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  • Address: 3009 University Ave, Columbus, GA 31907, United States

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    +1 706-563-3798

  • Fax Number: 706-562-0600

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  • Number of Employees: 1431

  • Established: 1988

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  • Key People: Ray E Crowley

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Childcare Network, Inc. operates as an elementary school. The School offers training and programs to children of different age groups, curricular, computer programs, field trips, and parent and student activities. Childcare Network provides its products and services to its students all over the United States. Childcare Network is the popular as the fourth largest private child care provider in the United States. This company consists almost 300 schools in ten different southern states and have 30,000+ children enrolled in these schools.

Childcare Network was established back in 1988 in Columbus, Georgia.

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  • Bus driver says:

    I work for childcare network currently as a bus driver. I drove for 7 months last school year and will be driving this school year as well.

    Last year we had a different director so some of the way I was trained to do things have changed.

    For the last 2 days I have had a student who has not been at school, and mom has NOT called to inform us he will not be riding. Therefore I have to call my director and have her contact mom and let me know whether or not he should be there before I am allowed to leave. The first day, mom informed us they were sick and he was home. The second day, mom did not pick up the phone, after calling MULTIPLE times. And after 45 mins of waiting, mind you ALL of the other 11 students were on the bus ready to go, I was still being told I had to wait because we needed confirmation before I could leave.

    Similar situations with different parents had resulted in the students at my other school to be the very last kids picked up from school. This has happened 5 times just within the 3 weeks school has been back in. Same thing happened this day. However I decided to leave before my director told me I could because the students on my bus were taking off seatbelts, switching seats, climbing over them, taking off their belts and hitting each other, one of them had a large nurf gun that he pulled out, they started climbing into the metal cargo cage in the back of the bus, yelling profanities, being absolutely out of control because we had waited so long they became impatient. So I decided to leave 1 because of the behavior, 2 because the students at my other school we’re watching to be picked up and 3 we were informed the day before that this student was sick.

    I was gotten onto and told that wasn’t my decision to make. That it needed to be her decision because if he was at school and we left him it would fall on my shoulders, but if she had told me to leave it would have been on her shoulders (my director). However this is not true, the first week of school I was told to leave after a student hadn’t gotten on the bus, but was supposed to be there, and I still got spoken to as if I should have made a better decision. So either way this would have fallen on my shoulders.

    She also said that there are “policies” in place that say we have to wait for children even if they’re not at the pickup location on time.

    HOWEVER, in the family handbook online and in paper it states that the parents are required to give us a 2 hour notice if their child will not be riding the bus, and that school vehicles will use reasonable efforts to arrive and depart on time and will NOT wait for children who are not at the designated pickup location on time.

    I have mentioned to my director that it is embarrassing and makes us look bad because we have made a pattern of picking up our other schools students very last.

    I asked her what the next step was after calling mom to getting so called confirmation, she said calling the school and seeing if he was there that day. So I offered to go ask one of the administrators if so and so attended school today and my director said “no that’s not something YOU need to do” having no reason nor explanation as to why. So then I offered for her to give my phone number to parents as well as the school number and they can message or call me and let me know if, and also so I can have parents phone numbers and I can call and receive confirmation myself. I was again told “no that’s not something YOU need to do”

    So I am at a loss. When I brought this up to her yesterday she said “I don’t care if you sit there for 45 mins, you can’t leave until I tell you to!” So I informed her that I HAD sat there for 45 mins and I wasn’t okay with what she was saying. Also the fact that she said she didn’t care if I sat there for 45 mins upset me because I already had sat there for 45 mins and I felt disrespected and underappreciated that she didn’t care because I did sit there for 45 mins EVEN THOUGH the handbook states we will not wait.

    I don’t mind waiting, I understand trying to get a hold of mom before we take off for confirmation. BUT 45 mins, mom’s not answering no other family to call, we were told they were sick the day before, other students waiting to be picked up, putting the current students on the bus at risk because they become impatient and nearly uncontrollable and STILL being told I cannot leave? She said the next step was calling the school but she made no effort to do so?

    Only thing I want to know is if she did the right thing? If it is actually necessary to wait for almost an hour before I can leave and go pick up my other students? Even though the policy states something completely opposite.

    It is highly important to me that we are on time, whether it being dropping off or picking up.

  • Concerned parent says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My child is enrolled at the childcare network on Jet Dr and has been for a while. I’ve noticed as a daycare all they care about is money and fees, which I don’t mind as it’s understandable this day and age. But how have the fees and prices gone up and the daycare does less and less? They use to plan field trips throughout summer and have a pool for children to swim in. Yet my fees and the prices increase and these go away? I understand Covid stopped a lot of these events but now Florida is an open state and they haven’t reinstated it just raise fees? Where does the money go? Because the building has not been redone in years and they are on a food program.

    Second, there are two directors at the center however I only see the assistant director. She is the only one I hear answer the phone and the only one helping answer any of my questions when I’m there picking up my child.

    I really hope this center, probably as well as the others, listen to the parents who have children enrolled instead of the normal business motto of “if you don’t like it leave”. I would hope a corporation that I pay for uses my money to better the center, children, and the teachers that bend over backwards for the kids.

  • Working Parent says:

    To Whom It may concern:
    I am writing this letter to voice how horrible and unfortunate the services of Child Care Network have become. I do not think this will turn into anything since Child Care Network has become a money mill “for the working parent”.
    I have personally been using Child Care Network since 2013 and in 2022 I am having to say good-bye! The prices have gotten ridiculous, the fees keep going up without any realistic explanation. All parents are told is “it comes down from corporate”! I could understand the price change IF the classrooms were being redone, new equipment, teachers being paid more, the building being cleaned better, ETC. Not to mention that the facility I have been personally using for almost the last 10 years is on a FLorida food program and gets assistance from the state!
    In 2020 when the pandemic hit, and was furloughed from work I was told that I would be able to pull my child out of Child Care Network. I was told I would not lose my place and could come back at any time. THAT WAS A LIE, and no one bothered to call me and let me know. All I was told when I was ready to come back, which screwed me over at work, was “it came from corporate to open up to whoever needs a spot and put others back on a waiting list. At this point and how much money I have given to this company at that point in time was completely unexpectable. With being such a loyal customer for so many years I should have been contacted and given the opportunity to come back before giving my spot away.
    No, some of the staff have been great, others not so much. Some staff members only seem to be there to collect a paycheck. When taking care of children you need to actually care about your job and not just want a paycheck. I am personally not ready to leave Child Care Network but due to the hike in prices for school age children I have no choice but to pull my child out of the facility.
    I can go on and on about the disappointments with this company. I will be mailing a copy of this letter to the actual Corporate office and to the facility that I attend! Parents think twice before using Child Care Network it wants nothing but your money and will hike the prices up without any prior notices! This company is NOT ” The working parent’s best-friend”!
    When trying to post this on the corporate website it seems as if it is going up for a review to be posted online.

  • I See says:

    Childcare Network is a company about money. They Do Not valuable their employees at all for teacher appreciation, Christmas etc. Employee that work year for this company such as daycare workers still making $9 an hour and ones coming in making $11 not right again you have a degree it’s $12 or more coming in and ones that’s been their $9. Another thing is they have a great Pre-K program but takes money that’s for staff and do as they please especially when it doesn’t come from childcare network .

  • Mary. O. Dixon says:

    My grandson has attended childcare network in Milledgeville, GA, Dunlap Road since he was an infant. The place needs upgraded and cleaned. The after school program is terrible. The tuition keeps going up for after school. He is only there for four hours a day. Seven days a week , 3 to 6 pm. They charge 83 dollars a week and technology fee. He uses no computer at all. All of the children watch a small tablet with cartoons. Technology fee is 15 a child. The staff is short and the children do not get quality care or appropriate academics. They just go outside and play indoors when ever the staff deems necessary.
    When school is closed for a half day, they charge extra fees for the after school program. That place needs to be revamped and
    Reorganized. I am a parent not a guest.

  • Germany Lucas says:

    My son has been with Childcare Network since he was a baby. He started June 2012 at the facility on Warm Springs Road in Columbus, GA. We currently reside in NC. My son attends the Chester Ridge location in High Point, NC. I would like to state that the facility has gone completely down hill. It feels completely ghetto to me. And please don’t get me started on how careless they can be when it comes to my son hearing devices (hearing aid and cochlear implant). He’s lost two hearing aids outside on the playground (after I’ve stressed several times that he is NOT to wear his equipment outside). I use to love Childcare Network but it sucks now especially the communication. Corporate get off your butt do some pop ups and find out what’s going on because it’s definitely not a good look.

  • You know Exactly who I am says:

    Management is horrible. Decided to leave this company put in my two weeks notice but didn’t make it to my last 2 days because I was basically picked on because of my decision. Absolutely had a horrible experience working for Leah Green and Jennifer. I really wish I could say I worked for genuine people but that would be a lie. Leah is the rudest most ridiculous fake person I have ever experience working with. Things got so bad there she had her husband put a review on the website because she was in the hot seat so bad. She even asked if I could get people to put a positive review down for her. They pick and chose what parents they will give great customer service too, leave teachers out of ratio. Turn over rate is ridiculous the behavior in the children there is ridiculous. I was gone let it go and just move on but Leah has tried everything in her power to make me look like a horrible employee and teacher. From saying she terminated me to having groups of people in her office discussing me and laughing about how happy her son was that I was gone. I wish them well and hope things get better there but that termination part is what I cant get pass, you kicked my child out and made it even harder on me. What else do you want from me? I’ve witness employees leave on lunch breaks and never return but their kids are still present unless she kicked them out after she realized what mistake she had made.

    • Viola Benjamin says:

      Hello how are You ? The samething was done to me they Used me I was a Part time 8-2 No break ,I worked with kids almost 30 yrs ,They were very short on staff ,So sometimes they would ask me to stay bck and I did helping out wouldn’t leave until 5:30pm or 6pm ,I told The Director that Certain things like the Tablet I didn’t know ,She was like that’s no problem You will be Trained ,I came from a Mom &Pop Center ,No Tablets I worked with Pre-K Kids getting them for School ,Classroom Setting taught the Basics and More ,I was hired as an Teacher’s Asst ,Didn’t wanna be a Lead ,I was in the room with the 2 1/2 I asked for that room ,The Room had No Structure,The kids were running around , No Names on the Cubbies ,So Kids Personal things were getting lost ,So I took Pics We all know kids love Pictures ,Plus I would say Find Your Picture and they were so excited to see theirselves and I said now that’s where Ur Coats and Your little things goes ,The Parents were happy 😊,So the parents like what they were seeing ,So the Director asked me to please stay back because The Parents like what they saw ,So I did to help out ,So then the Other Teacher got Mad ,And When I Would leave she would let them just Run Wild ,So I had to start all over again in the morning , So I got the straight once again ,She removed the other Teacher never gave me anyone else but I didn’t complain I done the Best I could,By Myself with 8 2 1/2 Some potty trained and some not , So then came the Cameras we’re getting hooked up in The Classrooms ,That’s when things started going Crazy ,before that I was asking for Pampers ,Wipes The Director told me I could not write a note to Parents asking certain ones to bring more ,because I was out that’s because the Evening Teacher wasn’t telling the Parents for Me , Then She started moving the kids that I finally got to sit and play in Centers and Table Toys She moved them to the 3’s room thinking that I didn’t realize what She was doing ,Then giving me more of the Younger 2’s that wasn’t potty trained and were running all over the place ,Remind You I had only been there 3months came in got that Classroom straight,She took mines that I had sent to the 3’s Now the Camera’s getting put in ,So She comes in my Classroom saying U have to Potty Train these kids I’m sending a Memo out to the Parents today which was a Friday ,She said there will be No more pampers Everyone will have on Pullups , I said what ,That’s more harder to do with 1 Teacher the Bathrooms are in The Hallway ,She said It will be done that’s Ur job ,I said No my Job is to Reinforce what their Parents are already Teaching them No way can I do that by Myself ,If I step in the Bathroom they will say I lefted a Child Unattended, The Boys bathroom is on 1side the Girls on the other No way Possible ,Now if there was another Teacher with me She could do 1 side and I could do the other , Or if the Bathroom was in the Classroom I could do 1 at a time ,The point was I had told her when I first got Started that I had a Stroke ,Couldn’t take Stress or Being Disrespected ,She was in My Classroom another Teacher was in there ,She should have called me to her office, But this is What She does!!!!I’m a 58 yrs Old Woman has Kids her age ,And She told me U will do ,It can be done even if I have to come help U ,And I said Sometimes U be on. Bus runs and we be short U never knows when a Child will Boop,Well she Ur being Unprofessional,I said No You are when You came here ,Talking to me like I’m your child ,See I saw things and Complain, Children with Fevers not being sent home ,Kids with loose Poops,Not being sent home ,Them not removing Soil Rugs out of The Classroom and Kids laying down in that room with the doors shut ,I told her that’s Airborne,The child done that before Lunch and Napped in the Classroom wasn’t sent home child lefted at 5:15 and came rite bck the next day ,And came in the Day before Sick and Mom came and got her ,Well that day I walked out No 2 Weeks Notice or Anything ,I just said I know I can’t do that Potty Train 8 kids by my self ,Plus She would post Fake Schedule saying We had 4 Teachers in Our Classroom and We didn’t it was just 2 of Us ,And She that’s all Suppose to been in there ,But I call H&R they didn’t return my call I lefted a message they called her first She told them I just left The Lady said U know Automatic Termination,I said did She tell you why I lefted ,The Young Lady didn’t wanna know 🤔 Why So don’t that tell U Something ,Oh and By the way She had just Hired 2 young Girls ,So See if You know what’s Rite Your a Problem ,No 1 Has the Write to Humilate You in front of a Co-worker or Anyone ,Corporate start asking Older Teachers are driving Buses now doing Uber eats just Leavning what they Love ,Last 16 years I’ve work at a Place had No Benefits and Now making more Money why would I would just walk off a job?Disrept Try reaching out to some of the Workers that lefted, See why ?Start listening in on some of The Director pop up without them knowing learn the Employees,Experience they have with Children ,Good Teachers are hard to find.Ones that’s there for The Children not just a Pay Check .

  • Sunrise preschools says:

    Terrible company! Worst preschool, the management is careless. Treat staff horrible, and underpaid. Company is very unprofessional, unreliable. Do not work here or recommend bringing your business

  • Jim says:

    I was wondering why we are changing the facility opening times from 5:30 am to 6:00am. This facility helps a lot of us out. My job starts at 6 and now I have to figure out what to do. Because I can’t show up late every morning. I do have the option to go to other places but I really enjoy the teachers and the administrators. I know my kids are safe when I drop them off. I wish you would reconsider the opening time. Could different facilities do different things, based on their region?

  • Karima Burch says:

    Hi, today I resigned my position at childcare network on a Houston Rd in Macon, Ga. it was to everybody’s knowledge that I have kids and one of them require special needs. The new director, Kesia Tuff, couldn’t understand that unfortunately. She recently got upset with me because my daughter had abrasions on her legs from a rash she was scratching and informed her that night about it and called the facility the next morning. The next day I arrived ready to work and decided to make me stay until 6:30pm I could not do it and asked her could I contact my mom to make sure my son was picked up from the bus stop at 6pm. She also could not understand that Bibb county elementary schools won’t take carpool kids until 7:40-7:50am and it’s 15 mins away from my job. I’m sorry just she knew I had kids and I would hope that childcare network could understand that as a single mom, my kids do come first and the school district is strict. I love to work but I’m a mom first. I honestly felt as if I was discriminated and from my understanding, that is completely against the law. If you have anymore questions or concerns please contact me. I look forward to resolving this issue.

  • Ms.Ford says:

    My daughter is currently enrolled at the Telfair location. Her bottle and bib both went missing and another child’s bottle was sent home with me. When I brought it to the attention of the director Nicole, who brought it to the attention of the lead teacher Loraine in the infant room1.) it ended up with the lead teacher being beyond rude and arguing with me about my child’s missing items. 2.) We had a meeting and the director then said to me as if I’m beyond unintelligent that the teacher was not arguing with me when I explained going back and forth with attitude is an argument. 3.) While talking to the director the lead teacher was sitting and rolling her hands as if she wanted to throw hands and yelling at me to not bring issues of my missing child’s items to her….but I was really needing for it to make sense (and I still am) because if you are the lead teacher that is teaching my child I will bring any and all concerns to you and whoever is over you. And as of right now the bottle and bib were replaced but I still don’t have my apology from the rude emotional disrespectful bully teacher or my apology from the director for things getting to this point! Mind you not once did I point a finger and directly blame anyone…I simply reported her items were missing…as a person in the position of Loraine and whoever else an “I’m sorry your items are missing, we’ll look into it and replace it if need be” would have went a long way instead of the mess that came from them.

  • Zach says:

    Lawrenceville location on Simonton Rd has become a joke…and I mean a circus of clowns. 4 months ago I would rate a 10 out of 10 but since the assistant director left this location has become a 1 out of 10. The director is NEVER there for parents to talk to. The new assistant director doesn’t know anything and is no help. Communication is horrible, no professionalism, don’t follow the schedule they made, etc. I would love to speak to corporate regarding this!

  • Gemia King says:

    Good afternoon,

    I’m reaching out because I have no other avenues.
    My 2 children attended childcare network #28 from 2018-late august 2020. They received CAPS towards the end. I transferred them to a center near my job in late august 2020 and they remain there to this day.
    The issue is, during my CAPS renewal 6/20/21 I accidently uploaded the wrong rate sheet. Making #28 eligible to bill for my children, who DID NOT attend the school and hadn’t since 8/2020.
    I was not aware of my error and was not made aware of it until last week when the present childcare center stated they had not been paid.
    I immediately called CAPS and after 3 days of tireless calling, I reached Lisa Cooper who informed me of my mistake. It took another 2 days for the mistake to begin being corrected. CAPS was prepared to backpay the current provider until they realized that #28 had billed for my children who, DID NOT attend and had not attended in 10 months, making their current center ineligible for back pay.
    I then attempted to reach #28’s director and to no avail.
    Which prompted me to reach out to corporate and I was put in touch with a young lady named Heidi, in billing.
    I explained the situation to her and asked that CCN reimburse the center that did not receive the payment for the care of my children with the funds CCN received, although my children HAD NOT been in attendance at any of their facilities.
    She stated that “This was an honest mistake” and said that she would reach out to the center and CAPS and call me back.
    I waited today and reached back out to Heidi at 2:49pm today.
    When I gave her my name she recognized me and stated “We did nothing wrong”
    I asked her to clarify that she would NOT be reimbursing the childcare center my children actually attended and she stated “We did nothing wrong so no we don’t have to pay anybody”
    I hung up.
    I understand there was a covid bill put in place allowing providers to bill for children previously on their rosters. But this is wrong.
    CCN#28 received ALL funds due to them as long as my children were in their care. No failure. I owed them nothing.
    This center not only invoiced for children NOT in their care but also received payment.
    The center that cared for my children did not receive a dime.
    I’m also attempting to get this settled with CAPS, but I am asking that Childcare Network do the right thing.

  • Crystal says:

    I was just quarantined due to exposure to a child with Covid and was informed that I no longer have hazard pay and so now will not be paid for the 10 days I am quarantined but I can file unemployment that only pays 60% of my income! As a single mom of 3 kids I now have exposure to me and my kids and now without pay for me and my children!! If I don’t need hazard pay why am I made to wear a mask everyday and why must I quarantine if Covid is no longer something that is a hazard then how come I am being quarantine how come I can’t go back to work and just infect everybody because apparently we get to infect everybody in my family and then leave me and my family stranded with no way to survive!

  • Concerned Friend says:

    Childcare Network #124 on Grays Rd in Chattanooga is a JOKE. As a close friend of an employee who has been there for 3 years, I can honestly tell you that it has been through **5** directors within the past 3 years. I can’t believe my friend has suffered through as long as she has. I could write a novel on that place and how stupid it is. They are all about money and that’s it. They make an attempt to force curriculum to younger kids who can barely walk yet, but important things like an older kid lashing out DAILY and destroying the office and an unused classroom is totally ok and he is allowed to keep coming back….because his parents pay out of pocket. Kids with obvious green runny noses are allowed to stay but let an employee feel bad and have to miss a day then they are told to bring a doctors note. Well first of all, that’s impossible because the insurance there is not worth having and most don’t have it, AND the majority of people are not going to sit in a nasty emergency room right now with COVID-19 going around, just for a 99 temp and upset stomach. Be real!! They are so stupid yet think they are so wonderful.

  • Errica Turner says:

    Director at 115 has the biggest attitude towards all employees she doesnt favor. A lot of favoritism going on amoung employees and management. I was threatened by another employee & director did nothing but say “she didnt want to hear it”, causing me to quit my job out of fear of bodily harm and retaliation. Corporate office refuses to return calls on the matter.

  • Disgusted says:

    Childcare Network #24 in Chattanooga, TN has to be the worst place EVER. I wouldn’t let those people take care of my dog. State rules have been so lapsed during the pandemic that anything goes. Ratios mean nothing and social distancing is a joke, especially when there’s 20 kids and 2 teachers piled in one room all day. I have no idea how they remain operational.

  • A Concerned Parent says:

    Wow…the comments below really show how little that chain of centers cares about their employees. I’ve always heard negative things about them, for a while they were in the news seems like every other day for major violations…even a tragic infant death at one of the TN centers. I know some employees that work and have worked for them in the past and they are amazing people and really care for the kids. It just doesn’t take long for them to see how they really are, and true colors do show in a pandemic. Taking away the one minor benefit of earned time that those employees work for is just pathetic. Supposedly giving it back but having to argue to get it is just uncalled for. The few employees that are leaving their own families daily because they have to work and are considered essential” should be getting raises or something! Heck I’m sure they’d appreciate a free lunch. Childcare Network…step up to the plate and do better. Children and employees are what make you or break you! Treat them fairly, go above and beyond what is expected. Surprise a needy employee…donate money or food or even a Walmart gift card. Pay a small bill for them. It’s not hard to be nice, especially now.

    • Crystal says:

      Here in Texas I just Got quarantined and found out that just this paycheck that I get tomorrow no longer has my hazard pay and I’m not getting paid for the 10 days that I’m out for quarantine and I had three kids I’m a single mother and now I have no way to tend to my family because I will not be getting paid for the 10 days I’m out their response to me was filed for unemployment. We had no idea they were even taking our hazard pay away I was told I was gonna be quarantined and when I asked about the hazard pay they said nope we took that away so now you don’t get paid what am I supposed to do now with me and my three kids I can’t go nowhere else I’ve been quarantine and now my family is exposed and just left with absolutely nothing!

  • Highly concerned says:

    One more thing…the center mentioned below hasn’t had any Lysol for weeks. Nothing but door handles and things at the front entrance have been cleaned and sanitized (for appearance sake). Bathroom is nasty, garbage is always piled up. Toddler room is absolutely disgusting, dried food on the tables and chairs. Dried milk on some of the child-size furniture. The new worker in there with the bad dye job would rather gossip and run to the office every 5 minutes than clean. I’m sure their bedding hasn’t been washed in weeks. Parents, open your eyes. Keep your kids HOME.

  • Stressed and Angry says:

    This is a follow-up on my rant below regarding corporate’s decision to “suspend” our paid time off or “wellness time” as they call it during this pandemic. After some serious complaining from myself and other employees, corporate decided to “lift the suspension” and let us use the time we have already earned. I missed a couple of days due to a horrific intestinal virus and was told that I had “earned/sick time” I could use to cover those days. I was totally relieved because I have bills already behind. My director added the hours to my time and that same night I got a text with an attachment from corporate saying that our earned time was being suspended and we could not use any. I was very upset, as well as other employees who were dependent on the hours. My director, after finding out the suspension was lifted, called our district manager and literally had to argue with her during TWO phone calls to have her add the hours back to my time! I am a full time employee who has been employed for Childcare Network for 3 years and they raised *hell* about giving me 16 hours that I had EARNED. Ridiculous. If you have read this far, please read a little further!! The Childcare Network in Chattanooga on Grays Road (or Grays Drive) SUCKS. After the governor of TN gave the order to close all non-essential businesses and to have everyone shelter in place, corporate decides that it doesn’t APPLY to the center on Grays Rd/Dr!! Every other center HAS to require BOTH parents to provide a letter stating that their jobs are essential, otherwise they cannot leave their kid. Corporate is not requiring this at this particular center…not until Friday April 10. The order is only until the 13th or 14th so what is the point!!! They are taking kids no matter what!! Putting all the staff who are coming to work everyday and other children at risk to be infected. Childcare Network does NOT care about their employees. It’s all about money and greed. Even the director says so. And that center is on director #4 within 3 years. That says a lot right there. KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME!!! NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO COVID-19!! USE COMMON SENSE, PEOPLE ARE GETTING THIS VIRUS AND DYING! As a long time childcare provider (30 years!!!), I have seen it all over the years. I AM PLEADING WITH PARENTS, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM THAT CENTER. They are running on a skeleton crew right now and most of those are young and very untrained on safe practices. TRUST ME!! There are much better centers out there, most of which have used common sense and closed by now! WHY? Because they CARE about their staff and enrolled children!!

  • Do Better says:

    Threatening to take a teachers pay away if they don’t come in during this pandemic? Not a good look. The students aren’t even there. What is the point? You’re endangering the health of your employees for what? More money in your pockets. Outrageous. Disgusting. Unfortunate.

  • Stressed and Angry says:

    I am an employee of Childcare Network in Chattanooga, TN. I have been for the past several years. I am livid, while at the same time saddened, that corporate has decided to take away our EARNED PAID TIME OFF. 10 days of sick time, vacation time, whatever we needed it for time. Right during this pandemic, right as we are considered by corporate to be “essential” and needed by the community to keep their children. We have families at home also, we have children with special needs, we have elderly relatives we need to look after. Yet we still get up every morning and come to work because we are “essential”. So this means if we catch the virus, which is a matter of time caring for these little ones, we have no paid time to use to pay our bills. Corporate can sit at home and run the show from the luxury of their home offices and/or loveseat, yet here are those “essential” employees who have to go to work everyday with no paid vacation time to look forward to, and no sick time to have in an emergency. It is WRONG, it is UNFAIR, it is PURE GREED. I’m sure there are a couple of news channels who would love to hear about this in the midst of the crisis going on. Most DECENT employers and companies are paying MORE and offering MORE benefits/money/food to their employees who have to work. Even Haz-Mat pay!! It just proves once again that Childcare Network does not take care of their employees, all they care about is filling up their own pockets.

  • Concerned says:

    A lot of day care centers are closing all around because of the coronavirus. What is your plan because you sent out a “final” letter (confusing) saying you needed your employees to continue to work because the community needed the teachers? What about your teachers being exposed everyday? We don’t know where these parents have been and it’s concerning. I think about this everyday. The kids coming to your centers are (in my opinion) the silent carriers and it’s a known fact now that they can get this horrible virus. We, the teachers are doing our best, but we are very stressed, worrying about our own families. We have been sending children home left and right for fevers, diarrhea and runny noses. They are out for two weeks because the doctors are not releasing these kids to come back. What happens next? At what cost will you keep allowing the children to come to your centers, exposing your employees everyday? And everyday, businesses are shutting their doors and we continue to work. Here’s a thought, why not give the ones working still an “incentive” for sticking it out during this crisis, or is that too much to ask? I am sure that a lot of you at corporate have resorted home to work and to self-quarantine. Think about it. Just because you sit higher on the scale than us teachers, doesn’t make you any better of a person than me. All I know is my director, assistant director and my district manager are working their tales off as well. This pandemic is not going to get better if we don’t all self-quarantine. The numbers are rising every minute. These precautions are a must. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, so why not make it a little easier for all of us.

  • Bridget says:

    Short version: The new Management at the Cedar Hill, TX location (Beltline Rd.) and your Corporate Employees are increasing tuition without providing sufficient notice and threatening to charge lates fees.

    This is not a good business practice and not a way to retain customers.

    Long version: The new uncompassionate management and inconsiderate representatives from Childcare Network Corporate Office have taken over. The week (2 weeks ago) of their takeover the parents were given a tuition agreement to sign as we dropped our children off in the morning. And for some of us their was a discrepancy with the tuition rate. I brought this to the new Director’s attention and advised I her I did not pay the amount listed on the agreement. Also, I was not signing the agreement without reading it.

    Fast forward a week to the current week.. while picking up my child the Corporate employee Paula informed me I had a balance on my account. She asks “do you want to know why”. Yes because I should not have a balance. Then she informs me it is because the tuition increased. I told her “Aren’t you required to give a notice of an increase?” Paula tells me an email was sent regarding the increase 3 weeks ago. I informed her I did not receive an email and asked to verify if they had my email on file. She said their system was down but write my email address on the post it note. As of today, I have not received a written notice of the increase nor have I received an email previously regarding an increase in the tuition rate. And I have never received a notice or email stating I had a balance past due on my account ever.

    This evening I was called into the office again because I now have a balance on my account due to the “tuition increase” applied to my account this week. I was informed if I did not pay it they would charge me a late fee. Well I’m not paying it!

    I’m disliking the new Management and Corporate Representatives because of their lack of sufficient notice of the tuition increase and threat of late fees.

  • Anonymous says:

    Childcare Network # 37 is honestly the mostunorganized, unprofessional, unprepared center in my life! This has to the most trashiest , ignorant, unprofessional group of women I ever seen in my life it is like they had zero standards at all. One staff member was drinking a Circle K drink and eating cheese crackers. Then she was giving children cheese crackers at nap time and giving her daughter a sip of your drink. The director was letting her granddaughter who was in my classroom walk into any classroom she wants and go into her office eating tater tots when the board in the classroom states no outside food allowed. I witnessed a staff member use a clear bin and hit a child on leg with it to get there attention and at least two staff members yell at children and the director pull one of children by the arm.

    The classroom was unprepared, the art supplies were very limited with barely any crayons , dried out markers, torn books, no construction paper, no supplies for circle time and the space was too small for fifteen preschool children. There were no enhancements in the classroom to promote learning. All this place is a babysitting service not a child development.The bathroom have doors on them , the children are able to close to doors to use the bathroom. It was not until I brought this to the director’s attention that she said I can control that by opening the door; however, that should have been related to during my in-processing. I also was not informed that in my class I had a child with special needs. This particular child is not verbal at all . During center time this child was throwing blocks at over the place and throwing them at children. One of staff members told me that is what he does in the room but again this should have come from management. I transitioned my class into a classroom, the staff in the classroom get up and just walk out. I do not know any of the children at all. I was given children with special needs and no one told me this information nor was I told that I had several children that do to Head Start in the morning and come in the afternoon.

    One of the parents or I think the director’s daughter went into the kitchen and took milk home. I do not think it is legal by the state by USDA standards. I do not see how this center is STAR rated.

  • NikkiD says:

    Childcare Network #61 NC is the worst daycare to enroll a child. The have special needs care kids there with no experienced teachers, undiagnosed children there with behavior problems, and a biased and unprofessional management staff.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    Alison Hirko at the Jacksonville nc Henderson dr daycare has brought her own kids into the daycare all Christmas week for the employees to watch…and kept all employees there this week even with very little kids this week being there…she voiced that her teachers were bitches…and she’s ignored the concerns of parents and teachers and students….she is very unprofessional in her attitude towards her staff…i question wether she’s paying for her kids to be watched in the facility…i am very concerned parent and this needs to be addressed please. Please…this is an anonymous complaint so leave this email and my name private…i am a very private individual and i take it serious. I’ve copied this complaint and my information is not to get into the hands of anyone outside of corporate office in Georgia. Thank you

  • Jennifer says:

    Sorry about miss spelling your last name Donna Whittaker.
    What do you expect from someone who has lived on the earth for so many years and don’t know the color green, haha . Loved that from the classes I took you did when you was with ELC.

  • guest says:

    I trying to get in touch with Donna Witacure? not sure I spelled the last name right.

  • guest says:

    I’m trying to get a copy of my hours worked at Childcare Network in Tallahassee , Florida.
    I worked at 1967 Raymond Diehl Rd for 5 years . I worked there 8-2012 until 6-2017 .
    I was told I need to contact the corporate office to get a copy of them.

  • GUEST says:

    The Duncanville Location, Director of hiring is lie!! They fired my daughter because while she was reading a story for the kids, one of the primary teacher called the director and said she needs to learn how to read. My daughter has a 4 year degree and graduated from high school! 5 years of teaching in a daycare! AND PEOPLE WHO FIRED HER IS WRONG! She is a smart teacher and have 2 children of her own and they fired her over mess! She only been at children care network for 3 months and they mistreated the disability kids including HER! Do not go this location

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