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  • Address: 130 NE Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028, USA
  • Phone Number: 8172958886
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1988
  • Founder: Richard & Nancy Stewart
  • Key People: Richard Stuart (CEO)

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About Chicken Express, History and Headquarters Information

Chicken Express was incorporated back in 1988 by Richard and Nancy Stuart's Stuart Group Inc. in Benbrook, Texas.

Chicken Express is a chain of fast food restaurants spread over the Southern United States. The restaurant provides a variety of food items such as side dishes, catfish, chicken tenders, and fried chicken. The chain is also very popular for their iced tea. Chicken Express is based in Burleson, Texas and is spread over more than 200 locations in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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  • Ms.Dunn says:

    Tonight my family and I went to the Del City, OK location where we ordered $54 worth of food. When we received the bags it was clear by just counting the boxes that not all of our food was there. The young man operating drive-thru was polite and helpful. I went through the boxes so I knew what was missing explained it to him and showed him the receipt. When he realized what the problem was he said he’d have the rest of it right out. Then it took a little while. When he returned with part of what we were missing he said the manager requested to see the bags so they could make sure because the manager was the one who put together our order. Just them taking the bags back was a health code violation, but in these times with Covid??? When they finally realized that we were right they gave us back our food with what was missing and we left. By the time we got home most of it had to be reheated because it was cold.

  • Laura Carr says:

    I visited the Rockwall TX location. No one was wearing protective masks and gloves. I mentioned it to the employee. She said, “Rockwall doesn’t require it.” I said, ‘it is the right thing to do”. I hope that the CEO will take measures to keep customers and employees safe.

  • Mrs. Williams says:

    My husband and I have gone to the Mansfield and Arlington locations and noticed that NONE of your employees are wearing Masks or Gloves! Being as COVID-19 exists and you’re not testing your employees. You guys should really implement a Mask and glove policy. Please consider the health and safety of your Customers and Employees. It’s just the safe and right thing to do.

  • cathy says:

    I visited your location 5/3/20 off wichita in foresthill, very disappointed with the level of service received.
    The young lady in drive thru dropped my entire order on the ground after trying to literally throw the bag at me. and all she said was “OMG” and closed the window received no I’m sorry or let me make another order, so after waiting at the window for like 5 minutes she comes out and says “yeah can you drive around the front, where we waited another 20 minutes before receiving a fresh order. Very frustrating .

  • Joann says:

    Just went to the location in Coppell, very disappointing. I did a call ahead ordered 2 family sides 2 reg sides.
    All was shoved in ONE box a box that holds 6 rolls. I got 6 rolls and they we’re stacked on top of each other touching 2 styrofoam sides. It’s was ridiculous! I was handed the box and said this is not all the food the girl at the window said check it I’m not sure what she did?? Checked and all shoved. Will not be visiting again!!!!!

  • Tammy J says:

    I purchased a two piece fish meal from the Chicken Express in Lancaster TX. And the fish wasn’t anything like in the menu. The fish looks to be cut in half. I called the store and the so called GM Dee was so rude telling me that he can’t do anything about that. So I asked to speak to someone else. And he tells me that he’s not going to give me that other managers number. I’m so upset that they would charge so much for their meals and get offencive with you when you ask where is the rest of your food knowing that is a high price to pay for a piece of fish that was cut in half. This very unacceptable and I will never go to another Chicken Express again in my life, and I would advise my friends and family not to either! They are a rip off!

  • Margaret says:

    April 23, 2020 3:15pm.
    This happened in Kaufman, Texas. I ordered two#1 combos. (A boy took the order.). The boy took my card & returned it. Then, a girl brought part of my order & walked off. She looked like she was stoned. Well she did not return with my drinks. I pounded on the window about 10 minutes & she would look over at me & just ignored me. She finally came to the window & asked. Do you need something else. You forgot the drinks !! She said WHAT DO YOU WANT ?? Had to tell her 3 times before she got it. Very very unpleasant visit !!

  • P Fogle says:

    April 21, 2020 – 6:25 PM
    Edmond, OK

    We went thru the drive thru last evening – while sitting in line waiting for our order, the kids asked why are the employees inside handling our food NOT wearing masks, gloves hairnets?
    One woman with huge wild bushy hair had no hair net was throwing her head around flipping her hair obviously on purpose – when we got to the window, I cancelled our order told them why and they just shrugged their shoulders and Oh Well!!!

  • TG says:

    I went to chicken Express in Longview Texas for my kids i didn’t get all the food I paid for when I told them I asked to speak to a manager because how rude they were. Well the rude person was the manager… Taylor!!!!
    So when I asked to speak to another manager she told me she won’t be in til Monday and hung the phone up in my face… so here a pay for food that I didn’t receive for my kids….

  • Kyle says:

    You’d think as bad as the restaurant industry has it with Covid-19 they’d work harder at customer service, but not the location at 513 N. Industrial Blvd, Bedford TX. They screwed up both of my orders, and when I drove back to get it fixed, Juan would fix only one. He acted as if their mistake was my fault. Worse, Chicken Express Corp has no way for anyone to complain. You have to go back to the location. As if Juan, who told me he was the manager, is going to reprimand himself. It requires someone from corporate to fix bad local management. That tells me Chicken Express Corp doesn’t care about its customers. All they care about is making money. I, for one, won’t eat there again. When enough people stop visiting their restaurants, and they lose money, maybe then they’ll improve their terrible customer service.

  • Chartriece says:

    I went to the Chicken Express in Desoto, Tx. Now we all know that with COVID19 all employess are suppose to be wearing gloves. The girl who takes my order comes outside with her gloves on and walks to her car and closes the gas tank with the gloves on. Then I am looking through the window to see the manager is wearing gloves as he prepares the boxes, however the teenage girl who is getting fries to put them in the box is wearing no gloves. I told the cashier to just cancel my order due to the girl not wearing gloves.

    I try another Chicken Express in Red Oak, Tx. The girl preparing the boxes is not wearing gloves at all. When I tell the young man, who was taking the orders, that I don’t want it due to the girl not wearing gloves. The girl comes to the window not practicing the social distancing, so I barely had my window cracked. She tells me that she doesn’t have to wear gloves due to she uses tongs to touch all the food. I said but your hands are touching the boxes and that is not what health inspectors are saying on the news. She rolled her eyes and slammed the window. I’m sorry there are too many businesses that would love to have customers to make sure they are still making money. I left and went to one of the best customer service business model practiced Chick-fil-A. All their staff wears gloves from the worker who is passing out condiments to the one taking the order to all who are preparing the orders.

  • R. Mims says:

    Order #99. On 3/26/2020 I purchased a fish meal. While waiting on the order the young lady in t in the window did not have gloves, so asked were are your glove she stated I just came from the bathroom. ( What)When I got home the fish was hard as a rock , hush puppies were cold. I called the manager and was told the would replace my meal but I have to have my receipt. I explained don’t live close and it won’t be today. I went to day 3-30 and I just want my money back. I was told I couldn’t get my money back per corporate rules,and they tried to give me a gift card. I don’t want anything but my money back. Customer service is bad
    Tyler Tx. Old Jacksonville hwy.

  • CJ Brottem says:

    4760 College St Bmt Tx chicken express
    order number with a drive-through number-T# 309 as a senior Citizen I did not get a discount and the hostess was TKAIL her Superior that they had discontinued it! She was not truthful because I had gotten it the week before! Call or email me any time!

  • Dale Moore says:

    The store in question is located on Collins Street in Arlington, TX, and the date is 3/20/20. After I explained how I was shorted an item in my order to the manager and would like a refund for the missing side, he refers the question to his superior working in the line. This person says I must return the food to get any resolution to my problem and walks away. And he never changed his gloves after handling my receipt and getting back to work. No where in the store is a sign saying to bring back your food if there is a problem. Not one word of “I am sorry but, or this time we will make an exception but next time….” During this time of social distancing and stores needing all the business possible, I was amazed at how unconcerned the management was with this issue. I had quit using Chicken Express once before for not getting their orders correct but after a long period of time I decided to allow them another try. They will never receive my business again. Give your business to someone who appreciates you as a customer because it is clear they don’t!

  • Chris says:

    Burleson Chicken Express by far one of the worst Chicken Express around. I was just told by GM that they serve you what ever is available when you order a family meal.we all know that dark meat is cheaper than white meat. Needles to say I had to go to another place to get what I wanted. Never again!!!!!

  • Mary Olivas says:

    I am from Weatherford, Texas this was my first time to one of your store . I had a hard time we had a coupon that we got for “chicken Express for Weatherford, Texas I took a picture of it but I don’t know how to download it. Anyway they would not honor it even when it said Weatherford, Texas the manager send a young man to tell us they wouldn’t that it had to say Weatherford, Texas so we show him the coupon he went back to the manager he came back and he told us that he said no . What !!! Tell me I am I wrong or what . I went ahead and got the chicken they told us it would be 36.14 when he came to charge us he said it was 46. ?? . I told that she told us a different price he went back then he said we were right. What is wrong with this picture help me please.
    Mary Olivas
    215 Rentz Place Circle
    Weatherford, Texas 76086

  • Kim Hicks says:

    My son worked for your company and he never got his w2 from 2017. Who does he contact?

  • Rita C McCudden says:

    I would like to know if Chicken Express has changed suppliers for their chicken pieces. In the last few months, in this last month in particular, the chicken thighs are about half the size they had been in the past. Three thighs would more than fill the box the chicken comes in. Now 4 of them wouldn’t fill it.
    I have been a regular customer of the Chicken Express in Benbook on Hwy 377 for at least 30 years, and have also purchased from the Chicken Express near Hulen Mall just off I 20.
    I am sorry to say that both have smaller chicken pieces and the quality of their sides (particularly the fried okra and mashed potatoes) have gone down in quality.
    I understand that the one on HWY 377 is the original. That is why I expect quality food.
    This area has supported these sites and would hate to see them lose customers.
    I have noticed that where they used to have cars in the parking lot at most times of the day and also going thru the drive thru, that that customer base has fallen off. I can only suspect that has to do with the quality and size of the chicken pieces. The signature iced tea quality is also less.
    Does anyone in the main office check out these franchises, or do they just leave the quality to the franchise owners? The main office needs to be on top of how their franchises are doing.

  • Lilli Lehman says:

    in chickasha oklahoma Tammy the manager has horrible customer service and is extremely rude and discriminates her workers.

  • Lashon Lewis says:

    I am very upset I purchased the 20 piece tender family meal , my tenders were not fresh and seemed like they had been sitting up for a while , my mashed potatoes were like water no taste , what happened, I didn’t see this til I got home but I live in Dallas and I purchased it from the location way out in Rockwall on Golaid St. I just would like to be compensated or reimbursed with a gift card or some , when I called back with the complaint to the store I was told to bring the food back in , thats bad customer service after I explained , how far away I live

  • Unhappy customer says:

    You claim to serve fresh food which is not the case in Graham, Tx. My last 4 or 5 visits have ended in the same result, inedible chicken, dry and nasty. You can be sure I won’t be wasting my money there in the future.

  • Ashley says:

    Does anyone from corporate actually do anything regarding their Chicken Express franchises or is this a fake place for people to vent? Either way, I will be reporting the one in Mesquite by Mesquite High School very shortly.

  • Jan Baker says:

    I have never had a bad experience at our Chicken Express here in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Food always good and hot, servers always polite. Sorry for all these negative remarks..

  • MW says:

    The Chicken Express on Highway 175 in Seagoville Texas has a mean hateful rude older woman who works there. She talks harsh and has a bad attitude. If you order fish she tells you it will take 15 minutes like she wants you not to order. No matter what you ask for she comes back with a rude answer. She tries to get the customer to leave by being so rude, I guess so she will not have to do anything. Twice we have gone there and she is so rude we left without ordering. We tried to report her but Chicken Express does not have a customer service number. We sent an e-mail to a person named Wes who the computer said was in charge of that store but they never got back with us. So we will have to go to other Chicken Expresses when we decide to eat at one.

  • Joann BROOKS says:

    Please put a chicken express on Kuykendahl and 99 freeway in spring TX. Very busy area now.

  • charles says:

    Site location: 1111 E. Davis St., Mesquite, TX

    Yesterday evening, 10.16.19, I purchased three pieces of chicken then waited 20 min to receive my order. While waiting I just looked around the dining area and noticed extreme dust build up on the ceiling return air vents, all of them.

    The service was terrible.

    This is good, the security camera is hanging from the ceiling by the wires that I suppose connect the camera to the security system.

    The inside glass in the dining area is just smeared up, not cleaned.

    The entrance and side doors are caked with dust inside.

    The place is just a mess.

    I have pics just, don’t know how to attach.

  • ginny says:

    the location in sherman texas just off Texoma parkway has no common sense. I ordered for home delivery, which never showed up so I called this store to see if they had placed my order and picked it up. I understand she has nothing to do with the delivery company, but she couldn’t even tell me her location, where are you located? I don’t know. whats your street address… I don’t know or what to tell you.. a tad bit stupid. ginny mcdonald 303-386-2789

  • Miriam says:

    My experience was TERRIBLE at your Seagoville, Tx location. FIRST AND LAST TIME eating at this franchise. Apparently the cashier had an issue us dining in at 9pm and then makes this ugly face gesture at us when she knew we wanted to dine in. We asked her to speak to her manager. She calls a girl from the kitchen (does not look like a manager) and we asked her if there was an issue and she replied no there’s not and I said your cashier has an issue. She then says” she’s new I don’t know her”. We sit and eat and cashier goes and sweeps under our feet. No type of respect or manners.

  • Pat Jones says:

    Visited your Altus OK store at 2724 N. Main St, experience was terrible. Went through drive-thru, ordered livers and gizzards cooked crispy. They were served to me cold, when I told the cashier my food was not hot, she replied “you wanted your food hot.” Its going to take 6 minutes, then did not even offer me a complimentary drink. Took 17 minutes to get my food, the gizzards were hard on the outside and rubbery on the inside, like they weren’t done. I asked for my money back, the manager never apologized for my inconvenience, but she did tell me she had to throw away 2 orders. I thought this representative of Chicken Express was very unprofessional, the store policy of not serving fresh, hot food is deplorable and my money is too valuable to me to allow myself to be treated in this manner and I won’t be back.

  • Doug Yeargain says:

    Measured my chicken tenders longest one was 2 3/4” long this is a rip-off. This was at Ada Ok store. Spent 15.00 on some chicken bits & a few livers, also the fries totaled 13 soaking greasy fries. What a joke. This store was awesome when it first opened. I guess the shareholders need all the money they can ripoff from customers. I don’t see a bright future for your company.

  • aaron says:

    the team on midway road and frankford rd dallas need to get it together , 7/12/2019 the cashier she had the nastiest mouth ever , made me want to throw up, then , she is coughing all over the place and not covering her mouth,AT All, lets start with hygiene in training….yuk mouth

  • Sharon says:

    Please put a Chicken Express in Atoka Oklahoma. Hwy 69 runs thru Atoka and gas tons and tons of thru traffic. It would be a great sucess for you.. Please check it out. Thanks Sharon

  • Janie says:

    Me again… hire me in the corporate office …
    Janie McKinney
    817 454 5848
    933 Aspen Court
    Burleson, TX 76028

  • Jprez says:

    Why is it so hard to get a 16 piece Family Dark Meat, every time I ask for it and it’s the same old song well we can’t. When I go to Popeyes, or Church’s no problem. Can someone answer me on that one I e-mail the person on his Hotmail.com and no call no nothing……

  • Jim thomason says:

    How come you stopped giving military discounts?

  • Charlotte says:

    The DesotoTx Chicken Express is the worst customer service I ever seen. Went there again thinking they got better. But still the worst ever. I waited in my car 45 minutes for my meal, they never bought my food to me.I had to get out of my car to go get my meal because they forgot about me after they told me to pull over and they will bring it to me. I go inside boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s all over the place. Do the cameras work ? Because management need to see what is going on. People was pulling of because of the service. Terrible.

  • Tracy Thomas says:

    I visit your Waxahachie Chicken Express. Every time we visit is checking Express the food is never done correctly the food is either placed in the bags wrong or the orders is totally completely wrong. Or we ordered livers or gizzards and they are hard like they have been sitting up there all day. This is consistently with this location and you can talk to Cheyenne. And I’m not understanding why no one can get this right and I think they have too many children and no adults working here that’s can I get this information right.

  • Scott says:

    The food was good, took a bit to get but it was good.
    Could have done without the vehicle parked in the employee section with the disrespectful Trump/ Kim obscene gesture on the roof as well as the foul language coming from the kitchen.

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