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Where is Christmas Tree Shops Corporate office Headquarters

Christmas Tree Shops Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 650 Liberty Avenue, Union, NJ 07083, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-463-1549

  • Fax Number: 908-688-6483

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 1234

  • Established: 1970

  • Founder: Charles Bilezikian & Doreen Bilezikian

  • Key People: Charles G. Bilezikian

Christmas Tree Shops Headquarters Location & Directions

Christmas Tree Shops Headquarters Executive Team



Charles G. Bilezikian

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Johnson


About Christmas Tree Shops, History and Headquarters Information

Headquartered in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, Christmas Tree Shops was incorporated by Doreen and Charles Bilezikian in 1970 in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. It started as a complex of three small stores (Front Shop, Back Shop, and Barn Shop). Bed Bath & Beyond acquired this company in 2003.

 Christmas Tree Shops Inc. owns and handles a chain of retail stores. The Company provides a wide variety of Christmas tree ornaments, food, toys, household furnishings, and Christmas decoration products. Christmas Tree Shops provides its services to its customers all over the United States. They started with one store and now have reached a count of 83 separately located stores. The company has various distribution centers which include Middleboro, Massachusetts, and Florence, New Jersey.

Christmas Tree Shops Headquarters Photos

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  • Scott Justason says:

    Today I saw your carriage at Nashua New Hampshire on Main Street on the side of railroad tracks on side the new restaurant

  • Gayle Sweeney says:

    What a sin an institution in Massachusetts destroyed by the new owners! An incomparable disgrace my heart is broken for our beloved Christmas Tree shop. I hope these owners NEVER own another business they’re degenerates!

  • Leslie Novak says:

    Beach towels Price was marked at $9.99 with 10%off
    However when we got home charged $13.99 each with 10% off $12.59. I understand going out of business, but not fair to price gouge? Do I file dispute with my credit card or can you help?

  • joan says:

    Why did they change Christmas Tree Shop. They should have left it the way it was. I was much more fun to shop when prices were lower and had bigger selections. I can see why the upscale CTS is going out. If I want upscale I will go to Home Goods. I miss the old CTS.

  • Jenna Marie says:

    I went to the Somerville Massachusetts location yesterday to make a return. It’s about a half hour ride from my house and I don’t go out often considering my severe PTSD anxiety disorder and ADHD. When I do go out it’s usually shopping when I have time/a sitter. I got there during their first shift I guess or a separate shift or other and then all of a sudden a manager came on and I had been there for a few hours I understand why that could be concerning however I had money, I also had a $200 gift card. I had two carts full of stuff there was a lot of sales I was excited I was FaceTime in my friend to help me with designs since I am redoing a couple of rooms in my house and that was my main reason for this trip, and to get decor and stuff like that. All of a sudden there was a manager named Andy. He kept coming up to me asking me if I was OK and eventually took my carts, both of them. I asked if I could have them but I was looking through them and I was taking stuff out that I wasn’t going to buy so that I could check out, he said yeah I’ll hold them upfront and I said I was doing it right here so I can put the stuff away. He just walked away he ignored me so then I grabbed another cart, tears falling down my eyes and just grab a couple things that I could remember I got. He approaches me for like the sixth or seventh time now and says you’ve been here too long I said but you act like I’m talking to people or causing a problem or anything I’m just shopping quietly by myself, and I said you have a problem with me what is it because I have tattoos what is it? And then he was like oh I don’t want you to think that any post me aside and talk to me I told her about my family he seems like everything was OK so I finished what I had to get and then all of a sudden there was a police officer coming up to me saying he wanted me to leave. There was two other people there I was talking to they were buying outdoor furniture cushions and we were both comparing the colors and stuff like that, mixing and matching for outdoor patio furniture I was like in the I asked you what the problem was and the other people said the same thing and the officer said he doesn’t have a problem with you guys he has a problem with her. I said why, because I have a backpack, I was carrying a mini backpack as a purse I opened it I showed him it was nothing in it instead I just checked out and I left. I had to sit in my car for an hour before I could drive because I was shaking so badly I’ve never been treated like this in my entire life, for doing exactly what I should’ve been doing in that store, shopping. I don’t know how this man is it in management but considering his job is to make sure the stores running smoothly and probably making as much profit as possible, he did the exact opposite. What bothers me the most is that he knows about my life because he pulled me aside and we talked and I told him about a lot of stuff going on and he still did that to me so if you don’t want to be treated like you are less than, embarrassed beyond belief for no reason, I would avoid the Summerville location. At least one Andy’s working. Another worker came up to me at one point and said we’re sorry, he’s just like that. Which gives me a little more comfort knowing there’s a chance I may not be the only person who’s singled out for no reason at all!

  • Ashely says:

    Christmas tree shop in Harrisburg, pa is horrible . You have a girl who is working there name brenna at the Harrisburg store who does drugs in her the Christmas tree parking lot . That’s the kind of workers you have running this company?? This is sick! I will never return to this store ever again

    • JH says:

      A worker in a store does not constitute “running the company”.
      Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey would be running the company.
      An excellent place to file your complaint.

  • Kathleen Rocci says:

    I am appalled how I was treated at your Brick NJ store today, 7/18/22. A bin on the checkout line was marked “Kitchen Essentials $1.00” with nautica pot holders in it. I asked the cashier to please check the price and she stated it was $6.99. She then proceeded to explain that people drop more expensive items in the bin with sale items, that wasn’t the case, the bin was clearly marked “Kitchen Essential $1.00”. When she had an associate come for a price she started whispering to the associate about the ordeal and stated I wanted to only pay $1.00. When the associated went to the bin which was behind me, she moved the sign to the correct bin. When I said, see the bin is incorrectly marked, she then insulted me in front of other customers and stated “It’s common sense”, when it was clearly marked wrong. To top it off, the rude cashier charged me for the nautica pot holders, even though I told her I didn’t want them and had the original potholders that I planned on purchasing. I had to return to the store for a refund! Please educate your employees, that the customer is usually right and specifically this incident the customer was correct and the employees were unprofessional and rude.

    • JH says:

      The customer is always right.
      This employee should be demerited and removed from her public platform while she undergoes PR training.
      Unboxing items in the back is a fitting strategy to help train arrogant employees.
      Next time you have a problem with an employee always take your complaint directly to the Manager in charge. Avoid the peons.

  • Dorothy says:

    Last night the manager at the north conway store was yelling at one of the elderly lady workers being awfully aggressive towards her I told him infant of the customers wasn’t a place for this so he then started to attack me saying this is his store and he will handle it his own way. Never in my life have I been so afraid for myself and that poor woman. I think his name was Matt or Mark

  • Kasey says:

    I fainted at work Monday at your orange location. I stumbled out the rest room to look for help. I stumbled upon Jennifer dahm I asked her to get help and she refused helping me until I yelled I needed a ambulance then I heard the manager Gary!! Say to my other manager Lala whom was the only one who helped me by the way say why did she need to call the ambulance. I heard him say she should call someone to come get her. I feared that if Lala wasn’t there I wouldn’t have been helped and christine was only concerned with filling my position before I left not my health all three parties were unprofessional

  • Amy douglas says:

    I applyed for a job and desided i didnt want it. Now there saying im being fired when i never worked for them. Now there saying its going on my record i was being fired the girl who said it was named Erica and this was in the holyoke mass store

  • Ancoria Miller says:

    I fell of the later at your Henrietta location and they terminated me because I have to go see the chiropractor on Monday at 10:30. I’m writting to put in a complaint because they will not give me my incident report and they are refusing to give me HR number so I was told my lawyer to emails you this . I’m still in pain from falling off the later. 5856138247

  • Bruce says:

    I don’t think Chuck Belzekian (MHRiP)would have stood for all this bad press,

  • Christine Krause Frazee says:

    You sold me a patio umbrella at the end of April for $45. It was on my patio for May, June and July. It is so faded, it looks as if it is a few years old. You will not give me a refund with my receipt because the purchase is 2 weeks past your new 90-day policy. There is no mention of this on the receipt. A patio umbrella should last a few seasons. I have been cheated, have no recourse, and I am extremely disappointed in Christmas Tree Shops. You’ve lost a very good customer.

  • Anonymous says:

    On July 1st I was shopping in the Christmas tree shop in Greensboro and as I was checking out an older white lady with gray hair and glasses her name started with a “C”was very rude to the cashier the cashier was very nice and apologized for the scene that we had just witnessed some people should not work with people if they can’t talk to them with respect

  • Marykate McCabe says:

    I want to compliment Eric in the Poughkeepsie store! He went above and beyond today to try and find 20 galvanized utensil caddies (33086996). He was not successful as I need 20 for my daughters wedding but he called every store inour state and even check other states to find them for me. This kind of customer service is why I love your store! I wish I had gotten his last name but Thank you So much for trying ERIC!!!!!

  • Sulay says:

    WHY do you send these coupons like 2 days BEFORE THEY EXPIRE?!?!

    In actuality, it is a ONE DAY window since the store I use is CLOSED ON SUNDAYS (due to that city’s blue laws). This coupon expired on May 9th – I had ONE DAY to take advantage of the promo!

    PLEASE email these EARLIER.

  • Gerald Robinson says:

    When will you get in the Tea Lights 50 in a bag Bar code 0 00030 45450 7 You been out of the of over a month .

  • Joan Granda says:

    I just shopped at the Christmas Tree Shop in Hartsdale, NY. All over the store are signs to stay 6 feet apart because of Covid. When I got to the checkout there were 3 registers open-all 3 next to each other even though the store has 14 registers. I had to squeeze between 2 women with 2 children and a baby. I mentioned this to the cashier who just shrugged. I then asked to speak to the manager who told me she gets her instructions from corporate and I should call then if I had a problem. She then yelled at the employee who called her saying ‘you called me for THIS’. Needless to say I left very angry that there was so little concern about my issue.

  • David Belmonte says:

    I shopped in your Greensboro NC store and the unprofessional behavior by the girl at the cashier named CLASSIE which from my experience was not Classie whatsoever. First she had body odor so bad that several customers stepped away from the counter. Second, The way she was dressed in a seethrough shirt show her black bra she was wearing and she was unaware that her areola and nipple was showing. I politely mentioned it to her discreetly and she rudely told me to mind my own white supremacist mind.. If this is who you are hiring to work for the Christmas Tree shop, and the way I was treated , I will no longer shop at this store or any of your stores ever, I called the Manager and spoke to Timisha that day after I left and they didn’t seem to care to hear about my complaint about this employee named Classie. I will never shop at your store again. They unprofessionalism of these kids you hire need schooling on how to be professional when deal with customers of every color. I am appalled to be called a white supremacist by your employee classie.

  • David Belmonte says:

    I am appalled by the unprofessionalism of your employee at your Greensboro NC store I recently shopped at. I witnessed Classie call a customer a while supremacist and saying she thinks she has white entitlement.
    Also this day she was dressed in a see though top showing only a bra and her breast’s were hanging out showing her nipple.
    She’s totally disgusting. If this is who you hire. I will no longer shop any of your stores. I usually spent a minimum of $500 per shopping visit. But as long as this person is working for your company. I will not shop there. I reported this to your managers at the store and apparently they have done nothing.

  • Rachel B says:

    You have no clue how much I love your store. I’d say about 80% of my home is decorated by you. It broke my heart when I moved from New York to South Carolina to find out the nearest Christmas tree shop is 3 hours away!! Not only that, I was hugely disappointed when I could not even shop online. You should consider opening a store in the Bluffton/Hilton Head Island area. This town is expanding at a rapid pace and I can guarantee your store will thrive here!

  • Agnes Macisco says:

    Hi, we recently moved here in Chapin South Carolina and found that the nearest Christmas Tree Shop is in Greenville SC. It’s an hour and a half from us and would hope that your Corp. would consider putting one in Harbison Blvd in Columbia SC. Harbison Blvd has all your top end stores and Christmas Tree Shop would be a Great and I might say very profitable store. There is a empty store {Babies are Us] that is empty and I believe it is bigger than the store in Greenville. Please consider looking into it since there is no other Christmas Tree Shop any place around here, Thank you for your time. Agnes Macisco

  • Leilani Macari says:

    I am very disappointed, I ordered a bookcase and was sent the wrong item and I returned the item very promptly and now I’m told to wait 30 days for a refund that was not my fault to begin with. I can honestly say that after 25 yrs. of shopping at CTS those days are over.

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