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Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant which was started in 1993. In a period of 20 years, Chipotle has become a famous food chain and they have created a chain of more than 1500 restaurants. Chipotle is famous for its tacos, salads, burritos and burrito bowls.

The motto that Chipotle Mexican grill team follows is to offer its customers good fast food which is not like other fast foods available in the market. They provide considerable customer support services to their customers through their mail and phone.

Chipotle Headquarters Address – If you wish to write a letter or drop in a parcel or drive to the headquarters, then you can use the below-mentioned address.

Newport Center Dr

California, Newport Beach,

United States,

Phone Number – +1 303-595-4000


Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to Chipotle. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.chipotle.com/

Chipotle Headquarters Info & Photos

The Chipotle headquarters is located in Newport Beach, California. The new headquarters will be home to most of its corporate teams, including the operations team, business development department, marketing team, finance & communications, supply chain, food safety and HR departments.

The headquarters in Newport has an office space of 274,000 square feet. It has 18 floors and includes various amenities like health & fitness center, outside common areas and cafeterias.

Earlier the HQ was situated in Denver, Colorado. The management team and the Board of Directors used to share office space at the earlier Chipotle HQ. The move from Denver to Newport affected 400 employees.

Chipotle Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

610 Newport Center Dr Newport Beach (HQ), CA

Chipotle Headquarters Executive Team

Curt Garner

Curt Garner

Founder, Executive Chairman

Steve Ells is the founder and executive chairman of Chipotle. He founded the restaurant chain on July 13, 1993. He was appointed as the chairman of the company in 2005..

Brian Niccol

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Niccol was appointed as the CEO of Chipotle in the year 2018. In just less than a year in his position, Niccol started improving sales and reshaping the damaged reputation of the company with his well-thought strategies. He is keen on making the brand visible and attracting customers to the old Chipotle taste in a new way.

Chris Brandt

Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer Chris Brandt became part of the team in April 2018. The main challenge that Brandt had to deal was with filling the social media platforms with a positivity around the brand Chipotle. He is a person who is well aware of his responsibilities. He drives the business, works on the analytics and his efforts are to be on top of all numbers.



Carlos Londono

Vice President of Supply Chain

John R. Hartung

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Laurie Schalow 

Chief Corporate Affairs and Food Safety Officer

Kerry Bridges

Vice President of Food Safety

Scott Boatwright

Chief Operating Officer

Roger Theodoredis

Chief Legal Officer

About Chipotle


The story of Chipotle Mexican Grill began in the year 1993. The founders included Steve Ells, who later on became the CEO of Chipotle. Ells took a loan of $85,000 from his father and opened the first Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

The calculation done by the father-son duo was to sell at least 107 burritos per day to remain afloat. After one month of its launch, Chipotle started selling 1000 burritos a day.

In the year 1998, there was a small investment made by McDonalds in Chipotle. With the investment of McDonalds, Chipotle outlets grew from 16 to 500 by the end of 2005.

In late 2015, Chipotle had to see a time of downswing as there were cases of E. Coli outbreaks at many Chipotle chains. According to the CDC, the claims of the presence of E. Coli were true. There was a huge dip in the price of the Chipotle stock. Chipotle authorities took steps to make sure that their restaurant was safe and well tested.

By the year 2017, Chipotle had a chain of 2400 restaurants.


Chipotle is an American food chain restaurant which serves Mexican-based food.

The company offers food with integrity and has committed to offering fresh meals to avoid spoilage of food and ingredients from ethical suppliers.

Chipotle has a small menu which allows them to keep ready, only the ingredients which are required in hand. This reduces the chances of wastage of food.

Chipotle is famous for its tacos and mission-style burritos.


  • The business of Chipotle was started by Ells in the year 1993, in an ice cream store which was left abandoned.
  • Every year on the eve of Halloween, Chipotle offers Burritos on discount to people who come dressed up for the holiday.
  • There was a time when McDonalds held a controlling stake in Chipotle. McDonald’s was a huge part of Chipotle’s success. They took their business from 13 outlets to 500.
  • Chipotle has other business ventures too.

  • Julia Hamilton says:

    On two occasions 8-29-23 and 11-2-23, I visited the new Chipotle in Inverness, Florida and after immediately after both trips, my checking account was debited 143.00 and 43.00 by an unauthorized entity names Jones in Bartow, Florida. An additional unauthorized withdrawal for 143.00 by Jones was made on 9-8-23 for 113.00. Total unauthorized charges $299.00. These withdrawals also had the notation “Foreign.” I believe that this store has an illegal scammer at checkout. I have disputed these charges at the bank but I will not visit this location again until I get some reassurance that the cashier (who is possibly a co-manager) and the scammer have been removed. Also, I am telling friends and family of my scam experience and warning them not to order there. Please investigate and resolve this situation.

    Also, the service and portions there are very unpredictable. Depending on the server, portions are half what they should be. There are long periods when no one is serving while the server is running around getting refills with no help at the front line. In the times I have been there, 10-12 customers have been waiting in line with only one employee serving food. This place is totally mismanaged. Only the cooks seem to have any hustle. The rest of the staff are woefully slow and seem overwhelmed.

  • Iliannette says:

    I don’t even know where to begin…. Chipotle @ 1000 State Rd 7 Bay 2 in Wellington Florida has got to be the worst Chipotle I’ve been in by far…. Always dirty and staff look wrinkled, dirty and very unprofessional. So I had an issue with one of the employees not giving me what I had kindly asked for in my dish and her responses towards me were rude and unjust…
    So I ask to speak with the manager and this young man appears in front of me and asked me …ever so rudely….with “What’s your issue?” I was in disbelief… I asked him if he was the manager and her responded by saying nothing but giving me attitude…. I then asked for his name and he then says to me… Why?!?! And rolls his eyes and says he doesn’t have time for this and walks away!!!! never in my 40 year of being a retail manager have I ever
    Experienced such horrible customer service… Chipotle needs to higher better qualified employees… and teach them how to conduct their business and customers…. I will never eat at a Chipotle again!!!

  • H.Cooper 919-697-1425 says:

    Your website is very frustrating!!! I need to verify an employment end date for a former employee. Can someone in HR please call me ASAP. I have a mortgage loan closing next week and I need this information and cannot get your corporate phone to answer. Thank you

  • Ryan says:

    I would like to report Chipotle Coon rapids Minnesota as a under-ran root customer service store they can never get online orders done in time the customer service are rude they tell people if they want their food they better have an application and fill out one for the job and then maybe go get their food faster this is an ongoing thing always 13 to 14 people in line waiting for their online orders that are overdue by 30 plus minutes as my wife’s in the store right now waiting for her food and they’re giving her these remarks so I’d like to reach out to Brian Niccol and let him know this needs to be fixed ASAP

  • Micheal Austin says:

    I have been a loyal and enthusiastic customer of Chipotle for several years; first in Kansas City, MO, then In SanAntonio, TX(the 438 NW Loop 410 store for about three years, and for the last 3 years, the 849 E Commerce store, from which I have been ordering online for delivery, since I no longer have a vehicle). Today I was going to be near the store, so I ordered online for pick-up. I’ve been anxiously anticipating ordering the guajillo/garlic steak, but had to wait until my SSI came in for Oct. I almost always order double protein bowls with extra vegies and guac/chips, which I again did today. Imagine my disappointment when arriving home with the order, I find a very skimpy portion of both the steak and the vegies, barely enough to qualify as a single portion! There was LOTS of rice, but both the meat and vegies were in very short supply. Previously, I have almost always been quite satisfied with the portions ordered and served; today I was EXTREMELY disappointed with said portions and felt ripped off. When paying almost $20 for a bowl of food, one expects you folks to get it right and be reasonably generous with the portions. This bowl was very far from that. Please either refund the extra charge for double protein or compensate me in some way for such a ptifully undersized portion. I really appreciate Chipotle’s values and products; today’s experience xause me to question both. Sincerely, Micheal Austin
    P.S. I first tried to send you these comments from the Contact Us page of the website, but it would not complete and send the info; after entering all this, the Next button did not function. Very frustrating!

  • sean m botley says:

    I cannot seem to get a straight answer and in fact everyone i have talked to has been completely evasive and rude, i was one wanting to find out if i indeed was issued a refund, the chat service keeps timing out and the last person cut me off and ended the chat before i could read her response. due to the way i was handled by the employees at the store and online support, you will be lucky if chipotle gets another cent from me. i own my own business i have excellent customer service skills. one of the reasons i am so busy i cant see straight anymore. but the level of rudeness and lack of compassion i received so far from chipotle is truly unacceptable. what would help so many out would be a pay cash at building option, this would help so many families that are living check to check from struggling how are they going to explain to their family that they are not going to eat tonight causse they have to wait for a refund. this is what a lot of family’s go through. and to try and compensate with one free entree is a joke. comp the whole meal or have the decency of telling us to our face to f off. at least then we know your being honest. i will be submitting this to my local new station ad well as sharing this on all social media. a change has to be made.

  • Elizabeth Ortiz says:

    First of all, is a shame that you don’t have anyone to answer your phone and recording refers me to website to submitt a email.
    Need someone to contact me in regards to a charge posted on my bank card. I did not make the charge. My bank card was hacked by one of your customer.

  • Jose says:

    So you decide to close a store understaffed because the store wanted to the first store to have a unionized everyone should boycott every store you food sucks anyway.. everyone fast food store should be union..

  • Regina says:

    The union center rd, Ohio store is terrible! Food on the front door, employees sitting at the table hooping and hollering. Employee behind the counter flipped them the bird when she had to wait in me. Counter was dirty. She gave me the remaining beans (about) 6 in my burrito. I asked for more but she wouldn’t go get a new container. She also got me sides of tomato and didn’t use gloves. I spent $11 and ended up having second thoughts about eating (concerned I might get sick). Threw it all out. Will never go to this store again. Someone needs to get in their to manage the store!

  • Jonathan P says:

    PLEASE bring back the brisket! I literally went to Chipotle about 2-3x per week when you guys offered the brisket (I usually go about 1x per month). PLEASE bring it back!!! I beg you. Thanks for your time.

  • Jaclyn Dottavio says:

    Does Chipotle have anyone working in their payroll department !? My son’s last paycheck was lost prior to it being cashed. We have called on 3 separate occasions and have been on hold over and hour each time to still have no one pick up the line. This is insane! Store manager was no help either.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hands down my favorite restaurant, however, I’d really appreciate it if I was contacted by phone regarding my issues that I’ve continually experienced with a specific location. Im not asking for a refund or anything for free but I’d like to bring up the multiple problems I’ve dealt with since I have moved out here. I have never ever been treated so poorly and I really want to speak over the phone to address these concerns of my safety. I can provide my number upon receiving a response via email.
    Thank you!!!!

  • Hyacinth H.H. says:

    I would like to know who my daughter needs to contact within the IL, Lake County area for Sexual Harassment and retaliation as employee? The local office has taken it very lightly and has allowed the employee that did the incident to remain employed and at the time of the incident told my then 17yr old daughter that this the way that the adult male communicates. NOT OK and there has been other young girls that complain or quit for this same issue. Daughter is now 19 and this male employee is still working for the company!?!? I am confused on where Chipotle’s stands on Harassment and retaliation.

  • Dion says:

    I’m just wondering why I go to Chipotle buy a burrito it’s a $10.20 and they charged me extra for sour cream and guacamole. There is no sign that say those 2 items are more.. first time and last time I ever go back. Lost a customer for trying to rip people off.

  • Beyond Done Employee-for-now ( soon to not be? ) says:

    >blocks access to “required” work with impossible online systems

    >no way to contact anyone

    >now we’ll just get fired / quit I guess because of a ridiculous catch-22

    well done

  • Gerardo P. says:

    One of our kids has been working at the Chipotle at 14317 W 135th St, Olathe KS for about 4 months. Although he enjoys working there, the pay, and the food, it may be worth doing an evaluation of the work environment and in particular the verbal communication/treatment of younger (high school) employees by supervisors and co-workers.

    I am happy to elaborate in more detail via a private email and/or conversation but I suspect that some of the poor reviews that this location has been getting could be the result of poor supervisors, lack of positive reinforcement, and lack of adequate training of staff. I am perplexed at some of the comments I hear from our kid about what his co-workers tell him (negative comments mostly). Supervisors are hearing these negative comments, even if said jokingly, and are not correcting the behavior. Additionally, communication regarding schedules is being done via SnapChat vs a more formal email and/or communication system. This is perplexing to us and not reflective of a top company.

    If someone is interested in learning more, my email has been privately shared via this comment.

  • Nicole says:

    Chipotle Mexican Grill · 1707 S Tamiami Trl. Sarasota, FL 34239. Directions · (941) 957-6406.
    Love chipotle but seems to be going down hill fast. Great quality of food eat more then I’d like to admit but the more I go the worse my experience seems to be most def. At this location always out of multiple items I could see one item here or there this location always out of 3-6 or more items from food to napkins to forks to eat your meal. Workers here I’ve seen take a personal phone call while line is out the door. Workers sweeping the back when every table in the store needs cleaning. They just don’t care truly and makes the franchise look bad last few visits have been horrible and reading reviews it just getting worse. Believe management should step up order Efficient amount of food to get by each week. Like I said I love chipotle but 10/10 not getting at least 2 items that should be on menu nor do the employees really care. I hope as a fast food franchise owner someone stands up and fixes this problem.

  • Umesh says:

    I want last 2 time at chipotle they don’t have fajita vegetables all Edison and Woodbridge location no one has it I didn’t buy I want to subway sandwich .

  • Kimberly says:

    They do not care about the health of their employees at the Woodlands location. My daughter told them that she wasn’t feeling well when she went in. Lucy didn’t care. She had to fry the chips and needed to go outside frequently for air, it’s extremely hot near the fryer and she has been throwing up. She pulled up music on her phone while outside, so he yelled at her, she said it wasn’t a problem and she wouldn’t use the phone. She did tell him that she would still need to go outside a lot for air because she was sick and he got mad and told her she needed to have the chips done in time or she would be fired. She knew she couldn’t get them done in the time he wanted, so she said she would just go then. He also needs training in dealing with autistic employees, as my son also works there, and he yells at him and talks down to him for doing things the way he was trained to do. They will let their employees go without air, they let their employees work in dangerous conditions – like not fixing the grill for a long time, which was causing fires, etc. They threaten their workers for getting second jobs because they cut the hours so much. Under Miguel and Lucy, this place is miserable!

  • Mary Acevedo says:

    I use to think this was a good company but now I see it is just as worthless as alot of employers that don’t care about their customers or their workers. My daughter has been working at the Orlando Florida branch on Sand Lake Road, pulling doubles, extra hours goes in when ever called in, told to quit her 2nd job and they would give her a raise to go full time at chipotle and just work for them so now 4 months later and she is still begging for her raise and nothing. She is told I will check with my boss and I will check with my boss her GM etc.. and nothing so I told her to just start looking for another job they obviously don’t appreciate good workers who go above and beyond and do extra and been working there for the past 5 years good attendance and reports but no raise, so they don’t care about their employees as it is obvious in how they are NOT rewarded and screwed over out of raises and scholarships apparently according to other comments made here. I definitely DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend anyone to work here and they don’t allow the workers to have the corporate numbers to complain and from the looks on here corporate doesn’t give a damn anyway…. Chipotle Orlando Florida Sand Lake Garbage place to work… no raises and managers lie and promise raises to get you to work doubles and quit 2nd jobs then they never give you the raises… thats playing with peoples lives, they need their money to pay bills, don’t promise and not deliver thats not fair to your employees.

  • D. says:

    Don’t call the Corporate number, it does what the location “manager” does, nothing, and hangup. At approximately 6pm mountain time, I drove through a rainstorm to get home, only to find the 5988 Dahlia street, in Commerce City, 80022 location had charged me for items they didn’t put on my order. How about a salad with no salad! I have the pictures, how about no fajita veggies, how about no chicken, how about small amount of chips? It was very difficult to get a human, with the automated ai filter. Asking how I wanted to place my order over and over. It made me furious. No respect for my time or money. When I did get a man on the line, he went into shock when I had the nerve to ask to speak with a manager, he just didnt respond, and put the phone down. Like he never heard of that. Line went quiet until a thick accent Spanish speaking woman got on the line. She never asked how she could help, the entire call was about her. Telling me how to respond, then demanding I drive back to her in a rainstorm she can’t see. She seemed to want to suggest I had called the wrong location. Guess she is unfamiliar with date and time weather reports. They include areas on a map. She never offered to refund my order, especially since I didn’t get what I paid for! When I asked for her name she paused, the. Said her name is Monica. If CHIPOTLE can’t honor their receipts, this will be my last purchase! Good luck surviving this economic forecast with ZERO accountability, zero customer service, and robbing your paying customers. It was as if your staff was intentionally picking a fight with your customers. I’d rather cool down and patronize any where else. Buyer beware. Theft, and instigating an altercation. Sad state of affairs!

  • AL WILLIAMS says:

    I would like to talk to someone about a Superbowl Commerical for Chipotle.

  • Ellen levesque says:

    While I enjoy Chipotle and gave many satisfying meals there, the Fall River, MA location needs your help. This is a relatively new location and they are failing miserably. I have visited the location about 4 times and have had a terrible experience each time. I have said I’ll give them another but not anymore. Tonight we ordered 4 meals. 1. kids taco-give soft instead of hard taco, was given just meat, they forgot the 2 sides (lettuce, salsa) and gave us no side chips. 2. Kids taco, give the wrong wrong drink. 3. Bowl missing lettuce 4. Bowl missing lettuce and salsa. All 4 orders were completely wrong. This has happened too many times and it unacceptable. Please reach out to the location and retrain the managers so the staff can then be trained. This store won’t last long, as I said, I’ve never had a correct order from this store and haven’t heard anyone that has had a positive experience. Thanks for reading

  • Kathie says:

    Went to pick up my order at the Plainfield IL 127 street location and was shorted 2 bags of chips. When I returned home, I went online to complain and for 20 minutes was given an error on the automated system stating to try back later so I called the location and spoke to a manager who told me that they ran out of chips. If they ran out of chips, why not tell me when I picked up my order and give me a refund then and there? He told me I had to call a number for my refund. I called the number that he gave me and it turned out was no longer in service. I called the manager back, by this time my meal was ice cold, when I told him about the number he said let me find you another number, I told him that this is terrible customer service making me hunt down my own refund when he knew he wasn’t providing me the chips in the first place, he proceeded to hang up on me and didn’t provide me the number and didn’t pick up the phone after my calls. When I wrote to Chipotle about my situation, they offered me a free entree, not even a refund on the items I didn’t receive!!! I feel like this was theft. My next step is to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Protection Agency as I will not be entering this establishment ever again. Would like a phone call. Email me for my number.

  • Cortney says:

    The Eugene Oregon coburg store is being ran like crap! There is Managment that was not ready to be made Managment. Employees not receiving there pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still after 9 days has not been paid ! But chipotle makes it so difficult to contact anyone in hr that this is my only way to be heard!

  • Lillian Atkins says:

    Good evening,

    Trying to get in touch with someone at the corporate office has been more than a notion.I pray this is a good email.

    Everytime I visit the Chipotle at 22204 Lakeshore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio 44123 there is always an issue. Please see attached pic that I tried to upload and there was a problem with your website.

    I should have reported them, but I feel that mistakes happen; however the same issues over and over should not be happening.

    I did the survey and made an online complaint and would like for someone to reach out to me. I want to call the news on them, but I want to give you all a chance to speak with your team at that store.

    Customer service is everything and I give good customer service at work all the time, even when I’m tired. I refuse to keep spending my money and allowing my family to spend their money at this store, I will have to make the drive a little further out. This will not make me happy with the cost of gasoline, but me and my family eat at Chipotle once a week,

    I can be reached weekdays after 4:00pm Eastern Time and on the weekends anytime. My telephone number is (440) 850-9566

    *******The survey number is 185 004 100 092 010 657 17*****

    Thank you
    Lillian Atkins

  • Glenda says:

    Urgent! I will make it a personal mission to connect with lawyers to follow up with the food industry of your nature!

    First, I’ve been going since your inception. Food is decent and I can make healthier choices usually if I choose to eat there and I am in a hurry. This was the case yesterday.

    Second, it was not busy but you’re food line looked unkept and could have used some replenishing.

    While in line, a new member joined with a peppy demeanor which was cute and put in gloves and all was good until his attention was needed and he started touching the paper receipt and everything else while still working g on my burrito. Before he could reach to file mine I had to ask him to change globes. He was not happy about that reminder! I don’t understand why people think if they wear gloves their exempt from passing bacteria from one thing to the next and then touch the food we are about to digest!

    Second, I reach the register The young lady that took my order for my burrito was very kind. She tells me my total and I reach for my $$$. I happen to only have a $100 dollar bill. She states “ I don’t have change for that, we don’t accept cash”.. 😲🤔😲🤔😳😡😡😡🤔ahhh what do you mean? “ yea, we don’t have a register and we r not accepting cash at the moment. Mind you, I’m in a hurry, I have not eaten since I awakened, I’m headed to my client, my burrito was prepared, but “you don’t accept cash?????” Ahh what is happening? The people in the lines as stunned as me. The register lady offered to pay for my meal right away and took her Cc out while I was listening to the “manager” she rather throw the burrito away then to take my money or find an alternate. Ahhh I walked out with my blood pressure up the roof! Starved and late for my appointment! Chipotle nor any restaurant cannot dent such payment “cash” without posting something to alert patrons. I was beyond myself as were others in the line. I could not allow your employee to pay for my meal. I had money, that was not the point! Your manager needs to be trained or replaced. This was unacceptable in all kinds of ways! I will post this awful experience everywhere I can for justice! I am still furious just thinking about it!

  • Harriet Green says:

    I’ve been trying to talk to someone about the discrimination I suffered at Chipotle at 2850 Kirkman rd., in Orlando, Florida. I talked to the general Manger and Lauren Allen, they never apologized and closed the case, Lauren refuse to give me contact information emails to Steven Ellis and Brian Niccole, she applied as if they’re not concern with customers being mistreated at Chipotles restaurants, I would like to get a call back from a board member, or anyone that can alert Brian Niccol, or Steven Ellis about the mistreatment at Chipotles, and maybe this can be resolved without taking it to the media, either way I will get justice. # 407-417-8939
    Ms. Harriet Green

  • Denise Koutnik says:

    Schaumburg, illinois, keeps your change for themselves claiming they dont have cash!!! Illegal move Chipotle!!!!
    Being reported as I write this!

  • GS says:

    Why does the door at the Janesville WI store post a sign saying they appreciate the customers wearing a mask when the worker doling out my food isn’t wearing one?

  • James Moss says:

    Good afternoon my name is James Moss and I am the father of Joseph Moss an employee at Chipotle here in Cleveland.

    First just let me say that I am one of Chipotle‘s biggest fans I honestly can eat chipotle every single day but I don’t because I just become embarrassed privately.

    The reason that I am writing to you is because my son Joseph Moss has worked for Chipotle over a year and is about to graduate this coming May 2022.

    During the time that he has worked for Chipotle he was working at the West 117th location in Cleveland with a Manager by the name of Rachel.

    Rachel reduced his hours to five hours a week which was ridiculous so Joseph requested to be transferred to another Chipotle at which he could work more hours because his schedule as a senior is basically a skeleton schedule Joseph also attends the local junior college here in Cleveland Tri C.

    The hours of his friend Carlee Burkes, were also cut to five hours eliminating her from the scholarship. She reduced their hours but hired other people.

    We know that Chipotle gives scholarships for employees who work a year or more while they’re in high school.

    I decided to ask Joseph when will he know about the scholarship because there’s been some trouble since he’s transfer from the West 117th location.

    Joseph went two months without getting paid even though he was working and now it has come to my attention that he is no longer eligible for the scholarship.

    I found out that the reason they are saying that he is no longer eligible for the scholarship is because when Rachelle transferred Joseph from the West 117th location she transferred him to the wrong location and it went on for so long which was one of the reasons he was not getting his paycheck that the only way to correct it was to terminate his employment just short of a year and rehire him.

    My son has worked hard to get to where he is he’s always been a great young man he is an honor student in school he attends the junior college which he has over 45 credits and he does this all while working at Chipotle.

    Joseph is classically trained in piano and a classical singer. Joseph actually loves working for Chipotle loves the food and I just think it’s unfair that because of someone else’s mistake he has to forgo the scholarship.

    Could someone please reach out to me at 216-570-0070.

    I would like to resolve this correct us so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else and I would also like to have Joseph receive the money because Cleveland school district has covered his tuition but the money from Chipotle will definitely help in covering the $12,000 for room and board.

    Joseph only has two years of college left once he graduates high school to obtain his four year degree he’s going to major in communications and journalism and I can’t think of a better company for Joseph to work for right out of college or while he’s in college at the corporate level to be a spokes person to be that person who helps put together a great narrative for Chipotle.

    Thank you for reading my long email and thank you for reaching back out to me and resolving this problem let’s do right by Joseph and get him scholarship money for his future.

  • Colleen Kennedy says:

    Rutland vermont needs a new manager! Then I come back😢

  • Colleen Kennedy says:

    I will never eat at your Rutland Vermont store again! Your manager was very rude to the employee waiting on me, then she turned on me! Not execrable! I feel so bad for all the other employees being abused my her!

  • Colleen Kennedy says:

    I will never go to your Rutland Vermont store again! Today your manager totally berated the employee helping me, the did the same to me! She’s bad news!!! I feel bad for all of her coworkers!

  • Sheela Murthy says:

    Montrose, CO. Would chipotle be interested in opening a restaurant there? We have a building with great location, perfect exposure, views and adequate parking.
    Who in the company should we be reaching out to?
    Thank you,
    Sheela Murthy

  • Bobby Brown - (540) 292 5050 says:

    Did not have all ingredients to fulfill order in a new location and waiting 30 mins in restaurant after placing mobile order witch is the only way to do so. No one acknowledged as you come in to tell you mobile orders only. Not good customer service at all. Love your food but Staunton Va location SUCKS

  • Linda says:

    I received an email notice that someone had changed my email address and instructed me to click the Customer Support link in the email for help if I did not change it. Have you ever tried to click on that link? Robo “Pepper” is of no help with this situation and neither were reps Christopher, Christine, Joshua or Brittney who all sent me back to Pepper. In the meantime the fraudulent user of my account ordered 7 different expensive meals on my credit card. I was even more surprised that these orders were placed half way across the country in Newport Beach, CA. Imagine my shock when I learned that’s where your headquarters are located. Now I’m left with a Chipotle account that only the fraudulent user can access and a cancelled credit card, which has created it’s own set of problems. I want to get this resolved, so PLEASE contact me at the email provided.

  • Tammy Martin says:

    I have been to the Marion Ohio chipolte, service was sub par. My bowl with chicken, lettuce, rice, salsa, cheese and corn only came up half way in the bowl. When I got it home to my son he thought I had eaten half of it!!! I tried Mansfield Ohio Chipolte ,my bowl was barely half full they were out of sour cream. I will no longer patronize Chipolte, I am also working on convincing the young adults in my life that Chipolte is not a good deal. The mexican restaurant Hot Heads is good.

  • Michael shanks says:

    Your restaurant at cedar center is the most poorly run I’ve ever had the mis-pleasure of eating at the food is awful, not indicative of your other locations that are much better.for the third time in a row the cooks put in enough salt to give anyone a stroke most of the meats were cooked poorly except the chicken.i can go on and on, this location at cedar center should close and everyone fired then bring in and fully train ,a new crew and mgr, that actually pays attention to what the employees are doing and not sit ln the office and stare at the clock waiting to leave. Sorry, but this location is the worst there are two others not too far away but im handicapped and this locale is only two blocks from my home.please fix this problem. Maybe you should send an under cover person and find out for yourself.yours, michael shanks 323-683-0460

  • Tanesha Brown says:

    Hi, my son is an employee @ Chipotle in Warner Robins Ga. & he was sick during Thanksgiving time our whole family had doctor orders to quarantine for 10 days at which hd did but once he was done all his hours were taken away and he keeps asking for more. They also hired him under the minimum wage that your company stated for $15 an hr. My son doesn’t complain always comes to work & it’s wrong because with him having Autism he don’t say much so i’m reporting these matters to the better business bureau, but decided to reach out to the main corporation first about this matter hopefully someone can look into this matter. My son is a veteran along with his dad. We just want him to be treated fair & make an honest paycheck to leave independent on his own they had my son work from 11-3pm or call him day of if someone call out but never a set schedule this isn’t EOE at all. My name is Mrs. Brown please call or email me 757/582-8255.

  • Joel Grace says:

    I would like to inform you about one of the menu photos that I saw on one of your websites. I’m not going to place this on Facebook or Twitter. My name is Joel Grace phone number is (605) 413 3898 so you can contact me and I’ll send you a screenshot. Thank you very much.

  • Uber driver says:

    524 Shoppes Blvd, North Brunswick, NJ 08902 store is not getting Uber eats orders in their system. It is causing lots of inconvenience & delay to all Uber eats delivery drivers as they have to wait a very long time to pick up just 1 order.

  • Gail Malone says:

    On my very first visit (Saturday, 12/4) to Chipotle in Dothan, Alabama located at 3471 RCC, I was overcharged ($11) for 1 chicken wrap with no sides or drink. A personal item that I had taken into the restaurant went missing. As I looked through the glass doors and windows, the employees did not care to ask me what I was looking for. So, I walked around to the drive-thru window and knocked on the glass. One of the employees had taken my item to the backroom. Since the people that I had mentioned this to seemed surprised about the cost of the wrap, on my second visit (Friday, 12/10) I asked to speak with the manager on duty, asking the cost for a single chicken wrap. The manager decided to give me a chicken wrap along with the rest of my order. Seth was the employee who overcharged me, having the cashier “Kylie” to take my money. On my second visit Kylie admitted that she was the one who took my personal item to the backroom, as I was telling the manager on duty. Also my dipping chips were stale.

  • WENDY says:


  • Kamal says:

    Store number 0601 Sacramento California
    Chipotle is disgusting they are very dirty it’s a mess everywhere the staff they don’t know what they doing disgusting do not eat
    There. I will never eat at any chipotle anymore.


    I have called you twice and the phone keeps repeating itself. You really need to look at the reviews for Lindenhurst, NY 96 Sunrise Highway…. I ordered food and did not get the dressing.. Was told I would have to go and get it. REALLY….. I am home alone with no car Why would I order from you again. Most of the reviews are horrible for this store…. You need to talk to the Manager…… I am in customer service and this is the worst…..

  • Lynn Gray Bowne says:

    I have never received such terrible service on site at your. North Brunswick NJ location. And I am totally disappointed that I cannot speak with anyone at Corporate!!!!! What a horrible customer service set up this is. Shame on you!!!!!

  • Pissed off in Altamonte says:

    I visited your location at
    400 SR 436 ALTA SPGS, FL.
    I was told they ran out of cheese at 8pm & close at 10pm so they don’t want to shred cheese that close to closing. This location is BUSY. Plus if a customer wants something, the facility has it, they’re paying for it, & then the store should provide it!!! I let them know “fine” I’ll take the queso in my bowl for the cheese… that should’ve been free of charge, was it…NO!! I ordered 3 bowls!!! To top it all off I get home and discovered the rice is UNDERCOOKED!! NOW
    WANNA PAY ME BACK $29.21?????

  • Michelle Strader says:

    This evening I stopped by the Chipotle (Kenwood) 8154 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 to get some dinner.
    There was a young black man that I now know to be (Chris) helping me. After each item he put in my salad he’d stop look at other workers listen conversations you name it. So he made me repeat things several times because his focus was not on his job. By the time I got to sour cream……I said light sour cream. He turns away (in distraction) turns around and dumps a large amount of sour cream on my food. I said “I can’t eat that, that’s way too much. The reason the order is taking so long is because your not focusing on me your customer.” He stared at me…..threw the bowl in the garbage and went and started remaking it. He dumps a bunch of brown rice in the bowl. I said “sweetheart it was a salad, there needs to be lettuce under that.” He said “UGH UGH…..look BITCH I’ll leave, I ain’t got time for this shit.” I said “ first off your not going to talk to me like that.” He said “ you gone make me come around there and do something to you.” Another worker (young lady) grabs him and then tries to offer to make my food after she took him to the back. I told her “at that point I’d just like to speak to a manager.” The manager comes out and attempts to discuss this over the food. I suggest going to the end of the register so that the line could continue. I told her what had happened, there were a line of people who heard and saw everything. She just stood there looking blank. So I proceeded to ask for corporates number, his name and her name. She told me they don’t have corporate just email Chipotle.com, gave me his name and said she wasn’t giving me her name because she didn’t have anything to do with it.😳 I responded “ your the manager correct?” She said “yes but this not my store.”🤷🏽‍♀️ I asked if she has anything to say and she responded “ you don’t know what I’m going to say when I get back there.” I said “your right that part has nothing to do with me, I meant to me.” She gave a blank look and said “what do you want my name?” I asked for general managers name and just walked away.

  • Lora Tsosie says:

    Cant even get a hold of Human Resources of this company …..to stop being employed with them…..The store I worked for seriously needs a district manager surprise visit…..because they are horrible!

  • Vinod says:

    Went to Lawrenceville NJ Chipotle, asked for a veg bowl

    Chipotle you suck!!!!

    So many things I want to complain for-

    * My pick up time was 7:20 pm and I did not get my food until 8:13 pm. If you can not fill orders in time, you should not take orders.

    * No one had masks properly tied. They were loose and every minute they were touching them. One guy was completely without mask and preparing food. Other masks were below nose and even lips were visible.

    * The guy who was preparing food was attending phones, went to operate credit card machine, fill up some disposables, kept on setting his mask every minute but NO GLOVES CHANGE until I raised my voice.

    * In my order, I had a VEG BOWL AND I GOT MEAT IN IT! You guys really suck. I will raise my voice to different reviews and social platforms. This is very stupid. If you can, please check your recordings, I am sure you have cameras.

  • Jeff says:

    Today 9/17/2021 I visited your store at Foundry Row in Owings Mills, Md. and was told that I could get service due to not wearing a mask. Your website says that masks are no longer required. All employees in view were black and I was the only white person in the store. Is this a race issue??? Sure seems like it since there were two of your employees standing in the back talking without masks and breathing all over the food being prepared for all of your customers. I used to enjoy your restaurants and would frequent them. I will never eat at this restaurant again and I will be sure that I inform everyone that I can about this racist poor service. There are tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, I may see how many people I can inform as I sit outside for my lunch break.

  • W black says:

    What are the parodical for COVID my name is mr black and I just worked in chipotle 149 8th ave New York for 4 days and today I get a call from my supervisor Sonia that I was terminated because I didn’t take the vaccination not even if I took a COVID test then I tell her my religion is Muslim I will go take a Covina test she’s says no religion or sickness don’t matter and that’s discrimination just wanted to tell you guys before I take further action

  • Toni Uchi says:

    No longer a Chipolte customer. very frustrating experience with Austell GA location. will take my business elsewhere.

  • JV says:

    My daughter flew from Florida to Massachusetts with our grandson just turning 1 yrs old. About 50 family members were meeting at a house for a big Birthday party and at the Church for a Christening for 1pm. My daughter’s husband’s Mother ordered $600 dollars of food to directly from Chipotle catering section of their website. Specifically asking for the food to be delivered between 2pm. Information was sent to Door Dash and Chipotle didn’t have any regard for the instructions which we have saved and printed. Door dash delivered food at 11:30am, 3 hours before anyone showed up for the party. Everyone was at the church. It was about 90% degrees that day. That’s a food safety issue, besides the fact by the time everyone showed up the food was not in a good state. Some people didn’t feel that good later. Called the local store and some snotty young girl hung up on us, called again, and again, another girl said, it’s got nothing to do with them, call Door Dash. And what’s even worse, is you can’t even get anyone at Corporate Office at Chipotle, it’s like everyone’s hiding. They obviously want to make it next to impossible to be reached. This isn’t a $20 dollar order. It was a huge deal. We’re getting ready to call the local news.

  • Akela Tokhoa Gatewood says:

    The quality of the food is horrible customer service is deplorable and the price for both is disgusting. You guys know what you are doing to rip people off cause there is no way to contact corporate or anyone with the complaints that people experience in your restaurants shame on you and your businesses. People are being severely mistreated and you guys don’t give a damn to hear how. And your employees know that’s there is no way to complain to someone that’s why they get away with it. I give your company and restaurants a negative one star until you guys find a way to be sure that customers can express there experience in your restaurants. Just remember without the customers you guys would not be in business. Keep it up and you won’t be for too long. Get your employees in check for a greater better experience in your restaurants. The experience I had today was absolutely shameful in one of your restaurants. And this is how I can complain about it. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Mecha says:

    They promised me a scholarship at the end of the summer but I haven’t received one and no one knows how to apply for it.

  • Rosie says:

    Went to chipotle on West University in Denton Texas yesterday… What a fiasco… Absolutely terrible service-I asked what some thing was in the pan in the window and the person said it was so Freitas, it looked like a container of watery waste.
    She fist around five times to get half a spoon of Sofritas for the bowl. I drive 45 minutes every two weeks to buy a meal at chipotle and bring it home 45 minutes to eat… It was so bland no flavor tasted like I was eating water! I called the manager Kyle, he said they have nothing to do with the safritas… I think they used some leftovers from the day before because it was 1130, and if that were a fresh dish it would have been full and looked and smelled and tasted like they usually do…I know I cannot count on chipotle for quality or good service anymore… Kyle could have cared less, too bad they lost their previous manager he rocked! They were also out of chicken for my husband‘s bowl… How are you out of chicken 15 minutes after you open? Bad management!!!

  • Lori paduano says:

    I just picked up my order from the chipotle in port Jefferson New York and the order was completely wrong. I ordered 4 burrito bowls, they had no names on them, they were smashed and the items were not what we ordered. Terrible!

  • Alan Friedman says:

    I took out a double chicken bowl at your Wellington Florida location yesterday I had a bug in my food I tried calling the restaurant they don’t answer the phone I tried today they don’t answer the phone I tried calling you you don’t answer the phone horrible experience

  • Ronald E Seeley says:

    Thieves and crooks!!!!!! Company has stolen my kids credit card info and have charged hundreds of dollars worth of their garbage!!!!!!!

  • Neil Breault says:

    I have order food six times from chipotle located at 1000 State Road 7, Wellington Florida, 33414 and six times my orders have been messed up. I tried calling the store to talk with someone and each time, no one answered. When I went to ask how they are going to fix the issue they offered to remake it. Two of the six times I had them redo the order and they messed it up again in a different way. I asked if there is any quality control? The manager admitted that there isn’t. I asked for a refund and the manager said it was against the company’s policy and to call corporate. I called the corporate number only for a recording to tell me to visit their website and comment in some inaudible location on their site. So here I am asking for someone from corporate to call me. I would really like to talk with the CEO about how to prevent this from happening again in the future for everyone not just me. I would also still like my refund.

  • Leah says:

    Hello, I usually get a veggie bowl (brown rice, pinto beans, corn, guacamole, and lettuce). My order # 287 at the 10251 Eastern Ave in Henderson, NV. Date 7/30/21 @4:46 pm. I’m very upset because I sent my son to get me a veggie bowl with extra guacamole, and there was very little. I was charged extra for the guacamole. This is not the first time it happened either. I decided to call and to speak to the manager. The manager replied to my complaint with “what do you want me to do about it?” I replied with “Really!!! How about your order number? Training your employees? For the few items I ordered in my veggie bowl I was charged $10.84. That manager was absolutely disrespectful.
    I was very upset. To be charged for extra guacamole when there’s barely anything there! This is fraud!!! That’s NOT OK!!!

  • Kathy says:

    We just went to the Billerica Ma location and every table was filthy with food on them! The worker were unpleasant and no customer service skills. I got a burrito with only chicken and when I got home there was less than a quarter of a cup of chicken, and the mild salsa had huge chunks of red onions and some were the size of a half dollar and others the size of a tiny pea! Never will I go back, the last visit we had the same experience and just thought it was a bad day. It was filthy with all kinds of cheese and lettuce and rice all over the prep counter and I am allergic to cheese 😬

  • Juanita says:

    I ordered chicken taco and chicken rice bowl it was extremely salty and I called the store in mesquite Texas all they said is they can remake it. I’ve never had a salty bowl before gross. I spoke with Patricia my order 4:86 07/28/2021 4:19 pm 10391. Host Madeira’s mesquite 1715 n town East blvd mesquite tx 75150. I don’t have money or time to waste I’ve eaten at this location 100 times I know what it’s supposed to taste like. Not too mention other locations in different states. Please respond via my email.

  • SANDY says:


  • Karen Caouette says:

    Your Auburn, Maine Chipotle is TERRIBLE! I love your food when it is prepared as per my order, but 4 out of the last 6 orders have been missing multiple ingredients despite the computer repeating back the orders correctly. AgAin tonite we ordered the bowl with steak, rice, beans, salsa, lettuce and the pepper/onions. We got it home (1/2 hr ride) and had asked for those ingredients and more lettuce and the bowl was half full and there was NO salsa at all, no peppers and onions at all and 3 small pieces of lettuce!, It is shocking how many times this has happened. (4 of 6 times) with orders for two people ( husband and me.). (Same exact orders each time – our favorites ) No warning from staff that you may have been out of lettuce or veggies or salsa. Each time we paid full price and received half a meal. We are now really disgusted with your Auburn, Me restaurant. We order occasionally in Westbrook, Me and no problem. Same with So. Portland. No problem. As a marketing director myself (30 year career) I can tell you this isn’t helping your company image or sales!!! Auburn, Me has a 2 star rating out of 5. Get rid of your manager – obviously not doing the job. chipoltle owes me for a total of 8 meals that were missing half of the ingredients. HALF! – amazing how bad the staff is there. (4 orders for two people). What on earth does it take to get the meals we ordered??? This is NOT acceptable and a shame as we love your food and order often, but are giving up on Auburn, Me until you properly address and fix this. We live 50 minutes drive away from Portland, Me so obviously won’t be traveling there just to get dinner. I am requesting an appropriate response and solution from you.

  • Greg says:

    Went to your store at 29th St. in Boulder Colorado your computer was down and they were only taking credit cards in writing my credit card number down on a piece of paper which is very unsafe in this day and age I wanted to pay with cash they told me it was gonna be another 5 to 10 minutes I had to wait for the system to come back up if it came back up line was out the door I said I don’t want it anymore they said fine let me leave horrible customer service.You just lost a customer for life I will never eat at another chipotle again

  • Edna Mack says:

    Need someone to call me about that I did not pick up took out of bank account I order on line I live in Tennessee not North Carolina like see money in my account

  • >