Where Is Chrysler Corporate Office Headquarters

Chrysler Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 555 Chrysler Dr, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

  • Phone Number: 1-800-247-9753

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 77817

  • Established: June 6, 1925

  • Founder: Walter P. Chrysler

  • Key People: Michael Manley, Harald Wester

Chrysler Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Chrysler Corporate Office

Chrysler is an automotive technology company that Fiat acquired to form a joint venture. People might want to visit Chrysler’s headquarters for various reasons, including internal business meetings, a new employee starting a job at the headquarters, a design engineer visiting to present his new design, the mailman delivering his regular mail, an auto enthusiast eager to visit the historic headquarters, and more. There are many ways to contact the headquarters. Below are some of the most prominent and widely used ways.

Chrysler Headquarters address

If you want to visit the headquarters or send physical mail, you can do so by using the following address:

555 Chrysler Dr.

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

United States

Chrysler Board of Directors address

If you want to request an autograph or send a parcel to the board of directors, you can send your requests and parcels to the following address:

Name of the Board of Directors

555 Chrysler Dr.

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

United States

Phone Number

If you want to reach out to the headquarters to speak to the headquarters team, you can call them during business hours on working days at +1-800-247-9753.

Media query

If you would like to reach out to them digitally, you can fill out their email media query form. You can send your grievances, service requests, and any other queries to the headquarters team using the link. You can assess the link here.


You can get information about their various products, including merchandise, on their website. Apart from getting information, their website allows you to book a test ride. You can follow their various social media accounts to stay updated on the happenings at Chrysler. You can visit their website by clicking here.

Chrysler Headquarters Info & Photos

Chrysler was founded in the year 1925 by Walter Chrysler. Their headquarters is located in Auburn, Michigan. Construction began in 1986 and was completed in 1996.

It was constructed in an area of 5,300,000 sq. ft. CRSS architects in a cross-axial formation designed it. It was designed in such a way that it can be converted into a mall if the headquarters were to be changed.

It has an included and dedicated R&D building since the beginning of its construction. 57,000 sq. ft. of the total area is dedicated to the training center and testing purposes.

It had a museum which is now closed for certain reasons. Today, Chrysler employs 77,817 employees all around the globe, making it the third-largest group in America. It was headquartered previously at the Detroit enclave of Highland Park.

Chrysler Headquarters Photo
Chrysler Corporate Office Photo

Chrysler Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Historical Services 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS: 410-11-21 Detroit, MI 48288 USA


United Kingdom

25 St James’s Street London SW1A 1HA United Kingdom



FCA Canada Inc. Customer Care Centre P.O. Box 1621 Windsor, ON N9A 4H6



FCA Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Prol. Paseo de La Reforma 1240 Desarrollo Santa Fe, Código Postal 05109 Distrito Federal, México



Corso Agnelli 200 10135 Turin, Italy

Chrysler Headquarters Executive Team

Christine Feuell

Christine Feuell

Brand Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler

Harald Wester

Chief Technical Officer

Harald has been a part of Chrysler since the start of his career. He has led various positions in the company before taking on the leadership role of Chief Technology Officer.

Scott Garberding

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Scott graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as the Chief Manufacturing Officer until 2020 before becoming Ferrari’s board member. He has been key to Chrysler’s shop floor during his time.



Carl Smiley

Chief Purchasing & Supply Chain Officer

Richard Schwarzwald

Global Head of Quality

Mark Chernoby

Chief Technical Compliance Officer

Richard Palmer

Chief Financial Officer and Business Development

Linda Knoll

Chief Human Resources Officer

Niel Golightly

Chief Communications Officer

Michael J. Keegan

Chief Audit, Sustainability and Compliance Officer, GEC Coordinator

About Chrysler


Chrysler automobiles were established in 1925 by Walter Chrysler from the disintegrated remains of Maxwell Motor Company. It released its first six-cylinder automobile engine to its customers to satisfy them with advanced technology.

It added many cars and technology to its garage, making it one of the most loved companies in the American sector. Chrysler formed relationships and partnerships with many mechanical companies around the world.

In 1998, Daimler and Chrysler formed a merger that claimed to be an equal partnership merger, but Daimler bought Chrysler’s stocks before the CEO retired. It was widely criticized and accepted because Chrysler needed support to become a global company.

In 2007, Chrysler was on the brink of bankruptcy and a shutdown. The situation worsened with time until 2009 and began to stabilize over the following years. In 2014, Fiat bought Chrysler’s shares and formed a combined company under the banner Fiat Chrysler automobiles.

Today, the Fiat Chrysler automobiles run as a subsidiary of Stellantis. It has seen a successful run in the past few years.


Chrysler produces automobiles and services for them. Its automobiles include Pacifica, Pacifica Hybrid, the 300, and the Voyager. These are currently-produced Chrysler models.

Its merchandise includes various T-shirts, floral tumblers, eyeglasses, pouches, caps, and more. Their merchandise is aimed at promoting their products and services.

Their service centers provide good service for their customers. They provide repairs and replacements for various older Chrysler models as well.


  • Chrysler played a major role in America’s defense industry during its prime in the mid-twentieth century.
  • Chrysler started manufacturing electric vehicles as early as 1993.
  • Chrysler acquired the off-road company AMC in 1987 to become its Jeep division.
  • Chrysler’s history is rocket-powered and has great fame in public.
  • Chrysler grew fast after World War II, becoming a dominant automobile manufacturer on the American automobile scene.
  • Walter designed the next four generations of Chrysler engines.
  • Chrysler bailed out twice, first in 1980 and then in 2009.
  • Chrysler has a total of 30 facilities in North America, including manufacturing plants, assembly plants, etc.
  • Chrysler arrived at its current logo after changing its logo several times since its founding.

  • Staci Moore says:

    Recently purchased a 2023 Dodge 2500 diesel Laramie. $93k was alot to pay for a vehicle I assumed that the truck would be around for many years.
    We made many complaints to dealership about it smells like wires burning and the front end wasn’t right.
    My complaints wasn’t addressed.
    While on vacation the check engine light came on
    we ended the trip and hoped we would make it home.
    Took the truck to the dealership and they put it on a rack. They discovered that the main transmission seal was leaking. Less than 35k miles and already having major problems.
    All the power we needed the truck for can’t even climb a slight hill.
    Had the oil changed prior to leaving for vacation that cost $281. While they had the truck on the rack I requested to change fuel filters. Completely shocked they charged over $400 to change.

    If you’re in the market for a truck I would do your homework before making your decision.

    This truck is a lemon.

    Very disappointed with our experience with Dodge. Before this situation happened I was considering on buying a new TRX. I will never buy another Dodge.

  • Andrew Hudson says:

    my name is Andrew Hudson I reside in Nova Scotia Canada my telephone number is 1(902)-824-5492 I Wish to make a formal complaint about the service in my home town Middleton Nova Scotia I have been going in to the dealer ship from time to time to look at my dream car a brand new challenger I have finally came in to some money and was inquiring about one but first I thought I should try a used one of there other instock items witch was a nessan ultima but I was denied a test drive and was totally disrespected i am a disabled worker that has as permeant injury I managed to walk to the dealership and was turned away what usually would ta any normal guy maybe 45 minutes to walk there it took me now 3 hours to walk there due to my impairment disability so I just need this resolved it has now ruined my want of my dream car oh y I finally got my cpp disability next month ill probably get 15000.00 dollars so I think that would have been a good down payment I’m totally applaud of this ! they have ruined my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William says:

    Terrible customer service with the Warranty Division. Bought extended warranty, sold vehicle early, filed claim for refund of remaining warranty. Have to jump through hoops to hand write a request to cancel with detailed info. Sent to them BUT, they are so hard to get a hold of to get confirmation of receipt. Transferring calls, needing to know who I spoke with, re-write and sign. They told me I had to start all over and that my refund is based on when I file. They finally acknowledged the letter but then tell me it will take 6-9 months to process. Ha, in a digital world they pull these tactics! They don’t wait 6-9 months to accept my payment of the extended warranty, oh no all that was done digitally. Chrysler has lost a valuable lifetime customer. After 9 month mark and haven’t received my refund, I am planning on blowing this up on my social media pages and I have ALOT of followers. Buyer beware, the rich only get richer at the expense of the middle class.

  • Grace Egner says:

    Contacted the warranty dept twice and they hung up on me twice!! Can’t get any one to tell me how a 60 month 100000 Mile warranty runs out when it’s a 2017 Ram 2500 with 60k in 2021? Thats not 60 months? How does a turbo all of a sudden go out with no explanation as to how or why? They won’t fix it. Sending an email to corporate and written letter. Let’s see if you respond. Oh and turning into BBB. Email me please would love to discuss shady business ethics!!

  • Angie says:

    Our 2017 Jeep Cherokee (under warranty) broke down in May. The local dealer replaced the lifters. In July, it happened again. And so, they replaced the lifters and when the techs took it on the highway, it broke down. And now, it has been in their shop for 8 weeks (EIGHT WEEKS CHRYSLER)!!
    The local shop rep says they are waiting for Chrysler and Chrysler rep says he is waiting for the local shop.
    This is our work vehicle! How long are we to wait?? Local shop offered to let us trade it for a very low price because they’d have to fix it. IT IS UNDER WARRANTY!!
    No one will communicate with us. We do not want legal help because then only the lawyers win. Is legal help the only way? We don’t know what to do.

  • KEN Dohm says:

    Air bag recall has been a nightmarish situation, cost to me for all the other problems caused from this repair has been $1,600 and the repaired areas still don’t work. Have had 3 customer service reps, hoping we quit, they keep assigning a new one. Not sure if the air bag will work ? Tried to contact corporate but all inquiries go back to customer service. claim # 83287268

  • Miguel says:

    How come no one from Chrysler is responding back to any of these comments**** I placed an order for a new 2022 Dodge Ram Dually 3500, built it and ordered it. It was shipped in June with a delivery date of July 22nd and it was never delivered. I have gotten 3 more delivery dates, Aug 08, Aug 22nd, and now Sept 8. I ordered this truck because I own and operate a hauling business and this truck will be my work horse. I have a 4 vehicle hauler waiting for me in Nebraska. I have dealt with the dealership and corporate but I get no answers and no help. I’ve been told this has been escalated but I have not yet got an email confirming that was done like I was told I would. I need this truck delivered, its been in Gallup, NM and is now in Defiance, NM waiting to be sent to El Mirage, AZ to be put on a semi truck to haul to Tucson’s dealership on 22nd, Larry H Miller. I need some help on this, it just seems no one cares and this is not urgent to anyone. There is no communication between the dealership and the rail yard/corporate and the rail yard. It doesnt make any sense to me how this is ok. I need help with the delivery and I need the truck quickly. please help


    • Jay Lewton says:


      I too have ordered a 3500 for my business back in March of 2022. I am getting the exact same answers you are “NONE”. My truck must be parked with yours. It was supposedly shipped on July 19th to Albuquerque. I was told by the dealership that the information they had was over 300 sets of keys were stolen and they don’t know how to resolve the issue. When my dealer asked if they could send their own transporter to get the truck back to the dealership in Show Low, Az and have new keys made and programmed, Chrysler said no!. My latest contact with Chrysler customer service as of Sept 23 was that if I don’t like the answers I am getting then get my deposit back from the dealership and go buy my vehicles elsewhere. Pretty sad that after owning over 100 Chrysler products in 32 years that’s what I am being told.

      I am here with you man.
      Jay Lewton
      Rolling Art Motorsports


    Michael Whitner, My 07 Chrysler Aspen Has Been In The Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Repair Shop Sense 6-16-22 Up To The Present Day. I Have Been Getting Numerous Excuses But Not My Truck. I Brought My Truck From This Dealership In O7!! I Need New Eyes On This Because Know Body Is Moving On My Issue. Going On 2 Months & This Has Been A Hardship On Me & My Family. Heritage Chrysler Parkville MD.21234 Parkville. Please Help Me A Dedicated Customer Sense O7.

  • Tiffany Spencer says:

    July 25, 2022
    Chrysler Management,

    On July 10, 2022, the right front ball joint broke away from my 2020 RAM 1500, while I was driving 70 mph on the highway. As a result, my vehicle skidded out of control and my break line broke making it difficult to stop my truck and extremely scary. Although, I survived this dangerous accident it has left me with PTSD and I am extremely fearful of getting back into my truck—that I used to love so much. I need someone from management at the Corporate Office to help me get out of this vehicle. I have opened a customer service request, case# 81410664, and I have called them several times asking to have my case resolved and escalated to management, to no avail. Customer service has told me several times that they cannot and will not help me get out of my truck through the buyback program, due to current lemon law requirements. Customer service also offered me free oil changes, which is a huge slap in my face considering the circumstances. On Thursday July 21, 2022, customer service rep Clarice told me that she would escalate my case for further review. Today, July 25, 2022, I was told that my request was denied and that no one can help me. This is unacceptable! I purchased my truck in good faith and I’m still paying on my truck although it’s sitting at the dealership with the wheel hanging off. Chrysler sold me a defected vehicle and should make this right by either buying back my vehicle or replacing it with a vehicle equal to my purchase price. I am trying to resolve this issue without taking legal actions against the manufacturer and dealership, which is why I writing this letter. Please put yourself in my position and treat me like you would want to be treated in this awful situation.

    Additional Information: A year after purchasing my truck, the u-joints in the steering column had to be replaced due to excessive rusting. This too is highly unusual for a brand new vehicle also.
    The RAM Service Department Manager here in Elizabethtown, KY stated that the right ball joint on my truck was also extremely rusty and it may have caused the incident on July 10, 2022. I recorded this conversation with the service department manager, during which he also stated that this is clearly a manufacture defect and was not any fault of mine. The General Manager at Swope Ram in Elizabethtown, KY told me to contact Chrysler and that he could not help me, although I purchased the vehicle from his dealership. This is really ridiculous. I am a long time customer of Chrysler and I do not expect to be treated like my life does not matter. Moreover, I do not expect to be stuck with a piece of junk of a truck when I purchased a brand new truck for that very purpose. It is clear that there is excessive rusting on my truck, causing life-threating vehicle malfunctions.

    That said, I hope that you understand what I am dealing with and that someone from management will make this right. (photos upon request)

  • Ellis says:

    Filling a complaint against:
    City Auto Park
    4395 Rt 130
    Burlington Nj 08016
    609- 871-2800
    Took my car on June 14, 22 for a oil change for my trip I was making to Georgia. Drove home from dealer parked the car an didn’t drive it until Jun 16, 22 when we left for Georgia. When we arrived after driving 11 almost 12 hrs there was oil all over the back of the hatch of the car an leaking out from all under the vehicle. Checked the oil stick an there was no oil on the stick, no warning light came on the dash saying low oil,
    I immediately called the Burlington dealer an told them of the problem an Scott whom I spoke to said I must have it something cause there was now way it was leaking all the way, I told him listen this is the second time oil had leaked out previous after a oil changed was done down in Georgia in Sept 2021 an I brought it back an was told it was a bad batch of oil filters they had so they changed the oil filter an said it would be fine, we left an drive back to Nj an it was leaking oil again an brought into the Burlington dealer an they found that the oil plug was installed incorrectly an was leaking from the plug so they put a new oil plug in it an did a oil change, so no I didn’t hit anything this is t the first time I’ve had a problem with oil leaking after a oil change, Scott advised me to take it to a shop anywhere and see what’s going on, I said it’s going to the Savannah dealer,
    I called the Savannah dealer an told them if the problem an they said to get it towed in an no one gave me no assistance with a tow truck or a loner car, I was left stranded to figure it out, so I called several tow company’s an found one paid to have it towed to the Savannah dealer on June 16,22
    The next day I went into the dealership and spoke to Matt the manager an he said they get there best guy on it an have a answer at the end of the day for me,
    Well I waited all day and heard nothing so close to 5pm I called an spoke to another Matt Honeycut cause the Manger Matt left on Vacation.
    Matt Honeycurt said that the Burlington dealer over tighten the oil filter an cracked the oil filter housing. I informed them I’d be leaving on June 18, 22 going back to Nj an I ask several questions an ask what damage has been done running the car with very little oil. He assured me they would run diagnostic tests an go from there.
    I called Burlington an told Scott what was going on an he said he hadn’t heard from them at all.
    I had to find a rental car to get back to Nj an most of the company’s weren’t allowing there cars out of state, was able to finally locate a car at the airport to rent to get back home in time for my daughter’s graduation on June 21,22 at 9 am
    So Saturday June 18 I drove to Savannah dealer to check on my car an told the gentleman there that I needed to clean out the car cause we’d be leaving for home, well there was that gentleman an a lady there an we started asking questions about the car an they both clearly stated as Matt had told me on Friday the Burlington dealer had over tighten the oil filter an cracked the oil filter housing, so now this is 2 other employees stating the same thing so the buzz had already been circulating in there shop about what happened to are car.
    We cleaned out the car then left.
    Later we then started are trip back to Nj.
    Come Monday June 20,22 I reached out to both dealers, Matt at Savannah said the car was done an I owe for a oil change which I refused to pay for in the beginning because I just had the oil changed an this big oil leak was caused by Burlington dealer from what they told me So I called Burlington an spoke to Scott at Burlington an he said he hadn’t heard from them an told me to call there again, I said no you need to call them cause I just spoke to them so I gave him there phone number an Scott called me back later saying they had told him they haven’t even got the car in the shop yet, I said that’s no so they had it in there Friday an already told us what caused the problem.
    So I tried calling Savannah back an they were gone for the day. Well I got no where with either dealer it was back an forth an the story being changed to now Burlington put a aftermarket filter on the car that had a hole in it. Which they had charged me for a Emo filter 339 an that’s not what they even put on the car it was a cheaper filter at the Emo price.
    I spoke to the Savannah dealer again an this time I ask Matt H several More questions as to how many quarts of oil the car lost an how many quarts was in the engine when they did a oil change, why the oil light didn’t come on to warn of low oil level, how many quarts does the stick read an did they do diagnostic tests to see if any damage was cause to the motor from running with little oil in the motor, which must questions he couldn’t answer saying he don’t know then I ask would the car be ok driving it back to Nj. He said personally I would drive it back it might not make it an I would call Corporate an tell them what happen an request they but a new engine in it or buy it back.
    Well after hearing this I decide it was best to have it trailed back instead of taking the risk an it blowing up an once again I’m left stranded with no car, no tow truck, no liner car an it all cost more of a bigger expense then it was already costing me an I was scared it would break down. With the amount of oil the car had lost an was all over the under of the car & breaks my car could have caught on fire or the breaks could’ve failed cause a serious accident with others on the road. We were lucky we were killed from this.
    I later called an informed them that Mrs Fagerstrom would be picking the car up on Monday June 27, an I gave my credit card information over the phone to pay for the oil change,
    When Mrs Fagerstrom arrived to get the car she stated in a email to me they were very rude & unprofessional an were verbally attacking her an she kept saying I’m only here to pick the car up, she was told they didn’t charge for the oil change.
    They said they had to clean the underneath of the car due to the massive amount of oil that leaked all over.
    an said just get the car an get out of here. Which I have the email as well. I also took pictures of when I picked the car up from her house the amount of oil that was still coming out from u Dee the car as I was about to load it onto the trailer.
    She drove the car 8 miles from the dealer to her house an parked the car an in which time the engine light had came on in the car an is still on.

    Now I have looked at this oil filter they said came off my car that there claiming had a hole in it an there is no hole at all in this filter, Now there is 3 marks where you can see there tool was used that left scratches either a 3 prongs wrench or socket but there is no hole. I have also looked under the car an it looks to be a new oil filter houseing that’s been installed cause there is no rust or oxidation on the bolts or the new part as there is on other parts from driving in the winter with the road salt. I can’t be certain unless I take it to someone to take the cover off under the bottom of the engine but from looking where I can see it it looks new.
    So nothing flew up from the road an hit this oil filter when I didn’t hit nothing and there clearly is no hole in it an there’s a bottom engine cover that protects the bottom.
    I want to know what happened to my car, why are they covering this up saying the oil filter had a hole when it don’t. I have the filter an Mrs Fagerstrom also took pictures of it an sent me when she picked the car up.
    This was caused from Burlingtons workmanship an not a defect in the filter.
    I’m left with a car I can’t drive an payments to make on it an Burlington doesn’t want to take responsibility or make good on any of this for what happened to my car that was fine until they changed the oil.
    I have always serviced this 2019 Jeep latitude at both dealers Savannah & Burlington & Hinesville Ga going an coming to an from Nj to Georgia an this oil problem has happened 2 times once at each dealership.
    But this second time cause by Burlington the car lost 3 1/2 quarts of oil an as Matt H at Savannah said this motor is now damaged an won’t last.
    So I need some kind of resolution as to what are they going to do about my motor an the big expensive this has caused me.
    Please help, I want resolution I have all pictures an paperwork for all I am stating an it’s unacceptable that they ruined my car when I’ve taken it to them for all the oils changes thinking they are professionals an my car is in good hands.
    I filed a complaint with the BBB and city auto response was their not responsible cause it wasn’t caused from their workmanship an my response back was this
    I reject what their claiming that this what not due to their workmanship, it most certainly was. It can clearly be seen that the marks on the filter where not caused by anything accept the tool they used to put the filter on with.
    They don’t want to take responsibility for what happened to my car when My car was fine before the oil was changed for the trip.
    They even put a aftermarket filter on my car but yet charged me for the one that is supposed to be put on the car that was more money. Cheaper filter an at the price of the Emo.
    I have picture of the miles an documents that show the mileage when it went into both dealerships before an after an when we noticed the oil leaking out an no warning light came on the dash to warn of such low oil level, which shows the mileage as well in pictures, so it can clearly be seen there was no way to notice oil leaking in small drops before we left in the dark when the car was never moved out of the driveway until the trip.
    The car was not driven other then from Burlington dealer after oil change an then parked until we left an then was driven in the dark at night when we left an if oil had been slowing seeping out when we left it was not noticed in the dark an I wouldn’t have seen it because I wasn’t looking under the car for there to be a problem when I stopped 2 times for gas,
    I paid at the pump then gassed the car up then got back into vehicle an got right back on the road had The car sat in one spot then moved back or forward several feet I would have seen it leaking. But when it leaked before the first time this happened an I drove the car I hadn’t park in the same spot on the driveway as before where it was parked an that’s when I saw it was leaking back on Sept 2021
    So After just servicing the vehicle for the trip your not looking to see if there is any problems with your car, when nothing was wrong with it to begin with an it was serviced for the trip as we have always done coming an going to Georgia due to family in Georgia we use both dealers for are oil changes. As well as the jeep dealer in Hinesville Georgia we don’t just use any place to due service on are cars they only go to the dealer.
    I was told by the Savannah dealer where it was towed that first Burlington dealer over tighten the oil filter an cracked the oil filter housing, then later was told that the filter was damaged due to them installing it using a 3 prong wrench or a socket which the oil filter does have the marks on it from the wrench or socket what ever they had used.
    It’s not uncommon as I was told not to have noticed a couple drops leaking an that as your driving an the engine gets hotter stuff expends an after driving 11 hrs an this filter being damaged from it being overtighten what ever happened during heat expansion it just busted lose an that’s when we had reached are destination an we saw the oil pouring out of the car. Noting can hit the oil filter as their is a undercover covering the bottom of the engine.
    The damage to the filter was not a manufactured defect damage it clearly has the marks on 3 sides from the wrench or socket they used to put it on with, nothing hit this filter an caused that damage to 3 sides of the filter.
    I was also told when I asked Matt H at Savannah if the car would Make it back to Nj without any problems if driven an was told by Matt H at Savannah dealer he would not even advise that we drive it back to Nj an to call Corporate tell them what happened an tell them they need to put a new engine in it or buy the vehicle back cause after driving it with little oil the engine is going to go.

    When I called the Burlington dealer when the oil leak was discovered I told Scott M what was going on he said there is no way you got that far an said I must have hit something that was the first words out of his mouth. He accused me of hitting something,
    I told him listen we did not hit anything an this is the second time this has happened after a oil change at both dealers your Burlington & Savannah’s dealership so no this was not the first time an I didn’t hit nothing.
    Scott M then said to get it towed into a shop anywhere would do an see what going on an I said no it’s going to the Savannah dealer.
    Well it was back an forth with both dealers an neither dealer communicating with us an the story being changed who said what then was told car was done an I owed for a oil change.
    I called an said the car would be picked up because we were already back in Jersey, so Monday June 27 Mrs Sharon Fagerstrom picked up the car.
    After the car was picked up Sharon said the Savannah dealer told her claiming they had to clean the underneath of the car it had a lot of oil coming out from under it.
    It was driven 8 miles from their dealership to Mrs Fagerstrom’s house whom was the lady who picked the car up for us. She also sent a email stating how rude they were to her when she picked the car up an was told to get the car out of there.
    Within that time driving from the Savannah dealer to her house the check engine light had came on an is still on,
    I don’t feel safe driving it for fear the engine is going to blow up or the breaks won’t work to stop the car that we’re covered with oil an oil was still coming out from the rear of the vehicle when it was loaded onto the trailer. I also took pictures of this as well.
    The car was trailered back to Nj an no miles put on the car at all.
    I looked under the vehicle but can only see a small area without removing the undercover from the bottom of the engine an from what I can see is it looks to be a new oil filter housing that was installed on the vehicle as their is no corrosion or rust on the part or bolts an the rest of the cars engine parts do have the oxidation from the road salt in the winter but this new part has none nor do the bolts. It would need to be examined by someone an the undercover taken removed under the bottom to confirm wheather or not this is accurate or not.
    The Savannah dealer is saying all they did was a oil change an cleaned under the vehicle from the massive oil leak an that’s all the work that was done. I don’t know what or who is trying to cover up what happened to my car but this is wrong what their doing.
    This wasn’t the first oil leak that was caused after having a oil changed done, you can see from my documents I summited that Savannah was the first oil leak that happen after the oil was changed Sept 13 then brought back Oct 2 an was told it was a bad batch of oil filters they had so they changed the oil filter an said it was ok, well once returning back to Nj it started leaking oil again an was brought into Burlington an they said the previous dealer Savannah had stripped the oil plug an the replaced it an all was ok, Had the oil changed a couple times after at Burlington then again this time it turned into a major problem an the car losing 3 Quarts of oil an being left stranded an it being towed into Savannah all at are expense. Then having to find away to get back to Nj for my daughter’s graduation at 9am Tuesday morning.
    I want some kind of resolution from this Burlington dealer as I will have the car towed into them for them to figure out why the check engine light is on an what are they going to do about the motor that could have been damaged with it running with only 2 quarts of oil, because had we not reached are destination there would have been no oil left in the vehicle an it surely would have seized the engine had we kept driving it not knowing an no warning light coming on the dash.
    As I said before this could have turned into the car catching fire, or the breaks failing an being in a serious accident.
    This is just unacceptable that I was left with all the bills an the cost it has costed me not to mention a possible engine with damage all due to a oil change an taking care of my vehicle thinking it’s getting professional service done on it that only goes to the dealer for service. I am still waiting to here back from the attorney to see what can be done if I get no resolution from Burlington.
    Well After sending my response Burlington did not respond an the BBB closed the case cause of them not responding, I also filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs an from their a attorney can handle it if you aren’t willing to help find a resolution besides free oil changes.
    I have all the pictures an documentation an the oil filter as well.
    Thank you,
    Mr Miller

    image9.jpegimage10.jpegimage11.jpegimage12.jpegimage13.jpegimage14.jpeg willing to send pictures, image15.jpeg

  • Mahmoud kdeih says:

    Im a Ram 1500 laramie 2016 owner living in qatar, my car had a prob with the ABS system it was sent to the dealer here in qatar and they did wrong diagnosis and they charged me 356usdollar, and now my car is still with them and since 73 days and according to them it needs another 45 days and they will charge me another 1700us dollar as per them the part is not available and they ordered it from mopar and there is prob with the shipment from the dealer in usa, im calling them theu are not answering and ignoring me , they didnt even provide me replacement car and im now renting a car and paying extra money, im a dodge driver since 2010 and this is how im treated and not eveb getting any updates

  • Hope Miller says:

    I purchased a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica last Friday evening and the very next day lesson 24 hours it started running a rough idle and I contacted the sales lady. She said I signed a no cooling off contract and that I’m stuck with that van. I am a disabled lady on 16 prescriptions taking care of a disabled daughter. I traded in my 2019 Kia Sorento which they valued at $20,000 and I owed $12,700. Now I owe approximately 28,000 on a Pacifica that sounds like the transmission is falling out of it. I read High Point Mitsubishi reviews and they have done this to a lot of people. Do you think the Chrysler dealership here in High Point North Carolina can fix this fan for me. I am on disability and I cannot afford to be without a car I have doctor’s appointments and so does my daughter have to pick up prescriptions. My name is Hope Miller my email address is puppy 2951@gmail.com. please help

  • Walter Fischer says:

    I have a Dodge Ram photo I would like to share with your great company. My 3500 Dodge Ram turbo diesel was involved in a terrible accident. Pulling a trailer. My truck and trailer were on its roof. Thanks to your quality and god, no deaths or injuries. Thank you.
    Dodge Tuff, Dodge stronger

  • Trent Wennlund says:

    I’ve been a customer for a long time, but having my brand new Pacific in the shop for over two weeks and Chrysler not covering my rental car will make this the last one I ever own.

  • Robin Bridges says:

    You need to lower the prices on the jeep renegades again or bring out a small car. Gas prices are stopping me from buying. You can’t get a renegade fully loaded without paying an arm and leg. Bring back the style of a 2011 Chrysler 200 S those was great cars for 24,000 fully loaded.

  • kenny says:

    merrick dodge in ny is the worst. my son needs a battery for his jeep that is leased and under warranty he would have to leave it for a couple days and they don’t have a loaner and he needs car to go to work.

  • Randy Patterson says:

    The corporate history shown above appears to have been written by a teenage college student. Chrysler “bailed out twice” and “rocket-powered” with “great fame in public”?
    I’ve owned seven Jeeps. Currently two Grand Cherokee Summits.; one a diesel. I have enjoyed my Jeeps, but am troubled by their corporate ownership changes and a complete lack of customer service at the headquarters level. They seem to operate on the vapors of TV marketing alone without regard to customer input or response. Having one more foreign owner does not give me confidence going forward.
    Another example is my bio-diesel claim now still waiting almost two years. I believe they are trying to slip away from paying out the court ruling.

  • james E Davis says:

    I have a Dodge 2012 caravan in a ship in Louisville KY going on four weeks it needs a part for the motor a#2 head the tell me the cant get the part. It a disable van a left inside how can I get help with

  • >