters List

S. No.





Citigroup Centre 2 Park Street Sydney NSW 2000



First International Financial Centre (FIFC) 9th Floor, C-54 & 55, G-Block Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East Mumbai 400 051 India



Bartolome Mitre 502/530 Buenos Aires C1036AAJ Argentina



Birger Jarlsgatan 6 114 34 Stockholm Mailing address: Box 1422 111 84 Stockholm



5,7 Geziret El Arab St. Mohandeseen Star Capital Building

Citibank Headquarters Executive Team

Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser,

Chief Executive Officer, Citi

Jane Fraser is the main Chief Executive Officer of Citibank. It is serving millions of consumers, businesses, and institutions across around 160 countries. She is the first female CEO in the firm’s history.

Jane has detailed experience across Citi’s consumer and institutional businesses. She helped make Citi into the company it is today. 

Mark Manson

Chief Financial Officer

Mark A. L. Mason holds the Chief Financial Officer position at Citigroup, Inc. and Chief Financial Officer for Citigroup Private Bank. Mason is currently also on the board of Howard University. Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Margo Pilic

Margo Pilic

Chief of Staff | Office of the CEO


Name Title
Peter Babej Chief Executive Officer | Asia Pacific
Titi Cole Chief Executive Officer | Legacy Franchises
Nadir Darrah Chief Auditor
Sunil Garg Chief Executive Officer Citibank N.A. & North America
David Livingstone Chief Executive Officer Europe Middle East & Africa
Brent McIntosh General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Anand Selvakesari Chief Operating Officer
Edward Skyler Executive Vice President | Enterprise Services and Public Affairs
Ernesto Torres Cantu Chief Executive Officer | Latin America
Zdenek Turek Chief Risk Officer
Sara Wechter Head of Human Resources Citi
Mike Whitaker Head of Enterprise Infrastructure Operations & Technology
Paco Ybarra Chief Executive Officer | Institutional Clients Group
Tom Anderson Chief Compliance Officer
Tyler Dickson Global Co-Head of Banking Capital Markets and Advisory
Manuel Falco Global Co-Head of Banking Capital Markets and Advisory
Shahmir Khaliq Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions
Gonzalo Luchetti Head of U.S. Personal Banking
Andrew Morton Global Head of Markets
Jim O’Donnell Chief Executive Officer Citi Global Wealth
Manuel Romo Chief Executive Officer Citibanamex
Jessica Roos Global Head of Business Services
Michael Verdeschi Treasurer

About Citibank


The Citibank of New York was founded and established in 1812. The first president of the City Bank was the popular statesman, Colonel Samuel Osgood. After Osgood died in 1813, William There is a few people who became President of the bank until 1817, followed by Peter Stagg (1817–1825), Thomas Smith (1825–1827). Moses Taylor then announced ownership and management of the bank in 1837. During Taylor’s ascendancy, the bank functioned mainly as a treasury and finance center for Taylor’s own extensive business empire. Later presidents of the bank included Gorham Worth (1843–1856), Moses Taylor himself (1856–1882), Taylor’s son-in-law Patrick Pyne, and James Stillman (1891–1909).

In 1831, Citibank was one of America’s first bank heists when two thieves made off with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of banknotes and 398 gold doubloons.


Citi works to provide consumers, corporations, governments, and institutions. It has a broad range of financial services and products. We strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial ingenuity that leads to simple, creative, and responsible solutions.


  • Citibank of New York opened for business in New York City on June 16, 1812, with $2 million in the capital. Today, Citigroup is New York City’s second-largest private employer.
  • Citigroup had 200 million customers in more than 100 countries across six continents.
  • It is the world’s largest provider of credit cards.

Citibank will continue to flourish in most places all over the world.

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  • José María Luluaga says:

    Citibank CEO Mrs.Jane Fraser, My Mother Dr. Ileana Yosifides and I were victims of scams by CIFS and Citibank officials, and for defending ourselves we have received a mafia treatment by CIFS Citibank officials that included intimidations and various threads, discrimination and ridicule related how they scamed us and my state of health that they caused it. More than 20 years without any assistance,

  • Georges sweidi says:

    Hi i am a beneficiary from united nation pension fund this month i didn’t get my money they i asked for the reason they told that the problem from your bank it’s stuck in citibank please i need the money i have to pay my insurance thanks an advance

  • Ms. Moore says:

    CITI Bank DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY! My account was CLOSED due to inactive and zero balance due (I’m a GOOD customer). I attempt to have my account re-opened; however, the customer service representative asked for my SSN. Would you give your SSN to a strange? Did you know your SSN is your ENTIRE LIFE! It provide your race, demographic, etc… Do you think that is factor for you to have an account with them? I have no problem providing my name, address, even phone number; but line was crossed for my SSN. I asked the representative for their SSN. You think I got it? CITI there is zero love lost from me during business with you!

  • Barbara E. Humphrey says:

    I have been with CITIBANK since 1988 and for no reason they have declining my card since August 2022.
    There was never any late payments and you will never get anyone on the phone .
    This has put me in bad situation with the automatic payments I had set up this card.
    I am in the process of closing out this account.
    I will NEVER recommend to CITIBANK for anything
    Your service is the worse I have ever HAD.

  • benjamin carrus says:

    Please help me……I have been dealing with a wrongful charge on my Citi Double Cash Card for over 6 months…I have not charged on the card in years……every month I receive an erroneous charge, I have called, written but no one helps me….The keep charging me Service charges for non payment….They have closed the account (or so they say) but the are sending me late payment letters. please help me

  • Kingsley Boakye says:

    Citibank has failed me l have been a client over 30 years a gold card member, recently someone used my identity to withdraw money from my accounts at the ATM and also at the Teller and again with the help of a representative was able to wire transfer all my savings l was lucky to detect it within 14 to 16 hours l am still fighting to get my money back.

  • Julie Rayoan says:

    My experience with CITI Bank has been a nightmare. They are not worthy to be considered as a fiduciary institution. My only credit card has been compromised & they failed to protect me. It is a long story, I am done with the failures with so many excuses.

  • Avery says:

    This banks customer service is awful. I called “customer service” and the last thing I got was “customer service” They were awful and I have been a faithful cardholder for years. I am done with Citi. DONE.


    On my statement: CREDIT LIMIT= $1,100.00 AVAILABLE CREDIT= $100.00


  • Diane Valine says:

    I have been a customer for approximately 20 years. Up until very recently the customer service was exemplary. More recently, when I’ve had to call with problems, I get an international call service. Besides being somewhat difficult to understand, they continually repeat thank you yes ma’am thank you yes ma’am, never really addressing what you want – they just repeat it back to you saying only that your problem can’t be helped. Hold times are lengthy and responses are inadequate. My card is been compromised twice recently. I was assured that all of my auto pays would be contacted. None were contacted. I have spoken on three occasions to supervisors who ere of no help and in one instance rude. I don’t want to switch companies but I do want to at least be treated with some respect


    mary389721@gmail.com (ACTIVE )
    Mquartey2@aol.com ( NON ACTIVE)
    Mquartey3@gmail.com (NON ACTIVE)
    240-805-7291 ( ACTIVE)

    NEW YORK , NY 10013

    MAY 7, 2022








    mary aku quartey notary letter.pdf

    Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer.pdf


  • John A. Benavides says:

    No it identifies my name and phone number and address

  • John A. Benavides says:

    Today my wife and I tried to activate our new citi cards and after numerous attempts we were able to activate our cards. Your mechanical operator is in dire need for an upgrade to a live person. Later I called your customer service and again your telephone number had a very large cracking sound and was unable to understand the operator. My question is that our current cards do not expire until June the 12 and which are are we to use when we purchase items? Secondly, I plan on complaining to Costco on the poor service your company provides and will recommend that they upgrade with a reliable company that provides their credit card customers.
    Sincerely upset customer
    John A. Benavides
    906 Timber Trail
    Cedar Park, TX 78613

  • Debbie says:

    I am getting rid of this credit card due to such incompetence with the outsourced Citibank customer service! My phone number was compromised and I received a text message asking for my user ID & password to login to my credit card! The phony website is myciti.today. Citibank did not seem to care and does not have professional people working there anymore!

  • Christine Parbs says:

    I have been trying to reach someone for 3 days now about an on going dispute. I have been hung up on put on hold for hours. This is not acceptable. Is there anyone that can help me . I will have to take this to the media and file a police report.

  • Cheryl bateman says:

    Closed my account on February 27. All I have got is a run around on get my money out of my bank account. Does anyone know what they are doing? I get told can’t give me any explanation due to security reasons and hang up on me. Also told 60 to 90 days beyo get s paper check. 60 to 90 days is long up. Where is my money!

    • Ashli tate says:

      I’m also having the same issue who do I need to talk to

    • Divine intervention says:

      Cheryl, send them a 1099A you are the creditor they are the borrowers. I know most people dont know this but backs use your money that has been in a private account with the Treasury from the day you were born. Why do you think the banks need your SS#? And why do you think you are the only one that ever signs the documents. Banks dont lend money because they cant. They use your money and put that into trade. I was a mandate for trade platforms for 15 years. The next time some bank threatens to take someones home for non payment, ask them to show you the invoice that is signed under oath and notarized showing they have made the payments on the home. News flash…That home was already paid for. Go on you tube and enter Patrick Devine, or put “Pay bills with 1099A and you will find out things that have been hiden from you that will blow your mind.

    • Henry says:

      I am having the same issue and have no idea what to do. They keep saying they can’t help me and hang up the phone.

  • Esmeralda Varela says:

    The out sourcing of customer service, is so frustrating. Half the reps can’t understand issues due to the heavy accents and also due to possible language barrier. Customer service is crap. Just like major banks they read a script, very non personal and they are ready to just hang up with reassurance of solutions.

  • Carmen Rodriguez says:

    Everybody…Close your account immediately!!!!!!!!! Citibank is in business with scammers going into your account to steal PAYCHECKS!!!!!!!! Citibank CANNOT protect your account and will blame you for stealing your own money?!?!? I was with citibank for over 25 years. They help scammers get away with crimes and treat you like the criminal! Oh and headquaters….CRICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! do your selves a favor and open an account with a small bank. Citibank will not call the police or pursue scammers…

  • Colonel, U.S. Army Retired but still fighting says:

    I just read the comment that you are still doing business in Russia….disgusting…..you have no soul….I am on the phone now cancelling the Sear Citi Card. By the way, I won my dispute below….simply because I documented everything……what a terrible business model.

    • Divine intervention says:

      you need to beat all these financial institutions and Corporation to their gave. You need to see the truth. You have all the power, they just have kept it from you. So go to You Tube and Search Patrick Devine to start, and also search EON. That will give you the starting knowledge of how much we have been lied and start claiming whats yours. Also search James C Lovett, and get ready to be pissed off. Not at him but at all those who have been part of the big lie. The money that these banks give you comes from you. Thats all Im going to say!! Now go get the truth!

    • Byron Vandreas says:

      They declined a refund to me on merchandise that was validated as rightfully returned to the merchant. Thus there is no longer a dispute. As a result, my monthly remittances have increased significantly. Despite the merchant’s irrefutable notice verifying receipt of merchandise, Citibank wants the actual ‘shipping receipt.’ Unbelievable. I think my next step is the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Exchange Commission.

  • Maggie Kay says:

    You guys are absolutely appalling. Seeing the video of your disgusting workers trying to confiscate her check and lock her inside while calling the police and trying to force her to delete her recording is a monstrous action. I will never bank with you and will share the videos to make others aware of how horrible you can treat someone.

  • Colonel, U.S. Army Retired but still fighting! says:

    I have had a Sears Citi Credit Card for over 12 years. I purchased my dishwasher form Sears and when it malfunctioned I signed up for Sears Warranty at an initial cost of $599.88 What a mistake!!! The contract ends with Sears Warranty on 3-19-22. I was automatically billed $599.88 on my Sears Citi Card om 28 Feb 22. I contacted Sears Citi Credit card to remove the charge. They rejected the dispute initially as they stated they needed more information from Sears Warranty. What a clown show that is.

    Facts of Sears Warranty:

    1. They seldom pick up the call, they use the COVID-19 excuse for over 1 hour and 19 minutes of holding. 2. You can leave call back number and maybe they will call back – this has failed multiple times with limited success
    3. Customer service is not in the U.S. and agents attempt to sell you their service.
    4. Persistence will pay off and you can climb up to a supervisor
    5. Supervisors are of little assistance as they don’t tell the truth..I did not receive my call back and I did not receive my email that stated it would confirm credit and cancellation.
    6. I finally affirmed the Warranty for 2022 was cancelled but I was still billed and told I will receive a reimbursement only after the cancellation date of 3-19-2022.

    I have sent al of this information to Sears Citi Dispute. I have talked to informative folks at Citi and they seem concerned but the system is slow. I have sent multiple records validating this complaint and I am informed it could take as long s 60 days to resolve.

    Last night I establish a “chat” on line with Sears Warranty…..they thought I wanted their service and for the first time I was able to document the “Chat” (cut and paste) acknowledging that my service was cancelled. Interestingly enough, the cancellation is actually dated 3-19-22 and last night the date was 3-18-22.

    I also chatted about my reimbursement of $599.88 and I was advised to contact Sears Warranty Customer Service in the morning. I informed the chat consultant that I had already done this earlier and I needed further confirmation. Interestingly enough he ended the chat and I have the complete record which has now been forwarded to Sear Citi Card.

    So I will now wait on the finding from Sears Citi. I seldom use this Sears card from Citi but if this the service one gets it will be cancelled shortly. The only reason it remains open is due the delay on their response.

    By the way I have a USAA Credit Card due to my military service (Combat Veteran) and an AMEX card. Now those are two companies that are absolutely professional. I thought Citi was was a professional organization but clearly they are not. Cancel your card…..may I recommend Blue Cash AMEX…just based on personal experience or USAA if you qualify. There may be other great companies that I not mentioned but I want to to make you aware of this consumer the grief..

  • Andrew says:

    We want to say “thank you” to Citi group and personally to the president Jane Fraser for the fact that, despite all the US and European sanctions, Citi remain in Russia and thereby help to wage war in Ukraine and kill children, women and the elderly, that is, to do what Russia cynically calls ”a liberation operation”. Please, be sure that we will convey to all world the role of your bank in what Russia is currently doing in Ukraine.

  • Barbara Wazny says:

    Why has Citibank not ceased operations in Russia? Apparently they don’t mind profiting from an aggressor killing innocent civilians including women and children. I have been a Citibank customer for decades but reading these posts it seems Citibank doesn’t care about their customers. No wonder Citibank has no conscience and can put their business interests over the slaughter of innocents.

  • Deanna P Clark says:

    they are sorry butch of people. and dont care about you

  • Susan landini says:

    I am so angry with Citibank. I am trying to open a 501 c account for over $50,000 for the American legion post 349. I have been hung up in twice. Been left waiting for over 30 mins. I have tried to call the branch and can’t get through. I have never been so frustrated in my life with any bank. I guess I can take our business to another bank. What a shame

  • linda L wegener says:

    Your bank doesn’t follow thru on serious problems.your customer service is the worse I’ve ever encountered

  • Judy maddox says:

    Citi bank automated payment system lacks informative info. The automated system asks customers to pay charges that r not listed on the current statement balance. Nor do they give an option to pay the current balance PER THE STATEMENT.

  • Debra Babai says:

    Terrible customer service, deposited $50k to get some bonus interest and had nothing but bad service, no one at the Ventura California office even picks up the phone and if they do they never call you back. I will never deal with that branch again. Called the Woodland Hills CA branch and they answered the phone, talked with the manager and within a day or two was called back Problem Solved. So happy and will deal with Woodland Hills Branch in CA anytime. Fantastic!!

  • A Boyer says:

    Here is a suggestion to all the upset customers, including me – file a complaint with your state department of corporations, the NY department of corporations, and consumer protection divisions in your home state, NY and the federal department. Maybe if we create enough of a stink, Citi just might take notice. A. Boyer in FL.

  • mike says:

    I have been in dispute with Citicard since October for a charge that hit my account that Citi knows the person’s name, address, email and phone number who ordered the Microsoft product..I have spent over 60 hours on the phone with Citi employees in billing disputes who are totally useless in helping me..I have faxed and emailed Citicard billing dispute and still no reversal of the charge..GET READY, CITI IS HORRIBLE TO DEAL WITH…

  • B.V. says:

    Stop sending me a message titled “Unusual Activity” as I do not even have a Citibank Account. Never had it before. A scammer keeps sending me messages from the Citibank almost on a daily basis. I am requesting that you identify the scammer and delete my name from your scammer’s list. I am intended to complain to the BBB and contact the government fraud department. Also, I am intended to consult a lawyer.

  • B.V. says:

    I constantly receive scam messages from Citibank. Below is a copy of the fraudulent message. I receive them almost on a daily basis. Here is the message:
    © 2022 Citibank N.A, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

    Citi͎bank mail-priorityzswiix8oho@qequatan-api.com – unusual activity

    Your Debit Card has been limited!

    Your debit card on Citi Online Banking has been locked for security reasons. Please confirm and verify your identity to unlock your Online Banking

    Login and Verify

    You received this email to let you know about important changes to your Citibank Account and services.

    I don’t have a Citibank Account and am frustrated with the scamming activity of your bank. If those messaged continue to appear on my computer, I will sue the Citibank.

    © 2022 Citibank N.A, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
    388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States.


  • Ann Marie Alesi says:

    I am sick and tired of being on hold and no one helps me, On my credit report you closed a acct for fraud, it needs to be removed from my credit report since it is NOT MY ACC’T and NO ONE WANTS TO HELP ME,

  • J. K. says:

    Well, Citibank gets the “Grinch Award” this year. What company closes your credit card account, without notice, during a pandemic and the holidays??? I’ve been a customer for over 20 years and I don’t even receive a courtesy letter because I haven’t used the card in a few months? Citibank’s motto, I’ve noticed,
    is “The company (not the customer) is always right. Thankfully, there are better cards available who
    value, respect, and appreciate their customers.

  • Dana brinkley says:

    They’ve closed the majority of their branches in the greater Sacramento area making it hard to address issues. I’ve been with them for over 30 years and plan on closing my account as soon as I can find a branch to go to. Their phone support was useless leaving me even more frustrated.

  • Renee Crews says:

    Citi bank sent me an order of checks to pay a large bill- when I paid the bill with the check that citi bank sent me the decline to pay it stating that my account does not offer checks- but citi bank sent me the checks and charged my account to order the checks- now my bill that i paid with the citi bank check has gone into collections with a 200 dollar fee and has placed a hold on my credit check writing abilities- citi bank sent me the check charged my account for the checks- but then rejected the check- I HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH TO COVER THE CHECK BUT CITI BANK WOULD NOT HONOR THEIR OWN CHECK

  • Tom Chobanian says:

    When there is a problem or issue or concern, the near lame Citibank 800 operators just put you on hold for 30 minutes or until you hang up because they cannot do their jobs. No secret its outsourced to India and Philipines. As soon as I can I’m dropping my card and any citibank accounts!!!

    • Radu says:

      Interesting! I had the same experience, unfortunately. Including a “manager” called Teesha/Tedsha did not want to answer questions about why US citizens information is in the Philippines and when asked qualifying questions, hung up on me!?

  • Aaron says:

    I’d like to know who I make complaints to

  • Joann Shulman says:

    My son has a Citibank account, as do myself and my husband. My son received a check from an insurance company, which required 5 endorsements, which are done with stamps. They bank will not accept the check as a deposit unless all 5 parties are present. ???? They range from attorney, to city manager, … and is near impossible to gather all 5 at once, especially that the attorney is out of state. Please address this issue. He has been to two Citi branches so far and the only answer he gets is, “I don’t know”.
    Wrong on multiple levels!

  • Jeffrey says:

    Was trying to give feedback to top management of citi. I have a credit card which I find best in business in terms of customer support. Recently opened and quickly closed a checking account which had a nice promotion. Live service was terrible. No clear phone number to get help; very long wait times. I could not even get anyone to give me the full account number so I could order checks. I was also uncertain of the process for a very large transfer to put funds into the account. Without live support, was simply not comfortable, and impossible to promptly get real people. You lost my business. Jeff D.

  • Suresh Nagesh Pai says:

    I am a customer of Citibank. I submitted a notification on 09/11/2021 to Citibank of a duplicate charge by DoubleTree hotel. Another couple, with whom we were vacationing had the same issue with DoubleTree, and their issue was resolved within a day, and the duplicate charge was refunded to their Citi Visa card immediately afterwards. But with my dispute, when there is full clarity of DoubleTree’s wrong doing, my dispute is still kept open after more than 5 weeks since I submitted the dispute. The dispute site on my account has a message indicating that my case will be closed no later than 11/21/2021. Citibank has failed to update my account regarding all of the communication I had with DoubleTree, along with other documentation I provided to Citi bank. The last generic update I see is from 09/11/2021.

    I took up my case with the Head Quarters (HQ) of DoubleTree, who responded courteously and immediately (the very same day), while Citibank is dragging their feet, in spite of providing all the documentation and communication that I have had with DoubleTree HQ. I will pursue my case with the top management of Citibank to have my dispute investigation audited. I agree with other customers of Citibank who have commented on their experiences that if the Company does not get its act together, they will lose good customers. It remains to be seen if Citibank values my custom.

  • F.T. says:

    Earlier in the year I made a purchase. The merchant sent a used product. They refused to refund the money. Citi would not reverse the charge. Interaction with some Citi employees seem like they were working for the scam merchant.

  • Peter Waite says:

    I have been trying for 3 days to get hold of someone about opening an account with Citibank I have yet to get hold of anybody you make it awfully hard to get any new business

  • Tiffani Tierney says:

    I am utterly disgusted with your “security team.” I have a large amount of money that was used on my card fraudulently. I called Citibank to mail me a new card because the seal of mine was coming apart. They mailed the exact same card and someone stole my mail took my card and used it. I am beyond upset. You have done nothing to protect me as a client.

    Your team sent a letter saying that I was at fault by their investigation and talking to merchants. That is a complete lie! I have talked to the merchants and they agree it was stolen.

    Do your research!! This is unacceptable Citibank. I am utterly disgusted and no longer feel protected which is why I’m glad I made the choice to move my banking and savings accounts from Citibank. I was about to give Citibank another try and put $10k in a savings account – but after now having to pay for someone else’s FRAUDULANT ACTIVITY conducted on My account – no thanks. This is such a bad thing for a bank to do to their long term clients. Horrible.

    Tiffani Tierney
    C: (408) 402-2931

    • soon to be former Citi Customer says:

      Beware of ANY company that claims to be American and yet employs hundreds or thousands in Foreign countries. Citibank is tied with CHASE as the absolute worst !

  • Joanne says:

    Horrific! Stay away. Bad managers and customer service. They don’t give a damn if you have 1 million or 1 dollar.

  • FayolaCollins says:

    I justwant to add to my complaint I will used bad words when I am pusted .FayolaCollins Miami Fl 27ave and79th ST Citibank

  • FayolaCollins says:

    I am soon to be 75 in a few weeks I had a problem with a. Customer service officer she. Was so rude and the next day I have never had so many nsf in my life I have never not payed my car note I know I go to the casino but I win and lose but I am all ways able to pay my bills . I bank in Miami Fla 33142 off of 79th and 27th Avenue .My name is FayolaCollins my last 4 numbers are 4961 .would you please go into my checking account and see what was done? Thank You!!!

  • RussL says:

    This company is myopic, arrogant, and has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Their credit vetting process is riddled with dysfunction and their phone customer service members refuse to identify themselves as required by federal law, and they are dishonest. I advise the world to not trust this company. I know that Citi will never NEVER be a company I will work with.

  • Tomas says:

    I am disabled they have held my money from me for over 3 weeks telling me I need to go to a branch. Because they need to verify my account I’ve given them my social my account number my card number EVERYTHING they need they said they sent a card in the mail twice and a reference number well I either have to go to a branch or wait for God knows how much longer to get a reference number. Closest branch is 700 miles away. Like I said I’m disabled for one and can’t get 700 miles to a branch without the money they are holding from me. I have been treated VERY poorly and now have lost my house because of this and still no help

  • joe mccann says:

    I ned help from someone who knows what is going on in citibank branches. I deposited 120,000 in a promotional account and was to earn a certain amount of money after a certain period of time. Almost 6 months later no money and no one can tell me why or when it will happen. bank employees have confirmed that I am due the money but cant say why I have not. I have been a customer for 50 years, if this is not solved it is time to move all my accounts elsewhere. Would love someone to contact me, cell-9095787576 or by this email

  • Michael Galorath says:

    I’m not your biggest customer but I may be one of your our bank doesn’t care about it’s customers. I’ve been with the bank since 1983. if you need to contact someone you can’t you go to any branches and they are closed. there are phone numbers branch manages WHO NEVER CALL YOU BACK. you call the 800 numbers and sit on hold. I deposited a check on June 9th 2020. The ATM ate the check. The branch is permanently closed. I called the 800 number and after 45 mins. they credited my account and would investigate the issue. I was issued a reference number. I called after 30 day. they we still investigating the issue. then 45 days I called same song. note that after the ATM ate the check the machine stopped working it showed a screw driver and a wrench showing the machine was OUT OF SERVICE. Then July 26th 2020 I called again requesting where we stand on this check. Now the person what issued it want’s to know what to do. Upon talking with the bank they TOLD ME a letter was issued to me informing me that the check was NOT found and they would be taking the money out of my account that was credited. OK the machine ate the check and it was dust. I received the letter dated July 21 on July 31. I contacted the person that if he would reissue the check. The issuer was concerned that if the check was found that it would be re-deposited. The check was not a small amount to him. that the check would ruin there account. I contacted the local branch Manager because the branch was closed and the manager passed me on to another associate who called me. I explained the concern for the issues. The resolution was stop payment of the check. Citibank would pay the fees. If the check was then deposited it would not charge me a NSF charge. So Saturday Aug 1st. I went to get a replacement check and the issuer SHOWED me a copy of the canceled check from his BANK dated July 31, 2020. The check looked just like it did when I deposited it. NOT torn or ripped. I then tried to contact the branch manager and NEVER received a call back from anyone at the branch in Arlington Heights Ill downtown branch. I called the corporate office at 212-793-0710 and they did NOT have time to care to deal with the issue. I was told to call this 800-870-oldest. Your customer service is no longer a sale point for this bank. looking at the reviews below I not the only person having issues. Citi bank are you going under. The staff at the helm is destroying the bank.

  • Jay Levy says:

    I recently had my checking account frozen at Citibank. I can’t begin to tell you how embarrassing this was for me. Per my Citigold rep Robert Wrage I have been a Citibank customer since 1973. this is the second time this has happened to me. Mr. Wrage called me about six weeks ago to ask me some questions needed by the bank. I answered all of his questions and he said this should do it. He called me the following day with a few more questions and I was assured that all was in order. I would be receiving a letter from Citibank but I could ignore it that all the information needed would be given to Citibank by him. I received the letter the following week, called Mr. Wrage and was told by him to toss it. Now I am in a situation where my phone payment to American Express was stopped, payments to my country club stopped, to my landscaper stopped, to my HOA in Florida stopped. This Is a horror show. YOUR BANK HAS MY EMAIL ADDRESS, MY HOME PHONE NUMBER, MY CELL NUMBER AND I’M AVAILABLE BY TEXT. how could this have happened? My account has over $300,000.00 in it. I can be reached at jkevinlevy@gmail.com and my cell number is 516 582-1131. I would appreciate a timely response.
    Jay Levy

    • Don Braun says:

      I am a 45 year client with Citibank but the customer service over the past few years has been going downhill steadily and I am at the point where I will close out all my accounts with them and go elsewhere. Good Luck!

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