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  • Address: United States, California, Newport Beach, Newport Center Dr
  • Phone Number: +1 303-595-4000
  • Number of Employees: 73,000
  • Established: July 13, 1993
  • Founder: Steve Ells
  • Key People: Steve Ells, Brian Niccol

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Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant which was started in 1993. In a period of 20 years, Chipotle has become a famous food chain and they have created a chain of more than 1500 restaurants. Chipotle is famous for its tacos, salads, burritos and burrito bowls.

The motto that Chipotle Mexican grill team follows is to offer its customers good fast food which is not like other fast foods available in the market. They provide considerable customer support services to their customers through their mail and phone.

Chipotle Headquarters Address - If you wish to write a letter or drop in a parcel or drive to the headquarters, then you can use the below-mentioned address.

Newport Center Dr

California, Newport Beach,

United States,

Phone Number - +1 303-595-4000


Website - You can visit their official website for any more information related to Chipotle. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.chipotle.com/

Chipotle Headquarters Info & Photos

The Chipotle headquarters is located in Newport Beach, California. The new headquarters will be home to most of its corporate teams, including the operations team, business development department, marketing team, finance & communications, supply chain, food safety and HR departments.

The headquarters in Newport has an office space of 274,000 square feet. It has 18 floors and includes various amenities like health & fitness center, outside common areas and cafeterias.

Earlier the HQ was situated in Denver, Colorado. The management team and the Board of Directors used to share office space at the earlier Chipotle HQ. The move from Denver to Newport affected 400 employees.

Chipotle Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

610 Newport Center Dr Newport Beach (HQ), CA

Chipotle Headquarters Executive Team

Steve Ells

Founder, Executive Chairman

Steve Ells is the founder and executive chairman of Chipotle. He founded the restaurant chain on July 13, 1993. He was appointed as the chairman of the company in 2005..

Brian Niccol

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Niccol was appointed as the CEO of Chipotle in the year 2018. In just less than a year in his position, Niccol started improving sales and reshaping the damaged reputation of the company with his well-thought strategies. He is keen on making the brand visible and attracting customers to the old Chipotle taste in a new way.

Chris Brandt

Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing officer Chris Brandt became part of the team in April 2018. The main challenge that Brandt had to deal was with filling the social media platforms with a positivity around the brand Chipotle. He is a person who is well aware of his responsibilities. He drives the business, works on the analytics and his efforts are to be on top of all numbers.




hief Technology Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Corporate Reputation Officer


Chief People Officer


Chief Restaurant Officer


Chief Legal Officer


Chief Development Officer

About Chipotle


The story of Chipotle Mexican Grill began in the year 1993. The founders included Steve Ells, who later on became the CEO of Chipotle. Ells took a loan of $85,000 from his father and opened the first Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

The calculation done by the father-son duo was to sell at least 107 burritos per day to remain afloat. After one month of its launch, Chipotle started selling 1000 burritos a day.

In the year 1998, there was a small investment made by McDonalds in Chipotle. With the investment of McDonalds, Chipotle outlets grew from 16 to 500 by the end of 2005.

In late 2015, Chipotle had to see a time of downswing as there were cases of E. Coli outbreaks at many Chipotle chains. According to the CDC, the claims of the presence of E. Coli were true. There was a huge dip in the price of the Chipotle stock. Chipotle authorities took steps to make sure that their restaurant was safe and well tested.

By the year 2017, Chipotle had a chain of 2400 restaurants.


Chipotle is an American food chain restaurant which serves Mexican-based food.

The company offers food with integrity and has committed to offering fresh meals to avoid spoilage of food and ingredients from ethical suppliers.

Chipotle has a small menu which allows them to keep ready, only the ingredients which are required in hand. This reduces the chances of wastage of food.

Chipotle is famous for its tacos and mission-style burritos.


  • The business of Chipotle was started by Ells in the year 1993, in an ice cream store which was left abandoned.
  • Every year on the eve of Halloween, Chipotle offers Burritos on discount to people who come dressed up for the holiday.
  • There was a time when McDonalds held a controlling stake in Chipotle. McDonald's was a huge part of Chipotle’s success. They took their business from 13 outlets to 500.
  • Chipotle has other business ventures too.
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  • Lora Tsosie says:

    Cant even get a hold of Human Resources of this company …..to stop being employed with them…..The store I worked for seriously needs a district manager surprise visit…..because they are horrible!

  • Vinod says:

    Went to Lawrenceville NJ Chipotle, asked for a veg bowl

    Chipotle you suck!!!!

    So many things I want to complain for-

    * My pick up time was 7:20 pm and I did not get my food until 8:13 pm. If you can not fill orders in time, you should not take orders.

    * No one had masks properly tied. They were loose and every minute they were touching them. One guy was completely without mask and preparing food. Other masks were below nose and even lips were visible.

    * The guy who was preparing food was attending phones, went to operate credit card machine, fill up some disposables, kept on setting his mask every minute but NO GLOVES CHANGE until I raised my voice.

    * In my order, I had a VEG BOWL AND I GOT MEAT IN IT! You guys really suck. I will raise my voice to different reviews and social platforms. This is very stupid. If you can, please check your recordings, I am sure you have cameras.

  • Jeff says:

    Today 9/17/2021 I visited your store at Foundry Row in Owings Mills, Md. and was told that I could get service due to not wearing a mask. Your website says that masks are no longer required. All employees in view were black and I was the only white person in the store. Is this a race issue??? Sure seems like it since there were two of your employees standing in the back talking without masks and breathing all over the food being prepared for all of your customers. I used to enjoy your restaurants and would frequent them. I will never eat at this restaurant again and I will be sure that I inform everyone that I can about this racist poor service. There are tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, I may see how many people I can inform as I sit outside for my lunch break.

  • W black says:

    What are the parodical for COVID my name is mr black and I just worked in chipotle 149 8th ave New York for 4 days and today I get a call from my supervisor Sonia that I was terminated because I didn’t take the vaccination not even if I took a COVID test then I tell her my religion is Muslim I will go take a Covina test she’s says no religion or sickness don’t matter and that’s discrimination just wanted to tell you guys before I take further action

  • Toni Uchi says:

    No longer a Chipolte customer. very frustrating experience with Austell GA location. will take my business elsewhere.

  • JV says:

    My daughter flew from Florida to Massachusetts with our grandson just turning 1 yrs old. About 50 family members were meeting at a house for a big Birthday party and at the Church for a Christening for 1pm. My daughter’s husband’s Mother ordered $600 dollars of food to directly from Chipotle catering section of their website. Specifically asking for the food to be delivered between 2pm. Information was sent to Door Dash and Chipotle didn’t have any regard for the instructions which we have saved and printed. Door dash delivered food at 11:30am, 3 hours before anyone showed up for the party. Everyone was at the church. It was about 90% degrees that day. That’s a food safety issue, besides the fact by the time everyone showed up the food was not in a good state. Some people didn’t feel that good later. Called the local store and some snotty young girl hung up on us, called again, and again, another girl said, it’s got nothing to do with them, call Door Dash. And what’s even worse, is you can’t even get anyone at Corporate Office at Chipotle, it’s like everyone’s hiding. They obviously want to make it next to impossible to be reached. This isn’t a $20 dollar order. It was a huge deal. We’re getting ready to call the local news.

  • Akela Tokhoa Gatewood says:

    The quality of the food is horrible customer service is deplorable and the price for both is disgusting. You guys know what you are doing to rip people off cause there is no way to contact corporate or anyone with the complaints that people experience in your restaurants shame on you and your businesses. People are being severely mistreated and you guys don’t give a damn to hear how. And your employees know that’s there is no way to complain to someone that’s why they get away with it. I give your company and restaurants a negative one star until you guys find a way to be sure that customers can express there experience in your restaurants. Just remember without the customers you guys would not be in business. Keep it up and you won’t be for too long. Get your employees in check for a greater better experience in your restaurants. The experience I had today was absolutely shameful in one of your restaurants. And this is how I can complain about it. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Mecha says:

    They promised me a scholarship at the end of the summer but I haven’t received one and no one knows how to apply for it.

  • Rosie says:

    Went to chipotle on West University in Denton Texas yesterday… What a fiasco… Absolutely terrible service-I asked what some thing was in the pan in the window and the person said it was so Freitas, it looked like a container of watery waste.
    She fist around five times to get half a spoon of Sofritas for the bowl. I drive 45 minutes every two weeks to buy a meal at chipotle and bring it home 45 minutes to eat… It was so bland no flavor tasted like I was eating water! I called the manager Kyle, he said they have nothing to do with the safritas… I think they used some leftovers from the day before because it was 1130, and if that were a fresh dish it would have been full and looked and smelled and tasted like they usually do…I know I cannot count on chipotle for quality or good service anymore… Kyle could have cared less, too bad they lost their previous manager he rocked! They were also out of chicken for my husband‘s bowl… How are you out of chicken 15 minutes after you open? Bad management!!!

  • Lori paduano says:

    I just picked up my order from the chipotle in port Jefferson New York and the order was completely wrong. I ordered 4 burrito bowls, they had no names on them, they were smashed and the items were not what we ordered. Terrible!

  • Alan Friedman says:

    I took out a double chicken bowl at your Wellington Florida location yesterday I had a bug in my food I tried calling the restaurant they don’t answer the phone I tried today they don’t answer the phone I tried calling you you don’t answer the phone horrible experience

  • Ronald E Seeley says:

    Thieves and crooks!!!!!! Company has stolen my kids credit card info and have charged hundreds of dollars worth of their garbage!!!!!!!

  • Neil Breault says:

    I have order food six times from chipotle located at 1000 State Road 7, Wellington Florida, 33414 and six times my orders have been messed up. I tried calling the store to talk with someone and each time, no one answered. When I went to ask how they are going to fix the issue they offered to remake it. Two of the six times I had them redo the order and they messed it up again in a different way. I asked if there is any quality control? The manager admitted that there isn’t. I asked for a refund and the manager said it was against the company’s policy and to call corporate. I called the corporate number only for a recording to tell me to visit their website and comment in some inaudible location on their site. So here I am asking for someone from corporate to call me. I would really like to talk with the CEO about how to prevent this from happening again in the future for everyone not just me. I would also still like my refund.

  • Leah says:

    Hello, I usually get a veggie bowl (brown rice, pinto beans, corn, guacamole, and lettuce). My order # 287 at the 10251 Eastern Ave in Henderson, NV. Date 7/30/21 @4:46 pm. I’m very upset because I sent my son to get me a veggie bowl with extra guacamole, and there was very little. I was charged extra for the guacamole. This is not the first time it happened either. I decided to call and to speak to the manager. The manager replied to my complaint with “what do you want me to do about it?” I replied with “Really!!! How about your order number? Training your employees? For the few items I ordered in my veggie bowl I was charged $10.84. That manager was absolutely disrespectful.
    I was very upset. To be charged for extra guacamole when there’s barely anything there! This is fraud!!! That’s NOT OK!!!

  • Kathy says:

    We just went to the Billerica Ma location and every table was filthy with food on them! The worker were unpleasant and no customer service skills. I got a burrito with only chicken and when I got home there was less than a quarter of a cup of chicken, and the mild salsa had huge chunks of red onions and some were the size of a half dollar and others the size of a tiny pea! Never will I go back, the last visit we had the same experience and just thought it was a bad day. It was filthy with all kinds of cheese and lettuce and rice all over the prep counter and I am allergic to cheese 😬

  • Juanita says:

    I ordered chicken taco and chicken rice bowl it was extremely salty and I called the store in mesquite Texas all they said is they can remake it. I’ve never had a salty bowl before gross. I spoke with Patricia my order 4:86 07/28/2021 4:19 pm 10391. Host Madeira’s mesquite 1715 n town East blvd mesquite tx 75150. I don’t have money or time to waste I’ve eaten at this location 100 times I know what it’s supposed to taste like. Not too mention other locations in different states. Please respond via my email.

  • SANDY says:


  • >