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  • Address: 4300 W Cypress St # 600, Tampa, FL 33607, USA
  • Phone Number: 813-283-7000
  • Fax Number: 813-283-7001
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5,500
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., Rally’s Hamburgers, Inc.
  • Key People: Enrique Silva (CEO)

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Checkers Drive In Headquarters Executive Team



Enrique Silva

Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Todd Lindsey

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Marc Mediate

Vice President of Operations

About Checkers Drive In, History and Headquarters Information

Checkers was incorporated by Jim Mattei in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama. It was launched as a public corporation in 1991. Checkers and Rally's joined hands in 1999 and the merged company is based in Tampa, Florida. By 2005, Checkers reached a count of 509 restaurants under its own brand and touched an approximate of 364 restaurants under the name of Rally's Hamburgers. Both companies were double drive-thru restaurants. Checkers had a stronghold in the Southeast, while Rally's stronghold was the Midwest. Both of these companies grew leaps and bounds and made their place in the fast-food hamburger market in the early 1990s.

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. is recognized as one of the largest chains of double drive-thru restaurants in the United States. The company owns and handles Checkers and Rally's restaurants in 28 different states and the District of Columbia. Their specialty food items are milkshakes, french fries, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

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  • Maurice Lincoln says:

    I live in inkster Michigan and we have a McDonald’s location that closed and here is a great opportunity for your company there is no checkers within 5 miles and checkers can knock competition out by this great location on cherry hill rd one block west of Arlington rd. You are missing one great opportunity to make great money with great access to employees. I lost ability to eat 3 years ago have throat cancer but drive long distances to buy food for son. This city needs a checkers drive in on the location

  • Sherry michel says:

    I ordered shakes from the blanding Blvd checker’s i ordered milkshakes and they told the door dash driver the shake machine was down so the very next day i told them I wanted my money back i haven’t received any response

  • Sharon Schmitt says:

    I went to the Checkers drive thru last night in YORK PA and I ordered a triple burger and was told I couldn’t get a triple because they had too many customers. What kind of service is that? When I get told I can’t get what I order from a fast food drive thru is the day I’ll never patronize that business ever again!

  • helen says:

    my husband & I again tried to get a good sandwich from the Rally’s 34001 Vine St Eastlake Ohio 44095 when we pulled up to order we were greeted by an employee that was very RUDE HE COULDN’T EVEN TALK AS IT SEEMED THAT HE WAS ON SOMETHING he couldn’t get our order right you could hear other employees in the back ground complaining about their job so when we pulled up behind the car ahead of us they were very rude disrespectful to her as her order was wrong also and they tried to make it her fault are you kidding me!!! the manager was a kid himself when we backed up to leave without our order the manager stuck his head out of the drive thru window asked me what my problem was I replied we will get dinner somewhere elso I also told him he needed retrained how to take care of a customer I also believe their are health issues at this store this is not the 1st time we had issues there ARE YOU PREPARED TO LOOSE THIS LOCATION DUE TO EMPLOYEES THAT DON’T CARE THIS IS VERY SAD THAT YOU WOULD CONTINUE TO LET THIS HAPPEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN THE CUSTOMERS ARE IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE STORE OPEN AS OUR $$$ DOES PAY FOR YOU TO BE IN BUSINESS I wish I could talk to the owner I watched undercover boss and recall they shut a location down and retrained all employees we always enjoyed going to Rally’s but now we will go to a competitor

  • Janet Edwards says:

    Hi you have chicken bites why not have fish bites

  • Alexis Terry says:

    There’s a manager in Conyers, Ga who is very rude and disrespectful. I drove up to the drive thru to order food and her she immediately dismissed us because they just closed, in her words, “30 seconds ago” and walked away from the microphone. I pulled up to the window to see if she was joking because of how she did it and she rolled her eyes and cocked her head as if she was annoyed. A simple “I’m sorry we’re closed” would have been way better than the attitude and disrespect. This happened Wednesday Aug. 19th at 2:00am.

  • Tina M Jarvis says:

    Why is it it took me 10 minutes and drive-thru to get my order taken another 20 minutes to get my food this girl handed me my drink and then forgot to hand me my food and I had to sit there and wait the one on Telegraph and Annapolis Dearborn Heights Michigan slowest and they need new workers who know what they’re doing

  • joan demic says:

    I was in your new Zephyrhills checkers
    I had a coupon for a free sandwich which they scan the coupon gave me the wrong sandwich I can live with that but they did not give me the receipt that you can actually go to just obsessed to make a comment I just got receipts for the driver but not the Total receipts.
    I was very disappointed With the service people were nice but the service is not up to what I’m used to the checkers.

  • Amy says:

    2 weeks in a row we attempted to visit the Rallys on Snow Rd. In Brook Park, Ohio. 1st week no cheese was available for big buffords, 2nd week NO MEAT! What ths heck is going on there? Sounds like poor manage ent.

  • John says:

    I visited the store at 4400 curry ford road in Orlando tonight and the employees there are wearing face masks like chin masks. It is not covering their mouth or nose but their chin. Really..? There needs to be training on how to properly wear a face mask. I took photos but rather than post them on Facebook for the world to see how about addressing this issue and let your people know they need to participate in slowing this virus down . Thank you

  • D says:

    Who can get in contact with if someone has been working for almost 4 years with no raise

  • william knight says:

    Just wondering if you have seen the video of the black girl dropping a bun on the floor (on purpose) and whipping the floor with it and still smacking the burger with it and it getting served its all over Facebook and something needs to be done about this. I’m saving the video and posting it everywhere.

  • Vicente Aldecocea says:

    I used to work at a Checkers location in Miami, Fl. I have never received my W2 to file for my taxes. I need need somebody to help to get a copy URGENTLY. My number is 786-20–3815 please contact me ASAP
    Thank you

  • Amber says:

    I need someone to contact me asap Please

  • T says:

    Visited Gulf to Bay Checkers in Clearwater March on lunch hour as Governor was encouraging people to use these businesses during this time we got in line nobody in front or back of us asked for a second to see menu and i guess he didn’t like that much. Said ok about 5 times he came back on said what do you want my daughter said we have 2 orders equaling 4 combos he said no you have multiple orders you have to park and come to the window, there was about 2 couples standing there. we rode up to the window and he slammed it on our face and turned around we honked he opened and we said what the hell he told us the same thing then told us we wasted enough of his time which then really pissed me off asked for corporate number he told me to google it slammed the window shut. Turns out he was an asst manager unbelievable not to mention he had no gloves / mask on and wanted us to get out and stand by people not respecting COVID at all. We should support these businesses at this time but this location will never get my business again and anybody I know. I also was an essential employee and had to work and deal with people during the last 3 months train your staff and Managers to respect your customers that came to support you not that you wasted enough of their time by searching menu to see what you wanted to order.

  • Frank says:

    Everytime I order the classic chicken wings with angry buffalo sauce, there is very little or no sauce on the wings at all,even though I tell them to make sure there is sauce on the wings,when I get home and open the box,the wings have no sauce on them.The last time I ordered wings,I asked for extra sauce and was charged for two little packs that wasn’t enough for twenty wings.I decided to order my wings some where else

  • Denise Cousin says:

    The site at 6660 Hwy. 85 has to be THE. WORST SITE YOU’LL HAVE!! I was there on Sunday May 3rd around 3 and I ordered a fish sandwich. Receipt says Mame Jarra A. She wouldn’t take my coupon bc she said I’m supposed to have a code on my phone!!

    I had to stand in the hot sun while two workers took care of the drive thru.

    I know I was in line way before some of those people drove up.

    The manager(gray shirt, blonde/brown hair) walk from the back to help the worker but she saw me and should’ve helped me first. So when I finally walked away she opened the window!!

    I had a coupon that I layed on the counter and it blew away. She had the nerve to ask me to put it in her hand!! All that time I waited I should have got a free drink but she didn’t offer, just slapped my fish sandwich together and brought it back bc she was mad!!


    I’m going to Riverdale Rd. from now on!!

  • Sheri adams says:

    Everyone is suppose to wear a mask now. This Rally’s did not have masks on and the store was a mess Ew. And they got my order wrong

  • Robert Woomer says:

    Well I seen your free meal for healthcare workers and I think that’s a bunch of crap there are a lot of people out there putting it on the line a lot more than the healthcare workers but they get all the priase try being a cashier at a walmart were you deal with 100s of people daily hoping you don’t catch something not mentioning there attitudes so when you do it give credit to everyone not just one what about all those truck drivers huh yea the warehouse people the people making the stuff the stockers I could go on and on so y’all need to do it for all or none

  • Nay says:

    Someone needs to teach Fred how to talk and train his employees he is from Store North Dale Mabry and Hoyt Road

  • Walter Grohosky says:

    Is it policy that you charge 4.29 for a checker burger w/cheese. The menu price is 1.99 plus tax. This employee was clearly ripping off the customers. I only bought the one item and nothing else. I checked the price online once I got home. I even questioned the woman at the window and she stated that was the price.

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