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  • Address: 2503 W Wheatland Rd, Dallas, TX 75237, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 972-770-9593

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1975

  • Founder: Larry Lavine

  • Key People: Kelli A. Valade (President)

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Kelli A. Valade


Doug Comings

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Chili’s Grill & Bar was incorporated by Larry Lavine in Texas in 1975. It is owned and handled by Brinker International. Chili’s opened its first restaurant in Dallas, Texas in 1975. In 1983, Lavine sold the company to restaurant executive Norman E. Brinker. By 2015, they were spread over more than 1,580 locations across the globe that included 839 company-owned and 741 franchised ones. In 2016, they widened their focus and added the “Sunrise Burger” (which includes an egg) and the “Ultimate Bacon Burger” to the menu.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a chain of American casual dining restaurants. This company offers a nutritional menu, allergen menu, and a vegetarian menu. It also provides a veggie burger by the Kellogg Company. Chili’s offers a wide variety of Tex-Mex cuisine, such as spicy shrimp tacos, bacon burgers, and steak.

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  • Ruby Smallwood says:

    Need information on how to set up direct deposit of pay . Also a question of will I not receive my tips until direct deposit takes effect? Seems a little odd but no one at the restaurant my daughter works at really seems to know. I am an HR representative at my place of work, so this practice or the lack of knowledge by management seems off putting. Just looking for some clarification, thank you.

  • Tariq says:

    I was told to go to a more black area then I spoke to director of operations Joe in New York and he basically confirmed my suspicions call me

  • Tariq says:

    Racially nit hired

  • Tariq says:

    Racially not accepted at your company

  • Robert says:

    Disappointed in Chili’s. For no longer having the original chicken crispers Our waiter stated so many people ask for it. This is the reason why I come here just for them. You can get chicken tenders anywhere just not Chili’s original chicken crispers. Sure hope y’all bring them back soon.

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  • Irene Chavez says:

    I ordered a Sirloin Steak at the Chili’s in SCHERTZ TX Nov 8,2023 at 12:40pm the Steak was not a Sirloin Steak It looked like a piece of round steak it was flat dry and tasted bad. the 6 oz Sirloin Steaks that I had ordered before were thick & juicy. the steak Chili’s sold me was not a Sirloin Steak I threw it away. I called Chilis and the manager said he would give me a refund. I said thank you. I still haven’t received my refund of $15.29 I called Chilis twice already

  • Jaylen Mathews says:

    Jaylen Mathews
    6350 Ivanhoe Ln
    Beaumont, TX 77706
    Tuesday, November, 7

    Chilis Bar & Grill
    110 IH 10 S., Beaumont, TX 77707

    Subject: Formal Complaint against Manager Tameka

    Dear, Chilis

    I hope we could find a better manager for the job. I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and concern regarding the performance and conduct of Manager Tameka at Chilis. As a customer that enjoys eating chilis, I believe it is crucial that I bring to your attention the issues I have encountered with her being the manager at my time of visit.

    Firstly, Manager Tameka consistently demonstrates a lack of effective leadership skills. She fails to provide clear guidance, set realistic expectations, and establish a positive work environment. Her inability to communicate effectively has resulted in confusion among her team, leading to decreased productivity and increased frustration.

    Furthermore, Tameka’s management style is highly unprofessional and disrespectful. She frequently belittles and humiliates employees in front of their colleagues and customers, creating a hostile and demoralizing work atmosphere. This behavior not only undermines employee morale but also hampers teamwork and collaboration.

    In addition, Tameka antagonizes certain employees, which has created a sense of inequality and unfair treatment within the team. This biased behavior has caused a significant decline in employee motivation and engagement, as individuals feel undervalued and overlooked for their contributions. Moreover, Tameka consistently fails to address employee concerns and grievances in a timely and appropriate manner.

    Overall, she is not the right fit for the job I think it should be somebody at that specific position that could understand your employees better, to make your employees feel good and want to excel and be better at their jobs.

  • Joni Tadlock says:

    I live in Montgomery Tx. It is west of Conroe Tx. My town is growing by the thousands weekly. There are currently commercial lots for sale on a major state highway called 105w. There is a spot that is perfect for a Chilis. I would love for someone to take interest in looking at it. Chilis is one of our favorite places to eat. Please at least look into it. Thank you.

  • Sherry Meaders says:

    Dear Chili’s Corporate,
    My husband and I are big chilis fans. You sustained us during the pandemic. Since then we moved to south central Missouri where the nearest Chilis is 70 miles away in another state! We need a chilis in West Plains, MO. PLEASE!!

  • Jeremy Gonzales says:

    Yes ill like to talk to corporate about the chili’s off North Fwy 6350 North Fwy.. Yes I got fired for having ONE Pba and being late once being late before i got the Pba??? getting fired with no explanation need to do some about the managers they are not professional as they say they are i will file complaints after complaintsss. Manager Juile and Manager Cassidy need to be fired come in hungover everyday and i specifically get fired over a pba… Completely not right at all

  • Connie says:

    Recently took my daughter and adult grandson to eat at Chili’s in Abilene,Tx. Just wanted to say it was 10 out if 10. Great waiter, great food and great price. Will definitely be back. Only have one neg comment. When we walked in, it seemed like a slow time, I didn’t see a greeter, so I noticed the girl across from us, who was working the bar. She looked right at us and never responded when I asked her if they were open. I feel she could have at least said someone will help you shortly. But our waiter appeared at that time and took excellent care of us. I shortened info on this receipt, just to show the date and time. We did the 3 for $10.99 special. Cant beat that! Thanks so much for a great dining experience, which is hard to find here in Abilene at most restaurants.

    Your Receipt
    October 17th, 2023
    Item Price Qty Line Total

    Subtotal $32.97

    Time: 05:33 PM
    Check: 3020083
    Table: 34
    Auth: 437989

    Chili’s – Abilene (10050306)
    4302 S Clack
    Abilene, TX 79606

  • Aisha BUSCH / CHAD LITTLE says:

    Hello and sorry to have to write this review I ordered online from a location in north riverside il and when I received my food it was a horrible site to see the ribs were burnt and dry the sausage was undercooked the corn was hard and the rice was old I ordered 2 of the combo south west that includes all items listed above I contacted the manager at that location and I explained my issue and he told me that he would take down my name and phone number is name was Arty he also told me that he would be glad to replace my order that I spent over 60$ ON FOR A FAMILY NIGHT MEAL JUST TO GET HOME AND THE FOOD LOOKED LIKE IT HAD BEEN SITTING FOR DAYS I ASKED IF HE WAS ANBLE TO REPLACE THE ORDER HE STATED YES I WOULD BE GLAD TO I CALLED TODAY TO CONFIRM THAT I WILL BE PICKING UP TODAY AND HE SAID HE WILL BE THERE ALL DAY REMIND YOU I TOLD HIM BOTH OF THE MEALS LOOKED THIS WAY N I STILL HAD THEM IF HE WOULD LIKE ME TO BRING THEM

  • Altwan Wakefield says:

    There was a problem on how the people at chill us treated when I was DoorDash I was walk passed plenty of times like no one saw me when I finally ask if someone can help still they walked pass but happened all whites I’m so mad then when I ask nice as u will see on camera yo all employees then one white guy aye u ain’t gotta talk to know one like that but as u will I walk in askin don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been pass by plenty times in askin the manager came kick me with asking what’s going on or nothing just kick me in with white say so in look at me different due to I’m black

  • E h says:

    Well, I ordered from door dash. I got the complete wrong food. I called the store and spoke to the manager and he said he couldn’t help me. So now I’m in my house with all the wrong food that I didn’t order but I paid money for food and nobody at Chili’s seems to give a crap.

  • Linda patterson says:

    We have always made homemade burgers but when i suggested we make them yesterday he said i love them but my Heart belongs somewhere else. I said where? He said Chilis burgers. They are so damn good

  • Dawn Miller says:

    I went to chilis within 5days of each other Once in the Tulare location once delivered from the Tulare location. Both times I got the same thing. Queso dip and chips and chicken ranch quesadilla. The amount of queso in the restaurant comes in a skillet and after eating at the restaurant there was plenty to take home. When having it delivered you get have of what you get at the restaurant. It comes in a little cup for the same price. I really have a problem with that Also having my meal delivered took 25 min to go 2.4 miles from the Tulare location to my home. This is also troubling to me. Can you help me with answers? Thank you

  • debra cueto says:

    Yes My daughter and I and a coworker went to eat yesterday at lunch time,the server was VERY rude rude,when we ask for our drinks she rolled her eyes at my daughter,then we over heard her and another server talking about us and how rude we was and they was talking loud enough enough so we could hear them,the other server told her we was rude every time we came in there,well we we ask her when she brought our drinks how was we rude and why was they talking about us she said well yaw are rude and she was very rude to Us,,,ask to see manager and he finaly came over and we explained to Him what happened he said he didn’t undersatan that because she was his best server,,,Lol Well he also was very unprofessional,but that was his best server,,,lol he said He has seen Us in there and he never knew us to be rude. Her name is Savanauh,,,,,,,,,I was a manager at Shoney’s for over 10 years and I understand how things go but this was horrible,,,,This was in Ruston,La

  • Joseph says:

    Server was so drenched in perfume it caused physical stress. Mere presence at the table made it difficult to breathe and caused an instant headache.
    When ordering server Matthew became argumentative. As he was taking order I was pulling away and moving far back in the booth to get away from the overwhelming pungent stench. He was pushing in closer and I was pulling back.
    I ordered Old Timer with Cheese, no pickles or mayonnaise. He asked if I wanted cheese on it. Seemed like he was asking for it as an extra. I said it comes with cheese. It is called Old Timer with Cheese. He asked if I wanted anything else. Since he seemed to be showing attitude I made sure it was clear that the dish came with fries.
    He was interpreting my repulsion, a physical reaction, to his smell, as being angry. He asked if he had done something as he sensed I was upset. I said no. Not upset at all. You have so much perfume on I cannot breathe, and I am trying to get away from you. That was it and all of it. Just trying to minimize the interaction.
    After a few minutes I got the server’s attention and canceled the order for the Old Timer with Cheese.
    I said take it off the bill.
    Lost appetite and wanted to minimize any more interaction with this fellow.
    Others at the table ate. We all cringed when he came by the table to interact. Paid the bill and asked for a printed receipt. Wrote letter and sent by email to President of Chilli’s
    Asked for manager. Explained the simple point of view above. He explained he could refund the Old Timer with Cheese though it would take a couple of days to get the refund. I said do it.
    Now really. Every other business can refund you within 30 seconds of anything you paid for with a card. This day and age, that delay needs an explanation. An honest one. You took my money instantly. You took my money for an entree I did not get served and you got the tip amount for it. Instantly. You can do better than that excuse. So I wait.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ordered my steak medium well.
    It came out raw and bloody.
    Second try it came out bloody.
    Third try outside well done center still red. I have photos.

    No apologies. Told the second attempt was medium well. Acted mad because I wanted a pink center and not a bloody center.

    No apology
    No discount

    Rotten customer service.

  • Russiville. Ar. says:

    When did a hog start having only 8 ribs. Ordered 1/2 order thought I was getting a half rack but only got 4 ribs.

  • Dana says:

    The chili’s in Fultondale alabama for months now the ladies bathroom has smelled of sewage. Makes you just about vomit. I called today 6/29/23 to see if anything has been done about it. The lady on the phone said no. That it couldn’t be fixed. Sounds like a health dept issue. We haven’t been in months because of that. It may be one of the reasons people aren’t going in there as much.

  • Matt says:

    We are regular customers at the Irvine Ca. Location. In general, we were satisfied customers. Last Friday we invited friends to the restaurant. To my disappointment, the beef fajita I recommended highly was the worst. The onions and bell pepper were cold and welted, not sizzling as usual.

  • K H says:

    Today, June 25th at 12:00, my friend and I were at the Owasso, Ok location. After we ordered a waitress came to our table and told us we had to leave. I am 72 & my friend 68 who resides at Baptist Village a retirement home. A young man, Justin, who works at Chili’s has told people I accosted him with filthy language and a proposition for sex. (??) We know the employee because everyone from Baptist Village eats at Chili’s. We all hear his stories about how he never has any money and about his car and doesn’t work enough days. At first we gave him money with big tips. I gave him a job of cleaning up flowerbeds. He paid me back by telling everyone I wanted to sleep with him.(???) I am a 72-year-old Christian lady! So today my friend and I got thrown out of your store by your manager, as she watched and smirked. I told the waitress I had filed a police report on him. But she had to do what the “Manager” said. We were humiliated! People watched as we left like we were criminals. And the manager stood against the door and smiled. I will be going to the police in Owasso, Ok and filing a report there of what happened. This is your employee! I will never be back to Chili’s ever and either will my friends at Baptist Village Retirement. The kid is sick and it’s sad you treat your customers with despise and kick them out of your store for the sake of a 16-year-old, who wants attention. It’s disgusting. But far more disgusting is that your store manager kicked us out in front of everyone in the restaurant. Sad!!!! Is she his attorney? Well if not she needs to have one because I’m going to sue her and your store.

  • Carol Graves says:

    Tonight a friend and I ordered the Carne Asada at the Newbury Park, California, location. We shared the order, and of the three pieces we had, we were unable to chew and swallow any of them!!! I had such a fabulous piece of Carne Asada in Upland, California, several months ago, that I have told numerous people about how fabulous it was, and this was my experience at this particular restaurant. It was extremely disappointing and embarrassing, having raved about the Carne Asada to my friend.

  • Cheryl R. says:

    I am a constant customer at Chili’s Lake Havasu City AZ, (18 visits between 1/1/23 – 6/1/23) In a latest dine-in, I was charged incorrectly for the meal charging $15.00 additional to my ticket. The server apologized and made the correction. When I received my AMEX statement, I noticed the corrected dinner charge and also the erroneous charge, that was supposedly removed. I phoned the manager requesting credit back to my AMEX for the erroneous chg. She said, “she has no record of that ticket”, I explained what took place. I also provided my AMEX stmt. for her record of the “two individual charges”. She argued she “had NO RECORD of the charge, and that I needed to dispute with AMEX to get issued credit”. Dissatisfied with this way of a correction, since it is clear of the mistake by Chili’s , I replied “fine I will do that”. Later that day the same manager phoned and left a message saying, “she issued credit” for the dinner ticket she had on file (a lower amt. and not the overcharged amt.) This is a completely improper accounting procedure and incorrect amount of credit. She was to issue credit for a bogus charge which “she has no ticket for”. I asked that she refund the correct amount. She rudely refused to make the correction and said she “will deny any AMEX dispute since she has given a credit to my card” although it’s an incorrect credited amount”.
    I have been professional and polite in my three calls to her, all requesting the proper handling of the “fraudulent charge” to my card. She rudely talked over me anytime I began to speak. I asked her politely to allow me the courtesy to finish explaining to her that I did not like the improper adjustments for the erroneous charge. She hung up on my call. I called back twice, just to have her hanging up on me twice more. This extremely unprofessional manager is most rude and doesn’t understand proper accounting methods. She should be fired for incorrect accounting and business ethnics. Also, this Chili’s has the dirtiest wine glasses I’ve ever seen. Scary to think what the dinnerware looks like prior to food being placed on them.

  • Seth Barker says:

    I was at the restaurant in Galveston, TX with my family. We where the only group there at the time and the waitress took are orders and she still missed 3 meals when the food came out. Also we got our drinks late and no refills. I can understand if they where busy but like I said we where the only customers in the restaurant. I have ate at chilis for years and this is the worst service I had.

  • Robert c lyska jr says:

    Hi my name is Robert and I was eating at the Chilli in Galveston Texas and the serves was bad food was even worse , and they could not get are order right i feel like my family and I deserve a better experience

  • Suny says:

    Mesa Riverview location AZ
    Hostess snapped at me when asking if I could sit in a table in same section ( as she repeatedly said they only have one server on duty) Then I was told I couldn’t use my rewards on the 3/$10.99 entree. Hmmmm should not that be stated somewhere. If its my reward I should be able to use when and how i please. Yeah you may be short staffed but have some decent customer service skills and be kinder on how you talk to your patrons

  • John says:

    I scheduled an interview for a to go specialist and received a confirmation email the day before. I walked in to be interviewed only to be told that they were no longer hiring for the position. I was never informed or had someone reach out to me. The job posting is STILL on Indeed.

  • Tom says:

    Your customer service sucks

  • Sean tatro says:

    Who ever is the manager or regional manager of your Williston Vermont location should be fired . There’s no excuse for not finding staff your loosing thousands of dollars because of it all the other stores are getting it done around you but this location

  • Megan says:

    I went to Chili’s in Battle Creek, MI to attempt to get a new job today. I arrived 10 minutes early for my scheduled interview. The restaurant was not very busy. They had at least 2 managers working during this time. I waited for a total of 40 minutes, before letting the host know I was leaving. Neither one of the managers ever stopped by to say one word to me the entire 40 minutes I sat there. Not a place to want to work or eat. The customers were just as unhappy as I was to waste time and money here.

  • Terry S. says:

    I walk into chilis today on nov 23 2022 at 8:30 pm and one of the head waitresses told us they close at 8:30pm for the holidays which it wasn’t even thanksgiving day, me and my wife drove 30 mins to the Arcadia CA location expecting they would be open and didn’t get a heads up on Yelp or on google maps, even my store stay open until our closing time, we still gave excellent service to our customer, really ruin my dinner night with my wife, we always leave a good tip too. really hope you guys would do something about it.

  • Evelyn H. says:

    Why did Chili’s take the original crispers off the menu, crispers were the only reason I visited the restaurant!?

  • Willie says:

    This is a very unprofessional franchise. I stopped going to Chili’s a long time ago. But because I love wings, thought I would give Its Just Wings in Burlington NC a try. Placed an online order and it was advertised that you could get $5 off your order over $20 if you signed up for the rewards program. I signed up but never got the $5 discount, nor can you ever get in contact with anyone within the corporate office to help. When I checked in to pickup my order, no one ever came to bring my order out. After sitting there for 10 minutes, I had to go inside myself to get my order that was sitting there in the pickup rack. That’s my first and last time eating there.

  • Kathy Herman says:

    This is a complaint coming from a PA chili’s located near parkesburg. This restaurant is apparently struggling for help as I realize at this time a lot of businesses are. We visited it on 10/28 at 5 pm and unfortunately there were more people waiting in the waiting area than seated in the restaurant and only two young waitresses and a young man who informed us we would have a 15 minute wait. No management in sight. The kids aren’t gonna care but lesson is they will when they don’t have a job. I can see this as a failed business and I feel this falls on corporate. It’s a rural area and jobs aren’t easy to find. Shame on whoever manages this restaurant and we will not be back. We never had a bad experience until then but it was an “in your face” uncaring restaurant. It does make me sad because in the past it was ran decently and efficiently. We also thought as we were leaving the quality of food is probably going to show the same failure. We live further west from there in Lancaster county and will probably go to Moe’s for Tex mex.

  • Cindy says:

    I ate at your Idaho Falls, Idaho store on Saturday night the 22nd of October. The bartender named Julie was very rude. Our meals came out at different times and it was not busy. My husband had already eaten by the time my meal came out. My chicken was not completely done. I was very intimidated by the bartender and could not ask her for another drink. When she brought my husbands drink she slammed it down on the table. Treated us very rude as I said before. I will not be coming back to this restaurant. You have lost by business.

  • Vega Family says:

    October 23, 2022, Visited the East Brunswick location #335 and between the exceptional manager and the excessively professional and welcoming server, Joshua Caraballo, my visit with my family exceeded our expectations. At every step Joshua took care of all our needs. But since I chose to pay out bill with cash, it didn’t allow me to complete a survey. But this would be completely unfair to Joshua or any server who goes above and beyond to provide a full service dining experience.

  • Rodney says:

    Chilis in upland CA the worst
    I order curbside once a month and always the same problem. They never come out to the car I always have to go in and then the food is cold and something is always missing. Complaining doesn’t help and contacting corp gets you nothing either. When you ask for a refund you get gift cards. There’s a reason why I ask for a refund cause your staff is not taking care of your customers. There is another chili’s but it’s further I would like just once…..just once to get my meals hot and delivered to my car like I’ve selected on the web page. The only reason I go here is cause it’s close to my home don’t think that’s happening anymore.

  • Cliff mcadams says:

    Your restaurant in mandeville la is disgusting. Outside and inside windows are slimy with green stuff growing on them Inside chairs dirty as well as floor. You are defiantly attracting any customers and you all are a pimple in mandeville close it if you can’t maintain it…

  • christine smith says:

    What is the issue with the Chillis in Allen park on the hill? Restaurant is still 1/2 closed no staff…No one at bar? come on covid is over where is the manager & regional? This has been this way for 3 months now. Get it together or put in something else that’s a busy area not to have a thriving business. Wrong people in place for sure.

  • Martha Rice says:

    I was employeed at chilis this time last year. I never received my last check in the amount of $248.49. How do I go about getting that mailed to me?? When I contacted the store, they said it was mailed back to the corporate office and that it would be forwarded to me. My name is Martha Rice I worked at the Wheat Ridge CO location

  • Very unhappy customer says:

    Your chili’s in Mesa AZ on singlebutte is a terrible place to eat the people that work there do not take pride in what they do, first the cooks don’t care my fries are from 5hrs ago cold cold my burger not together just all over the place on my plate, no care in the world about presentation second I order for pickup I drove 17 mins to get to chili’s I park in the Togo send message no one ever comes out I walk in you have five people standing and waiting and your restaurant is not busy at all at 8:30 last night 10/11/22 I feel that your restaurants are prejudices not all your employees but I feel there are always some in your bunch, sad thing is I always loved eating at chili’s because of the great food but it’s not anymore you might as well shut down some in az the employees you have out here don’t take pride in their work they do less than half ass, use to be acting and doing half ass would get you by, third I ask to speak to a manager and your restaurant is not busy it takes over 5mins to talk to her and when I do because she knows my race shows no care or empathy for my feelings doesn’t apologize instead acts like I’m not there I ask for my money back says she has to look into it, instead of communicating with me and ingaging with me that it’s taking sometime to look leaves me for about 17mins standing there I was thinking she was thinking hopefully he gets the hint and leaves, finally she comes back because I believe a waitress told her he is still there, so she come back and says you ordered from a third party not my problem take it up with the third party you can leave now, what am I just garbage because I’m a different race, you really need to shut down some places you are losing money and you will continue to lose money times are changing and the past will not be tolerated you have young people that don’t want to work no values not a care and this is everywhere you go to McDonald’s they don’t have cheeseburger that I ordered instead of telling me there is an issue they throw in a pie and extra fries, I asked for a cheeseburger it’s not the same thing tell me the issue get a manager instead they tell me it’s the same referring to money and they gave me something extra these are the young people now days, it’s not the same thing I wanted a cheeseburger it’s happening everywhere they think and do what they believe is right, there is no hope for your restaurants if things don’t change I’m glad your restaurant taughtme you don’t want my money and don’t want me in your restaurants

  • Shirley Beaudoin says:

    You have 3 wonderful people working in Marble Falls store 1294 Charlie and two girls that work like mad to keep your Restutant going we come here because of them we bring our friends here two are three times a week they deserve recognition. Thank you. Shirley Beaudoin and friends

  • Stan Roberts says:

    The credit card mechanism at the table is it’s got to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen and the one at my table is absolutely unsanitary I’m surprised you haven’t been sued for food poisoning. You have better hope the city inspector doesn’t do a swab test and shut you down.

  • Misty says:

    Chilis is the worst place to work for, they use and abuse their managers and expect the managers to do the same thing to the rest of the staff. And when you do, and your staff complains about it, they fire you! It’s a joke of a corporation where sexism, sexual harassment, and favoritism is still very much alive and well.

  • Margaret says:

    In the spring our local school had their prom and we called our local Chili’s to make a reservation for a group of young people. Our local Chili’s told us they do not do reservations. Today the same Chili’s made a reservation for a large group of alumni who want to eat there this evening. Not sure who makes the rules, but this doesn’t seem fair. Our young people are limited in our area for dining and drive a good distance to be accommodated. Not sure why we can’t can not treat all customers the same. No reservations means no reservations.

  • Penny Bizzell says:

    You need to do building maintenance. My daughter went to the restroom and there were girls in there doing “a line”. The stalls do not lock so the girls who were high enough kept harassing my daughter and opening her stall door. Food is fair. Some plates were cold. We only had 4 plates. The drugs and harassment was very off putting. It’s starting to look run down and the place is in a great location. I know finding help is very very hard but if you can’t use the ghetto restroom what doest that say.

  • Antony Chick says:

    At the location on 16507 Washington St. in Thornton, I’m not sure if the waiter was trying to to be funny but I ordered some food and was told if I really wanted all that food? Then after I ordered I was told that I must really be hungry. Like many Americans, I’m obese and have a big stomach, but the waiter didn’t have to fat shame me. When he noticed that I was upset he offered me a complimentary piece of pie, which made me feel worse. I have news for you. You can’t buy us off with more food.

  • Marika Wasmund says:

    1. It’s impossible to find where you have job postings. I live in a college town; but we only have 3 VISIBLE people working. At 6 (when we arrived).
    2. Technology… if you can’t use it then don’t have it!!! Your app said “NO WAIT”, we arrived 4 minutes later to find we had a 47 minute wait?!
    3. I was SOOOO disappointed in my food and beverage (presedente marg”.
    4. We’ll be going to a different place next time.

    5. Really sad mama…

  • Amy says:

    The chillis in Whitemarsh md the staff is good except for one of the line cooks she’s a horrible attitude horrible employee no one likes her … physically put her hands on another employee also sexually assaulting another employee while rubbing her rear end on him after being told stop please Chili’s address this because according to my source she’s been fired once already and brought back and nothings been dine


    I attempted to support or give Chili’s Bar and Grill in Tallahassee, Fl. on 719 Apalachee Parkway business with several of my friends (18), we were greeted immediately at the door by the manager Justin Woodcock stating that he couldn’t accommodate the group. The restaurant only had 12 customers inside with plenty of empty sets. As he walked to the back area, the hostess advised that he was turning a lot of customers around. Take in mind, this was after a big football game between Albany State University vs. FAMU. After my party was turned around, a party of 12 Caucasians were greeted by Mr. Woodcock and seated. I then asked for his name and we departed to another restaurant.
    This was unfair to my party of Professional Adults (Law Enforcement Officer, A Chief of Police and Major, A Car Saleswoman, Several Teachers, A Local Owner Of a Subway in Tallahassee and A Manager at A Bank)
    We all feel very DISRESPECTED by Mr. Woodcock.

  • Sandra says:

    My husband and I went to the Chilis in Ormond Beach, FL today. My husband had the Quesadilla Explosion Salad which has always been his favorite. The salad was so small, it was more like a side salad and not the meal it used to be! Flavor still there but we would rather pay a little more than getting this ridiculously small salad! Please please please bring back the original size Quesadilla Explosion salad!

  • Jane doe says:

    Seats torn vineland nj 08360

  • Jane doe says:

    Chilis in Vineland Nj has torn booth seats I wish o can upload pictures

  • Kenneth Finney says:

    My wife ordered food online (Yelp Grub Hub Chilis) and it was to be ready between 8:55p and 9:15p and when we arrived at the restaurant we entered the parking space # in the prompt for pickup. We waited for about 15 minutes and I went in asking about my order. The employee found my order sitting on a rack and handed it to me. I felt the bag and it was getting pretty cold. I asked for a manager and when he arrived I explained that I followed the text link to let them know I was there and no one had come out. He said “it happens, the information doesn’t come through on there end”. I explained that my food was cold and he just shrugged his shoulders saying it happens. I left with the bag and when I arrived home I was shocked. We had two salads that had wilting lettuce with one of the salads having a piece of plastic in it. Oh, and no salad dressing even though we had specified Ranch for both. The Southwest Eggrolls were cold and soggie. The two Enchilada soups were cold and had no liquid and it was packed into the container. Finally, dessert. The Molton Lava cake was ice cold and the ice cream was melted. This food went into the trash. I demand that my $42.25 be refunded back to my account asap and let me know when it is completed. Check #3020197

  • Lisa says:

    I love Chili’s food but the one on Haywood rd Greenville, SC blows my by mind with the state of the restroom. It can be looked at as a sign of the uncleanliness of the kitchen. Please address this, it has been that way for some time. In my opinion you have a gold mine in Chili’s, but this is a poor representation of any restaurant.

  • ASH says:

    Chili’s at Brier Creek, Raleigh, has a order fulfilment team that answers and immediately puts someone on hold. I waited over 10 minutes yesterday to report that my delivered order was missing an item. The male that answered was rude and refused to get a manager when he finally picked up after I had to call back. This person failed to apologize for the long wait time and when no one came back on the line again, hung up on me when I called back. I was so livid that a paying customer could not reach a manager on the only published telephone. Instead of doing their job as a chili’s representative, they played childish telephone games. I left my family at home and drove over to the location and told the manager everything that happened. By this point, I was livid. Order #119237314 dated 9/3/22 ordered by 4pm. So, I hope this guy that was playing phone games, realizes that one can get to the manager in more ways than one! The funny thing is, all I wanted was my refund on the missing item. I ended up leaving and refusing anything from the location in question.

    In a day of online orders, communication is key. And…all this over missing Street Corn!

  • James Ferguson says:

    My wife and I just had the worst experience ever at Chili’s. We have been eating at Chili’s for awhile. Our order was all screwed up from the start. Our drinks were all wrong. They took our order and brought something totally different. They replaced it with the right food but it was like dry cardboard. My wife also but into a piece of plastic inside of her southwest egg roll. We were told that it came that way and they could not do anything about it. Worst experience there

  • Stacy Jones says:


  • Angel White says:

    I have pictures from W Markham Little Rock AR location. Nasty and very poor customer service.

  • Doc says:

    How do you get a particular Chilis to call Directv? The tvs in the Chilis I go to on Burnet road in Austin Texas hasn’t had working channels in months. It’s gotten to the point where we’re gathering around laptops to watch sporting events cause you can’t catch anything on ESPN.

  • Linda M Jones-Tucker says:

    Visited your restaurant in Alexandria Va. Ordered two items and was charged twice for one order. Contacted your restaurant and spoke to a man name Warren. He was unable to help fix the problem. His suggestion was to contact my bank, which I did. My bank informed me it’s the responsibility of the restaurant to reimburse me the funds. This happened last Saturday and no results as of today? I contacted your corporate office and left my name and number. I hope I will hear from someone soon. Linda Jones 5184592363 or 518 3680379. Thank you.

  • Brittanie says:

    Chili’s Myrtle beach sc orchard drive used to be my favorite go to spot I went tonight took the sever more than ten minutes to even ask what id like to drink . Anyways fast forward the food started coming out the kitchen brick cold and mats all over there was two in my margarita at that point I just left. No longer my favorite go too restaurant!

  • The GM at Chilis in Detroit/ Michigan makes sexual remarks to me and is very judge-mental and down talks my special needs daughter.…. says:

    The GM at Chilis in Detroit/ Michigan makes sexual remarks to me and is very judge-mental and down talks my special needs daughter.….

  • Unhappy customer says:

    All I know is the Chili’s in Paris sucks. They close down early when not having enough products. They are somewhat prejudiced I would say especially when you see the entire staff and how many black people work there including the management. They show favoritism to certain employees and could care less about some employees’ well-being. They keep their behinds in the office all the time and get an attitude if they have to step out on the floor to help out employers with skin tones different than them and get mad when they speak their minds about the actions they see them showing differences with the other employees. If you kiss their asses you get special treatment but if you don’t the management treats you like shit. I’m not saying all management is bad but the ones that fix the schedule are straight-up female dogs. I would love to say more but I’ll end up writing a book. If the owner knew how sorrow his management staff was and wonder why he was short-staffed all the time, he most definitely would clean house. He just needs to show up there on a day unannounced and he will see exactly what I’m talking about. That one female manager if she doesn’t get herself together by being petty with the front house staff, she’ll be finding herself working that by herself and see how it feels to be treated like BS. I’m just glad this is not one of my favorite places to always come there to eat. These are the things I see whenever I go there to eat. If I notice this how many others do you think to see it but just not speak up about it? Chili’s is lucky I’m not a mystery shopper to report to the owner about the restaurant because he definitely wouldn’t be pleased.

    • Siran Mouhanna says:

      I have been a frequent guest at chilis since 2007 I haven’t always had the best customer service but the food is always amazing, recently I’ve been ordering carry out instead of dining in for personal reasons, when I’ve ordered curb side I would always go in to grab my order cuz I end up sitting in my car for over 15 minutes passed the time given letting me know my order should be ready, the last time this happened the employee told me my order is ready he just needed to bag it up and that took literally 17 minutes I know this because I have the text in my phone that stated my order was ready and I checked the time he came to let me know it was ready and the time when I he actually handed me my cold soggy southwest egg rolls which I still enjoyed because I love those, today I tried to order from the Detroit mi location and I didn’t have money on my card so I called it in. The employee that answered my call told me to order online I told her I had to pay cash and she assured me there’s a button for me to have the option of placing my order and paying in the restaurant I hung up and tried and wasn’t able to do so, so I called back and she stated she couldn’t take my order and I asked for a manager which she told me I couldn’t speak to one at the moment and to call back later. I could go on with a few experiences like these, I am extremely upset and would appreciate it if someone reached out to me, I am a manager at a bar and grill literally less than a mile away and I go to chilis on my lunch break at least 3 times a week. Not just for my satisfaction but for chilis reputation I think something needs to be addressed at that specific location, thank you

  • Mary mccardell says:

    We need a chili’s opened in the south part of the Villages Florida! Perfect location is Lake Deaton Plaza

  • Anonymous Hernandez says:

    Chillis in Montville/Uncasville Connecticut. The staff are bullies to each other, a lot if sexual harassment and management forces employees to do things that are against their will. This better get addressed asap. This is illegal and need to will be discussed with a worker’s rights attorney.

  • Jimmy Evans says:

    I tried to call in and order to the Chili’s in Paris Texas this evening. I held on the line until it disconnected. Called back and it happened again, I went to the take out desk at the restaurant and know one was there. I went around to the front desk and the girl was not at all interested in waiting on me. I ask for the manager. She finally came and took my order. When I returned to pick it up, again, know one waited on me so I ask for the manager again. She went and retrieved my order and took my payment. This Chili’s has the worst service I have ever had. If they had been busy I could have been understanding. But they were mot.

  • Jon says:

    Chilis in Russellville,ar is horribly managed. They are closing at 8 on Friday. Every time you go in the ey don’t have half the menu. It’s ridiculous.

  • Jarvis says:

    I’m a long time patron of Chilis but today I had to walk out do to lack of communication and/or customer service. Rowlett TX store on Highway 66 today between 3:30-4pm. Store was not busy with several staff members. I sat at the bar for 10-15 minutes without greeting or service of any kind. Several staff observed without any courtesy. I.e. someone will be with you in a minute….. I gather my items and slid my chair in and slowly walked to exit still without any comment. I’ve known several of the staff and managers threw out the years. None I recognized. I’m currently frequenting another establishment and was greeted and served within a minute or two. I don’t like public posting, so I think this is the best method. I wouldn’t have left if I thought no one saw me sitting at the open bar. It was clearly not anyones issue but mine. So I left! Very disappointed.

  • LeAnn Gatewood says:

    I visited a Chili’s in Mountain Home AR and they do not do the 2 for 1 drinks. I have always gotten 2 for 1 at Chili’s. Are the locations all different? I am just curious for future reference we looked kind of dumb when we ask are these not 2 for 1??
    Thank you for your answer please.

  • Marilyn Hendershot says:

    Your Van Buren, Arkansas store needs immediate attention. 60% of the tables were empty at noon on Wednesday. They said we would have to wait 20 minutes to be seated; that they were short staffed and only had two cooks. The hostess said it would take longer than normal to get our food when we were seated. Only three of us. Hostess also said “if you want to go someplace else, that’s okay with them. It won’t hurt our feelings “. What a complete failure at customer service. We did leave and went to another restaurant. We are local people; not travelers.

  • Terry says:

    The Chili’s in Frankfort Kentucky is a total mess. The floors are dirty the restaurant is in dire need of an interior remodel.

  • Robbi McDevitt says:

    Aww Chili’s, it makes me sad but I’m going to have to break up with my favorite local restaurant here in Brunswick, GA. This was take 2 of really bad service even though your food is delicious. When you first opened here, I brought every teacher I knew to your facility. We used to get such great service we have even left a huge $20 tip on a small bill. But no more. We were made to feel like a bother, after 20 minutes we were told the terrible bartender( the server’s words, not ours) couldn’t make our frozes.. then couldn’t even get blue cheese dressing for our apps until we were leaving. I will miss you but we gave you a second chance and it was worse the the first bad experience. I wish you well.. but goodbye!!

  • Lee says:

    I live in Toledo Ohio I go to the Chili’s on Airport Highway they never have any staff they don’t wait on you you take 40 minutes to sit down they don’t wait on you the food has been terrible I go there at least two or three times a week used to now I stop going there I kept trying and trying and it’s ridiculous I like their food or I did and it’s terrible there were friends of mine that worked there they didn’t want to give the workers more hours so they they quit you need to figure out what you’re doing with your company and get your s*** together

  • Randy Phillips says:

    I have to tell you my friends and I have been frequenting the Bixby ok location for 12 years. On average we spend about $800 a month.
    But I have to tell you the last year has so disappointing. The service is terrible, we always have to remind them to bring the stuff we ordered and our check is always wrong. The staff is now kids in there 30’s who could actually give a shit how they treat their customers. It is very sad that a large chain like Chili’s has given up on customer service, customer care and making sure the customer gets good service and what they order.
    I’m starting a campaign to ruin your name here in Tulsa if you don’t get your act together

  • Karen Scott says:

    Your host and server at the Chili’s on Harlem Ave in Orland Park, IL is doing the job of 3 people and doing a damn good job. He’s an Asian American. I don’t remember his name.

  • Shannon says:

    I am so upset, Chili’s has gotten worse over the years, the service stinks, my food was burnt and cold at the same time. The staff dancing and singing , playing tag in the back. The tables and seats were dirty, just my overall experience there was disgusting. I will never go back to chili’s on Torrence Ave in River oaks landing, the food was terrible. Your staff needs more training!!!!!

  • Ali Durand says:

    We love Chili’s however; the one near our home town in Kingsport, TN needs help. It is so worn and dirty. TV screens filthy and so are the walls and paint. Layers of dust on the ductwork, food in the walls, etc. Even the bathrooms are yucky. This location needs a thorough cleaning or make over!!!! Staff is always wonderful… probably the only reason we come once a week.

  • Jenny says:

    So we’re at Chili’s last night eating they say it will be a 10-minute wait that’s fine there’s eight tables we don’t understand why we can’t be seated but whatever so we wait we get seated or male waiter he takes our drinks goes behind the bar makes several mixed drinks take them their drinks we finally get our drinks 10 minutes later he comes back to take our order I had to ask for my starter which was just my soup I had waited 20 minutes for that the people that were sitting behind us they had already gotten two mixed drinks and their starters did not even have to ask for nothing everybody around us did not have to ask for anything other than me and him we finally get our food and she said oh be careful it’s hot while his food wasn’t hot I could tell mine was but his wasn’t so he said something to the young lady that brought it out in our mail waiter went over there with an attitude is there something else wrong and he said I don’t know why don’t you tell me seeing as how long we’ve waited for our food and he just stands there like he had a problem so he finally left not once did we ever even get asked if we wanted a refill not one time not one time did we get asked for a refill until 5 minutes before we fixing to leave there was nothing to drink in his cup he finally sets it on the end of the table and he said do you mind if I have a refill he said I haven’t had not won and he snatches it up like he had a problem we finally got a refill we had to ask for a refill we had to ask for our food and there was not very many people in there!

  • Mary R Stowers says:

    If possible without blasting chilis on Swanson in Lake Havasu City, Az. I would very much like to share my experience and share some pictures of my food. I think headquarters should have at least a visual of how Chilis corporate is being represented and reputation is served up in Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

  • Joyce T. says:

    Today I my husband and I went to Chili is Southaven Mississippi, I ordered the Southwest Eggrolls, Broccoli and Asparagus, the Broccoli was cold and rotten, the Asparagus was cold and hard. My husband ordered the ten inch Sirloin with shrimp that he never got, until 20 minutes later when he had eaten his food. We ordered the Chocolate Moten cake, he got his but 10 minutes later, I still hadn’t gotten mine, call the waitress and she said they were making it. Ask to speak with the Manager five times before she came to the table and said she would speak with the waitress at the end of her shift. The service and experience was awful and I left hungry. Worst service I ever had.

  • S. Truelove says:

    I dined at the Chilis Webb Ginn restaurant # 10051233 in Snellville, GA on last Saturday, 7/9/22 w/my son for my birthday. My son’s chicken crispers had fried hair in the batter. I notified the server immediately and she offered to bring out a replacement. The mgr on duty apologized and stated she would comp my son’s meal. I didn’t look at the web receipt until I got home, but discovered it wasn’t comp’d. They actually added it to the bill again. I called the restaurant 7/11/22 at 10:29am and spoke w/Logan who stated he would issue a $15 credit but that hasn’t happened. I am requesting a refund at this time and I will be calling corporate to request my promised refund.

  • T. says:

    Had the worst experience in Lady Lake FL. After speaking with two employees who were obviously over their heads and one “manager”, Joshua at the store who didn’t even acknowledge us or help his staff find our curbside order. Acted like we were intruding on his day to get a refund for the order we had already paid for. Oh and yes we were receiving the text saying please check in when your here. My daughter and I went thru an interrogation with this guy just to try to get the money back, didn’t even care that they were so disorganized that they couldn’t find our order, wouldn’t look at the order number, saying Owell it’s not at this store and walking away. So after calling a different store, Ocala then speaking to two managers insuring me the GM from Lady Lake needed a day off and would call me the next to fix, I said okay. Two days later no call, no refund, but a charge to my account. Oh and this was lovely, after they couldn’t find the order, telling me I didn’t place one, I get a text saying thank you for your order and feedback. To sum up have had to call bank to dispute transaction so they can handle this to receive our money back. Ridiculous that not one manager could take the time to fix to where you have to get your bank involved. I worked at Chili’s for over four years while attending college, respect this company and the standards that were once there, what a disappointment to see what it has become. No one should be treated like this ever, especially when your only trying to pick up a curbside order. None of us will ever be back, not that this store or company cares. That has been made abundantly clear.

  • S Thompson says:

    Your Hixson, TN location does not have air conditioning in the kitchen. In July it is HOT in TN, maybe not at hot at Texas, but still hot! This is unhuman! And a health hazard. It’s been their way for close to a year. Why?!?

  • Jim N says:

    WHY DID YOU STOP SERVING CHICKEN FRIED STEAK IN THE DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA??????? You have the best chicken fried steak in the fast/casual restaurant space. It is the sole reason I take my family to Chili’s. Now we will not be back, ever, as I was told by the manager today (7/6/2022) of my local location (Castle Hills, 75056) that she can no longer order chicken fried steak from corporate. That tells me you have cut it from your “secret” menu. Dang, I loved your chicken fried steaks. Now I have to find another place, and I have tried others and they were inferior. I hope all Texans contact Chili’s to tell them to bring back the chicken fried steak!

  • Courtney Horton says:

    Hello all.
    Tonight I took my daughter, mom, and two nieces to the Hot Springs Chili’s location in Arkansas. The waiters were awesome with seating, taking our order and delivering the mael. However when my daughter, who Is the Birthday girl, and reason for the celebration took one bite of her food then pulled the fork out of her mouth only to realize it had rice between the forks. Sadly we did not have rice, she was disgusted as well as the rest of us. We called the Waitress and she was just as disgusted as we were. She apologized over and over and over again and say that she would get her manager 2 coming talk with us. The manager never look our way and continued to scroll on his phone as if it never happened. We asked for to-go-boxes, packed our food and proceeded to check out and pay for our $97 bill. The Waitress then let me know that the manager decided to take something off of our bill she doesn’t know what it is and if I would like to know I should scroll to the top of the bill. When I did so I found out that he took $6 off of my bill my bill. That is unacceptable and I really feel like he should have come to the table and apologize to the person who got the rice in their fork. This is unacceptable during Covid and any other time really. He should of at least compensate my daughter’s food that she can not eat. Poor service at its finest. The manager acted as if we didn’t matter. If not for the Waitresses or we would have probably walked right out. Thankfully they were there to comfort my daughter. 7-5-22 5:10 pm

  • Brittany says:

    Tried to eat at Chili’s in Rapid City on 7/4/22. There were two people waiting and to people at a table. No one came out to greet us we had to go back to the kitchen and ask to be seated only to be told they didn’t have enough staff. THERE WERE ONLY TWO PEOPLE SEATED!! Us along with the two others left, I’m surprised they are still open.

  • Former Chilis Employee says:

    As being an employee for Chili’s Bar and Grill I’m HIGHLY disappointed you don’t give your employees time and half on holidays. Every cooperation restaurant that I know of does it for their employees why don’t you guys do it. Everyone working on July 4th had to miss their celebration of their families and celebration of this “country” to work for a cooperation that CAN’T AFFORD to pay their employees properly if you can’t afford time an half on a holiday just shut down the restaurant for the employees on that day. Just not okay that we have to work on a national holiday that we know you guys under pay in. Definitely a LAWSUIT! honor your chili heads! C’mon “TEAM”

  • Pam V says:

    We went to Chili’s in Milford Ct last Saturday we’ve been for lunch a few times always good this time we went for dinner they weren’t very busy so we got sat right away. Our waitress came over to get our drink order and i told her I had the chilies rewards for free salsa and chips. The chips were very salty my husband got the fajitas which gets at lunch time always good. this time the dinner portion was very small and very little meat he got the steak,chicken,shrimp combo.very disappointing I got the big mouth chicken sandwich very salty they DO NOT have to salt the chicken but they do wound up having to peel off the coating to be able to eat it. Our waitress disappeared the hostess served our food and brought over more drinks to us.it was a very disappointing visit. For the money we paid it wasn’t worth it.

  • Charlene Putprush says:

    Not sure why you have an app when you can’t order online. Please bring online ordering to Winchester Va

  • Jo Anna hardin says:

    Your Bardstown location has the worst customer service ever. Went in today at 4pm there were 3 full tables and 1 person at the bar. Approximately 10 people.Waited 10 minutes for service only to be told by the waitress that she already had 3 tables an couldn’t take care of 2 more people. My husband and myself.

  • Becky says:

    Had one of the worst experiences in my life at Chili’s tonight! I can’t believe they are still in business with customer service like this! WHEWW! Besides them being incredibly slow! They were so rude! I own my own business as well and I know sometimes good workers are hard to find but the way they run this Chili’s is down right despicable, heart breaking and just sad! Something needs to be done! ASAP! I didn’t even go into detail just too much to write! I really use to like Chili’s! Tonight has really opened my eyes! I will only do 5 star restaurants or better from now on! Chili’s taught me a lot! You get what you pay for!

  • C. W. Dow says:

    My son and I went to the Chili’s at 2503 W. Wheatland Rd. in Dallas this Saturday around noon for lunch. There were five other customers standing at the hostess’ desk, a couple, and three other people, and three employees standing there also. Not one of the employees asked if we would like to be seated. After several minutes the gentleman of the couple snapped his fingers and said rather loudly, “table for two”! One of the employees seated the couple and then instead of seating any of the rest of us still waiting, she just wandered off! My son and I left; I figured if the service was anything like the lack of motivation displayed by the three employees at the hostess desk we might starve before we got some food.

  • Janae Jones says:

    Employee Ashley Merriweather at Homewood Chilis is a bully and mistreated a coworker who appeared to be young. She went as far as to say she is lucky she is 16. How does Chili’s allow this?

  • Christy Hodge says:

    Famous Dave’s closed on Everett Mall Way in Everett WA. I really miss Chili’s, the environment and the food was always amazing. Please, Please, please bring a Chili’s here.

  • Me says:

    I recently worked for chili’s in Delavan wi. I will say that it has to be one of the grotesque places that I have been employed at. I never seen an employees wash their hands. The back of the house has a layer of water covering the floor. Not to mention that the fresh chips are stored right next to the dishwasher area. Also the chocolate for the desserts was caked in left over chocolate for at least 3 days. I started and I left because of the lack of proper sanitation.

  • Michael McErlean says:

    Who was the genius to ended mango habanero? You’re from Texas!!!! 🙄

  • Frank says:

    I dined in at the seabrook NH location last week and the original chicken crispers were burnt and also tasted burnt…i also have a picture saved of them

  • Cecile Petrungaro says:

    We went to the Morris Illinois Chili’s on 6/21/2022 and each ordered a plate of 1/2 slab ribs (2 orders) and got 4 ribs. According to most sources ( butchers) a full slab of ribs is 10 to 13 ribs. Anything less that 10 ribs on a full slab is considered CHEATER RIBS. Therefore, I would consider a half slab 5-7 rib at minimum. We felt extremely CHEATED at this meal. Unfortunately I can not post the picture I took but my 1/2 slab was 4 inches long and that’s being generous.

  • Maxine Taylor says:

    I was a guest @ 6/19/22 chill’s during the wait at chill’s I had to wait a hour to be seated & a hour and 20 minutes for my food my soda (coke) was water down before they brought my food out when they brought my food out I didn’t have and silverware to eat out of my garlic toast was cold ask for a refill on another coke she never took the cup that I was drinking out of she brought me another (coke) soda out so I started drinking it and continue doing my soda and continue eating now I’m full and asked for a to go cup & tray when I stated pouring my soda into the to go cup and noticed that the cup was dirty and immediately stated throwing up because it was some type of substance in my mug I yelled for the manager and the manager the was there his Name was Leo I told & show him the dirty mug that I drank out of he apologized and I asked for my full payment back he said no he can give me 5 dollars chill’s gift cards & that was that I’m still throwing up and having watery mouth symptoms and already went to the bathroom twice while at work. I tried calling the corporate office all day on 6/20/22 and no answer haven’t ate since yesterday because my stomach is still queasy and my anxiety that I suffer from still having me nervous because I don’t know what was in that mug of coke soda that I drank. I also have photos of the mug that I drank out of.

  • Kara says:

    We went to the location at 3625 Dallas Hwy, suite 100 Marietta, GA 30064@ 2 pm during a softball tournament in Lost Mountain Park.
    Let me say this 1st. I’m a former server/bartender of Chilis. Yes, I know what SIZZLE service is all about. This place doesn’t have ANY!
    Now… we walked in and tables galore everywhere. People seated at the front door waiting on tables. The hostess came from the back and said there was a wait. Ok, how long? 20-45 mins. Ok. Can we go to the bar area? Yes she said. We sat down and 10 mins later, asked us to get up bc the bar was also on a wait. Ok, I said, can we sit at the actual bar? Yes she said. 10 more minutes later came up to us at the bar and told us that the bar was on a wait also.
    We left at that point. Worst service ever! FROM THE HOSTESS! We didn’t stick around for a server.
    If I was a server at this location I would go to the front and intercept people and put them in my section and make ALL THAT MONEY! It needs corporate to step in and help them get it back on track! If you can, or it needs to be closed. It wasn’t serving anyone anyway.

  • Sharmon Parks says:

    My husband and I came in to the restaurant in Van Buren Ar for Fathers Day dinner. The waitress had no idea what she was doing she filled my sprite with water and when I told her it’s not water she rolled her eyes. Said fine what is it. My husband’s ribs were burnt coleslaw instead of corn as he asked for. My southwest salad dressing was so spicy I couldn’t eat it. And I like spicy food. Manager came to the table with an attitude asked what do we need we explained what was wrong he fixed the ribs still not good but editable. My salad was replaced with the same stuff not a vinaigrette as they said. Couldn’t eat it as it was mostly chips no salad to it either

  • Henry Grant says:

    Bad service. Waited forever at bar to get service. Table next to me noticed. Paid for tab and received no change to even tip. Forfeited my change, Left to go to Tijuana flats near by to get hood service.



  • Louise Lawson says:

    Went to Chili at Eagle Ridge Mall in Florida. We were a group of 11. One order arrived wrong. Every bill was wrong. Two were so screwed up the manager offered one couple a free meal. There was another couple standing there whose bill was screwed up and he ignored them. They insisted on the same. We were late to the event we were going to. Manager totally inefficient.

  • Tim Shepherd says:

    I am usually very easy to get along with, but I simply must issue a complaint about your location on Tunnel Road in Asheville North Carolina. I went to place an order on your app and couldn’t find corn so I called the restaurant. The person who answered the phone sounded like she was really annoyed to answer the phone I told her I needed to place an order for pick up and she said it will be a while and immediately put me on hold. Eight minutes later when They hadn’t picked back up we hung up and my wife called back on her phone and I started towards the restaurant. When I got to the restaurant and she still hadn’t got through we went somewhere else, got food went home and I found that my wife was still holding on the other line. She held until the one hour mark at which point in time the system hung up on us. No one ever picked up the phone to take our order. You lost a sale tonight and most likely a customer from now on. I understand your short staffed, Everyone is nowadays but that was ridiculous.

  • Heather says:

    Went to the Redlands, CA location for my nephew’s graduation celebration. We were a large party but members of our party arrived an hour before we wanted to be seated in order to put our names in and give the restaurant time to accommodate us, which they did not do. There were multiple groups that arrived after us that were seated in the section we were told we had to sit in which meant they still could not set up a space for us. When asked why this was happening the hostess kept making up excuses and lying, the manager began arguing and verbally belittling members of the party. I could hear him clear across the waiting area as he was yelling at his guests and being condescending. He told us if we didn’t like being ignored and treated so shoddy that we could leave. So we did. Terrible customer service and the manager, Kevin, needs to take a course on how to manage appropriately.

  • Patricia Pitts says:

    June 3, 2022. Redlands location night manager extremely rude and unorganized! We had a large party and I arrived an hour before we wanted dinner to make sure they had time to set up. The restaurant was not full. There were three tables sitting empty for over an hour that would accommodate us, but because it was not in the area they wanted us, they would not sit us there. Instead in the 2 hours we waited, they sat 2 people in the area we had to wait to clear, and then told us we had to wait for them to leave. The hostess was very rude and kept making untrure excuses as to why they kept putting people in the area they were supposed to prep for us. The manager, Kevin, told us if “we cannot be patient we can leave.” This is a service industry, but it appears Kevin is unaware of that fact. If your clients are waiting that long in a not so busy restaurant, be flexible and seat them where you can. And NEVER tell a customer to leave. We did just that. Went to Dave’s and got seated right away. Had great service by a former Chilis employee who could not stand Kevin’s Neopolean attitude. None of our group, nor other friends and family will patronize that Chilis again.

  • Nicole E says:

    New June 2022 menu sucks. Need to bring back Turkey sandwich. I only eat the Turkey sandwich or the Mango Chicken and both have been removed for the menu.

  • Debbie says:

    My online order had no chicken in it.Never was made right. Suppose to email me coupons. 2 months later nothing. Not going back, food is getting terrible ( Owasso Ok)

  • Martha Torres says:

    Viste Chili’s in homestead Florida told us to wait for 45 minutes and an hour past by and they never sat us down and they had no intention los we complained and they told us to wait another 29 minutes at the end we. Left and not coming many time soon bad service

  • Brien Blakeney says:

    Just left your McKinney Tx location
    1940 N Central Expressway
    Service was horrible
    Dining area dirty
    Restrooms were worst I’ve ever seen in a restaurant .
    If you don’t get this and all other complaints resolved and under control the company will be in bankruptcy within two years .
    This is absolutely pathetic that your locations (in same city as corporate HQ’s are allowed to be in this condition

  • Gracie says:

    What kind of management do you have in Eagle Pass? Had to wait 15 minutes and there was like 20 tables empty. Ask to sit at bar they said we had to wait. Bad reviews on website, not recommend this place. Staff was rude

  • Joan Gloria-Gonzales says:

    The chili’s in Lewisville Tx is the worst. Service was slow food was over cooked. By the time the meals arrived everyone is full on chips and salsa. Waited and waited on part of order that never arrived before we left. Let me repeat myself worst place EVER!!

  • NealShepherd says:

    Why does the Chili’s in Greenville, Texas only have the bar open on a Saturday? This seems to be happening more and more here. I understand that times have changed but I have been coming here for along time. Curious if management is the only problem.

  • Jerry says:

    Just read that chilli,s will now use robots as servers. If that is so we will never go to chillis again. We like human people to serve human customers

  • Cassie Thompson says:

    Daughter 23rd birthday with my disabled mom, we got food poisoning from boneless wings waited 1hr 40 minutes for food best part. We were LOCKED IN BECAUSE SOMEONE DECIDED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW HE WAS GOING TO SHOOT IT UP. Please respond to follow up

  • Roni Hensley says:

    My family and I were regulars at our local Chilis. The kids love the salsa and chips and the kids meals. I am a member so when we dine we get the free chips and salsa. I also regularly receive specials thru my emails. Like a free dessert, kids meal or appetizer. On our last visit we got the chips and salsa and when I tried to get the free kids meal I was told because I got the complimentary chips and salsa (which I thought were because I was a member) I could not use the coupon I receive thru my email. Please tell me what is the purpose of offering free chips and salsa for being a member if I am going to get penalized for it and not able to use the coupon. It might be $6.00 dollars to you but to a family of 8 that coupon was very helpful. We have not been back to your Florence KY location or any other location since. We use to be regulars and when vacationing we looked for a Chilis. Very disappointed.

  • Matthew Belgen says:

    We have gone to a few chili’s restaurants and at 0351 restaurant waiter Julie made it an excellent fun dinner for my family and I all of the waiters there have been great but she was above board and made it fun thank you
    Matthew Belgen returning customer

  • Demetrius says:

    Continual dissatisfaction at the Chili’s on 119th St in the Marshfield Plaza in Chicago. Waited 30 minutes to be seated, because it always understaffed, because everyone always calls off on Sundays. That’s been the exact same response for the last 18 months. So after waiting we sit down and no one approaches our table. 3 servers working that area walked pass twice and said nothing. We politely came to Wing Stop. I’ve given this location lots of business but I’m done with them. Sadly I don’t see it being open much longer.

  • Roy DeWitt says:

    I was very disappointed in Chilies for the first time yesterday. My wife noticed she had a reward for a combo meal that included a chicken sandwich, appetizer, and a drink for 10.99. We decided to go even though it was approximately 10 miles away. When I arrived I ordered my meal , with and was informed an appetizer was not included, they told me a starter (soup,salad,or chips was included) even though APPITIZER was clearly stated as part of the deal. When I questioned a member of management I was told a starter, not an appetizer was included. I again showed her that an appitizer was clearly offered. She told me she was well aware what the the offer stated but would not honer it. My problem is not with the food, very good as always, my problem was that I was lured to Chilies by a deceptive offer and was treated rather rudely by a member of the staff. As a business owner for most of my life I always made sure there was nothing in my advertising that could be misconstrued. In this case the management was well aware the offer was deceptive but made no apology for it. Bad Business.

  • Doug Tullo says:

    The chili’s in Tifton ga needs to pressure wash the banners hanging down on the west side of the building

  • Pam says:

    I placed my order online, received a text that my food was ready. I waited an extra 15 minutes before driving to the restaurant. I parked in the curbside spot, no one came, and I had to get out the car, and they don’t know where my order is. After looking for 10 minutes, they decided to remake it. Then waiting another 30 minutes, I finally got my order and left. I looked in the bag and one of my sides were missing, had to go back, then when I made it home, they didn’t put any salad dressing in the bag.

  • Steve Fromme says:

    I took my mom to chili’s in Oviedo ,FL for mother’s day. We had a party of 12 and our service was outstanding until a different server tried to squeeze by ours and dumped a tray of food. I was able to grab a very hot plate to keep it from dumping on my mother but I couldn’t keep it from hitting her in the mouth. She is a 75 year old woman confined to a wheelchair so you can imagine. how this hurt her. I understand this was an accident. The worst part about this is that the manager on duty came to our table and only stated that he heard something had happened. He stayed for about a minute or so and never came back out to check on my mom. I can deal with my burnt finger tips from the plate I grabbed but it’s upsetting about my mom. The waitress that we normally have was the only one who kept coming over to check on my mom and brought me ice for my hand. She was not even working in our area but we are regulars with her so she was very concerned. Her name is Celeste and she needs to be recognized for going above and beyond for the customer. The manager did not even offer to comp my mom’s meal or anything. She is still hurt today and I ended up having to cut the tip of my finger to get the blister gone. Is this the way Chilis handles hurting, burning customers. Very concerned. I would like a phone call from someone to discuss this. Steve 407-715-4286

  • William slaughter says:

    My wife and I went to chili’s in Port Saint Lucie fl. Last Saturday at 5 pm we were told there would be a 10 to 15 minute wait to be seated.while it is not uncommon to have to wait a little bit at times we happen to notice that there were at least 15 tables that were empty.When I asked why we had to wait we were told that they only had 2 waiters giving service.We are talking dinner time on a saturday.I know it has been a little hard hiring people at this time but this is ridiculous 2 people on a Saturday,did management not know this was happening and better prepare,I don’t know.This was very disappointing to us who are regular customers.we don’t know if we can ever come back.The address of the chilis we went to is 2050 n.w.courtyard circle Port St. Lucie,FL 34986.We would like to hear a response to this e-mail at least for us to decide if we should ever go back.Thank you,and will wait for your response.

    William Slaughter

  • JR says:

    Chili’s you all definitely have issue’s. The Chili’s in Ellenton Fl has staff but makes their customers stand for over an hour to be seated while the staff walks around waiting for someone to be seated at their tables. Because Alex the manger doesn’t know how to run a restaurant.
    The manager Alex is in back helping his cooks get to go orders out the door while those that have a table wait on their food. We waited one hour to be seated, not the only ones waiting. And when we did get seated & ordered our food it was a half hour to get it. Once the food came out it was not what we order we left without eating. Alex didn’t care and blames it on his staff. It isn’t the staff they are willing it is Alex . As we walked out one of the other customers sitting was complaining that their food was wrong not what they ordered only to be told sorry we are out of that.
    Either pay people more to work for you and train them better.
    You lose all the way around when you have people that do not know how to run a restaurant let alone one who does not care about the customers or their staff.

  • Will Hill says:

    Columbus Ohio airport Chili’s, this location needs help! There were only 2 servers. Some guests were told to use the QR code which was hit or miss and others the staff took the order (which took longer to get the food than those who used the QR code AFTER the ones who didn’t had ordered). The service was extremely slow for an airport location and the burgers were awful. The buns were bordering on stale and the burgers were so overcooked and extremely dry. With such a limited menu, there should be no reason to produce awful food and so slowly. There was no organization as customers were supposed to seat themselves, but there was really no way for them to know that. I almost never send feedback, especially when so negative, but this experience was so poor, I felt the need to let someone know. While this location may be experiencing staffing challenges, maybe processes should be reviewed to assist the staff. There is no way someone who ordered 5 and 10 minutes after we ordered should have gotten their food before us because they used the QR code and the waitress took our order. There were only 2 of us so it’s not like we had a large group. An extremely disappointing experience we felt you should know. Thank you.

  • Meredith says:

    Exclusive rewards says expires 5/31 but when you click on it at the end says expires 4/31

  • MAGALI ROJAS says:

    From Caguas, Puerto Rico. It is unethical to ask for a tip for pick up orders.
    Please retrain these people.
    Also, there should be an email address and or telephone number where customers can complaint outside the front door.
    Many do not know where to file a complaint.
    Let’s clean up house and do what Amazon does. “YOUR FIRED”

  • Cris says:

    Had one of the worst experienced ever at a chilli’s was loudly by the bartender that : I should never come back:. Well she is right I wont

    • Becky says:

      I know that’s right! Neither will I! I’m blogging about it and want all my followers to know! They are horrible!

  • Dana Cyr says:

    Our Brownwood Texas chili’s really needs some TLC. It was dirty, no music, slow service , help!

  • Karla Rhoten says:

    This is a big complaint!!! The closest Chili’s to me is Roswell, NM. I live in Artesia and drive to Roswell quite frequently. Today is the second in less than two weeks that I have visited this store. Both times there was no Tea and was told that they may not have tea anymore. I asked why…. I was told that the tea machine was broken and because it would cost more than $2,000 to replace it.

    Now do you have idiots for managers? $2,000 is nothing for a chain restaurant like chili’s to keep their customers happy. That can be re-coupes quickly.

    Corp needs to reach out to this store and explain to them that we will start loosing business if they don’t keep things repaired or replaced, so that customers will be happy and keep coming back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Houston, Texas (Southwest area) 3215 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77027, your Chili’s location here is by far the worst service ever. Always understaffed, have to wait for your order from an hour or more and then when barely arriving took about 15 minutes to be acknowledged then drink order was taken. Staff is very rude and disrespectful. When asked if you can pay through Kiosk, server’s response was “well let me have it” and never thought this location would go downhill from how it was before. I have been around this location for 20 years and all has gone down on service drastically. Then it was mentioned that they only have 2 cooks and that is their excuse why orders are out late. I only noticed 1 server running the whole restaurant.

    • Chad says:

      They have “food runner’s” at chilis now so the mangers feel like they can cut all there servers. Problem is that the food runners don’t run the food out or it comes wrong late cold or doesn’t come out at all now plus they like to be locked up in the office while all this is happening. The only time they actually do there job is when there boss stops by to watch the restaurant

  • Chili’s Employee says:

    Employee of a Chili’s location in Ann Arbor, Mi. Working conditions are extremely horrible, we are treated like robots, we work 14 hour days with no breaks which means no food for fuel. We work with no staff and are expected to do jobs we don’t get paid for. Corporate keeps giving us more to do, yet we have no bodies to meet their demands. They make us pay 4% of our sales to runners that don’t do their jobs, yet expect us to do more jobs they refuse to compensate us for. We have no resources for help because our AD and GM don’t listen and just expect us to keep grinding. They don’t care about our health and well-being, just meeting their bonuses. Honestly surprised we still have the little staff we do have. Just know that the hell we are put through each shift is excruciating and demeaning and we are all about to walk out if someone doesn’t do something. Only thing keeping me there now is my regular guests. I’ve literally had enough BS for a lifetime given to me from people who are supposed to be our support system, problem solvers and mentors. All I have learned is that as a employee for Chili’s you mean nothing, you are disposable and you definitely don’t get recognized for your hard work, just pushed harder and any concerns you have, don’t think about those being solved, most employees do what they want, when they want and how they want and those are the ones who get recognition. The core staff that holds our restaurant together has checked out because of poor management and all ( which isn’t many) have had it with the messiness that has been created. Each day takes another mental toll on us and someone needs to save us before it ends very badly for someone. I’ve never worked in such horrible condition’s in all of my restaurant career. I’d blame Covid, but Covid doesn’t make the rules and then let everyone break them because a heartbeat sitting on their ass making trouble is better than no heartbeat it seems. Meaning we keep employees who don’t do their jobs, break all the rules, make their own rules and demands and they never get reprimanded or fired. The ones who pull their weight, (which are few) do more than should be expected for their pay rate , get pushed even harder daily and it’s just expected. At what point do you say enough is enough? When do you check out and stop being walked over and just follow suit with all the others that somehow still have a job??? What have we created?? Literally reaching out as a last resort to save who is still here and save face for Chili’s. It’s a tsunami up in here and your core staff is drowning people!! Save us before it’s to late to save.

    • Chad says:

      You are 💯 right. The food runners suck. They decided to get runner so the servers could spend time taking care and talking to the guest. That doesn’t work. More time is spent fixing the food was was run out cold wrong or doesn’t even come out to the table then the server is stuck trying to fix the problem. So why use a runner that only makes my job harder.

    • Becky says:

      This definitely explains it! If you were near me I’ll give you a job in a heartbeat! Chili’s SUCKS! They might be going out of business soon! If I was you I would run for the hills!

  • Kathy says:

    This is a praise!!!! Ellenton Florida location. They had 3 servers in the entire place. Our server was Dan. Dan was old enough to be retired but he worked his tail off tonight and had the greatest service considering! Even more impressive was how they all worked together and helped each other out!!!! Kudos to this location!!!!

  • Spoonless in Shelbyville says:

    Chili’s Shelbyville TN – Unbelievable rude staff – We got reprimanded because with no Hostess, we seated ourselves. She claims she was in restroom 3 minutes (try more like almost 20) – then she said that we must wait to be served as those who “waited to be seated” would be served first. NEVER AGAIN – Staff owned up to it’s name “CHILLY” – When i was allowed -I ordered soup and it was difficult to eat it with only a fork and knife! Apparently spoons are not included when you order soup! I notice that Chili’s HQ chooses not to share their email. Go Figure! If ever a business needs to shutter it’s Chili’s. I will never set foot in a Chilly’s (pun there) again.*

  • Charlene Dowling says:

    I live in Cheltenham Pa where you have a bar and restaurant the Bathrooms where atrocious you couldn’t even use them I waited an hour for service drinks where made incorrectly.
    I have video I would like to send to you

  • Julia Bridgewater says:

    We had the best meal ever at the Chillis by the airport in San Antonio Tx and wrote you about it. We told you how poor our home Chillis in Escondido Ca. was in comparison. Since then we have been to our Escondido Chillis and it has improved immensely! Thank you for listening to us. We went today and the guy in the bar, Nick, was a rock star and he kept a full area of people happy. Thank you for listening. julie Bridgewater

  • Janice says:

    Our family went to the Chili’s at the Harrison St location in Olathe, KS today (Easter 4/17/22) at noon. We had 11 people in the party. We were told that large of a party could not sit together. We said we were fine with dividing up at separate tables if they were close. The hostess said she would have to check with the manager. We were turned away as the manager said the largest party they could have was 6 and even if our party split up we would still be a party of 11. There were plenty of open tables and no one was waiting to be seated. We have frequent this location throughout the years. But, being turned away was disappointing and seemed unreasonable with our party splitting up. I guess we could have lied and said we weren’t together but we are honest people. Goodbye Chili’s!

  • Shadara Faulkner/jason merdes says:

    This location is ridiculous I need your corporate office to contact me immediately. I spend a lot of money here and every time to complete order is messed up the service is complete trash. For the most part the staff is nice but the last couple times there are a few employees that are completely rude rolling eyes and just not doing their job correctly this is beginning to really disturb myself as well as my family I don’t think we will be coming to chillis any longer which is sad because the whole family looks forward to our weekly dinner at chilis please contact me as soon as possible

  • Jennifer says:

    Chili’s on SR312 in St Augustine, Fl, just turned away a party of 12. We offered to split us up in order to accommodate us better. One table for the kids and one table for the adults. They said they only have 1 server on the schedule for a Saturday night. Strangely enough, they proceeded to sit 3 more tables of 4….I think that stills adds up to 12 (SMH).

    • Chad says:

      Every Chili’s is doing this. They have food runners so they don’t put servers on the floor anymore. The problem is that the food runner don’t care about how the orders go out or if they even go out. They make the same either way. That’s why stuff come out cold wrong or doesn’t come out anymore

  • Guest says:

    Great food and service but you need to remodel your Yukon Oklahoma restaurant it’s old and not clean .we need a clean Chiles in Yukon Okla

  • Theresa Boggs says:

    We sat down at chili’s in simpsionsville South Carolina and tami was our server we ordered drinks and appetizers she said she would be back in a few minutes we waited 30 minutes for our appetizers and it was like she was ignoring us she continued to serve other customers but not us very disappointed

  • Autumn A says:

    The Chili’s on Merritt Blvd in Dundalk, MD is the most mismanaged cluster of a company I have ever come across. I have a list of things I think you should know and would really like for someone to call me

  • Joel Yanes says:

    Today my wife and I decided to go have a quiet dinner at Chili’s in MercedesTexas 78570 as we do frequently. This visit turned out to be disastrous and extremely uncomfortable. We may never return again.
    First our meal took over 90 mins to be served. Next we were seated in a booth outside the bar. A favored couple there requested the tv turned louder as they were watching a Texas Rangers game on Monday afternoon. We were very uncomfortable and we could notice other customers also bothered by the sound being so loud. I signaled a receptionist there by name of Laura that we wanted to talk to a manager we were ignored by her as she walks to bar and hugs the other couple in the bar that requested the tv be turned on louder. Finally Our server approached our table and I asked him to advise the manager. The assistant manager in charged there came and I requested him to lower the volume. He said he couldn’t since it was a bar and they accommodated that couple. I reminded him that we were customers also and we wanted to be accommodated also since we were sitting in the family part of the restaurant and the volume was just too unbearable. Well he finally listened to us when I told him I was going to report the incident to home office and volume was lowered. Second incident same day I asked an employee by the name of Claudio for help because I could not redeem a reward. My God this guy was the rudest waiter I have ever met. I tried to explained to him the reason the reward would not work is that the dessert had not been added to the ticket. He turned around and cussed at me very loud and unrespectful “ I don’t like the way you are talking to me” is what he said. I was only trying to help him as he did not seem to understand the simple solution. My wife and I are an elderly couple and I am about to turn 70 and also a disabled Viet Nam veteran who enjoy eating at Chilis . Right now I don’t think I want to return to Chilis ever again. I’m am also planning on filing charges against Claudio as I felt threaten. I hope something is done to correct this situation soon so I can return to Chilis again someday. The store manager Danny Cantu was not working this afternoon. Do Not blame him . My ticket number is 3020060. Incident date 04/11/22 approximately 5:00 pm.
    Thanks hope to hear from Chilis soon with a resolution .

  • Ilene says:

    Hi. My name is Ilene and I went to chilis here in lindale yesterday and they took literally 40 mins to serve us our food and when we received the food it was cold ! Also towards the end when we got our check to pay we noticed there was a extra 25$ fee added to our check for a charity donation shouldn’t we be able to add to it if we want to donate to there charity??? That’s something you literally have to add on there end than when we were about to tell our waitress about it she was quick to say we’re talking talking about the charity donation I just seen that on my register and proceeds to go back and take it off our check ! If you had seen it on your register you should’ve took it off than and there not wait too see if we would notice obviously what she was doing ! I feel honestly bad for all the people who have bigger party’s who don’t notice the 25$ charity fee they add to get extra money !!!

  • Terry Schwartz says:

    Technology has become the norm, but when your bartender is busy texting on her phone instead of taking orders from customers, that a little unsettling, what is the priority? When you go to a show or comedy club, they take your phone away from you & put it in a safe bag. Customer service should be your #1 priority .. I’m just saying 😎

  • Timi chapman says:

    Hello! This isn’t a comment on any of your food or restaurants per say…but a comment regarding some of your outstanding managers at two locations in Panama city Beach, Florida. Let me explain briefly, my daughter, Tyler Chapman , has been working at chili’s for many years. She has done most every job in the restaurant. She’s a sweet girl and works hard. Unfortunately, she has started to have seizures…for no known reason. She’s on medication and has a neurologist but this is all very new for her and for us. She has had to be in the hospital a couple of times and chili’s has always supported her and worked with her on this situation as we work to get a handle on this problem. Chris Green, Stephanie Smith , and Stan kusek are her managers and she constantly tells me how great they are to her and willing to work with her schedule. Justin Jenkins has also been a real life saver for Tyler. He is kind , caring and compassionate. I think they should all be given some kind of an award or at least a phone call from the president of chili’s!! They really are outstanding and I sincerely appreciate them and so should ya’ll!! I’ve only met Justin and I can say he is a real asset to your company because of the way he treats his employees!! Kudos to the heros at chilis!! Thanks again. Timi Chapman

  • Joy says:

    I wish I could attach a picture. Visited McKinney location tonight. After eating chips we noticed what looked like poop in the plate! Got a refund but I’m completely disgusted and I’m not finished getting to the bottom of this!!!

  • John Lievsay says:

    The restaurant in Russellville ar needs its original menu back. Like all the tacos i eat here atleast twice a week and the food is just not as good as it was please do something.

  • Ramona Schexnayder says:

    On Sunday, April 3, 2022, we ordered dinner from Chili’s in Carencro LA. To say that was the worse food we ever had was an understatement. I had the margarita chicken and my husband had the 10 oz sirloin steak. Needless to say over half of it got thrown away. First of all the chicken was dry, there were no black beans because they were out and they didn’t bother to call me to see what they could substitute it with. They just didn’t put anything in its place. The rice was very little and also dry. My food looked like it was someone’s leftovers. I called the restaurant and he told me that he would send me a digital coupon with in 24-36 hours which I have not received yet. I even took a picture of my food incase people didn’t believe me. My husband’s steak was dry and cold. When I pay good money for food I expect the food to be good. This was ultimately nasty. Something needs to be done at that restaurant. This is not the first time that we get nasty food.

  • Eileen Grossman says:

    Chili’s restaurants are false advertising on their websites saying they offer happy hour when they don’t. Been to two different ones Plymouth and West Bridgewater and have been told no happy hour. My boyfriend called and spoke to someone that assured they did. How is this okay that you are false advertising? Really dissatisfied and disappointed with your business practices.

  • .Stephanie says:

    Hi. My name is Stephanie and today was my birthday or is my birthday. I came up to Chili’s got me a meal then I was supposed to get queso. It was not K so it was beans terrible terrible terrible I want queso. I paid for a salad. They gave me my chocolate cake and ice cream. Which I have not ate yet because I’m still upset about not getting queso. Then he told me oh it was queso and I said no it’s beans oh no it’s our skillet queso I don’t want to skillet queso . The queso that’s in the picture that was in the email I got was white queso not pinto and beans. I called and talked to Jess who is the manager up there and he said he would not replace it he would have to charge me for another queso. Ridiculous and the chicken that I got on that salad was kind of tough. But he didn’t wanna listen to anything I had to say. This really made my birthday a shitty birthday thanks to Chelle‘s. That’s why I’m reaching out to you. Please make this right or I will never go back there again as a matter of fact some friends and I were up there just two or three weeks ago and it took us 15 minutes to hunt somebody down for our check .

  • Anonymous says:

    The Uncasville/Montville location in CONNECTICUT hires togo workers at 16 WHO ACTIVELY PURCHASE ALCOHOL

  • Chip says:

    Rockwall Chili’s HORRIBLE. Service food and manager. Dirty. Corporate audit needed.

  • Christhoper says:

    My family and I frequented chilli’s Escorial Carolina Puerto Rico service was slow one and a half hour for appetizers to come then an additional two hours for three hamburgers and a sirloin to be brought the whole time the server kept saying the cooks were to blame worst experience ever

  • Rick says:

    Well, my wife and I have been going to Chili’s in Deland every Friday night now for more than 6 years. Tonight was the worst experience every. We waited an hour and a half for our food, and when it finally came out, it was cold. Had it been busy i would have completely understood. But the bar side was half empty. As well as the other side. Our grandkids food was out to us in less than 10 minutes of our order being taken. When I asked to speak with the manager, I was told she (Courtney)was on the line and could not speak with us at the moment, so we waited some more. So 30 minutes past, and still no manager(Courtney) had come out to speak with us. I find this to be disrespectful of any person in a management position. This restaurant has gone down hill since (Courtney) was placed in a management position. As a Manger myself, she would have been fired on the spot for her inconsiderate behavior towards a customer. So, needless to say, my wife and I left the restaurant without having a meal to eat.

  • Rekenna says:

    Me and my family went to the Mobile Al, location on Sunday and we was not greeted by any host nor was this restaurant was pack with a lot of people. The host was no where to be found and their was even people that was waiting before us that was just at a ding there. My husband talked to one of the customer who was coming out of this place and they said they waited 20 mins before someone even came to them and helped them. So on Sunday we walked out. Fast forward to today which is Monday we decided we wanted to go again since my mother in laws was in town and it was her last day and this is my son favorite place to eat. Well it took a minute for us to be seated down at the table. Note the other side of the restaurant did not have anyone sitting in that area. Finally after standing there a host came and sat us down at he table, this host took our drink order but didn’t come back to see if we was ready to order. So finally I got up from our table and the host and other staff members was all standing in the front just talking. While we was sitting at this restaurant the bartender that supposed to be bartender ig was also over there talking with the other staff members. The manger of this place which is a guy was just standing around as well he was not worried at all about people orders not being taken care of because he looked like he didn’t want to be there, nor did the staff that was standing in the front talking. I feel if you don’t want to do a job and be a positive light in someone day with your smile or personality then you need to be sitting at home. All the people at this location need to be fired including the manager. No one at this place knew how to greet a person when they walked in the door or even had customer service skills. I’m very disappointed and I will not be giving my money to this business ever again. Something need to be done about this very soon and quick. Yes I understand we are in the middle of a whole pandemic but that do not give a person to treat the people that walks in the door like crap. I will be filing a complaint with the B.B.B. As well .

  • valerie walling says:

    I visited our favorite Chili’s restaurant and the onion petals appetizer has been removed from the menu. I am very disappointed! Please bring them back.

  • Michelle says:

    Went to the restaurant in St Louis Missouri on Halls Ferry at 7 p.m. the store is not supposed to close 10 p.m. however after standing at the door for more than 10 minutes somebody finally came up and said that they were closed I’m confused on why the restaurant is closing 3 hours before time

  • Bee says:

    Your Brighton michigan location is beyond filthy. Floors are black,bathrooms are disgusting, kitchen is dirty,standing water in your dishroom.

  • Kenneth Banicki says:

    The last two times I’ve ordered take out from Chili’s in Lake Elsinore, Ca. They’ve messed up our orders. On 3/7/2022 our order was missing dressing for my salad, baked beans was all liquid except for 4 beans, and all the vegetables for the meals were not cooked. Manager said he would refund our money both times. The first time I had to request a refund a second time before I got it. This time I’ve received nothing and have been on hold for over 30 minutes to speak to the manager. This place has taken a turn for the worse. Manager clearly seems incapable of doing his job. He was supposed to refund 39.62. This Chili’s use to be our go to.

  • Victoria Malthaner says:

    Severe food poisoning on 03/01/22 and nobody within the corporate will call back to deal with the matter. I have left several messages and spoke with store managers on the matter. Lost wages and very ill for 3 days. Contact me.

  • Todd says:

    The move to auto pay and auto serve hurts the bartenders because it reduces personal interactions. I know the corporate goal is to eliminate humans and have bots serve our food but let me assure you, quality suffers and customers will move elsewhere. Part of the value of eating out is being served not by robots and apps but by people. Some of us like to interact and tip well. but clearly corporate is only interested in squeezing every last penny out of the value chain rather than optimizing products and service experience. Duly noted.

  • russ says:

    went entire meal without getting drinks. mgr thinks taking drinks off bill is acceptable. will not provide general manager name or contact information. horrible place and horrible manager. will never go back and will never give them anymore money. he actually put me on hold and never came back. his name was danny. CHILIS CORP. if you read this how dare you hire and allow someone like this to represent you and your company.

    • Chad says:

      That was the food runners. The servers pay them to bring your food and drinks out but they don’t do it most of the time or take forever. Imagine the server paying someone out of there tips and they don’t do there job. Food runners are leaching off the servers the company doesn’t pay them anything.

  • Danielle Levesque says:

    I was in Miami Lake location on wed March 10 server was ok but when we got our checks were all wrong and overcharged, we took specials at 2 for 25,00 my extra was for beer and wine, I was charger for dessert and cokes. When employee processed my pmt she told me charge declined, bull really I have more than enough in acct.. then finally processed charge but I was double billed. My charge is for total 47,89 which includes tip of 7,31. The other unauthorized charge is for 45,59 .spoke to manager Ali told me not to worry I would not be charged twice and promised me would give me perks for my trouble… 2 days later called to advise Ali situation was told he would be in after 1:30 and would call me back.. called back after lunch rush at 3;30 same girl says Ali not working today I spoke to another manager Gustavo, was to talk to Ali and get back to me, this was Friday no call back..I had brought 3 other couples which never went to Chili yet,new customers for you but now I wonder at customer relations in your establishments pls give me back my overcharge if nothing else…I tend to question your staffs seriousness

  • Jon Simpson says:

    I keep trying to leave a comment my I had an experience with a manager that wouldn’t take care of me yesterday I had a $50 gift card and I don’t know what happened and he was very rude about it and then a call back this morning and he wouldn’t answer the phone he put me on hold for 20 minutes

  • Herman jackson says:

    Martinsburg, Wv resturant

    Ordered ultimate com withribs and with delivery charges almost $50.00. Was very disappointed as the ribs were extremely dry and quesodoll were ha LG empty with n filling. Called resturant resturant and talked with “manger” who showed no empathy. Told her I expected more for the money I paid for those dry rubs. Told her I will be calling corporate office to fiñe complaint and she just said – okay. My name is. Herman jackson. Phone: 540 533 4932. Very disappointed with food and response from manager. Should have better quality for amount of money. Please respond.

  • Talisa Young says:

    I will like to make a report on a manager that works in the Winter Park area. The manager already sounded rude as I was talking to him from the beginning. I know there is a manager that is over a severing manager. I was treated rudely as I was asking for a manager that is above the severing manager. I was being threatened to be trespassed because someone else that was in my party was being rude and all I did was asking for a number to contact the manager that was higher then the manager that was on duty. This location was Winter Park and University area.

  • Izabel Alzate says:

    I have to say a was total dissatisfied with the service that I had this evening at one of your restaurants. Our food came out late and my meal was cold it took more than 20 mins for the waiter to check back. When the meal came back out again all of my party was done eating and wanted to leave so I ended up taking my meal home and not enjoying the time out with my family… I probably will never go to this place again

  • Rose chandler says:

    I have gone to the saint joseph Michigan location for years as I live right near it . I will no longer spend my money at your restaurant. I order through doordash for I have a hard time getting around . The last 4 times I have ordered the restaurant has messed up our order . I let it go the first two times , but the third time I called the restaurant and the girl who answered the phone told me she was gonna talk to the manager, she came back on phone a second later and said her manager was out plowing the driveway and she took my name and phone number. Then told me I had to call doordash for refund . I never did call doordash . So I paid for my messed up order . Needless to say I never got a call from the manager . No I ordered hamburgers and hot wings and a side of fries . We didn’t get side of fries and the two hamburgers were just thrown into container and hamburgers were flat and very overdone I have pictures I wish I could send you . They were Disgusting , we didn’t even eat them .and we didn’t know about the hamburgers before I called the restaurant again to complain that our order was messed up again . The girl that answered the phone . Don’t know her name but I called Saturday March 12 around 1:00 . She was very rude to me and told me there was nothing they could do . I had to call doordash to get refund . I told her this was the 4th time in a row that they messed our order up . There was no sorry or anything she was very rude . So I asked her it wasn’t doordash mess up it was the restaurant mess up . So the doordash is responsible for chilis mess up and she told me point blank yes ! Also I don’t care if it’s eat in or delivery the food should look edible and tasty not like I received it . I don’t even give the saint joseph Michigan 1 star . I will be showing people I know the pictures and tell them my experiences with this restaurant. I really wish I could send my pictures but don’t worry I will publish them . And the girl I talked to was very RUDE . I only had doordash refund the fries but I should have had them refund the whole order .

  • Wendy says:

    I ordered lunch for curbside pickup. I included a tip for the server. When I got there and checked in, I waited 10 minutes. No one brought my food out. I had to go in and get it myself. I called and spoke to a manager who said they were a bit backed up, sorry. Really? That’s crap. I’ve never had this problem before and if I do order again, I’ll make sure not to add a tip for NOBODY!

  • Dennis Muller says:

    Convert to indirect HVAC distribution to eliminate drafts (cold air flow) from causing food to get cold in the first few minutes after delivery.

  • Denice L Thurman-Foster says:

    This was one of my favorite spots. I ordered the chicken pasta with shrimp. I paid for my order on the Chilis app. I also ordered the chips and salsa. Requested the plastic wear. Well, I received my order,
    1. No chips and salsa
    2. No chicken on my pasta. Only shrimp.
    3. No utensils
    This is the Chilis in North Little Rock, Arkansas. This will be my last visit. Either they are illiterate or just don’t give a damn. My money is green and I want what I ordered.

  • Dante says:

    SNAP DELIVERED is replacing all major food delivery services as we speak . Save millions in delivery fees nationwide and make a BILLION through free referals. If you read this email and refer any restaurant, you will receive a percentage of every single order that goes out of those restaurants FOR LIFE , including all Chilis locations ! 4minutevid.com Use Referal Code 35053229

  • Janet zinaman says:

    I guess you get lots of complaints as it is hard to get in touch with you. To start you should be ashamed to sell such food. Ordered hamburger ice cold sweet tea no sugar rice ice cold. It was take out I live five minutes away so it could not have been from me it was cold to start with. It was in your Wellington store on state road 7. I don’t think you care about your customers

  • Gerri Reeder says:

    Hello, my name is Mary L. I was homeless for 8 months with my 7 year old son, and my brother who has disabilities. We arrive from Kansas City KS escaping a domestic violence Feb23,2019. We were introduce to The Haven Community a 
    Non-Profit Organization that is nurtured by the Kindness, Caring, Compassionate Donators. Those individuals who share the same dreams, goals as Mrs. Gerri Reeder supervisor of The Haven Community Solutions.
    Mrs.Reeder has worked for numerous years from handing out coats, to paying for a week in a hotel. Every Saturday we serve our homeless and elderly with a hot meal. If they’re in need of blankets, coats, hygiene, and toiletries we provide it. Even though this pandemic is raging we need them to know, you ARE somebody, you matter, and that we hear you as a person!  We would like to continue giving hot meals every Saturday, but sadly our funds are running low. We greatly appreciate any or all donations you are able to give to continue preparing hot meals for the homeless and elderly.
    The Haven Community Solutions
    852 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29302
    Gerri Reeder; Outreach Coordinator
    (864) 582-6737 Ext:1006

    Thank you for time

  • Dick Allen says:

    Why is the Terrell Chilis always closing without notice? Olive Garden next door has no problem hiring sufficient staff. Might want to look at management.

  • Alicia Yancy says:

    If I could do zero stars I would. The chilis location located at 7621 FM 1960 Rd W Houston, Tx 77070 is filthy, has very nasty customer service and even the manager doesn’t care. This restaurant should be shut down.

  • Gary Goodman says:

    Chili’s in Chicago on 119th St In Marshfield Plaza sucks!!! It’s filthy nasty customer service sucks!!! People smokes in the building staff is not skilled enough.. food takes forever to come out to the customers… Bartenders are not skilled not make drinks… Corporate Office please correct these problems your business it’s gonna last when you have not customers and bring in not income… I will continue to post. Until your problems are correct I will not come back to support your business, me and many families will turn our backs on Chilies 🌶


    I visited the Chili’s on Cockrell Hill in Dallas and had a terrible experience. I would like to make a formal complaint. My husband and I chose to go to Chili’s for our “late” Valentine’s Day dinner and didn’t expect our evening to turn out the way it did. We arrived and got seating pretty quick in a nice cozy booth. But, a few minutes later I noticed there were Chili’s employees sitting in the booth next to us. They were talking extremely loud, cursing and just really showing no respect for the customers dining in. I know they at least 2 of them were working because they’d get up and walk a way and go take care of customers that were there. Then they would come back and sit and continue with their loud conversations. The restaurant was not full as it was close to closing time so I sat there and wondered “why don’t they go sit somewhere else”. I later asked them politely if they could tone in down because we were trying to enjoy our evening and the apologized and got a little quieter. Then later when the waitress brought our food out she dropped a couple of wings on my husband lap (which dirtied his pants) and she was apologetic and said she would replace the wings. She later came by and brought a plate with 2 wings (haha). We had to ask for a cloth or napkins so my husband could wipe his pants off. My order was also incorrect but they made it right. We paid our bill (not offered a discount) and headed out. On my way out I slipped and fell hurting my knees and my clothes got dirty due to the floor being extremely dirty and greasy. Our waiter saw me fall and ran to help me out. I tried to get up but fell again and then my husband and waiter literally had to pull me up. It was a rather embarrassing experience and I was in a bit of pain as well. He immediately went to call the manager and she came out and apologized and just looked so frightened. I had to tell her everything that happened and how our evening went so wrong. She couldn’t stop apologizing and said she didn’t know what to do or what to tell me. So, she said let me at least get some information from you. She asked for my name, phone number and email and asked if I felt ok. I was pretty upset and really just wanted to get out of there. I was very disappointed with Chili’s because I felt there was no professionalism from the staff on the way they handled the situation. She didn’t even offer to cover at least our (late valentine’s) meal. I have called and spoke to another manager and she’s sending me a gift card and apparently sending my info to corporate. But, who knows if they’ll contact me. I’m thankful they at least are going to cover our meal.

  • J. Byron Kinsinger says:

    My wife and I were going to dine at Richmond Indiana Chili’s after entering the restaurant it was so dirty we had to leave before ordering floor was not sweep table seemed greaser just not clean please get this fixed we like your food but cannot eat in filth. Byron

  • Yesenia Rodriguez says:

    When an employee gets hurt on the job what is the protocol because my son burned his had at work and they didn’t bother to fill out an incident report or send him to the ER. He has a second degree burn on his hand and arm.

  • Brenda Faye Jackson says:

    I was charged for the wrong order , sun was blocking my view , when I notice the mistake I was told had to wait 7 to 10 days for a refund, then was told that I could just keep the order since I had already paid for it. I Through that this was very unprofessional to say when I order 1 ,3 for 10 and was charged 45.86

  • Pat Trombly says:

    Chili’s in Rancho Cucamonga only has 4 handicapped PARKING spaces!!!!! Need many more.
    Too many TO GO SPACES. ABOUT 9. Ridiculous!!!

  • janice shelby says:

    Chilis at 7530 S Las Vegas Blvd. has TERRIBLE service. And, when speaking to Amanda, a manager, it’s no wonder why. We’ve been loyal customers to this location specifically, and the last three have been terrible.

  • Bishada Anthony says:

    I am very disappointed with the chilis on Kendall Drive in KendallGate Shopping center. The walls are filthy and the vents were disgusting and I wanted to vomit. My party and I left and had to go somewhere else, we were so disgusted.Can someone please reach out to me so I can send the photos please. The experience was unacceptable.

  • Laura says:

    Missouri city texas chilis horrible experience bartender beyond drunk drinking at the bar cursing and giving bad service. This restaurant needs new management!!!!!

  • Kathy says:

    Please bring back the onion petals. We love them

  • Marina says:

    Arden way sac ca 95833. I’ve been going for months also leaving a great tip $10. They mess up n my food all the time. Red pieces in salad and cheese on my grandkids hamburger. Last migh service was horrible I had no fork to eat my food ask manager 10 minutes went by had to ask waitress. I told management I’m never coming back. I was so disappointed at the end three managers came and said I complained about the salad I’m not eating red to light pink salad. So the gave me a bill for $44. I ordered a $25. Meal for two and a extra kids drink. The chips the waitress told me were free. Then they came back with a $36. bill I told them I’m paying for what I ordered maybe $27. Bill o gave them $30. Don’t eat at this restaurant it took one hour and twenty minutes to get my burnt steak. After I paid the $30. They said I was kicked out of chilli by my house 🏡 ve never been kick out of anywhere. Lol if I don’t like service I just don’t go back. Arden way don’t waste your $ at this location. They have poor customer service that’s probably why no one stays at this restaurant.

  • Danni says:

    We visited our local Chili’s today anticipating my enjoyment of an awesome blossom when I was told it was removed from the menu. I am truly disappointed at this choice as your remaining options are redundant to the other area restaurant’s selections.
    Being the service has destroyed the enjoyment of this establishment, the only saving grace was this appetizer.

  • Laurel Thomson says:

    At Chiles in Centerville, UT.
    7 tables sat between the bar & restaurant. 30 minute wait on a Saturday night…
    Manager, server & hostess talking and laughing.
    I get there is a shortage of workers? Still don’t know why that is?
    Why isn’t manager running food?
    Horrible service and a joke.
    Hubs worked at Chiles in college.

  • Earl Freeman says:

    50 degrees inside! All they keep saying is the ac is broke, they were working on it today, the thermostat is broke. All the while the air is blowing cold air out.

    I have pictures with a thermometer and people in their jackets to try and stay warm. It’s like this every time. I sent pictures in a week ago about the same issue.

    FIX IT!

  • Monica says:

    Made a call ahead reservation to the chilis in the Villages fl for a large party. Got there the manager on duty an Asian girl was very rude as soon as I walked in the door. I asked who our server would be because I’ve had some issues with a couple servers and wanted to make sure all my guests for my daughters bday didn’t have issues. She started asking me a bunch of questions about why I did not want the certain server and what issues I had. Then she told me I could have the other server. We waited our time since I did the call ahead for 6:30 my whole group walked in and she looked at us and goes I just tried to call you to let you know you can’t have the other server. So if you want her it’s going to be another hour wait. I said no we will try the other server and see how it goes. Some of the people in my party already ordered drinks from the bar and was up talking to the bar tender and the server for the bar area. The manager proceeds to walk over there and tap my mom on the arm and tell her I do not want any issues tonight do you understand. My mom looked at her in shock and was like what are you talking about and who are you!? We finally got sat at our table then the server came over and goes I know you do not want me to be your server so it’s going to be an hour before you get served. I was like I’m sorry what!? The manager told me you were the only one that would be able to serve us and I told her that was fine, she goes oh well I was told something different. So just say the manager you have running that place is very immature and should not being running a place of business if she’s going to act like a child with the hostess. She was very disrespectful to me and the rest of my party. I am very glad we did give our server a chance because she did an amazing job for my daughters birthday and kept everyone very happy. She was amazing but can’t say that for the person running the business that night. Just a shame.

  • Mrpink says:

    Manager asked about my leg brace in an interview. asked how long I would have it. i heard someone hired asap next to me, but because I had a brace on n my leg I was not hired

    • Chad says:

      They don’t want to have to worry about you falling down and suing the store. A friend of mine fell down tore her acl and the company didn’t Ana you help her. She has to file a law suit. She won but got last her job because of it.

  • Melanie v says:


  • Tina says:

    Chilis location in Zephyrhills Florida is filthy, from the window sills to the floor. Dust all over TV & ceiling. None of employees ie: servers or host or bar tenders are wearing masks.

  • Samantha S Gaither says:

    My family and I ordered curbside service at the Spring Valley Chili’s in Columbia SC. We arrived for pick up on time however after 20 minutes no one came to the car. We called inside on four occasions, and no one answered the phone. My husband finally went inside the restaurant to get the food that was very cold. We could not wait to have them recook the food because my son was sick and needed to eat so he could take his medicine. I was very disappointed with the service particularly because staff members were leaning on the counter when my husband went in to get our food and could have brought our purchase to the car.

  • Julia Johnson says:

    Went to one of your locations they have plenty of tables they only have one side of the dining room open and they told us that they couldn’t see this on one side and then there was a 20 minute wait when they have like so many tables open

    • Chad says:

      They like to schedule less severs now since they have food runners. Problem is that the food still doesn’t come out or it comes out wrong or cold or all 3 most the time. The guest orders use to come one in 15-20 minutes tops when your server would do it. You are lucky now if it comes out in 45 minutes

  • Dr. Linda A. Townsend says:

    I would like it for someone to contact me regarding a matter at the Auburn NY location.
    I currently have charges on my credit card bill for Transactions that Total` 200.00
    I have tried to resolve the issue with the location and they atre not seeking to take care of the matter.
    I bought 100. In gift cards the scanned cards were not verified and I was charged another 100. For cards not received.
    My next step is to file a complaint with the credit card company for fraud on the part of Chili’s.
    I also know that your office often fails to respond to customer concerns as well.

  • Disappointed says:

    The Chilis Grill and Bar in Austell, Georgia needs to be evaluated and needs new staffing who is passionate about working in the food industry. I hardly ever leave a bad review anywhere, but I guess in order for a company to grow better, negative reviews should help. Great customer service and great food is highly important! Now a days, it just feels like nobody wants to work at their best in restaurants anymore. I ordered the Cajun Chicken Pasta from here, because I like it better than the O’Charley’s Cajun Pasta. I ordered curbside since I was on my break from work. The food was done on time. The pasta tasted good, but noticed the chicken tasted a little different/dry. The lady that brought my food out did not say one word to me. I don’t know if she didn’t feel good or was hurting, but she was walking slow coming out of the store and was walking slow going back. I said, “Hi how are you?” and she did not say one word. She handed me my drink and food and walked away. I said, “Have a great day!” and still she did not say anything. I hope to have a better interaction my next visit. If I go back. If restaurants don’t get their act together, people are going to stop ordering from them, and they will go out of business.

  • EmbarrassedAndOutraged says:

    I had one of the WORST experiences ever at the Buena Park, California locations ever. New Year’s Eve I was picking up an order. After waiting 40 mins there was a customer at the bar that kept getting drunker and louder. My mother came in and asked me what the hold up was. As we were talking my mom looked at the drunk customer and he told her to get in line and he would tweak her nipples too and made the motion on his own. My mom then told him he was horrible and he continued to tell her to F**K off. To just stand there and STFU and wait for her ribs. All while the bartender stood there and laughed hysterically. Oh then she proceeded to provide him with another fresh drink. There was a lot more words exchanged and a lot more laughing from other employees as well. I told the manager what happened and he politely went and told the customer something and let him continue to be belligerent. He was even running his mouth to everyone that was waiting for online orders. What a way to end 2021 huh? We have tried to call corporate and have been hung up on.

  • Amy says:

    I am at a different Chili’s and the professionalism up here is absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable. I am not the type to complain but damn. They are also over serving a dude which is also hitting on every worker up here and they are allowing it. He is so offering them money for “services”. They are not telling him to stop or anything. It is borderline lawsuit kind of behavior and gives the company a bad name.. not sure who else to tell because they will it listen here at this Chili’s. This is the address. 5212 S. State hwy 360 Grand Prarie, Tx.

  • Kristina ford says:

    Chilis Colorado Springs, Colorado Cheyenne mountain location at about 730 the To-Go (females) thought they put me on hold and started degrading me as a customer when I asked to cancel my order to redo it to have it sent earlier they proceeded to laugh and mock. The employees also acted as if they were a manager and refused to give a name. The employees there are trash. I will never order from there again.
    I will also follow up this week.

  • Scott Mosley says:

    I have a major complaint about the Decatur, Tx location. We registered online and knew our exact place in line. When we arrived at the store they confirmed our arrival and said the table we would be seated at once cleared. Two parties, one of 7 and the other of 17 arrived after us and were on the list behind us. The party of seven was seated promptly upon arrival and they were behind us on the list. The party of 17 were then seated about 30 minutes later at the table we were promised along with another they table they combined. When we confronted the hostess about this she called us a liar and that there was nothing she could do. She said we could have the table of 7 once they cleared. This is unacceptable. This has nothing to do with staffing and is about incompetence at the hostess stand. We will not be returning to this location.

  • Pissedemployee says:

    As a current employee of this trash company. Don’t support this business, while the crew does all of the work and does crazy overtime while the boss and managers collect that sweet sweet covid and other bonuses for being the top selling chili’s in New england. The workers are stuck working multiple stations alone. Worst company I have ever worked for in my life. I’m ashamed to say I work here. Can only give me so many raises before the abuse isn’t worth it.

    • Pissedoffeeployee2 says:

      I work at one in Utah and it’s the same story!! I used to love being a chilis employee and now I cannot stand it!

  • Lisa Hines says:

    We went to Chili’s in Greenville NC we waited 30 minutes as they said for them to send someone to tell us our party is to big. We waited a additional 15 minutes for management. 1 hour later we are still waiting to just be seated.

  • Carlos Garrido says:

    Dear Kelli A. Valade

    First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your beloved ones.

    My name is Carlos a regular customer since 1998. I feel discriminated by your 10601 McPherson Chili’s restaurant staff, because they told me it’s not a requirement by your company to hire Spanish/English personal.

    Laredo Tx is a 97% Spanish speaking people. Therefore your sales come mainly from that percentage of people.

    I hope I explained it clearly.

    Yours truly


  • Karen says:

    Altoona, PA Chili’s is now permanently off our list. There was not one thing during our visit that went right. Reservations – you don’t do them….oh but 3 people later you have call ahead seating or a wait list. On arrival my water with lemons had no lemon. Appetizer was cold and the dishes they brought for us to eat them on was wet and had food particles floating in the puddle on the dish. The sun was so bright we couldn’t see our menus but the server did NOT even bother to pull the shades. My husband can’t have pork, he inquired about having a double burger with no bacon. He just wanted a double patty burger without being charged for bacon but after several tries our server never told us how much or even if they could do this. He ended up ordering something else. The forks for our whole party were wet and also had food residue on them. The food arrived and we had no knives. When I was handed my plate I was disgusted to feel grit covering the bottom of the plate. Again more food particles. After asking three times we finally received steak knives about ten minuets later that were wet and again covered with what would best be described as mop water. The highlight of the experience is when the waitress taking care of the table next to us brought me some lemon slices for my water. I have served tables in more restaurants than I can list, as well as owned several businesses. I have never ever seen a fail to execute basic customer service or any form of procedures during our visit. I would have stayed and also ordered dessert and to go items but we left hungry and I immediately went to a grocery store and got food for a real dinner.

  • Neli says:

    This is the second time I order food to-go from your Sebring, Fl location and find hair (long strings of hair) in my food and desert. My visit today – after waiting 25 minutes past the time it was supposed to be done, I give my 6 year old his Pasta to see him pull out hair from his food, after he had already taken a few bites – GROSS! I took the Pasta away resulting in him crying because now he can’t eat it! “Why mommy, it’s just hair?!” This is UNACCEPTABLE, DISGUSTING, INFURIATING, and SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING! FOOD THAT I PAID FOR – IN THE TRASH!

  • Cheryl Purvis says:

    Place an order with your Rosenberg TX location I order hamburger fries and southwest eggs the food was delivered stone cold I had to throw it way I won’t be eating at Chili’s again I know I am just one customer but for the price I paid I would expect warm food I called the location to speak to the manager was put in hold for 30 mins and hung up my order # 6446597573591047
    I had to come some where else waste of my time and money
    Cheryl Purvis

  • Tyson Dooley says:

    Went to the location in white settlement near clifford and order the combo with brisket quesadillas and chipotle crispters only received the quesadillas and was told 3 times the crispters were going to be out soon never got them and when i asked for the bill the only thing that was done by management was taking 5 dollars off the bill will never return

  • Barbara says:

    Chilis in Wilson NC should be closed. Waitstaff are in serious need of personal hygiene. I was served raw shrimp- grey & cold. Several chips had dried salsa on them with pieces of what appeared to be chicken tenders in the basket, a soggy piece of a tortilla chip in the salsa, black debri inside my daughters chicken quesadilla and brown, slimy lettuce & cucumbers in my moms salad. The bathroom is so bad – sticky floors, trash everywhere, horrible smell, urine dried all around the toilets- and this is the womens bathroom! I would be ashamed to be a manager or owner of this Chilis. When my concerns about the food were brought to the managers attention he clearly couldn’t care less.

  • Cutomer says:

    The Chili’s at Augusta west parkway is Nasty. My wife and several friends won’t eat there, simply because the front doors have grease all over them, so their thought the food has to be nasty too

  • Tammi Luper says:

    The Chili’s Franchise should be very Aware. The Chili’s located in DeSoto TX off of 35E. Was Worst Experience in Awhile no Silverware not due to Covid. Plastic ware . Server said due to employees and guests stealing. When asked about a Steak Knife it was dirty. Food on the Knife.Steak was not done properly. There was an Employee Sleeping in the Booth next to Us. The Skillet Dip was not as Advertised. Employee was Serving was the only good thing about This Resteraunt.

  • Jennifer says:

    My fam and I went to Chili’s in our hometown and both times were not good at all! The 1st time, I found a lot of plastic in my food and when I talked to two managers they both just blew me off. I was so livid cause they didn’t do anything. Then, I went again yesterday and we had the same server as before and she was slow as molasses and to top it all off they messed up my sons hamburger and had to recook it which took over 35 minutes. Again, I was livid and again I talked to the manager and AGAIN she did nothing!!! The headquarters need to make some major changes within this organization because people are just going to stop coming cause of the service, or wrong orders or management not caring!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Might be interested in checking out reviews of Thomaston ga location!
    I sent in another lengthy review tonight because managers are not checking their customers’ to-go orders and it’s a chronic problem at this restaurant. Examples of messed up orders were given.
    It seems calling and speaking with managers falls on deaf ears. I DON’T want a refund as much as I’d like the order to be correct. A refund of money is a nice gesture, but I ordered food so I wouldn’t have to cook it myself.
    And that order that never got done seven months ago that was placed at 5:15 and by 8 was still MIA, yes, that was mine, too!

  • Vanessa Collins says:

    There was a insect found on my granddaughters broccoli here at the Fort Wayne location on Coliseum Blvd.

  • Becca says:

    Just ordered a Classic Ribeye To-Go@Chilis in Ardmore, OK & one side of the steak was raw.

  • Debbie L Halloran says:

    Just ate dinner at chili’s in Bardstown tonight with my sisters and 2 of us ordered wine, needless to say there are no prices listed on the menu but we assumed 9 ozs of wine could be no more than $6 which is the normal rate for wine at restaurant of your standing. We got our bill and we paid $40 for those 4 little glasses of wine that didn’t even equal 2 glasses and on top of being over charged they weren’t even served in wine glasses. For that amount of money I could have bought 2 bottles of wine. You are gauging people and I won’t ever be back in your restaurant to eat. I can go to better restaurants and pay less for a glass of wine and get it in a wine glass. My sister ordered a soup, tortilla I think, and it was garbage she couldn’t even eat it. The food was lukewarm. Overall the night out to dinner at your restaurant was very disappointing.

  • John Binam says:

    Just stop at chili’s like we always do the chills in North Carolina don’t serve Veterans the one in Russvillville Arkansas does you need to hang sign up everyone welcome but Veterans we won’t serve them they are trash

  • Brian Peterson says:

    Is it policy to ask people to wait to be seated when over half the seats in the restaurant are open? People are being told 15-30 minutes for a half empty restaurant. Even if you are short staffed allow people to sit and wait other than stand around shoulder to shoulder.

  • Claudia Rodriguez says:

    Awful service in Alice Texas Chili’s restaurant

  • Claudia Rodriguez says:

    Extremely bad service in Alice Texas manager Derek westerman soup was not served before Andre later they set the soup was frozen they brought us wet plates no napkins and a cockroach came out for the side of the table I talked to the manager he could not give me a provided me with a corporate office number

  • Luis says:

    We have to wait on waiting area for 20 minutes and they have 20 empty tables or more bad services

  • Cee Cee says:

    Recently got hired at Chilis in a Southern State. Watched an hour video on Chills health and sanitation standards and requirements which were encouraging, only to find out on my first day of work only two or three of all the workers followed the health and sanitation requirements, or safety of the staff. The place was very nasty where food was being prepared and unclean. Some customer got sick, probably from food poising, threw up in the bathroom and it was told directly to the manager who replied, really?
    The mess remained in the bathroom even after closing. I am really disappointed with the misrepresentations this particular location demonstrates and will probably quit because of poor management and unsafe environment. The back door was left wide-open at 2:00am in the morning during the most dangerous time of the year for robbery. I prey all Chills are not managed as this location seems to be…There is so much more I don’t want to list. However, Im certain I will be fired once I am discovered, but I know I could completely turn this location around if I was in a place of authority. I would keep the salary I have for 30days and promise a complete reversal of these issues. I have started to clean up with one other employee there who really cares but is afraid to speak up for fear of termination.

  • Anonymous guest /close friend of a person that has been Agnes with covid from ur employee by the name of Holly Holly works for the Chili's in Los lunas says:

    Chili’s is not taking the proper precautions to the covid-19 a worker from the los luna’s store has covid-19.

  • Anonymous guest /close friend of a person that has been Agnes with covid from ur employee by the name of Holly Holly works for the Chili's in Los lunas says:

    Yes I’m inquiring about ur employee’s having there covid-19 shot’s my friends girlfriend work’s for the chili’s n los luna’s and she has covid-19 the reason I know is cause he has been hospitalized for covid-19.

  • Sheila says:

    My husband and I just had dinner at the Chili’s located at18900 East 39th St S, Independence, MO 64057. Hostess did not even greet “Hello, Welcome to Chili’s” as use to be the norm for this location. We ordered the 2 for $25 and the food was served to the table cold as if the food had been waiting for our server to pick it up. I had to ask for refills on our water and unsweetened tea. When the skillet chocolate chip cookie was delivered to our table it was hard as a rock and very visably burnt yet served anyway. The manager offered to make a new one but at this point it was too little too late. Also, management should stick to the dress code and not be wearing crop tops and leggings that show their mid-section. Completely unprofessional attire. I could see from management down why this particular location is failing in excellent customer service.

  • Ely says:

    Can we please have the nfl package back at the Palisafes Mall like Yardhouse.,

  • Will C says:

    The following is regarding our dining experience at the Chili’s located at US 281 and 1604 in San Antonio, TX:
    When we were seated, we were given a QR code to scan to pull up the menu. Because we wear reading glasses, we asked for and were provided with a physical menu. On the menu there was a “3 for $10” deal so all 3 of us ordered that and pointed at the menu while doing so, indicating this is what we desired.
    When the bill arrived we were charged an amount in excess of the amount stated on the menu for each meal. When we pointed out the overcharges to the server, she indicated we would need to speak to the manager to address our concern. The manager, Ricardo Renteria, stated that the prices on the menu provided us were incorrect and flat out refused to honor the stated price. I have never been given a menu and then been told it will cost more than the menu price after the meal. With no other choice than to pay the overcharge, we did so on a credit card and will take the matter up with the bank. One other thing very much of note. I used the restrooms which are near the kitchen prior to leaving.
    On my way there I got a good view of the kitchen and it was extremely nasty (the floors covered with liquids and food).
    There is no excuse for being charged more than the stated menu price or for having a dirty kitchen. We dine at Chili’s frequently, but I guess we will have to drive further to dine at one with better management.
    On the bright side, we dined at the location in Boerne a couple of weeks ago and that one was excellent!

  • Dalynn Cruz says:

    My husband and I and my stepson had dinner for our granddaughter birthday at the chili’s location at 11400 East Freeway, San Jacinto City, Texas 77024. We arrived at 7:00 our drinks and food orders were taken by 7:15. I took 20 minutes for us to get our drinks. The server who brought the drinks out was rude to me when I told I had unsweetened tea. My stepson and grandson Dr Pepper was mostly carbonate water. We told the server who brought them out she took them. I waited 30 minutes for the drinks and got up and went to the kitchen told our other server about. She checked on it was told she took them out but never did. We had to get different drinks for them. On top of that it took until 8:30 for us to get out food. My stepson hamburger was burnt and the fries were cold, my husband didn’t get his hamburger until 9:00 after everyone else got there food. His hamburger was burnt and the lettuce was bad it like it was left out of weeks. I told my husband not to eat. I had the shrimp Cajun pasta it had so much red pepper on that my mouth and throat was on fire. My daughter in law’s Cajun pasta was the same way my was. My grandson pizza was cold. I regularly go to Chili’s at different locations and never had rude a rude server on had server hand food across the table over my head. We complained to the manager. But I wanted to let you know that I will not go back to this location ever. I have worked in the restaurant field and if this had happened in our restaurant people would have been fired. Having to wait for over a hour to get our food when the restaurant was not busy is unacceptable. You will be getting my complaints from other of my family members about the rude server, awfully food and how the manager took for ever to come out from the back to talk to us.

  • P Quinonez says:

    On 11/11/21 we were at your stone hill 78660 restaurant sitting at bar a waitress behind spilled a by large and heavy tray on floor The tray hit my back first before hitting floor mgr on duty didn’t seem concerned about me nor offered any discount. Although she was extremely busy kissing up to party whose food spilled on floor. I am not asking for injury compensation. I do believe mgr could have shown more concern instead of just kissing up all night to other party we’ve spent over 1000.00 dollars at this store this year. Pete W 5129400695

  • Current Chilli's Employee says:

    I am a Current Chilli’s Employee in PA #75. I was told (By the GM) that my rate was going to go up to $13 an hour but it only went up to $11 (only for afew months). Now I’m currently only making a rate of $10.75 an hour. What happened to my quarter (25¢) and why was I lied to? Can I at least have my quarter (25¢) back? Who do I have to contact because clearly it’s not helpful to talk to anyone at this store because they are just going to “Talk A Good Game”. If they don’t start talking the talk and keeping promises; I’m going to start walking the walk; Straight out of there!

  • Tiffany Garris says:

    The Florence South Carolina store is cashing out orders as picked up when they are not. We literally stood in the pick up area for over twenty minutes and was NEVER asked if we had a order at all. So we walked out. Thirty minutes later I get a email saying thank you for my order and how was the food to do a survey. I wasn’t given back my money or even called back about a refund. At this point your company is stealing money to keep loss down.

  • Benton Lovoi Jr. says:

    Dear Chilis Boss i recently ordered food from your Thibodaux location and im just gonna say it the food was shit i ordered rips and i wondered where do you find a cow with no meat on the rips really no meat. My wife ordered the chicken fried steak and it was so cold the gravy didn’t move really you could hold the meat up and the gravy wouldn’t fall off it looked like a freaking f’ed up cookie with icing. Now your black beans were good even cold. Normally everything would be delivered on time buy it would be still be hot. and your ribs have are very meaty, seriously where did you find the anorexic cow how do you not have meat on a rib. while this is really the first bad experience we have had with Chilies and we have had a storm come through and yall have a lot of good food if your not ready to open don’t open its better than serving shit food. now yall are in The great state of Texas so i know you are not offended by my words and if you are have your restaurants stop serving shit food….. and I’m considering a change of jobs if you need some one to train as a manager give me a shout …… god bless Chilies is still awesome…. no offence

  • Amber says:

    I am a Employee at Chili’s for over 3 years! I use to love working for Chili’s I have meant codes here at my Chili’s and I am truly versatile! I am starting to hate my job now that we have “food runners” this is a great Concept and works great for a busy store but my store is not a busy store so because of labor cost they can only have certain amount of people on which means most of the time when management has a jump on the line to help cook I servers are getting around to getting her own drinks and still tipping 5% of our sales. It is extremely upsetting they used to be able to do this with a partner and makes so much more money here making me love my job make me wanna come to work now I have to tip 5% of my sales which isn’t always so upsetting for me but today Veterans Day I had numerous tables that came got water a free meal and left no tip! So I payed to take so meany tables tonight! I truly think Chili’s as a company should have Gratuity included if we are going to be forced to give are tip money away! For some people have I g food runners are great! I on the other had an a strong server and my seals are not changing so my still around the same yet I am making less money

  • Kent Shiplet says:

    I am a 72 year old Army Veteran who visited your Edmond, OK location for their annual Veterans day celebration for which I am very appreciative of. For the first time, I was shocked, disappointed, and actually angered by how I was treated by the staff person who greeted me as I entered. His name was Zack Anderson. My impression was that he may have been an Asst. Manager. I informed him that my wife was disable and I needed to get back to her soon so could I take my Veteran Special via takeout? He firmly said NO, dine in only plus due to supply chain issues he would not provide take out containers. When seated and greeted by a very nice 50 ish hispanic lady I mentioned that if my wife called, I would have to leave immediately. She said no problem, I will bring a styrofoam take out container when the food arrived. This Zack guy saw the container, came over, scolded my nice server and the staffer who gave her the container then turned his anger to ME, you know….., the customer and in front of staff, told me I was abusive and deceptive! I couldn’t believe he spoke to me in this manner!! This guy has a shirt fuse and WILL LOSE YOU CUSTOMERS and staff. I will await a response but if it’s not received and appropriate within 10 days, I will spread this incident throughout the internet!

    On a brighter note, at this same store 10-12 days ago I pick up a take out order which was brought to my car. Your staffer Maddie couldn’t have been nicer or more professional. Suggestion: Fire Zack and promote Maddie!

    Looking forward to your response,

    Kent Shiplet

  • Jennifer Silva says:

    I am so disappointed. There is an issue with the website. We ordered our meal at the wrong location, in the wrong state. I immediately called back to cancel, only to be told that I need to speak with “HR”. I told her that HR is for employees and not customers. I then asked to speak with the manager and he kept saying he couldn’t figure out how I ordered in the wrong place. He told me that I would have to wait 5 days before I could get my money back. I am so disappointed with the customer service.

  • Stephen Kampman says:

    Schertz #1185
    What a horrible experience. We called in an order to go, real easy: got there 2 meals were not done, waited over an hour for two meals to go.
    Chicken fried chicken, we got chicken fried steak (meal not ready for p/u)
    hamburger & fries, soggy after the hour wait
    santa fe chicken salad, was lettuce and chicken only (meal not ready for p/u)
    quesadilla salad, asked for no tomatoes-got them, they put spicy red pepper on it
    ribs were the only thing right but were cold after the hour
    Mark, manager?, did say he was going to do a refund, this was not the birthday dinner we expected.

  • Paul Henry says:

    Tonight, November 3, 2021, we were at the Sebring Chili’s #300 was the worst service we have had at a restaurant in many years. There were 8 people in the party and 2 of the people did not get their meal until after everyone had eaten. The manager did not even come to the table to apologize for such bad service. It was not the waitress, but the kitchen staff. Tonda was in tears because she tried to make things right. Again it was the manager and the kitchen staff who were incompetent. The waitress had to come to the table and say that the two people not getting their meal did not have to pay. That should of been the manager. If this how your corporation runs a business, then you need to close all your restaurants. Very poor leadership from the top down. we all will never be back and I will tell everyone I talk to not to do business with Chili’s.

  • Adelli Rodriguez says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE JALAPEÑO ONION STRINGS!!!! Those were waaaaaaaaay better. I’m begging you. Please!!! It’s been years without these and it’s time to bring them back!!! Today is my birthday and this would be the best birthday present from my favorite restaurant.
    Visalia Ca.

  • Daymon Schmidt says:

    I ordered curbside pickup Chilli’s took my order online and charged my debit card we waited and arrived at time given my order would be ready I show up and it looks like a ghost town dead not 1 car nobody inside needless to say I got charged and didn’t get any order and waisted a bit of my time and gas on this joke I’ve got the receipt in my email I WANT MY REFUND THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE OR BUSINES EVER TO EXIST!!!!!! IM MORE FURIOUS THAN YOU EVEN CAN START TO IMAGINE SOMEONE CAN GET I EVEN EMAILED THE OWNER COMPANY 3 DAYS AGO AND HAVE GOTTEN BO RESPONSE!!!!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME CHILLI’S WILL EVEN HAVE A CHANCE AT ANY OF MY MONEY OUT PROMISE AND IF THIS DOESN’T GET RESOLVED I GUARANTEE MY ATTORNEY WILL GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!

  • fred says:

    GOOD afternoon, we are very disappointed in your location in Holtsville #664.E were a party of seven the waitress first got our drink orders mixed up with another table, than the entrées, served guacamole with hairs in it, a glass with lipstick on it never came back to ask if we wanted any more drinks, than to top it off gives the other tables bill which my son paid. when we saw the mistake my daughter in law went back to the location and was treated very rudely

  • vicki martin says:

    My husband and I travel 3 – 6 months per year in our RV. Because of our special diet and the fact that Chili’s will accommodate us, we have eaten at this restaurant more than any other restaurant for the past 30 years. We love the food and the staffing.

    I have just one complaint–no matter where we eat, the places always look dirty. Today, I looked closer to see how this could be when the paint is usually fresh. On closer inspection, it looks as though the glass in the windows could be the same glass originally installed when the stores were built. They are scratched and look dirty even when they are actually clean. The floor boards and window sills appear to be unchanged as well. The sills have suffered a great deal of damage with no real repairs, just paint over the damage with no attempt at plaster. The baseboards are kept painted also, but there appears to be at least 20 years of compacted sludge at the tops and bottoms of the boards.

    Each time I go into a store, which is never during rush hour, none of the tables have been cleaned. When they do clean them, the old wood still doesn’t look clean. The wood is still good but needs to be sanded and varnished. Today, when my friend paid, the machine on the table had dressing and gravy on it from the previous visitors. I looked at some of the other tables that were finally cleaned by 3 p.m. Most of these little cash registers had food and greasy finger prints all over them, a great way to catch the flu. I think it is fair to say that when they clean the tables they do not clean the machines–and I should mention the salt and pepper shakers are often greasy. I always take in some anti bacterial wipes, something I don’t need to worry about at other stores.

    Is this the image you shoot for?

    Lately, I have noticed that the seating hostesses are missing as well, except during the busiest times. This makes me wonder if Chili’s is cutting corners because of lost clientele. If I had a choice, I would eat at other establishments but few of them will prepare food without spices, dairy products, etc on them.

    Today, I began to wonder if your business is suffering. If so, might people choose other stores because they prefer cleaner environments? I sold real estate for 10 years in San Antonio, Texas. Ironically, each time the economy slowed down, the broker quit advertising to save money–or should I say, he shot himself in the foot? So, we lost business from the slower economy and from the lack of phone calls into our office. Just saying–if you invest in your business during this improved economy, you may find that people will keep your stores filled up at lunch and during the afternoons, not simply during happy hour.

    Missing the days of the crisp, clean Chili’s stores,


  • Nancy Lee says:

    On May 17, 2019 we went to the Chili’s in Morgan Hill, CA we ordered The Mix n’ Match Trio and Mushroom Burger……..we were satisfied with both meals.
    Question: Our bill came to $31.15 and we gave our waiter two gift cards totaling $35. We asked server Eduardo for the balance of our gift card and intended to give the tip in cash…….he told us everything was taken care of and there was no balance left on the gift card.
    WHOA!……was he suppose to take his own tip off of our gift card?……..I was pretty shocked but didn’t want to create a scene because his tip would have been in the 15% range…….however I did not like or appreciate the fact that he took it upon himself to take the tip without consulting me first!!
    What is your response to this?

  • Terry L Kerns says:

    Myself and my family had dinner at a chili’s in Waldorf Maryland. Myself and one of my daughters order the shrimp tacos which came out cold as if they took them out of the refrigerator. Then our waitress came by I asked to talk to her she replied that she would be back in a min so we waited for 10 mins for her to return which she never did. Then I got up from my seat and went to other waitresses and asked for the manager. The manager came over then we proceeded to let her know that mine and my daughters food was cold she removed them and said she would get it remade that took 15 mins where my other family was done eating when we received our food again. The food was cold again so I asked for the manager again she made excuses for why it was cold. I would like you to know that we sat right outside of the kitchen.

    Myself and my family will not be eating there any longer.

  • Margaret says:

    My husband and I just had lunch at a Chili’s near us. My husband ordered a mushroom burger. The waitress ask if he wanted fries. He asked if he could get something other than fries and she responded with, yes. He asked what his options are and she listed of several things. He choose a salad instead. When the food came his had fries. He said he didn’t order the fries and she said she included them by mistake and there wouldn’t be an additional charge. When the bill came it had a charge for the side salad. We pointed this out to the waitress and she said the salad was an additional side. I spoke to person at the front who stated all burgers come with fries and the salad was an additional charge. I explained the conversation we had with the waitress and he still said the salad was extra. This was the opposite information from what we had been given.
    I just want to let you know I do not appreciate dishonesty or misleading business practices. Not only has this practice lost you a customer but I will pass this information on at every opportunity.
    Margaret Murphy
    Store address was: 7385 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL

  • John Wooley says:

    To whom it may concern , I live in Stephenville tx. and my wife and I enjoy your Restaurant here very much, the lighting in your parking lots is very very dark, 5 lamps in the parking lot have gone out months ago,or longer, we have stopped going to eat there until the lamps replaced, our supper club has stopped also in hope this gets resolved soon , John Wooley Thank you,

  • >