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Choice Home Warranty Corporate office Headquarters

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Choice Home Warranty

  • Address: 2147 NJ-27, Edison, NJ 08817, United States
  • Phone Number: +18885315403
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 500+
  • Established: 2005
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Jim Mostofi - CEO

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Choice Home Warranty Headquarters Executive Team



Jim Mostofi


Jason Matano

Director of IT

Carmen Laca

Director Of Customer Service

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  • Sharon Jepson says:

    Lied to by Choice Home Warranty when we called and signed up. Blatantly lied to, according to person my wife talked to earlier. Deceptive trade practices according to what told when we signed up and what told now. Not a misunderstanding. No way to talk to corporate or supervision, from what we have found. We never would have signed up if we knew initially what they are saying now. We had choices & now no!!! They called me a liar, and that I was never told what I was told.

  • Tyler Sanders says:

    This place called me one day begging me to help one of their customers. I decided to go see what needed to be done and their customer had a drain clogged real bad and everything in his house that he tried to drain would end up in his basement. I decided to help the old man out and took the job, never signed anything with this company. I paid for the snake I had to rent and paid my employees wages and we made that old man happy. Then they had me do some paperwork over the internet but I told them I didn’t want to be one of there go to guys. They call me a couple days later with the same problem. I said no and a hour later they called back saying they couldn’t find anyone who could help these people so I went and did that job to. Then I tried to get paid for both jobs and since I told them I would never work for them again they have told me I have to wait 180 days to get paid. These people are disrespectful as all hell and I have learned since then that they do this to all kinds of small business owners all across America. I have been in contact with at least 17 of them. I am not playing anymore games here, I want my money with late payments now. You should be in jail for what you’re doing to small businesses that do your work while you steal our money.

  • Erin Cabalero says:

    I’m so upset with how your company has handled my case after I purchased my house that was built in 2016. Every day your team has asked for proof of a rusted drain pan from the AC. I’ve submitted, and that’s an extra day or so. My HVAC tech who cleaned my condenser (A drain pan gets water drips from a dirty condenser) was submitted on 8/2/22 & he looked me in the eyes and stated that I didn’t need a new drain pan, there was no standing water, and I shouldn’t pay to replace it. Every week, I pay more money out of my pocket waiting on CHW. I finally was advised to pay $220 for a new drain pan (after being told that I only needed a letter from the HVAC tech that the drain pan has nothing to do with the evaporator coil) that has nothing to do with my evaporator coil broken (confirmed by 2 HVAC techs as well) and now I’m on day 5 waiting for your team to even respond to my repair update. You recently denied my claim for the evaporator coil part ranging from $2500-3500, now saying that my drain pan should’ve been replaced before I filed this claim on 9/5/22. I feel like I got ripped off signing up for your services, I’m out of pocket $220 (new drain pain), $350 (refrigerant so my AC can even work), another $250 (refrigerant so my AC can even work), plus two service fees, hours taken off of work, hours calling on the phone, and this is all for your company to deny my claim. I am so upset by the way your company strategically asked for proof, waiting days in between to respond, to string me along and try to get me to just give up. If I would’ve known when my AC broke on 9/5/22, that I would need to spend almost a $1,000 and you would deny my claim anyway, I would’ve had an AC working on 9/6/22.

  • Seth in TX says:

    3 weeks without an AC here in TX.. their service tech said our compressor is shot and will need a new unit.. claim was denied stating compressor was under manufacture warranty. When asked for proof, they sent an email with typed up dates as their confirmation. After a week of our own research thanks to the service tech who came out, we proved they were lying and it was NOT under warranty (last week).. we call 2-3 times a day to find out what is going on with the “case manager” but only get a voicemail stating they will call us back.. haven’t spoken to this person since last week even though we call multiple times a day. Filed a complaint with BBB and will file complaint with Attorney general.. they have numerous lawsuits from AGs in other states including their home state of NJ..

  • Rosie Christian says:

    I have had my policy 225289830 for several years but, with this policy 168437376 has been open since August 3rd the first maintenance workers they said was not able to get the work order they needed. Then they sent another maintenance worker out without notifying me and I was not happy. I am handicap and this is crazy that a person should not have to wait over 2 weeks much less a month for a fridge to be fixed especially for a fan. I think I should be compensated with a new one.

  • Chris Ziegler says:

    I am making a formal complaint related to my water heater leak and replacement! Claim number 165572317. I purchased a 3 year plan that became effective 7/13/22. Unfortunately on 7/15/22 it leaked causing a flood in my basement. I followed your procedure which included exceedingly long waits on hold only to get staff unable to speak and understand English well enough to provide proper instructions causing more calls to clarify. Claim was denied stating is was pre existing. So, would it be covered in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months no one is able to answer this question! I now have concerns as you can say the same about any covered item at any time of break down. Where is the fairness to the customer and how can you be trusted! I was offered $400 for a $1,711.86 replacement water heater which does not include labor! I have asked to cancel my policy and of course it will cost me $50 and I get to wait 2-4 weeks. I feel this has been treated unfairly and I am extremely disappointed in your customer service.

  • Juanita B Ceasar says:

    June 24, 2022
    I am very disappointed in the service I am receiving from Choice Home Warranty.

    I am sending this as an official complaint. Claim # 160737772 to replace furnace was opened on
    June 10, 2022 and this claim has not been completed. Today I spoke to Jaimee in customer service along with the technician at Tabor’s Complete Comfort Mechanical and discovered that Choice delivered the furnace to an address that is vacant and is not the correct address for the business. Currently the furnace is not found and can not determine where the furnace is. We have been without air conditioning for 2 weeks. My husband has underling health conditions and this has been a medical strain on him with 98 degrees of heat in the Chicago area. We have been forced to seek other means of relief for him and myself. This claim has been very difficult from the beginning. The technician claims he was providing the full information on the replacement of the furnace when Choice continued to say the information was not supplied. I had to 3 way Choice and Mr. Tabors on the phone to clear up the matter. Finally the furnace is ordered and was shipped to wrong address. Please give this your immediate attention and follow up with me on the status asap. Thank you

    June 28, 2022
    I spoke to Alex on yesterday, June 27th and he was suppose to call me back after her escalated my claim #160737772 and have not gotten a response. This claim has been pending since June 10th. Choice sent the equipment to the wrong address and reordered on June 24th. I have not received any status on this claim. We have been without air for 18 days with the temperature in the 90’s and my husband has underlying health conditions. I am very disappointed with Choice. Please call me with an update for delivery.

    • Seth in TX says:

      Please reach out to your states attorney general.. google choice home fraud lawsuits.. in there home state of NJ $800,000… AZ AG filled a suit in 2019.. my family is in the same boat.. no AC but for only 3 weeks.. first they told us compressor was under warranty which was a lie.. proved to them from our investigation that it was not under warranty 2 weeks ago and still nothing.. it’s a scam and false advertisement.. read the fine print and you will see they will try to cover next to nothing.. their call center is in another country and nobody has a supervisor you can speak with.. file with BBB and contact your local news station and Attorney General.. choice home employees jobs are to give you the run around and do as little as possible..

      • Robert in Texas says:

        My AC unit is leaking, and the last 2 companies CHW sent out was only worried about the 2.5 drive from Austin they had to trec. There is a trusted AC/Heating company 15 minutes from my home, who has serviced my A/C for the past 6 years. Now CHW tells me I cannot request this company to work on my A/C and I instead must go with the company CHW picks. I have been a customer of CHW since 2011 with 3 different homes in 2 different states, I am retired U.S. Navy. I am dealing with a similar issue with CHW here in Texas. I called and I requested to speak to representative in the U.S. I was told by the rep who was in the Philippines that they do not have the capability to transfer to the U.S. I informed the rep of the law, which requires a U.S. based company who contracts with other countries to enable that said contractor rep to transfer the customer to the country of their request. Again, she repeated, they do not have that capability.

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