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  • Address: 1855 Griffin Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004, United States
  • Phone Number: 954-793-4142
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  9000
  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Ryan Cohen
    Michael Day
  • Key People: Mr. Ryan Cohen (CEO and Director

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Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President and Corporate Controller

Chief Merchant

About Chewy, History and Headquarters Information

Chewy.com was incorporated as "Mr. Chewy" in 2011 by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day. It is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida and Boston MA.

Chewy.com, Inc. is a retailer of pet food. They are online retailers and offer a line of products such as freeze-dried food, feeders, toppings, supplements, biscuits, and dental and hard chews. Chewy.com provides its products and services to its customers in the United States. It is an amazing destination for dog and cat lovers who are looking for the best quality products for their pets. Chewy.com was started with a purpose to help pets. They offer 24*7 customer services. This company has more than 10,000 employees, from Amazon, PetSmart, Whole Foods Market, and Wayfair, operating three customer service centers in FL, TX and KY and eight fulfillment centers in PA, AZ, TX, KY, NV, IN and FL.

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  • Karen Weir says:

    Love your products but Fed ex delivery is making liars of you and falsly advertising “delivery to your door.” They leave our order on the base of the 8 steps leading to our porch. We are older people and cannot lift the boxes of cat litter etc and carry them. Fed Ex has been notified that we require the items to be brought to the porch, via their site. I have contacted Chewy on the order site and and called once. Can’t someone please, talk to Fed Ex about this problem ? They aren’t doing their job !

  • Becky Reynolds says:

    I want to send my heartfelt gratitude after we loss our Chase. I had a compassionate conversation with someone when I called to say the last delivery would not be opened. The pleasure of donating to a rescue or charity was a way to pay it forward, in Chase’s memory. A few days later a beautiful arrangement of flowers was sent. What a gift of kindness during a time of loss. The card was signed, Vicky from Chewy.com.
    This is a company I would be proud to work for , if the opportunity arose.
    Sincerely Grateful,
    Becky Reynolds

  • Laura says:

    I need the email address for the HR corporate office.
    Exceptionally important.

  • Michelle Moll says:

    Chewy headquarters,
    I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be purchasing another product from you ever again.
    Not a big buyer but knowing you pulled my pillow products from your shelf is enough for me to know what kind of company your all about makes me sick!
    Would never give my hard earn money to a company that is in the political swamp of people that don’t care of the consumer or any American!!!
    I know there are many people that feel the same way. I hope it makes a little impact on your big empire!!! Eventually it will all catch up to all you big corporations,truly believe that.
    Michelle Moll

  • BM says:

    I want to thank Marc in Customer Service for his compassion and kindness when I called (757pm 29th Dec 2020) to return a new order I received for my beautiful dog that I sadly had to say goodbye too on the morning of Christmas Eve 2020 unexpectedly. It was a devastating loss and I just wanted to return to sender and was told to go ahead and donate it to a rescue. Poor Marc had to try and understand me while I was crying. But then a few days later I received flowers and a beautiful note from him & Chewy.com and that was incredibly kindhearted. And trust me when I say I’m just thankful for his actions that day. Compassion is nice to see after such a horrible loss.
    Thank you again.

  • Sonia Friberg says:

    I liked Chewy better when it was a small company with excellent customer service. I’m happy for the owners because they were rewarded in a huge way for running a successful business who honestly cared for their customers. I spoke with the nastiest woman on the phone today whose attitude was rude and nasty. This is what happens when a large company eliminates the competition and they hire people who have zero customer service skills. I think someone else should start up another company on a small scale at first and build build it up to compete with Chewy.

  • Unhappy Customer says:

    Chew sucks!! Can’t get insulin for my diabetic dog shipped on time!!

  • Richard Page says:

    I just wanted to thank the people at Chewy.com, especially Mayen. I recently had to put my dog to sleep. While that was tough enough, I had forgotten that I had an auto-ship setup with items for both my dog and my cats. I contacted Mayen the day I was charged, and all of the charges were immediately reversed and I was told I could either send the items back or donate them to a shelter. On top of that, the very next day a lovely little bouquet of flowers and a very touching sympathy note from Mayen arrived at my door. THANK YOU!!!

  • Linda says:

    Chewy sucks!!!!!!!! Placed an order for Royal Canin Vet Diet food which is essential for my diabetic dog. I placed this order on 7/14/2020. I also submitted the authorization needed to fill the order and Chewy also contacted my veterinarians office to get the authorization. On the 7/20 I noticed that my order said preparing for shipment so I decided to call since I was aware that companies were experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19. However this was not the case. I was informed that they had not received the necessary authorization. Seriously? I sent it in and they contacted my veterinarian same day I placed the order. It gets better. On 7/21 I called again and got the same excuse, no authorization. PS, according to the website, if there’s an issue they will contact the veterinarian or the customer. They did neither one. MY DOG ABSOLUTELY NEEDS THIS FOOD!!!!!!! I called them at least 7 times on 7/21 and spoke to 9 different people most of which gave me BS excuses. And here’s the kicker. The idiots had already captured the amount of this order $139.27. They also tried charging it to my form of payment another 13x on 7/21/2020, which was declined after so many tries (they already had the damn money on 7/14) causing my order to be cancelled. Never again will I order from Chewy. Their employees have no idea what they’re doing. I have let friends and family know and hope they step away from Chewy also. They are a joke and I will not put my dogs life in danger because of the jerks that run this 3 ring call circus.

  • Veronica Verdugo says:

    I would like to speak with someone on HR I work for chewy but I’ve had problems with supervisors and now they want to make falls acquisitions I talk to HR but no help who else can i speak with?

  • John T. says:

    This is a classic example of what happens when a large corporation with share holders who only care about their profits comes in & buys a small company, the end result is THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS & QUALITY CONTROL/PERFORMANCE & CONTINUATION OF NOT FIXING THEIR PROBLEMS WHICH BECOMES A NEVER ENDING CIRCLE OF SAME PROBLEMS & CREATES MORE PROBLEMS & EXPANDS & GROWS, AFFECTING MANY, MANY CUSTOMERS & NEVER GETS RESOLVED, EVER!!!!! It keeps repeating over & over & over & over & over & over & over again!!!!!!! THEY NEVER COME OUT OF THE REPETITIVE ERROR CIRCLE, IT GROWS WORSE!!!!! Been a Chewy customer for at least 7 – 8 years now.

    Placed a 167.00 order on May 12, 2020. Order was received on May 16, 2020. Was shipped from their Goodyear, Arizona Distribution Center, the bulk of our orders come out of this location the past couple years. Whoever packed this order, put the Blue Buffalo Turkey Biscuits on the bottom of the box & another bag of crunchy Dog Treat with several cases of canned dog food on top. The result was extremely crushed cookies along with one of the bags busting open from the pressure of the weight of the canned dog food cases on top.

    Called Customer Service on same day, May 16, 2020, waited about 30 minutes. Customer Service Rep said to return the 2 crushed bags of Dog Treats with provided prepaid Federal Express return label & they would send out replacements as soon as their distribution center receives them. They were being sent back to their PA distribution center. Federal Express picked up crushed Dog Treat Bags on May 23, 2020. Fast Forward to June 24, 2020. Had to call them, because never received replacement dog treat bags. Asked customer service rep, to speak with Supervisor. Waited almost 40 minutes on phone for Supervisor Yolanda to come on the phone. She said their PA distribution center had received 2 crushed Dog treat bags on June 1, 2020. Your replacement bags have had been processed just recently to go out in next 1-3 days. Magically, the very next day, a Chewy box was waiting at our front door…the 2 replacement dog treat bags. However, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Biscuit treats were one month out of code date. May 24, 2020, today was June 24, 2020.

    Called Customer Service, AGAIN on June 24, 2020, asked to speak with Supervisor, after waiting for 45 mins., finally got Tanner, Superviser on the phone. Received replacement bag of Blue Wilderness Treat, Turkey Biscuits from their Goodyear, AZ Distribution Center & they were one month expired, out of code date, today is June 25, 2020. He said, not suppose to happen, all code dates on all of their products should be minimally 3 months out/future. Said, this time, so I would not have to take all the time once again to return the expired bag of dog treats back to me & wait another month again, shaking my head & have to call them to make them do the right thing, their job. He would just write a ticket to send another replacement again. Thank you! Today, June 27, 2020, received that replacement bag of dog treats, once again, same out of code date that was shipped out of their Goodyear AZ Distribution Center. Back on the phone again to Chewy customer service, spoke with Henry, asked for Supervisor again. Waited about 30 mins, got disconnected. Called back, spoke with Kat, asked for Supervisor again, waited about 25 mins. This Supervisor would not give name, male. Explained what happen & I was stern about it, customers should not have to go through this time & time again because this company cannot fix their root problems. The Supervisor hung up on me & said I am disconnecting you. I asked him how are you going to fix this problem of shipping out of code pet food products….hung up on me. What a great example of a company. Another issue they never resolve, is the concealed dented cans that always get sent out in every order in the past one & a half years to 2 years straight now. They want you to take the time to return the products to them each & every time, getting to be a huge inconvenience & who has time to do this every month or 2 with sizeable orders.

  • JOHN CORB says:

    My son is a truck driver and he delivered a load to Chewy’s warehouse in Phoenix, AZ. He was instructed to drop his trailer at the dock, but few minutes later he got a phone call to remove his trailer and come back the next day. Before he got the chance to start his truck, the yard truck dragged his trailer from the dock with the wheels locked and the landing gear down. They damaged the trailer tires and the landing gear. A set of pictures were left the next day at the warehouse security and a set will be send to the CEO. A lawsuit may follow shortly.

  • Steve says:

    After placing an order over a week ago for syringes for insulin for my dog it still has not been shipped. This is a critical item for my dogs well being and survival. The treats I placed with the order were sent but the syringes that were medically approved same day still have not. After waiting on hold and speaking to managers I go in circles. Last night I was promised they would be sent out and sent overnight so I had them today. Still havnt been shipped. You have proven to me that as a company you do not care about animals and just care about corporate profits. One manager I was transferred to didn’t realize I was on the line and thought she was talking to the rep and said “just send him to the pharmacy”. You have proven to not care or be reliable and put my pet in danger. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Cheryl says:

    After paying for the 1st 3 shipments out of a 4 shipment charged order. They took the charges from the 1st 3 paid shipments and then illegally and fraudulently requested an additional hold on my bank card for over $200 april 10, 2020 causing a shitload of problems. I was denied access to my money and medical supply orders were cancelled due to insufficient funds because of chewy’s illegal in effect seizure of MY MONEY!!! Then they have the nerve to call removing the illegal hold a refund! And even worse (this story of abuse is long and complicated) but, they offered a whole whooping $25 as an apology when they have cost me alot more than that. They offered to refund the cost of the order to deter me from filing fraud claim as bank recommended and when they thought they had me they renigged on the offer. As a result of cancelled medical orders due to inability to access my money because of their fraudulent request for hold on my money i may be forced to go to emergency department here where COVID-19 is a hot bed and at it’s worst in the entire state of michigan. As result of illegal fraudulent request for hold on my money by chewy, i may be forced out into community exposing myself to excessive amount of COVID-19 positive cases to seek medical help in emergency department in a hospital where all the sick and dying people are. Thanks so much Chewy for taking care of me a very long time loyal customer who is elderly, home bound, seriously ill and a veteran!

  • Rod says:

    no one answers the phone. I was on hold for over 25 minutes. I ordered 2 days ago and need to know if my order is going to get shipped or not. I realise that everything is in turmoil with the coronavirus but at least give me some info on when the order is going to ship or not ship. If not that’s fine, I’ll go out and buy it elsewhere before everything gets shut down. this is my second and last time I use Chewy. I’ll use Amazon in the future once everything get back to normal.

  • Michele says:

    I placed an order on Friday morning (before 7 am). Although I only needed one item in particular this time, I ordered more to meet the $49 minimum to get free 1-2 day shipping. I did it this way to make certain I am home when the package is delivered. (As I have done many times in the past). However, when I went to check on the status, I noticed that I had not received an email with a tracking number. When I called to inquire, I was told that the package was not shipped and probably would not ship out until probably Monday morning. The explanation was…they were receiving a high influx of orders, etc. However, there was nothing on the website whatsoever to notify customers of any delay in shipping. When I checked Monday morning…no tracking number. When I called to inquire I was told the order was cancelled!? The representative admitted there was no request by me to cancel and did not know why it was cancelled. She reinstated the order, but now I have to wait another 4-6 days for the package!! Now I am at the bottom of the list. This is the third time there has been a shipping issue in recent times. Now I can’t get anyone to pick up the phone…holding now for 20 minutes.

  • Lee Bryant says:

    I have never had a problem with Live Chat. They have always been professional, instructive/helpful, friendly (funny, even) and extremely patient with what I was looking for, no matter how long it took. If you want to apply a store coupon, send it to headquarters and they will apply it to your next order. Store coupons are good if you do that…promo code coupons are often outdated. And they do not “send” coupons. Ever. So never use anything that is anything “Internet related”…I never use those. I can’t imagine your money was taken and you had zero results. That has never happened to me. As for orders? I once had my card hacked and had to cancel it…Chewy shipped my order anyway, after I called and explained. They said they’d take it out of my next order. My orders have always arrived somewhere within 2 days, even though I live far away. Besides, I always receive a Christmas card. 😀 Good luck finding another company that does that! LOL And they can “add” your pet (if you want to) , but I have never had them ASK ME to make it some sort of “requirement”. They do not do that. Are you just trash talking this company, or have you (unknowingly) been scammed and/or hacked? Might want to check. Because everything you have said goes against every experience I have ever had with them, in the last 5 years. All of it Positive, thank you.

    I wish you luck.

  • Gary Rasmussen says:

    Bad faith company. Sends you a coupon for $15 off. When you order, they take the money our of your bank account but do NOT ship the dog food. They ask a ton of questions to you on the phone. And then after you speak to them, and answer the questions, plus they are sitting on YOUR Money, they refuse to send the dog food unless you waste more of your time by sending a picture of your dog with a profile. Bad Faith. Just another way to eliminate the $15 coupon from their now cushy and rich public company!

    • Sue-Ann Hansen says:

      My experience has been just the opposite. Chewy is one if not the best company I have ever dealt with. One day I was speaking to a representative who was assisting me with an order. She asked about my dogs where I happily spoke of them and sent a picture. To my surprise they sent me three painted pictures of my dogs for Christmas. It made me cry a bit.

    • Lee Bryant says:

      I hope you read my reply. (sigh)

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