Where is Cheddars Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 700 W. 635, Irving, TX 75063, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 817-571-5841

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 7,500

  • Established: 1979

  • Founder: Aubrey Good & Doug Rogers

  • Key People: Ian Baines (Chief Executive Officer and Director)

Cheddars Headquarters Location & Directions

Cheddars Headquarters Executive Team



Ian Baines

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Doug H. Rogers

Co-Founder, President and Director

Donald D. Breen

Chief Financial Officer

About Cheddars, History and Headquarters Information

Formerly known as Cheddar’s Casual Cafe, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is an American restaurant brand. The food chain provides a line of meals such as beverages, salmon filets, burgers, desserts, tortilla chips, fried chicken, and salads. Currently, the company has its branches spread over more than 170 locations in 28 states.

Cheddar’s was incorporated by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers in 1979. It was first opened in Arlington, Texas, and by 1995, they reached 10 locations. It is headquartered in Irving, Texas. In 2012, Zagat ranked Cheddar’s the nation’s No.1 full-service restaurant chain as well as Top Overall American Cuisine, the Top Rated Food and Top Rated Decor and Facilities. The company was renamed to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in 2015. In 2016, it bagged the first rank as it was recognized as a full-service restaurant chain for customer’s intent to return. In 2016, it was named “Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant” in Market Force Study.

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  • Bukola says:

    I cannot transfer money from my wallet to my main account .
    I always find it difficult to fund my account

  • Lynn Roper says:

    Ordered takeout this evening using the Cheddars app. Placed a reorder and app had everything correct. When I arrived home I received my steak and no sides. I called the restaurant talked to manager and she said nothing they could do as it showed up as steak no sides. Not ok. $13 for just a steak. Tried calling headquarters

  • Levoy Dewey says:

    I am disgusted you don’t have onion rings any more

  • Linda Graham says:

    There is a discrepancy in my bill and c.c. statement. Called several times, put on hold.

  • Cheryl says:

    I don’t mean that is a bad thing. I love your food. I enjoy your stuff. But I do really do believe you should have merchandise that you could buy now at cheddars for Nascar. One lady said in her state you do which I don’t believe her, but that’s another story, but again, please hero cards. 🧛‍♀️

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi, I am a Kyle Busch fan and with you being the new sponsor of Kyle Busch I would like you to please send me 2 hero card. One for myself and one for Fren that is housebound, but still loves looking at Nascar. My email is cheryll1234@yahoo.com. I would’ve given you my address, but I see everybody can see that. Please please contact me..🧛‍♀️

  • Nicole Clark says:

    Review on your restaurant in Mesquite. I need an email to send pictures to of exactly how dirty your restaurant is in Mesquite off of Peachtree road. And this was at 11 o’clock in the morning after just opening. Health department should shut it down! Absolutely ridiculous. Fish tank had way too many fish in it and so cloudy. It really is a shame being as it was one of our favorite restaurant at one time. It’s guaranteed we will never be back.



  • Alan conner says:

    I would like to speak with corporate about a recent visit but can’t reach anyone.

  • LaQuita Byers says:

    I just ate there and my salad has glass in it….

  • Starr Krottinger says:

    We tried the Cheddars on 820 in Lake Worth, Tx today, for what turns out to be our last time. It used to be one of our favorite casual restaurants, and it would not be unusual for us to visit them once or twice a week, even though the Cheddars in Alliance Town Center is a little closer to us. It seems that COVID ruined this restaurant. Once it reopened we tried to go once and finally left after no one was in the front to seat us, even after I called the manager on my cell phone. Another time we went in and there were so many dirty tables we once again gave up. It seems as though there were a couple other visits, too, where we were eventually seated. It had been awhile since we had been, so thought we would try it again tonight.

    We were seated right away and thought things were looking up! But then the wait began for service. After looking over the menu and decided what we wanted we started counting the wait staff that walked past us— at least five walked by, but none stopped to wait on us.. my husband finally got up and talked to the manager who went to the back and got our waitress. Drinks came in good order, as did the spinach dip which was good. We ordered a cheeeseburger to take home, and that’s where things broke done again. We waited and waited for the cheeseburger and for our ticket. My husband finally had to involved the manager again who wrapped up the evening for us. What should have been quick bite to eat ended up taking and hour and a half with way to much of that time waiting. And the kicker? The cheese burger had no condiments and the wrong dressing for the side salad.

    I just wanted you to know of our experience in case you want to correct the problems with this cheddars.

  • David Rash says:

    I want to make an appeal for a Cheddars in my location. How do I do that!

  • Vonnie says:

    I was at the waco texas cheddars. I always love eating at most cheddars but the waco texas one is filthy and nasty. Today I was there and there was no soap in the soap dispensers in the bathroom. I have pictures. The waitresses go in there and then come back and wait tables and touch the food or plates of food with dirty hands. How can that be sanitary? The floors are dirty. The table had the machine on it to pay the bill. It was a greasy nasty mess and i could not get it to work. The waitress said they did not have batteries in them. Then why leave them on the table. I took pictures. I can’t imagine the health department passing this restaurant. Sad situation there. I have pictures should you want them. There was also trash in a broken planter as you walk in

  • Jimmy Merry says:

    Very sad that Cheddar’s in must not like handicapped people in their facility.

    My mom and I have eaten at Cheddar’s at least 2 to 3 times per week for the last few months. My mom can not walk well due to a back issue. And often uses a rollator walker She can not sit at a booth or a high table like in the bar. We also do not drink alcohol and do not like being asked to sit in the bar area.

    I ask the hostess upon entering Cheddar’s if we can be seated at a nearby table in the center section. Every visit.

    Many time most tables appear to be available near the entrance. But no the hostess wants us to go into the bar area or take us to the back of the restaurant. Its hard for my mom to walk.

    During the last 3 visits sadly we were told by the host / hostess “We have to find a server that is willing to wait on you”. Last night about all tables was available.

    The hostess often seems to want to sit as far away from the entrance as they can or out of sight of other customers. Also walk my mom in the longest direction they can, overlooking tables, that can be used for handicapped customers.

    Sadly I do not feel the management cares, because I have told them. Reply on 13 Oct, “oh she is new, and the way she talks”. Excuse by the manager each time. Also told if we have a problem to tell them. We have told the manager, nothing ever gets fixed.

    If it was the first time this happened, I would understand that excuse.
    But since it happened more than once, that is not an excuse by the manager.

  • Jonnetta forge says:

    Who or how do I make a complaint about the service I received today. Today I received a terrible experience with the service I received today.

  • Mrs.Linda Polidore-Ballou says:

    To Whom It May Concerned: I am Mrs. Linda Polidore-Ballou and I am married to Mr. Jesse Ballou, Sr. Who fell on your Property on April 1, 2022. Mr. Edwin Duncan had reached my husband on his Cell phone. My cell phone number is (409) 626-0162. I’m trying to reach Mr. Edwin Duncan we Faxed the paperwork to him. I need Mr. Edwin Duncan to give me a call ASAP. My phone number is (409) 626-0162.,:;if I don’t answer leave me a text or a message, this is Mrs. Linda Polidore-Ballou his wife.

  • Lisa Farnsworth says:

    PLEASE consider opening a new location in Crestview Florida. We have the population as well with surrounding areas of the smaller towns. Numerous location potential, easy access off the interstate, and no competition. There is nothing like Cheddars within a 20 mile radius. Your consideration is greatLy appreciated.

  • Rhonda Hendrickson says:

    Hello – I am trying to resolve a problem. I attempted to eat at the Cheddars in Chattanooga, TN. When we went into the restaurant we were told we would have to wait for a server it would be about 15 minutes.

    A family came in behind my family and were seated in front of us. When I asked the hostess why they were seated in front of us she said it was a smaller booth. She immediately went to the back and talked to another gentleman. He came out and said which one of them is it? He came over to me and I said I would like to speak to the manager. He said he was the manager. I said what do you mean which ONE is it? He could only smirk at me. I said who is above you? He refused to give me information on the general manager and said are you a party of five. I asked how many people could fit in a booth and he said are you a party of five and laughed at me. I asked again for the information and he took a phone call and turned his back to me.

    Now, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. The little details that were left out are as follows – the hostess was African American. I am white – the people at the hostess desk were all white when the manager came out and wanted to know which one of them it was. The family that was seated ahead of me.. they were African American.

    I was very much discriminated against and laughed at by one of the managers. The response from guest services was to send a $35 dollar gift card. That would not even cover what I would have spent in the restaurant that night. No one called me. No one reached out to me to even get more details. This is another insult.

    I am asking for someone to take this seriously before I contact the local newspaper and continue to let people know this happened on social media. I will continue to write reviews and let everyone know what goes on and how issues are dealt with.

  • Bess Kraft says:

    Chicken fried chicken went from a delicious tender Breast to a processed. Tasteless breaded formed chicken lump. I will never go back. Your price increased by 2.00 for fake meat??? Horrible. Dissatisfied in Omaha.

  • Shelia Gerard says:

    Im very upset due you’re Beaumont Tream not having my order or responding back to me and son waiting outside at #6 I
    Call them 2 to inform them that still waiting outside for food order and than i had to go inside to get my food you’re manger asked if i wanted to cash it out i said no i would like my order and i responding by saying i don’t want cold food she said its hot she just checked well its cold but i had already paid for it this is just not right now ive been here many times and either they don’t get the order correct or something missing and Ive over looked to many times

  • Helen Chandler says:

    I was meeting an out-of-town friend for dinner, we were supposed to meet at the West Melbourne, FL restaurant at 6:45pm; I was on time, he of course … was late! Upon arrival I advised the hostess I was expecting another guest, she surprised me, and instead of waiting for all parties to arrive she seated me immediately. NICE! My server was Ginger, and she arrived to my table within a minute of me being seated. I again I explained I was waiting for another person to join me, so she brought me a water with lemon (my request) while I reviewed the menu. While waiting I enjoyed chips, queso and a margarita. Ginger was extremely attentive to my needs, she never felt like she was hovering, or expectantly waiting for my guest to arrive. She was polite, professional, friendly, made helpful menu suggestions. Beverage refills were offered, once my guest arrived (25-minutes late!!!!) there was no rush from Ginger to order. After a fantastic meal and phenomenal service, as I was filling out the survey I paused to engage in conversation and I was unable to continue with my glowing review,. I spoke with Ginger regarding this, then I also spoke with the restaurant manager; however, neither of them knew for certain if my comments had saved and were submitted. Just in case, I wanted to reach out here to let you know what an asset you have on your serving staff. I am in my 60’s, and with 100% honesty & sincerity, Ginger was the very best server I have ever encountered. She deserves kudo’s, recognition, as well as a monetary award for above and beyond service. I dine out frequently, and now due to this encounter with Ginger, Cheddar’s will be receiving a lot more of my business!!!

  • E.O.M. says:

    In Noblesville or Westfield, IN, there is a need for a family eat-in restaurant like Cheddars that can provide complete meals. There are hardly any restaurants like this in the area. A huge number of homes, condos, and apartments have and are being constructed in this area which could provide Cheddars with the potential for many regular customers.
    I noticed a retail/housing development is being planned in the area: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17496-Hazel-Dell-Rd-Noblesville-IN/14029261/
    If this development isn’t feasible there are probably other places in the area that would work to locate a Cheddars restaurant.

  • Deborah Scott says:

    I ordered foor from the Cheddar’s at 9500 FM 1960 Bypass W Humble, TX 77338. The food there is and was horrible, just horrible. On Saturday 6/4/22 I placed an order, paid online for pickup myself. I received a text message that the order would be ready at 4:22 pm. As I was backing out of my drive way at 4:26 pm I received a phone call from Cheddars stating they had put the order back, I informed the server I was on my way which is a 5 minute drive from my house. She stated they would re-do the order, upon arrival the order was not ready. I was asked to wait, the order arrived 15 minutes later and the store was not busy at all, practically empty. Once home the food was COLD. The spinach dip was horribly tasteless and cold, the broccoli cheese & rice had more rice than broccoli, cold, stiff and tasteless. Once home I had to reheat the food in the microwave. The chicken tendar’s was okay. I will never, ever eat at Cheddar’s ever again. I will never ever spend a dime or use a gift if one is gifted to me.

  • Guest says:

    I work at a Cheddars in Durham, NC. It is an unprofessional environment that consists of employees going outside to shoot customers, managers creating divisive and toxic workplace situations, embezzlement, and this place needs to be investigated.

  • Hannah says:

    I got a bowl of soup and almost choked on a piece of plastic in it. Tried calling the store, no answer. Tried calling the corporate number, no answer.

  • doris kleinberg says:

    very bad time had by 10 senior ladies in Wellington FL–a fiasco ensued and mgr would not work with us for seperate checks –resulting in some of us having to pay more–i write restaurant reviews for 940 house bulletin –not a good one for sure

  • Rhonda says:

    I purchase the trio sampler on Saturday, April 30. There was a piece of glass in the cheese dip.

  • Christopher wilson says:

    I was interviewed in your cheddar scratch kitchen restaurant in Centerville Ohio by a manager name Mark he was very very unprofessional very rude he made me very very uncomfortable how he talk to me he talk to me so bad that I felt like I was not good enough to wash a dish in your restaurant

  • Roy Perez says:

    Feb 09 I visited your restaurant
    For my birthday I ordered my pasta and it was very food I asked to reheat but covid policy wouldn’t allow so
    I ask for a box to take it home
    My waitress suggested to speak with manager.He came to our table with no introductions
    I asked his name ( Doug ) he said his name was No apology for us ( nothing) just how food is prepared ect.no thank yous for visiting.nothing .We were displeased on his tone and his attitude.

  • Laura says:

    Dec 8 I purchased a gift card from the Cheddars website. They had a warning saying that the USPS shipping could take 7-10 days which I was ok with since I’d still get the card in time for Christmas. On Dec 17 I noticed the card still had not shipped so I emailed the site. The next day they messaged me they had just shipped it at 5:30 pm that day (Saturday Dec 18). I got this card as a Christmas present for some relatives and it didn’t arrive by Christmas. I finally got the card 23 days later from the day I purchased it. I’m so angry. If Cheddars can’t ship out their gift cards in a timely manner (They KNEW it was a Christmas present), they should add a warning to the USPS warning that they also may not be able to ship cards for over a week. I wasn’t irresponsible. I ordered that card in what should have been enough time to get it before Christmas.

  • Ron Fedorchak says:

    Today, October 27, 2021 I went to cheddar’s restaurant in Fairview Heights, illinois. We had a party of 7, 3 couples and a single gentleman. The server set the table for seven after we all arrived at 12:00 noon, she said we could not all sit at the table, because the server could only serve 6 at a time. We said we would split up 4/3 but the three would have to move to another section so they would have a different server. We tried several other options but none seemed to solve the problem. The group decided to leave and go to a different restaurant. My wife and I have eaten at this cheddar’s and have always enjoyed it. This was truly disappointing.

  • Clyde Tinsley says:

    In Festus, Missouri there is a development ideal for a restaurant like Cheddars. Located on I-55 and Highway A with high traffic visibility.

  • Anita Martin says:

    I went into cheddars on 820 in lake wirth texas and it was terribly filthy inside, elderly lady had to squat over ladies toilet because of the excessive urine all over all of the seats!! I left the restroom and asked to speak to mgr. I followed the host to the back and overheard him say he didnt want to speak to me, i then told him that was fine id contact corporate…he followed me to the front door and confronted me in front of many customers, and i preceded to tell him about the problem with the dirtyness of his restaurant, he continued, arguing with me in front of many customers!!! Very rude and full of excuses….we will not return….ive never seen a floor of a restaurant so dirty….

  • Latisha says:

    Karen is racist she don’t like black people and mr. Rich knows it

  • Jessica Allen says:

    Hi my name is Jessica and I took my family to the chedders on Walton way extension on Wednesday the 5th and my bull was $188 and some change for 10 people. We left and I left a tip so tell my why I checked my account today and they have charged my card $223 and some change giving themselves a $37 and some change tip…. Mind u I left a tip so why would they do that but I will never eat at that place again….

  • Donna Huddleston says:

    To whom it may concern: I have eaten at Cheddars now for about 3 times and just love it, great place to eat, only one problem, there isn’t one close to me, I live 40 miles from Atlanta GA. to far to travel, so I would like to know if there could be one built in Douglasville GA or Carrollton GA. they are the closest big cities to Atlanta, please help thank you

  • Brent Ruggles says:

    I dined at the Cheddars restaurant in Irving Tx last night with my wife and my 92 years old father-in-law. We asked if they could make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for his dinner. We were originally told no, because they could not figure out how to ring in the order. I spoke with the manager on duty and he told me that all the ham had been sliced and used to make Monty Christo Sandwiches.

  • Teirra Mackie says:

    The Cheddars in Kissimmee was the absolute WORST experience I’ve ever had! I sat down with a table of 5, the waiter took our order then after sitting for AN HOUR we were told by another waiter that our waiter had a breakdown. Instead of being treated with hospitality we were given snotty looks & the crew walked off saying they would get everything we were missing. 20 minutes later I still received nothing & when I asked the waiter who told me my waitress broke down she responded “well I’m not your waiter!” Thinking things couldn’t get any worse, I went to get the ticket & overheard “don’t let THESE PEOPLE get you fired up. These people ?! TERRIBLE !!!

  • Melissa Pizzini says:

    I went to Cheddars Restaurant, 21001 Interstate 45, Spring, TX 77388 June 7, 2021. I was there between 12:15pm and 1:15pm for lunch. The food tasted great and the service was great. The complaint I have is while I was in the restaurant someone broke out the window of my new jeep that I just had 1 month. When I discovered that someone broke out the window I went in and told the hostess what happened and she said let me get the manager on duty. A few minutes later the hostess returned and said, ” The manager said we do not have cameras”. This is extremely POOR customer service as the manager would not even say Sorry!. The Constable came out to do the police report and he told me the law enforcement is out there all the time for crimes and no one has cameras. The thug only took about $100 of camping equipment. But the repair of my window was $500. I feel snubbed by Cheddars and unsafe since there are no cameras or security for this matter. I will NEVER go back to another Cheddars and I am telling everyone I talk to to NOT patronize this restaurant chain. Not even the co-worker that recommended this establishment.

  • Derrick Gable says:

    I was verbally assaulted by your manager store#3248

  • Derrick Gable says:

    I was verbally assaulted by your manager store #3248 I have a recording

  • Nancy Zeiger says:

    Today February 22, 2021 we went to lunch at Cheddars at 12201 E Colonial, Orlando Fl. 32826,
    the Host seated us, but on the way to the booth I almost fell due to the SLIPPERY FLOOR. I felt like we were ice skating across the room. We told the Host he just grinned . We told our waitress she said she would tell the manager. No manager came out.
    Well in the meantime another elderly couple came in and the lady almort fell, but her husband caught her.
    We seen many people sliding on this dangerous slippery floor, besides us. Getting up to use the restrooms was another dangerous walk. I held on the what ever I could.
    Just would like to bring this to your attention because someone is going to get hurt bad falling.

  • Rosario Gomez says:

    Yesterday, 8/31/20 our entire family (party of 13) visited the Cheddars restaurant located on East Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. We all arrived there around 6:15pm and the restaurant was almost empty except for two other tables. It took approximately an hour and a half for some of our food to arrive. Three of them were wrong and were never corrected, and one which was for a child arrived after everyone else was done eating. We complained to the waitress which was extremely rude to everyone, yelling that they were short staff, that they were taking care of to go orders and so on. We asked to speak with the manager which is someone incompetent and not able to do his job. He also mentioned that they had to take care of the to go orders first. Needless to say we had a horrible experience and will never visit your restaurant again! We were treated rudely and disrespected and our birthday celebration was ruined.

  • Lewie Kirkland says:

    Have dined at Cheddars Lakeland FL many times since it opened. Today (Aug 13,2020 around 2:30 pm) ordered appetizer of fried chicken tenders which were very good. However my entree of Chicken Fetti. was tasteless, made with the smallest macaroni like you would use in a salad. Hardly any sauce ,requested more sauce. Still terrible. Also the restaurant floor was dirty with paper napkins and even some with silverware with dirty napkins on the floor in the bar area. Watched employees just step around it for most of our visit there. This is not are usual experience . It was so bad we will not return until it is presentable in appearance and better food quality. My companions New Orleans dish was very good he said. Thought you should be notified to address the problem.

  • Rebecca Gray says:

    Party of two stopped by the Evansville, Indiana restaurant approx.. 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon. A few people in restaurants, but several empty booths/tables. I realize we are social distancing and not every table/booth can be used, but there were several empty. We asked for a table. I am not in a wheelchair, but I do have a handicap and with my age I am unable to get low enough to slide into a booth. This is a handicap issue and your restaurant isn’t complying with the Americans with disabilities act. Do the size and measurements of your booths comply? I tried to explain this to the host, but all we were told was we would have to wait until a table opened up 20-30 minutes. Why? If every table had been full then I would have been able to understand? This was not the case. Is your restaurant not handicap acceptable? Is this a issue we need to address or maybe just a talk with your host would help. Was there not a waiter for the area? The hostess couldn’t hear us or we her because of the music was so loud. This isn’t a night club no reason for the radio to be so loud. Was there even a manager in the building? Was anyone in charge?
    People with handicap issues should be treated with the same respect. I do enjoy your restaurant and I will eat with you again. I want no excuses, I want no apology what a want is your employees trained on the fact that the customer requested a table for a reason and someone with a handicap and a bit of age to them can not get low enough to get into a booth and able to pull themselves up after the meal from a booth.

  • MARK KLUEH jasper,Indiana says:

    Went to your store in Evansville,ind about 3 weeks ago and ordered the chicken salad and my wife got the fried chicken and 2 sides.We’ve eaten there 25 other times with no problem but our last was the worst I’ve ever had in my 65 yrs of like. Every thing was cold and never got a refill the whole time there 1 1/2 hrs.I would like if you would send me a 50.00 gift certificate or will never go back.

  • David Sparks says:

    Your career website is not working properly. It is not accepting resumes. I have tried Word and PDF formats. I have put my schooling and work background 6 times and it does not accept. There is a restaurant manager position in Mt. Juiet, TN. Also your contact number is not working: (214) 596-6700. There is an error message that the area code is wrong which I doubt.

  • Romona Henry says:

    Feb 22 sugarland, wait party of 8 40min seated 730pm . Waitress 802pm drink order. Stated she is new, ok drink order given 10min 2kids drinks 30min 2more drinks, food order given 810pm, 845 some food received. Spoke to manager he wanted to assign different waitress, no it’s ok, she never acknowledged our table again. 9pm ask to pay 923 another waitress helped us. Horrible ask for corporate nbr no. WORST PLACE EVER ! SHE IGNORED US NEVER APOLOGIZE, TOLD SHE DID NIT EVEN ORDER THE OTHER FOOD.

  • Bonnie says:

    Cheddars in McDonough, GA bad customer service, food not hot, and the utensils are dirty! Also my bill was $17.27, I paid with cash the waiter came back with $2 only…granted only 73 cents was missing…I’m wondering is this the “trend” now? This happened before at another restaurant a few weeks ago, but this waitresses didn’t bring any money back (should have been 85 cents). I asked her about it, her reply “Oh, did you want the change? I’ll see if I can get it back.”

  • Lee says:

    Why did you discontinue the sweet and spicy chicken and shrimp? Would you consider bring it back?

  • Lynne says:

    Family and I went to cheddars for dinner( once again) and “again” our food was fantastic”but” as always- food was room temperature.
    For something that is so good, I could just amazing how much better it would be if our food came to us hot.

    Sad to say, but seems like ever time we go here, food is ALWAYS room temperature- what’s up with that?

  • JoAngel says:

    My concerns at the Humble location in Houston, Texas is very extreme. I have never went to a establishment that makes it so difficult to reach corporate. There isn’t a email but only a feedback that I have never receive a call back on the services I received on 07/29/2019. There was a server name Simone or Simona that had good service during the time we was eating around 9:17pm to 10:20pm. After paying and leaving a tip on the table I was approach as I was leaving to give me 10cents or so that was left from the payment. I responded with “Girl don’t worry about that”, only for the server to throw the change at the podium where my boyfriend was standing. Instead of us reacting I decided to call the manager which was Mr. Leo and tell him what happen to only get a nonchalant response that he will talk to her before she leaves. Nothing apologetic at all. They need customer service training and also ethics because next time won’t be so easy!

  • Larry Troxel Retired/Veteran says:

    As a veteran and retired military man I was very disappointed in what I was told at my local Cheddar’s this past week. Nothing to do with the money but was told they no longer give the military discount. I and my group of veterans meet once a week there and I eat there once a week which must discontinue that. Was told the new owners stop it. Ask waitress when this happen and said a month ago which it has been longer and they offer the discount up to a week ago. They always ask me and the one time I mention it I get this answer, was told they no longer give a cookie to the kids either. I’m sure you don’t miss my business but there is a lot of veterans that support all the business and support as. Guess others that support us will.

  • kev says:

    Typed in “cheddarsfeedback.com” and it redirected me to a Spanish speaking site.
    Clicked survey site and it wanted me to download their site.
    What a scam. I will find other places to eat.

  • tom says:

    the service was bad it took so long for us to get seated and we had wait for ever for the waitress to take are oder and food was cold and not realy good this time did changed yall cooks we have here for quit some time

  • Tina High says:

    On March 23, 2019 my husband and I dined at Cheddars #2047 in W Monroe, La. Our bill was $25.92, we tipped in cash. When the amount charged showed up on my bank statement is was $27.92. Sure that’s only a $2.00 difference, but if someone is purposing doing that to customers bills and no one complains, look how much they could steal/embezzle from your company and how many customers might get upset enough not to return. My husband and I don’t dine out very often but chose Cheddars for our “go to” place for our anniversary dinner every year since we moved to Louisianna. We are now contemplating going elsewhere for our next anniversary. Just thought you might like to know about this before it starts effecting your business.

  • Danny Hight says:

    We had lunch at Cheddars in Independence, MO. today. We have been pleased with the food and service at Cheddars since our first visit in Springfield, MO. some years ago. The service is still there but the food itself has gone down. The portions have been reduced. My wife and I both ordered a six ounce steak today. It definitely was less than 6 ounces. Mine contained so much gristle it was not edible. We left a good tip as usual as the service was top notch. I didn’t say anything to our waitress because if the skimpy portions were due to manager or district manager orders, it would not do any good to complain to them. We didn’t want her to feel bad since it wasn’t her fault. I’m telling this to you, CORPORATE, hoping this problem can be corrected. Today was the forth time in a row in the last 6 months we have been disappointed with the skimpy portion size and the poor quality of the food (ie very dry chicken fingers, stringy and overcooked green beans, mushy cooked carrots). I really hate to see Cheddar’s going down.

  • Kim Harper says:

    My name is Kim Harper and I called your restaurant located at 39640 Lyndon B. Johnson Fwy. and was placed on hold 3 times for over 10mins. all I wanted to do is place an order for dinner for my to be picked up and I kept being placed on hold and I have been a very good customer at this particular Cheddar’s but this is unacceptable. my phone number at work is (214) 948-4161 and my home number is (972) 298-6267 my e-mail address is mz.kharper@gmail.com

    Kind Regards,
    Kim Harper

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