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  • Address: 5200 Buffington Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 404-765-8140

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,500

  • Established: 1946

  • Founder: S. Truett Cathy

  • Key People: Dan T. Cathy (Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President)

Chickfila Headquarters Location & Directions

Chickfila Headquarters Executive Team



Dan T. Cathy

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Brent Ragsdale

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Timothy P. Tassopoulos

Executive Vice President of Operations

About Chickfila, History and Headquarters Information

Chick-fil-A was originally started as the Dwarf Grill in 1946, which was later changed to ‘Dwarf House’ until 1967. Chick-fil-A was incorporated by S. Truett Cathy in 1967. It has its headquarters are in College Park, Georgia. In 2013, it was recognized as one of America’s “Most Inspiring Companies” by Forbes Magazine. In addition to this, Glassdoor called it the “Best Place to Work.”

Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A Inc. is a company that operates family restaurants. Chick-fil-A serves healthy and fresh food in more than 1800 restaurants in 40 different states all over the USA and Washington D.C. All its restaurants are shut down for business on Sundays. It also has a total of 31 drive-through-only locations. They have their eating joints everywhere including universities, hospitals, and airports. They have over 1200 people working for them who are passionate and like to work in their challenging and supportive working environment.

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  • David DeConinck, (978) 660-2370 says:

    Best fast food chicken sandwich and fries I’ve ever eaten. Fitchburg, Ma. needs a Chic fil A restaurant.
    I’ve got the perfect location and it’s right next to a newly built Dunkin Donut business. The owner of this D.D. calls me and say’s, I want to buy this location from you.

  • Melissa Draime from Thomaston, GA says:

    Good afternoon chick Fil A.
    i was thinking that you guys should be the first fast food to have a INSIDE ROOM for party arrangements!! with the condition that the company/ family member order catering food from there.!

  • Chris Suell says:

    My family was visiting a family member who was admitted to the trauma unit at Grady Memorial Hospital. Visited the Chick-fil-a inside the hospital, worst service and food I have ever received.. Staff very rude!! Asked for certain condiments, the response I received was ain’t got none!! If Chick-fil-a prides themselves on quality and service!! May want to take a look at this place!! Owner should make a surprise visit!!

  • Kay Sasser says:

    Would like to know if you could put a restaurant in Opp Alabama or Andalusia Alabama.

  • Disappointed says:

    The store in young Harris college is terrible open when they feel like it

  • Mary says:

    I have just tried your coffee for the first time and I love it! I would absolutely buy the coffee grounds if you sold them!

  • Sherita Honor says:

    The restaurant’s as well as the production plant in Cartersville Ga is racist or they behave in such a way. Barely see African Americans in the doors. The company is a Christian company and being blinded by the lies of the same color. When will it change? The Cartersville Ga plant is bad. If an African Americanbi would let them know of the racism from All the supervisors that comes to the production floor, so Christian but so rude and it shows because everyone is white just about only a few other races,,,CHICK FIL A SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS OF WHO THEY PUT IN CERTAIN POSITIONS. RACISM SHOULDVE BEEN ENDED CANT BELIEVE A PLACE LIKE THIS ALLOWS IT VERY SAD

    • Jean Crockett says:

      The Glastonbury, CT CFA has more Asian and Black persons working there than white. And our customers are an amazing variety of everyone! It’s a wonderful place to work and to come to.

  • Teetee says:

    When I walked in, I was not greeted. No one said anything to me for 60 seconds. Once I was helped, I was just left hanging. I waiting over 15 minutes for my order. (2 gallon lemonade’s). I watched as other customers come in, they were greeted right away. I watched the employee’s have side conversations while looking at me. The employees helped and served a whole family of 10. Meanwhile I was still waiting. They helped 8 more people. The manager kept staring and walking to the back. I finally walked to the counter and asked about my order. No one knew what I was talking about. Then the guy that helped me said he took my order. It wasn’t until I said something I was helped. I asked to speak to the manager. By this time she’s overheard the conversation, and walked to the back. She then came to me and asked me what was wrong. I told her everything I experienced. She said the employee was new and he should have taken care of my order because he t won’t show up on the screen. She offered to put my name in a book for a free gallon. I told her this is the 2nd time something like this happened. The first time my order wasn’t correct. She said nothing. I felt dismissed and discriminated against.

  • Belinda Massey says:

    I went through the Drive Through at #03710 Otter Creek, Little Rock, Ark. Riley took my order & He Was The Nicest, Most Polite & Very Professional. His smile was Radiant. It Was So Hot & He said, I Don’t let the heat effect my attitude. I commended him for being So Kind & Upbeat. He is Definitely A Huge Asset For Chic Fil A. The Only Problem was My Market Salad was missing the Granola & Nut packets. But, The Salad is Delicious. Keep Up The Awesome Job Riley..

  • Rodney pointer says:

    First of all I love chick fil a ! I eat there several times a week but when they remodeled the Oakridge Tennessee store the quality of the food went way down also the service that is the closest store to me so hopefully you can go back and train the Manger & employees please

  • Nelle Bridges says:

    Have you ever considered putting a Chic-Fila restaurant in Pendleton SC? It would be awesome!! Closest is Clemson, SC, about 5-6 miles, and Anderson,SC, about 10 miles.

  • Muhamed Ajeti says:

    How can I get call from your company

  • Lois Wiggin says:

    After two years, it is so nice to dine in CFA in Troy, ohio (#03696). Before COVID we ate there often because it had a nice, quiet atmosphere. You could carry on a conversation and not have to yell to be heard. The best part was that Christian music was played, unlike the many other restaurants in town.
    Was there tonight with dining room open and only the VERY OCCASIONAL song was Christian. It was not relaxing and no different than the other restaurants with their modern/rock music. Why do we (Christians) have to mimic the world?
    PLEASE return to the original Christian music played before COVID. Why would you change a good thing?
    Please reply and thank you.

  • JoJo says:

    Please bring a chick fila to McDowell county Marion NC we don’t have one in the area at all I love the food the number 1is my favorite meal it so tender and juicy WE NEED A CHICK-FIL-A IN MARION OLD FORT NC AREA

  • Tony says:

    My family and I have been loyal customers to Chick-fil-A for several years however lately they have been sleeping on their customer service my grandchildren has been very disappointed in their services they have forgotten several items that we have forgiven them and go on with explanations to our children but they have got to slow down and make sure that they give us that items we have big orders when we come there so we don’t take the time to go through every item in the line because we don’t want to hold up their services but lately they have forgotten one of our packages of chicken tenders they have forgotten a macaroni they have forgotten condiments and just today they have forgotten one of my grandchildren’s ice cream and she is very very unhappy she’s only 5 years old and she does not understand why she didn’t get her ice cream. We visited your Chick-fil-A in Memphis Tennessee on Winchester road. Now I have been trying to contact them all day and they keep hanging up the phone on me and I don’t know why they’re not answering the phone they weren’t too busy to take my money when I came up there to buy your product so I don’t understand why they’re too busy to answer the phone I’m very upset with this customer service that I’m receiving at this point and I feel like I need to be dealt with better than this as a loyal customer.

  • Yolanda Alvarez says:

    I got a receipt with a survey on it back in March 2022 and I completed the survey and never received my free chicken sandwich

  • Millie Abrahamsen says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring a Chick Fil A to either Chester, Goshen, Middletown, New York. The closest Chick Fil A to us is over an hour away. We are big fans of Chick Fil A and have family that is involved in Chick Fil A. I know of many people in our area that would love to have Chick Fil A located here. We have many fast food restaurants near us but we do not inhabit any of them. Chick Fil A is the only fast food restaurant that we will go too. Thank You.

  • J Everroad says:

    Hello. My family has been going to Chick-fil-a for many years from where we lived in Brownsburg, IN, Avon, IN, Plainfield, IN and now Columbus, IN. I think it is about to come too an end. The acting GM of the store Columbus, In store number I believe is ( 03659 ) off North National Rd. Should learn to appreciate who pays their salary and start learning how to deal with customers. They are rude, ridiculous with what they say and how they reply to you as a customer. We never get out of the drive0thru without paying $50 to $60 dollars every time and when is is wrong they say they are sorry and then next they say next time we will make it better. WELL, BULL! We ask for no pickles on our sandwich and YES there they are again and we ask for regular coke and no there is a diet coke. This goes on and one every time. I am tired of paying for food which we don’t get and its wrong. We call and try to talk with the so called acting GM and she is either stupid and don’t understand English period. She says she will look into it and see what happen. We tell her what we got and she in other words call or hint that we were lying. We wish that Chick-fil-a would go out of business then see how YOU people at corporate office like not receiving a paycheck. Then maybe YOU people will get off your lazy butt and listen to the customers. 3 out of the last 4 times that we have gone thru the drive thru. We had a young girl that was either afraid of her own shadow were afraid she was going to catch something from us. The girl stood so far back from our vehicle that we couldn’t see the menu. We ask her to step closer and all she did was reach her arm out a little. My wife said forget it and drive up. We ask for a manager and the manager stood there looking at the stars and not listening to us at all. We drive by them to the window and again ask for a manager so we could order and explain what happened and the so called acting GM we believe her name was Jenn Potts or something because her name didn’t anything too us. She again said that she would look into it and see what really happened. She is a damn joke and should be fired ASAP, a long with those other jokes as a manager or even better yet CLOSE the DOORS. Chick-fil-a every time we had a complain different do a damn thing about it and we are sick of giving MONEY away.

  • Gladys Suarez says:

    Hello! I am selling a comercial property that measures 3,068 Meters located on State Road #14, KM 46.8 in Aibonito, Puerto Rico and perfect to open a Chic-Fil-a Restaurant. Who can I send information to about this commercial property? Thank you. 787/381-1715 gladyssuarez@aol.con

  • Karen says:

    Could you please bring back the regular chicken strips to Brooksville Florida, not everyone likes spicy strips especially kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    The employees at Chick-fil-A need to be treated better ! They work hard and are not treated either the proper respect by the management!

  • rmg says:

    You shut down on Sundays, allegedly to honor the Lord’s day, but you allow vile and despicable human beings who torture and slaughter a homeless cat to operate a Chic-Fil-A?

    What kind of standards do you follow there? To cheat, lie, steal and slaughter animals? Are those your corporation’s “ideals?”

    I will NEVER, EVER — and have not, since Saturday, April 17, 2021 — eat at, or patronize in any positive manner — a Chic-Fil-A. until Karl Garcia and Logan Garcia, have any relationship, corporate or otherwise, with Chic-fil-A.

    Frankly, you should seize their Chic-fil-A, cite that they have embarrassed the Chic-fil-A corporation, that their actions have financially threatened the Chic-Dil-A name, and remove them from ownership of their establishment.

    The Garcia’s — father and son — are clearly psychologically disturbed, and that you allow them to tarnish your name and business is a travesty!

    Las Vegas Review Journal (early edition)
    Saturday and Sunday, April 17-18, 2021



  • Charmaine Jans says:

    Would you please look into coming to Mankato Minnesota? The hilltop area or college area would be the best location. The nearest Restaurant is over an hour away and we need one so bad !! Thank you !

  • Shundra Williams-Maddix says:

    You happen to have an employee who is highly disrespectful and harassing towards customers in the parking lot area of Montclair rd in Birmingham Al the tag read RAE and he is a black guy.

  • Sandy Knudson says:

    The previous comment is in Arizona….I forgot to mention that.
    Sandy Knudson

  • Sandy Knudson says:

    Would you PLEASE bring a store to Cave Creek……Carefree Hwy and Cave Creek Road
    is so busy and would be the perfect spot…..there is not a store within 30-40 minutes
    from us …..and we love it so much. Please check into it, I know it would be a perfect


    I am so disappointed that Chic fil a has chosen a negative way of testing spicy chicken strips. You could have tested at every single restaurant. I love Chic-fil-a. I have 2 different cancers and it is the only food that has satisfied my cravings after chemo.
    You also need to make it easier for people to comment about any issues.

  • Alan Rose says:

    I am very disappointed with my local store, located at the intersection Florida Interstate 400 and 27. I do not know if it is the store or their supply chain but the 12 piece nuggets that I purchased were barely the size of the human thumb. They liked like the supplier/store worker had cut the nuggets in half. Now 12 nuggets fits in a 6 piece box with room to spare. I don’t know if the other stores in my area are in the same supply chain but they probably are. I also don’t know if there was a price increase or decrease but for what I got was not worth the price or my time.

  • Monchell Watkins sykes says:

    Hi I have an 11yr old daughter with diabetes so sometimes as a small treat I’ll take he to Chick-fil-A and let her pick what she wants and she enjoys every bit of it lol 😆. So the last time we went which was like 2 days ago we had got a chicken nuggets but it was shaped really funny I asked what she thinks it looks like she said a dog I said I think so too. I can send you pictures if u like it was so funny

  • Chris Rhodes says:

    I live in Raleigh, NC, and would like know two things. First all of the restaurants, including fast food, have reopened their dining rooms, when are you. My kids no longer want to go to chic Gil a because of this. They are tired of eating in a vehicle.
    Second I know you and Coke are from Atlanta, but most people here are not drinking Coke anymore, because they have gotten political. Pepsi would be a better partner.

  • Noreen Lam says:

    We really need a chick-fil-a in Richmond Hill, Ga. This is fast growing community, a suburb of Savannah catering to young families and the military.

  • Alina Marie Harris says:


  • Michelle Veurink says:

    Could you please Add more Kale to your new Lemon Kale Caesar Salad?

  • NanaG says:

    Would you please consider adding a store in Edgewood, Maryland. Yes, there are other fast food restaurants(McDonalds, Wendys, Popeyes, Checkers but Chick-fil-a cannot be touched by any of these. Your chicken nuggets are TRUE chicken nuggets and the taste is fantastic. Combining them with the waffle fries and ice cream to top off the meal makes it such a wonderful dining experience.

  • Ashly says:

    would suggest adding a store in Toms River NJ on RT 37 , main road to the one Jersey shore beach and the business would be booming since we only have one store 30 mins away.

  • Bradley says:

    And Cline the table I still love chick fil a

  • Bradley says:

    U need till employees handle cash need to wash their hands and have coronavirus spread through hand to hand contact.

  • pj Nelson says:

    I would like to suggest a store in Brevard NC

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