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Thomas Leverton

CEO & Director

J. Roger Cardinale


Dale R. Black

Executive VP & CFO

Randy G. Forsythe

Executive Vice President and Director of Operations

Eric C. Gordon

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

Michael Hartman

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

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Chuck E. Cheese was incorporated by Nolan Bushnell in San Jose, California, in 1977. In 1984, this chain of restaurants was acquired by competitor ShowBiz Pizza Place, forming ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc. The chain is based in Irving, Texas.

Chuck E. Cheese is a chain of American family entertainment centers and restaurants. This chain serves pizza and other menu items, along with arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays. While its primary focus is pizza, Chuck E. Cheese also offers cold-cut sandwiches, chicken wings, salad bars, appetizers, platters, and desserts.

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  • Zena tahet says:

    Never go to the Joliet location worst manager I’ve ever met in my life didn’t want to sell us food then I told him it’s not even 8 yet so they made the food didn’t bring it out had to go up there and tell them where’s my food the girl said it has been ready for 10 minutes and they put it in boxes ordered wings didn’t even get it then we went and asked he said it’s not ready and the manager said here’s a refund you guys can get out now family come here to have a good time and leave in a good mode not treated horribly by the manager your better off going to scene 75

  • Shane everson says:

    Please program studio c and circle of lights and stop getting rid of the anamotronics

  • Romelia says:

    September 18, 2022
    My children loved to go to Chuck E Cheese they would have fun and I guess the amount of money wasn’t to bad. Unfortunately that was almost 30 years ago , now I am a grandmother so given them hopefully the same experience would be awesome.
    I am on a fixed income so I was trying to give my soon to be 6 yrs old grandson a nice small get together at Chuck E Cheese.
    I will say this will be the LAST TIME that I will ever even consider Chuck E Cheese ever again.
    1. Order at 7:30 p.m. didn’t even get my full order until 9.
    2. Love the salad bar that is until last night, so I guess because it was 2.5 hours til closing there was no need to refresh the salad bar, my daughter spoke with an employee yet no one felt it was important…I’m sorry if I paid for salad I would have appreciated a FREAKING SALAD. Your business has no respect or appreciation for people who spend their hard earn money. Sad….will post on Facebook so other can be forewarned.

  • Kim says:

    Wow!! The CEC in Vestavia. Al was perfect!! It use to be dirty, sort of geto!! It has been totally revamped and if was amazing for my grandkids bday party!!!! We will return !!!!!
    My only suggestion is one of my Grandkids has Celiac. She couldn’t eat the pizza of cake🥲 a cauliflower crust is better for everyone and the only crust someone with Celiac can eat!!!!!! Please consider!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    Chucke cheese Roseville served a whole spoiled salad bar and I spent alot of money with them they knew half the salad bar was spoiled and kept sending stuff to the back I spend so much money with this company I’m straight the way they laughed and didn’t fid anything is so sad do better kids love that place, oh and pay attention to who is hired not professional at all

  • Melissa Welborn says:

    I am appalled at the prices I paid today at your restaurant. I paid 40.59 for a large pizza wings and two drinks. What I got was a 14 to 16 inch pizza, which by the way I could have gotten a real pizza for much less than your price….and my “wings,” were Weaver chicken nuggets. What a joke, needless to say. You have lost a customer

  • Licette says:

    When to the one in Paramus New Jersey Route four you have to do a better job in Disinfecting everything cause my granddaughter got Covid from there it was the only place we when to and know my daughter has COVID and her husband to I didn’t see None of the worker Wearing mask or disinfecting any thing there was no one at the front door checking to see who comes in or out I am never taking my grandkids there again

  • Rhonda Robinson says:

    On April 16th 2022. My family and I went to celebrate a birthday party. While there one of my kids escaped the building and went missing for a while. We were told she would have to be in the building because there is no way out of Chuck E Cheese without an employee at the gate knowing! Well that was not accurate. At this location several employees were hanging around in a group discussing partying that night. Only one young girl was at the gate working. She appeared overwhelmed as new customers were entering so she had no clue that my daughter escaped the building and went toward the forest area and highway!!!! She was found 15 min later! We spent most of that time searching for her inside the building! My mother and I spoke with the main manager there and he was not concerned at all! He seemed frustrated that we were bothering him! I pointed out that the saftey gate has a large opening and only one employee is at the gate when it should be two for safety reasons! The manager ignored me. I have several pictures of what I am describing and would like to take this to Fox 7 News! Thank God my daughter is ok! But what about next time when another child runs out of the building!? As you know Chuck E Cheese gets super crowded and busy so to not have the gate area covered and monitored is appalling! I also was able to take my youngest child out of chuck e cheese without my hand being scanned nor my daughters. Again zero safety measures like advertised!

    Location: 14564 San Antonio Tx

  • Lory says:

    We went to the Chuck e cheese’s in Kokomo Indiana and we had the most horrible experience in the worst service ever

  • Alberto Esquivel says:

    Went to nacional city location very disappointed pizza looks like tortilla very thin and hart talked to supervisor made it again same thing they said they couldn’t do anything about it the address is 1143 highland av national city California

  • V says:

    Need phone number for work reference of one of your former employee.

  • Casey Howell says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I am a regular customer here in Rogers Ark at your Chuck E Cheese.
    My question is, I have a small in home state licensed daycare Dolphin Discovery Daycare (you can google it if needed). We are having a fundraiser selling popcorn to get us a shade pavilion In the play area. I really need an incentive to get the daycare parents to sell the popcorn. I thought, wow! if I could get you to donate a dinner for four for the parent who sold the most popcorn. Would you be able to do this for me? A dinner for 4 from Chuck E Cheese? Please get back with me via email or phone 479-6218859. Thank you Casey Howell

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