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Mark Zoradi

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Nikki Sacks

Investor Relations Contact, ICR Inc

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Cinemark was started by Lee Roy Mitchell as a chain of theatres in California, Texas, and Utah. It was officially launched in 1984. In 1992, this chain opened a new theater concept called Hollywood USA in Garland, Texas.

Cinemark USA, Inc. is an American movie theater chain. It is owned by Cinemark Holdings, Inc. operating throughout the Americas and in Taiwan. It is based in Plano, Texas, in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. It is one of the largest movie theatre chains in Brazil. Cinemark owns and handles theaters under several brands, such as its flagship Rave Cinemas, Cinemark, CinéArts, Century Theatres, and Tinseltown USA.

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  • Carla Russell says:

    I brought my grand kids to the movie theater last Saturday. When got there I purchase tickets for my two 12 year old boys to see Spiderman and tickets for myself to take the 3 year old to see Sing2. We all bought buckets of popcorn and drinks. The baby and I proceeded to Sing2 while I told the boys to go to their movie. Come to find out when the boys gave the ticket collector their tickets they were walking to their movie but she redirected them to go left and that one had already started at 4:00 o’clock and we arrived there at 5:00. So they decided to past time by sitting on the bench looking through their phones waiting for the next movie to start. When they got tired of waiting they came to where the baby and I were and left their stubs with me. Their tickets were for the 6:10 movie instead of the 4:15 movie that requested. I sent the boys out to watch the 6:15 movie at 5:50. They were waiting for the movie to restart and it never did. Now I know they were at the wrong theater. They were waiting at the one the lady directed them to when their tickets were for the one that was right by her. This meant they never got to see their movie. When I tried to get clarity the Manager Brandon, wanted to act as if they were doing something criminal by sitting on the bench. He kept saying they were sitting on the bench for hours and hours. The movie Sing2 doesn’t last for hours and hours and since when is sitting on the bench a crime. He went as far as to accuse my boys of lying because he was a hoodlum 12 year old boy. Yes, he went there! Not at one time did I get out of order with him, nor cause a scene. I just observed his unsavory demeanor and very unscrupulous attitude. I even called him afterward and still had a back and forth with this guy! He is definitely NOT customer friendly! He insisted because they watch a few minutes of Sing with me and the last few minutes of the Spiderman movie that they were well compensated. After I left I couldn’t get past the fact that I spent all this money at the movie and my boys didn’t get to see their show. When one of my boys went to the restroom he question him by asking if he was looking for someone when he was on his way back. He asked for his ticket stub. He told him I had it. He never sent them or came himself to see me in the movie about their tickets. I Found Brandon(he claimed he found me) when I walked into Spiderman when my movie was over looking for my boys, when instead I discovered they were being held hostage! First of all in order to sit on the bench you had to have had a ticket to get past the ticket collector. Secondly, when is it a crime to sit on the bench at the movie theater? When we first arrived there were many people sitting on the benches. Children were running in and out of theaters. Did he question them? Brandon refused to compensate my boys. He refused to believe that the initial purchase was wrong, the collector was wrong for sending them to the wrong movie, so he insists, that because two 12 year old boys who had been sitting on the bench all that time were up to no good, oh, let’s not forget, because he was a 12 year old boy once!

  • Msconk says:

    Does anyone from cinemark respond to the comments?

  • Gary Temple says:

    I am writing this out of total frustration with Cinemark’s customer service or rather the lack thereof. I, by my own error, reserved a ticket for West Side Story at the Cinemark theater at the Market Place in Oro Valley, AZ for today, Thursday at the 1:15 showing. I made the reservation at the show time. I really wanted it for Friday and forgot to select Friday. I attempted to use your refund feature on your website to no avail. It would not accept the refund request. I was not wanting to cancel and obtain a refund. All I wanted to do was move my reservation to Friday, December 24 at the same time. Your website would not accept this request nor acknowledge it.

    I then attempted to reach out to your 800 number to speak with a customer service agent. That was a complete mistake in judgement as I was placed on hold for two separate calls to the tune of over 30 minutes each call. I will never again use your theater. I can not understand how your guest services can actually call itself a service. My experience is nothing short of a complete disaster. You will not see me in attendance at any future movie showing. I doubt that I will even hear back from you on this email as I fully suspect the degree of customer service via the email alternative will be no different than the telephone.

    Gary Temple
    Oro Valley, Arizona

  • Nichole says:

    I was hired at Tinseltown in North Canton Ohio. My training consisted of being told it was ok to steal!!! Manager’s don’t care. During movies my first day I did the stocking while all of the employees leaned on the counter on their phones and playing pool on their phones. No longer work there I quit. To be told it’s ok to steal is Disgusting!!

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