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  • Address: 26901 Malibu Hills Rd, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301, USA
  • Phone Number: 818-871-3000
  • Fax Number: 818 871-3001
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder: David M. Overton
  • Key People: David M. Overton (CEO)

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David M. Overton


W. Douglas Benn


David M. Gordon


About Cheesecake Factory, History and Headquarters Information


Cheesecake Factory was founded in the year 1971. The company has been active for over 48 years now. The founder of the company was Evelyn Overton. The company started as a small cheesecake shop, which later had grown into a bakery, with the help of her husband, Oscar Overton. The bakery started to deliver desserts and cheesecakes to various restaurants.

During the year 1978, a new shop was opened, which started selling ten different varieties of cheesecakes. Around the 1980s, two new restaurants were also opened, and the original shop was expanded to a 78 seater. The company became a limited public entity in the year 1993. The company continued to open more restaurants, by the year 2013, there were 162 restaurants under the company's name, in around 36 states in the USA. The company also expanded in various other countries like Canada, the Middle East, Peurto Rico, Caribbean, etcetera.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is situated at 26901 Malibu Hills Road. The name of the place is Calabasas Hills, and the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area 91301.


Cheesecake Factory is an American company that helps in the production of various kinds of food items, that include cheesecakes and other kinds of deserts as well. The company has its presence in over 210 locations around the USA. The current CEO and chairman of the company are David Overton. As of the year 2016, the total sales generated by the company is more than $2.2 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 38,800.


The primary services provided by the company including allowing customers to experience restaurant quality made cheesecakes and desserts, which also includes food recipes such as pizzas, burgers, steaks, pasta and even sandwiches as well. The company is currently ranked at 1000th position in the Fortune 1000 companies list, in the USA.

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  • William Perry says:

    On July 29, 2023, my wife and I stopped at your downtown West Palm Beach location for lunch. We don’t live close to a Cheesecake Factory, so when we’re in the area we always stop to eat. On this particular visit, we were very disappointed to the point of leaving before finishing our meal. For starters, the restaurant was not busy by no means. When we’re seated, it took our waiter 13 minutes to come and take our drink order, when he only had 2 other tables he was working, and they were in the process of leaving. After taking our drink and meal order ( we did so because of the length of time it took for him to wait on us), we sat there for another 10 minutes before receiving our drinks, and at the same time received no bread. Meanwhile we noticed that other people came in after us, was seated to a different waitres, and received prompt service. Once our meals arrived, my wife’s order was not correct, and the portions of my meal ( fish and chips ), was very miniscule. We waited for our waiter to return to check on us, but this didn’t happen. We ended up asking another server if they could correct my wife’s meal, and sat there another 10 minutes before our waiter returned to check on us. The correction of my wife’s meal took another 15 minutes, by that time I was finished with my meal, and we were so upset that we took my wife’s meal to go and exited the restaurant. This is the worst experience we have encountered in all the visits that we have made to your restaurant. We don’t mind paying for good food and service, because we don’t eat out much. But when we receive the service ( or lack there of ), that we received, it is very upsetting to justify the money that we paid. Unfortunately and understandably we will not be back. With the economy the way it is, we look at a night out for a meal as a luxury, this was nothing short of an extreme disappointment…..

  • Rhonda says:

    Purchase 2 meals from cheese cake factory today
    and I am not sure what I got was chicken, the texture was like rubber and it smell very off. We purchase from them often that is how I new some thing was not somitting was not tasting right

  • Kelly says:

    Haven dined at several of your establishments across California, I have never had a bad experience. The food is consistent and consistently well made. The service has always been great. You are one of my favorite restaurants. Keep up the great work!

  • Yvonne gray says:

    I went to glendale cheesecake factory gave them a 59 dollar giftcard. Server returned with giftcard saying not enough funds. Om Wednesday staples advised that was not gift card they sold me.

  • Dave Serge says:

    After 25 years of being faithful customers at your Thousand Oaks Mall restaurant we sadly will no longer dine at your restaurant. Inconsistent service and the quality control of your food makes dining at that facility an expensive crapshoot ending in some form of dining disappointment.
    We are so happy to see Woid Ranch restaurant opening across from your facility.
    They will now get our business.


    On Nov 22nd my sister in law wanted wanted her last meal to be from The Cheesecake factory so we ordered a hamburger and spaghetti for her and brother, after I picked it up brought it home and the hamburger was raw and the spaghetti was unedible because it was so spicy and we also had a slice of pumpkin and raspberry cheesecake which had absolutely no flavor at all. My brother attempted to bake the hamburger in the oven however the cheese melted and fell off. Needless to say her last meal before she passed away on the 23rd was forgettable but not to my brother. He emailed you after she passed away and never got a response. I can’t express how disappointed I am at you company for not emailing him back with an apology and a refund, they always enjoyed eating there in Thousand Oaks ca..You should be ashamed of yourselves for the food we received and not getting back to him. I will not stop emailing you and sharing my experience with social media until he gets his refund and apology. I would like to here from the president of the company yo know how you treat your customers who have a complaint.

  • Maricela Olmos says:

    On December 21, 2022, my daughter and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles by Topanga Mall at around 4:00-6:00 pm. After dinner my daughter and I got sick, stomach blooded both of us vomited and had diarrhea. I made a formal complained to the manger this morning. I hope they are more careful in their health guidelines. I was very disappointed that my daughter and I got really sick from eating their food.

  • Jacob says:

    Stealing employee tips
    Not gonna use my prof email

  • Catherine Coghlan says:

    I went to the restaurant in short hills, New Jersey yesterday and although the food is always good, the bathrooms were a disaster. Dirty, non flushing, overflowing waste basket, hand dyers dirty. The restroom should be checked every hour and sanitized. That was the ladies room. It is a disgrace when restrooms are dirty. Please correct this issue.

  • Mariann Sidor says:

    I ordered takeout on October 3rd and shortly after arriving home I ate part of the Chicken meal and then a few bites of the cheesecake I ordered. About an hour later I had SEVERE pains in my stomach and spent the next 2 days throwing up and on the bathroom. I experienced a horrible bout of FOOD POISONING from the food I ate from there because I had not eaten anything prior. So the next day I called the store to notify them of what happened. I informed the manager and after he apologized and acted like he was interested, I asked for a credit on my card for the meal and cheesecake, since I had to throw all of it out. He told me he “WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT AND WOULD MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR IT”. He told me he would send me a gift card to use for a future time and to expect it within 2 weeks. Fast forward 4 to 5 weeks later, NO GIFT CARD. So I called to follow up, and this manager was out on paternity leave so another manager took my call and told me she would look into it and would send me a GC. So I finally got that gift card and was disappointed to find that the amount didn’t even cover my meal. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE and if I could give it ZERO STARS I WOULD. Will be forwarding this to corporate, disgraceful how this was handled.

  • Ambur Lamerson says:

    Hello !!! Just wondering when your Coming to Branson, Missouri!??? We are centrally located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in the middle of the USA, A Vacation Destination with 150,000 visitors a day. Over 17,500 hotel rooms. Please consider looking into our area for your next location for a Cheesecake Factory, There is no place like Branson, Missouri. what are you waiting for really ?? we have everything to make it a huge success!! I will be happy to be your guide if you want to visit and look at the opportunity!!

  • Jose Garcia says:

    My wife and I ate this last weekend, October 16th at the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in the Arboretum in Austin, Texas

    It was a disaster for my wife and I!

    The food that I ordered was not fresh or good at all. It was a Thai chicken and shrimp plate. My wife insisted that I speak to the waiter and I reluctantly did so. He was concerned and courteous. He went to get the manager. It took more than 20 minutes for him to arrive. He offered a meal to go and I said ok.

    I selected the meatloaf plate. When I got home I tried it and it was not freshly cooked. It was burnt on the bottom, disgusting corn and left over undercooked crunchy potatoes.

    I was appalled.

  • Matthew Griggs says:

    I am currently hired as a broiler chef at the peabody Massachusetts location and I close almost every day I work I get 1 shift maybe every 2 weeks that I don’t have to close and am supposed to be out at 930 I have stayed and closed all but 2 of those shifts until last night when I was supposed to get off at 930 instead I waited until 930 and then started doing extra work helping the chef that was going to close by restocking all the condiments and food and cleaning up so he had less to do at close 940 comes and I’m demanded by one of my managers to stay until the order bord is cleared I have colon cancer and am on chemo treatment and management knows this instead of asking me if I could stay a little later but no the manager demanded it when by state law my shift was over. Then I’m taken into the office by said manager and by are head chef and asked what’s wrong I said I’m already off my shift I’m supposed to be gone I’m here helping and being nice and am demanded to finish the orders on the order board up now that would have kept me there until closing witch it was my early night to get out I need to get rest and dont mind staying longer to help but not when I’m demanded and then get a text message for the manager who demanded I stay saying that I’m nolonger on the schedule this week and can come in on my day off to talk to the head chef and someone else I’ve never heard of or meet. But not for thing I bust my ass I do prep work because they don’t have everything prepped like it’s supposed to be management at this location is poor and things need to be fixed same gos for the front of the house management they let the waiters sit around and talk and joke and eat well the customers food I just made sits in the window for anywhere from 10 to 40 min I’ve had some orders sit even longer to the point I had to re cook the hole thing. All of this is extremely unprofessional and I would really appreciate it if someone from human resources could contact me because I can’t even get the number for them I’ve called the restaurant and am told I can wait until Wednesday and deal with it then meaning they refuse to give me the number to call human resources department I’m so sick to my stomach over this I have not slept all night

  • Kim Pallireto says:

    I wanted to say that I took my family to eat at the Cheesecake Factory in Temecula for my Granddaughter’s 21st Birthday and it was not good. I was actually embarrassed by the look of the food on the plates, my food was not even what I ordered. When I told the server, she told me that’s what it looks like. I ordered the Bee Sting Flatbread Pizza there was no sausage, no bacon, no Calabrian chilies, it literally was a pepperoni pizza. My daughter ordered the Ahi Seared Tuna with Ginger Fried Rice, the rice wasn’t cooked all the way and the presentation on the plate looked awful. My grandson ordered the French Dip Cheese Burger and it was served with no Au Jus. No condiments were offered and when the ketchup finally came he had already finished his french fries. There were six of us the other three meals were prepared correctly, so we took our Desserts to go because this place was a hot mess. When we got home, we were missing one Dessert and the Tiramisu was old, the complete top of dry cocoa was wet. I have to say this is the third time as a family that we have eaten at this location and each time there is something wrong with the orders. We don’t mind spending several hundred dollars, but this is not the quality we expect from the Cheesecake Factory. We generally eat at the Brea location and everything is always wonderful. I would like someone to contact me about a partial refund on the food.

  • JACKIE INMAN says:

    This comment is for Mr. Overton: Sir, for years I have enjoyed eating at The Cheesecake Factory. Each and every time, I ordered a slice of your fantastic limoncello cake. I was terribly saddened to discover that it was taken off of the menu this year. Why in the world would you get rid of the best desert that Cheesecake Factory sells??? I went back to eat there tonight, in hopes it would be back on the menu, but it wasn’t. You’ve lost an extremely loyal customer.

  • La Wanda Key says:

    Poorest presentation of a Renee’s Chicken Salad sandwich. Barely any chicken salad on the sandwich. For a moment I thought they forgot the chicken salad. I had to take apart the sandwich and there it was just a scant of chicken salad with one layer of lettuce, tomatoes, chuck pieces of red onion, which ended up being an half of a sandwich and still couldn’t see the chicken salad on the sandwich. You could only see lettuce, tomatoes and big chuck red onions. The mango smoothie was pretty good. The Renee’s Chicken Salad sandwich was the worst. I’m from the East Coast and chicken salad is the only sandwich I always order from Cheese Cake Factory.

    Cheesecake Factory in San Mateo, California

  • Tanesha Ford says:

    I came into one of your restaurants in Virginia Beach Virginia to treat my daughter and son for their birthday after they been hit with the tab of $300 we got six of your cheesecake which most of just all whipped cream I was very disappointed because they’re very Skippy sizes considering that we pay almost $10 of slice I try to reach out to you guys and no response it’s just crazy that the consumer does not pay for what they want considering times are hard

  • Margaret gatti says:

    Freehold nj the food was terrible no flavor The bathrooms were disgusting no toilet paper water everywhere my sister an I were extremely upset an disappointed will not go back have been before an not like this

  • ML says:

    Trumbull CT location 8/27/2022
    I requested to dine in. My teenage daughter and I were a party of 2. The hostess immediately walked us to tables that were located in the hallway area of the mall. I noticed that other black customers were being seated out there. I asked for a table in the restaurant. The hostess then walked us to an available booth for 2 that she walked by as she ushered us to the hallway. We were grateful for better seating. We ordered appetizers and entrees. Our entrees took extremely long to come out. The waitress offered us a to go box for our appetizer while were waiting for our entrees. This was odd but we continued to be polite. I asked for a cup of coffee and the check at the end of our meal. I paid $100 for a dinner (hamburger/ shrimp) for 2 including the tip. As soon as the waitress picked up the cash we noticed loud thumps on the other side of the half wooden wall that separated the wait staff from our table. The loud thumps continued as I continued to drink my coffee. We then stood up to find that male employee was kicking the other side of the wall with his foot. He stopped and walked away when we stood up. This is no way to treat customers in 2022. I was embarrassed that my daughter had to witness this as I felt that this was racially motivated. The white patrons were clearly not being subjected to this type of treatment. We are hard working paying customers. Please check the cameras

  • A.B says:

    I had a cooked cricket with it’s head cut off COOLED IN MY food. St. Louis Galleria location

  • carlos briceno says:

    Good excellent. Music too loud. Looks like a place to dance. Very dissatisfied with the way the manager handled the restaurant

  • Sherra Dunn says:

    I am at the Cheesecake Factory in center city Philadelphia. I ordered pretzel bites, they are out, I ordered loaded potatoes soup, they are out. I wanted a tossed salad with icebergs lettuces, they don’t serve it like that. Sooooooo, my daughter ordered Alfredo with chicken and shrimp. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs. The noodles were not fully cooked in both dishes, I had to request more sauce for the spaghetti bcuz the meatballs were dry. If I would have ordered chicken and shrimp Alfredo it would have cost me $30.00. So my daughter ordered just shrimp and the meal had 4 shrimp with noodles that were not fully cooked. Sooo..this will be my last time at the Cheesecake factory. I spoke with the manager, he apologized but was not willing to take anything off of the check. That’s OK, like I said we will not be back.

  • Busymomof3 says:

    Would love to see a Cheesecake Factory located in Roanoke, Virginia! How can we suggest this?

  • Tammy Wright says:

    Where can I enter a suggestion and then complaint for the Brandon Florida location.why do you use Yelp for reservations. For older people that is not accommodating due to the fact not all people have computers. Also when making a reservation you have to use Yelp and you can only reserve 6 people at a table. I can understand that for the weekend but in the middle of the week at 5:00 I had to make reservations under two names and ask nicely to be seated closely if at all possible. Jessica one of the managers was outstanding in helping me with this. I called back today and Aaron was very aggressive in saying we cannot guarantee tables side by side. I got that however I was trying to confirm and he was not nice to me on the phone. Bad customer service is not a good thing. I am in food sales and I know your account well and love your resturant. However the people who handle the phone and the counter must be kind and accommodating. Without customers what would happen?I can always tell how important people are to your business when you really encompass with people who care. I would like a response on why you think it makes sense to use yelp to make reservations. Why not call and get a Nice person to help. It matters.
    There are enough employees that you could make that happen. This place in Brandon are country people and we like to speak to a person instead of computers.
    Just saying

  • KG says:

    I am extremely dissatisfied with the service at the Redondo Beach establishment. I brought my 77 year-old mother here for dinner on 8/1/2022 at approximately 6:30pm. The only plus is that we were seated right away, however, we watched others around us, who were seated after us, receive their main entrees first. Given there was a couple behind us who appeared to have some friends in the kitchen received preferential treatment; that was not what upset me. What really made my blood boil was that there were larger parties seated after us who received their entrees before us. I ordered a beet and avocado salad, while my mother ordered the Chicken Riesling-two very uncomplicated dishes to make. There was a family of three, across from us,. who received their order before us, and were seated after us. Another couple behind me came over 20 minutes after us and received their main order before us. My mother was very upset, as she has to eat at a certain time due to her disability, so she approached a waiter and told them what was happening. He referred us to a manager, a rotund and frumpish middle-aged woman by the name of Karina. She was very rude and unapologetic about the matter. I told them the optics of this event appeared to look very racist, as we were the only Black people seated in that area. This apparently was of no concern to them. She practically shrugged us off and waved us away. I stood there in astonishment as she hobbled away toward the kitchen with not even the slightest attempt at an apology. I left with my mother in a furious mood as I realized that I had to pay for valet. I returned inside and beckoned for the homely manager and asked to have my valet covered. She quipped, “Valet is covered by the city, not us!” I am not certain if that is entirely true, as the signage on their stand clearly says, “The Cheesecake Factory Valet”!!!

  • Jodi Barbato says:

    Was at the Cheesecake factory in Cherry Hill the other day. Asked for a table, the hostess walked me over to the table in the corner and asked is this okay? Sure, put the lonely person in the corner. Just because I didn’t want to sit at the bar or a high top doesn’t mean I want to be hidden.
    Also the phone in the back pocket and black pants ( especially leggings ) at most restaurants. No enthusiasm from the young clerk at the take out counter either, perhaps she wasn’t feeling well.

  • Kermith drew says:

    Sad day.came in a wheel chair had trouble getting in 3 of your employees just watching me trying to get in.talking.

  • Delauren Vick says:

    I was wrongly terminated from the okc location on May 25th for racial comments and slurs! I am a mixed female that has been running from racist people my entire life. I have wrote a letter and at this time have a appointment with OECC, because I feel like I’ve been targeted.

  • Kaci says:

    The Metairie location In Metairie is a serious health code violation walking. We spent over $230 for the worst service in my life. I’ve never been here til yesterday. Well, because I’m from here, and chain restaurants are never my “go-to,” as I’d rather support local businesses. The menu is overwhelming. So large that nothing is a specialty or stands out. Just A lot of options, and dishes that are all very generic -typical- nothing exclusive that would make one return cuz they just can’t stop thinking about it.
    The food was everything I expected and I’m sure there are plenty people who love it or it would not be as successful as it clearly is. I bet it does really well in the Midwest.

    I can handle bad food for any reason. I never send food back. I won’t send it back, complain, write a review, demand a refund. I just eat it or don’t and probably never go back unless if I feel that it wasn’t just an off day at a place.

    But bad service. That is just not acceptable anywhere. And yesterday was the worst service I have ever received in my life. It was a larger party of 8 adults 1 kids. We don’t have special requests and very low maintenance. Our server yesterday did zero maintenance. My coke was served flat- and I would’ve loved a replacement but after our food order was placed she never returned before the food was dropped to top off drinks- address that it’s been some time since we have last seen her and to make sure all anticipated condiments were available as our food would soon be out. Our food was delivered staggered by a couple different hands, none of which our server. As she walked by to verify the food had all be dropped two people asked for ranch dressing. She barked back “it’s already in the salad” and continued to walk away. It’s bold to assume he didn’t know the ranch was in the salad and didn’t just want additional ranch. But you’re customer is ordering something- the only response is to return with ranch. So we asked the guy that was dropping food if he would get some as well as ketchup for fries that had been ordered. Generally ketchup is always offered when it’s not already made available when fries are served. By this point my boyfriend and I have still not been able to get another coke- half way through my meal we decided just to order one from the bar we were less than 20’ from. The bartender proceeds to charge for a drink and we were going to pay for a second drink just to have one with our food. She picks up on the frustration and alerts a manager. A manager comes over and asks for refills. Shortly after our “server “ returns with drinks. Some one in my party tells her he ordered a coke not the tea she delivered. She barks back again, “well she said two teas and a coke”
    Regardless of what “she said” or the server heard/served is neither here nor there. Your customer is ordering a coke right now and the only response is “I’ll be right back with that.”
    Meanwhile, she has yet to ask if everything is good, do we need anything else, nothing. Finally the other guy remembers about the ranch and the ketchup, near the end of the meal. Atleast he remembered. We weren’t his table. But that was the best service our table was given.
    The manager was aware we were not happy with the drink situation, a follow up was definitely needed.
    Our server only returns to our table to begin collecting plates. No words spoke. “How was everything? Any desserts? Any one need a box?” You know the usual questions servers ask. And the worst part of it all for me was my servers excessively long braids that were past her butt and had beads on the ends of the braids that acted as weights swinging back and forth as she walked by. Now if these braids are catching on my chair and touching me when she reaches across the table while standing next to me for a plate- I know they are grazing the plates and food on prep stations as she’s walking by. They’re long enough and not tied back at all. I know the ends have been dipped in toilets -trash cans- dish water- mop water- who knows- but it has definitely gone into some plates. The worst part about my horrible service.

  • Cheryl wagner says:

    This was in Peoria, Az location

    We made a reservation and put in notes that
    we needed a table and that we had a
    wheelchair. We arrive to restaurant early and
    told them we were early. We were taking our
    nieces out and built up Cheesecake Factory
    pretty high. Wish we had not. So we were
    seated. It is very hot out here but the
    restaurant is not catering to its customers.
    We asked if we could move as the cold air was
    blowing on us. She said there was no where
    it’s like this everywhere. Her words. We
    ordered drinks and an appetizer. Bread
    came. Mumble something. I asked what she
    said and again mumbled. There are two
    others with good hearing and they did not
    hear either. I asked again. No sour dough
    bread she snapped. Ok fine. Not saying
    anything to that now. We now had napkins
    on our shoulders trying to stay warm. No we
    are not drama queens by any shot. We have
    2 forks on our table. 4 people no knives no
    So we ask for knives so we could
    butter the bread she brought. She comes
    back and drops 4 knives to our table and
    promptly leaves again. We are talking to
    another waitress and say we need to move
    we are too cold. 10 minutes later our
    waitress comes and curtly says you wanna
    move!!! We said yes. We grab our drinks, well
    our nieces did I got my husband and pushed
    him to new table. A booth!!!!! I asked can she
    lift my husband into booth and she was so
    rude and just laughs at us.
    Now my husband who just lost his leg 3
    weeks ago was very excited to take his nieces
    to this restaurant. He a decorated combat
    medic was so embarrassed that this waitress
    did this. Plus to laugh at it on top of this.
    Now l ask for manager. We have been here
    over half hour no appetizers which we order
    same time as our drinks. Manager comes we
    explain and here says ok we will move you.

    So we got a nice table and a nice waitress.
    Our appetizer comes and it was great. Then
    bread. All good. Then my food the girls food
    and my husbands. His was cold. Not cool,
    cold. We were all done by the time he got his.
    He did not even take a to go box for it. Then
    we left a minor tip as it wasn’t her fault really.
    Not the second waitress anyway. We are
    walking to the car and there is garbage
    everywhere!!!! Really!!!! Is this the new
    Cheesecake????? I Will keep this going until I
    hear from corporate office. This was an
    assault on our whole evening. It was not that
    busy. Staff were everywhere so that was not
    the problem. Nor is covid the reason. Poor
    management is the reason. If garbage
    outside is any reflection of what is happening
    in the kitchen????!!!!! If this letter is not
    enough I have lots of time to stay on this
    campaign till we are made whole.

  • Nicole says:

    My boyfriend and I visited the Greensboro location back in April. I’ve called a number of times to file a complaint. There were large amounts of hair in my food. Look as though it was someone’s pubic hair. Disgusting! They said they would refund my money and NEVER did. I’ve called the corporate office as well and the lady told me they only process refunds on Fridays so I would have to wait for mine and I never received one. This is poor customer service. I will NEVER eat at your establishment again.

  • Cindy Laskowsky says:

    We had a wonderful experience, seated quickly, service was great…then my food came. I ordered the Shephards Pie as I needed something gentle on my stomach. It said it had a mushroom gravy and it was more like mushroom grease. I ate a few bites of hamberger after putting it on my napkin and had some potatoes. I was just very disappointed due to it swimming in grease. I took the remaining as to not alert the waitress as to how awful it was. Your restaurant was very clean and busy. I’m happy for you that business is booming after covid.

  • Shannon Terry says:

    On 5/27/2022 my family and went to celebrate my daughter and her friends 5th grade graduation at her favorite restaurant Cheesecake Factory. Our waitress was extremely pleasant with a bubble personality, however after receiving my order of the Louisiana chicken pasta it was very dry so I requested a side of extra sauce that goes with the pasta. My waitress pleasantly put the order in and within 10 mins a food runner came out with the extra sauce in his hand holding it in a silver serving poorer, he was holding it by the handle and handed the extremely HOT sauce directly in my hand. He failed to mention it was hot, he failed to bring it out on a saucer (as I was trained years ago in my serving days), and he failed to set it in the table for me to pick up by the the holding handle myself. As I grab the scorching hot sauce, immediate reaction I jumped and the sauced spilled all over the side of my hand, on the table onto my husbands leg. I screamed, and the food runner just walked off, the immediate reaction of my kids and husband jumping asking if I was okay. My husband jumped up and went to the front immediately to ask for a manager, our waitress saw him and ran over right away asking what happen? He explained and she immediately ran to the back to grab some ice wrapped in a towel. The table across from me saw what happen and also expressed their concerns. When the waitress walked over and it’s the ice I had my hand already emerged in my glass of ice cold water that was in the table. My waitress was very apologetic and informed me that she had notified her manager. When the manager came over 15 mins later Mr. Anthony Morales, my husband explained to him what happen, his very unprofessional response was “would You like to fill out an incident report, and once done you can either hand it the hostesses stand or I will try to make my way back and grab it from you later on” he walked off and returned with the paperwork and a pen. I sat the rest of the dinner with my hand wrapped in the ice, when the waitress brought over our bill at the end of our meal the only thing offered was her stating she would have the manager take off the one order of cheesecake we ordered and I never saw the manager again. After I finished filling out the report inside the restaurant I asked for the manager again. When he came over I explained to him, his lack of professionalism, care, concern, who extremely horrible. I told him he offered nothing off the bill which I told him was no problem to pay for as I handed him my credit card, that the waitress herself and to force something off the bill, however as I explained to him the money was not my main reason, it was the fact he was very thoughtless, not at all sympathetic, never expressed and care or concern. I explained I had to sit the rest of the night eating with my hand wrapped in ice, which has now swelled up on the side. When I told him I will be escalating this to his corporate office his reaction immediately changed. He than became very apologetic, he took my card and charged me for the entire bill. Came back and handed me my card and apologized again. As my family left the table across from us than stated “unbelievable” my waitress apologized, as I gave her a very decent tip I told her I greatly appreciated her. I can not believe what I encountered at your Establishment, my kids could not understand how the manager responded and I had to come home and wrap my hand in ice for the remainder of the night. Oh the manager did state I will tell my food runner how to properly bring out extra sauces after I explained to him in my college days I worked as a waitress and a saucer is suppose to hold the extra sauces. I’m sending this because this was horrible what I dealt with and I felt so unrespected. Please do better Cheesecake, I will keep an eye out on my hand as my career involves me typing reports all day

  • Shelley says:

    Clearly I was very angry while typing my comment. A few grammatical errors. Should have said “MY daughtered ordered…” and it was the THREE LAYER…not “THERE LAYER” ….lastly….she huffed….not huffy…wow….this just further shows how disheartening this experience was in LITTLETON CO.

  • Shelley says:

    Worse experience ever. Went to celebrate my birthday with my family. Location LITTLETON CO SW PLAZA. Christine D was our server. She was fine until we mentioned the steak was overcooked…and my husband’s had onions, which he is allergic to. Being in the service industry for years, we understand this is never a direct reflection of the server, only the kitchen….until she made it her problem by the way she then began to treat us. I have never been so rudely spoken to. NY daughter we r ordered the “truffle cake’ to which she brought out a turtle cheesecake….I said we had ordered the truffle and she huffy at me and says she doesn’t know what we are talking about and then says OH THE THERE LAYER CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE? Um….yes. As I went to approach her to ask her if we were having some sort of a problem, she was caught flinging the cheesecake down talking trash to the desert bar staff….that was a wrap. We will never be back. I always tip close to 22% having been in the industry. This was THE first time ever leaving without tipping….at all…and THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER GO THERE…Good job Christine D!!

  • Iyonah Fard says:

    This man violated me and my family today. He snatched a drink out my mouth; hitting my daughter 9 month daughter with his arm in the process and spilled it on me and my baby. This has been yet the worst experience I’ve ever had out to eat. He laughed after the fact, I have this all on video. This is the manager , this took place between 1-1:30pm. I’m disgusted with how I was treated. He did not de-escalate the issue instead antagonized the situation ; what kind of manager does that. Then made a false report on us and said he was assaulted. This is not a place for colored people

  • Gina says:

    My husband & I have stopped several times at the Bayshore Milwaukee location and have had great service, until this past weekend and I have NO desire to return.
    Yes, it was busy when we arrived but asked if we could sit at the bar, was told as soon as a spot opens then we would be the next to go. In the meantime, two young ladies walk-in, as I am standing right there and heard the entire conversation, asked how long of a wait, they were told 30 minutes, then was told “sugar, just pull up one of the high-top chair up to the bar and go ahead and be seated.” ….what just happened? these 2 ladies had their meals before we were even seated. Then we were seated at a table, even though we requested the bar thinking faster service.
    Once the server came to take our drink order we were ready to place our entire order, she took the order and said I’ll bring you fresh bread and water….20 minutes went by before our water came. our apps came out cold and within literally minutes our food came out, which we were seated at a 2 top table and had no room for the plates….ugh. and by this time we still did not receive the bread which I had a pasta meal and do enjoy bread with. I ended up asking 4 times for bread and 3 times just for a straw. At the end I ordered 3 cheesecakes to go, got home to find out she only packaged up 2 cheesecakes.
    The entire dinner evening was expensive for cold food, awful service, and couldn’t provide the correct to go order and for guest to come in and get seated in front of others is JUST WRONG!!!!!

  • Luz Flores says:

    I attempted to make reservation Friday night for my party for 7 guests for 2pm online the system wouldn’t let me I spoke to manager Jennifer she suggested one of party hold a place in line I’m closest bringing 3 disabled individuals I can’t have them wait my niece is diabetic non verbal autistic large crowds by the door area would aggravate her anxiety my mom and sister r physically disabled they can’t stand for longThe manager then said it’s graduation weekend first I heard of this. She made no attempt to help us so we r worthless cause we r disabled it was one person over the reservation limit this was eye opening discrimtory event. What can u do to change this do u not abide by Ada standards? This was truly upsetting we survived covid this year wanted to go out for a belated mother’s day this treatment was horrible.

  • Cardell Wade says:

    This evening me and my Fiance’ went to the Arlington, TX location to enjoy our favorite meal, the Shrimp Scampi & Steak Diane. It was not prepare correctly. When bringing this to the Mgr. Joel’s attention. We were given several excuses. But more importantly, we were told that he could not deduct anything off the meal.

    He could have the meals re-made, which would have probably taken 10 to 15 mins… We had already waiting 5 to 10 mins. for him to come to our table to bring the issue to his attention. This was te 1st time a Mgr. has ever told us that they could not deduct anything off the Bill when the mesal is not made to the Customer’s satisfaction.

    We couldn’t believe it!!! We will not be visiting this location anymore nor will we refer Family and/or Friends.

  • Nancy says:

    Wow, I wonder if they respond to all these complaints that are very concerning.
    Been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Have a lot of patience when something goes wrong. Things happen. However, when they forget a part of your order and are literally on hold for almost a half hour there is a serious problem…

  • Lisa says:

    My partner and I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Lawrence, New Jersey about three days ago. I made it super clear that I have celiac disease and am very allergic to gluten. My partner ordered his burger gluten free so we would not have any mixup. The order arrived, I ate about a third of it and began to feel dizzy. I called over the waitress and found they had not used a gluten free bun. Three days later I am still sick. Please be more careful. I am pretty upset about the whole incident.

  • Susan Apeler says:

    Cheesecake factory: location: Westbury NY. My husband and I wanted to have a nice meal there for his birthday. We were not able to…why you ask? because it is not disabled friendly…I don’t think it’s even legal. What ever happened to making it handicapped accessible? It starts in the parking lot….just 2 handicapped parking spaces…far away…but closer, right in front of the restaurant are 22 curb side parking spaces…!!! you read that right…22 spaces!!! I saw 3 cars parked there, the rest were empty…and really, curbside means you don’t get out of the car, they bring it to you so why is that given special treatment over someone handicapped that wants to go into the restaurant? Then you go inside….they have 2 floors…the bottom floor dining room has the only bathroom…but they don’t open that dining room except for weekends…so during the week, you dine upstairs but if you need to use the restroom, you have to go downstairs…ok, so I didn’t mention yet there is a huge winding staircase between the 2 floors…but if you are handicapped, you can’t use that…there is an elevator though…but wait, the elevator is out of order, it’s being replaced. So I ask the manager on the phone after we realized that wasn’t going to work for us…I asked him how can you sit someone handicapped upstairs with no way to get there…and if they need to use the restroom, where would they go? He said to go to the mall 2nd floor parking garage and use the bathroom out in the mall. Wow. The next day, I stopped there just to pick up a few slices of cheesecake and decided to see how it would be to use the 2nd floor garage to park and to also use the restroom in the mall. No way, the parking garage and escalators are so far from the restaurant’s 2nd floor entrance, I couldn’t believe he said it to me…then I tried to find the restroom, didn’t see any so I stopped some people walking by to ask them where it was, they pointed to another hallway and said it’s in the food court…that hallway was dark so it appeared the food court was now closed (it was around 7 pm)…the mall was deserted. Another wow moment…I went back inside and spoke to another manager who told me the elevator has been out of service since he started working there….Jan of this year! It’s now the end of April…seriously? the elevator was no where near being completed…so I ask you, how is this accessible to anyone handicapped???? Shame on this company.

  • Ms. Pamela Davis says:

    First and last time visiting this franchise entirely located @1609 Cumberland Mall Atlanta, GA. Instead of management taking the monetary loss and just advising our reserver before the initial reservations were made that they couldn’t accommodate such a large party of twenty eight guess. Instead hey had us wait for more than two hours just to seat us with just two servers, one a six month pregnant overwhelmed server @ 9:15pm whom clearly could not handle a party of this size meal requests. It took her another forty minutes to provide beverage for the seventeen guest she was given, and another hour before many meals made it to the table so therefore at this point we’re very dissatisfied with the amount of errors made on these orders especially with the taste of the food even after speaking with the kitchen male manager whom himself whom seem to be a little irritable and tired himself. Once the final bill was given without a gratuity she became very combative and unprofessional by using profanity as the entire party was departing, but before we could exit the door entirely the entire kitchen staff alone with both male managers came out towards the party very rude and aggressively not to defuse the matter but only to agitate an already heated situation all because the young lady failed to do her job professionally! Two of the black male instantly launched at the party one by clapping his hands loudly yelling just leave as if he was in a boxing arena and the second one undressed his clothing trying to entice an altercation while your chosen black male manager joined them and proceeded to shove us out the door by putting his hands on my shoulder which cause an escalation of anger from my entire family once l told him not to put his hands on me anymore. Finally in the end we were all were able to exit safely while a frew of our party members were able to finally conversate with the managers whom initially denied putting his hands on me finally admitting it and apologizing to my eldest son. So therefore after experiencing such a horrific interaction l know that I won’t ever return here never again, and after summiting this complaint to your corporate headquarters l will definitely seek future legal advice on the way this matter was handled especially with the black male manager whom shouldn’t have never put his hands on a guess and his staff whom after behaving in such a angry manner like that makes me afraid that they’ll come looking for me to cause bodily harm because that’s just how aggressive they became!

  • Raquel SPATCHER says:

    Hello I’m a huggeee Cheesecake Factory supporter but as of late I’ve been ordering through DoorDash and I’ve been having issues with my orders Bering wrong and I’ve called and so has a DoorDash rep to having no one answer or being transferred and no one picking up . Today 04/10/2022 I wanted to place an DoorDash order but I wanted to speak to the take out person before ordering , I’ve been put on hold 4 x , I just gave up and didn’t place my order , that’ ridiculous..

  • Ann Scanlon says:

    I’m writing to ask if you would consider opening a cheese cake restaurant across the river in South Windsor ct at Evergreen
    We truly need a great restaurant and bakery there as it is being brought to life.
    There’s plenty or area for
    a large or small restaurant.
    We have been to west Hartford but we truly need one here on this side of the river.
    Ann Scanlon
    Cell 805-895-2779
    Home 860-644-0115

  • Queen Mum says:

    Visited the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead Ga, April 2, thought I was part of an April fools joke, I was ignored by staff while others were greeted, name taken. No I’m not mistaking that perhaps they were there before me, we were the only ones at the counter. Sticking out like sore thumbs, the only ones of color. What a disgraceful experience and will never go again to any of your restaurants. A shame because this was my daughters first time going (now last)

  • Linda Henley says:

    Most horrible experience

  • Maryann says:

    Visited the cheesecake in Trumbull ct . Took 45 minutes to get our food and we only ordered burgers and a salad. Restaurant was empty at 2;00 . So what took so long
    Manager didn’t seem interested her response was well didn’t you order appetizers
    I should have walked out at that statement but I felt bad for the waitress
    I will never return

  • Shellie says:

    I visited the Cheesecake Factory in Arundel Mill Mall, in Hanover MD this past Friday March 18, 2022 and it was horrible. We were seated faster than expected, however our waitress did not come to our table for 15 minute. A bus boy had to bring us water and bread. Once the waitress came she asked if we were ready to order. She took our order and left the table. 15 minutes later she came back and said they were all out of what we wanted. So we re-ordered. We did not get our food for almost 2 hours. Even though we all ordered the same thing, one order took an additional 15 minutes to come to the table. When I asked to speak to a manager, she came to the table, said she would be back, but never came back. I asked someone else if they were the manager, they said yes, and basically told us to get over it and that they would give us free dessert, but he never brought it to us. We were in this restaurant for almost three hours and were expecting to have a nice time but instead it was ruined. I don’t plan on ever visiting that restaurant again.

  • Janet says:

    We go to the Lyndhurst, Ohio location. Carry out is awful. The bread is ALWAYS hard and stale. We feel they are giving us day old bread.
    The salads are always lacking. For instance, I ordered the chicken and avocado salad. When I opened it at home there were no avocados in it.
    There’s always very little chicken in the salads we order where chicken is the main part of the salad, but the chicken is scarce.
    The online ordering is atrocious. We’ll input our order and go to pay. The pay option won’t come up. So then we have to call in our order and the staff is rude about that.
    We’ll get there to pick up the order at the appropriate time. It won’t be ready, or there are staff lingering around and won’t come to the pick up counter to wait on us.
    We’d go to a different location but there aren’t any others around us.

  • Kayla walker says:

    Hey everyone so I want to say I went to the Cheesecake Factory in green hills and had a terrible experience. Poor service, empty drinks for most of the time the waitress never brought bread! Once I got my food i couldn’t find my waitress so I picked at my food, at this point I have lost my appetite. Now fast forward 15 minutes and I finally see my waitress not to check on me just put the check down as she walked by. Waited another 10 minutes and she was nowhere to be found! At this point I was beginning to be very frustrated. Finally some other person walked by and I stopped them and they where able to take my card to finally pay my bill.so at this point I just want to leave but I did still want a piece of cheesecake so when I got to the cheesecake line I waited about 5 minutes I was still upset but as soon as it was my turn things turned around. I believe the guys name was Brandon (had like blond in his hair tattoos on his hand) the first thing he said even while being super busy was hey how are you doing tonight? So I briefly explained my frustration and without hesitation he apologized and ensured me that’s not how we are trained and insisted on getting a manager involved to express my experience or lack of. But at this point I didn’t want to keep him from getting his job done, and didn’t want to keep the people behind me waiting even longer! So I placed my order for a slice of the amazing strawberry cheesecake and he talked me into the caramel apple cheesecake which definitely did not disappoint! But as I was pulling out my card to pay he said hold on a second as he grabbed the card reader thing and in one motion pulled out his wallet and swiped his card and I told him he didn’t need to do that he responded with “I just want you to leave here happy and with a smile.” I waited about 15 minutes for my cheesecakes and when he called my name I was walking up and I guess he noticed money in my hand and as I reached to put it in the tip glass thing he had on the counter he pulled it away and said no don’t worry about that and handed me the bag with my cheesecake’s and told me to go home and enjoy them. I don’t know if he understands the impact he had. It is because of him I will return. Someone in this company needs to recognize him he never once rushed me treated me like just a customer he truly cared about how I was feeling and he handled the situation in a way that I have never experienced nor expected! So I want to say to I believe his name is Brandon thank you so much for the way you helped me and it’s because of your kindness and the way you spoke to me that I will be a long time customer of the Cheesecake Factory in green hills mall!

    • Susan Apeler says:

      Hi Kayla, I am just another customer who had a bad experience and that’s why I am on this site, looking for an email to send to corporate….big surprise, there isn”t one. Anyway, I read your post and I think it’s great that your experience turned around with Brandon…I would suggest that you call the restaurant direct to praise Brandon…..just in case it’s doesn’t make it’s way to his mgr through this site….since you had no response from this company, chances are they didn’t react…I think it’s great that you wanted to give praise for a good job…..from one customer to another. Have a great day!

  • Lynn says:

    I am very disappointed with your Arundel Mills location in Maryland. Went there for lunch today with my two sons, they are 37 and 27. We puchased 3 cheesecakes to go. I did not notice until I got home that the whipped cream was scraped off the cheesecake. The little bit that was left on the cheesecake was rancid because I tasted it. I called to speak with the manager and she might as well have called me a liar. She claimed they were out of whipped cream and that was not true. I have never been treated so horribly and I am extremely dissapointed from Cheesecake Factory. I am most likley calling the health department tomorrow and seeing if they can test the cheesecake and I wil file a complaint.

    I don’t think this is the type of publicity corporate would want, but I am prepared. I am not a liar, I am a customer and do not intend to be treated like this. Sounds like you need more quality control with your restaurants by the comments below.

    My suggestion is never eat at the Arundel Mills Cheesecake Factory.

  • Sir Russell says:

    We went to the Abu Dhabi Galleries Mall tonight. Absolutely faultless from the moment we were greeted, to the service and the food. In fact all was better than we have had in the US. Absolutely first class abs they rock a 5* review. Use the UAE to bench mark the US product, you will learn a lot and I’m from the U.K. so expect crap service and high prices.

    Thank the franchise holder they are doing you proud!

  • Tina bergner says:

    I got the worse service. I went to the one next to Oxford Valley Mall I was told it was a 45 to 50 minutes wait. That fine we put are name in after a hour we went up to ask how much longer we were told another 30 minutes. Mean while people coming in after us just got seated right away. We never got seated until after one hour and 30 minutes. The girl (Sara) got real nasty and rude.this will be the last time I will ever go there.

  • Mai nguyen says:

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    Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen
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    6 days agoNEW
    We sat down to a table with crumbs with dirty menus with cream drops on the out side. I opened up the folded linen napkin to find dirty silver wear wrapped inside which was addressed to manager. Hard water stains & grime on both fork and knives.My wisky ginger came out with a short hair or lash in the drink. The entrees came out before the salad and appetizers. Manager gives me the bill offers no apology and I am sorry but 3 back to back issues and nothing was adjusted to the bill for the horrendous experience. I had to bring him back over again and expressed my content so he removed the $12 salad lol! The sad part is the food was good but everything else was a disaster. This is truly a reflection of poor management and lacks levels of accountability. He is probably so numb to not caring or accepting the fact that the level of service is not at par he had no sympathy for my guest experience and I am sure others. The only one who hurts from this is the waiter when she had no control on half the issues. Sugarland has way too many restaurants to offer this kind service or lack of. Poor management!! This message needs to go up to the corporate level because it is shameful for the people who are trying to make a living there.

  • Nadine Bradley says:

    Went cheese cake factory in Delaware Christiana Mall. Last night for my Birthday with 8 guests. Everything was a mess starting with the appetizers on down to the meals. We had 3 meals sent back. And some
    We’re to salty. It was my birthday I subjected this. But it was a total mess. And I don’t think the manager did enough to fix the situation. We payed close to 400hundred for a mess. I truly believe we should be , commadate it with something.

  • Kristen Johnston says:

    I took my two daughters today for lunch at Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo ny, they both ordered virgin strawberry daiquiris with pasta for lunch . They said the daiquiris tasted funny. My kids are 15 and 16 yrs old. The waitress served my kids alcohol. I’m so pissed about this. Your staff should be asking for photo Id. It’s even on my receipt showing the daiquiris and my pop. Play back your cameras and you will see everything, I went right to a manager and she said you will be calling .I’m waiting for a callback . Alcohol was served to both of my kids. I want a call tomorrow!!!!!

  • Rose says:

    I have ordered the chicken tai lettuce wraps several times and they have sent me an order that looks like someone ate off of it. It was less than half of the items to put on the lettuce wraps. That is unacceptable customer service and I know you can do better. Just because I’m not sitting in the restaurant does not mean I should receive less quality to go meals.

  • Donna Wheat says:

    I was so disappointed in my trip to Cheesecake Factory only to find out you had discontinued your cheesesteak sandwich on brioche bread. It was my primary decision to go there on Valentine’s Day. I then chose your tacos with steak, another big disappointment. The steak was so tough I could hardly chew it. I hope someday you’ll bring the cheesesteak sandwich back.

  • Sam says:

    I am absolutely disgusted and dissatisfied at how the Cheesecake Factory in cherry hill, nj general manager JOHN ESTES treat customers. He was very rude and impatient he yelled at me, rushed me, and he hung up on me. My order was wrong and he did not care. I will hope other people don’t get treated like that. So horrible.

  • H.C. Stolze says:

    I’m on the cheesecake factory I am absolutely a palled that I’m told that you don’t have a steak and cheese sandwich which is what you started at some 40 years or 50 some years ago what made you famous this is disgusting. I have to get a cheeseburger I can get a cheeseburger anywhere on the planet earth give me a good steak and cheese used to be here this will be the last time I ever come to this kind of freaking restaurant as long as I live.
    You will not want to have my business or any of my friends replied or so if I’m going to restaurants to do the right thing this is the wrong thing oh well just saying.

  • Briana Lacy says:

    We waited over a hour and 1/2 to even be seated. We ordered our food and my sides to my meal were cold. The server brought fresh ones and one of my sides was corn and it was so dry it stuck to my teeth. We waited for the food to be made fresh or so we thought over 20 minutes more. Our server finally came with the bill after being m.i.a. for a long time. Then we lastly asked to speak to a manager. The Manager named Melissa comes to the table already with a Attitude by her body language. We told her our issues during our visit she didn’t care she was so focused on us telling her about the total time waiting she forgot the bigger issue. She offered to take $3 off the bill…like what a slap in the face didn’t say sorry nothing. This manager melissa needs to be fired and she also lost many customers being we won’t be coming back nor will this location be reccomended to anyone I know if this is the way we are treated. We could have chose somewhere else to spend our money but we didn’t. We could have got better service at McDonald’s and saved alot of money.

  • Katie C says:

    We stopped at Cheesecake Factory in Orland Park, IL for dinner. However, we were asked for a vaccine card. I,more than my husband, refused to show it. Its none of anyone’s business. So we walked out and went to a mom and pop restaurant who appreciate our business and do not ask for a card. Glad your company can afford to turn people away…

    • Katie D says:

      Technically it is others people’s business, otherwise why would you need a card for proof of vaccine in the first place? They clearly care about the safety of their employee and customers, including you. I’m sure as a smaller business, the “mom and pop” restaurant you went to can’t afford to lose the money, so they sacrifice their health so people like you can be satisfied with being inconsiderate of others. That does not make them better, they just can’t afford to accommodate.

  • Kelli Stravato says:

    I absolutely love your cheesecake and I understand that you need to raise the price because of all that is going on in the world BUT with that said you SHOULD NOT decrease the size of the cheesecake slice. I KNOW for a fact your Orlando store at Millenia mall is cutting an 8 piece cheesecake into 10 pieces!!!!! That is awful and I will never go there again and I will make sure EVERYONE knows. That is a horrible way to do business but I’m sure with the volume you do you could care less!!! So sad!!!

  • JAZMAN says:

    Sunday 1-2-22 my wife & I went to CCF in Skokie IL. they tried to seat us at 2 person table but I said NO it has to be a full booth so I can put my leg out straight, it’s a medical thing. The waitress (Karla) did not want to serve us because it added a table to her list. We sat for 30 minutes than I called for the Manager. He took our order but the waitress brought us the bread; not saying word she dropped the basket on the table, WTH. She never came back. Again I complained to the Manager and he brought my food but did not bring my wife’s. 30 more minutes and no food for my wife! Again WTH! Again I called out for the Manager and he had to go find her order and make it To Go. NEVER go to this CCF! I’ll add a footnote here, this place you have to walk up steps (around 24) but the elevator is hidden and no one is on the 1st floor. That is ANTI ADA. My next stop is to file an ADA complaint.

  • Joan smith says:

    I was at the Towson restaurant in Baltimore Md I order jambalaya dinner it was horrible The noodles was not done I had a take out order I order it 35 mins before I got there it was not ready yet I talk to the manger he said that they drop my food on the floor had to do it over again I liked the Cheesecake Factory but I don’t know there for years that was upsetting thanks for listening That was Jan1-2022

  • Kay says:

    I was at your Nashville location they said it was 1hr to 1 1/2 hr wait. We waited an hour went to hostess and asked how much longer she said an 1 he to 2 hrs. I had a party of 4 and they were seating people that came in after us that had 2 to 3 people in there parties. There was no reason to have us wait so long when they had a whole section open. I have been to numerous locations and have never had such bad service. People were leaving because they were telling them it was a 2 hr to 3 hr wait this is not how you run a business. The manager should have been waiting tables.

  • Lonnie Anderson says:

    I am visiting Fort Lauderdale and took my family to the Cheesecake Factory on Las Olas. The service was dry, unfriendly and I was overcharged for 2 entrees. When I called the store, the manager wanted to send me a gift card. I didn’t want a gift card. Then I ask to speak to the general manager and Arthur stated he would not be available until Wednesday. Wow the customer service just keeps getting worse and worse. I live in Milwaukee and this would have never happened there. Yes. I should have reviewed my receipt thoroughly before I left; however, you expect to pay what what you received not what you didn’t. I am hoping my card can be credited for the amount overpaid. I even gave the waiter a $30 tip even though he did not deserve it and this is how he shows his appreciation.

  • Ashley woods says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted with how your company treated those 6 diners in NYC that’s complete BS… none of my family will be dining at any restaurant owned by this corporation ever again!

  • Regina Broccolo says:

    The Cheesecake Factory in Mission Viejo was a delightful dinning experience. From the very professional and kind front desk greeting and hostess personnel to the food and food service.
    It is comforting to feel that safety and cleaniness is up most priority.
    Your team employees deserve appreciation and respect, especially in these challenging times, for a job well done!
    Happy and healthy holidays to all!

  • Jenny Worman says:

    I am disgusted at your treatment of customers in Manhattan. Arresting people who are doing nothing but trying to have a dining experience you are demanding to see their medical information which is against HIPPA law. As a regular patron I will have to rethink my patronage of your establishment

  • Fr John Calabro says:

    Purchased a Cheesecake Factory
    Pumpkin Cheese cake at our local supermarket and found a human hair in it. Totally unacceptable. Embarrassed in front of our guests. Makes me think twice about ever purchasing another cake.

  • Rick Newman says:

    I bought a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake in a local store in Springfield, Mo. on December 3, 2021 for my wife and there was a piece of clear plastic in it when she ate the first bite, which stabbed her in the gum. She also has a $25 gift card and I told her if you buy another piece you might not be so lucky and I told her she should just through it away. I’m also contacting the store where I bought this product and letting them know of the problem.

  • Debi BrockBank says:

    You are one of our top eating establishments! We usually go to your location in Midvale, Utah.
    If you haven’t considered the market in St George Utah.. we are begging you to do so!
    It is booming. There are hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world that come to play in our deserts and canyons.
    We are in a severe shortage of great restaurants.
    Your restaurant would be a huge asset to our area!
    Please please please come!!!

  • Tony says:

    Why is there no Cheesecake Factory in Montgomery Alabama? Between Montgomery, Auburn, Prattville, and Opelika, the population is over 360,000. The East Chase area would be a great place.

  • Tamicka says:

    Very disappointed that the Macadamia Nut Cheesecake was removed from the menu. There are a lot of other cheesecakes that could have been removed because it’s similar to another.

  • Nettie Parks says:

    First of all, I would like to say. I love to visit The Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park, Florida. I have visited every year accept 2019-2020, during the Covid-19 dilemma. I visit for my birthday February 13th and in November for my 3 daughters birthdays annually. My entire visit is to get the Cheesecake as the dessert. I use to live in Seminole County but moved to Volusia County which is 1 hour away. Today, traffic was SO bad on Highway I-4, due to I-95 being closed in the Miami area. Traffic was being routed through our area. My visit is to get THE CARROT CAKE CHEESECAKE. Which I learned was NO OFFERED. I was SO HURT and DISAPPOINTED, I started screaming in the restaurant. PLEASE BRING THE CARROT CAKE CHEESECAKE BACK! Next time I visit if ever, I will call first to see if it comes back. I PRAY YOU RECONSIDER AND BRING IT BACK! I had to end up ordering the Carrot Cake and the original cheesecake. Once at home, I mixed it all together trying to get the same effect but NO, it’s NOT the same. I am SO SAD.

  • Rose Musone says:

    Very poor dining experience at the Providence RI Cheesecake Factory location! I would appreciate a call so we can discuss the matter! Thanks! Rosemarie M -401-932-2353

  • Heron Zavala says:

    My wife and I , we try to have some chesse cake y coffe last night Sunday November 14th pass 9pm . We request a table patio to the hoostes with the name Francisco. He’s say was not table available at that time. Waiting time was approximately 1hr and 45min. And he say the bar was the only place available at that time. But was to cold for us. So we requested inside ? And again he was not tables available same waiting time. So we was very upset because. Yes was tables available every where. He was very unprofessional. And we decided to leave that place. On Baybrook Mall Friendswood, TX facility.

  • FJB says:

    I was a mit in their training program. From the start, you are pretty much left alone to find out how to do anything in their restaurants. The training program lacks direction. With 250+ menu items, they want their managers to be able to cook perfect 10’s but the actual line cooks are putting out subpar food and the managers let it go out to guests. Going through mit training they want us/managers to use what they call a sandwich effect, give a compliment, correct and then give another compliment but that’s only to hourly staff. When it comes to its managers, that rule does not apply. The CheeseCake I was at is basically run by the staff. The staff comes and goes as they want, go out back and smoke weed with no care in the world. I brought this up to the managers numerous times but nothing was ever done. With all the policies and procedures this place has in place, you’d think they would know what discrimination is and how not to do it but I was age discriminated against on multiple occasions by 2 different employees. A EEOPC charge is being filed against them.

  • Philip Spaulding says:

    I’m visiting the store in Gainesville Florida it is 11:30 in the morning radio is up so loud you cannot talk to people across the table nor can you even talk on the phone I asked the manager that really says that it is set by corporate much about it I just moved to this area and I was hoping to find a good place to entertain people but I come into this place if the radio is so freaking loud you can’t talk it’s a shame because they have great foodAnd the place looks great just the freaking radio is so loud

  • Denise Stewart says:

    The manager at Cumberland Mall is clueless as to how to manage and seat a large group of less than 25. Ridiculous!

  • Laura Guzman says:

    Valencia Town Center. 10/3/21. Horrible service. Covid-1 not cleaned up, no disinfectant. Table area dirty, bread crumbs, all over the place. Waiters slow had to keep reapting asking for water. Up through today no resolution.

  • Bob N. says:

    After telling a friend how delicious your meatloaf was, we went to Escondido last week. I was surprised that it was not on the menu as before. When I asked the waitress, she said it was not offered every day but is available that day. Great I thought until she returned a few minutes later and said it was not available after all. 🙁 I was really looking forward to having meatloaf so ordered nothing.

    When I asked why meatloaf wasn’t served daily she said it had to be made “fresh” which still doesn’t make sense to me. Isn’t all of your food made fresh?

  • Sandra Evans says:

    On September 2nd, my husband and I went to your location in West Palm Beach FL, City Place location… we were seated at 7:30 at 7:32, I texted my son to let him know where we were..we walked out of this location at 8:07, not ONE waiter or waitress came to us, no one at least brought water to the table, to acknowledge us.. when we left,, I attempted to call and speak to a mgr. Was put on hold for the next seven minutes and then was hung up on…we understand the rush of working in the food industry, we have relatives that work in this environment and know how busy locations can get, know how short staffed many companies are at the moment.. but I can honestly say that I will not visit this location again…

  • anon says:

    they owe me and dont want to pay me

  • Marie Imelda says:

    Tacoma, WA Cheesecake Factory has a 2-3 hour wait and half the menu available.

  • Carden Wulliams says:

    No longer an issue i received the order

  • Carden Wulliams says:

    Placed a curbside order at your Germantown TN location, specifically asked for curbside delivery as I am in a medical faciluty all day. The server came to the door, looked at my(as described red) car and returnrd inside

  • Cat says:

    I went to celebrate my daughters 14th bday! I ordered the Korean Fried Chicken. The rice wasn’t hot the chicken tasted good ! I thought !!! Until I got home and felt nauseous/ chills and stomach ache 🙁 my husband ordered fish and chips. He felt sick as well! I’m thinking it was the Korean chicken ! He took a taste of it too . Scary !mydaughters mash was cold 🙁 Not going there again.

  • Milton R Marasch says:

    Cannot redeem my gift card. Only three restaurants in CO all far from me. So attempted to order a cheese cake on line. But you gave me a gift card with only 16 digits. Your online gift card purchases are handled by “Harry and David” who also handle several other business gift cards. They insist on a 19 digit ecard number and can do nothing to help me with your guest card. I would like to order directly from you, but am having no luck contacting anyone from your company to help me. Please call me at 303 579 6002 and help.

  • Traci says:

    I just want to say that I think it’s pretty crapy that when everyone was on lockdown and the delivery services was the one way to continue to get your food to customers now that they’ve opened the restaurant and more customers are coming in on their own but still have a lot of on Line and lots of 3rd party delivery services continuing to deliver your food we are put on the back burner standing outside waiting for our orders and nobody comes to the area or even seems to care that were waiting to deliver their food yet again I just think that’s very poor business not being Concerned whether the 3rd party employs get their orders in a timely manner

  • Brenda L Harris says:

    We are a not for profit organization attempting to set up a trip for a group of 45 senior citizens at the Menlo Park Cheesecake Factory. We have reservations for the Liberty Science Center at 9:00am and have reservations for 1:00pm at the Cheesecake Factory on March 25, 2020. Problem: we need a lunch menu with prices to submit to our funding agency and so the seniors can choose their lunch orders in advance.
    Dr. Brenda L. Harris, Cassidy Lafayatte Resident Association (CLRA) 135 Cassidy Place 2M, Staten Island, NY 1-718-44-6697. We need to submit our proposal to our funding source, this month (November 2019)

  • Jason Wilhide says:

    I used to love cheesecake factory until tonight. I went to the Annapolis, MD location I have no idea what was happening but it took an hour to get an appetizer. Worst part was they weren’t even busy tonight I got there at 425 on a Sunday night, It took 25 mins to get bread and then when appetizers came out they were so overcooked I couldn’t believe the person doing prep let it out of the kitchen. Took the other 35 to get another and at that point I took it to go. My girlfriend was in tears and I have never had such a terrible experience and that’s not even the full story. 8/25/2019

  • >