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  • Address: 130 NE Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028, United States

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  • Established: 1988

  • Founder: Richard & Nancy Stewart

  • Key People: Richard Stuart (CEO)

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Chicken Express was incorporated back in 1988 by Richard and Nancy Stuart’s Stuart Group Inc. in Benbrook, Texas.

Chicken Express is a chain of fast food restaurants spread over the Southern United States. The restaurant provides a variety of food items such as side dishes, catfish, chicken tenders, and fried chicken. The chain is also very popular for their iced tea. Chicken Express is based in Burleson, Texas and is spread over more than 200 locations in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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  • Linda Morales says:

    I am from Amarillo Texas and my husband and I eat often at the same place on Grand and I40.
    It is lent season so we went to eat fish and we were very disappointed with the staff… Not all of them.
    The manager and another lady were talking to 2 homeless people at the counter when we walked in. One of them bought a light from the homeless guy.
    Then gave him a Chicken express cup. Later on that same person came back in and tried to sell something else…
    I don’t think that is good business… We pay good money to eat there. I don’t expect to have a homeless person with their sign at the counter while I am ordering selling to your staff. When we left 2 homeless people were sitting visiting at a table and another was sitting in a corner.
    I will not be returning to this place again.
    I am sadden because we love the chicken, fish, liver…
    I hope someone will take care of this… I did not feel safe at all!!!
    The time was around 6:30 or 7pm

  • James Bateman says:

    Your store in Canton Texas has an awesome staff, but corporate is ignoring the needs of facility and employees, by not fixing the heat and a/c in building! Employees are having to work in heavy coats, not to mention customers shaking while trying to eat while their food gets cold! I go there 2 – 3 wk. But not now! I’ve quit going. Please be responsible & take action!

  • Concerned says:

    I feel the Livingston Texas location needs in depth training for the staff. I often visit there and 4 out of 5 visits in the past months…I have had to return to the store due to wrong or incomplete orders. I work very hard for my money and while I understand mistakes happen. I believe this store makes way more than should be allowed. Whether that galls on Poor management or insufficient staffing, I feel this should be taken seriously in order to have a good quality restaurant. This is an inconvenience and added expense to the customer. I speak for many as this is happening more often and to many.

    Thank you 😊

  • Melanie says:

    I noticed that every time I come in at least 3 or 4 times a week. No one noticed me besides a girl, Susan who is coming in too work.. she would say I’m sorry you have to wait. I told here every he would time I so come in they are on there phone. I’d ask who that guy name was and she would tell me his name was Tyler or Taylor. Susan would ask him a question and he’d would not let her finish what she had to ask him. I find that really rude. Maybe if he’s wasn’t on his phone or in the office may be would mrg.. I’d told him if you were not so rude and ect. . I won’t hesitate to tell friends and others Not too go there period, manager’s should know all this and not be on there phone’s or setting in the office on there phone as well..

  • Alayia says:

    All I can say is since I have been going to the establishment off Davis St in Mesquite, it’s been all bad. Nothing good to say about this establishment. Crazy thing is this is the only one near me to grab lunch from and it sucks! They never have food prepared it’s always a long wait for fresh chicken and not to mention they are the only establishment I know that charges an extra $.40 to $.50 on every meal. Chicken Express sucks big time!

  • Doesn't matter they won't fix things either way says:

    Azle chicken express is so funny! They gave me a family size cup of grease, then tell me the mashed potatoes look like that after they sit for a few minutes… This is the third and final time they will be trying to make my family sick! The staff and managers are so unbelievably rude, absolutely no customer service! Unbelievable!!

  • Doesn't matter they won't fix things either way says:

    Azle chicken express is so funny! They give me a family size cup of grease, then tell me that’s what happens to the mashed potatoes if they sit for a few minutes!! This is the third and final time they will be trying to make my family sick!! Oh and to top it off the staff and especially the manager are beyond rude, no customer service what so ever!

  • Travis Ahlhorn says:

    Stopped in to get some tenders at the location in Cuero Texas it was 8:30 and half the menu was not available because it was closing time. If items are not available before closing it should be stated on the menu.

  • Edith says:

    I go to Chicken Express in Nacogdoches, TX daily to get my unsweetened ice tea. Sometimes I get it that way and sometimes they give it to me sweet, and I am getting tired of going back to get the right thing. But my biggest complaint is the colored water I get. I used to manage fast food and know the difference in fresh brewed tea. They are either reusing the tea bags to save money or not using enough tea bags and possibly using too much water. I went to Chicken Express in the next town yesterday and got a decent glass of tea. Please help Nacogdoches start making the tea correctly or they will start to lose business.

  • Ryann Doss says:

    Awful experience at the Marshall Tx location, Emma is rude, argumentative and condescending. Asked to talk to her manager, she said she was the manager, then brought who I assumed was the actual manager Cynthia. She was not interested and could’ve cared less about our experience and when I asked for the corporate number, she said she didn’t know it. Very convenient answer. We were so upset we left, got our money back and left without eating. Emma is not good for your business.

  • Kenneth McKinney says:

    Purchased a 12pcs dinner order 222/1at 1606 S Cooper Arlington Texas at 6p today 11/12/23. Got home & discovered the chicken was spoiled & returned it . I did not bring the Gallon tea back because the majority had been poured out. The shift lead refunded the ticket & then charged me for the tea. I asked him why didn’t he comp the tea for my inconvenience & good customer service & would your rather I leave & blast this location on social media (he did not seem to be bothered at all). I advised him that I would be contacting corporate.
    Kenneth McKinney
    A very frustrated consumer

  • Kathy says:

    How to I complain about another employee yelling at another employee in front of customers?

  • Gonzales says:

    An employee at chicken express on Noth 10th & Jude Ely Abilene Tx 79604 was Verbally assaulted by her GM and manager on duty. After the Incident in the building they proceeded to follow her into the parking lot. This is a young lady of 19 yes. Old & the old woman should have not done that to her.

  • Robert Mansell says:

    Went to chicken express in Marble Falls, Texas at 930 stores already closed even though doors say they closed at 10.

  • Jack says:

    Does chicken Express maintain the buildings that the restaurant is in? AC central air hasn’t worked for two years, flat top roof is sagging and water drainage from roof is not draining, who is responsible to maintain the building.? Rest rooms have issues door locks are hard to unlock the list goes on . I’m concerned about the people that work in the building and the people going in to eat.

  • Nancy Resendiz says:

    Please consider opening a chicken express in Dequeen, AR.We have a KFC. But it is not good and their customer service is horrible. I have been to the Chicken Express in Broken Bow, OK and Magnolia AR. I have never had a bad experience. Great food and customer service.

  • Gail M Cathey says:

    I am very disappointed in your location in Greenville Texas. I went to the drive-thru to order some corn nuggets and fried pickles and a sweet tea pulled up to the window the guy took my money and then basically through the corn nuggets and fried pickles at me without even asking me if I wanted any sauces and slammed the door


    The predominant number of comments on this site are NEGATIVE! I’ll add another, but I’m afraid no-one in corporate management seems to care. After a prolonged wait in Sanger I finally asked for my money back, since it appeared that my order would not be ready in a timely fashion. The manager supposedly gave me a refund and a shrug. The Point of Sale system issued a receipt that showed an second charge for the same order. Again, a shrug. Not a good way to infuence customers.

  • Lorenzo Ramirez says:

    Your Lockhart Texas location doesn’t have chicken ready to eat. We have to wait 15 minutes. It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday.

  • Steve says:

    I would like to know who I can complain to about the restaurant on Sooner Road and 29th and Del City for the last two months I have been getting the worst service my chicken has been over fried or double fried to the point you have to throw it away because you cannot eat it or the order is not what you ordered I have to explain my order three or four times before they get it right and then I have to check it and it’s still incomplete the fact that they burn up my chicken every time I go in I like the franchise I like the chicken but there’s no other express chicken near me but this one

    • LISA NEFF says:

      Oh my goodness we need to get together because we just had the worst experience of our life and chicken Xpress on 29th and sooner spent $45 and didn’t even get half the order and somehow it’s our fault because we didn’t check the bag

  • Joe Garza says:

    I would like to find out if we can look forward to a restaurant near the 77089 or 77034 area in Houston Tx soon? Thanks…. Joe Garza 832-283-2948

  • Jose says:

    Do employees get a bonus if they speak Spanish

  • Ms. Phillips says:

    The store in Lawton, Ok has the worst person as a manager. I order a breast and was given a thigh. In stead of making it right, she wanted to argue. She didn’t want to make it right.

  • Sage Christopher says:

    I was a former employee and I had gotten fired when I asked why they didn’t give me a valid reason why they fired me these are the words that came out there mouth: we didn’t need you! That is not a valid reason to fire someone… they do this to every employee they fire and another thing is they don’t even have to guts to tell you you got fired they make the managers do it. Then when you go to talk to them they just push you away!

  • Breckenridge Tx chicken e is not good says:

    Breckenridge Tx location, everytime I go something is not right or burnt..it takes them forever to get your order too! I called before I went to ask and make sure they had lemon juice and tartar sauce before I went and they said yes! I get there and order my fish and then they have no lemon juice or tartar sauce! I don’t eat fish without lemon juice or tartar sauce! So now I spent 50 dollars on slimy fish and burnt okra with no tartar sauce or lemon juice! Not to mention you can’t order more than 5 drinks which means each person in my family can’t get a drink! I won’t be back because I’ve tried so many times and they can’t get it right!

  • Heather says:

    I came to chicken express in Midlothian tx. I ordered my food at 7:07 pm I waited 30 minutes in the drive through. I went in and told the manager on duty he said that they threw away my gizzards and had to make me a new order

  • Kailey says:

    I NEVER do anything like this because i’m just not that person, but something needs to be done I go to Chicken Express often and although the service isn’t always the best last night was awful. I went to the Pauls Valley, OK location. I was trying to ask for a specific kind of sauce the Gentleman at the window looked at me while I was talking and shut the door on me mid sentence. Absolutely rude and terrible customer service. The people who work there DO NOT care about their job and it is very clear. This specific location is going to lose Business due to the customer service. To also add they take at least over 10 mins to answer the drive thru even when there is not a single person in line.

  • Charles says:

    Got a four piece tenders dinner at 9:30pm yesterday after a long day of working in the heat. I was very hungry and craving Chicken Express. For the third straight visit I was sadly disappointed in the food quality. I can’t decide which was worse, the gravy that tasted “tangy”and somewhat spoiled, or the chicken tenders that had been “refried” because they would be closing for the day in another 30 minutes and weren’t able to have fresh cooked chicken. I ate the rolls and mashed potatoes and fed the rest to my two dogs and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich.
    I haven’t decided if I’ll ever eat there again.

  • Debbie says:

    Don’t even answer the phone at corporate. Your store in Azle never ever gets your order correct or foods cold or mushy. Tired of 4 years of wrong or bad food. Now you won’t answer.

  • Johanah Lamb says:

    I will never eat at Chicken Express-Paris, TX again!! The employees are rude, never have enough chicken cooked and always have to wait 20-30 minutes. Their menu isn’t even complete.They are now charging 3.5% of your total is you pay with card. They don’t make that known to you though. When I brought it up to the manager’s attention that they have no signage posted of this and her employee didn’t notify us before we paid or I would’ve paid cash she got extremely rude with me and said that there is signs posted. I have picture proof that there isn’t any signs posted. Please don’t waste your money on this “business”.

  • Brian jones says:

    Stephenville tx chicken express, Sunday 1230 pm Father’s Day 2023 ! I ordered 8 catfish dinner with three sides 31.99$ ! Got home and the fish had been reheated and was dry and hard !! This has happened multiple times and I am sick of your service… I will never eat at your business anywhere!!!

  • Karen says:

    Many thanks to Chicken Express in Gun Barrel City,TX. Great, friendly staff. Fast. Great food!

  • Destinee says:

    I can’t get ahold of corporate, and they gave me the incorrect amount of change!!! I got two #1s and two sides! My total was $28.49 I gave them $100.50 so my change should’ve been $72.01! I only received 52.01, I’m missing 20$

  • Jackie says:

    I will enter this although from what I have learned, it won’t make a difference. I went to Chicken Express last night and AGAIN! very little gravy on the potatoes. I had to eat about 3/4 of the serving dry. I called and expressed my frustration to the manager and they said that that was corporate policy to not give very much gravy, but the patron could order additional gravy for 1.19. They also said that they get this complaint all of the time and it wouldn’t do any good to complain…. So I’m done with your franchise. Cheap is cheap. The only way that I’ll ever come back is if I see a commercial saying “lots of good creamy gravy on the potatoes” BYE

  • Mike says:

    Paid 43.43 on 1/1/23 at 342pm order number 2030 ask for it to go gave it to as a dine in on the receipt but placed in to go boxes. Spicy tenders were way over cooked and the other chicken tasted like nasty grease. I have eaten at chicken express many times and this was the worst food ever. Call the store tryed to give the chicken back to them they would not take it 90 percent of the meal was there just want a refund. They refused. Said they would talk to the district manager Fernando and he said well replace one 7 piece. Never eat at this place. Address was 5540 SE 29th del city ok phone 405 256 4928

  • Deborah Elkins says:

    Why is the location in Beaumont Texas charging a non cash fee of 3.5%? Not only have they increased their entrees price by $2.00 to $3.00 per entree now they are charging this fee. I won’t be visiting these stores again. I can get what I want with another business that doesn’t charge this fee.

  • Michelle Lanie Hafford says:

    Went to the Alvarado location ordered combo 1 with no drink, spicy, mashed potatoes, corn, and a roll. Get home I have fries, mac and cheese, a biscuit and regular. Drive back up there to show the manager my order ticket is attached but that is not what I ordered. Her response was no big deal the ticket was placed on the wrong box. I am the customer that ordered in good faith. She did not offer an apology but the young man that bagged the replacement order did. Poor customer service will not be back!

  • Patrick says:

    This is not the corporate office. The Corporate office is based out of Mineral Wells. Look up that number or call 8175949300

  • Blake says:

    I’ve been coming to this location in Aubrey, TX a handful of times and it’s always something after another. Bad customer service the food is ALWAYS cold unless you ask them to make it fresh. I came in today and ordered a 4 piece tender spicy with double fries and added a drink to my meal. The gentleman who took my order was rude and rushed me through my order. Then the other gentleman that dropped my food off was rude didn’t say a word and dropped my tray on the table. Then when I asked for some BBQ sauce since I asked for no gravy he looked at me like he was disgusted. This will be the last time I come to Chicken Express. This is ridiculous! I will be letting everyone I know not to go to chicken express. Golden Chick provides so much better service than this Chicken Express in Aubrey.

  • Mike M. says:

    OMG, I highly recommend that you DO NOT STOP at this location at 106 N. 2nd St. in Hearne, Texas.at 1:00pm on a Monday they are out of most cooked chicken. The person behind the counter did not mention this face to the people that were in front of me that ordered would take about 20 minutes to cook. After 10 minutes of waiting for my 4 pcs. Chicken tenders, I was told about the cooking delay. I did cancel my $10.00 order & ask for my money back. It took the sales person about 10 minutes to enter my credit card information and asked the manager several questions on the procedures on how to issue a credit back to my card.

    The men’s bathroom was out of order, and all the floors in the restaurant, were extremely slippery, they had no caution signs out when you walked into the building.

  • Vera says:

    We went to the Mesquite, TX location by Town East Mall. We order the 20 piece tenders with one side and half regular and half spicy, both of our tenders were cold, the spicy tenders were overcooked, the potatoes were busted out of the container and yellow and when asked for fresh tenders and potatoes, the employee ignored us and finally dropped new tenders. Only for us to get home with the same disgusting potatoes and unseasoned chicken tenders. We spent $40 on garbage, we will never eat at chicken express again.

  • Crystal says:

    I have a child with a peanut allergy. We had an accidental exposure after touching some fish from Chicken Express on the child’s skin. Child immediately started braking out in hives. I called the Chicken Express we purchased from to ask what kind of oil is used and was told, “we don’t provide that information” I said does it have peanut?!? She told me, “I don’t know.” Moral of the story is this kind of training isn’t provided, and not only that they will gate-keep the info in life threatening situations. All I wanted to know was how bad was this about to get. All was well, but not without a real bad taste in my mouth for a once loved restaurant.

  • Greg says:

    11/26/2022 – The store located at 710 earl rudder Frwy in college station is fantastic. The manager and employees are all friendly and helpful. The store is clean and the food is delicious! Thank you for a very nice experience.

  • Gary says:

    Went to the Canyon TX. location tonight and was not able to order. Went into the lobby to order and overheard the employee tell another customer that the lobby was closed. That person asked when does the lobby close and was told rudely now because we are short handed. I went to the drive thru and was told they are not cooking livers because we are short handed. There is no signage stating that full menu may not be available. If they can’t cook the livers how do they cook the chicken.

  • Victoria says:

    I have been eating a chicken express however my last visit I ordered a family meal and it was not up to standard. The fries were really cold, chicken was also cold and the rolls were hard like they had been there for a while. It was the location in Conroe.

  • James says:

    I am very disappointed with the service at the location 10930 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75231. I ordered a Family Meal of 20 tenders, 1 family side and 16OZ GRAVY. Got home didn’t the gravy for the meal. Driven back and was asked for my receipt. Given my receipt and they all laughed at me inside for coming back for my order. A teenage kid laughed at me, as while another employee telling me the customer, ” Oh we had given you a brown bag that came with it” and handed me a small cup that wasn’t part of the order it said. This location needs to have better management and respectful employees. Also, I paid a $45 meal, so I expect to get, plus nicer customer service. Therefore, you lost a customer and Golden Chick might be a better option.

  • Atlene says:

    I have a issue with the store at 625 sw 19th in Moore okla..I still have receipt…we waited over 30 mins for order while manager Glenn did nothing but hide in back..we spent 66.72 on meal.. we watch the chicken sit on middle counter..i know they were busy but not that busy..finally Mr Glenn called the girl at drive thru to come finish order while he still did nothing…service sucked …

  • Desarae Begley says:

    You’re severely hurting you potential growth by staying deep south. THINK BIG. Everyone I know grew up with Chicken Express as THE chicken place. Not KFC, not Golden Chick but THIS restaurant. There are NONE near Virginia, Georgia etc. Everyone is so upset. Your business, and wallets, would tremendously expand if you come up this way. Trust me. We have KFC as our ONLY chicken place. That’s it. Please save us and grace the world with some state-wide expansions. Starting near *historic*, may I add, Big Dtone Gap, Virginia. Whole movie and book about this town. What better place to start?

  • Maggie Welch says:

    Could whoever has authority over chicken express please do something about the Paul’s valley restaurant. Every day I can go there and they don’t have any food cooked and ready to serve. I was told everything is cooked to order after 8 pm even on a Friday or Saturday night. Then it will take 20 to 30 min what ever they cook. This is poor service. If this is the norm then it needs to be shut down.

  • Susan nute says:

    We came to chicken express today at in Canton Texas at 9:30 in the evening which they close I believe at 10 o’clock and we came to the drive-through and we were told they had no chicken that they had only one thigh and some livers and I just feel like this is disgusting and lazy because are they a chicken place or they do you know a paperweight I’m a lifelong customer of chicken express and have been a loyal patron for many years and I feel like this is egregious and neglectful of your customer base and I just felt like the owner would be in disapproval to know what kind of people are supposed to be manning the ship apparently they’re not there to make money or chicken. They didn’t offer to make us any food when we ordered or anything they just said no they couldn’t help us so I won’t be back to this chicken express in Canton Texas anytime soon cause it wouldn’t do me any good to go there because there’s no food there

    • Kim says:

      I went to chicken express in Canton and I fully believe they are a bunch of thieves!! My original bill was $6.49 and today I received an email stating that my final total was $12.98!!! Apparently their phone number doesn’t work so I can’t get a hold of anyone unless
      I drive 20 minutes to the store!!

  • Rebecca says:

    There was a young black male at the window that was working there and heard her. This happened around 5:00 pm

  • Rebecca says:

    Who do you report the manager by the name of Heather to? She told my daughter to have a great fucking day because she asked for fresh tenders which was for me. This is not the first time she’s been rude at the Shreveport, La. Location on Mansfield Rd. When asked for a manager, she replied that she was the manager and nobody is over her.You should be aware of how this manager is treating customers.

  • Wood says:

    I forgot to put in what store. It’s Shawnee Oklahoma.

  • Wood says:

    The girl taking the order for the food was rude and over talking me as I was giving our order. She didn’t get 2 of our 3 drinks ordered because of her over talking me during the order. She was rude at the window when I told her about the drinks. After she gave us our food, I wanted to tell her to actually listen to the customers ordering so that it goes well, but she wouldn’t open the window back up. I called their manager to make a complaint about it, and she was doing the same thing, interrupting everything that I was saying, and I told her so. She was very rude also. This place needs better service and a better manager. We like their food, but I won’t be back.

  • Gene W says:

    The last two days I got the same item (snack express fish)at two different stores. You charged me $1.53 more in Gladewater than Gilmer. Plus in Gilmer I got a drink. The quality of food at both was just fine. It was not cashier error. The menus are 6.39 in Gilmer and 7.99 in Gladewater. I have not compared the whole menu but was wondering why?

  • Benita Sloan says:

    My first visit to chicken express in Marshall Texas and the person taking our order on the speaker was very nice but when we got to the window to pay and pick up our order…which was over $40.00…the girl never spoke a
    Word to us. She didn’t speak when we got to the window nor when we left. No emotion on her face and no smile at all. Very disappointed and will not be going back. I will take my business to someone who actually appreciates it.

  • Kim shumate says:

    My complaint is on the chicken express in lake worth tx .. and if it only happened once I would t be complaining but it happenes often.. if I go get chicken anytime after 930pm all they have available is spicy tenders and it’s a 15 min wait to get regular tenders .. because they don’t wanna cook more that close to closing ..they should have both available up to 10 o’clock when they close

  • Jack says:

    My husband bought the fish plate, he ask to buy 1 more piece of fish. The mgr., Rowlett, Tx. Said he could not do that, mgr. said he had to buy a second fish plate!!
    We will not eat there again.

  • Antjuan says:

    I will never again go to your restaurant I understand the price increase but being charged to use my credit card not cool and charge for sauce with a 25 piece tender or yeah I see why every time I pass the location there are no customers sorry not sorry just lost a customer

  • Unhappy Consumer says:

    Store #311, Register #3, 9/6/2022 @ 5:32pm. Spent 60$ ordering food. Got food home and the gravy was water. Called the store and their excuse was “that’s what happens when it sits”. Hmm, does their gravy sit for long periods of time before serving? As a bit of a gravy connoisseur, i can tell you the longer gravy sits the more it firms up. Stop blowing smoke. Admit your gravy was below serving standards. Quit trying to make excuses because you failed the public consumer. All this store was willing to offer was the refund of the gravy. How about the time we spent traveling to the store and waiting. How about the lies we had to endure because the hired staff of this store failed. Take responsibility for your actions. We will use every media outlet available to use to educate the consumers how this store failed. How they failed to present a good product. How they failed to be truthful when the concern was brought to their attention. Chicken express might as well change they name to taco bell.

  • Merry says:

    We used to go to Chicken Express every Friday night in Mesquite, Texas! Sadly our Chicken Express has been going downhill for awhile now. There are still a lot of people in Mesquite that would love coming back to your great chicken and tea!!!!Don’t give up on them! They definitely need help with a remodel, cleanliness and staff.

  • Bo Avakian says:

    I was not happy after my visit to the Bedford store on 8-24-22. I called the store to tell them the food was way over salted and I could not eat it. Spoke with Kimberly and could tell she was stumped as to what to do. She asked if I could come back and I said no as I am no longer in town. I only called to let them know there is a problem with their food or processes. She then offered me a 25% off coupon on my next meal. I said no thanks I don’t want a discount on food I can’t eat. If you want to provide a full discount that’s great otherwise just know there is a problem with something there and get it fixed. She said she ate there earlier in the day and it was fine. I spent 17.84 and ate 1 tender and a few fries before I gave up. This used to be a favorite place of mine years ago and haven’t visited in a while. I can’t see myself going back. I am not even sure corporate reads these comments or why I can’t contact corporate directly so that’s not good either. Very disappointed in this entire experience.

  • Sonya Appel says:

    You have lost our family as a long time customer over your recent excessive price increases and cash prices. We would usually purchase the 20 piece tender family box but now at over $40 it is beyond ridiculous in cost as well as you other smaller box meals. Sad because your chicken was our favorite and go to, and now is no longer.

  • Gayle Barnes says:

    The Chicken Express on Hwy 123 By-pass in Seguin is terrible. For years, I have tried going there and they never got my order right and it was cold. Once, when I went inside to place my order, I watched them put my order under a warmer and the employees stood around talking. I had to ask them for my order. Of course it as cold and over cooked. I started going to the one on Hwy 46 in Clear Springs. They always got my order correct and had good service. When another one open on Hwy 46 in Seguin, I was excited that I didn’t need to drive as far. Placed my order of chicken livers, which I asked them to cook them 3 mins only and a chicken thigh. When he gave me the total I asked why it was so much. He said the livers cost xx amount, which was correct & that the thigh was $5.00. I told him to forget the thigh, I can go to Bill Millers and get 2 thighs and a side for $5.00. When I received the livers, they were over cooked, I could not bite into them. Last night tried again. They got the livers right, but the biscuit was so hard, I could not bite into it. When I were to Clear Springs the biscuits were soft, tender and good. I would eat it own my way home. I went to the one on 46 in Seguin a few weeks ago, ordered the fish. When I got home, it was too hard to eat. I don’t know why they can’t give better service.

  • LeeAnn Sanders says:

    Good Evening the Chicken Express 132 Airtex Blvd Houston Tx 77090. 8/14/2022 12:56 I was waiting on my food looking in the window the white lady dropped my spoon on the floor and pick it up and put it in my food box. And got mad because I told her to start over.

  • Camille bivens says:

    I have been coming to this chicken express for a while, and the last 4 times i have either had to wait for chicken or my order was wrong, i live in Galveston my daughter lives in Santa Fe, i come here because we love your chicken!
    So today i come in one car before me and 3 behind me, i order a #12 and pay, told i have to wait please move up,
    Guy walks out tells me another 10/15 mins on chicken while other cars are gone behind me!
    I am so sorry, but this is happening too much, the kids said he was sorry he is not the cook!!!
    I tried y’all again, sorry no more chances, i really likes y’all food!!!!
    Santa Fe Texas store
    Manager Cary McDade

    Camille Bivens

  • Roland says:

    Well I have customers continually asking for sandwiches at are location and to meet you halfway you know their are little tidbits of tenders that are to small to cook for the customers and we have to throw away but bye pressing them together with a Patty press boom sandwich because based off of my numbers at a minimum 4.25 lb and 5lbs a day or 4 cases a month minimum I say minimum because the quality of the tenders very so 8000.00 a year is being wasted most likely at every store I would like to eliminate the waste and turn a profit

  • Ron says:

    I went to the store on Sycamore School Rd. in Ft Worth last evening. First, I was told they were out of rolls so agreed to take biscuits with our snack packs. Second, with 4 cars in front of me I literally waited 30 minutes to get to the window and get the food. When I got there they informed me there was no gravy available and was offered sauces. When we open the food, the biscuits were not eatable – they were hard as bricks. Over all, this was a bad experience! One further comment on the wait. I did notice that one of the cars who had obviously been set there for 5 or 6 minutes got their food then, the waitperson fixed their drinks – someone need to consider efficiency in how to dispense food here!

  • Jar jar binks says:

    I would like to know why the chicken express on old Jacksonville hwy in Tyler is making a cook with covid work and possibly infect customers and co-workers? I think the Health Department should be notified!

    • Shartiegra Ferrell says:

      That’s my concern. My son and myself just tested positive for COVID. Being in close contact with my daughter that works at a chicken express in TEXAS. The manager stated she would she have to come in. How is the possible when we all live in the same household

  • Brooke wyant says:

    I waited over 30 minutes in the drive thru line for me to pull up to the window and they tell me they are out of regular chicken tenders. Then proceeded to wait another 15minutes for my food. In total was in the drive thru for 45minutes and then my order was incorrect. The girl offered a refund but I have been sitting in line for 45minutes why would I want a refund.

  • Horrible chicken @ chicken express says:

    Went to the Gainesville Tx chicken express and ordered 2 plates of catfish and it was so cold and hard sent it back to replace and chicken was so cold how can this happy with 4 people standing around doing nothing? So disappointed and chicken was so hard

  • Tyana H says:

    I have worked for a chicken express in located in Dallas. However I have tried to move/transfer to the location in Rowlett. They have shown great discrimination and prejudice. The first time I put in my application I was moved to be hired and never heard anything back. Then putting in an application a second time and not hearing back. However I have had a friend who is Caucasian apply at the same Rowlett location and she was hired. This location shows great racisms and discrimination against people of color

  • frederick c house says:

    Location Sealy Tx the managing team at your Sealy location needs training in ethics and how to treat there employees. I as a customer have never ever seen such unprofessional treatment of employees. As a business owner this was diplorable if I was employed with this place. I would have filled a complaint not with the just Texas Workforce I would have filled with U.S Department of Labour. I have never seen such disrespect towards employees.

  • Robyn says:

    My daughter was hired there and after 3 days of being treated horribly and then threatened by a manager and called racist names by this manager. I have called the owner of the franchise 2x emailed the franchise and emailed corporate and I have had no response. This is a horrible company that is allowing this behavior to happen. I have tried to take the correct route with handling this to no avail. Next step will be social media. My minor daughter is totally distraught about how she was treated. Totally unacceptable.

  • Danny says:

    The service and employees are terrible. It took over 30 minutes to get an 8 piece family fish dinner. The employees are rude. There was only 1 other person there. And they were ahead of me. I will never go back.

  • Brenda feaster says:

    Spent over $30 and they got my order wrong. I called and they put my name in a book to get my food replaced. I was ok with that. My husband and I went two weeks later to get our replacement meal and the manager said sorry are books don’t go back two weeks! Well, they didn’t tell me that when I called so they ripped me off almost $40 bucks! I asked for corporate number and she made me wait over 45 minutes to get a little piece of paper with unreadable writing on it! Burleson Texas chicken Express has gone down hill and and pretty much STOLE from me! I want my money back!

    • Diamond says:

      GM at Kingsville,Texas Chicken Express yelled at me five feet away Are you going to order o not?I called someone called the store”director”and he did not care,so I’m going to authorities here.

  • Zachary ellis says:

    I was told no I wasn’t gonna be served to at the front counter

  • Karen Yonts says:

    The was the worst chicken and Mac and cheese and biscuits I have ever eat before and the tea is so sweet u can’t drink it and no one will contact me I like to talk to the owners of Lufkin tx express chicken

  • Private bozz says:

    Several Customers are requesting sandwiches and salads and bone in wings and spicy bone in chicken things like this would help increase profits for your franchisees and so on it’s an endless battle finding good help or even someone you could build up but with the growth of the Austin area and the cost of living going up and the wages of businesses around us it hurts to see good people go because we can’t compete with that wage we hire almost on the spot but are not their first choice so a week or 2 or 3 ext. someone calls them and offering 3 or 4$ more for the same or less work lode when I say hurt it’s like a small defeat to provide quick flawless service to our customers yes flawless is a goal that is in site I won’t go quietly into the night I won’t give up

  • Rhonda Donelson says:

    When did the prices almost double…went through drive thru…price posted was 7.99…charged $14.06…01/18/2022…San Angelo

  • Casey says:

    We love chicken express especially the tenders & sweet tea!! Why are y’all so stingy with the seasoned salt? Seriously does it come out of the employee’s paycheck? We request 6 packets & get 2 when we asked for more they roll their eyes & slam the window. Do better in Texas!

  • Carlyon perley says:

    I paid 22.89 for an 8 piece mixed and it was mainly bones very little meat,as well as being over cooked. It was the worst meal i have ever bought.

  • SAM H says:

    Store in Mesquite (Town East) opens at 1030a, why is the lobby door locked over an hour later? Drive Thru only. And don’t say CoVid. LOBBY has been open regularly BUT they open it when they feel like it!! Come on corporate office, address your customers concerns!!

  • Lisa says:

    Why is our chicken express in Lakeway Texas 78734 closed the last several nights? Closed all day long.??? 🙁

  • Chris Bridges says:

    I drove from Wayne, Oklahoma to the Chincken Express in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma on Grant Ave. I pay the tab, that was over $50. Being that the time of day is a busy one I get my order and leave out arrive back home, start getting things ready to eat. I find that we was missing a family order of Okra, well I bag it all back up drive back down to your store. I pull up no waiting and tell the young lady that they forgot a part to my order. I pull around she tells another Young lady and she fixed 1 family order of okra, I told the young lady I drove back down from Wayne, to get this. I asked to be compensated for the drive and all she said is I can take your name and number, give it to my district manager and have them reach out. I said you are hear now and so is the okra. She responds I can’t just hand out food! I said I will not return to this place again. We eat here probably about 3 time a month and order over $50 dollars of food each time. This is poor management and with the price of gas is not worth the problem with the mistakes in my orders. Nothing has ever came from contacting the store for issues all they say is I’ll take your name and number and someone will be in-touch. Worse dang place and I will make sure to spread it on all social media platforms and google, yelp and other businesse platform’s also.

  • KAITLYN says:

    hot springs ark location- we always order boneless hot wings by daughter loves them, they have been out for MONTHS so i got to where i was calling an asking to see if they had any available, the last time i called they said they was discontinued?? why is is still on the menu ? why is it when i go to another location its still there?? have yet to get any answers.

  • John C Hayed says:

    Thd service at the Port Neches, TX is horrible!!! We waited 45 minutes for our order and when we got to the window it wasn’t right and our order had not been made.They told us one price when we ordered and then wanted to charge us almost twice what they said. We will NEVER go back!!!!!We havr give there for years but we are done!!!The withers have no clue what they are doing.

  • Rhonda says:

    Big mistake .. you should be allowed a couple of sauces if your buying chicken!! Too many other chicken places in Ardmore.. bye bye

  • Mary says:

    I use the Baytown, Texas…you just raised the price of ice…that is a 100% price increase…unreal for just ice

  • Craig A says:

    Conroe, Tx location
    RE: Order # 232; register # 2, 4/19/2022 at 1:51 PM

    My wife and I came in the restaurant today to place an order to go. Things were not busy at this time of day. We were not greeted; just a person standing at the register looking at us. We placed our order and waited. One of the two ladies running the front counter brought our bag of food. Wanting to confirm our order was correct (we shouldn’t have to do that; it is their job), we opened the two boxes. The mashed potatoes was missing from one of the boxes. I walked up to the counter and informed the lady an item was missing. She informed me it was in the other box (without looking and assuming I did not know what I was talking about). Since everything was opened up on one of the dining tables, I asked her to come look at the order for herself. I could tell at this point that she had an attitude but she came over to see what I was talking about. She didn’t say anything but went back behind the counter to look at the order on the wall screen. I guess she was thinking we were trying to scam her for free food. She then walked to the cabinet and pulled out a mashed potatoes container and brought it to us. She handed it to me and immediately walked away. No apology, no words at all. Not even thanking us for placing the order. We put everything back together and left.

    If these ladies don’t like working there, they should quit and find work they will enjoy. Just don’t make the paying customer who is paying their salary to feel like they are imposing on them and interrupting their day!

    • Karen Yonts says:

      I know that right there rude and so ugly

    • Diamond says:

      I went to Chicken Express in Kingsville,Texas and afer waiting 6 &1/2 minutes while two women were talikg about “hair and hair color”I asked for owners number and the so called GM had an immense attitude while I’m repeating their hair styles conversation “and taking cate of me …I called the so called”director”who didn’t care neither.I’ll report all of these actions and no actions asap to authorities, specially when she yelled at me”are you going to order or?nor while standing five feet from me.

  • Danielle says:

    Went to the store in weatherford ok at 9 pm and ordered fish dinner first they tell me that it will be a 10 minute wait.I said that would be fine but then some lady gets on the headset to tell me that the fish machine was broke and they couldnt make it.so then we proceeded to parser some chicken for them to tell me that it would be a 30-45 min wait.so we just went elsewhere.when is a good time to go there and get food that they actually have on the menu.not very happy bc this seems to be a ongoing problem I have with them every time I go and I know I’m not the only one having this problem in this town.

  • Bekki says:

    I am disabled and have to order thru Favor. I had an order placed at the store in Taylor TX and I spent almost $50.00 on a family meal with extra sides, and they forgot to give me my family rolls. Speaking with Roland the manager was unhelpful because he said I need to come back with receipt for them to give me them. I explained I went thru Favor and he said, they should have noticed then. I asked for a credit to pick up on another day and he refused. Had to be on same day. I Am very disappointed as I spend way too much money there for them to be so unhelpful.

    • Guy Smith says:

      Did you ever get a resolution. I am here searching for a CORPORATE contact to try to effectively complain about the fish at the Taylor store.

  • Zena says:

    I’m writing because of the food that I received yesterday. I paid 11 dollars and some chain for my food. The fries were not fresh the chicken breast that I received was old and hard. Who ever fixed my food had to know they were giving me old chicken. I’m so unhappy with my order. For the must part anytime I order I can almost guarantee at least on of my pieces of chicken is old. This is not good customer service.

  • Davida says:

    Your restaurant in Commerce Texas , the kitchen manager and his wife went to an ex employee house and jump them Las night .

  • M. Mar says:

    Just went to the location in highland village texas. They’re charging 2+ dollars for an 8 PC fried pickles. Yes, AN EIGHT PIECE fried pickles. This is beyond a rip off. Not to mention you get a healthy portion of kens ranch dipping sauce. What for? 8 pickles lol this has to be a joke or a total scam. I want my money back on this one.

  • Michael says:

    Your place in Mt Pleasant Tx. Is horrible. The owner is treating his employees like shit and reusing the gravy,green beans containers. Plus spoiled meat. I’m getting a lawyer.

  • Debbie says:

    I order 45.00 worth of chicken with extra sides. Got to the window and asked if I could add a drink, but before I could finish my request she stopped me and said we don’t do add ONS at the window . You will have to pay for this order and go back around and order the drink. She was so rude about. So I just told her to cancel the order. I will not go back

  • Craig says:

    Why is the chicken express in Decatur, TX still closed for remodeling it’s been over three months?

  • Deborah says:

    Your cups need to be changed. I have lost several cups just by picking them up and they disintegrate. Today I had a cup of ice water, which I added my Mio too, and I watched my cup weep red drink all over my desk. It was tiny droplets oozing out of the lower half of my cup. Please fix this issue. I love your tea and you never give me an issue when I want it half and half. Please don’t make me drive out of my way for my daily tea.

  • Margarito Sanchez says:

    I never received my w-2

  • Gerald brown says:

    10930 n central expressway

  • Gerald brown says:

    Food was good .,but the Employees was playing Hispanic music very load in the back. Will never go back and will tell others not to go there.

  • Cynthia Starks says:

    Yes I recently visited one of the chicken express in Texarkana, AR
    Ordered 7 tender spicy combo with corn nuggets. The tenders were bot fresh even the corn nuggets were not fresh. The tea must have been old as well.. I stayed up for 24 hrs. Tea have never done me like this. My ticket bumber#351

  • RaShanda Daniels says:

    Hello Mr. Richard & Mrs. Stewart,

    My order number is Dr-T#3056 and I visited your 513 N Industrial Blvd Bedford, TX 76021 location today 1/30/2022 at 1:09pm. Where do I begin… This was the most unprofessional and horrible experience I have ever had. My order was inaccurate and incomplete. I ordered one dozen rolls and didn’t receive the total count of rolls and they shortened my chicken tender order. Extremely inconvenienced as a customer. I called the location and spoke with Juan who stated he is the General Manager and offered to give 25% off the next order and give 6 rolls on the next visit and give 4 tenders. Really??? This is not good customer service at all. Absolutely disappointing.

    I just can’t believe managers & staff are trained to treat customers in this manner. I could have spend money elsewhere and definitely will in the future. I have never been insulted at this level. I sent my husband to the location around 8:30pm today and a very rude African American young lady told him to come back tomorrow at 9am after he waited over 30 minutes and they had taken the replacement order. Pathetic and upsetting. As an owner I can’t imagine you desire your operations to handle matters in this fashion. The employees need training and to learn how to how to embrace customers and get order correct the first time.

    Thank You

  • Chelsea Wheeler says:

    Was in Chickasha, Oklahoma for work and headed home but did not have lunch so stopped at Chicken Express where I waited quite a bit to order because of the long line and then once ordered my order was brought out to me in payment was taken and drove off onto the highway and turnpike to get back to Oklahoma City where I live. While on this drive I discovered my mashed potatoes were just a tub of gravy and I only got two chicken fingers when ordered three and my root beer tasted like Erin been on the ground just had a filthy taste to it. I called to find out what they could do for me and got the manager who stated she will write my name down and get me mashed potatoes and a drink when I am in town again stated that was not enough to me but I felt I should have a refund since my meal was ruined and I paid nine bucks for it hung up on me. So I called a Texas location where I discussed what it happened and the manager there apologized for this managers behavior and said he would’ve just deleted my payment but gave me Corporate‘s number. I called Corporate but no answer and so I called the store back and asked if she would just delete my payment so we can move on and stated she would not do that and hung up again so I called back and asked her for owners number and called owners and got voicemail immediately, no rings. I feel the right thing to do, especially with my history in the restaurant industry, would be to make it right by replacing the meal when I come in or sending me a gift card with the amount I paid or for the manager to have deleted my payment because now I just feel gypped and will never return to Chicken Express with this type of experience

  • Candy Porter says:

    I came thru Gladewater at 3:20 on 01/15/2022 and ordered the 27.00 monthly meal.When we went to eat the meal was not really good. Coleslaw was soured. French fries were cold and hard. Chicken tenders were fried to hard. I come here evernow and again and I have always said this was the best Chicken Express to come to but I was very disappointed this time.

  • Jackie Garcia says:

    If you’re ever in Terrell TX DO NOT EAT at the Chicken Express. The service is HORRIBLE and the food is WORSE! You have a better experience stopping at a gas station and eating a hot dog with chips. My food was literally dripping grease. This was literally a waste of money and time. The lady taking our order was having a whole conversation on her cell phone the entire time.

  • Sharon Harris says:

    I was in the drive thru at the Burleson location at 5:04 this afternoon. I ordered a 3 piece Fish dinner with fries hush puppies and 2 extra rolls. It came out 15.33. I questioned the amount but was assured it was correct. Didn’t match the amount on the Oder menu and This is my standard order order and I pay 13 .and some change
    The manager assured me he was the one that took my order and I failed to tell him I wanted the rolls as my 2nd side therefore I had to be charged individually instead of the dinner. He refunded me 1.28. According to my calculations it should have been closer to 3 and change. Honestly, the money wasn’t the issue. I figured I would mention it and show my receipt. It would be corrected, no biggie. The man I spoke with (in person)assured me he was the manager and treated me like I was the stupidest most ignorant person on earth. I am a retired accountant/customer service professional at a small business. If I had ever spoken to a customer the way he spoke to me, I would’ve fired myself. I told him it was horrible customer service and called him a jerk as I drove off. My order number isDr – #350.

    Just thought you needed to know this.

  • Molly says:

    4791 Sw loop 820 fort worth tx!! I was fat shamed by the employee who took my order at the drive thru. After I ordered 7pcs combo and a cookie, he asked if I was sure I didn’t want to get more with an attitude. I told him no. And asked if he could repeat my order cause that location never seems to care about the difference between biscuits and rolls and I hate the rolls. And they always mess up my tea. He repeated it with an attitude also. Then I finally got to the window where he looked me up and down handed me my tea and yanked my card out of my hand! Then basically shoved my food through the window handed me my card and when I asked if that was all he replied yes with an attitude! And I went back to work to finish my 12hrs shift. Got back to work opened my food and I am missing my fries, biscuit, and two chicken tenders!! I would’ve gone back but I had 5min to get back to work by the time I got back to the parking lot. And I had already waited 20 minutes at the drive thru. So I told my car via Google to call the closest location. And explained to the manager what happened just about the missing food part. And his name was Chester he was so nice and understanding. And told him I was on lunch and didn’t have time to come back. He said come back tomorrow. So I did. Next day I go in with Chester’s name on my receipt and after waiting at the register for five minutes with the cooks staring at me and the big family behind me. Someone walks around the counter squeezes between me and the 1ft space of the counter to get drinks for the drive thru, she goes back to the drive thru for another five minutes. Then she finally came over rudely asked what I wanted. Then when I explained EVERYTHING to her she said chester doesn’t work here. And walked off!! I go to my call log and Google the number I had called which was one an hour away. And I finally got her to come back over and explained that to her. And she walked off again this time to get a red notebook and said your name isn’t in here. Not even asking my name. And said you should’ve called yesterday and you have to have the untouched food with you! Even though I explained I couldn’t go back cause of work. Also that I had not eaten anything all day cause I was craving the 7pcs combo. And that I did call and showed her and apologized for calling the wrong location. She said nope call corporate.And when I asked for her name she said Anna. And I wrote it down. Then I got to my car crying cause she didn’t even care that her employee fat shamed me. So I googled and couldn’t find a corporate number. I called the location an hour away hoping he could help me. And he did! He explained that their all individually owned and I could call his local office which I did and they were no help. So I called another location in the area. On Berry st. Manager Jessica was so sweet and understanding and explained that even if I didn’t have the food they should’ve offered 25% off my next meal. And she emailed her higher up. But yet to of heard back from them. Then I called the Sw Loop 820 location back and Lizbeth picked up also very rude! I asked for a district manager number or email. And she immediately said is this about the missing fries and biscuit. And I said yes. She said well like she told you before you HAVE to have the food with you and you had to call yesterday! And I asked for her name and the original managers name again she said it was Maria. So that means “Anna” lied to me! Then After 5 minutes on hold Lizbeth blurted out this email to me then just hung up the phone. And so I emailed that person And the email was a fake so I called the loop 820 again and Merideth answered and was really nice. And gave me the correct email. So I emailed that one and they emailed me back saying to email this person. Then after a while of googling finally found a link that said this is headquarters number and that their located in Burleson. So I called that number 4times before someone picked up. Then he explained that it’s a Fake their not actually located there but gave me the real number to call. And I called that number. And she told me she’d have the owner of the Loop 820 location call nows it’s been over an hour! This is such a ridiculous amount of calling just to report a manager and location!! I just want a refund! I should not have to call so many different numbers. Why don’t all the locations have their higher ups numbers? Also who allowed miss Maria to be manager? Ignoring her customers over and over then fighting with one because I called the wrong location? And I apologized for calling the wrong one but had proof I called. Then telling her I was fat shamed and her not doing anything about it!? Wow great customer service. So disappointed and disgusted by this location. Also why is there not an overall corporate number that could just transfer me to speak to the right person than having to spend an entire day calling different people! I hope no one else has to go through what I did at any of Chicken Expresses Location. And that fact that Im still waiting for two call backs all while typing this. And no one can do anything about it?

  • Donna says:

    This is directed towards the manager/general manager Lane. We are extremely concerned and confused as to why an employee was sent home because they tested positive for covid but no one else was tested or why there were no safety measures taken?? Lane did not care that someone else called in to say they were sick and this person was going to get tested for covid and all Lane did was fire that person!! Whats more insane is that Lane told that person he/she needed to get to work because he/she was going to work the register and he/she said no because they were seriously sick and needed to get tested and thats when that person was fired!! He/she physically went to speak with Lane while sick so that Lane can see the person was sick and Lane started arguing with that person and jamming his finger into the persons chest like taunting him to fight!!! And when complaints were made to the owners and they told the owners to check the cameras because it was all recorded, the owners said they would not check the footage because Lane wouldn’t do that!! The evidence is there and they don’t give a fuck!!!!! How does a person like that get a manager position!? A manager is supposed to care about the safety of their employees and customers especially during this pandemic!!
    I know Lane does not care about his employees because he would threaten to write up and/or fire an employee that has epilepsy when that person had seizures. The ex-employee would let Lane know they had a seizure that day and Lane would not let that person get back to work without a doctors excuse. That person has maybe one seizure a month. They take medication but do not need to go to the doctors every time they have one. Doctors visits and e.r visits are not cheap and is expensive with no insurance. Lane knows that and still did not give a sh**!!!
    They all just want to make their money and they don’t care who gets sick!! They all dont care about their employees or customers!!
    Why is nothing being done?!? We don’t understand!!!

  • Rick says:

    Conroe store has always had friendly help. Went through the drive-through today inexperienced very poor attitudes from both the person helping me And cashier at the window. Very negative attitudes. Sarcastic. Looks like all the help has changed in there. I left there not wanting to go back the attitude was so poor.

  • Susan says:

    Just used my applewatch to pay for some chicken I ordered and was charged a 3% non-cash charge for using it. What is this all about?
    Chicken Express Bridgeport, Texas

  • Michelle says:

    Location: 6363 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler, TX.

    Before posting this comment I searched the internet for the name and phone number of the owners and found nothing. There are several recent comments on platforms like Google and Yelp about the staff’s rudeness. I have never received so much negative, dry attitude and lack of any kind of decent customer service. 2 ladies at the window are the worst. Lids for drinks had no hole for straws. Had to ask why. Then I was told very rudely to “pull up” to wait on my order. Young lady from the drive thru walks up to my car (frowning), hands me the bag of food and walks off. No thank you. This needs to be addressed immediately!

  • Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed learning the operations working as an employee for chicken express. I was employed for about 7 months until my time was cutt short due to being treated unfairly. The management at this location 105 winding way Lake Jackson TX.77566 is extremely unprofessional. My Gm at the time her name is Taylor. She appears to be very much under her assistant Tommy’s wing. He has been very disrespectful towards her and somehow gets away with it. To my knowledge he has a sexual criminal history and recent sexual accusations towards him. I believe he has abused his position of authority and fears no consequences. I was discriminated often and Sexually harassed by manager (Tommy) on Monday, November 29th 2021 around 10:30am – noon. My work ethic was over looked, I couldn’t get a raise the way others were able get it. They kept me working in the back. I expressed some of my emotions to district manager Carey about becoming more “certified” but he too ignored me. Overall I feel betrayed because they don’t care about me being a mother of 4 and a hard worker, oh and it’s about to be Christmas for crying out loud!! I was just fired that’s it and they don’t care about they’re customers …..Seriously.

  • Marcus Wilson says:

    I’m sending this in regards to your Atlanta Tx location, in the past year this location has went from the best place to eat in town to the worst. The young lady managing this location is rude and the wait time, cleanliness and customer service has went to heck. I think corporate needs to look into this operation because it he franchisee owner seems not to be concerned in my opinion. It’s definitely ruining the CE image in our area.

  • Pat says:

    We just went to chicken express on College Street in Beaumont Texas and the attitude of the young man and the woman that worked there I thought was terrible. They wanted to argue with me over what I ordered because first of all I ordered the fish dinner and he told me it came with one side I told him the sign says two sides, he said well that’s the dinner not the combo and I said that’s why I ordered the dinner. Then he wanted to give me two sides one of which I didn’t order and I told him I didn’t order that he said well that’s what you said! But it wasn’t. (please see next message)

  • Janice Jackson says:

    Not only did they mess up our food but when we went back to make them fix the order. They gave us food that the other customer had brought back. So that it was cold as ice. I am totally done with yall.

  • Janice Jackson says:

    I have a major complaint about the chicken express on whilshire in Burleson Texas. The last 3 times I have been to this location they have gotten my order wrong. Because there seems to be no consequences for the employees actions this is an on going thing. They told me that 3 others had come in because their food order was messed up as well. This is unacceptable for any busy to have this happening on a regular business. I will not be entering or ordering food from this or any other chicken express. I would like for someone from corporate to contact me concerning this matter. 8174877294

  • LaShonda says:

    I ran into a issue with a manager in the Atlanta Texas location on Sunday November 14,2021 at about 3:00 or maybe after I disputed a Transaction On my card where I was over charged the manager was so rude did not want to help me told me to contact my bank after contacting my bank there was a authorization on my card from chicken express where the manager told me that there was not their fault she handled the situation in a unprofessional way and would not assist me at all this is not the first time that I’ve even heard a complaint on her not sure what her name is but she’s very rude and did not assist me…I basically paid over 60 dollars for a 30 dollar meal..my bank is disputing the transaction at this time…she’s a manger I’m guessing she had a black shirt and dark hair and short I was around 3 or 4 that evening something needs to be done about her not the first complaint on her after this I will not continue to eat there poor customer service skills…I have worked in fast food over 15 years I would have counted the register or checked transactions to see what I could assist with she was not willing to do anything kept saying nothing she could do because she didn’t see it in her system but the employee clearly said she ran my card multiple times but didn’t see where it had went through but she thought it didn’t but obviously it clearly did

  • Mark Baldwin says:

    I have been a regular customer for quite a few years at the Saginaw Texas restaurant on Main St. Until NOW! Waited for about 30 minutes in the drive thru waiting for a number 12. They asked me to move forward and I did as asked. After 25 minutes and 5 cars behind me got there orders of chicken and went in and asked for my money back. I noticed 5 or 6 people on the back standing around talking. Helluva way to do business! You will never get another Nickel from me!

  • Jonathon says:

    Bad management very bad cooks talking to ea c h other in the kitchen drinks being drunk in kitchen cook playing with hair and then cooked dropped a lattle then put it back where it fell out of without washing it . Very bad needs to be handled I will never come back to this restaurant ever. This restraunt is in kerrville texas I just need to be shut down

  • Dawn McManus says:

    I just went to your store at 2450 Justin Rd, Highland Village 75077. My order # was Dr-T#3201. I was there 10/26/21. I just wanted to tell you they are a great staff. Especially your drive thru cashier #3. She was a joy and very personable and did a great job. They are several miles from me but I will certainly go back. Thank you. By the… great chicken too.

  • Marie says:

    The Chicken Express on Mansfield road in Shreveport, Louisiana is horrible. Three hours before closing I pull through the drive through and order food fresh and hot. To be told they are not doing fresh and hot orders when they don’t close until 10pm. Any other time the food is old and not fresh.

  • Crystal says:

    Complaint. I am a regular customer to the chicken express 710 earl rudder frwy college station TX. I got my regular tuesday meal and am very disappointed and disgusted. My chicken was cold and dry. My tea tasted nasty like watered down. I called to let them know they wanted me to keep the chicken in the fridge until i could make it back to them. I work out of town there is no way I am keeping chicken in my cooler for a week while I am gone. I am so upset at how they treat regular customers this manager did not even know how to speak correctly on the matter. My money just went down the drain. I do not ever want to come back again!! So disappointed I want this taken care of.

  • Martha says:

    I went to the Fort Worth Texas Altamese location and I was not impressed they ran out of chicken and did not office any thing other than to wait for more chicken…I think it’s bad management to run out of any thing during peek time.What was even worse they wasn’t apologetic.

  • Bo says:

    It seems like all I mean all chicken express are trash!!! This place of Business will no longer get my business!!! The people in position (management) need a swift kick up there common since a$$!! No Customer service at all !!! Store off of 287 an Sublett needs some serious looking at !! Those people in position will bring your Business down !!! My family an extended family an friends will no longer be getting our business. Couldn’t resolve our problems..I had to Suggest Solutions to our problems SMH!!! He started it’s not my problem I believe my cook … we got cold fish an cold hush puppies..

  • Keith says:

    The restaurant in Mansfield Tx
    Employee have bad attitude and not professional
    It’s sad that all of the people working acting like kids
    I order 2 pies plus my meals
    I ask the young lady about the pies
    She replied I don’t know you need to check the box
    She was nasty
    I don’t appreciate thats

  • Loria Ferguson says:

    On 9/30/2021 I went to chicken express on 1021 W Beltline Rd in Desoto Tx. I ordered the special 2 piece thigh chicken and biscuit they asked me for sides I said fry’s and mac/cheese. Upon my receiving my order I only received the sides I ask the lady where is my chicken she said I didn’t order chicken I said why would i come to a chicken place and not order chicken she proceeded to argue with me. I ask to speak to manager which was worthless and all she did was put two pieces of chicken rudely in the box and I had to pay for their mistake and I already thought I had paid. This facility is horrible my biscuit you could use for a hockey puck, the chicken was not good. You all need to revamp that Chicken Express and get some training and accountability out there. I have from Colorado and if this is the way Texas does there customers I will start making my own chicken or go to your competitor and tell everyone just how bad the food, service and everything else is. Oh and don’t let me forget they were out of SODA’S!! HORRIBLE I want my money BACK

  • Stephen Rorabaw says:

    Of I went to the car lot to buy a car…cash money and they had 4 brown ones and 4 white ones. told them I wanted 2 brown ones. They say you can only buy one white and one brown because the dealership doesn’t want his stock uneven. I don’t want a white car.

    This is the same thing that happened to me at my favorite place to eat… Chicken Express. I’ve ordered thighs only for years and I always got it. Not yesterday. Thee manager said they can’t do that anymore. ?????
    This is putting the customer last, and I don’t like it and I don’t care who knows it.
    Burkburnett is a small town. And I’m going to make sure everyone knows this. That’s how many businesses in Burk go out of business.
    I’ll just go somewhere else…and a lot of us will!!!

  • Steven says:

    Yes this is Steven Lenard I live in Alvarado Texas come out this pot chicken at Chicken Express and on y’all’s menu he 16 piece chicken with 3 sides is 2999 and they just charged me 35 99 that’s false advertisement I’m a young lady that I just talked to her she said she was a district manager but she would not give me her name

  • GS says:

    We are regular customers in Longview tx. We live right down from the one on Gilmer rd.on Sept.5th my normal high review went down the drain With this store when went to order our normal 30 pc chicken tenders and family sized mashed potatoes and family sized fried pickles ,family sized corn nuggets.and family sized jalapeno poppers. When they rudely told us they were out of chicken and we could come back in an hour.son we left and waited over an hour and a half before we called to see if they had chicken yet the answer was no of course.so we decided we would try again today sept.8th to see if they had chicken.I called to place an order and when I ask the lady that answered the phone if they had chicken today the lady said we always have chicken and I explained about not having any on the 5th and she wanted to call me a liar! I politely asked if I could place an order to go and She told me no they weren’t taking phone orders any longer and hung up.my order runs many where from $50-70 Everytime and I can gladly take my business elsewhere but if you don’t do something with those employees you will continue to lose business.As of today they still do not have corn nuggets , fried pickles and jalapeno poppers!

  • Valerie Burton says:

    I want to complain about the Chicken Express restaurant on 8551 Meadow Brook Blvd. in Fort Worth. More times than not my order is not right, when you talk to them , If you can talk to them, they say it’s your responsibility to check it. There’s no way to check it in the drive-in. Sometimes they agree to make it right most times you have to argue with them. It seems to me like someone should be checking the order and making sure it is correct. I don’t have this problem with other restaurants. Just this one, and I am so tired of arguing with these people. Since this Message is to the Corporate office please tell me how I can help make this restaurant more responsible and more customer service oriented. Yesterday they left out of $4.99 order of macaroni and cheese and a large order of gravy that goes with every order. Valerie Burton 214850563

  • C Reed says:

    The store in Benbrook has gone down in quality and service. I have now had one too many bad experiences there and will not return. With the competition in fast food, it seems like the store would work to earn loyalty. The employees there are disengaged and could not care less about customer satisfaction. The young man who claimed to be the manager was the worst offender of all. I’ll be driving the extra distance to Golden Chick from now on.

  • Jeffrey Thomas Sr. says:

    Hello I am a very concerned customer and am referring to your forest hill store in ft worth and my concern is the over cooking of chicken tenders and somewhat sometimes poor very poor customer service I have witnessed myself the throwing away of a whole tray of chicken and mostly chicken tenders especially chicken tenders and I just think it is a waste and is costing a lot of money and possibly as a ceo of the company you probably don’t notice but at one time or another you might ought to check how often tenders are ordered to me I think you can save a lot of money cooking less tenders or cooking to order just a thought and my opinion, I wish I had the money that your company is throwing in the trash

    Sincerely with all due respect
    Jeffrey Thomas Sr. a concerned customer.Thank you so much!
    PS I have called several times and phone answers and hangs up

    • Bo says:

      Hey Jeff ?? they don’t care so don’t do business with them anymore!!! They day will come !!! Do into others right will last longer !!! So if Corporate playing games what you expect??? Don’t do business with them anymore!! A blind man can see that!!!

  • Dee Owens says:

    My comment is more of a complaint why did your company decide to do away with poppers and fried pickles

  • Alice Chadwick says:

    My experience was at the 2002 location. Garland Texas
    Order #55 @2:38pm.

  • Alice Chadwick says:

    Placed order in route. Was told order would have 6 livers and 9 gizzards.
    Arrived at facility and was told they had just dropped then not when I called it in.

    Received order to find only 3 livers and 4 gizzards.
    Went in and spoke to waitress…said it should only be 3and 4.
    Left reluctantly. Got home reviewed ticket. Shows 6 liv and 9 gizzards.
    Called store same person said just found out that not only was a small order 3 and but there had been a price increase. When questioned further became short and sarcastic and rude. She ended conversation by saying (without me even asking for it) well I don’t have cooperates number and hung up on me.
    The other problem is
    My total was $8.02 but my receipt shows $7.03.

  • Rosa Rodriguez says:

    Went to Chicken Express
    1131 BridgewoodDr
    Fort Worth Thx 76112

    I eat there at least once a week and this is the 3rd time that I pickup and my order is wrong. They don’t pick up when you call and I have to go w/o lunch because order is wrong and I don’t eat what I don’t order. Why is it always this location

  • Kelly Savage says:

    Please add chicken sandwiches and grilled chicken to your menu. I am so bored eating the same thing every time I order. I would eat there more often if you had a bigger variety!

  • Patricia A Hery says:

    Why does this restaurant serve foreign bad fish and call it catfish. Yuck. Does your chicken come from China?

  • Albert says:

    Idk what the policy is but I always order dark meat chicken every place I go. I don’t eat white meat. Why Do some of your places sell me dark no problem but other say they do not have it. It can be two hours from close and they tell me they don’t have dark meat to sell me an 8 piece. I look at the meat and there is clearly enough to sell it too me. Another thing if your charging me for white meat and I ask for dark meat doesn’t it benefit you to sell me the dark meat because it is cheaper by a lot. Something doesn’t seem right about this.

  • Norman Fagan says:

    Spreading a little sunshine

    I left my phone at Chicken Express in North Richland Hills. I did not discover it till I was in Cleburne.

    My wife called Chicken Express and the manager had my phone. (There is at least one honest citizen in NRH. The one who turned it in.). So we informed the manager we would come and get the phone.

    Oh, no! She wouldn’t hear of it. Since we were so far away, she insisted she meet us half way. And she did.

    God bless this sweet young lady. I hope Chicken Express values her as much as she deserves.

    Every time I begin to give up on the human race, God brings somebody like her into my life.🥰

    Her name is Hailey Hine.

  • Veronica Parker says:

    The food is terrible today. Picked up chicken and fish at 3:58 pm. Fish is extremely dry and overcooked. Hush puppies are hard as a rock. Okra fair. Husband said the chicken is old and must have been under the lights a long time not fit to eat. Also instead of tarter sauce they put ranch dressing Do not know that we will go back

    • Trish says:

      May I ask which store? I keep getting fish from the Taylor store that is the same plus it’s SO SALTY it is inedible.

  • Marlin O Graham says:

    Went to the new store on Bell Street for the first time yesterday, anyway the three piece combo was a joke. The chicken is small and they didn’t give me a choice on what kind of chicken I wanted. Went back the store next day and told them about the chicken and so they made me another combo and charged me a dollar more than yesterday for the same thing……I dont understand.

  • Kelsey says:

    Throw the rest away*

  • Kelsey says:

    Don’t want to call but email isn’t an option. Just wanted to let y’all know. Ate there 7/22/21 at Arlington location on Collins st. Bought a family meal so we could have some leftover. The chicken was old, dry and everything was like warm. Decided not to complain but then the next day we opened the box to a baby fly alive in the box that we had bagged and tied up and had in the fridge. Absolutely disgusting and wishing I would’ve complained because I spent $40 to have 3 people’s meals of old chicken and have to through the rest away.

  • Marty Lewis says:

    I recently visited your store in Justin Texas. I ordered a 15 tender family meal and was shocked when I was told my bill was over $30.00 I asked why it was so high and was told because of shortages you increased the prices. It would have been nice if the increase was on the menu board. When the board says $19.99 and you increase it to $26.99. Then let’s talk military discount I was told one time you don’t do them on combos just family meals today I was told you don’t do family meals just combos. Someone needs to make up their minds

  • Shawn says:


  • Disappointed and digusted says:

    The absolute worst service order was wrong I had to scream at the top of my lungs for the Drive Thru as the headset was nor working properly I will never return to another one again 3rd visit and 3rd they get my order wrong they need to close down they suck at everything biggest rip off ever.. food not fully cooked … when you have a husband and wife as a CEO and CFO you know it is a rip off.. Do not fo there….

  • Randy Triplett says:

    Store on berry street always closing dining room at 4:00pm
    Have to drive across town to another location very inconvenient especially when they advertise open until 9:00

  • Casey Dennis says:

    I was at the store in center Texas and it took them 25 to thirty minutes to give me my food that’s after I got up and asked for it. They acted like I owed them something. Their 9 people working in their and only drive through Register working. Then it took so long for me to get my food something needs to be done at this store. Thanks.

  • Curtis & Linda Jones says:

    June 25, 2021
    My friend Curtis Jones went to pick-up dinner for us at your Houston, Texas location on Airtex Drive. He purchased 1- 8 Fish Meal, Family Mac & Cheese, Family Mashed Potato, and a Family Biscuits. We paid a total of $31.19. The fish, all of it was to salty to eat. We go there a lot, i was very disappointed with the fish, i intent to go back to the store to see what can be done about this problem. I have send coworkers and friends to this location for the fish and chicken many time. I prey that the manager is willing take care of this issue, so we will keep supporting this business and referring others.

  • Monica says:

    Dear Chicken Express,

    Y’all need to open up a new location in Hereford Texas or Friona Texas. We have 1 KFC in Hereford Texas that is horrendous. Always to many complaints about needing a new chicken place in Hereford Texas. We also have 1 chester chicken in Friona Tx that is NEVERRRRRRRRRR opened and us folks love fried chicken.. So consider a new location in Hereford Texas. PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!


  • Lost customer says:

    It amazes me that they have no other means to serve there customer other than drive through which is half ways down the high way because they have no one to bring food out and they won’t open there doors to ordering inside. I can understand the dining room being closed but ordering at the counter should not be.

  • Marla says:

    Last night I went to pick up dinner for my my family at they chicken express in Fort Worth on berry street, the girl who took my order made me shout over her loud background noise repeatedly. Which I later found out was a tv they had on blaring. When I finally got my order placed and waited at the window I had a feeling she didn’t get my order right due to the noise. So I pulled over on my way home to check. It was wrong so I went inside the restaurant to have it fixed. I was missing a leg and my fish combo didn’t have any hush puppies. I was floored with how I was treated inside. The manager came to me and argued that hush puppies did not come with my meal even tho it was right above him on the menu. He made me pay extra for them. While I waited, they were talking about me like I wasn’t standing right there. When I got home I was pretty upset but I didn’t want to make a big deal so I sat down to eat and discovered my fish fillet was inedible. It was hard has a rock and fell apart when I snapped it in half. I settled with just eating my sides so my husband could enjoy his dinner but when I tried to eat a hush puppy the same thing happened. I don’t know if they fried them to death or how they could provide such horrible food. I paid 37 dollars and we didn’t eat any of it. I broke down and cried and we went out to eat somewhere else. We called the store and got no apology, only snide comments.
    I feel personally attacked by this manager and I will never be going back. I will make sure everyone knows how they treat people. I feel like I was robbed.
    I would have taken all the food back and asked for a refund but I know he would have denied me and honestly I couldn’t bring myself to be around him again.

  • Angi says:

    In Norman, Oklahoma picking up a order for postmates. I had 2 cars ahead of me, and a long line behind me. I finally get to the window to pick up the order to find out I need to pull up and wait. I watched about 3 cars behind me get their order and leave. I tried to enter the store to find out where was the order I needed to delivery. The doors were lock. Go figure, I do not eat at this place because the people who work here are Rude. Just to let you know. I have been in the foodsevice for over 20years. I have been a RMG of hugh business. This is not how you treat customer. I will be letting people know. This place to be closed.

  • Steve says:

    I really like your food, but after sitting in line for 20 minutes and then ordering to find out I can’t get a #3 because they were out of legs and thighs is pretty discouraging, I hope this is addressed soon, KFC is just down the road.

  • Patricia Cornwell says:

    I live in azle tx , i have been assisted manager at two fried chicken establishments i know you are not to sell chicken after hold time , the last two times I’ve gone to this establishment I’ve received chickem that was way past hold time , yesterday i got violently ill from old chicken. This needs to be addressed ,getting people sick is not good for business. Tjank you


  • Meshun says:

    Went to chicken express on Cockrell hill and wheatland at 932pm and they closed at 11 the girl told me they were out of chicken strips and they had only chicken so I replied how long has the chicken been there and she said u want me to tell u the truth I said yea because I’m gonna be eating it then she said oh about 930ish so I said how long for fresh chicken she said oh we not cooking no more chicken then I said so yall are really gonna serve that food thats been up there for 1hour and thirty minutes to people I thought that was just wrong and deceiving of them something needs to be done……

  • Concerned Guest says:

    The Store on West Berry in Fort Worth has the worst management team-they do drugs on the workplace, show up smelling like drugs and they treat employees like trash, they harass employees based on race and age-this is the worst location with high turnover in management and people-

  • John says:

    On my last three visits to Chicken Express located at 10930 Central Expressway, Dallas, TX they left out the biscuits on 2 of the orders and gave me rolls instead of biscuits on the 3rd order. I did not find out these errors until I got home. They have also eliminated the $20 – 15 tenders deal just so they can gouge customers for an additional $5. When I discussed the errors with the employee at the store they said stuff like that happens and they will try to do better next time. That is poor customer service. I expect I will not receive a response from company headquarters which is typical of the poor leadership within the company and is reflected in the service provided at that location. I will no longer patronize Chicken Express and will become a loyal customer of Golden Chick or KFC. I will make sure I inform everyone I know to not patronize this location and recommend they use any other chicken fast food other than Chicken Express.

  • Charles Tucker says:

    Have been go to/dinning at the Saginaw, TX. location for a long time. It seems that I must be “Snake Bit” with this location. Every time, and I do mean every time my wife or myself go through the drive thru there is something wrong with the order and today was no exception. When dinning inside, I never have problems, however, every time I use the drive thru I cannot get an order that is correct. I placed an order today (2/28/21) and ordered an extra mashed potato and an extra gravy. when I get home, low and behold I’m short a gravy. Why???? When I order across the counter they can get it done correctly but when I place an order in drive thru its never correct. Normally, I don’t go back to the store over something as trivial as this but this is the last time. I go back to the store and a “I’m one of the managers” when asked over an order of gravy that wasn’t included. By the time I returned home, my lunch was luke warm to say the least. I wish you all the luck in the world but not with me or my money any more. And one more item. The store always remembers to put napkins in the box, however, when you get home, the napkins are saturated from the grease off the chicken. So, what good are the napkins?

  • Alisha Lopez says:

    My family and I went to the Greenville Tx location tonight and ordered 2 family meals with an order of rolls. We got home and found roaches in the box of rolls. I called and the manager didn’t seem surprised at all. He wanted make a whole new order. Who wants to eat food that’s been around roaches. They need to clean it up.

  • Laura says:

    This comment is regarding the Loop 288 location in Denton, Texas. My teenage daughter worked there until today. This past weekend, she was just starting her shift and begin coughing. She told her assistant manager that she was not comfortable being around the food or the customers, and she was sent home. The assistant manager told my daughter that she found someone to take her shift and that she was also not to come back in without a COVID test. My daughter called upon coming home (10-15 minutes later) and spoke with the same assistant manager stating that she could get a COVID test, but if it were negative, could she come back in for her shift the next day? She was told no, so my daughter found someone to take her shift for that day (Sunday). The test was negative, we took it to the location, and my daughter was told she could return for her shift today, as there was no known exposure to COVID.

    Last night, my daughter hears from a fellow co-worker that she is going to be written up for what happened over the weekend. My daughter asks how this this co-worker knew and the answer was, “The assistant manger told me.” So, my daughter goes in for her shift today, is immediately called in to the owner’s office, and is told that she is being written up for not finding coverage for the Saturday night shift she was sent home from! Her employment contract is then pulled out, and highlighted where it states that when not able to work a shift, the employee must call in and find coverage 2 hours prior. Sent home sick!!!! We know 2 hours ahead of time that we are going to be sick? My daughter is then told that she will be watched carefully and if she is seen huddling or socializing too much, she would be terminated immediately. My daughter refused the sign the write-up, stating that if she is going to be fired on the spot for socializing (which has nothing to do with the write-up in front of her…..and she has zero write-ups to date since being an employee there 9 months) can she give her 2-week notice? The owner says he would take it now and then gives the assistant manager on shift….the same one from the weekend…a thumbs up! I am not joking, an actual thumbs up.

    My daughter then goes to call me to let me know what has transpired and the owner tells her, “You have 2 minutes to get off my property.” My daughter goes outside to her car, phones me, and I immediately call to speak to the owner. I identified myself and aksed if he could clarify the interaction that had just occurred. He….the owner, Tom….told me that my daughter had been written up for not finding coverage for a shift Saturday night. I asked him if this was the same shift where she was sent home and told that the assistant manager told my daughter that the shift had been covered? He said that this was not the way it was explained to him, and I told him that I heard the assistant manager state this on the phone when my daughter came home that night and call back to inquire about the Sunday shift. He said it was irrelevant, because my daughter had given her notice and he accepted it. I then told him that I wanted it officially documented that his assistant manager…Bri…had been discussing the status of this write-up with other co-workers last night, and we were informed of that by them. I told him that is a violation of professional standards and ethics, and Bri should be held accountable for discussing the discipline status of an employee with others! I was told that he would look into it and that he was not sure it happened.

    Okay, I do not complain about things, but this entire situation appears strategic, targeted, and is absolutely not professional. My daughter does not need this job, but the series of events that unfolded should be examined! I am sorry, but this is how Chicken Express corporate offices want their employees to be treated? No thank you, and I assure you that I will be expressing my concerns over this inappropriateness to anyone who wishes to give that owner and location their money. No one should be running a business like that!

  • Paul says:

    My wife and I went to your Chicken Express in Sherman Texas on12/29/2020 . Went to the door, looked in, turned and walked away. Employees had masks on …. all pulled down under their chin . Uhhh …. in case no one told you , we are in a PANDEMIC and you serve food . For God sakes , cover up .

  • Carl says:

    I have been going to the Chicken Express at 3100 Basswood Blvd in Fort Worth for years. I have always been happy with the service until the point where they only have the drive-thru option available.
    I always order a family meal and since having to go through the drive-thru my order hasn’t been right once. It has been over five times that I have gotten drive-thru orders there and it has been wrong every time.
    It has happened so much that I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t an accident. I believe that they are giving people whatever they have just to push the drive-thru along.
    I always pay extra for extra breast. They have never gotten that right.
    Half the time I don’t get gravy with my mashed potatoes and gravy.
    And some of the times I don’t get enough corn nuggets to feed two people, much less a family.
    I will take my business elsewhere!

  • Nan Crow says:

    Worst experience. Waited 45 minutes for a simple order. Located in Lancaster. It’s a all black employees and I’m white. Cant help to think it was done on purpose. Demand an answer. Now!!!!!!!!

  • Garrett Cloud says:

    I came through the drive through at 8:20 on 11/18/20 and was shocked and very disappointed to watch an employee sit on the counter right next to where my family’s food was I am very upset and disappointed

  • Cathy Porter says:

    I just went to Chicken Express on Boat Club Road, Ft. wort, TX. 76179
    I ordered 3 chicken livers with potatoes. I got my order (Drive-thru) very quickly. I checked the chicken livers, they were cold and hard as a rock. I went back asked for fresh ones, the young lady was very aggrevated and said it will be 6 minutes. I said that’s fine. 10 minutes later I get them, no gravy, cold potatoes. I couldn’t believe the quality and service. The worst ever!!! I will never go back and will also write in the Nextdoor App along with many others about the worst service and food quality.
    Cathy Porter
    720 Gray Wash Drive
    Ft. Worth, TX 76179

  • Brent Lundquist says:

    I don’t know what to the the Lawton store!! For the last two years we have going to them with no problems, but today all went wrong!! Order to go at drive thur # 220 at 632 pm. Person Ashton w. 1. We ordered 12 piece with coleslaw, got home no slaw!!
    2. We gave her military id but no discount on ticket, normally 10% !!
    3. I am a 100% disabled veteran and I gave her the no tax card, but she put on the tax anyway!!
    4. We ordered apple pies but we got cherry!!
    5. We have tried to call for the last 3 hours to talk to someone, but the line has been busy.
    Be careful when going to this place. I will post this to both Facebook and the military chat site!!

  • KK says:

    Someone from corporate needs to check on the Manager in Duncan Oklahoma. She is rude to the employees in front of customers & to the customers. She loses more employees than she can keep on the job. No respect to anyone. I will say something to her the next time I hear her belittling an employee.

  • J says:

    I was so excited when I heard that our little town was going to get a Chicken Express, the only 2 I had ever been to were wonderful. 90% of the time I have gotten chicken it was old. After a few times I corresponded with the owner and his answer was when you call it in ask for fresh chicken. That is the stupidest thing I have heard. Well I did and of course it worked. I don’t feel like I should have to ask for fresh chicken everything I call in. The biscuits I love are left over from the morning, so I can’t get the biscuits which should be sooo delicious. Tonight was the icing on the cake, 8-8-20 6:09 pm order # 259 at the Hearne, Texas location, the mash potatoes were dried all around the edges and came out of the container in one lump. I refused to eat them but my husband tasted them and they were terrible. I refuse to talk to him again and this is a disgrace to the Chicken Express name.

  • Mark says:

    In Stephenville.

  • Mark says:

    Love your food and want to patronize our local restaurants, but drove through today and only one employee was wearing a face covering. Seriously? We’re in the middle of a major pandemic!

  • jesse c. says:

    These comments are related to your store in round rock, texas, Palm Valley blvd. I tried to enter the store and the door was locked, this was on a friday, July 10th, 20, time was 4:38pm. After I placed my order and waited in line to pay for my order, thru the drive thru. I asked the young lady at the window, “why was the lobby not open”. Her response was the manager did not want the lobby open. This was the most lame excuse I’ve ever heard. Not more then a couple of weeks earlier the lobby was open and I placed my order and went about my business. So I know that the lobby had been open for customer access. If everyone is wearing a mask (both customers and employees) the lobby should be open. I’ve been to the Frisco store and the lobby was also open for access to place orders. Someone was probably to lazy to open the lobby for customer access. I hate to stand in car lines and waste fuel especially in this heat. I try and frown on doing business with companies that won’t open the lobby. I also had a problem with the poppers the last couple of visits they are not as good as they have been in the past. I don’t know if you changed vendors or what, but i feel like i’m getting ripped off paying good money for those poppers I have been getting. Things need to change at this store.

    Jesse C.

  • Kimberly says:

    I’m not sure who’s in charge of chicken express in Gladewater tx but you need to teach those kids that that the mask go on their faces not they’re chins, were probably all sick now, and they are the unfriendly bunch of people

  • Becky Carson says:

    Placed an online order at the Store on N. Penn in OKC. My husband went to pick it up thru the drive-thru and was told the order was not ready to pull up. He pulled his can’t miss RED Ford F-150 to the front and waited as instructed. After an hour we were worried about him and called. He told us he was still waiting. My daughter in law told him to get back in the drive-thru. He did and told us there were 11 cars in front of him so we called the store. The order was ready and he just needed to wait. My daughter in law asked how they were going to rectify the fact that he had waited over an hour. The said they thought he had left. The Mgr., Christain, told her it wasn’t the store’s problem that it was a post mate issue. By the time he arrived back to the pool with our food it was lukewarm at best, and wet from condensation. We had no utensils and a napkin for the 5 of us. My grandchildren waited over an hour to eat and most of it had to be thrown away. I called the store when we got home and was told basically the same thing. Christain stated it wasn’t their problem it was a post mate problem. I asked could someone not have taken 5 seconds and looked out the window to see if he was there and she said no. HORRID CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  • L Martin says:

    repeat patrons of your Roanoke & Flower Mound TX stores. LOVE your food and have always had friendly, courteous service EXCEPT for the Decatur, TX location right off of HWY 287, Friday, 7/3/2020, about 7:30pm. Stopped there on our way to our ranch property in Alvord & the dining room was closed due to Covid. Drive thru was open but we could not go through as we were trailering our boat. knocked on the door & one of your associates came out & I requested they take our order for to go as we couldn’t access the drive thru. the young lady stated that someone would come out to take our to go order. we waited for 15 minutes before someone came out again after employees inside were standing around trying not to make eye contact w/us as we waited. A tall, thin, dark haired, Hispanic young man came to the door an told us it was going to be a while before they could get to our order, yet there were 4-5 employees inside standing around socializing & waiting to box up drive thru food. I stated we’d waited already for 15 minutes but he just kept repeating himself. At that point I left, hearing him & the rest of the employees laughing. Very disrespectful group of young adults. Management should implement more at your service training for employees at that location. Decatur parents……teach your children to be more respectful & perform the best they can at any job they have or will have.

  • Daniell says:

    My husband and I went through drive through at Chicken Express in Fort Worth, TX last night. To my shock, I saw only 1 employee wearing a mask. One!!! The young lady at the window had no mask nor gloves on; nor did several others employees I observed. Really??? Meadowbrook Blvd location at 9.45pm. We have to work together to stop the spread of Covid 19.

  • Bud Cochran says:

    Sunday 28Jun2020
    First visit to your store in Canyon TX didn’t end well.
    Charged incorrectly.
    Lied to
    Chicken was not good.
    Tuesday 30Jun2020. Called management who wasn’t interested in the situation.
    Sure won’t go to that store again and disappointed at this experience.

  • Misty says:

    Just wondering why employees are no longer wearing face mask. They were 2 weeks ago. Covid-19 cases are increasing!

  • Tracy DeMille says:

    Ordered food at your little Elm Texas restaurant today. Worst food possible. Chicken cold and greasy. Did not even get my okra. Sizes if gravy have gotten smaller. If the chicken had been good enough I would have needed the bigger gravy. Potato’s were half full with very little gravy. Is there a gravy shortage??? Really really disappointed. I don’t think I will ever go back. Lot of money for not the same amount or quality of food.

  • Mark Carrillo says:

    Whoever may be concerned on Restaurant performance. I love Chicken express. When I Talk to friends or family members about what we’re going to eat at work or at home. I always Request chicken express. I recently was in Odessa Texas at a new chicken express that just opened two months a go. The food and customer service was excellent a manager walk to my table and asked me if everything was OK Would I like a refill. I get this great service just about everywhere I go with chicken express. I’m From Corpus Christi Texas I go to all chicken express in this Area. The nearest chicken express to me is 4633 South Staples Corpus Christi Texas. My experience And this chicken express has been awful and it’s not based on one time experience it’s over four in a row. The most recent was today At 7:47pm 06/25/2020 So I paid for my family meal 12 piece two sides biscuits and rolls with a gallon of tea. The manager told me the chicken will be ready in four minutes can you please drive up. I drove up 20 minutes later I had to get out of the car and go to the side door. One of the employees came to the door and said the chicken is not ready that I would have to wait. I told him I’ve been parked here for 20 minutes he said he was going to talk to the manager. I went back to my car and waited a few minutes later the manager came out and hand me the food.You can hear the frustration in her voice and poor attitude. I told her that I was going to leave a review. She said go right ahead Like if she really did not care about customer service. So I got home and the family got ready to eat. The biscuits were cold and hard The Fries were cold the poppers were cold and hard. the food was Awful. I Know it’s not the Business. It is the management in that restaurant What makes it Great or poor in Customer service. PLEASE Improve management in 4633 South Staples Corpus Christi Texas. I will remain a chicken express customer. I will just have to go to a different location. Thank you! For your Attention on this matter.

  • Jimmie Gregg says:

    In the early 1990s my Dad and another gentleman opened the store in Brownwood Tx, and I enjoyed the food and helping out when I had the opportunity. After we left Brownwood and Chicken Express behind us, I was in High School and working at a BBQ joint in San Angelo Tx when one day I was approached by a gentleman I knew from Brownwood and asked if I would be interested in working in the new, first location in San Angelo. I jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first employees at that new location because, I have been through it all. So, forwarding to 6/20/20, we have two local stores here and my wife I used to frequent the one on North Bryant. Tonight we decided to give it another chance since, staying away for months. Same ole crap, my wife ordered tenders and got a breast and a thigh. My 3 piece that should have a breast and 2 legs was 3 breast. The mashed potatos in both meals were colder than the tea. The biscuits were the best rolls Ive had in a while. So, this kind of stuff is a reoccurring thing at this location.

  • Teresa Combs says:

    Just went to Chicken Express In Tahlequah, OK. Employees, including cook, did not wear masks, no gloves, no hair nets and Coronavirus pandemic is ongoing. Taco Bell is doing a marvelous job because they care about their patrons. Chicken Express lost my business forever.

  • Linda Stanley says:

    Went to chicken express in Center, Texas last few times we have been there the chicken was greasy,very small portions for the fish and fish was dried out. Asked for another piece and they wanted 3.75 for another small piece. Terrible service. Food is going down hill and the workers are rude ever since Mr. Windham sold it

  • Trish says:

    I went through the drive thru at your location in Paris Texas on Monday June 1st, for dinner, I ordered, Chicken Liver Dinner with corn on the cob, roll, sweet tea, and a gallon of sweet tea. I as for them to cook the livers fresh and when I got them and drove home the Livers were HARD, an there was only 4 1/2 livers in the box, I call the store and your manager Amanda Dianne is what she said her name was, she was rude and told me that she personally made my livers herself and they were fresh well they were not. I was not able to eat them.

  • Garry says:

    We frequent the Chicken Express on Southwest Blvd. here in San Angelo, Texas. However, no matter how much we enjoy the food,we hardly ever get to enjoy our entire ordered meal. They nearly always mess up our order. They always leave something out of our order. Tonight they left out the mashed potatoes in one dinner, and the okra of another. We have ignored this problem in the past, however enough is enough ! This is the third time in a row this has happened. We have been paying for food that we never get. It is too inconvenient to drive all the way back to restaurant to return the food—especially when everything is already setup to eat at home. It is very frustrating to arrive home and open up you bag or box and find part of your paid for meal missing.
    Also, the girl at the window was not wearing gloves or a mask while handling orders.

  • Ms.Dunn says:

    Tonight my family and I went to the Del City, OK location where we ordered $54 worth of food. When we received the bags it was clear by just counting the boxes that not all of our food was there. The young man operating drive-thru was polite and helpful. I went through the boxes so I knew what was missing explained it to him and showed him the receipt. When he realized what the problem was he said he’d have the rest of it right out. Then it took a little while. When he returned with part of what we were missing he said the manager requested to see the bags so they could make sure because the manager was the one who put together our order. Just them taking the bags back was a health code violation, but in these times with Covid??? When they finally realized that we were right they gave us back our food with what was missing and we left. By the time we got home most of it had to be reheated because it was cold.

  • Laura Carr says:

    I visited the Rockwall TX location. No one was wearing protective masks and gloves. I mentioned it to the employee. She said, “Rockwall doesn’t require it.” I said, ‘it is the right thing to do”. I hope that the CEO will take measures to keep customers and employees safe.

  • Mrs. Williams says:

    My husband and I have gone to the Mansfield and Arlington locations and noticed that NONE of your employees are wearing Masks or Gloves! Being as COVID-19 exists and you’re not testing your employees. You guys should really implement a Mask and glove policy. Please consider the health and safety of your Customers and Employees. It’s just the safe and right thing to do.

  • cathy says:

    I visited your location 5/3/20 off wichita in foresthill, very disappointed with the level of service received.
    The young lady in drive thru dropped my entire order on the ground after trying to literally throw the bag at me. and all she said was “OMG” and closed the window received no I’m sorry or let me make another order, so after waiting at the window for like 5 minutes she comes out and says “yeah can you drive around the front, where we waited another 20 minutes before receiving a fresh order. Very frustrating .

  • Joann says:

    Just went to the location in Coppell, very disappointing. I did a call ahead ordered 2 family sides 2 reg sides.
    All was shoved in ONE box a box that holds 6 rolls. I got 6 rolls and they we’re stacked on top of each other touching 2 styrofoam sides. It’s was ridiculous! I was handed the box and said this is not all the food the girl at the window said check it I’m not sure what she did?? Checked and all shoved. Will not be visiting again!!!!!

  • Tammy J says:

    I purchased a two piece fish meal from the Chicken Express in Lancaster TX. And the fish wasn’t anything like in the menu. The fish looks to be cut in half. I called the store and the so called GM Dee was so rude telling me that he can’t do anything about that. So I asked to speak to someone else. And he tells me that he’s not going to give me that other managers number. I’m so upset that they would charge so much for their meals and get offencive with you when you ask where is the rest of your food knowing that is a high price to pay for a piece of fish that was cut in half. This very unacceptable and I will never go to another Chicken Express again in my life, and I would advise my friends and family not to either! They are a rip off!

  • Margaret says:

    April 23, 2020 3:15pm.
    This happened in Kaufman, Texas. I ordered two#1 combos. (A boy took the order.). The boy took my card & returned it. Then, a girl brought part of my order & walked off. She looked like she was stoned. Well she did not return with my drinks. I pounded on the window about 10 minutes & she would look over at me & just ignored me. She finally came to the window & asked. Do you need something else. You forgot the drinks !! She said WHAT DO YOU WANT ?? Had to tell her 3 times before she got it. Very very unpleasant visit !!

  • P Fogle says:

    April 21, 2020 – 6:25 PM
    Edmond, OK

    We went thru the drive thru last evening – while sitting in line waiting for our order, the kids asked why are the employees inside handling our food NOT wearing masks, gloves hairnets?
    One woman with huge wild bushy hair had no hair net was throwing her head around flipping her hair obviously on purpose – when we got to the window, I cancelled our order told them why and they just shrugged their shoulders and Oh Well!!!

  • TG says:

    I went to chicken Express in Longview Texas for my kids i didn’t get all the food I paid for when I told them I asked to speak to a manager because how rude they were. Well the rude person was the manager… Taylor!!!!
    So when I asked to speak to another manager she told me she won’t be in til Monday and hung the phone up in my face… so here a pay for food that I didn’t receive for my kids….

  • Kyle says:

    You’d think as bad as the restaurant industry has it with Covid-19 they’d work harder at customer service, but not the location at 513 N. Industrial Blvd, Bedford TX. They screwed up both of my orders, and when I drove back to get it fixed, Juan would fix only one. He acted as if their mistake was my fault. Worse, Chicken Express Corp has no way for anyone to complain. You have to go back to the location. As if Juan, who told me he was the manager, is going to reprimand himself. It requires someone from corporate to fix bad local management. That tells me Chicken Express Corp doesn’t care about its customers. All they care about is making money. I, for one, won’t eat there again. When enough people stop visiting their restaurants, and they lose money, maybe then they’ll improve their terrible customer service.

  • Chartriece says:

    I went to the Chicken Express in Desoto, Tx. Now we all know that with COVID19 all employess are suppose to be wearing gloves. The girl who takes my order comes outside with her gloves on and walks to her car and closes the gas tank with the gloves on. Then I am looking through the window to see the manager is wearing gloves as he prepares the boxes, however the teenage girl who is getting fries to put them in the box is wearing no gloves. I told the cashier to just cancel my order due to the girl not wearing gloves.

    I try another Chicken Express in Red Oak, Tx. The girl preparing the boxes is not wearing gloves at all. When I tell the young man, who was taking the orders, that I don’t want it due to the girl not wearing gloves. The girl comes to the window not practicing the social distancing, so I barely had my window cracked. She tells me that she doesn’t have to wear gloves due to she uses tongs to touch all the food. I said but your hands are touching the boxes and that is not what health inspectors are saying on the news. She rolled her eyes and slammed the window. I’m sorry there are too many businesses that would love to have customers to make sure they are still making money. I left and went to one of the best customer service business model practiced Chick-fil-A. All their staff wears gloves from the worker who is passing out condiments to the one taking the order to all who are preparing the orders.

  • R. Mims says:

    Order #99. On 3/26/2020 I purchased a fish meal. While waiting on the order the young lady in t in the window did not have gloves, so asked were are your glove she stated I just came from the bathroom. ( What)When I got home the fish was hard as a rock , hush puppies were cold. I called the manager and was told the would replace my meal but I have to have my receipt. I explained don’t live close and it won’t be today. I went to day 3-30 and I just want my money back. I was told I couldn’t get my money back per corporate rules,and they tried to give me a gift card. I don’t want anything but my money back. Customer service is bad
    Tyler Tx. Old Jacksonville hwy.

  • CJ Brottem says:

    4760 College St Bmt Tx chicken express
    order number with a drive-through number-T# 309 as a senior Citizen I did not get a discount and the hostess was TKAIL her Superior that they had discontinued it! She was not truthful because I had gotten it the week before! Call or email me any time!

  • Dale Moore says:

    The store in question is located on Collins Street in Arlington, TX, and the date is 3/20/20. After I explained how I was shorted an item in my order to the manager and would like a refund for the missing side, he refers the question to his superior working in the line. This person says I must return the food to get any resolution to my problem and walks away. And he never changed his gloves after handling my receipt and getting back to work. No where in the store is a sign saying to bring back your food if there is a problem. Not one word of “I am sorry but, or this time we will make an exception but next time….” During this time of social distancing and stores needing all the business possible, I was amazed at how unconcerned the management was with this issue. I had quit using Chicken Express once before for not getting their orders correct but after a long period of time I decided to allow them another try. They will never receive my business again. Give your business to someone who appreciates you as a customer because it is clear they don’t!

  • Chris says:

    Burleson Chicken Express by far one of the worst Chicken Express around. I was just told by GM that they serve you what ever is available when you order a family meal.we all know that dark meat is cheaper than white meat. Needles to say I had to go to another place to get what I wanted. Never again!!!!!

  • Mary Olivas says:

    I am from Weatherford, Texas this was my first time to one of your store . I had a hard time we had a coupon that we got for “chicken Express for Weatherford, Texas I took a picture of it but I don’t know how to download it. Anyway they would not honor it even when it said Weatherford, Texas the manager send a young man to tell us they wouldn’t that it had to say Weatherford, Texas so we show him the coupon he went back to the manager he came back and he told us that he said no . What !!! Tell me I am I wrong or what . I went ahead and got the chicken they told us it would be 36.14 when he came to charge us he said it was 46. ?? . I told that she told us a different price he went back then he said we were right. What is wrong with this picture help me please.
    Mary Olivas
    215 Rentz Place Circle
    Weatherford, Texas 76086

  • Kim Hicks says:

    My son worked for your company and he never got his w2 from 2017. Who does he contact?

  • Rita C McCudden says:

    I would like to know if Chicken Express has changed suppliers for their chicken pieces. In the last few months, in this last month in particular, the chicken thighs are about half the size they had been in the past. Three thighs would more than fill the box the chicken comes in. Now 4 of them wouldn’t fill it.
    I have been a regular customer of the Chicken Express in Benbook on Hwy 377 for at least 30 years, and have also purchased from the Chicken Express near Hulen Mall just off I 20.
    I am sorry to say that both have smaller chicken pieces and the quality of their sides (particularly the fried okra and mashed potatoes) have gone down in quality.
    I understand that the one on HWY 377 is the original. That is why I expect quality food.
    This area has supported these sites and would hate to see them lose customers.
    I have noticed that where they used to have cars in the parking lot at most times of the day and also going thru the drive thru, that that customer base has fallen off. I can only suspect that has to do with the quality and size of the chicken pieces. The signature iced tea quality is also less.
    Does anyone in the main office check out these franchises, or do they just leave the quality to the franchise owners? The main office needs to be on top of how their franchises are doing.

  • Lilli Lehman says:

    in chickasha oklahoma Tammy the manager has horrible customer service and is extremely rude and discriminates her workers.

  • Lashon Lewis says:

    I am very upset I purchased the 20 piece tender family meal , my tenders were not fresh and seemed like they had been sitting up for a while , my mashed potatoes were like water no taste , what happened, I didn’t see this til I got home but I live in Dallas and I purchased it from the location way out in Rockwall on Golaid St. I just would like to be compensated or reimbursed with a gift card or some , when I called back with the complaint to the store I was told to bring the food back in , thats bad customer service after I explained , how far away I live

  • Unhappy customer says:

    You claim to serve fresh food which is not the case in Graham, Tx. My last 4 or 5 visits have ended in the same result, inedible chicken, dry and nasty. You can be sure I won’t be wasting my money there in the future.

  • Ashley says:

    Does anyone from corporate actually do anything regarding their Chicken Express franchises or is this a fake place for people to vent? Either way, I will be reporting the one in Mesquite by Mesquite High School very shortly.

  • Jan Baker says:

    I have never had a bad experience at our Chicken Express here in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Food always good and hot, servers always polite. Sorry for all these negative remarks..

  • MW says:

    The Chicken Express on Highway 175 in Seagoville Texas has a mean hateful rude older woman who works there. She talks harsh and has a bad attitude. If you order fish she tells you it will take 15 minutes like she wants you not to order. No matter what you ask for she comes back with a rude answer. She tries to get the customer to leave by being so rude, I guess so she will not have to do anything. Twice we have gone there and she is so rude we left without ordering. We tried to report her but Chicken Express does not have a customer service number. We sent an e-mail to a person named Wes who the computer said was in charge of that store but they never got back with us. So we will have to go to other Chicken Expresses when we decide to eat at one.

  • Joann BROOKS says:

    Please put a chicken express on Kuykendahl and 99 freeway in spring TX. Very busy area now.

  • charles says:

    Site location: 1111 E. Davis St., Mesquite, TX

    Yesterday evening, 10.16.19, I purchased three pieces of chicken then waited 20 min to receive my order. While waiting I just looked around the dining area and noticed extreme dust build up on the ceiling return air vents, all of them.

    The service was terrible.

    This is good, the security camera is hanging from the ceiling by the wires that I suppose connect the camera to the security system.

    The inside glass in the dining area is just smeared up, not cleaned.

    The entrance and side doors are caked with dust inside.

    The place is just a mess.

    I have pics just, don’t know how to attach.

  • ginny says:

    the location in sherman texas just off Texoma parkway has no common sense. I ordered for home delivery, which never showed up so I called this store to see if they had placed my order and picked it up. I understand she has nothing to do with the delivery company, but she couldn’t even tell me her location, where are you located? I don’t know. whats your street address… I don’t know or what to tell you.. a tad bit stupid. ginny mcdonald 303-386-2789

  • Miriam says:

    My experience was TERRIBLE at your Seagoville, Tx location. FIRST AND LAST TIME eating at this franchise. Apparently the cashier had an issue us dining in at 9pm and then makes this ugly face gesture at us when she knew we wanted to dine in. We asked her to speak to her manager. She calls a girl from the kitchen (does not look like a manager) and we asked her if there was an issue and she replied no there’s not and I said your cashier has an issue. She then says” she’s new I don’t know her”. We sit and eat and cashier goes and sweeps under our feet. No type of respect or manners.

  • Pat Jones says:

    Visited your Altus OK store at 2724 N. Main St, experience was terrible. Went through drive-thru, ordered livers and gizzards cooked crispy. They were served to me cold, when I told the cashier my food was not hot, she replied “you wanted your food hot.” Its going to take 6 minutes, then did not even offer me a complimentary drink. Took 17 minutes to get my food, the gizzards were hard on the outside and rubbery on the inside, like they weren’t done. I asked for my money back, the manager never apologized for my inconvenience, but she did tell me she had to throw away 2 orders. I thought this representative of Chicken Express was very unprofessional, the store policy of not serving fresh, hot food is deplorable and my money is too valuable to me to allow myself to be treated in this manner and I won’t be back.

  • Doug Yeargain says:

    Measured my chicken tenders longest one was 2 3/4” long this is a rip-off. This was at Ada Ok store. Spent 15.00 on some chicken bits & a few livers, also the fries totaled 13 soaking greasy fries. What a joke. This store was awesome when it first opened. I guess the shareholders need all the money they can ripoff from customers. I don’t see a bright future for your company.

  • aaron says:

    the team on midway road and frankford rd dallas need to get it together , 7/12/2019 the cashier she had the nastiest mouth ever , made me want to throw up, then , she is coughing all over the place and not covering her mouth,AT All, lets start with hygiene in training….yuk mouth

  • Sharon says:

    Please put a Chicken Express in Atoka Oklahoma. Hwy 69 runs thru Atoka and gas tons and tons of thru traffic. It would be a great sucess for you.. Please check it out. Thanks Sharon

  • Janie says:

    Me again… hire me in the corporate office …
    Janie McKinney
    817 454 5848
    933 Aspen Court
    Burleson, TX 76028

  • Jprez says:

    Why is it so hard to get a 16 piece Family Dark Meat, every time I ask for it and it’s the same old song well we can’t. When I go to Popeyes, or Church’s no problem. Can someone answer me on that one I e-mail the person on his Hotmail.com and no call no nothing……

  • Jim thomason says:

    How come you stopped giving military discounts?

  • Charlotte says:

    The DesotoTx Chicken Express is the worst customer service I ever seen. Went there again thinking they got better. But still the worst ever. I waited in my car 45 minutes for my meal, they never bought my food to me.I had to get out of my car to go get my meal because they forgot about me after they told me to pull over and they will bring it to me. I go inside boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s all over the place. Do the cameras work ? Because management need to see what is going on. People was pulling of because of the service. Terrible.

  • Tracy Thomas says:

    I visit your Waxahachie Chicken Express. Every time we visit is checking Express the food is never done correctly the food is either placed in the bags wrong or the orders is totally completely wrong. Or we ordered livers or gizzards and they are hard like they have been sitting up there all day. This is consistently with this location and you can talk to Cheyenne. And I’m not understanding why no one can get this right and I think they have too many children and no adults working here that’s can I get this information right.

  • Scott says:

    The food was good, took a bit to get but it was good.
    Could have done without the vehicle parked in the employee section with the disrespectful Trump/ Kim obscene gesture on the roof as well as the foul language coming from the kitchen.

  • >