Where is Chicken Shack Corporate office Headquarters

Chicken Shack Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 30402 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 248-549-1555

  • Fax Number: 214-677-1602

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  300

  • Established: 1956

  • Founder: John Sobeck & Iola Sobeck

  • Key People: Kristen D. Pierce

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Chicken Shack Headquarters Executive Team



Kristen D. Pierce


Chief Financial Officer

Phillip Sobeck


About Chicken Shack, History and Headquarters Information

Chicken Shack is an American restaurant chain. Chicken Shack was incorporated in Royal Oak, Michigan by John and Iola Sobeck in 1956.

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  • sheri says:

    I went tobyour location on Spencer and st rose in las vegas nv. it was horrible tonight. the portions are so small now compared to what they were before but the cooks are still cooking everything like they were regular size so they were so dry. portion size used to be the size of my hand. now they are as big as my index finger and over cooked and dry. so dissatisfied with them. across town I went 2 weeks ago and they are like what I am used to getting. but now being inconsistent and the employees saying ..it is what it is each franchise owner does portions how they want…. wth.. then I will never be back to any of them since there is no consistency. if I’m in the mood for strips Caines is just down the street. bummer loved your sauces. but that’s even changed and smaller.

  • Rc says:

    The chicken shack on schoenner and 11 mile Warren Michigan have the rudest staff I called to place an order on 12/16/23 a female employee said I was hollering at her which I explained I wasn’t hollering I was on my phone in my car trying to assist my husband who called on the three way he has copd which makes it hard for people to understand him and the employee literally hung up on me was not an accident. I tried to talk to garvan the manager he blew me off and gave me attitude I’m very dissatisfied with chicken shack for being treated like this . Is this the type of customer service chicken shack employees give to customers??!!

  • Mrs Harris says:

    This grosse point chicken shack is the worse one I’ve been to that has bad service. I’ve been here a few times & it’s always something not right with my order & the bad attitudes of a couple of employees. Each time gets worse. Yesterday 9-21-23 takes the cake. The food was awful. Potatoes not all the way cooked or seasoned. Most of the potatoes were either undone or old hard stale potatoes. And the chicken were so small. I’m so under satisfied with this location. This food has literally put a bad taste in my mouth. Now I never ever for a long time want any chicken shack food. This location needs an over haul of new experience workers. That will cook fresh food in a timely manner & be more courteous to all Mrcustomers, Not just some customers.

  • Ross Dingwall says:

    Can you please bring back the original chicken sandwich that’s so much better than the new crispy chicken sandwich or at least have the option to have either one.

  • Dj says:

    Chicken shack in Lincoln Park , Mi on Dix and Southfield Rd ,needs to drug test their staff , they look like they are all high and they have very nasty attitudes, poor customer service , corporate needs to go out to the restaurants and see how they are dragging your business down , very disappointed

  • Sherrie martini says:

    Good Morning,
    Chicken Shack Executive Team.
    My name is Ms. Sherrie Martini. I would like to pass onto you some feedback about my food order this evening 11/13. I used your app to place my order and that worked out perfectly! I placed the order for the Riverview location as I live in Wyandotte. I decided to pick up dinner and take it home after working 9 hrs. I was so looking forward tonight to having a tasty dinner, but however was greatly disappointed!!! My coleslaw now for the 2nd time has been REALLY FLAT in flavor!!
    The first was a few weeks ago, we just ended up tossing it out and now again tonight the same!!! I’m thinking whoever is making it, is definitely leaving something out! Also the chicken breasts were left in too long and were mostly burned and dried out!

    Food is just way too expensive now, not to be able to enjoy it. So if you could look into who’s making the slaw there, that would be great!! I love your slaw, but this is absolutely dry and
    Hopefully you can resolve this and possibly replace our 12 piece tub dinner, it would be greatly appreciated! We buy your chicken at least 3 times a month. Thank you for listening.

    Sherrie Martini
    2770 23rd St.
    Wyandotte, Mi. 48192

  • Kelley Oswald says:

    I have to be honest in saying I have been a HUGE fan of The Chicken Shack in Las Vegas. So much so that I even had my employers order a few times for our branch luncheons and it was a HUGE success. Over the weekend I ordered via Door Dash ($50.00) and to say it was a shock that the quality of the food had taken such a drastic downward turn was saddening. The shack bites were super dry and chewy, the Bacon chicken ranch wrap was also super dry and the macaroni and cheese looked like it was old. I’m always a supporter for the smaller chains versus KFC, BWW etc. I want to give you all a 2nd chance but for $50.00 I’m not willing risk that much money. I guess it was good while it lasted. 🙁

  • Barb Malfait says:

    Not going back

  • Barb Malfait says:

    I called in a order at 5:50 chicken tender dinner baby back dinner they told me only 15 minutes. I went thru the drive thru at 6:20 and told me I had to wait even after being in line for 30 minutes so I waited another 30 minutes in line until 6:35. This is insane I she not have to wait almost an hour in line and every week there prices go up. I will not be going there again very disappointed with your company.

    This was the chicken shack at 26851 Schoenherr in Warren on 7/1/22ticket #221
    Barb Malfait
    13434 Julius
    Warren, Mi

  • Kia says:

    I visited Chicken Shack at Mack and Alter Rd this evening. Store lobby was a filthy mess. Store staff sitting on counters and on cell phones, one young lady had on a face mask kept touching pulling it up (without gloves) and touching food. The cook was sitting out in his car while the female manager (white lady) asked several staff to ask him to come in. I placed an order for two 2 piece white snacks at 7:17pm I didn’t receive my order until 8:03 because the cook was outside in his car. The manager still taking orders while knowing there was no cook. Instead of the other 3 workers leaning and sitting on counters on cellphones someone should have been cleaning the lobby. The customers in the lobby should have been compensated for our wait but nothing was offered. I will NEVER visit this location again. Staff very unprofessional and store extremely dirty.

  • Derrick says:

    I visited the Chicken Shack in Rochester,MI. I am a safety manager for a construction company where we place lunch orders for 200-300 construction trades workers a month. Today I placed and order and was asking the cashier for clarification of the price. The cashier was very nice and helpful and went to ask the manager on duty if the prices are correct. They manager approach the counter very rude and obnoxious. I tried to explain to the manager that I was only looking for clarification of the price. I informed him that I am starting a project near his location at an automotive plant and we order chicken all the time. He tells me that I don’t own the business and that I have a problem with him. So now with this interaction, I definitely will not be ordering Safety Lunches from this location. I was attempting to support a local business. This location will not be my place to order. KFC sounds like a better choice.

  • Angela says:

    I will no longer be spending my money at Chicken Shack and especially not the Clarkston location. At 5:09 pm, I placed an order and was told 25 minutes. While I can expect a little bit of a delay as it was extremely busy, at 6:15, I finally asked for a refund as I had still not received my chicken. It was supposedly ready at one point and they were just waiting on the potatoes. Then when the potatoes were done, I still did not receive my meal which is when I asked what was going on. The employees immediately treated me as though I was somehow being unreasonable which is then when I asked for my refund. The manager was extremely rude and disrespectful while giving me my refund. The quality of the food has been decreasing lately but now it’s obvious that so is the customer service.

  • Anonymous says:

    Michelle is allowed to pay her employees bills? And management is allowed to get there employees pregnant? That’s kind of unprofessional to me

  • Finis Troupe says:

    I ordered from the Woodward Bloomfield office spent 45.2order number 75715
    I ordered 10 price chicken bits and was give 1 very small barbeque sauce which is not enough I asked for one more and was advised it was corporate policy even mcbonalds gives 2 sauces when u order a 10 peace chicken nuggets
    I also wanted ranch and new I would have to pay for them but I should have gotten 2 barbeque sauces

  • Anonymous says:

    Called at 7:00 they told me I could not order over the phone only walk in orders- They close at 9:00. This is wrong. Poor Custer service.

  • Theresa says:

    My Chicken Was Cold My Breaded Mushrooms Were Hard As A Brick, I Waited Almost A Hour For My Food. Very Disatisfield Customet.

  • Carolyn Moore says:

    I want to know why is the Chicken Shack located on Mack Avenue in Detroit, Michigan always dirty? I have been there twice recently and both times the restaurant was not clean. The employees are standing around as if they have absolutely nothing to do. May I please suggest that they start cleaning their restaurant every day all day? In addition to the filthy restaurant, they also have a nasty attitude. The top executives at Chicken Shack needs to check out their establishments and make sure that they are being ran properly. The associate at the other location on Mack Avenue had dirty finger nails.

  • Donna says:

    Went to the 16 & Vandyke chicken shack and I had the Sterling Heights menu on my phone the the prices on line and the prices in store were nearly double priced in store so I asked the manager why there is such a difference and we quite angrily said I’m a franchise and I don’t have to follow those prices so I said but why are you playing bait n switch to your customers who look at menu on line and then come to your store and items that are 12.99 are suddenly 24.99? He said “my store my prices” I could not believe his customer service policy towards customers so I walked out without ordering and took my business elsewhere….how can he run a franchise like that but seeing how “his store” on a Saturday evening was empty maybe that explains a lot…DON’T use this location!!! I called headquarters phone number and it wasn’t the chicken shack headquarters number so I see what the other customers said it was had to complain to headquarters 😩💗

  • Dawn says:

    I was shocked at the service and conditions of the 23 Mile Road location in Chesterfield. The building was filthy outside and inside. I am curious about Health Dept inspections at this restaurant.

  • Carmine says:

    Our family ordered from Chicken Shack on 11 mile in Royal Oak last night. We have ordered from here for over 40 years. We have always had great food every time. That came to an end last night. We ordered a 40 piece Tender Bite and a Cod Special. Such a huge disappointment to see frozen chicken and frozen fish sticks. If we wanted frozen food we would have saved our $80.00 and went to the local grocery store to purchase frozen food. I am sorry to say that after 40 plus years we will never be ordering here again. Such a sad day

  • Tanya says:

    Just bought 2 large orders of shack potatoes at the SCS location. It cost me $15. The potatoes were not cooked all the way. Still hard. And we got a mouthful of dirt. Literally!!! I don’t think they clean the potatoes. No reason for them not being cooked. I was the only person in the lobby waiting and it wasn’t busy at all. Employees were just standing around. I was going to contact headquarters. But thats impossible. They don’t make it easy.

  • Renee says:

    The new Chicken Sandwiches are horrible, lost a few very dictated customers, all you stuff as gone down hill, it’s terrible!

  • Kelly Schultz says:

    I just wanted to give you feedback on the new chicken bites. 2 thumbs down. Wish you would go back to fresh not frozen. Very disappointing. I am hearing the same on the st clair shores neighborhood page. No one is happy with the change.

  • Jimmy williams says:

    Went to livonia location whst A very Filthy place to go started with all the garbage in parking lot, then no one wearing a mask. Rude and Racist restaurant, will never go back again. Food was horrible

  • Kristina says:

    I went to Your Southgate Mi. Restaurant I was shocked to see none of the employees wearing mask & one of the employees wiped his face twice with his apron right by the cash register the young man who brought our bag out didn’t have gloves or mask. I think this needs to be addressed I will say My Husband said they were nice & polite just put off because they were not wearing mask the customers were wearing mask & following the rules but not the employees.

  • Joan Harri says:

    Moved to chesterfield. Got in mail 10.00 gift certificate off order. With buying a 12 piece and it came with 2 sides and tax. It still cost me more. So true 10.00. Isn’t. I brought to the guy at window seeing lobby is closed because of the virus. He said it was the tax. Well in my figures 6% is 6%.. I shouldn’t look a gift horse in mouth. But 10 dollars is 10.

  • Toni Radtke says:

    This was the worse experience I have ever had the ribs were so tough you couldn’t even chew them when I called the store back talked to the manager who was very cocky and asked me to bring them back they would make new ones buy I explained to him that I lived a little to far away so his remark was have a nice day . I have gone to that location because they had the ribs in the area . After my experience I will not return to a chicken and make sure I will let my friends and family know how I was taken care of. I will remember Tyler’s name as he was the cocky manager.

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