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  • Address: 7100 Woodbine Ave #406, Markham, ON L3R 5J2, Canada

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 212-763-0468

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 150

  • Established: 1933

  • Founder: Sam S. Jain

  • Key People: Sam S. Jain (CEO)

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Cheapoair Headquarters Executive Team



Sam S. Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Werner Georg Kunz-Cho

Chief Strategy Officer

Ruben Bello

Vice President of International Operations

About Cheapoair, History and Headquarters Information

CheapOair is a hybrid travel agency. The trips can either be booked online, on mobile apps or through live chat.  CheapOair has passionate travel agents who are there 24-hours to help you in finding the best deals and offers to destinations across the globe on over 450 airlines.  This company is operated by Fareportal, which combines web and mobile development and call center solutions with strong industry partnerships with over 450 airlines

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  • Cathy S Brooks says:

    This company has been a rip off and I did put my card information but then I hit cancel because it was not the right airport it was not anything right about it and we thought it didn’t cancel cancel it and when I talked to them they refuse to give my money back I never took the trip and now my bank is investigating.. they need to give the money back because we canceled the transaction they never should have processed it

  • Cathy S Brooks says:

    This company has been a rip off and has taken money out of my bank account from its headquarters in New York. We put the card information in but we hit cancel and they processed it anyway now it’s in dispute with my bank it didn’t even have the right airport and I never took the flight

  • gy says:

    The building photograph is Beinecke Memorial Library at Yale University. It has nothing to do with CheapOAir.

  • Paul demontagnac says:

    Out here at gpt airport stranded for over 3 hours…. im tiered , worn , frustrated…. ace car rental is garbage
    3 hours late …. dirty ,pet hair, dents…. you can’t be serious…. call me asap please 🙏

  • Florence Rotich says:

    I need my refund I have called many agents and all they do is just take me round without giving any help,

  • Robert says:

    Been lied to multiple times about being called within 24-48hrs to resolve my issue. Original flight booked in 2021 on a first class seat to go to Costa Rica with my at the time fiance. She couldn’t get a transit visa so I canceled the flight and received a credit. Re-booked for July 2022 to go to Bangkok 1 way ticket using my credit. Using my credit for the July flight I offered to go to a economy seat but was told I had to stay in the same class of seat the original ticket was in. I payed an additional $85.00 and they kept me in first class for the 1st leg of the flight and business class the 2nd leg of the flight which I have the emails confirming that and even a seat number for it. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to reschedule the flight to Aug 2022. The person I talked to to re-book the flight was very helpful. To keep my seat class I had to pay an additional $1,464.80. I received the confirmation email stating I was in first class for the 1st leg of the flight and business class in the 2nd leg of the flight. A few days later I find out I was taken out of first class and business class and put in premium economy. If I knew that was going to happen I would have just said put me in economy and give me a round trip ticket which have cost way less than what I am being charged for 1 way now and not even in the seats I was supposed to be in. One way economy was approx 789.00 on July 21st for the exact same flight in I am on in August. Since July 15th I have been trying to get this resolved. Every time I am told a manager will call me within 24-48hrs, I did not receive a phone call or any messages. I have been on the phone with customer support as of writing this for 47 minutes. They tell me I agreed to the price charge for prem economy when I know for a fact I didn’t agree to it when I rescheduled my flight on July 7th. I have the confirmation emails and those emails state I am in first and business class. I am being run around in circles trying to have my $1,464.80 returned to me. If my refund isn’t issued with confirmation after this phone call on 7/25/22 @8:16pm going on almost an hour now, the only other option is to report this incident to the FTC and my states Attorney General

  • Mira Gjuraj says:

    I booked six tickets for my family on 05/26/2022 and I need help!!!! A name was misspelled by now one wants to help me

  • Kimberly says:

    Worst customer service EVER! They cancelled our flight 4 times. We had to call them and have them rebook every time. We would have scheduled with a different company but it was the last minute and the price had doubled. After traveling for a week then getting to my last flight home ,I got to the gate and cheapoair had not even purchased the ticket although they sent me a confirmation. They held the plane so I could but a $500 ticket to get home. It’s been 3 weeks with 7 hour and 45 min (and counting) of calls to India trying to get someone who speaks English that you can understand and no one can tell me anything. They keep saying “we will check with the airline” which takes 5 min to pick up the phone and call them!
    They have not apologized or taken any responsibility for their mistake. If you are even considering booking with Cheapoair don’t do it , it’s not worth it as the lady at the gate told me you get what you pay for and this is not the first time this has happened with cheapoair. My next call is to my attorney and the better business bureau hopefully this post will save someone the trouble, money and aggravation!
    Signed “where’s my refund!?”

  • Joannie Fernandez says:

    This matter has been going on since November. No one helps. Please contact me.

  • JD says:

    Worst experience ever! Spent over 7 hours total between days of phone calls trying to book a simple flight. They withheld service charges from me and ended up as a surprise charge on top of all the taxes and fees. The service representatives including the supervisors are all extremely rude, cut you off while speaking, and have no respect for customer service! I spent endless hours on hold when I was told 2-3 minutes and also told I would receive a callback from a supervisor the next day and never did!

    I will never do business again with CheapoAir! Scam con artist and worst customer service ever! Only reason I continued and finished my itinerary was because I was already $1000 invested- lesson learned!

    Beware!!! Run to a better service provider or directly from an airline!!!!

  • hamza hamza says:

    I booked for my family, 5 of us tickets in 17/6/2019 to Dominican and for family reasons, we cancelled the trip, credit of 6412.80 UDS kept as credit then COVID hits, I got an extension until the end of 2021 to book and use up to June 2022
    When I called to use my credit, I was surprised by the CheapOair travel experts response, one said you can use only for same distension, and failed to book us at the date we want despite our plan to change the distension ad she said call WestJet they can change it for you.
    Westjet responded, if tickets are through a third party, it is the one that makes changes not then
    so I called back the same day another travel expert said you have to use it before 28th Dec this year not June which is not what I told before when the extension is done, even though he advised me to call WestJet and give the tickets number because it is old and he can not do anything with then but WestJet is the one able to make changes I ask for
    I called WestJet, they said these tickets are not in their system and advised me to call you back, as you know the travel support team in WestJet can pull the old tickets and they said you; CheapOair able to make any changes I want

    At the end what can describe what CheapOair doings not it a SCAM

  • Yash Shah says:

    The worst experience of booking an air travel. Never Booking with Chepoair again! Worst customer service and no respect for customer whatsoever. Booked a flight and cancelled within 24 hours which is Chepoair’s policy for full refund and they have not refunded my money back. Booked in March of 2020 and I am still fighting to get my money back which I very rightly deserve to get back.

  • Mary L Mooney says:

    My advice is if you have to use a third party -DO NOT USE THIS ONE. I had to cancel a trip due to the COVID virus and I notified all right away. Since then I have been getting the run around from both Frontier Airlines and Cheapoair. I even tried filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I would suggest going through a travel agent or pay a little more and go through the airline directly.

  • Mary L Mooney says:

    I have been the run around with your company. I booked a flight for my granddaughter and then found out she is pregnant. Due to COVID19 her doctor did not want her to fly. I cancelled the flight in plenty of time and still I have not gotten my refund. I financed it with affirm and they want payment which I am not going to pay. If you could please help me the reservation ID is 68404873. Thank you
    Mary L. Mooney

  • Luciano Colli says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Since June 10th, when my mother was surprised by an inexistent flight that I have purchased for her on your site, I have not heard back from you.
    I called you that same day and agreed not to dispute the charges because the customer representative told me I would receive a call from his supervisor.
    You sold me a ticket to a flight that was simply cancelled without any notice!
    I was a horrible experience for my mother who is turning 65 years old. We had to get her another ticket last minute and there was nothing you could do at that time.
    I am a customer of yours and would like to use this money for next year, I would rather have credit for next year than a refund. My mother travels to the US to visit us once a year so next year I would use this credit for another ticket.
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    Luciano Colli

  • LOU says:

    A SCAM

  • Ron says:

    I am getting very angry with this company and how it responds to issues. I have tried for 1 week to get my flights confirmed to Maui as so we have no issues when time for the trip I have sent emails I spoke to 1 lady after a 45 min wait then 30 min later she said she had issues fixed so I asked for a confirmation in my email… only 1 flight shows confirmed?? So I waited a couple days as I’m on vacation in Panama City Florida I decide to check on status no resolutions I sent out another email at 7:30 am and as of 2:30 pm no contact?? Poor poor customer service in my opinion. I dunno what I need to do at this point

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