Where is Circle K Corporate office Headquarters

Circle K Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 309 E Osborn Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 602-532-0076
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 10875
  • Established: 1951
  • Founder: Fred Harvey
  • Key People: Columbus Resident

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Circle K Headquarters Executive Team



Columbus Resident


About Circle K, History and Headquarters Information


Circle K was founded in the year 1951. The company has been operational for almost more than 68 years now. The founder of the company was Fred Harvey. After its launch, the company started expanding at an exponential rate, and by the year 1975, the company already had 1,000 stores under its name. In the year 1979, the company also entered the international market, by setting up shops in Japan. By 1983, the number of stores had increased to over 2,180.

During the year 1983 to 1990, under Karl Eller, CEO of the company, the company increased its revenues over to $3 billion, and the number of stores to over 4,600, along with 1,300 stores abroad in 13 foreign countries as well. In the year 1990, the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and then in 1993, the company was taken over by Investcorp. Again in 1996, the company was taken over by Tosco Corporation. Due to the numerous acquisitions, the company became the fourth-ranked stores in the USA.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 1130 West Warner Road, Building B. The name of the place is Tempe, while the name of the state is Arizona, USA. The pin code of the area is 85284.


Circle K is an American retail company that focuses on providing customers with services of various kinds of convenience stores. The company has its presence in over ten countries including the USA, and in more than 15,000 locations as well. The company is currently a subsidiary of the Alimentation Couche-Tard company. As of the current date, the company has more than 40,000 employees working.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have the retail presence to experience numerous convenience stores at their disposal, for various kinds of purchases like gasoline, bill payment services, refuelling of propane, etcetera. The company also sell daily food products as well, and even beverages too.

Circle K Headquarters Photos

  • Roman Schnitski says:

    Can’t get a hold of anybody for my W-2

  • Michael edwards says:

    Go to the store to get gas all I have is $100 to my name on my cash app card I use it to get gas and now I am stuck at home because they took it all when all I got was $13 worth of gas that is stealing y’all have my money and I can’t do nothing and I am hungry and have no food at home

  • Margaret Lanphear says:

    The circle K at the intersection of 35th Ave. and Peoria in Phoenix, Az. has a rude political statement printed on the side of a gas pump.

  • Tiffany Jackson says:

    Circle k in Springfield Illinois 62703 on Stevenson dr. Has employees that are committing fraudulent transfers on my cash app account
    Please contact Tiffany Jackson so this matter can be reported and resolved
    Email address is: prettytees45@gmail.com

  • Sherry says:

    In Florida Saint Petersburg 9th ave north..28th street one worker name Dan always seem to have a attuide when coming in the store especially if you are there to play lotto my thing is if you don’t like lotto find a store that doesn’t have lotto because the attuide can be used towards cleaning the store up coffee creamer station full of net’s and soda machine omg need to be replace so do him with the attuide..

  • David Saylor says:

    You need to close the one in mt washington it is the worst I have ever seen they push sip and save how ever 2 weeks a month you can’t get polar pop either it’s broke are out of co2 are no cups only 2 gas pumps work with c/C absolutely the worst poor management at lease 1 week there out of the cigarettes I smoke need to shut it down and build a 5 star

  • Tom Peelor says:

    I stopped at your location at 1435 S. Kirkwood Rd. in Sunset Hills, Mo. 63127. I filled up with gas then went inside to use the restroom. As soon as I opened the door the music inside the store was extra loud. Not normal for a business. I went to the restroom & when I came out I went to say something to the man behind the counter. There were no other customers in the store. He insuated that the reason it was so loud was that I was in the restroom & that was a small little room & that’s why the music was loud. NOT The music was loud when first entering the store. I said to him ( YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE A LOT OF CUSTOMERS THAT WON’ T LIKE IT BEING SO LOUD). He asked me how many of his customers wouldn’t like the music being that loud. So now I know this guy is not serious about this problem. No wonder there were no customers in the store. Will make this trip several times, but probably won’t stop again.

  • Raymond Jackson says:

    Kentwood La your store had a roach in donut case ,I getting ready to purchase a donut I told the store manager she remove everything in there time
    2:10 am 10-5-22
    Raymond Jackson

  • Djay l srtibling says:

    Hi yes in regards to whom I am I will use different last name I’m at the circle kon 1st Ave and Fillmore St store # it’s a repeated issue store from my understanding it’s supposed to close down from 2:00 to 4:00 it’s now and has been for a while 2 to 5:00 and I’m currently at the store and it is approximately 5:44 a.m. Sunday October the 2nd and the store is not open and is an ongoing issue at the store and it’s like they’re people who are just getting off four people who are just going into work and there’s nobody need to be standing out here waiting on an employee who’s doing nothing but sitting in the back making us wait people who have things to do while he or she or there whoever it is it’s working pedal battle on the phone or whatever and I don’t have a car so I would hate to have to relocate and uproot to another location because certain employees don’t know how to keep track of time or don’t need to be apparently hired and running the store because I’ve seen locations where the employee falls asleep right behind it right at the register and that’s not healthy and it’s not okay I mean school could be robbed completely f****** blind and please coming in and sleep on the job.

  • Mellissa Poole says:

    I recently visited your Circle K store at 1281 Broad St, Sumter, SC at 9:00am Sunday 9/25/22. I pulled up to the gas pump to pay for gas with my debit card, the reader was down so therefore I had to walk in the store, I grabbed my certified therapy dog that was in my car and and was patiently waiting in line to pay for gas and leave. This African American lady was yelling across the room at me say you can’t have that dog in here!! I said, “I am just trying to pay for gas, ma’am”. She said well not in here with that dog. I said he is a service dog. She said, I SAID LEAVE, and have a blessed day. I was mad, due to the fact that there are ways that this situation could have been handled better. I have NEVER been treated like this any where. There are no signs on the front door that says no service with dogs. Or no dogs are allowed. I was humiliated and refused service, due to the fact that I had a dog in the store. Mind you if you look on camera that I was holding my dog and he was not barking or saying a word. I have thought about filing paperwork due to discrimination and the humiliation I received on Sunday 25, 2022.
    If your store has restriction on therapy animals there needs to be signs up, so people like me will not shop at these stores. My phone number is 803-651-7632.

  • Cindy M. Shaffer says:

    I am live in Tiffin Ohio and we 3 stores here. I have been going since they open the first store. Very clean and inviting. Now not so much. The new is very inviting and clean. But across town. Store # t4705380 is dirty and unorganized. I went to get a donut out of the enclosed case there were flies in it. The counters are sticky. This store needs a deep cleaning for health reasons. Workers stand around while one the cash register. They should be taking pride in the work and store. They have added so much inside that small store. Food stations are horrible. I won’t eat anything in there. This store is a disgrace to your business. When I walk in there just to get gas. I wait to run out fast. Not even wanting to open the door. Looks like it has not been cleaned in years. If you don’t believe me. Take a surprise visit for yourself.
    Very concerned,

  • Dale says:

    I travel through Albany Georgia very often on highway 19 south of Albany. The mens restrooms at both locations are usually nasty , out of toilet paper or out of order. The restrooms should be kept stocked with tissue and soap at all times. There’s absolutely no reason they shouldn’t. Please get this problems corrected for your customers immediately. There’s absolutely NO excuse for this.

  • Alice Partacz says:

    Hello, visited your Schererville Indiana location today. Very nice, Thank You. AMP

  • Ambor says:

    The circle k off the gulf freeway in the 77023area code in Houston Texas. Is not safe for it’s employees.i am not related nor do I work there. But I get gas and supplies from this store everyday. I know this store has been robbed at least 3times this month.i feel as though corporate is not gonna do anything untill God forbid someone is seriously injured. Please do something. Regards Ambor Mendez. Houston tx 77023

  • Bridgett Gosnell says:

    I worked for circle k for a year I watched manage illegally dock people’s pay and the who staff do nothing all day.. I worked 3rd alone in a major hwy and no matter how many people applied for the position they refused to let anyone work with me. While also refusing to.do any work during the day. I worked BY MYSELF at a truck stop over night for a year and when I quit because the work load didn’t match the pay anymore the pay period mysteriously changed I lost almost 100 in my last check

  • Tim Malone says:

    The newest store in our area 10414 Dixie Hwy in Lou,Ky 40272..Been open for a couple months…Have yet to have Diesel for sale…this week no Gas..Employees have no idea when this would be resolved…We spend roughly $1,000 a day fueling our company trucks,love this location as it fits close by our shop..Krogers across the street has been gaining our business using our fleet cards,any idea when this store will be running at full capacity?

  • Thomas Sweeney says:

    If you are going up on price for sip and save take down 5.99 sign. I Understand the move advertise new price.

  • Terence Hampton says:

    My name is Terence Hampton .I would like to file an Racist unfair Act against fuel South in Georgia. When I was hired.Black Driver are being treated unfairly.and I ask that you look into in Cuyler Martin and Larry Cox of Georgia Fuel South .paying white driver more than black.firing black driver for small offense where white driver commit serious offense and still work. I ask that someone look into this from corporate. My name is Terence Hampton .two tour Iraq veteran where I was fired for small offense. My number 561-502-5053

  • Mr.Michael Freeman says:


  • Angry patron says:

    The store in my area closed early due to staffing issues , un beknowing to I put my card in and thought that was strange my transaction started off as normal and then I was charged for 3 transaction in the amount of $50 $50 and then $32.27 I did not get any gas because they were closed and I am having a hell of a time getting my money back . I am so disappointed I have been a loyal customer I not sure I will going back. Also just because they are having staffing issues customers should not have to pay for it by not being able to use the gas station that are true too.

  • God says:

    Victim sucks and his sucks aslum.. u guys need to post their home numbers so they can be trained at 3:30am to refund a nonworking visa.. I am expected to hold my gas filled receipt until 20 or 11 in the morning.. I just want to gamble.. why is it so hard. The end

  • Anyone says:

    I noticed that the girl at circle k 3rd shift is screaming at me while I am working at the bank across the street asking me for my name and address through the walls. I dont know why she brings up slaves at work but i never did anything to her. She was calling me nasty cleaning lady. I never met her before in my life and I’m not sure what’s going on. I was concerned and discouraged at this behavior and wanted to address it.

  • Dannette Sasser says:

    I have a video you need to see with your employees cheating your customers with the video games in the store. Manipulating the slot machines and having their friends tell them what funds are being played at the time do that they can turn the switch so when the customer leaves they can go get the money.

  • Jason stewart says:

    My girlfriend has been waiting on her check since before Christmas. The manager said she can’t do anything about it. It shows it’s there but obviously the wrong info was put in from her card by the manager.

  • Dennis Streight says:

    I have been a consistent customer because there is a Circle K in my small town. I often seek out Circle K’s when I travel. Today we stopped at 2 Circle K’s in Boulder, CO. Neither of them had restrooms available. We did purchase some gas, but ended up going to a competitor to fill up. Please open your restrooms in Boulder.

  • 😠 says:

    I use to go to circle k on the corner of Mojave and 15 N. To get my gas. But everytime I would go inside to pay. People would literally be looking inside my car and this happened yesterday when I decided to stop and get a fountain drink. A while back. They had a few security guards there. One was sexually harassing the cashier. What are you going to do about this anyway. This is not the way to run a business? When is it going to stop? When I take down circle k? Signed 😠

  • Angela Byrd says:

    Over charged on credit cards for gas purchase

  • Russell Buring says:

    Previous email should have read restructured personal needed on Ajo and Park Ave Tucson,Az.

  • Russell Buring says:

    Need to Restricted personal on Ajo and Park Ave.

  • Rose Lee says:

    Hello My name Is Rose , I would like to know . Who did I call for someone to send , anyone to fix a carwash ? I pay every month for a plan so I may wash my car . Now it’s going on tow months , that the car wash is not working . The people at the Circle said they have called everyone they need to call . To get this carwash up and going . What I just can’t understand is how do you have everyone in this town where I live . Paying for a carwash plan and we can’t get our cars washed . Why charge us and not have your carwash working ? How do you think this is right at all ? I am not happy that I need to leave a message , get no call back . Now I need to look for emails . So I can get this carwash up and running ? I do want someone to call or email me . Why have unhappy customers , when you can have us happy ? Because I would like to know who likes giving out free money for nothing ?

  • Becky says:

    Circle K has the point system and find ways to screw you out of your point call a supervisor never returns calls Akron, OH

  • Manny says:

    Today, 08/18/2020, at 1600 I stopped at the Circle K located at 1500 George Dieter, El Paso, TX. When I went to check out the cashier rang me up and when he told me the total I didn’t understand him (I have some hearing loss) and said “what” and he repeated the total, this time in English. That’s when I realized he had first spoken to me in Spanish. He then became confrontational and asked “you don’t speak any Spanish?” I told him “yes”, and he continues “oh, you just don’t speak it”. I told him that I just had not understood him.

    I worked for many years in the customer service sector and English being the primary language in the U.S.A., that’s the language I first addressed customer with, if they replied in Spanish, I switched to using Spanish. Let the customer use whatever language they are more comfortable with.

    When the cashier addressed in English, it was perfect and without any accent, so it’s not like he couldn’t speak. He just all hispanic looking people to use Spanish over English.

    I’ll be 62 years old next month and in all these years this is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a complaint. This guy needs to find a different job. the customer service sector does not suit him.

  • Angry says:

    Guess what I tried again. Still no light green longs. How about I get the Channel ## On Your Side Crew to investigate?

  • Jeff K says:

    The store located at 973 Hwy 54 E, Fayetteville ga has the most disgusting level of cleanliness I have seen in a flash foods or circle k. The store is dirty, the bathrooms are littered with Parker on the walls, toilet paper holders broken and empty, overall look of the bathrooms is rundown like you would see in an inner city corner gas station. Trash cans outside are laying on the ground. This was once a very clean and well run station that has obviously been let to run down and makes a poor example for your brand. I suggest corporate looks into this store ASAP.

  • chuck says:

    I went into a circle K on rt 904 Sunset beach. Employees were not weraing masks and customers most customers did not either. Whats up with this picture

  • Angry says:

    It is obvious no one believes in customer service any more.

  • Angry says:

    The Circle K closest to me (Columbia Hwy Aiken SC) is always out of My cigarettes (Traffic Light green longs). How can this happen when I try to buy them in this store every week? I stopped two days this week. They did not have them Monday and on Wednesday the store was a little busy but not overly so, the clerk refused to go check in the back to see if they had any. They are out of them at least every other week. Actually its been two weeks now. Doesn’t anybody care about taking care of their regular customers anymore? I get my husband’s every week and usually buy gas there too. I expect better service than this from a store I frequently visit. If something cannot be done about it, I will find another store for gas and cigarettes and since Traffic is a brand serving only Circle K I guess I’ll be changing brands.

  • terry green says:

    left voice message also. had coupon for american spirt. was told because color of pack i wanted was not on coupon it could not be used. tried to show me what it says on back of coupon. says only use for brand. not color! i have worked retail for many years and i know they are wrong. he even went in back and said he spoke to manager and was told has to have the color on the front. also found at this store that they are always on the phone talking to family or friends. even when waiting on customers. this store is in boyertown pa on reading ave.

  • Last Time Customer says:

    On 7/22/20, I purchased gas at 330 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, LA with a credit card. As usual, receipt would not print and I had to see cashier for receipt. Had to put on mask and wait behind a number of people. When I finally got to the cashier, I asked why people always have to come inside for a receipt. What is the point of trying to pay at the pump if you always have to come inside for the receipt? He said that he doesn’t know why and that I should ask the manager. I asked who was the manager and he said they don’t have one. He added that when they hired one, the manager would tell me “to take my business elsewhere.” I told him not to worry because I would. (I asked his name and he told me James. He was the cashier at that location at 4:50pm on 7/22/20.) He asked what pump, gave me a receipt and I left. When I got back to my office I looked at the receipt and discovered that he had given me the wrong receipt. Right pump but receipt of earlier customer (It had a time of 4:44pm on it.) Is that the type of individual you want representing you?
    One who tells people to “take your business elsewhere”? From now on, I certainly will.

  • Jay says:

    Having some issue’s with Circle K in Highland’s NJ. Staff there today Sunday 9:30 Am July 19th 2020 were not wearing there mask and letting customer’s walk in with out a mask. Also to much political talk in the store. I come in there to get what I need and leave, Don’t need to here this garbage about politics. There is day’s there is only 1 staff trying to do the work of 2 people. They have to work in side and pump gas too. It isn’t safe to have your employees there in the evening by there selves. I will not be going back to that store anymore my family and I don’t feel safe. Thank you

  • Janice Miller says:

    Hey my Name is Janice Miller 423-615-2893 I have a complaint about your store on highway 58 I paid for gas on the wrong pump which was pump 9 and I was on pump 10 so it was a lady on pump 9 and she had started pumping my gas so when i went back in to tell them it was the wrong pump they told that they could not switch it over until she got through pumping and then they said that I could not got no gas at all cause she got it and I went out there and told about so she went there to pay 10 and the nozzle was in my car so I hang the nozzle back up so I could begin pumping and he said it went back on her card when he had not turned the pump at all he was looking at me smiling like he was laughing at me when a white woman went in there before me and had the wrong pump same situation and got her gas I am writing this statement for you and my lawyer Thanks have a nice day Janice Miller

  • Dennis Gan says:

    Why aren’t your employees wearing masks nor requiring customers to also wear them when entering store.
    State mandate has been issued in NC stateing REQUIRED!
    Wilmington, NC
    Piss poor management!

  • Joseph P. Bryan says:

    Joseph P. Bryan
    From Goldsboro, NC
    Ref: NC Executive Order dated June 26, 2020
    I noticed on all Circle K stores’s entrances a sign has been place stating “all customers must wear a mask to enter” in compliance with NC EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 147.
    However Section 3.5C 1-11 of the order states:
    “Operators of businesses and organizations are entitled to rely on their customers or patrons’ statements about whether or not they are excepted from the Face Covering requirements, and businesses and organizations do not violate this Executive Order if they rely on such statements.”

    Circle K stores are my favorite store, gas station for non-ethanol and great fresh brewed coffee.

    My question is: Is Circle K following the NC Executive Order AS WRITTEN with mask exemptions OR has Circle K implemented its own customer policy disregarding the Nc Executive Order as written and has created it’s own policy to keep customers out of their businesses who have exemptions due to health reasons or Disabilities?

    Thank you
    Joseph P Bryan

  • Connie Shover says:

    Hello, my name is Connie and I am a customer to a store in Tampa Fl. and I have a concern about the COVID19 and wearing mask. I believe that it is your American duty to protect our citizens from any harm and by you telling your employees that they don’t have to enforce the mask policy is not safe. I’m tired of this mask and would like to live normal again ; but can’t do it if we don’t fix it. GET ON BOARD PLEASE

  • Akron Ohio says:

    Sure you expand— At the raising cost of ever increasing goods and services each time we the ((public)) enter these stores, I just paid $4.50 for a gallon of milk that sells for 2.97 at ACME, how sad to do business this way with all the hardships we are all facing now days, good luck with your millions, I sure miss LAWSON”S.

  • ariel says:

    a piss more manager at the store on Palmdale rd in victorville CA—-shes been there for MONTHS—ATM is NEVER available in early morning (between 6am and 9am)—–she cant seem to figure out how to order enough cigarettes—2 shipments a week and she still cant do it—doesnt know how to print a friggin gas receipt after someone pumps and needs one with the gallons (neither do some of the employees by the way…umm..wonder why)….she couldnt sell me a money order—turns out she hadnt verified the machine for the day–she didnt know how to do that either (an employee showed her) took 1/2 hr to get a friggin money order—–SHE NEEDS TO BE DEMOTED OR JUST PLAIN LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! months of patience with her has no run out——

  • Guest says:

    I’ve worked at Circle K for almost 1 year in 1 week. I’ve worked every holiday, called in 1 time for 2 days, never late, never leave early, always working constantly and now my hours have been cut in half unless I go to another store. Customers have given me money on demand, tell me how much better it looks and how I work my butt off. Every vendor has told me the store has never looked so good and it is so much easier for them to come in and do their thing. Other employees do not work while there, on the phone, never clean, know one goes in the cooler, which will kill our sales since I have been cut, because again, know one else goes in there and says they want do it. But my hours have been cut. Can not wait to hear when cooperate wonders why they are not selling alcohol and drinks as much. I’ve been treated like dirt for working so hard that every job I do I want it perfect. We make nothing and are an essential.

    • Margarida says:

      Yep l also went threw this until I quit and now I’m banned from being a customer. I did nothing and was the best employee while the manager is smoking weed wetmore and Romero in tucson az

  • Ronn Murphy says:

    Please place Upright Steel on your bidders list for Div 5 Steel supply and erect Steel at project sites. Located in Cleveland Ohio

  • Doug Stancill says:

    Can you please tell me why the gas price in Camp Verde is $2.69 a gallon and I pay $2.95 here in Phoenix. Camp Verde is 100 miles from Phoenix and a much smaller market. I get the impression we are just getting screwed here in Phoenix.

  • Jan says:

    Hello, I am Jan from Mags N More Magazine. We are trying to get in touch with your office that pays for the Florida Circle K stores. Please contact us at 850 584 3824 so we can reconcile our records.

  • Lyndy Quinn says:

    I work for circle k in barrignton New Hampshire and they don’t give us lunch breaks, plus they always never tell us our schedule and they don’t tell you when you work so you literally have to guess. That place is gross also they don’t let us have breaks sometime’s and when they do you have to be quick or they yell at you while the managers and the other people can take longer breaks but they expect us to work eight hours a day without any lunch breaks and or we can’t eat anything I can’t believe that you guys call this a circle k

  • Sharran says:

    You are the worst thieving company, i spend hundreds in your store and you have the balls to charge me $1.75 to get air and water… you freaking suck … bad karma coming your way

  • Jamie says:

    Do you know its a crime to use profane speech in front of a minor in public and ive heard very vulgar music in your store in jesup ga that said whore whore and after that heard music that pertains to sex and drinking. Did you know criminal charges can be taking against you.

  • Anna says:

    I was at the Circle K on Old Nogales and Valencia in Tucson. I was in line for 5 minutes and when I pay, I told the clerk, I did not need a bag because it would take longer. The other clerk name Christina yells at me to leave her store and not to come back. Tucson is opening many convenient stores that treat there customers with more professionalism and value their customers. The funny thing is that Christina failed Circle-K’s mission statement, vision and value.

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to make our customer’s lives a little easier every day.

    Vision Statement
    To become the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel.


    ACT with P-R-I-D-E

  • david welch says:

    I live in springfield ill got gas at Sangamon ave store got diesel by mistake the nozzle for diesel is not supposed to fit in regular cars it needs fixed

  • Tina says:

    I have a complaint at the store in Leesville La located at 1648 Pitkin Rd Leesville LA 71446. This store has a lot of traffic coming in and out. It is located by the post gate. This store has went down hill fast nothing in this store works at all the a/c is horrible. The fountain machine never works. The gas pumps are always out of order. This is a shame and our military uses this store all the time. Something needs to be done about the store, if you can’t get things fixed then shut it down.

  • Rick Humphryes says:

    I have a complaint about a young man at the store in Indiana 146 street and strd37 nobisvile my wife went in and to by her self and I a pack of cigarettes either he misunderstood her or what ever but when I went back in he started telling me too leave are he was call the police I told him I would call you and hope he gets fired something needs to be done all that this yung man wants is to be on his phone and he was smoking rights by the front door and him and the young lady was even sitting down on a stack of salt hope I can visit the store again in the future but not until something is done

  • Wes Cooper says:

    This store on RT31 & South Bay Cicero NY is a nasty lazy disgusting can’t believe how it can go from one of the best clean/good service/ to just a turd hole I won’t even speak about the pass time lets stick to tonight 7/18 9pm two workers seating in parking lot with 10-15 others kids hanging out go inside NO pizza person again and no sandwich person either on break and no slices either one black hair girl working was going to get a cold sandwich at cash reg some bone head stuck their finger in it are you kidding I total understand Circle K is huge But I live in Cicero and have my own busisness in the area I am on a mission you need to get it together why is there NO manager on at night wake up

  • Shirley Ellis says:

    I was a patron at CircleK, Toledo , Ohio on Dorr and Holland Sylvania Rds today at 1;15pm .one clerk had two customers in line and the other had her family of 5 which had completed their purchase and was having family conversation. I was not acknowledged as a waiting customer and once the clerk ( Carolyn) stepped from behind the counter hugging and continuing her family conversation , I asked if she could wait on me. She was extremely rude, raised her angry voice and said ” I was finished with my family and you were rude, they hadn’t left the counter. ” I told her that she had left from behind the register and I thought she was rude for acknowledging me. When I didn’t have my ID to purchase cigarettes , she threw them to the side and said “I can’t help you unless you just want your coffee” . I went to my car, got my ID and purchased from the other staff person as Carolyn continued to yell at me . I asked for Carolyn’s name and the staff person that waited on me apologized stating Carolyn was upset because she was saying goodbye to her family when I asked for assistance. When I asked for Carolyn’s name , she , herself yelled out ” yes my name is Carolyn ” I told her to be quiet and try focusing on her customers and I left. What an ordeal
    Thank you

  • >