Where is Choice Hotels Corporate office Headquarters

Choice Hotels Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 Choice Hotels Circle
    Suite 400
    Rockville, MD 20850
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 301-592-5000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: ihelp@choicehotels.com
  • Number of Employees: 1300
  • Established: 1939
  • Founder: Stewart Bainum Sr.
  • Key People: Pat Pacious

Choice Hotels Headquarters Location & Directions

Choice Hotels Headquarters Executive Team



Patrick S. Pacious

President, CEO & Director

Dominic E. Dragisich

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Wu

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & External Affairs

David A. Pepper

Chief Development Officer

Janis Cannon

Senior Vice President

Patrick Cimerola

Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert McDowell

Chief Commercial Officer

John Bonds

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations and Technology

Mark Pearce

Senior Vice President, International Division

William Carlson

Senior Vice President, Performance Analytics

About Choice Hotels, History and Headquarters Information


Choice Hotels was founded in the year 1939. The company has been active for almost 80 years now. The company was founded by seven motel owners. The former name of the company was Quality Courts United, which changed to Quality Motels in 1969 and again to Quality Inns, in the year 1972.

After the year 1972, the company started franchising, and therefore established their presence in over 300 locations, all over the USA, in about 40 states. Around the 1980s and the 1990s, the company pioneered the lodging industry. In the year 1992, the company became the most significant franchise hotel worldwide. Then in the year 1996, the company became a limited public entity. The company also started to introduce new features into their hotel rooms, including non-smoking rooms, internet services, etcetera. As of the year 2018, the company had acquired Woodspring Suites, which increased the portfolio size of the company by an extra 350 properties. The company also expanded in the Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific and many more other countries too.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 1 Choice Hotels Circle, Suite 400. The name of the place is Rockville, while the name of the state is Maryland, USA. The area pin code is 20850.


Choice Hotels is an American chain of the international hotel company that focuses on providing not only the largest but also the best lodging services around the world. The current president and CEO of the company are Pat Pacious. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $1 billion. The number of employees currently working for the company, on a global scale is more than 1900. The number of properties that are franchised is more than 6,800 in over 40 countries.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have the best experience when it comes to hotels and lodging places. The company provides the largest hospitality services in the world, along with franchising options as well. The company operates under various brand names, namely Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, etcetera.

Choice Hotels ​Corporate Office Photos

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  • Tarji Dunn says:

    I want to speak Executive John Bonds regarding how you are treating your customers

  • Timothy says:

    My name is Tim Holland. Email is tlholla624@gmail.com. I am having problems . I now show 3 different accounts. I can’t sign in to any of them. I have called customer service 3 times and I still do not have this resolved. The account TXH801914 shows me 30368 points which seems correct t. The original account is TXH 62353 was working up to 4/24/21. I requested a 100. Vis gift card that I received. It has not worked since. I just received a email yesterday with account TXH801814. Can someone please help?

  • Scott Schuyler says:

    Wow was evacuated due to fires in cal , only place to go was Quality Inn in Vacaville
    In the last 6 months I’ve stayed in 4 choice family of hotels from North Dakota to Washington Oregon and California I seen frost hand local hotels are cutting staff and services No coffee in lobby no hot breakfast no pools and rates went up
    We clean with bleach and Uv rays kills COVID but pools are closed
    Not happy and wouldn’t refer or return

  • STEVE HART says:

    recently had a short stay at the Comfort Inn in Pasadena on Colorado . i left my room to go to Walgreens to stock up on my toiletries . let me just tell you first ” im African American”. Now as im coming back from Walgreens , i go to there little breakfast room where they prepare the breakfast fo the guest . As i entered the room , a rather dark Lady with glasses looks at me with a very nasty stare as she walks towards me , shaking her head and saying NO NO NO ! You dont stay hera ? I just looked at her with a smile and said ” Who you might be ? ” She tilts her head up high and say , ‘ im Marry the head Mistress around here ! ” now im just shocked . did i hear her right . i just smiled . and said ” Come Again ? ” She said it with TUTED//// ‘ IM THE HEAD MISTRESS AROUND HEREA “……..and you need to leave please . i just smiled and produced my me key…….The Color Purple….. Now clearly this Lady ‘FOB” did not know what her job title was ……So i go and find the GM at the front desk in the lobby…. i say ‘ hello ! ” hello ! The lady sitting with him at the frontdesk says “He only can hear out of one ear .” just when she finished her sentence . A White Gent. approached the desk and said ‘ hello ” one time and the GM said ” hello ? ” i was shocked again . i looked around . no people of black color worked there and none never did . Now its said such a respectable hotel do not want African Americans there . But they got an illegal head maid thinking she’s running a HOE house as head HOE and a deaf GM hearing aid doesnt work for African Americans.

  • Patricia Chase #PXC28153 says:

    Made reservations online showed a beautiful picture of hotel. When we got there we were totally shocked to see what shape Econolodge on 121 E. Mill Creek Road in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We checked in to the hotel on 10-11-19 checked out on 10-13-19. The rooms that they assigned to me was 135-234. We checked the rooms out. I was not happy. I could not lock the door. Felt very unsafe. Dead bolt did not work. No coffee makers. Wash cloths looked like dirty rags. Also, my husband is handicap and they put us on the second floor. There was an elevator but was concern on the condition it was in and if it broke down you would be stuck in the elevator and there was no maintenance on site. Air conditioner did not work. The knobs were broken. Pool was green. I went down to the office to inform them of the situation and there was no manager in the office just one employee running the front desk. Someone from Choice needs to check these hotels that are not up to spec. There was a few Choice members that was not happy at all. My husband and I was so disappointed. My husband sister and niece came to visit us for the first time. We wanted to surprise them by taking them to Pigeon Forge as it was the niece 60th birthday. We were so embarrassed. The reason why I became a Choice Member was to avoid hotels like this. Someone from Choice and the Econolodge manager was to contact me of this situation and I have not heard from anyone. After I checked in later that evening, I called Choice and talked to Gwen. I told her about the situation nothing was done. I called Choice again told them of the situation. She gave me a Reference #R9638303. She offered me 2000 points and I informed her that was an insult and she would not stay at this hotel. This situation should have been dealt with with one phone call. Patricia Chase

  • Former Worker says:

    Mr. Patrick S. Pacious, President /CEO of Choice Privileges Corporation need to be sure that the owners of ANY hotel have the CREDENTIALS to run their company and, POLICY HANDBOOKS needs to be in place!!!!! I have only been working for ECONO LODGE 3986 State Rd S-8 Hwy 52 in St Stephens, SC for only (2) weeks before I decided to quit!! No formal training was provided and on the first evening shift I found a HAND WRITTEN spiral notebook with INCOMPLETE STEP BY STEP information on how to perform the front desk clerk’s job? This was suppose to be their so called policy for this Hotel? Which was acceptable by the owners wife. Seriously? From that point on I was left ALONE at the front desk from 4pm-11pm customers coming in to book a room knew I was new and a few of them had sympathy for me knowing that’s not right. The couple / owners of this Hotel WENT OUT to their CONVOCATION two nights in a row!!!!! One guest told me to beware of manager: Mr. P.K. Patel because of his bad attitude, which I witnessed the day before I quit. I agree, I made a mistake entering a guest in the wrong room and apologized. Mr. P.K. Patel said, “ok”. Five minutes later he comes back, “Ok is not good enough”! That’s when I decided to quit for that was a threat to me. If, I stayed there and made another mistake it’s cause for me to be fired. I will NOT allow another employer to fire me in this at will state of S.C. Finally, I was told by the person that referred me to this hotel will also be quitting and the third shift employee stated, ” that’s why no one ever stays employed here”. He’s also looking for other employment!

    • chris miles says:

      I agree I also work for choice in ma, and the new gm has no training and treats his work like shit!!!! I am looking to transfer because of the gm here

  • Mark Thomas says:

    Below is my complaint filed yesterday September the 9th for my stay on September the 7th at the Clarion Inn and Suites in Clearwater, Florida. I used 16,000 of my points for the stay and it was my birthday weekend. After I followed up I was told they would only refund 6,000 of my points. I called back and talked another person and they heard my story again and put me on hold then came back and said and I quote “I will offer you another 6,000 points then close the case so you cannot complain anymore”. I said excuse me and said that was unacceptable to say that to a customer and closed the call. Then they called me back in about 15 minutes and said they would refund the 16,000 points. I cannot believe I was treated this way and it took quite sometime for them to mitigate this issue. I sent pictures of the room i was given to grdesk@choicehotels.com and I have many more. Please see below my complaint

    I booked an overnight stay for the night of September 7, 2019 at I have been a Choice Privilege member for years. My member number is MXT57763. I chose this hotel because the reviews were good. My wife and I wanted an weekend away for my birthday. When we arrived we checked in and were given room 389. No king suite was available so i opted for a two full bed suite. No issue at all. When we got too the room the key cards did not work so I went down to the front desk and the agent Karen said she changed the room but forgot to code the keys. Again no issue really and she was very nice. When we opened the door we were taken aback on the condition of the room. The curtains had holes in them, a chair had material dragging on the floor, the mirrored closet door was off the track and had not been cleaned at all. The outside of the microwave had some stuff on it I have no idea. The mattresses had stains. All the door jams were filthy like they have not been cleaned in months. The bathroom tile had hair on it. My wife said she can not stay there. I then went down to the front desk again and told Karen. She was apologetic and then coded 2 other rooms so I can take a look at those. Room 380 was not much better and room 178 was somewhat acceptable. I spent 20 to 30 minuted of my time to find a nice room which is not right at all. We did not want to leave and find another hotel so we took that room. The bathroom floor in that room was sticky and again there was some hair in corners. I have stayed at numerous hotels in the Choice chain and always found them clean with no issues. Karen did say they were in the process of remodeling some of their rooms and overall she was very nice and accommodating. I put the blame on the head of housekeeping. I do not understand how they can say those rooms were ready for customers. I used my points for the room and am very upset how this pretty much ruined my birthday weekend.


    Mark E Thomas

  • Deb Denis says:

    Horrible experience. Dirty, smelly, and torn furniture. When I wanted money back she called security to throw me out. Rude and unresponsive. No management available in a service industry…Wow.

  • Roger Dock says:

    I stayed at the Quality Inn Dry RIDGE KENTUCKY. #232 6/4/19 Got up to take a shower, and no water. I called the front desk and the woman said she don’t know why there was no water, but the manager would be in later. I had to get going so I had a bottle water and used that to take a wash rag bath uh, So when i was to check out the Manage told me it was a water main that broke. I had ask for a discount and he was quick to say it was not his fault and that all the motels in the area were with out water. He was rude and he walked away when I ask if he could give me a discount because there was no water. Again he spoke loud and said it is not our fault that there was no water. So I left and went to The Hampton in next door and ask them if they had a water problem, they said yes for 5 minutes because there was a air in the water lines, they said every motel in the area was to bleed the air off there water system. I told the manager at the Hampton in and he said well you get what you pay for. The room we had was not very clean broken tile in the bath room, window shade with holes in it and it would not shut completely. This Quality Inn needs a make over big time. Will never stay there again. Manager was not very polite and he was quick to go on defense, no quality in this manager. Now I understand what it means, “BY THE BOOK-BY THE BOOM” I suggest you stop using this slogan it sucks and so does Quality Inn. Account #655462084

  • Gary says:

    I can not express how disappointed I am with Choice Hotels.
    I recently paid for a night at an “anything but” Quality Inn located in Jacksonville, Fl.
    I checked in around 3:00 p.m., went to a meeting and arrived at my room around 8:00 p.m. When entering the room I noticed abject FILTH! I called the front desk, spoke with Star and explained how bad the room was. Pee on the bathroom floor, no shower curtain, the rod in the shower had been pulled from the wall and left leaning against the toilet, used soap in the shower, the floor looked like it had not been vacuumed in weeks. I requested another room and was told there were none available. Star came to the room and hung up a shower curtain.
    I told Star I wanted to check out and not be billed but she informed me I would still be charged. I slept in my car!

    I sent the following email to Tia Duggan, the alleged general manager:
    Unfortunately we both are cognizant that absolutely nothing will be done.
    I am confident this is not an isolated incident and corporate should be apprised of the deplorable conditions.
    It states very little for the gm to allow a staff member and or an employee to allegedly clean a room and leave it in the condition that I witnessed.
    I called the front desk to inform the representative. She came up with a shower curtain, hung it up and seemed to be as surprised as I was concerning the conditions.
    The shower bar was pulled out of the wall and leaning against the toilet! I would hope housekeeping should be a little more informed as to what to do, or to state the room needed work.
    I asked Star for a different room, to no avail.
    I stay between 150 and 200 nights a year at hotels and have witnessed virtually every condition. I am Lifetime Platinum with Marriott, Diamond with Hilton, affiliated with Laquinta, Holiday Inn and Choice hotels but have NEVER seen a room in this condition.
    Your location was convenient for where I needed to be at 7:30 a.m.
    At this juncture, I believe you should refund the cost I paid.

    Tia Duggan essentially told me to F. O!

    I have subsequently contacted and have had numerous responses from disenchanted subjects that wrote negative reviews on both TripAdvisor and Yelp and contacted an attorney to discuss a class action suit against Choice Hotels and this Quality Inn.

    I have also been communicating with the Duval County Board of Health.

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